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Contrary to the “hocus-pocus” assertion, that people can just pray for peace and it magically arrives. The reality is: peace is built one piece at a time. Prayer is, the opportunity to be heard/ it is not a shopping cart, by which all your wants, can be free.

The magic of Christmas is: that we learn to understand, love can win the battle against hate. Because when confronted with the true difference between these opposites of our world/ the desire for love outweighs, the realities of hate. Therefore the primary gift of JESUS was that love can win over weapons. But it is not “free”.

The critical test, is your life a body/ or is your life, a relationship with Creation itself? The answer to that, resides only in you. But there is a path to follow, established by JESUS ; that will lead you to your own answer. It begins with faith: the undeniable relationship we share with truth/ the only thing that actually does survive for an eternity. Truth says of life, that miracles (life cannot be explained in any other way, the blessings of this planet cannot be so small as an accident of chaos)/ DO, establish our own creation, as well as our world. Because thought is at the essence or core, of every ingredient that builds. Thought, the elevation of life from existence, to a destiny defined by our choices; does not come from rocks. Or more distinctly, we do have a connection, that goes beyond the time we register here as human.

The curse of religion is belief: or more distinctly, “we can believe anything we want/ and it doesn’t matter why; because NOBODY, is allowed to question what we believe”. Or, we have a book, and our leaders say this is what that means; and we agree! But of course as is want, every little sect has its own version of the interpretation of that book; or whatever it is they believe.

Faith is our relationship to what is true, and only what is true; because in truth, our choices can be fulfilled, our path can become our destiny, and the purity within our hearts can be found. Truth is the essential ingredient, in survival. Survival is the essence of eternity; and most religions are about eternity in one form or another. So the critical question is: WHAT can our eternity become?

The foundation of all life beyond the most basic existence: is determined by thought, and its relationship to truth, by the laws (this shall always be true) which that truth can identify and thereby create. So the question is re-defined as: what can thought become? The answer to that, in your eternity; is hidden in whatever your own thoughts will accept. So the question is: what then is your truth, because only truth can survive reality for any length of time or beyond? The foundation of human living is determined by three very simple things: survival (or opportunities in time end)/ love (the value of blessings in joy, as attributed to life beyond ourselves)/ and hate (the prison of endless judgment, and its command: “if worthless to me/ I will destroy”). If survival is your own version of life, you have little. If love creates, it brings into your experience and expression; everything of value life can become. If hate, then violence; because the only god you get to play as, is of death. Those are the three laws of eternity; as determined in the values of human existence. Each decides your life in time as well: whether by your own standards of choice/ or by the results of someone else, who can and will then influence your life in time, or even beyond.

Peace is the envelope (method of enclosing a journey, to share with someone else far away) by which we explain the destiny we choose is love. In the lessons of JESUS it was very rare, in those writings, that even when being attacked; he chose to establish peace, not war. HE chose to die, surrendering body/ rather than to surrender life itself, to hate. The difference is: that soul does not own a body, it owns our individual truth/ and that truth has a value that can achieve life beyond time.

So the question is: what is truth, that it can survive beyond the illumination of an earthly existence? The question then is: what is life, that it exists as truth identified and released to be free within the laws which created it?

The answer: universities play god over hate, and spew their sludge of sewage out upon the world, with such information as that/ and I will never give it out. LIFE IS PRECIOUS/ not a toy; they have absolutely proven true: NO RESPECT for anything called value.

The question then returns too: what can we learn of the values JESUS identified, as peace and harmony for our world? The answer to peace is: truth leads and decides for life/ want is dismissed as a liar/ pride is an enemy/ power is to be as limited as possible/ the law produces justice only when it is pure enough to become; the values of us all/ GOD EXISTS, and has not abandoned this world, but remains waiting for those who desire to participate with HIM.

