The god of death, is a university. Like money, it can be either for good or for bad/ unlike money, the scourge of parasites invading the very foundation of life itself. Altering the balance, disciplines, and order of the planet. The destruction of resources. The plain poisoning of everything valuable to our very survival. The extinction of species. The overpopulation of humanity. The curse that is upon our oceans. The vile pandemic of horrifying disease and dismemberment that is biological mutilation, through the crucifixion of life forcing DNA changes. The satanic gamble; that is life or death of this world by bringing the same energy source here as is on the sun. the complete disrespect for creation itself. The utter lies about everything. The forced plague of media propagation. The betrayal of this living earth. The theft from nearly every human being on the planet; by inflation hidden as asset accrual; but is not. The disgrace of politics. The sewer of educational cult worship. The blind belief in nothing more than want. The pride that is responsible for war/ and coming HELL. The abyss you chose to bring into the future of every child. The want, that controls your life; by allowing you to pursue life as a game; instead of a reality that is at the core of freedom. And ten thousand more horrifying failures; all conceived of or exploited by a university diploma; who absolutely does not want to face the world, and grow up. Which does mean: to be responsible for the choices you have made/ to understand, this was your decision, followed by your action or reaction that caused these things to exist. As is “god of death”; the failure of everything.

Men are a constant described by time; as they kept track of their major decisions to worship power, and conceive of war; to beat down the trouble they caused for themselves. War does not happen overnight/ like genetically modified organisms: the reality of constant damage/ the destruction of what sustains our future/ the violations of respect/ the disrespect for boundaries/ the vile sewage of utter arrogance that curses the limits which keep us alive/ the failures that consume the future/ utter disregard for population control; and “ten thousand more”; are what cause war. And when it breaks out, in one tiny spot; the whole becomes involved, because it spreads due to the ravaging (“destroy the whole mountain, for a tiny piece of gold”)/ the rape (give them no chance to defend themselves: SURPRISE)/ the ruin (KILL the future)/ the horrors (let them be our slaves)/ and the death (hope is dead, because the graveyard is full; it takes a child to bring life back) that pride did cause.

Nothing in this world, has ever: been more destructive than a university education! Nothing in this world has ever: accepted less responsibility for what they have done/ or hidden it more/ or cursed the world because they want to play god with the very foundations of life. Nothing in this world has ever: SOLD LIFE ON EARTH, for a job to avoid work, and make the others slave, or play god/ other than has the truth of: “university”. The god of death is: an intent to destroy so that the others must beg and worship and obey “just you”. The god of satan is: the decision, to kill them all/ and end this world with terrors unleashed. As is the ultimate goal of many in university.

The GROSS FAILURES, and ABSOLUTE FANTASIES of a university plagued with arrogance/ drowning in the sewage of pride/ and cursed by the demands of want, and more, and never shall I pay for anything: are an end to this world. Because that, is what they chose; by having found a tiny few trinkets, to make their toys, and prove their trophies can play “the god of death/ which is now morphing into god called satan”. By the cost of what they do.

Let the covers be undone, the doors forced open, the realities of life or death be unveiled/ and the cost of consequences “whether unintended or not”: be placed in full and open public view. So as to see for ourselves, all that is true.

The plague of propaganda will force you to believe whatever you are told. But the reality of true information, and the cost of being wrong: as is your own extinction/ an entire world lost to the plague of man, and his war on life and world; is enough to kick your brain, and cause at least some to think; rather than just believe. They then have to care, or you will drown in the delusions that are to become your chosen hell.

