Talking, the fundamental most human of all.

It is my understanding of human existence; that we must individually identify our own distinct decisions/ as that is in essence the value of our contribution to life itself. Love is the result of your decision/ as is hate/ as is everything in between. Therefore it is the decision that identifies our humanity from everyone else/ not your body, or its “gifts”. So the reality of my work has been to inform; as the method most likely to aid, rather than lead your own ability to decide what is, or what is not to be: the foundation of your life, and even eternity. Information is: the opportunity to learn, the value of truth, an appreciation for the real life evidence, the construction of consequences, and the deliberate definitions that make our understanding and comprehension, greater than it was.

The constant of America and with little doubt the vast majority of human interference on earth: is that the universities, or the leaders, or the majority, or whatever it is shall decide for you/ instead of you decide for yourselves. Because they say, “we are the superior ones”/ even though the evidence now clearly proves, that is an outright lie, and absolutely untrue.

Nonetheless, humanity commonly prefers to be an animal; rather than an independent life: because the herd provides shelter from the facts associated with making your own decision alone. Those facts are simple; and do align with “predator and prey/ life or death/ lost or found”. So the cost of being separate, as is “the essence of, I or you”; is not cheap or easy. But the value is consistent with: I have attained the disciplines, order, and balance of a human life/ rather than the elemental grazing of a herd, or the violence of a predator. The difference is, a preparation for eternity, a decision that extends life beyond time, through the existence of thought.

While the herd or a predator cannot conceive to any real extent of possibilities beyond the moment of their survival, their want is all they own. The reality of survival is not merely in evidence of time: but stands apart in the existence of miracles, that are not formed by anything associated directly, with this world. That fact is discarded by animals; and lives only within the conceptions of those who can become “human alive”/ not simply human in time. It is, an ascension beyond time, that serves as our path into destiny.

So the question is: what is the difference, between a human animal, and a human being alive? Answer: the foundation of it is, that to be truly alive within the miracle/ rather than simply time itself. You must achieve the construction of thought. Thought is not memory, nor is it intelligence (an ability to follow and analyze the herd or manipulate the traps, and pitfalls of life: power). Rather thought is the ascension beyond want or pride, to achieve the decision that the essence of this Creation in me; is a door, into definitions beyond the limits of time or its earthly boundaries. That is not a religious belief: which is I want, what I want. But a journey that reaches for the intensities, that build from inside the construction of where energy can live. The value of energy is consistent with freedoms. But the value of life can only exist and be free, by the development “of a home” within energy itself/ as nothing else contains the ability to be self-sustaining or alive.

Your body lives in time, because of the organisms which translate the value of chemicals into an energy that can be used to gain the levels of freedom that we recognize as our life in body. Your existence as that life form is recognized, by our translation of thought, into the actions or reactions or independent decisions that then direct and control our bodies, to do the things we ask that body to do. The body is then the energy source (not the life source) which we inhabit as our home. The construction of our own distinct thoughts, conceive of the home we inhabit with the decisions that then identify what is our truth. Every home has an assembly of order; be it to search for wants/ or journey into truths. Every life has a balance point; whereby the eloquent discovery of love is achieved/ or the tragedy of disgrace that is hate, fails your life, as it falls into an abyss of want and/ or delusions.

The critical question for every human life is: can you achieve a purity of your own truth, that creates an identity worth more than time (an action or reaction)? The second question is: does your own truth participate in love/ or did your decision surrender into hate; because anything less than love is abandoned, to dissipate into nothing left at all. While hate is called an enemy of GOD; thereby war begins; as life in time, ends. Do you see the separation?

The third question is respect: because without respect for the miracle you are, the miracles you were born to participate with, the miracle of thought that lets you transcend beyond an animal; into creation itself. THE GOD who built your world, and gave humanity the freedoms it chose. You will be abandoned; love is not enough, if it has no relationship with law. That law is: truth decides for us all.

We then consider the following: is your life/ is your body/ is your time/ and now, is your planet, nature, your everything: worth the price you must pay? Because if it is not, then eternity is not for you either. The one constant of humanity throughout history has been; those who hate will attack: secretly, until they believe they have the advantage, and people can no longer stop their insanity.