The answer to harmony is: that our lives are equal, even if our bodies and abilities are not. Each life is a gift, and every choice is your own freedom to express or experience the choice you have made/ or the reality of a choice someone else made, that then influenced you. Both teach equally. Harmony is the gift we give to each other; a blessing (I will share/ because I care about you and all life and this planet); rather than a curse (nothing has value/ and you are judged worthless to me).

The difference between what JESUS did/ and what you do as the vast majority of people on earth is: HE CARED, and shared that blessing wherever he went. Whereas in this America, this apparent world: greed overran care/ and want overshadows every purpose to share; as hidden behind the curtain, is a motive that wants, and therefore lies. Those who fall short of that tragedy; run away to hide, as a means of protecting themselves from influences they are not strong enough to control. Even if it means the end of their world/ not just the end of body, but time itself on earth.

You have failed the life of JESUS , by surrendering to hate: as is the evidence of university rules this earth. If it was not so, we would not be surrounded by extreme threats of extinction coming soon. As is the truth!

And the religious zealots (we believe) all scream, “we are doing great/ the universities are god”; and they are everywhere! But alas, look again at the sun; warming this earth from 90+ million miles away: and recognize, the universities say “we can control it”/ and have built machines to ignite it. Here on earth, many of which are running or about to begin. And that, is only the beginning of what they do, or have done; to life and planet! And the zealots all say: “it will be great”! But alas, even from over 90 million miles, without ozone to protect us from the radiation: life would die, from that energy source. Not live! Your fingers, your ability to read or walk or talk or eat or see, and a billion more; have all been thrown into the slaughter house by university playing god. Soon life, even if you could live: will not be worth the horror of what it has become.

As for me, I am NOT your savior. Simple as that, I am a messenger saying to you: that your world is going to die, if you don’t change the realities of your choices/ and accept the limits and boundaries of what this world can tolerate from humanity. That too has failed; because the tempter which is “university satan”; has given you everything you wanted for free, without consequences/ by lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, fear, and everything else consistent with killing this world. Alas, with your head buried in their manure, and the cult having eaten your brain; few are left with life inside, as is soul.

To the few then: never surrender your true love, to anyone but GOD . Never forget, the opportunities to learn of life beyond hate: came through JESUS at a time, when hate had begun to consume this world. If JESUS is to return to this world; it will be through you, by using those principles that saved this earth from the tragedy of its own violence. Giving hope!

As for me: I am a messenger. As for my life, never expect it to be perfect. Rather it is, as life chose to teach: in the ways, that let me understand, by working through law.

The fact that you won’t be perfect, is no different than I can’t be perfect either. The fact that you won’t be enough on your own, is no different than I am not enough on my own either. The fact, that we can only do the best we can; is literally the only contribution we can make: is not limiting/ but reality itself. Do not look to me, as my life has been different; the most clear example of that is: having failed to escape the truth of male which is “when everything else has failed/ only war is left”. My life became turned “upside down”; by opening the spiritual door to female: “just to ask a question”. It could be considered: that GOD closed that door to war/ by injecting “woman” into my world. It really is such a difference, “war”, would be absolutely impossible now. The reality is: while women are not yet fully understood/ their last attempt to find a solution is not war. And that is ultimately, the most critical decision we can make as humanity on earth; in this day. Because another world war, if not the universities first: will end all hope, for our world. Which does mean: it would be better if women were in charge; by their lead, in changing the laws which govern our lives.

Women are not better/ they are just different; and more than anything else in this world: WE MUST have different, than the realities of this day/ or we all die. The evidence is insurmountable; humanity is killing itself, this world, and all life that could have been. Primarily because “the universities have played god, and failed”; because there are consequences to every decision we make.

