In the search, for why society and humanity is, what it is/ and not what it should be for life and planet. The following identifies the cause.

  1. Nothing is more prevalent, than “I want what I want/ and I don’t want, what I don’t want: and I don’t give a damn, about anything I don’t want. So just give me the hell of what I want/ because I don’t intend to pay. Let some other bastard or bitch or child; because I don’t care about them.
  2. With guaranteed certainty: greed rules humanity as nothing else can. I want more of everything I want/ and I want yours too; because that proves I am a winner (the game is mine, and I make the rules)/ therefore, you are the loser who must worship or beg me. Its called pride.
  3. Power is the purpose: to make them other damn bastards or bitches DO, what I want them to do. So we make rules as rulers who stole, or raped, or ravaged the world; so we could achieve power/ and make them fear, beg, or slave.   All three of these are animal.
  4. Lust proves power, and power proves hate; therefore they know I am greater than you. Because I took what I wanted, and intended to give you nothing in return.
  5. Hate is the certainty: “he or she” chose to be a predator; therefore lies are only the disguise; and the patience is the curse/ to get close enough, for the surprise.
  6. Treachery forms the herd, because now they trust no one; and must not think for themselves, or be forced out and alone: where the known predators live.   All three of these are the human animal.
  7. Religion is the excuse: to believe anything you want to believe, because nobody can reach in and take your belief; unless you let them. Therefore the zealot arises, and proves the prison of his or her soul; because nothing can come in, unless it reinforces what they want to believe. Its called, the world is fear; only my prison walls, make it safe. But alas: no one can truly come in/ and you cannot go out: life, is then, at a distance. All independent thought is forbidden; therefore a book rules life.
  8. Freedom is the curse of fools; because they live within the illusion that there are no limits or boundaries to their choices. A reality with consequences, because truth rules the world, and every action or reaction is built upon the decisions that you made.   These two represent the human delusions of, imagination and its fantasy. They are however the first inclinations of life beyond time, as is consistent with thought.
  9. Freedom is the blessing of love; whereas the values in trust that bind us together, search the soul for the honor to be “everything I can be, with you”. In love the quest for happiness, and the essence for joy do arise.
  10. Love is, the acceptance of life by the value respect has given, to share the very existence of my destiny with you. Love enables us to care, by the very nature of our relationship with the miracle we have achieved. Life is a miracle, and nothing is greater than that, but the GOD who gave that miracle to you and me.These two conceive of the developing identity called a human “being alive”.

These are the primary elements of our human existence/ they govern our societies/ and depict our ways in time. From the most prevalent as is #1; to the least visible which is #10. To achieve a change in this world; you must understand at least minimally; the cause of why we are what we are.

Want exists, to separate “more for me”. Pride exists, to prove “I am more/ than you”. Power exists; “to demand you will listen to me”. Lust exists, “simply to take what I want”. Hate exists, to prove I no longer care about life, or you. Treachery exists: “to bite you/ or to bite you back”. Religion exists; to hide within, and run away from life too. Freedom for fools exists: to prove I won’t be afraid, I am invincible in my own mind. Therefore life is all about ME.

Love exists in freedom as the search we must endure to identify what truly is valuable in the essence of what we can and do share as one. Whereas love exists in trust, to create the happiness we then do cherish because we can simply care, and never fear each other. Love ascends from simple things, to the elegant embrace of a world called life; that is more than time. As is proven by the delicate expression of miracles, in this experience: called being “ALIVE”.

To conduct change, rather than cause change. Is the difference between letting a consequence; create an action/ then producing a reaction. OR, presenting thought as an outline to the values we would choose to create, in a future that must be built to sustain that truth. Identifying love lives best.

To establish change for life comes first; as is the constant of nature: ORDER/ DISCIPLINE/ BALANCE/ AND RESPECT are the four paths, to a future that is defined by justice. Justice binds society together, because it creates a trust from which all harmony does then arise.

ORDER is not a rule/ rules are for leaders, as formed by the righteous, and their intent to create power over the rest; so as to have more for themselves.

ORDER IS A LAW; and every law is built upon the identity of a truth. When a truth is known, and the values it provides can be outlined as: this is our choice, to create peace. Then the laws of our truth, governs society in ways that are inherently fair to all. Because this is what we chose, in our understanding of a choice to build a future we desire.

CHAOS IS THE CONSTANT; of every person seeking power over the others. With chaos, there is no justice, no peace, and no harmony; which then gives power to the weapon. Who uses that weapon to create a rule. Which makes the purpose of a rule: “lets make them fear/ beg/ or slave”. Chaos is the intent to destroy order, and remove the possibilities to find a solution that will build society instead of destroy its peace. Chaos lives to inject a lack of discipline/ the removal of a balanced discussion/ and the purposes discarded that bring order; so as to destroy justice for all. Chaos is always present; because hate is always hiding, not far away.

