friend or foe

friend or foe


  1. You must be open to the addition of a value beyond yourself/ and that requires you not to judge or measure someone else. To know truth, is to accept life is a journey that lives in your heart, more than a body can know.
  2. Freedom is the essence of happiness, and it is achieved through discipline, NOT the denial of order, or a refusal to acknowledge risk. Destiny is formed, when you identify the value of life, by the price you are willing to pay. That then shapes your future by entering: what it means to be ALIVE, in the creation of you.
  3. Hope creates the order of trust, by defining what can become our truth. The eloquent life, that shares what we care about, in an environment both of us can understand; as desire earned. Truth builds trust, and honorable trust binds us together, in happiness, for a lifetime; because it shares a soul.
  4. Truth knows that love builds a relationship, born from a single honest purpose: to know the heart, is to live, where time does not matter. To rise above the reality of time, and enter where creation knows our names.

To be open to a new relationship is to understand, that I must make time for a person that is willing to share my moments. Even if it is not yet clear, that they can accept the values of my heart. For people act and react according to what they believe; and belief is often modulated by what other people want. Which does mean, you must “dig a little” to reveal what is inside. Be open, be friendly, find the time, be dedicated to yourself (until trust allows you to share), be safe and learn where and what it is, that makes us equal and unafraid.

To be free requires discipline, because without that: tragedy comes. Discipline means: that I know boundaries exist, and limits identify the cost is potentially greater beyond here. While risk is necessary for some, to achieve their identity; the reality is, if you are NOT willing to pay the full price for being wrong/ then don’t go beyond the line set by life and body. Some will not return, as is, the cost of being free.

Every life needs hope to survive, otherwise they become depressed/ suicidal/ or hateful when the price of life or happiness; seems to great to achieve. Those who teeter on the edge of these things can be saved from themselves: ONLY by surrendering want/ so that life itself can become a miracle. Miracles mean: nothing in this world can compare, to what we were born with: a reality beyond all possibilities called human created, or denied. In that search for truth, the value of “being wealthy” beyond time itself; gives rise to eternity exists.


Every relationship lives, because we found or created something to share; and that gives us care; in the essence of your life with mine. Or dies, because judgment has measured us in what is now a different way, thereby we become different people to that judge. To be judge requires measurements, and measurements exist more because of the people who surround them/ than the people who judge. In this world of time, pride forms the enemy who hates us all: because there can be only one true winner/ and all the rest are then losers; in the games people play. Pride allows for group winning; which then becomes prejudice over the rest. Want arises to provide “trophies, trinkets, and toys” as proof I have won; and when that does not exist to the point of reality they desire: LIES begin. These things show us a future that can be predicted: endless or severe wants, will bring lies to tear a relationship apart. Endless or severe pride, MUST have a loser available, to prove I have won something/ even if it is just abuse over you. And the judge giving their lives over to the measurement of life: can easily make you an enemy, or a worthless piece of trash, that has no value or meaning to their own existence. Which can then become murder, denial, disrespect, all types of insanity or betrayal as is the constant, feeding nearly all, of human depression.

In this world governed and created by “university knows”; and gets to play god (the supreme judge)/ our reality of existence has shifted from LIFE TO LIFE. Into the tragedies of LIFE TO EXTINCTION, a descent into the abyss of failure, fantasies, lies, theft, traitorous acts, terrorism, hatred, mutilation, and acts so horrendous that even our planet could be turned into another sun. But like all human devised “we are gods”, decision: the cult of believers cannot “see the forest, for the trees in the way”. They live in the denial of life, so they can compete to achieve a pride that cannot be denied. As is proving: we are so, “gods”/ like the spoiled two year old’s; that never grew up, as they are.

The plague of righteousness as is the constant of human existence throughout all of history is: we are right, and you are wrong/ and we want what we want; and we won’t let you stand in our way. That is of course the foundation of every political group; be it nazi/ Republican/ Democrat/ or whatever. The binding agreement is: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and you cannot stop us. Which then becomes NOW WE HAVE THE WEAPONS (THE MEANS); to prove you won’t stop us anymore. The universities are that weapon today; as they use words, change words, and control nearly all media influence, altering the courts, and make them fear; so as to silence the opposition. Demanding, as every “Nazi like regime does”: that YOU CANNOT QUESTION our purpose or reality; the university is god. So says pride, and all its followers.

The disease spread by university is: that all diversity should end (mix them together)/ there is only one human type (you have no say), only one human purpose (the university is god), only one human decision (follow our leading, and worship we can play god); and it is ours, as university “leaders of the pack or herd” as the case may be. That keep all the rest in line, and bowed down so as not “to see the future”. Extinction all around, including our own; because there are no limits or boundaries “for playing god”.