Never in the history of history before; has there been a time so dedicated to destruction of life and planet, that it has achieved the level of extinction is possible. Never before has apathy (we don’t care), disrespect (this ain’t important to me), and the disgrace (wrong or not, I want it) of being human been more plain. The constant is: unless things change quickly now, there will be no more earth. No more life on this planet; because that, is what you chose as humanity led by: universities are god. They failed you, and yet all you know is: I want, what I want/ to hell with this world, I want what I want! GOD will do everything, and I won’t do nothing; because you can’t make me care. To your shame!

The elements of time, give you an action or reaction to judge and measure the value of each decision that you make/ the realities of every decision others make/ and the consequence of being wrong, either as an individual or a group of any size. Religion lets you believe whatever you want to believe, as truth by its evidence does not determine belief/ it only determines faith.

Therefore the definitions of our lives, revolve around those decisions, and what they cost or reward us with. In America today, the liars, the cursed, the insurgency of cowards, the traitors and thieves; have all agreed, “let the children pay in the future/ but let us go free”. That has become “university knows leadership”; as the levels of bribes and temptations reach for infinite fantasy cannot be stopped; because they are going to become gods. Not only changing all of biology by injecting continual chaos into genetics/ but they are going to prove they are gods, by igniting the same energy source as is on the sun; here on this earth. Gambling, “not enough gravity here” to sustain the fire; but alas, the gravity is caused by the fire/ and that spells HELL UNLEASHED soon.

So, it is extremely easy to prove, how truly disrespectful, blind, and absolutely stupid; you are. Nonetheless, you love your bribes, and cannot face the price of staying alive; so you gamble that nothing bad will happen/ because it hasn’t happened yet. Just like the people who say; we can dump all the poison we want onto, into and throughout the earth: because nothing bad has happened yet. Not to worry, it will; but so long as want controls the herd, even the predators cannot make them fear. Because want is an animal, and all animals are at peace, until fear wakes them up. Which is why predator and prey have been necessary; to achieve a life and living on this planet that is more than absolutely lazy.

What then is your decision: is life worth saving or not? Because if you don’t accept the fear, that things can go wrong, and our whole planet/ our nature/ our everything can be lost; primarily from what your universities have done and are doing. Then soon we will be extinct; because that is literally what you chose, when you made the universities your god.

The next major decision is: is your body, the natural world, the realities that brought us into this time, and have kept us alive throughout our existence; worth saving? Clearly you as a majority of cult worshipers have said NO, WE WILL NOT save the very basis and foundations upon which life on earth exist. Choosing instead to believe that the universities are god; and their injection of chaos by destroying the foundations upon which we depend: is your answer instead! There is no going back, soon this will be the decision that crucifies your world, your child, and you. Because the universities are not god, and injecting chaos into the building platforms that establish our existence: does NOT take a so called genius to understand, THIS WILL BE BAD. Yet you do so anyway, because as has been proven especially, in America: you the leaders of this time, literally DON’T GIVE A DAMN about the future for any living thing on this earth. Only “what you want”/ guides your every decision; departing even from animal: into the world called “SATAN”. Because you chose to destroy the world and all life in it; to please only yourselves. As is the defined reality of you then are: the “destroyers of this world”. Eternity will remember you, and this decision over all others; as you cast aside an entire Creation (this whole earth) of life itself.

Time is the existence of participation in an action or reaction based upon the decision that individual lives shall make; whether as a group, or a single existence which says: “yes I can/ or no I won’t”. You cannot “leave your body, house”; without abandoning that time. Once time is over, so is your existence here. What is left is: the construction of energy, that allows for the essence of thought, to participate in a spiritual world: which does consist only of truth.

To construct that participation in energy requires, that you abandon time; to achieve a new relationship with life beyond the evidence of an action or a reaction. To achieve an existence by the evidence of thought; you must achieve an identity which establishes truth as the conception that you chose to become. To participate in a spiritual world; you must achieve a level of purity, and value, through respect that allows for you to search/ to journey, into a destiny for which you prepared yourself to receive.

The question is: can you become an identity based solely in truth, without the evidence of time? Answer: truth survives, even beyond death; even, if you don’t want it too/ so long as it is pure enough to identify.

The question is: can you participate in your truth, even if the chemistry that gave you the freedom to choose this road or path; no longer exists? The answer is: you own that truth, which you chose! As an owner, you do have the right to take possession of that existence.

The question is: can you take possession of that truth, established by the evidence of your existence; even after death? The answer is determined by soul: the relationship you chose to create between your CREATOR, HIS CREATION, and YOU. It is not a gift as is body/ it is a choice, that will or will not identify you; in terms of life with value to receive.