DISCIPLINE IS: a construction of freedom, as is, “yes you can participate”/ but only within the values that build harmony, and create justice for all. Discipline is: “no, you may not” blame another, or defy the legitimate law chosen by society, or claim “theories and knowledge” without evidence and truth. Discipline is: the understanding that sets government apart; as the contract between ourselves, which then governs all citizens the same. Discipline is: the reality of no employee can claim to be “the government/ university/ law/ or other” even if employed by that job. Because they are only the employee; and the job itself has rules, and sworn acceptance; which then declares that our contract (constitution) is the government; and you too, shall obey it. No authority is given to an employee. All authority is given to the law; and it becomes the employee who must prove acceptance to that law, before their job grants the right, to make a decision for our society.

BALANCE IS: the construction of equity, in society. The opportunity to participate in valued means and ways, which then produce our equality within the parameter of limits as we design them to be. To achieve that, no better way will be found than is limited capitalism. Which does mean: as a society we will control the currency/ remove the opportunity of employees to decide a debt for us/ stop all war, by world law over leaders/ decide for ourselves, what is the maximum income for any worker here/ and what is the minimum income for any worker here. As well as, the limit or boundary of property ownership; as life teaches we will then share, as is consistent with what we do.

Balance is: a reality of self awareness that is consistent with the truth of our reality, as human subspecies living together. Or more distinctly: it is the immigrant always demanding, “you must share with us”. While reality proves: when it comes to family they too always choose themselves first. That is not wrong/ it is reality. But it is also the cause of desperation. IT IS FAIR TO CHOOSE FAMILY FIRST/ and family always “looks like you”, in terms of basic nature truths. IT IS FAIR, to demand that we have needs and rights too; but it is not fair, to create trouble, and then spread it around; just because your particular subspecies did not accept discipline, order, or balance first. Creating that trouble by the parents, of your own decisions: which now come with you to us. While it is true, when faced with the catastrophe of university intervention in nature: we must share, because we care. BALANCE DEMANDS; that you, as a nation immigrating will establish a firm and true control over yourselves first/ ending the cause of this trouble first: or you will not be accepted in any other place. As is turned away, because the world is full.

Balance is: none should die of little things, wherein we can intervene! In like cause, none should gain extreme intervention; when nature calls you to death. Because the children/ life itself must survive; needs your place/ they too have rights. You are guaranteed death, when you can no longer take care of yourself/ not life.

RESPECT IS: what hate attacks most/ thereby infusing society with the constant disease of arrogance, failure, fantasies, shame, and disgrace. The sewage of university knows, as is the septic sludge of evolutionary religion, as spread throughout society and the world by media propagation, and the curse of governmental overthrow by revolution against life and nation. Consistent with “we the people be damned”/ ONLY THE UNIVERSITIES, HAVE a brain to decide what is “noble” or not. Or more distinctly; in America at the forefront; fools have bred more fools, and the curse or blight or plague of those who call themselves “the university great ones”. As is proven throughout history: are attempting to destroy life, because they do believe they can be gods. As the curse of hate always does.

RESPECT IS: ACCEPTING THE VALUE OF MIRACLES CANNOT BE UNDONE! Not even by stupid fools, as they did surge into the values of society and education; to destroy everything built for peace, harmony, and happiness. As is the evidence, the failure, and the tragedies of extinction/ the destruction of democracy/ the failure of justice/ the crucifying of life/ the terrorism of university/ the destruction of every child/ the fanatical worship of disgrace as is “university knows”. And even the threatening of our planet, and our solar system; As is found in America today.

RESPECT IS: ACCEPTING TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE/ NOT BELIEVING whatever the university employees say.

RESPECT IS: UNDERSTANDING, that life is not a game, and neither is sex.

RESPECT IS: REALITY PROVES, ONLY THOUGHT CAN BUILD A LIFE, AND ONLY TRUTH CAN KEEP IT ALIVE. Which asserts the sewage of “university knows”, must be separated from what truth does teach.

THE CURSE OF MEN IS; only the leaders decide.

THE VALUE OF DEMOCRACY IS: WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE, and that requires you to participate in building the laws which then govern what our decisions are going to be. CHOOSE!

THE POTENTIAL TRIUMPH OF WOMEN IS: they do not look to leaders, in the same ways as do men.

THE CURSE OF POWER IS: we control the voice of society, and none will hear you cry/ scream/ or die; as is consistent with fear. Because without fear, power dies!