The entire purpose of a curse, “is to find a flaw”; by which the entire environment of care, can then be cast down, as far as possible. The entire purpose of a cult is, “to create a flaw”; so that everything that was possible to share, is no longer valued. The entire purpose of hate is, “to ruin what the others value”/ so they can become like you.

While the entire purpose of love, is to expand the living experience, so we can express our joy in the creation of everything we choose to do honestly.

The ravaging hate, of universities led society; is beyond a curse, and surmounts a rape with endless failure, fantasy, and death. Of the realities that instigate that statement and prove it is true are these:

  1. human population is roughly 8 billion people, and at the most probable rate of increase as is 3% per year; that equals a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed per year/ each year, and growing. While each of those people now on earth expects or desires to live and be; a one hundred year commitment for the planet to provide. You are at maximum density for a living earth; because all your food sources need space, their own sources of food, water, and so on. Without an absolute stop to human population rise; we all die. It is a choice/ but there is only one alternative which is cannibalism and hell.
  2. Without life in the oceans, humanity is dead as well/ because we need the food source to survive as we are; and you are destroying everything the oceans depend upon in every possible way; without the slightest respect, and with all intentional acts of betrayal to those forms of life. YOU will starve and war, and sink into HELL.
  3. Without the chains of life that create the chemical compositions which then keep other living things alive; extinction accelerates, and nothing will stop it/ because life, with very few exceptions does not live alone. Habitat losses/ poisons/ human induced biological catastrophe/ loss of water. Absolutely everything that can be done by humanity to take whatever they want/ and leave nothing behind; because they believe, they alone are important to themselves, or to their purpose in this world; is a death march to all other life. YOU too, will be sorry, and without a future. But that is the choice you made.
  4. Everyday, you put off making a different decision for this planet; than to keep killing it: is a nail in your own coffin. Soon dig your own grave will no longer be a joke; as the end of life on earth does come into irrevocable reality. Past the point of no return; the planet cannot survive itself as life lives here. A choice for death.
  5. Poisoning water supplies, is just one of the constant attacks on what cannot be lost without extreme consequences; and none care. All say instead “well, it just hasn’t happened yet”/ but when it does, you have no other options than war or die from thirst. No you can’t; just go take theirs; because then they die.
  6. You have nearly destroyed all food sources on land: confining livestock, which is now proving the cost of that decision in China with the pig population. Changing the biology of plant life; destroying every genetic safety to keep the entire species alive; for an excess today. And since genetically similar species share the same costs that make disease possible: you open every genetic opportunity for disease across that spectrum. As is a disease in corn which is a grass/ can then transfer into wheat, oats, barley, rice, and more; to kill it all. A choice you made, because you didn’t care about anything but “ME/ MINE/ or to hell with YOU”.
  7. EXTREME experimentation of universities; has proven to be a rancid, putrid, sewer of fools in charge of money they never earned/ with rights only a traitor would give or take. They want to prove themselves gods; and indeed they are so doing: by ending all life on earth. With such arrogance, even a grave is not enough; as the abyss of their work, cannot; or cannot easily be erased, and in fact threatens extinction for us all. Yet nothing is so diseased as those who worship them; in a delusion that sinks into, and lives as shit. Religion calls them SATAN; destroyers of a world/ the end of life by human choice.

There are of course much more, including weapons of mass destruction. If you cannot yet tell, because your brain is dead; as all cult laden people are: NONE of the above seven statements represents a friend to life. But every one of them does establish an enemy exists; whose only true design is our death. NOTHING is more deliberate of that title called satan: than those who mutilate nature as is DNA structures. NOTHING IS MORE VISIBLE of hate, and absolute arrogance; than those who are trying to ignite the same fire as on the sun  http://www.iter.org/; here on this earth. There are now many of these competing “to be the first”.  A reality that cannot be reversed; no matter what their delusions demand. Gambling this entire earth/ this EVERYTHING; on their assumption, that ignition of a nuclear fire will just extinguish itself; “because there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire”. WRONG, is the earth becomes a sun. literally, as simple as that; and yet the entire herd stands still, as silent as their own grave. Because the cult worshiper, cannot question its leader. Its like what is said of buffalo: if you kill the leader, the entire rest of the herd will just stand still; because they cannot or will not “think for themselves”. To your shame.

Some would say, “I should be shouting from the rooftops”; because this is important. While they do nothing at all; waiting for absolute proof, so none can accuse them of being wrong. But reality demands: when you are absolutely certain, and need not think for yourselves anymore: but fear everything in terror. It is too late to make a change.