TO THINK FOR YOURSELF: requires YOU, to identify knowledge as true, false, or not yet ready for a decision. Requires YOU, to understand the responsibility of your decision has consequences that will decide what the future can become; both yours and every life. Requires YOU, to seek the acceptance of truth, by the laws which it creates; to wisely assemble “the best we can do”; as our contribution to the value of life and living. Requires YOU, to discard and destroy want as an enemy who lies. Requires YOU, to remove pride; the demand to make life or living a game; and replace it with RESPECT for the reality of our time and this earth, and all the miracles of life nature has produced. Requires YOU, to UNDERSTAND: nature not man or woman, built life on this earth/ and it is nature so dramatically under attack by universities; that we now face extinction. Simply because men want power, and when anyone anywhere finds something to say “yes we can”/ THE DAMNATION of men all say: THEN, yes we will. With absolute disregard for consequences or a future for any life on earth; as power comes from “either make them fear/ or make them beg”.

CHANGING THE CURSE of men, and their constant plague of war against all life on earth: to gain power. Forces us all to understand, WE MUST LIMIT POWER, and the opportunities to gain that power over us must be erased. THOSE ANSWERS ARE:

  1. world law, and world policing of leaders; to remove weapons of mass destruction.
  2. Limited capitalism to remove the massive accumulation of money, and its influence.
  3. The destruction of universities/ and the horror of their HELL ON EARTH as is coming soon.
  4. Policing the resources and protecting themselves.
  5. Stopping overpopulation; as is the job and the duty of women.
  6. Demanding LIFE COMES FIRST, AS DOES THIS PLANET; before any other decision of men or women is allowed.
  7. Nobody gets to play god: therefore we all contribute to our world, by making the laws which govern our lives, our planet, and our living world; for ourselves.
  8. DEMAND RESPECT FOR NATURE, and let none mutilate it/ not even for an individual life; as this planet does require us all to die/ so that a child may live.
  9. Healthcare shall never be an extortion ring of organized crime again. Insure that is so.
  10. NOBODY GETS TO PLAY, until this earth can be considered as saved from extinction: which does end MOST of what a university can be.
  11. The food and water supplies SHALL be protected, both land and ocean; from the disaster that is what humanity has done. If it cannot be sustained/ THEN IT IS BAD POLICY and the assassination of every child.
  12. You will end the sewage of religion; which is to believe anything you want to believe. And replace it with WHAT CAN BE PROVEN AS TRUE (best we can)/ what is valuable, and a lesson of love grants life, peace, happiness, hope, and all that is “good”.
  13. You will take a hard and true look at your future; and accept the realities you face with a distinct decision, along with the work to make it so; as best you can for life and planet. Fighting for solutions, rather than continuing power is god.
  14. Or this world will die. The constant of men is: when faced with a problem they DON’T want to find a solution too; because it demands changes they DON’T want to make/ somebody forces WAR, and that has been their solution throughout history. The constant of women is: they will manipulate men into doing what they want/ IF, they can. But always ready to hide on the other side, so as to blame men if it does not work out as they want. THE REALITY OF THIS DAY IS: “kill a billion people” and that number will simply reappear within 5 years/ because that is, a realistic number to population increase. WAR WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN; because you cannot defeat 8 billion people all screaming for revenge/ with anything less than weapons of mass destruction. And that ends your world forever. SO NOW, THE ONLY METHOD OF SAVING LIFE ON EARTH IS: TO CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO CHANGE/ BECAUSE THAT DEMANDS, YOU DO HAVE TO DO BETTER; than taking whatever you want, without the slightest regard for: the cost to life and planet, for what you do. Or, more simplified: stop being a herd, and get your head out of the ass of the one in front; and open up your HUMAN mind, because we as a world; do need all the help we can get to survive. STOP believing in fools, and demand true evidence of value; so you can think for yourself. Those who are determined to be predators SHALL be separated out/ to their own fate. What we then choose: is our fate or destiny, according to the decisions that we then make. If you don’t build/ then you die. But it does take hope to build/ it does take happiness to hope/ it does take love to bring happiness to the limits and boundaries of a freedom that has value. It does take RESPECT, to identify life; and without life, you have nothing but death/ which will always end in hate.Change in nature most often means death to its inhabitants; as everything they need/ or just that one thing, absolutely important to our survival; has simply disappeared. As is the cost of sewage (blanket arrogance; the curse of playing god) in charge; “the university way”; just because you can/ does not give you a single right to rampage like some beast. Just because you can force an outcome, does not mean, you can survive the consequences of your own actions. Change in humanity requires the end of animal; and the truth of what being human alive does require. That truth is born out of respect, lives through the miracles which keep us alive, identifies thought as the transition point between life (beyond self) and death (the prison of self), constructs the value of living from our relationship to love and its grace as is mercy and forgiveness shared, because we care. You can continue as the animals you are; simply wanting to remain “a spoiled child”/ until the abyss of lies suck you into a pandemic of catastrophes; which will prove you will be extinct. You could stand up and stop the insane experiments; and end up in hell anyway, because you did not do enough. But unless you become “human alive”; as is consistent with truth and value through respect and love/ you will fail. To change yourselves into a reality of choices that can survive; will require a “major overhaul” of nearly everything you do/ most of what you have been trained to believe/ what you expect from life and living/ and a critical choice to treat this earth and all its life as equals with you. Just to start. While you obviously can do those things with respectable ease; the probability of a human animal is failure; because want cannot do those things/ and pride will refuse them all. In other words, as it has always been true: your want, and your pride, and your thirst for more “for me”/ is the end of your world. Either conquer them in you/ or just surrender the world; because you cannot make it survive; you are not “god” anymore. The world needs more than lies! I am fully aware, of how hard it is to change; believe it or not. In the end it is a simple choice: do you desire life/ or death? Answer the question, because there is no going back to what was “the life we, or I had”. Nothing personal, its just truth, and truth never cares, about what you or I want.