The question then is: DOES GOD EXIST ?

The answer to that is: we are the evidence of thought, as it purely exists in the realities of life and planet which surround us, and lives within us all. That reality of thought as is created by the complexity we shall never achieve; as is life itself, along with all the creations of planet: does in fact prove GOD (more than we can ever be or know) EXISTS. The vomit with worms, and sewage without a brain as is evolution: is a universities so jealous, with no other method possible to destroy you; that they gave themselves the fantasies of chaos as their god; instead of life and reality by truth. And fed the world, with raw stupidity: because they all, wanted to be free of all their own responsibilities to life or the future. The world said: GIVE US MORE/ and the universities responded with: let’s kill the future, and take it all for ourselves. And so they did. Leaving this entire world on the threshold of extinction, as is their leadership, and your choice as animals on earth who have overcome their own needed restrictions. To your shame.

The question is: DID GOD create, and then abandon us/ because after all, this human world does not represent “love” as the means, or meaning of its existence? As every generation asks: but never looks to their own devices or decisions or display of greed, lust, power, failure, fantasy, theft, betrayal; and endless more signs of choosing “anything but love”/ just, give me more.

Even so, the answer to that is: Biblical JESUS the true and accurate display of love, respect, and courage that has lasted as evidence to the truth we are not abandoned. Nor are we cargo, for some slave ship into the future. We were given freedom/ and we did receive every right to choose our destiny for ourselves. Even if we live among the rest; who are in fact animals (alive outside), rather than human (I am alive inside) beings. Proven once, is enough!

We then face our own truth, as a witness to the values of your heart. We, “beyond a child”: received our opportunity to choose for ourselves what our world should become; as best we could. Those choices have produced the evidence of failure; the reliance on fantasy and theft; the ultimate and true betrayal of every living thing the future represents. And the crucifixion of life itself by the murder of genetic nature/ the demand we can play gods, and even control the sun, here on earth.

For forty plus years: you, with almost no exception; ran away, yelling inside DON’T TELL ME NOTHING! Because you wanted only “yes: the world is going to make you rich/ and give you everything you ever dreamed about to prove how rich you were”. A fantasy beyond stupidity, that cannot become real. Not even for the wealthy, because life is more complex than trinkets, trophies, or toys.

Today at the end of our opportunities to accept the responsibilities assigned by your actions/ the consequences of your relationship with universities. We do stand on the edge of extinction; yet you refuse to see that, because you want what you want/ and you DON’T WANT what you don’t want: and nothing in life is going to change that; until fear invades your soul, and threatens massive, horror-filled terrors, that cannot be escaped. And the world runs away, because that is not what they want. Rather what they want is what the universities promise: to wipe away every tear with genetic DNA crucifixion/ to give freedom to every life with endless fire/ to take everything we can get like the raging warmongers you are; having destroyed the future to ransack, and ravage and rape every life that could have lived. If it had not been for you. Your reward, beyond that: comes in eternity. As is the choice you made: to call, and worship, the universities as god!

Life, and genetics are more than utter fools can accept. Energy is not so small as to be governed by men or their universities; who rely upon lies, and utter stupidity to convince themselves “yes we can”. While all the rest say: HELL NO, we won’t investigate our gods. Because like medicine, you fear they aren’t gods; and that means you can die. Here is a news flash; we all die, and we owe it to the future to accept that, without severe complaint. Because nothing matters more: than what happens when you do die/ as is “eternity, then begins”. And the desire and purpose, that leads your life into the decisions you made, decides what that is going to be. Like it or not!

I will admonish you to learn, before you lose everything that life is, or eternity could become: the essence of loneliness is, a reality that conceives of making a change of any kind, because that at least lets you feel something, besides the confines of self.

Love is at its core, an elegant way to identify life comes before self/ because love is the essence of making each other happy; thereby not lonely at all.

Loneliness achieves the crutch of needing something else to change your life; therefore chemicals are used/ extreme risks are taken/ tragedies of decision form; because an escape of existence as I am, relies upon making a decision. If not for love/ then it will be for chemicals or power or pride. Or, more distinctly it is “let there be anything but self”. These fail to achieve an eternity worth living for.

We then assemble the truth of life is: that without love, there is no future worth living/ and that gives cause, to let the people believe they can strip away the future, and consume its existence from time. Because love does not truly exist for them.