Reality states, after thousands of years of leadership; this is the best men did do/ and we stand facing horrors beyond your imagination. The quest for better must include women, and if there is any justice left in you at all: you will in fact recognize, it is time for women (female) to try. Nothing less can be justified, as they are in fact the incubators of all life on earth. NOT as men lead, with followers and armies. BUT AS WOMEN CAN LEAD: through changing the laws which govern society. Because whosoever makes the law, rules the nation or world. It is not gold (money) that rules; it only buys weapons and armies/ it is law that defines society, the court that keeps it aright. The difference between law and money is, with men whosoever has the money buys the law they want. The difference is: with women, whosoever chooses for life and justice and truth comes first; rather than weapons: finds a solution men could not. Human Laws exist, because we make them exist. Democracy is the leader in that/ BUT NOT, by voting for someone to vote for me. Rather by voting on the laws we use to govern our society, as each citizen with one vote: to decide what our future will be. The scourge of human diarrhea, will scream: “YOU CAN’T DO THAT”. But once the laws are written and accepted as truth and justice and the best we can be: they will never be changed. And that eliminates the scourge of power so debilitating to this world.

And religion says: WE GOT IT GOOD/ don’t let him tell you nothing!

And media says: WE GOT IT GOOD/ don’t let him change nothing!

And power says: HE IS THE ENEMY/ kill him.

And pride says: WE CAN MAKE HIM LOSE/ let’s prove he is a fool.

And the vast majority of men all say: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ be damned to anyone who gets in our way. But alas it is they who have condemned themselves.

And women say: this could be a trap, how do we know for sure? But alas, if even one threat of extinction is true; there is no trap/ only excuses to hide and run away from reality. Time has run out, change or die is true!

And the children would say: please don’t let me die, I need to survive.

And every other living thing on the planet including the planet itself, would say: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KILL US ALL. No right to gamble all life on earth, and change the very truths that keep us all alive/ because YOU, AIN’T god.

And I say: after forty years plus, along with writing continuously, on the internet sites I provided; since a month after “9/11”. More than enough information exists, to prove what side I am on. It is friend/ not foe to life.

Life inside of me says: that I must offer to women, one last time. If you find your soul, you may come to me; if that would help you decide to fight for this world/ rather than simply surrender it. No preparations will be made/ unless you make them. I offer only a field (which you will have to reimburse the farmer for if necessary; dependent on acreage used) and a house place (water and land); to assemble whatever it is that you hope to accomplish. IF YOU commit early enough, and with money; we will seek to provide, what you believe you need. The opportunity to return the property back to its original purpose as is farming; must be included. I own fifty one acres here, “more or less”/ and in the extremely unlikely event you need more; my sisters own the same; and there is much more ground that could be used. But you will have to make your own deal with them. It is not I, who will lead you. This is for work, and nothing less or more: that too, is up to you! As of “June 7th” 2020; unless you are here/ that offer ends. It is not to manipulate or control you. I offer only: for life and planet, comes first. The failure to accept that, ends my participation. You are in charge.

An entire world, deserves one last chance.

An entire world, deserves to find new and better ways of dealing with our reality; part of that will come through the universities. But it will also include a moratorium (all stop) until we the people have had our vote.

The address is:

James Frank Osterbur

2191 county road 2500 East

Saint Joseph IL 61873 USA

in contrast, to we MUST examine and protect our world, by identifying reality/ are the primary failures of news. The “drug suckers” of media whose only real job is to convince you of three things: you need to take more medicine/ you need to fear, so that the military and the universities can do anything they want without question/ and you need to believe whatever you are told, because the universities expert cannot be wrong.

While cult worshipers cannot go beyond their beliefs, regardless how wrong those are: apart from all the other threats of extinction that are SO CLEAR, even a monkey “such as they call you”/ can see them. The one threat, even the delusions of a religious zealot that cannot conceive of a university diploma as anything but “god”: IS, THE IGNITION OF A NUCLEAR FIRE (LET’S BURN THE BOND IN ATOMS)/ just like on the sun. it literally is, a one time “all or nothing” event/ which ends the planet itself, and takes every living thing without the slightest mercy for a single one. It is no game, the machines are built, with more running all the time; there is NO GOING BACK. Because there is no extinguishing that fire (everything is fuel, which is the atom). I WARN YOU CLEARLY; their description of “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; is ludicrous, blind, and absolutely WRONG. And a single ignition, will end our world. IS THAT YOUR DECISION TOO? OR, DO YOU WANT A SAY, in something so delusional as is gambling with every life, all the earth, and even the solar system itself!

