extreme experimentation details

extreme experimentation details

The initiating brief: for class action with regard to, “extreme experimentation.”

The function of democracy is: to give power to the people through their constitution as is the actual government, by contractual deployment of our rights to participate as a society or nation. Those elemental rights, which create the foundation for our unity as a nation or people across this world is written for this nations USA; as the preamble; which begins our journey as one.

Those words are:

WE the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.

There is no greater right, than the FIRST amendment: which legally includes “……the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances”.

More simply; we have the legal right, by foundation law; to interrupt what is being done; and by vote alter that existence as we see fit. Because democracy means literally “we are the owners here”.

The fourth amendment is: “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, homes, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated…….”

more simply: there is no greater violation of that foundation law, than to attack the very realities of life itself. As is found in nature, planet, water, oxygen, energy and all that life does need to survive. Extreme experimentation: IS THAT ATTACK. And in most cases, past the point of no return, it cannot be turned back!

Therefore the assembling of signatures, from those people who are then by law, going to demand “redress of grievances” we don’t like where this is headed. AND ARE DEMANDING BOTH INFORMATION AS IS EVIDENCE; TO PROVE THE COST OF YOU BEING WRONG, with our world, with life itself. BEFORE, we allow you to go any farther with threats, that can indeed and forever both affect and change our lives or our world; or cause extinction to exist.

WE OWN THE LEGAL RIGHT, TO INTERVENE: to claim a moratorium from the court. So that we the people can in fact review what you are doing from the facts/ not the theories or claims: and then determine for ourselves. WHAT WE WILL, OR WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO, anymore.

Details and the collection of evidence for trial: come after the assertion: this petition proves a right to proceed, and claim the courtroom for ourselves, our nation, and our world.

Just so its clear: I do not use social media, as it is more the gathering place for a mob/ than the distinct reality of people who care enough to be involved, for the sake of life on earth. Your decision to participate decides: but I leave you with this last thought if you fail. The most critical piece of evidence against fusion is their own words: the physicists believe, and media convinced you “that the sun produces heat by combining two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom”. But if that were true, this universe would be filled with helium; and it is known to be one of the rarest elements in existence. NO, it is not held within the corona of the sun/ yes hydrogen in very small quantities is found just beyond the sun: because hydrogen is “the ash cloud” that escapes the nuclear fire (burning the bond that holds an atom together) that is what powers all the heat from the sun. Just so its clear: nuclear energy exists because the nucleus of an atom spins at well over the speed of light squared: making that spin kinetic energy, that can be siphoned over time by electricity. Or when reduced to fire, one of the two forces comprised in an atom, to keep it holding the parts together; invades and is the cause of gravity on the sun.

you cannot extinguish a nuclear fire, the single initial ignition of that fire: decides for this whole planet, if we become incinerated; as the earth dies to become a sun itself. And even explodes to destroy this solar system, because thermodynamics will demand it.

For forty years, “you refused to listen”; time has run out, the trillion dollar machines are “ready”. Make your decision now: because there is literally NO GOING BACK. On this or “a thousand more threats” each of which is extinction; or not? By your choice.

Your beliefs have imprisoned you; do to media and other influences. So the question is: can you awaken from your sleep.

OR, will you continue to believe that “man can become god”; instead of GOD? The reality of that decision is all you get: before the point of no return makes Creation itself “disappear”. so the question you need to decide:  is, your body/ your life/ the nature which surrounds us/ the earth itself; all of it:  A MIRACLE/  or just a quadrillion accidents, in order, and disciplined by chaos, that established your life? ALL OF IT, without so much as a brain to make a decision, or even conceive of life itself.  The universities decided “its chaos”/ because anything less; does not let them play god: and literally do anything they want. To your own shame, because they have done horrendous things.   YOUR TRUTH, now decides: life/ or death. “The middle” is removed.

Miracle means: designed by a level of thought and ability beyond our own comprehension. Creation means: there is a beginning, that we will never understand; and all the work required was done; to make our lives possible. JESUS MEANS; “the guarantor, we were not simply defined and forgotten”. The purpose of this life in time; is then to create within ourselves, the value that is worth keeping “for an eternity”. Understood as mercy, the possibilities of your life, need not be perfect!

More simply; this is the point, where the universities take over life, nature, planet, energy, and the future/ OR, you must stop the insanity of believing there are no consequences for what you have been doing; and return to life, along with the future defined by Creation; and this planet itself comes first. Evolution says chaos and fantasy are the university gods, and they have proven that. The decision to gamble all life and planet, is absolute proof. The day has come: one way/ OR the other! With very little room in-between.

If you fear, then you fail; because fear never makes a change. THIS IS NOT about making you fear. This is, as it has been from the beginning: use your mind, and go to court so that the evidence can prove what is, or is not true! Thereby allowing for thought to accept the price we must pay; to make the changes this world will survive. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; DO IT NOW, or forever you will be lost.

I am not your savior, leader, or enemy/ I am a messenger: telling you “as best I can”, that your reality has changed as a world. If you will not change it back, by accepting “the laws that rule over our very survival” shall now decide the future; for life and planet! You will be lost forever. THAT IS YOUR DECISION, it is not mine; as I cannot change you/ I can only inform.