Love is not a game/ nor is sex. Rather love is the essence of acceptance, the realities of respect, and the disciplines known to give life peace through law, harmony through hope, help through order, and happiness through balance; because we can achieve the value “of a heart”. Heart means: I have chosen for love, and give something of myself to that effort.

The reality of this america is: as the consequences of universities, media, education, leadership and all the rest have insisted is/ “let disrespect, and disdain for the refuse of anything but us”; be our guide. They are toys to play with/ slaves to build our lives with/ and failures to use without “a touch”.

DO BETTER, than this cult can, or has done: or be extinct!

I advise you, that loneliness in itself is not without value: as it leads to the quest, that is then, IF I AM ALIVE, where did I come from? A journey into the distinctions of Creation itself, the reality of self identified; as is the gift which leads to conceptions in: what can eternity become. The spiritual world is first, and it participates by opening the door into truth: but alas, that does mean “you first”.

What can be gained by following truth, the elevation of life “beyond time”, depends upon you.

If you are to understand anything of importance, it comes from the core of life itself: that we are equal as life, but certainly not the same. Life is the distinction, “I exist”/ and that forms from the identity, “this is true”. It is the living, which makes us different; as each decision directs our own path towards what will become our destiny. In human terms; that is moderated by the failure to ascend beyond an animal called want/ which means, wherever the herd goes/ so then do you. But the herd cannot achieve thought as a distinction of identity, and thereby it fails life; because the environment called self, can only be true, if it contains one distinct decision. The herd can never achieve that. While love or hate is a playground, the reality of self is a home. The consequence of living within your home is: truth survives alone/ as nothing less can. Eternity then means: what is to become your truth determines your destiny. But destiny means: having achieved “this level” of purity, we now join those who have come before us, in either love (all that is desirable and good) the direction of life/ or hate (all that is horrifying and bad) the direction of death. Everything in between: is determined by mercy, not your life; but your direction, until the value of living ends.

The critical composition of a choice, is very simple: your desire defines your decision/ your purpose creates the passion that lifts or separates you from time. Love is the greatest desire in living, because it fills the value of life itself, “with the blessing of you”. Love is the greatest purpose in life, because it gives to eternity itself, the hope that is why we live. Nothing less will do, because without true love life itself will fail; as loneliness takes control and ends the value of living; which cannot be “just me”.

The tragedy of living is: you have a choice in freedom; to make the decisions which then become your own future, or affect the future of someone else. Those choices which change another life into something that should not have been; if not for you/ are a cross in the road. Or more distinctly, a level of intensity, life itself did not need to be happy. Happiness exists with truth, because together they form respect. Without respect, happiness fails; because lies never support anything but failure, fantasy, lust, or greed.

The universities, and all they have brought to this living on earth; is nearly all tragic in one way or another; because they stole everything that could be touched/ so they could claim we are god’s now! Discarding this whole earth/ denying life and love exist/ defying boundaries and limits/ and even choosing to crucify biology, and attempt the ignition of atoms on fire to consume the planet itself, and even change this solar system with their choice. Assassinating the future for every life that would have come. The cost of their delusions will be horrendous. The blind following of a herd will become your slaughter and then extinction: because that, is ultimately the truth of what you chose.

So, for forty years plus; I have told you turn back. For forty years plus, you have said to me: we don’t care about the future/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, AND WE KNOW WHAT WE DON’T WANT. AND WE DON’T WANT NOTHING, BUT WHAT WE WANT. As is the constant voice of every type of herd, that ever existed. To your shame, humanity (the journey we share to life itself), is lacking. The value of your soul, sold for trinkets, toys, trophies, and bribes.

Change or die, as you have been surrendered: to your own decisions. Extinction will follow, or change to accept truth decides, and therefrom life comes first through respect; as thought leads us into the destinies we can survive. That is the message, sent to you. Life or death: CHOOSE!

Just so its simple and plain: it is extremely rare, that I create any sort of drama or intent to manipulate or control your own answer. It is my intent, and it is my desire throughout 99% plus, of all encounters with people: that I simply relay information, or understanding so that you can make a more informed decision for yourselves. A very few situations, with consequences: have produced suggestions, or the lack of a response, or the addition of variables. But these are never desirable to me. YOU must make your own decision/ and thereby YOU must face your own consequences: simple as that. I am not your leader/ not your enemy/ your decision, and its effect on this world or its life; is entirely, your own. Let truth decide, the value versus the consequences: is my motto; for living. Want is removed/ pride is an enemy.