You cannot run away to hide: just look at the sun! As to their theories, every single one of them is built upon fantasy; and cannot be supported by truth in fact or evidence/ other than the sun is “10 million degrees F”. and every day, they try to bring that here. Even though NOTHING, can extinguish that fire, as is proven by the sun. they claim its not fire, and yet they have surrendered the fantasy of fusion; and are now trying to ignite plasma as a fire. What you don’t know will kill you, and this world! Simple as that: GO TO COURT, AND MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR THEORIES; THEN DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES IF THEY CAN GO ON WITH THEIR EXPERIMENTS.

It’s your life!

Oh, here’s another tiny tidbit: because of the shape of the earth, when the oceans are burned off (atom’s too); this planet will explode due to the thermodynamics that will occur/ changing the solar system itself. No greater abomination could exist, and its all because YOU AT THE CRITICAL MOMENT BETWEEN LIFE OR DEATH OF EARTH. Chose to run away and hide. I wonder what the penalty for that really is: hum, why don’t you guess, since its just an eternity assigned to you?

I know, just pretend it isn’t so; bury your mind, and bow down to continue worshiping; “university knows”; after all, they are your “gods”. Dirt to dirt, that is all there is; just monkeys after all? “alas, might as well give up; since you have no brain”. Go ahead, and prove life can be built one piece at a time! NO, you don’t get to say chaos is god/ or adaption is the method: PROVE EVOLUTION. After all, they bet your eternity on that vomit and puke.

I remind you again: it is NATURE, THE GENETIC CODE WHICH BUILDS EVERY BODY OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET/ that gives us all we need, with very little failure. Everything we love, everything we value about life and living, all of it: is the direct reality of what nature can and does provide. And IT IS THE SEWAGE OF UNIVERSITIES, that demands; “they can do better/ by destroying genetic structure, stability, disciplines, order, balance, and more; by playing god”. Whereas ALL THE EVIDENCE of people in charge of life and living and society represents the tragedy of war/ the reality of devastation/ the cost of poisons, rape, ravaging, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, the power you hate, and all that is evil: comes primarily from men, and how they lead. THIS DAY ON EARTH IS LIFE OR DEATH, FOR EVERYTHING OF VALUE TO THE LIVING! HOW DO YOU CHOOSE, because the exit door is closed. Pick your fate: LIFE/ OR DEATH; for our planet. As is the costs of a disease, a plague that cannot be stopped: there is no going back, from humanity playing god!

Last chance, to turn back: take it or die, PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, IN COURT; SO IT CANNOT BE DENIED! OR, go to HELL as all the evidence does prove, comes soon. Think, because there is no going back; to what we are about to loose.

KNOW, THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; before it is too late! And remember those who are declaring themselves to be gods; are in fact nothing more than your former classmates. WHO among them “was god”?

For forty years plus, I tried to work with you; in identifying what must not go wrong! Throughout that time, not a single one made the effort to aid me in that work; although a couple wanted too, but demanded to remain hidden. A cost that cannot be maintained: in an honest demand to, “listen to the evidence”. Even though I would still try to work; because this is life or death for our world. The life inside of me says no; it must be you. There is no other way; humanity is responsible for these threats/ and it is humanity that must take responsibility for removing them, as is your free will choice. Make your decision, but remember there is literally no return path, to where life survives the choices that have been made. We must choose differently, and we must choose for life and planet come first; or there will be no more earth. And all the world says: WE ARE DOING FINE. But if you have a brain, you can deduce the future is dead. Or you can understand, to gamble with all life and planet; assuming that humanity can in fact “be gods”; and not destroy the very foundations of life: means, your own arrogance is the same as theirs, and it will fail: taking the world with you to hell. Which does mean simply: GOD OF LIFE, has abandoned us, as unworthy of our lives.

