The reality of life or death to this planet, and all of its existence; both now and in the future: resides upon the definitions which will determine if you continue to follow the universities into HELL. This is not a gift/ this is a fight between “your gods of university, and mine”.

Even the constant, known understanding: that life itself could not have been built “one piece at a time”/ has not proven to be enough, to stop the cascade of fantasy, from determining your future. It is again the truth: that life as is human, cannot exist without “blood and heart together/ lungs and muscles/ organs and vessels/ skin and immunity/ a brain, and more than a billion other elemental needs. Or it just won’t work, and life dies; just like a human body does/ because it is more than chemistry one piece at a time. Nonetheless, you continue to want what you want; regardless of the fact, that genetic mutilation of DNA structures is crucifying nature itself; and about to insert you into chaos, from which there shall be NO escape. Still, no response from the vast majority; because you are believers, and believers don’t need no damn evidence; because whatever the want to believe is “their version of truth”. Lies matter not.
Which leaves us with one single truth, to determine if this entire world is going to become extinct. WILL YOU, OR WILL YOU NOT: RISE UP, AND DEFEND YOURSELVES FROM THE PEOPLE TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, “just like the sun”/ here on earth. A fire they state need not worry me, because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain that fire; which burns, the bond holding atoms together. But of course if they are wrong/ and they are: then upon ignition, our entire planet becomes a sun. Still even with that threat: humanity remains silent, and the curse of a university cult playing god, continues to craft and demand that atoms will ignite. Using total fantasy and fraud, to sustain their claims. But, the people have their heads on the ground, and their ass in the air: to prove we don’t need nothing from “you”.

So, let’s begin again; because this is for a world/ and that is not a game to be lost, without a fight to the finish. The herd cannot function without its leaders, so the leaders must be replaced. Only then can the possibility of an independent brain, emerge.