Just so its plain, and not confused with manipulation or control or any other intent: the reality of “a spiritual woman and me”/ is the result of entering into the spiritual world (even though you cannot understand that) and the reality of opening the door; to the true world of women. JUST to ask a question, regarding life or death of this world. The results of that decision have greatly impacted my life, my choices, and even body. Or more simply: it literally has nothing to do with you. But I am required to let you see it as true/ because it is true. It is an evidence that the Biblical prophecy of Revelation 12 has in fact begun. How it ends for me, I do not know.

How it ends for you is very simple: either change the ways of humanity on this earth, and find respect; FOR LIFE, PLANET, and GOD ! Or your tragic “gods of university” shall in fact show you what they have done: as is the cost of murder. Once you have past the point of no return, “like falling off a cliff”/ it will be too late to repent of what has been done. That means: you need a brain! Unfortunately, the universities stole it; as religions (just believe) commonly do. Your lack of a brain, establishes one final fact: that unless you can think, which means to recognize “belief is not enough”. The evidence matters: mutilating nature/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ destroying every resource/ poisoning the earth/ causing extinction of species/ consuming oxygen to asphyxiate life/ altering the planet/ destroying the oceans/ravaging the chains of our existence/ cursing the food supply for human’s too/ propagating lies/ weapons of mass destruction/ raping every currency in every nation with fraud, theft, and betrayal/ plaguing the children with debts/ manipulating disease to destroy life itself; and more from which all humanity runs away to hide ! From all these things and more; which establish the direction life must take, to follow truth and survive: as is determined by reality itself. For forty plus years, all you have accomplished, from young to old: is screaming “not me/ I want what I want”. Let someone else! To your shame/ to your own eternal damnation: which means inheritor of hell, by your own design…

Oh, I forgot to mention: the foundation of your argument is, that I have not accomplished anything; therefore nothing can be done/ and it is, your constant argument, “it must be all in my head”. Even though the evidence is real, and has been proven true. In my own defense: not a single soul, has joined my work/ and said, I too am here for this purpose, to demand: LIFE COMES FIRST, AND THIS PLANET MUST BE SAVED. Even though it is your home too. Alas, the bribes are too strong/ greed is, without boundaries; after all so long as there are resources to consume, and the horrors of university remain behind closed doors: LIES don’t matter/ until they do.

Before I go away, to let you have your ways; ending this world, because you just didn’t care enough to save it. I will list for you reality, one more time.

  1. Stop all extreme experimentation; it will destroy you forever. And govern all university endeavors with an iron hand, that has no mercy, and is not subject to simple theories or belief.
  2. Stop the attack on life and earth, and do accept the limits and boundaries your extreme population has demanded of you; or this whole world ends. Simple as that.
  3. Stop the insanity of changing what cannot be undone: to this planet, its biology, and its future for life.
  4. Accept the limits and boundaries that have been placed upon you as the natural order, disciplines, and balance that have sustained this world for thousands of years, and more. You are not “gods”. None should die of little things/ all must die of major life ending realities; no extreme interventions.
  5. Stop being lazy, greedy, lustful, disrespectful, disgraceful, and without the sanctuary of a brain. Or more distinctly stop worshiping the universities as your answer. Reality has proven them to be your worst enemy, instead.
  6. Share the world with life, it is far more complex than you can imagine.
  7. RESPECT YOUR CREATOR and do not disrespect HIS SON; as came to guarantee eternity through love, as life; does exist, even for some of us.

Everything the universities have done is nearly all wrong: you cannot drive continuously/ you cannot take everything/ you cannot air condition without true consequences/ you cannot change the earth without bringing death to life/ you cannot discard reality, and make the children your slaves/ you cannot let the universities and their propaganda machines “take your brain away”. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

What you can do: is investigate the reality of our existence/ define the cost of being wrong/ critically examine for truth, what must be done to enable life and living and planet, to sustain itself: as a public world trial. To eliminate the opportunities to refuse that reality. And then by vote of all the people for life or death to this world: identify your solutions, and accept that cost as a reality that you will in fact pay; one and all. This is the cost of remaining alive: LET LIFE COME FIRST FOR THIS WHOLE PLANET AS GOD DESIGNED/ ending the terrorism of universities everywhere. Or more simply bring back, and create the values which make a future for life and planet possible.