The one concession to our reality is: that organized in a big enough group, by vote; nearly all remain anonymous/ even though it is necessary for you to stand up and be recognized. If the best you can do, is be part of the group: then that will have to do, even though this is; for “life or death” of a world.

This world of life waits, to see if female can save it. Simple as that, because men have made their choice: “leaders will decide”. And they brought us here; which means they have to admit, they were wrong! How many among you expect, “the most proud people who have ever lived”: are going to admit they were wrong? Answer the question, because that is all you have; unless you fight for life with truth, law, wisdom, and vote.

The days of running away to hide, and believe whatever you want; discarding all threats/ IS OVER. Whether you believe that or not is irrelevant, as it will be proven true/ unless you act in Ernst to save life on earth. When you know, life or death cannot be avoided (death is coming) anymore: your option to survive is over. You must think, or die. Not your savior, simply a messenger demanding: these threats of extinction are real. The cost of worshiping universities as god.

Make your decision for life and planet/ or it will be made for you, ending with extinction; as that is the choice you made.

That is believed to be:   the end of my writing. Your time to make different decisions, than the universities can play god, is quickly running out. Genetic mutilations are by no means going to end quickly and easily; as everything you do, involves shaping the biological future of this planet. And what you do as “University knows” is: throw garbage into nature/ to see if chaos will create a new type of life. Along with poisons and other chemicals, and more; that were never meant to be.

Stop before this world is dead; is quickly becoming a useless phrase.

Not to worry though”, its only your gods of university, injecting their god of evolution which is chaos: into every biological life. Because as all evolutionary geneticists know, when asked why: the answer is, NOT TO WORRY/ chaos will make something completely new, in a billion years or so. So who cares, that means death to all life that exists? Certainly not a geneticist/ or medical experimenter/ or chemical expert/ or politician/ or religious leader/ or media or the public for that matter; “cause university is god”. And don’t you forget it/ because there ain’t one damn thing you can do. As universities control the public brain, and it ain’t nothing but mush and memory of what they are told to believe. As is consistent with : monkey see no evil/ speak no evil/ hear no evil; because monkey has no thought. So WHY, would anyone be afraid of changing biology on earth; evolution cannot be wrong: right? Or should I just say, “damn piss-head dumb-ass executioner of a world”. Religion calls that SATAN. But then religion worships universities as god too; so I guess that is just “old school”, and everybody knows: nature should be shit on, as is the purpose of university, every single day.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention: as is the constant of men when facing any disease of any size, “the cull the herd”/ because war is their answer. Guess what, soon in a world of 8 billion people, many of whom will get a disease arising from biological chaos: men will cull the herd, as is the constant of history; when we cannot escape each other, and something has to be done. Oh well, the universities are god; so go beg them for mercy.

Of course, you the vast plus majority of humanity on earth: NEVER wanted to know what your universities were doing/ because that, would cause trouble; and the bribes might stop. Soon, ignition of a nuclear fire will present itself as literal HELL on earth/ the extreme arrogance of men and women fighting to play god. But nothing is more flagrantly SHAME ON YOU; as is biological mutilation. A reality that has invaded every species of life that is part of your food supply. A reality of geneticists who deliberately planted anything that survived their removal of boundaries throughout all species on earth; to create pandemics; so that it could infect all life, and change the world by the universities demand: our god is chaos. And humanity said: “the university is god”/ and cannot be wrong! So, welcome to your truth, this is only the beginning; and none can say, “you don’t deserve your reward”.

And the world of university “warlords” will say: NOTHING BAD has happened before that you can prove we caused. But alas, like whipping a man: there comes a time when life is simply going to die, instead of live with the abuse.

But not to worry; cause the instant a nuclear fire ignites; it will boil your skin/ explode your eyes/ and burn you alive before you have a chance to die; “so all is good”/ its the university way. Well unless you are on the opposite side of the planet; in which case you get to wait, to enjoy the rewards of: NOBODY questions our university gods! “happy days, a-coming”.

Oh, wait; silly me: the universities say, “we don’t have to worry about igniting the same energy source here as powers the sun”: because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire! Simple as that, see homepage for details/ of course if its not true, a nuclear fire just keeps burning, the bond in atoms.

Basically, upon ignition the release of energy greater than a nuclear bomb: “no problem”. they can contain it!  But hey,  then nuclear fire is: just like a chemical fire that continues to burn the molecular bond between elements:  that are its fuel. So unlike a bomb, it just keeps going, because atoms are the fuel!  No problem right?

GO AHEAD, RUN AWAY AND HIDE; AFTER ALL, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG! Just like all your leaders/ courts/ legal protectors/ religious/ and more. “the universities can’t be wrong”!  they are gods;            right?

If you cherish nothing as the sanctity of life and its blessing/ then you will have nothing, as that is what you chose.

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