Reality dictates, that we must start at the beginning in terms of energy; an elemental participant in the world we share/ known by all, appreciated by few. Energy is the reality of why anything moves; the cause of why order exists; the foundation of disciplines as they encounter what becomes a limit or boundary that then keeps us all alive. The extreme arrogance of man, is pushed aside: to become life or death for this world/ literally as simple as that.
The primary cause of motion, at its core relationship is “expansion or contraction”/ as is consistent with the physical relationship called motion established. So, the critical question is: how and why does expansion or contraction gain control over substance, time, and space? That begins prior to the organization of mass (universe) as is formed from the distinctions of what can cause an obstruction.
The answer to that question is, far more complex than it sounds. Expansion is a push, initiated in this and all circumstances; by the presence of heat. Contraction is a pull, initiated in this and all circumstances by the presence of cold. Where temperature is not consistent, even by a tiny amount: there will be a consequence of action or reaction. But the critical question is: in the vast amount of space known to exist: before organized atomic structures came to be. WHAT could cause a difference between hot and cold, and where could a boundary be found; that is then separate invaded or limited attacks; as one area different from the other/ must be changed. To then form an environment, between them? Temperature makes them move, but what is not either slightly hotter or colder does not: as are limits in place.
We then approach the construction of time, as the question of an environment achieved, by altering motion into a wave of influence. Or once a substance is in motion, in space/ it has no choice but to continue that motion, and even influence what exists behind it. The question is why, can the motion of one object be an influence on the substance of another object in space? The discipline called gravity comes to view; as the opportunity of shape and structure aligns with function. We must begin with a primordial universe does not necessitate a static (nothing can be moving) reality. Thereby simply because of a state called existence has occurred, there can also be a depiction of motion not tied to an organization of energy. In that scenario: sooner or later substances will collide, or group together. Motion in the universe we know is dedicated to cause and effect. In a primordial universe it is simply existence not yet tied to any cause other than effect. Therefore the question is: what is that effect? Shape determines what can join or group together. Structure defines the consequence of collision or a state of change. Function however, illustrates an effect, by the definition of temperature (to make something change). In this scenario, that change is created by impact: the conception of a boundary or limit that refuses to allow, one substance to pass beyond another substance without change in each. Impact causes change; but the question is without the atom: what could that change become? The distillation of gravity resides here, as each impacting piece entangles the other, to create a string (we are joined) between what survives. So the question shifts to ask: if a binding string can be formed: WHAT kind of material must primordial matter be? The critical reality of that description revolves around what is the difference between “light, and dark/ or more distinctly; the color concepts of white or black”? Black being the illustration forming we cannot see behind this mask/ or light being, we can see into the distance, and form the basis of our reality: by time equals distance. The critical question is then “conception”?
To conceive of time, is to identify more exists than just me.
To conceive of the substance of all mass, as is the basis of an atom; is to identify the structure of time is the movement of, and conglomeration of: darkness, so as to form “light; the distance beyond me”.
To conceive of, the shape time may consist as: requires motion.
To conceive of, the function in that shape and structure, is to align the value of time with the consistency of order, discipline, and balance. We then turn to the realities of substance, as it is contained within an atom. To construct the value of order resides in stability. The value of discipline, resides in the retaining of, or return to order. The value of balance, exists as the function of what time can do; as is, cause a definable action or reaction over distance traveled. Therefore the question of substance is returned to the definitions of gravity: to gain control over an object, that is of less mass than are you. To identify “a string”, is to ask: what is the power of darkness over light?
The answer is: simply volume, as light constructs the value of opportunity/ while darkness takes the greater volume of that away. An environment filled with darkness, has no movement; but it can contain an immense amount of substance. Because without movement, no space is required.
In contrast, an environment of light, constructs the illumination of space; as is consistent with the great enabling of movement, and therefrom time. The differences can also be identified with kinetic motion begins with light/ dark energy or “a black hole” signifies all movement has stopped.
What we must learn, to construct gravity is why: does this difference exist? Or WHAT: causes motion; or the lack of motion to be available for changing a “static” primordial universe?
We begin with: existence is a substance, occupying space/ therefore, the critical question is: what does primordial existence conceive of? Functionally, if a mask (the substance of darkness) is broken apart what results is determined by its originating composition (which identifies itself, with only one signature), and what causes that substance to break down (the force initiating impact). When we “turn on the light”: the resultant energy released is picked up by the chemicals in our body, and thought functions determine the rest, to give us the effect of light. Thought allows us to conceive; that this is a reality of environment that we cannot change apart from small and insignificant “to the universe” choices. But it also proves, existence is far more, than simply “I exist”.
Because the change from primordial into time exists as a measurement: we ask, what can form an existence which can then travel an unending/ immeasurable, circle of distance; as would be eternity. The answer is “only thought”! Therefore we must question thought, as the participant which shares our existence both as time or before time (atoms of physical presence and energy) exists.
Thought participates by ending chaos: with order, balance, discipline, and respect. Thought binds the creation of energy together, within the atom: by facilitating the existence of order and discipline, and balance, which are obvious and elegant in atomic creation. Thought transforms the basis of structure and shape, by aligning the variables into truth by law, which then survives environment and its cost. Therefore we question thought as the substance of eternity, and the basis or foundation of time and life itself.
The critical question is then: can thought “exist” as more than an inherently “non-physical/ internal” experience? Or more distinctly can thought be expressed in a more physical (proven by outside reality) relationships, more dedicated to existence; than is time itself?
People measure intelligence (I can perceive or build a trap)/ but they do not measure thought as is the conjunction of elemental awareness with Creation.
The simple test would be as claimed by university: thought exists, because we exist. But that is not substantively true; as they are the measurement of intelligence (lets make a trap/ or reveal this one). Thought however is obvious and claimed by life, in the essence of living miracles; that are surrounding us all. So it is proven to exist/ by the reality of its own evidence: as life is so distinctly NOT chaos. That is a simple formed, trap of lies.
