It is the function and fundamental of a new order to this world; that we all agree, to let truth decide our future. The discipline of a truth that is not governed by want/ but by reality as is needed to keep this earth alive: requires humanity to “grow up/ wake up/ and choose for peace, life, justice, and planet first.” Respecting the children by not destroying their world or resources within it.

To accomplish such things, requires a long list of changes; such as:

  1. you must change your behaviors/ and be alive instead.
  2. You must change your wants/ and let truth itself decide.
  3. You must end your pride/ and remove this enemy from your lives.
  4. You must remove power, as much as possible; before it makes you extinct, from delusions, fantasies, betrayal, theft, fear, and terrorism as is led by “university knows”.
  5. You must change society, by describing and instilling your own laws/ rather than voting for someone to do it for you.
  6. You must gain control over war, by removing weapons and producing world law over leaders. Ending rules wherever possible; to end tyranny.
  7. You must respect the future/ rather than assassinating, or enslaving your children.
  8. You MUST RESPECT AND PROTECT, LIFE AND PLANET, putting them first (before you); along with all the chains of living that represent nature and survival by things you cannot even imagine.
  9. You must redesign basically everything that universities have done; because it is absolutely UN-survivable, built upon shit, described by stupidity, and will come to ruin; as the end of “lets just go get more”; changes this world.
  10. You must accept the basic realities of your lives and living and realities of behavior as they exist/ rather than sink into the sewage of “university knows”. Among those most prevalent; is the truth, when choosing “family comes first”. And that means, as reality forces you to make decisions; it would be better, for each subspecies of humanity to be separate. So as not to blame the minority.
  11. You must respect each other, and choose to be happy with life, rather than trinkets, toys, or trophies; as reality has done throughout history. Accepting it is the people who can and do make us happy; and we them, when nobody is judged or measured except hate. The value of male and female; must be removed from the contamination of “university kills”; and be returned to the purity of truth between the sexes.
  12. You must change religious beliefs, starting with the curse of university religion, and in particular its crowning sewage as is evolution. And find what is true, and life and miracles so you can gain value, and live alive.
  13. And a few thousand more.

Or more simply put: discard want, accept truth leads, respect life, planet, and GOD OUR CREATOR; or go extinct. No second chances; life or death is your only choice.

And all the world screams: IT CAN’T BE SO/ WE ARE DOING GREAT; NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO OUR WORLD! But reality says look at the evidence of what you are doing, and understand it is a finite world; and even humanity cannot escape its true limits and boundaries that keep us all, alive. Every one of which is under absolute attack; by “I want what I want”/ from 8 billion people and rising by another billion every five years. Wake up or die, and SOON.

The constant of life is: if people begin to fear, “like an animal”/ and cannot find an exit door, they then faint, hide, run away, commit suicide, or attack with violence or insanity.

I have provided you with an exit door: go to court, and prove what is true about the evidence of our lives, our future, and extreme university experimentation or direction. BECAUSE BEING THIS WRONG, is not an option we will survive; not even as a planet.

That is, THE ONLY EXIT; because if you don’t prove the evidence/ humanity will not accept the truth, change or die.

Your courts in america; proved they will not accept the law or democracy/ UNLESS AN AUDIENCE is watching. So the path forward is simple: prove an audience is watching, and go to court as fast as possible. Because time, has run out; and we live on the very thin edge of reality. Remembering truth does not care, it is, simply whatever it is; and will always govern the future, even if lies take control for a time; as they have truly done. Every lie dies, only truth survives into eternity.

I tell you one last time: I AM NOT the choice you get to make/ I am merely the messenger telling you the evidence is real, and your reality cannot be survivable, as you are. Therefore change or die. Prove the evidence is wrong or change yourselves because it is the only way, other than HELL.

As for the spiritual woman inside; “you should thank her”/ because when I complain too much, she lets me see what reality would be like, if I were on my own. And in a world filled with the sewage of disrespect, arrogance, fantasy, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, failure, and all I despise; literally threatening extinction to a world and all the life in it that I love. IT AIN’T LOVE, that rises but war. SHE stops that, and grants me peace to understand: freedom is freedom, and I am only one/ the rest have a right to be what they choose to be; even through extinction. Because if life is not enough/ there is only death. I don’t live in the middle as you do: truth decides. But with the spiritual woman inside; her truth is, war cannot be a solution/ because it will never work again. There must be peace, and that requires a decision by acceptance of truth, for all! SHE IS CORRECT and TRUE; but she is also “female”, and that is truly different with lots of consequences for male. “its complicated”/ but in the end she rules, and I know that she must. Because I don’t want war either, as I do know it will simply end life on earth; saving nothing but me, and a tiny few more. I try hard not to complain, but it does not always work; even so, I am grateful for the intervention. Simple as that.

You don’t understand the spiritual world: because it resides only in truth/ and humanity does not like truth; they want what they want, and will always choose to play. As you have done, claiming “yes we can”. The unfortunate reality of your choices is: now the consequences you have avoided with lies/ reside above your head, as realities which will not die, unless you dismantle them and choose for life and planet comes first. Nothing about your cult worship of universities; allows you to do that/ as their constant scream has been “THROW IT ALL AWAY, DISCARD REALITY, LET THE CHILDREN BE DAMNED, AND WE CAN TAKE IT ALL; and then die, to escape what you have done.” a truth, with more consequences than you can imagine or conceive of: in eternity.

You do understand your world, plagued by failure and war; and you do understand the consequences of being wrong. Make your decision, because playtime is dead.

Just to be plain: I am not a ticking time bomb/ because the spiritual woman inside can literally stop me, in an instant: in more ways than one; proven true. And there is absolutely no sign, my life will go back to what it was; as everyday, less and less of that exists. The realities of what can and cannot be done; continues to prove, she is going to teach me what it means to be “female”. Whether I like it or not; she has proven, there is NO escape for me/ and there will be NO option she does not choose. “Woman” will rule; and that is not a theory. She can literally read my mind, because we live in this body together; believe it or not; that is true. After fourteen years; She knows everything about me.

War is not an option; it just pops up from time to time, to remind me: change is not an option/ it is absolutely necessary, to survive for a world.

The link title “hell”; is not about me/ its about you. My life is governed by truth, and it is better than “spiritual woman” is here/ than war. I do accept that fully, and without reservations: an entire world, is so far beyond more important than me, I cannot comprehend a value at all; beyond simply doing the best I can.

It is noted: that the spiritual world only a very tiny few will enter. Of those, some die/ some fear and fight to return, leaving their sanity behind/ and some will survive. But only truth can enter/ only truth can survive/ only truth can determine where you shall go. None enter again, unless truly invited to do so. Death separates you from the choice; you will enter into “your own truth”; that is the price of life. The curse is hate can survive too, if it is true: but the fate of your choice is “HELL (the place where terrors, and the horror they will cause you; never die)”.

The spiritual world is a gateway, to everything eternity can become. Nothing untrue survives (the energy is too extreme), which means your own choice determines your destiny. Mercy however allows, that where love is real; those who are truly like each other can find a different world of their own. Until they wish to die forever. That is the price of impurity, or more distinctly: less, than the best you could honestly do.

Some would ask: WHY, should we believe anything you say?

The answer is: let your soul decide/ not me.

Soul is the place, “where creation, the elemental concert forming a bridge between GOD and us: knows your name”.

I do not ask you to believe; I ask you to think, and let truth decide. Not by the conceptions of men, but the realities of miracles that could never be “mere accidents of chaos”/ or other delusions of fools.


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