Since it has been proven true; you have no concept at all, regarding life or body or biology. Although I am thoroughly without a desire to fight for you, or with you anymore (your soul is lacking); some small degree of help is given. The complete tragedy that is blunt force trauma called “university knows”; and the absolute fraud of their ignorance as has done so much damage to this world; as is the constant screaming of “yes we can”. Without the slightest respect or reality of consequences for what you then did. A dead brain would be a misnomer; a dead humanity inside, would not. Regardless, NOBODY gets an excuse to stop working; with this entire world at stake: of extinction.

Biology is the containment of various living organisms, to create more complex identities of time; by arranging the various elements as are required to sustain peace and harmony between the individual groups/ and support the various works that must be done in order for any and all forms of complexity to survive.

The body is a factory, used to transform the various ingredients that are available; into the critical logistical chemicals of life, transmissions of energy, and other various utilities: as do sustain the processes that become our time created by freedoms.

Life is an elevation of complexity, into the forms of living that alter time; by establishing the boundaries and limits of what freedoms are allowed to do within the various groups, of any distinctive creation.

Life combined with love expresses Creation itself, as a relationship to soul: the understanding and acceptance that knows as a definition of truth, by the law we find wisdom. Fully understanding, that miracles do not assemble or create themselves. Thought is an essential creator of those laws that build a future and design its truth.

Biology does not exist, without the individual components, which give complexity its rise from above “a DNA soup, of chemical parts and processes”: into the conceptions and realities of life/ that are elementally so far beyond “chemicals” as to be called a miracle. Every individual organ, every identifiable difference, every option and opportunity as is created through the complexity of organization: exists because each of these are built with microscopic life, that then becomes a functioning participant in the whole of what is being built. The body is a separation of parts, and possibilities. Because it takes different means of “factory, energy, utilities, transport, and much more” to achieve a functioning relationship of microbial society within a complex organism as is a human being. NO, you are not an individual life as a human being/ because you are the result of endless biological life, sewn up in the skin of a unified organism; that lets you be in charge. When this biology of life fails to be at peace: you die as a brain failing. When this biology of life fails the harmony needed for organizational stability: you die as a body. When the biology of life, cannot find even one critical substance that it requires to sustain a living elegance: you die, as a world/ and so on. Which means your sustained experience of thought, and your decisions of expression that lead to freedoms: are entirely dependent upon gathering those needs: or you die too, but as a potential soul.

The body has three functioning parts: the brain which measures out the limits and boundaries by which freedoms are known to survive/ taking risks if needed. The body which refines every decision of the brain to accommodate the search for value that is a human life. The decision about what is valued or not is shared by the brain, and its ability and acceptance “to think; rather than survive simply”. Therefore the third consistency of time shared as a complex human organism: is to go beyond the limits and boundaries of evidence in a physical or mental sense/ to identify “something is more here, than my life can simply see”.

Body and brain are shared by animal; and thereby can be studied as the universities study them; with gossip, delusions, fantasies, failures, theories, and all that avoids the actual conceptions of thought: and I have absolutely no use for that. Or desire to discuss your failures.

Thought as is the consistency required to rise above the animal of our existence as biology, and become at its core a human rising to be ALIVE in the transition of life, from death: does have value to me, even if it is only a game to you.

NO, you can’t learn anything: by running away, to hide from every damn thing that makes you afraid. NO, you can’t survive, if you fail to learn what is essential to remain alive within or beyond time. So there is a choice to be made: spend your life in time searching “for soul”/ a quest to learn what is Creation, and how does it exist outside of the clarity that is formed in, or from time? Or not! The ninety nine plus percent crowd says NOT; because they value “the chemicals, and the freedoms” they now have. Or, got all I want/ until I die, and then I don’t care; because the body is gone anyway.

So the choice entangles truth with: YOU CAN’T have both, either you achieve whatever your body can gather for you in experience and expression. OR, you search for truth, and spend your time seeking knowledge so as to prepare for the quest that is life acknowledged through soul. Soul is a relationship identified by Creation: the miracle of our existence, our elegant opportunities, to assemble the body of value that makes life a treasure to me and to us as one life shared. Because only love can care, it is love that produces the journey.

The critical element, required to translate existence, as a miracle: is then love. Because the body called human, and every other body called time: is a representation of love by design/ as only thought can build, or create.

LOVE is: an expansion of life, beyond self or its own environment. Love is, the orderly compassion of respect, that outlines the values of our shared existence, with discipline. Love is: the balance of what can become true, within the decisions that make living a blessing because of your participation with me. Love is; an acknowledgment of mutual value, refined by sharing, but conceived through caring; the elevation of trust arises to become “the body of one”, as the delicate elegance of shape and form produce our joy. Love is a courage, beyond the limits of boundaries; that hears in the voice of law, an essence only truth can know.

Our human expression is built upon three distinct things:

  1. the rise of animal, as is the interpretation called time.
  2. The rise of human animal, as is the construction of thought beyond simple experience or expression.
  3. The ascension of human being ALIVE, in the essence of what miracles do conceive of and express as the true value of our lives; is blessed.

Our human experience is built upon three distinct things:

  1. there is pain, the demand for respect aligned within the realities of limits and boundaries. Ending in death if you fail.
  2. There is life, the realization of freedom, and the participation as best we can, that joins us in a blend of motion as is determined by the decisions which enable our actions or reactions: based upon choice.
  3. There is truth, the essence of both life and survival, which culminates in thought as the basis of our existence. As without thought, no true recognition of life or choices that “make us ALIVE”, can exist. A living expression of freedom, is no small thing.