We then test the conception of thought, with the variable: WHAT binds our ability to conceive of anything, “constructed together in a consistent framework, that leads to the conception of a boundary or limit, (a law) that can then become something more”? The answer is truth, as defended by reality itself.
What is truth, searches for value, as it illuminates law. That fact isolates the definitions of a thought, and forms the basis or foundation of a decision that can then be made.
We now return to gravity, and the elemental creation of strings; from which substances are formed. The realities of truth, are bound to the law, which then controls what can/ what cannot/ and what will be the foundation of existence itself. Every string is then an undeniable truth (an existence shared)/ by the realities of law. What the law will then allow, creates time; by establishing a framework of order. Three basic ingredients can be established by a physical presence in primordial space: substance, substance in space, and space in substance. Three basic forces can be established by a physical presence in primordial existence: cold, some form of heat, motion depicted by temperature change. Three basic realities exist in the definition of primordial space: darkness, truth, and law. One conception exists in a primordial universe; to bind these constructions into time: thought. Or more distinctly the injection of order, discipline, and balance by truth formed; when laws are bound to reality. The foundation of limits, boundaries, and then environments are found.
The critical question is: WHAT exists, that law can build with?
The critical answer is: we will take from the universities, their suggestion that when a particle accelerator destroys the proton of an atom; it always turns into 7 so-called distinct pieces. So, according to them the universe was originally composed, or built from what was 7 times smaller than an atom; therefore 7 times more individual pieces than all the current atoms in the orderly universe that resulted. The fact, that something existed is undeniable/ as if there were only “nothing”; then nothing would result.
We next recognize even if the distribution of these pieces was not completely uniform/ they did spread across space. Because all beginning in composition as, being grouped together in one gigantic mass. Does not lend itself to the necessary movements that would lead to an explosion of the size required to build what we can see today. We then begin with the question: of what can this be? And return to darkness (something exists here; because it hides what is beyond) as the most probable answer. In extreme cold, the reality of a condensate forms, wherever the relationship between heat and movement can be altered. Therefore extreme cold can be viewed as the creator of a condensate formed from the darkness, that then isolates individual pieces into “a sea” of possibilities. But without gravity, those pieces are not obligated to obey any rules. Even so, wherever extreme cold would go, those pieces would follow to form that sea out of the darkness. We now have the beginnings of a dimension, and can form the strings that exist by following the pieces, as they flow, in a directional current. They are still cold, and cold causes things to bind. Without gravity motion achieves a push ahead, and a pull behind/ or, it achieves what pulls from ahead, and thereby pushes from behind. Either produces a tunneling effect that opens the door, for pieces to “fall into line”: a string/ 7 times smaller than an atom. An illustration of that is a comet, “and its tail”. Proving that the comet does in fact encounter a resistance (the out-gassing results); that is somewhat critically different than the string tunnels described; but nonetheless offers a lesson in the realities of space that do still exist.
Each string does have a beginning, and an ending: that is dependent upon where the leading cold did arise or end or shape the destiny of that string. Multiple strings form a dimension, by constructing a boundary that then becomes its shape. The question is: where does the creation of extreme cold over what did exist come from? What is extreme cold beyond the limits of what can be physically formed; and how did that originate? We begin with an anchor, as each and every string forms a beginning and an end. An anchor cannot exist without force. Therefore we assemble the understanding, if minus 400 degrees is the lack of all movement/ then less than 400 degrees must mean: that movement has begun in the opposite direction of heat/ as is inside (a pull), rather than outside (a push). To achieve that critical dimensional stability, the effect of force must be felt in the string. To achieve the opposite force of movement (rather than static; as a prison)/ a truth must exist. We then look too, the accumulation of pieces: and its sudden collapse “from an existence in space/ to a point, measured in time”. The removal of all space is an event that can be precipitated by extreme cold. The collapse of space, is a force expanding out, beyond that point of extreme cold; and therefore the point of entry becomes, even more cold. Or the anchor that extends from the darkness beyond what has been claimed as our visible universe.
So, then we have a strings, formed from the effects of collecting and then ejecting pieces of “dark matter”; into the available space beyond this visible universe. That is then movement initiated in space. Where interlocking strings form a fabric: a galaxy will be formed; as pieces are conglomerated into massive blocks. That then begin the process of heat. In primordial space without any other obstruction: before galaxies and a more intricate fabric of strings: that mass of “condensate pieces” would have collected primarily in one single spot. The constant collision of those pieces would have established heat at central locations/ but due to the pressure of much more cold than could be overcome: space was removed, except for those areas that had expanded enough to retain heat and space therefrom. Every impact had the effect of either removing the last space in that primordial matter/ or building a greater energy release to sustain the existence of heat. When the cold stopped coming, because the darkness had been removed to create the visible beginning universe. The physical heat located in central areas throughout the matter involved: overrode the energy of cold binding it/ and then exploded to become a physical outward force spreading across our universe. The binding of those pieces was discussed in preliminary form in a previous book “building time”. The discussion of how the internal heat that caused the big bang became “the suns” we see. The questions of speed and other realities need not be discussed/ as none of this is consistent with your true need of how to survive the reality of our threats of extinction on earth. This is given merely to point out, that being WRONG ABOUT FUSION; and trying to ignite atoms of fire as is being done/ will simply and truly turn this earth into a sun; destroying this entire Creation of life and planet and hope. To your shame!
BACK AWAY FROM TERRORISM, and find your brain/ because no matter how much you want something; it does not mean, getting what you want will make you happy. The gamble is all or nothing. But the reality is: YOU CHOSE, to lose your world, and every living creation that would have existed if not for you. The cost of that decision, will be terrifying. TURN BACK, OR DIE! Do it now.
As to gravity itself; I have not yet made that decision.

Instead of that; I leave you with the truth far more important. LOVE is the value of life, and everything living knows that is true; has respect, and creates from those moments the honest desire to live. HATE is the essence of “university knows”/ and it applies the plague of that expression, to destroy our world. As is found in every extreme experiment, every cursed resource, every extinction of species, currency theft, weapon of mass destruction, and a thousand more.

CHOOSE who you are!

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