While other would say: “he is a damn fool, shouting for nothing”/ and should be condemned to death; for shouting “fire” in a crowd trying to start a stampede. BUT MY ONLY DEMAND FOR THE LAST FORTY YEARS has been: GO TO TRIAL, AND INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE; particularly about the cost and the consequences of being WRONG. Then make your own decision, for the sake of both life, and planet! And every single one RUNS AWAY TO HIDE; because you don’t want to pay, the price of keeping this earth alive! So, the majority ridicule me instead; as is the constant called “a bully: someone who misdirects LIFE, to make themselves MORE, in their own eyes”. To your shame.

The universities say: WE ARE “gods”/ we can do anything we want, and not pay for the consequences; because the earth, “by design” absorbs the cost. But of course that is fantasy, and not truth; because there are consequences, even if you don’t see them immediately. The liars of university say: that genetics, or more specifically shifting genes around will let them play god and make new species never before seen/ thereby proving they are gods. BUT THE CONSEQUENCES of mutilating nature and crossing boundaries/ destroying limits/ and changing the relationship of how nature functions and translates its own existence; is not a game. Like AIDS or any other disease, trouble can erupt at any time; because altering the defenses opens the door. In contrast to genes are all that matter: the most significant truth to destroy that claim is, “where does the software” of how to use this equipment originate, and what controls the entire structure of building or rebuilding nature. Because without the correct software of information available; even a robot cannot do anything/ even though it is complete in every other way. The cost of being wrong by mutilating nature on purpose, as is the reality of “university is god”{ IS ARMAGEDDON: which does mean, nature in chaos} Chaos the god of universities, as they claim evolution (we can build life one piece at a time) is responsible for building life; isn’t even at the level of a joke/ because it is such a pathetic lie, only an absolute fool would believe it; unless of course, you have been brainwashed by a cult. Only then, can something so utterly absurd be accepted. To your shame!

The people trying to ignite a nuclear fire, claim they can just do this over and over and over again; as they do with everything else: even though, the radiation from a single ignition WILL instantly kill everything within one thousand miles, before that life, is sucked into that flame. They claim a 4 million times greater response of heat; than in a chemical fire: AND THEY SAY WE CAN CONTROL IT/ because they lie. That lie includes: fusion joins 2 hydrogen atom nucleus/ into a helium atom. Which literally does mean the sun is making helium with every btu it creates. SO WHERE IS THE HELIUM? Answer, it doesn’t exist except as a rare element; as is hard to find. THEY ARE LIES, AND MORE LIES/ theories without foundations in fact/ failures without a clue; and yet they are certain they can gamble with this whole living planet. By pretending they can control a nuclear fire; wherein everything is literally fuel. Just like on the sun.

The universities laugh at “Noah’s flood”; because they don’t want consequences to exist. But the evidence is absolutely clear; and nothing is more evident of that than our resources in fossil fuels. Every fossil fuel is the result of living materials being gathered together and buried all at once in the same place. The only reality proven to do this on earth is a massive flood; and by the depths of oil and the quantity of fossil fuels: this earth was filled with life, when that flood occurred. CONSEQUENCES of planetary change. Your curse of university, LIES and leads you to the abyss of extinction; and the sheep of human failure; cannot even raise its head. NOT EVEN, for this entire planet of life, or its future. To your shame. You want what you want/ you have chosen bribes over life/ you have failed your future and every child/ you have bowed down to the murderers of a world/ and you claim “we are gods too”. A full-fledged disaster of failure, headed for hell/ and taking this world with you; because that is the consequence of what you chose. The one certainty throughout the last forty years is: WE WON’T PAY/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; SO LET THE CHILDREN DIE; its their problem not ours! Which is a curse that will greet you, in your own eternity of Hades (enemy to life).

Power will say: KILL HIM! Because they won’t pay the price to survive. They are believers in money, weapons, and fear for you. They are believers in the assumption; NO consequences for me; because they send you, “to the slaughter”.

The herd will say: WE DON’T HAVE A LEADER/ WE CAN’T DO THIS! But the graveyard awaits this entire planet, and you have no choice except extinction for all. So make up your mind: die in the slaughter house/ or fight for life, and maybe you will survive. And the COWARD says: screaming get out of my way, I have to hide! While the truth says: no matter where you go, a nuclear fire unleashed will find you, and burn you for an eternity; because you didn’t care enough to save an entire planet of life, or its children to come. So pathetic are you, “its called worthless”. A reality that can only be proven true: by your own choices!