Electricity teaches us, that if you are insulated or separated from the path that energy will take; then you are safe. But it also teaches if that energy or power flows through you; becoming resistance into its path, back to atomic stability; horrible or lethal consequences will arise. The lesson to be learned is: that love and its conception of life; needs to be isolated from hate and its resistance to peace and consequent harmony of the whole.

The critical question is then: WHY, does love or hate or herd get chosen/ and how is energy, or the flow of our existence become involved?

The critical answer of love is anchored in respect, as respect increases, the value of life soars to become essential as the happiness we create within ourselves; by understanding the gifts we have been given are free. Trust then ascends as truth guides our way.

The critical answer of hate is anchored too: without respect, there is no value to life or living; and all that has made someone content or accepting of the price that is living; begins to die. The value of any life then deflates, and the violence at having been left behind those who did find happiness; becomes a jealousy.

The critical answer of the herd is: “we want what we want/ and we know what we don’t want; and there is nothing more important to life than that”. But it is without imagination, so games are played, and pride erupts; and then that is not enough, so power takes control. Religion provides limits and boundaries through belief that you will get what you want in death, or the rules we provide. The herd represents nearly all of human existence on earth; because it is the easy way out of time. Just be the life you were given, until you die. And give religion a little money, just in case you need a backup insurance plan.

So the question is, with regard to the crisis of catastrophes waiting to make us extinct: WHY should the people of time NOT simply choose the easy way out; as they have always done? After all, were they not born into this decision, for a reason? LIFE CAN BE HARD, why should I not take what I can get/ after all the rest of these people are attacking me; not helping me; with few exceptions? The competition is so extreme “for many”; they would claim, some of them feel like, they want to eat me alive.

Here resides the excuse: yes I can/ because you made me not care. So, that is your fault/ and I AM only paying you back.

We then seek, “the flow of our own existence” to answer the question of where does the force “to move mountains of people”; from love into hate or herd come from?

Hate and herd both come from: What you want determines the direction of your heart; if you want trophies more than life shared/ you choose pride. If you want trinkets more than caring about other lives/ then you choose lies, because manipulations, temptations, gossip, ridicule, shunning, and so on all exist to produce a decision in others; to give you what you did not earn. If you want toys, more than life itself/ power is your choice; because power makes the others your toy, so long as they fear, beg, or slave. If you have lost your heart (the value of living)/ then you play god, as best you can. If your arrogance has exceeded the highest mountain that stands before you: then you believe you can be god, and prove with extreme experimentation that “god is beneath you”. Because you now took over life and planet and world; as pure predator. Religion calls it satan.

The flow of love, is an elegant and very delicate arrangement of values, that lend itself to the trust that someone special to me, has entered into my life, and can share the freedoms which illuminate the joy of being alive. When that fails, there will be tears. But the truth is: that every journey can only be shared if those who take that path, are going in the same direction, with the same true desire. Which means: life can love instantly, and even forever; but living cannot; and it is the living which determines the truth of what we can become. Love shares the soul, but living expresses the truth of our pure desire. Without the living, love grows extinct. Without the purity of our truth as one, shared life; we lose faith.

Destiny {together we have built} apart from fate [these are the consequences of your choice]; arises from the essence of what proves to be the identity of our own truth. Every path has a purpose, and every purpose has at its core one true desire. The critical question of life or death is: what is at your core truth; because the spiritual world will find that, and create your home from that. Being absolutely clear: “truth alone, does not care”.

we then construct, that life forms around the decisions that we make to identify our own true self/ and in that truth we will reside, wherever it goes; because time is built upon death. And death is the decision, that you will never participate here again. Which leaves only truth to survive beyond time. The critical essence of that truth is thought. The critical essence of thought resides within the boundaries of energy. The critical truth of energy is: conceived by the force of motion, the value or resistance, of what resides within the path of that motion will be found.

We live as energy unleashed to the freedoms of our own design; within the boundaries and limits of time, by chemistry alone. As is consistent with the difference between chemistry and atomic energies; it is fair to say, the foundations of what freedom in far greater energies can do or be: requires a purity we do not possess. As is consistent with mercy.

Religion offers “whatever you want”/ which is constant with “you can take your body along”; but that is clearly untrue. Instead all life is consistent with motion as established by energy usage or not; which means death. Without energy the body is useless, and thereby has no meaning other than what it can become as recycled; for this earth. That fact means: upon death, wheresoever the energy of life shall go/ is where your life goes as well. Fail to depart with that energy, and you are ghosted (only the memories, of what could have been). It is then extremely cruel of religion to point you to ANCHOR yourself to your body as life/ when that can easily become the end of your own possibilities in eternity. Religion is valued however, as equivalent too “a mothers milk”/ it is required, for use in an infant, and slightly beyond.

Did I forget to mention: “YOU, are not JESUS”, nor am I. And that fact, removes any assumed delusions that might interfere with your knowledge about reality. Whatever happened to HIS body, is not equivalent to what will happen to yours or mine. Do not be blind to the difference!

To go beyond time, requires you to release the body or vessel or house, that has been your home throughout time. But if you fail to go beyond time with your life/ then you fail to extend your own existence past death. The difference is: wherever the energy of my life shall go, thereto I will travel without looking back; as that “can turn you into salt” so to speak. Its a biblical description.

So, I know have a question for you: exactly how long do you have before biological nightmares from university injecting chaos into nature will occur? Exactly how long before the machines universities built to ignite a nuclear fire just like on the sun will prove this whole world is now dead. How long before world war erupts, or even less; as is nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction start falling? How long before water runs out, and the most bloody type of war in human history begins? Etcetera! Now go ahead, and look into your crystal ball/ but just remember, “one single second too late”; and this living earth becomes extinct. “because you were WRONG”!

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