    I am going to be, “whatever the spiritual woman inside” declares my life will be; because I literally cannot escape that reality/ and she refuses to let me go. It is not a choice; she has made that abundantly clear. Just how it is, along with the evidence: I am required to write that. I chose that, even if I did not intend for it to be; by demanding “there had to be a solution, that will let this earth survive”. Which turned out to be “female in charge”/ because DIFFERENT can only be done, by replacing male. I never would have guessed; but it is worth the price of hope; for our whole world of life.

    You are going to be, “whatever the reality of your own choices will allow”/ be it good or bad; because you literally cannot escape that reality/ truth will not let you go far. Just how it is, along with the evidence of all threats that can make you extinct/ and there are so many, even if you try honestly, you literally may not succeed. You chose that, even if you did not intend for it to be this tragic: by letting universities play god. You can lie/ you can hide/ you can run away in fear: but you cannot avoid the truth, and the truth says: by the evidence, all will soon be extinct/ unless you truly do change for good.

    Because people demand to guess, and always assume, whatever they want to believe must be correct. I will tell you plain and true: I quit dating women at around 22 years old. Because I made a decision never to be confronted with “I’m pregnant/ I had an abortion” again. It was a hard choice to keep, until I was ready and willing to decide: its either sex/ or never have sex again. Finding less then intercourse, was not a cure for “I’m pregnant”/ made never having sex again, the last resort. Never been gay/ never going to be gay; not going to let someone die of suicide just because they are gay. Not a transvestite, never going to be. Never “fucked an animal either”; just so its clear. In other words: like women/ just can’t be a dad; had too much work to do; and life or death of a world is all I ever cared about most, other than GOD and JESUS. Not religious, don’t care for “want; whatever I want”/ TRUTH DECIDES, simple as that. Not hateful of university: despise arrogance and pride so delirious that it becomes playing god, and gambles with all life on earth. People who want to find fault with me, are generally aided in their attempts to pull away: its simply “just leave then”. Pride has always attempted to “win the game” over me/ but I never played once: life is not a game; and that makes people angry. Neither is sex a game; life is precious. The spiritual world exists, I leave it at that. I have nearly died several times/ but survived. I have no real clues as to what the future will in fact bring for me/ as I have lost control over that to “the woman inside”. Functionally I guess in some way or fashion, that makes me an example: that women will control men (but in different ways)/ even if they never even conceived it as possible. Life or death of a world, is no joke. Now, I have given you the opportunity, particularly as women: to gather together and make decisions that you are willing to admit and accept responsibility too/ NO backing out. I have spent my lifetime, engaged in an endless quest for understanding; of what is necessary to survive as a world/ and established information to aid that effort. I have even although without any intent to do so: found myself captured by, “the spiritual woman , now inside” of me. By opening that door, and being suddenly pushed inside, the essence of woman: ITS COMPLICATED. That is your excuse, to leave: if you will not think and accept, life is more complex than time; but it is also, a reality never intended by me.