Soon the rains will stop, as the arctic cold and ice have fallen to levels it cannot compete with the heat you release. That will lead to drought, and then summer heat that will cause all manner of plants and life to die. It will then be irreparable; and all life will be in jeopardy of extinction. But not to worry, the water will dry up; and war of an intensity never before seen on earth will erupt: “so as the apocalypse predicts”; you can drink blood. At least for awhile. Not to worry, those climatic changes will accelerate the atmospheric disconnect between the planet and its gas cloud/ and we will then experience winds that will increase to the reality of other planets; as would be: since this planet turns at a little over one thousand miles per hour/ “you guess”.

But hey, you don’t need to worry: cause your university gods are “fully in charge” of life/ right! Oh wait, that is just the beginning of HELL/ alas they might just fail, and with it all cult worship, as the truth of death approaches near. well unless they ignite a nuclear “this burns the bond in atoms” fire first! Not to worry, those damn imbeciles cannot touch a “university god”. Now isn’t that so? After all, didn’t they all follow, with absolute “religious fervor”? Indeed they did! And as for me, “I can be right”/ now ain’t that a blessing, in HELL with you; till whatever moment life on earth will end for me. Now who could be upset with that.

Oh wait, we wouldn’t want to forget: without arctic ice, there is no place for the fish to hide from an endless sea of trawlers trying desperately to catch every single one. And without ice, there is no “fish food”; so why not. But don’t worry as is the reality a rising tide floats all boats equally; a rising ocean breaks every ice shelf on the sea, and that of course means all things change; into a dead zone. But not to worry, you will be busy with war/ and then weapons of mass destruction: because that, is literally what you chose: “while ridiculing me”. Not your savior, past the point of no return; there is literally absolutely nothing you will do, that can save yourselves. So rejoice, after all: like fans at a game, aren’t you all gods; who can’t possibly be made to pay for the consequences you chose. Now ain’t that right? And a thousand more threats, all waiting the same. Cause the universities are god. “happy days, right”; go ahead bow down, and throw your ass up in the air “to worship GOD”! RIGHT/ or whatever it is you do, to prove “yes I can, believe anything I want”. To your shame.

I know, you just want what you want/ and absolutely don’t want to pay for anything life or earth needs in return; not even your own children. As reality does prove beyond the slightest possible doubt. Alas, it came with consequences/ and extinction. But not to worry, you can still bow down to university, and let them “eat your face off” with their intent to play god with nature/ now who could possible not want that? After all, its not like nature is responsible for EVERYTHING: oh wait, yes it is! But you don’t care; cause the universities are; “so smart”. That you cannot even ask them a question to save your world; cause its just too embarrassing; after all, “who can question a god”. DUMBASS!

And as always, that is a reality shared equally by religion, just as much as not. Cause after all, “evolution, is your god too”. Even though it is nothing more than puke and vomit.

Just so its absolutely clear: all I do today is write, and absolutely nothing else. Which includes not extending that writing beyond this site or the books I have written. YOUR FATE, after forty plus years of fighting for you/ is ENTIRELY YOUR WORK OR FAILURE; as you did have every opportunity to do better, for life, child, and planet. I know that is true; and so does the GOD who sent me with that message; change or die! Save yourselves, or go extinct; its your choice. Just keep doing what you are doing; and world extinction will be permanent very soon. Oh wait, I know; “let someone else/ cause you want what you want, and this isn’t anything you want”. So goodbye world, “humanity just didn’t care enough”/ not even to try. Cause they are owned by the university cult; and all they’re fantasy bribes.

I DID, MY JOB! Even if you are certain, you could have done much better. The reality is, this as it is: is the best I did do. The facts will be the evidence, the judgment of good or bad; is not mine to make. I NEVER claimed to be perfect, but neither are you. The difference is: YOU never even tried.

YOU, on the other hand; have been right about one single thing: that there is nothing I bring to you regarding all these threats, that you want other than to live. Everything else demands: you can’t drive, at least 50% less immediately/ you can’t discard resources, or trash the planet, or claim the children have to pay, or continue failing in “ten thousand ways” as you do; practically every single day. Far less children can be born/ far more adults shall die sooner than later/ no more bribes/ no more lies/ no more fantasies, disrespect, playing god, or a thousand more university led delusions. So you ran away to hide; as you still do this day; and thereby chose to die as a world. Letting the universities “play god, and bribe you with lies”/ to your soon to be, eternal shame. “I know”; you don’t want/ what you don’t want; period! But alas, truth will never let lies rule for any amount of real time; because lies always bring pain and suffering and hate. Your abyss is ready, even if that is not what you want; truth simply does not care/ it is what it is. I truly wish, it was not so!

Passion, defines the heart/ and the heart determines whether you live or die. But truth demands, it is only love that conceives of mercy. The desire to share “our world”, is not a game.

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