I choose to give you this warning: that fear is a constant in humanity, and when it broods for too long; that fear will then attack whatever it can; so as “to win”. Even if it makes no difference to the reality at all. The fear of losing power; is what caused “JESUS” to be killed. Greed is very similar; but instead of “I will stop this disease, so that it cannot confront me any more; as is fear”/ greed says, “yes I can”; even if you should not; “to win”. But alas, pride (I win) is a true enemy; a reality that cannot survive even the first steps into eternity. This is no game; as a result, there shall be no winner. This (all the threats we face) is your reality, as chosen by the things you chose to believe in. The result of greed (I will take, theirs too). And the assertion called fear: as is, I will run away to hide. But alas, you cannot escape the cost of changing your world; by letting “university play god”. This is your decision: back to life/ or forward into HELL (the world lost in chaos). Make your choice for life; or reality will choose for you; by the direction you have proven to go. It is that simple!

I am required to finish that warning: that although I am CLEARLY NOT “Jesus”/ by any means or conception. I do “stand in his shoes” so to speak at this time. {it’s complicated, by Revelation 12; nonetheless, a reality of change wherein the world could survive; not yet abandoned}. The similarity is; Because HE confronted the powers that be; and established the demand for change with His work. Confronting those who had power; with the certainty this shall not go on: because without love, truth, and respect; all life dies.

I give to you a similar message: without love, truth, and respect; all life dies. Causing those in power to accept: if this continues there will be change. Unfortunately for this earth: you will not have the time to adjust. It is now, even though I started over forty years ago: a simple stark decision.

LIFE (obey the laws, accept the price; which keeps life, love, hope, future, and the planet alive) OR continue to choose DEATH; as is the complete disrespect for everything, which brings chaos (the university god).

While in Jesus day, HIS message was about eternity with love. The proof of that was in HIS life, and HIS miracles.

HIS death, and the courage it took: to let that happen.

The message given to me is: either they will change/ or they will die, and become extinct from time! The proof of that, is in the evidence. Which literally has nothing to do with me; even though if you move from apathy (we won’t care) at all; I will become noticed.

I have reduced your involvement “to start”; to signing the extreme experimentation, petition for class action lawsuit. Thereby demanding we are involved in these decisions, and literally have a true legal say in what can or cannot be done to, or with life, energy, and world. That in effect literally amounts to your decision; to sign or not sign this petition as is equal too: “throwing a penny in the wishing well”. IF YOU, have not got that much courage/ then of what value to life or child or world [or eternity] are you? Answer the question.

I am required to add: should “I” be killed; you will be cursed. “NOT your savior, etcetera”; but it would be the sign of absolute disrespect: towards this, your last chance at life. Unlike the promises of a university; there are consequences for the decisions you choose to make.  Just the truth.

I leave your destiny to this, “that thought and laws governing all existence, will build a future through discipline, order, balance, truth, respect, courage, and the values which make life worth living”. They are the fundamentals of love.

In contrast to that is the fate of your beliefs; a reality proven by want, the disrespect of making life a game, the tragedy of lies instead of proven truths, the evidence of chaos doesn’t matter, “because we want, what we want”. All of which descend into the abyss; because the laws of existence are not kept. These are the foundations of hate. Each is a decision.

While time gives the opportunity to change, love exists by trust in the truth of a foundation built upon respect. Hate exists because there is no end to want/ no definition of winning that proves to be enough/ no time beyond the present, because the grave will come.

Truth is always better than belief. Search for truth, and you will find GOD ; search for love, and you will find JESUS. Search for respect, and if you do not find “yourself”; something is wrong in you. No one is perfect, which makes us all equal in life itself: even if bodies are not.

Be who you are, NOT who you believe you want to be; as that is always constructed as a bribe or a sacrifice. Be who you are, or change to be, who you truly desire to be; as that is the construction of your own identity. Beyond the grave, only truth matters. The difference is: no sacrifice, or intent to buy/ neither is allowed. Mercy, confronted by your own truth; decides eternity.

IF, instead complete arrogance, is your choice; as is “don’t even need a brain to create all life on earth”/ as is university driven evolution. THEN, “to your shame”; you are clearly NOT invited into eternity as life/ only death, or without value. Such is the truth.

Love (the essence of a shared life, surrounded by care, respect, and truth) lifts us all into “heaven (I have found my value)”, just as a tide floats all boats. Hate (nothing matters but me/ and I am UNHAPPY) descends into the depths, of your own personal prison, surrounded by your own personal beliefs and fears. How can you not see the difference? Happiness lives with value, simple as that. Sadness and desolation lives with want, and everything you didn’t get. Truth survives/ want is the basis of every lie: lies die. Why will you not understand/ the answer, want rules your life: the person you lie to most, “is you”. Pride cannot share, because winning (I am), is more important than you. Pride is “a terrible enemy” (because it is very hard to remove); you must honestly accept, “equal, not more”. Love understands, the foundation of justice, is to be equal. Trust understands, the basis of any relationship of value, is built upon truth. Marriage knows: the purity of respect between us, will demand that truth decides/ not want. The greatness of religion is: seeds for a foundation that can lift the heart to meanings beyond time. While the curse of religion is: “the weeds”, will always try to take more for themselves, and curse the rest with their want. We cannot judge/ only the law does that. Those who judge, have dropped off the edge of sanity; to begin the measurement of all things/ which is the constant source of; all things ending in tragedy for many. Playing god, starts with judgment. The more insane you are, the more you believe “superior to them all”; as is the intent of power. {simple sayings that matter}.

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