    The end result of it all, is very simple: I am NOT your excuse/ I am merely the messenger sent to tell you, IF YOU WILL NOT CHANGE, and limit yourselves to realities that do not endanger this world/ THIS ENTIRE PLANET WILL GO EXTINCT. Not a game! That requires DIFFERENT; and different demands, then men cannot lead. It is a choice. The evidence of every threat proves this to be true; and as it was at the very beginning, my demand of you is very simple: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG; if these threats don’t fully stop.

    Because the universities have done that much damage; and the public not only let them, but aided and abetted everything they were doing. Listening to every lie/ disrespecting every form of life and planet and resource and everything else. And if you won’t change/ then you will gain what you chose to deserve: wherein the university gods you worship WILL receive the full effect of consequences that they chose for you and the cult worshipers who follow. Unfortunately, as was true of Noah’s flood; everything dies with them; because you just don’t care enough about life or reality, to live with truth.

    Everything the universities have taught you to do; lead right back to the cause Noah’s flood existed (fossil fuels prove it was so). The only thing you truly do care about is whether you win or not; and that has nothing to do with life/ you made life, just a game. To your shame: PROVE, it is not so.

    Everything the universities have taught you to do; leads right back to the realities as they were in JESUS day; when love, truth, life, and planet had no appreciable value. So they easily crucified the very heart of why humanity was given life on earth.

    Everything the universities have taught you to believe; is the essence of hate, as is the evidence of every destruction as can be identified, to literally destroy the future of life on earth.

    YOU MUST CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST/ or your time will end for earth. It is no game; as can be proven by every threat that is real, and utterly the cause of men and their universities.

    I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR, as we both know is true!


    AS FOR YOU: be courageous enough, to work for life and planet, doing the best you can do, with every opportunity that exists; to shape our future with a difference/ as that becomes, possible for you to do.

    AS FOR YOU: share your work/ share you voice/ share your passion/ share your love, for the sake of life on earth; because if we lose our world, everything living is dead as well. MEN ARE NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU, OR THIS EARTH: this is the best they did do/ and this is how they have always ruled throughout the world. They will continue as they are; and end in world war/ if extreme experiments do not kill them first. The demand to all women then is: LIFE OR DEATH, and every child; IS UP TO YOU! Make your decision/ stand up or die with cowardice, as a fool . Prove that is not so, because you can’t be wrong and survive as life on earth.

    AS FOR YOU: GO TO COURT, INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE AND PRESENT THE TRUTH AS BEST YOU CAN/ because nothing less will save this earth. Because nothing less, will remove enough doubt, to make the people choose.

    AS FOR YOU: I have done all I can, to make you less afraid; the rest is up to you.

    As for all life on earth, the most critical truth we all face: is to let men choose the future/ or return life to its own creation, as nature intended it to be. The constant of men is; “yes we can”/ but the constant of history is: you destroyed far more than you built for life. War is their answer for that, and as history has proven by the evidence of time: it is literally the only answer they have.

    As to the few, who are alive yet in their soul: time lives in the heart, but only love keeps it alive. Those who hate have died, in the prison they formed around themselves. Love would never surrender life “alive”, to the arrogance of man or woman; where reality gives a choice. While it is true we can then die, the alternate of that is: we separate out, those who have killed their own soul. The living do, while time exists; have the option to return as life,       : it is a choice.


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