I did my job, “good/ bad/ or indifferent”: you do have a chance to change the future universities have made. But you do have to choose: GOD OF LIFE, or god of men? Make your decision, but remember there is no going back.

As for me, plain and simple: this is not some kind of trap, or game, or delusion, political theater, or for purposes of sex, or whatever your imagination can come up with. It is not “death to universities”: rather it is life or death to our planet, our nature, our future, and every child. How is that not enough, to create “I will do what I can do”.

If you find a big enough group to come; I will gladly evacuate the place; and not come back until your time here is over: if that is your wish, as a group; by vote or other reality of proof. My job is over; your job exists. Which literally means, I need not participate, unless that is desired, and realistically important for me to do. Not a game, anyone who believes it is: is deluded or insane with arrogance. Surely, I need not write further/ as this is plain; and as simple as it can be. Not a game; the evidence of being wrong: in matters of extinction, is the result. Cannot be dismissed, unless truth will declare it is so. My truth is very simple as well: having been joined to a spiritual woman, in ways beyond your understanding. I am not done, until I am done. That fact will dismiss the cult: because it requires you to think, beyond yourself. The male version of me was destined to war, YOU CAN’T KILL THIS WORLD. The addition of female, removed that truth: the result of our union, is this work did change; and it is what it is. Including I do, owe her for dragging me back to reality: as war never solved much, or for long! No matter how unlikely the effort will succeed, “change or die” is better; than “you can’t kill this world: without a war”. That is, the reality of what men will do; as is proven by history throughout this earth: “overrun with people/ an end to all resources/ much more” coming soon. Which leads us all, to female; as a different possibility than war. War literally ends all life on earth; as is the evidence and the reality of weapons of mass destruction. CHOOSE WORLD LAW INSTEAD!

The reality of female sharing this life; has removed all possibility for a war, from me. YOU DO have your chance, and I cannot/ would not, ask for more than that. It is enough; therefore I am at peace: even if you fail all life on earth! You did, have your chance “to think” for yourselves/ and not simply believe whatever you were told.

The cult will say: “he is a fool, he is insane, he is_______”/ therefore we cannot and will not go; he is the excuse. But reality says: I am not the excuse, because your own world is in jeopardy of extinction, by threats caused from human decisions. Therefore the question is not me: but you, and if you will care or think or share in the truth, “we cannot let them, OR any of these threats, the evidence does prove to exist; be WRONG”. That is a choice, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me; and I am completely willing to simply leave the property, until you are done. DO, go someplace else if you desire it; because there is only work here. NOT a game.

Just so its clear: no significant changes to the property will occur UNLESS, your money (people coming) exists to cause those changes, and repair damage done. It is unnecessary unless you intend to stay weeks or even months. These are not small issues, and they will not be settled; to save this world; in a few days. You need to prepare laws/ you need to prepare for court (or even hold it, as a public trial for media)/ you need to address overpopulation, and all threats as they exist; producing evidence, and explaining in detail what is true, by the evidence. You need to examine and prove the cost of being wrong. You need to decide, the price you are willing to pay for this world. You need to organize yourselves throughout the world, so that what happens in one place can be understood in another. And all the logistics that go with that purpose. It ain’t no small thing, and it won’t be done without a clear and certain decision to fight for life on earth: by law/ by justice/ by truth/ and by vote. Don’t bother to come for less; it ain’t worth my time or yours.

If you do come for those causes, and work honestly: you will be welcomed here, until we, or you; are done! These are the definitions of my heart, in creating this opportunity here. Please feel free to take that commitment to life and planet; “anywhere or everywhere else”. It cannot be only mine/ it can be OURS. It can be YOURS; and I will retire from this work.

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