DON’T, be simple and stupid: understand as is the grouping of anything, that all are not the same/ and it is those who claim or intend to be “gods”; liars; thieves, terrorists and so forth; that represent an enemy, by the transgressions of their cult. Those who present honest and real information that can be identified for value rather than harm; with careful and true considerations as to the cost of being wrong: are just like “you and me”. Because we all, then do respect the sanctity of life and planet, responding to the miracles of our existence: with grace and truth, in GOD we trust. Nothing less will do!

I am not responsible for that: YOU ARE. I am not your leader for that: YOU CAUSED THESE TROUBLES TO EXIST/ and that makes you responsible for their resolution or failure. I did not add one single thing to your threats, nor did I participate in your greed, fantasies, and other failures/ NOR DID I produce any drama in your heart or mind; as I only reported to you, the information needed and necessary, to save this world by your own decisions. By your own purpose: TO CARE/ or to refuse.

I have completed my message, as is consistent with: the content, is beyond what other people did do. Could it be: that GOD so eloquently, and obviously near us in every miracle of life that exists; be his influence? Your universities will say: he is insane/ believe nothing, unless we tell you to believe. I will say: look to the truth for guidance, and then conceive of what it means to be WRONG, for both life, and eternity. Even for you. NOT your savior, simply the messenger, taught by reality; but saved from the cost of being wrong: by JESUS, my savior. A reality of guidance, a discipline for the heart, and a destiny shaped by what love can become: even in this world. BEYOND that however, is the spiritual world, where I have journeyed in the quest to sustain life on earth, by participating in that truth. Where reality now proves, I have been given over to the spiritual existence of female; even as life on earth. To balance the cost of being male; which is war, when all else fails! “its complicated”, and it is necessary that you should understand: the value of “woman, to life on earth”. A reality too many men fail. A reality, that cannot be sustained in me; because the elemental truth of spirit is: a purity that cannot be denied. And that does NOT allow for the sustained existence of “male in a female world/ or female in a male world”; only one can exist in purity. WHICH IS “complicated, for us both”. I know not how it ends, other than to say: this will not last. I literally CANNOT enter the spiritual world, without purity defined as: either, “male OR female”. Even so, I live in time; which does result in a less than perfect truth survives; for us all.

And all the righteous will say: we have done nothing wrong/ WE are, the people who make life work/ WE ARE, THE LAW, and the power to make those others crawl, and cry, and accept they are worthless. Just as they have done since the beginning of our time on earth. THE LAW REFUSES YOU, AND THIS WORK; because it does not bow down to us. Which makes you, “the traitor”. The cult will believe; because there is little more terrifying to the religious, that making a decision on their own. So, without any other cause: they will decree, “he must be Satan”; because he is trying to tear down our god: the university. Because after all, an attack on the leader, even if its a lie: will make the rest fear. So, humanity itself, has a choice to make: whether to fear what power and righteousness can do/ OR TO FEAR THE CONSEQUENCES OF “a thousand threats” any one of which can make us all extinct! Pick your destiny, because power has already chosen theirs. Not a game, the righteous will not play: they want it all, to play god with life and planet.

And all the religious will say: HE IS NOT PERFECT, nor anything else we expect him to be/ even to the complete failure of claiming “a spiritual woman” exists inside of him. TURN AWAY, “he must be a devil”; he will lead you away from the purity of our beliefs. But I say: that belief recognizes a want, and a want is the foundation of every lie. SO WE MUST identify what can be proven true instead, and thereby accept the faith of evidence in the value of miracles, that do prove the truth we seek. Just as miracles prove the evidence of that truth already here on this earth. Just as JESUS proves: we were not Created/ simply to be abandoned. But can inherit eternal life, through love, grace, courage, and respect. The value of our existence, the realities of body, blood, bone, and brain: all then speak to the distance we must travel, to attain that destiny. Where thought is the vessel of life, and living is the foundation in energy we will inhabit; which then lets us be free. Sustained by the evidence, the disciplines of law let this be said. Law is greater, than you or me.

YOUR CHOICE as the remainder of life and the living on earth, is then: to use the foundation of justified law; to remove their power, and control their lives and their greed, and their propaganda. With real life solutions, as is limited capitalism: to share the opportunities. Real world law, to control every leader with world policing; and thereby remove weapons of mass destruction. To STOP the deconstruction of society, and their intent to control everything, by removing options for your life to be free. To STOP destroying the planet, so that you will have to beg, and do anything they say. TO STOP: ALL extreme university experimentation, and defend life itself. To STOP the manipulation of education into a religious sewer of only “the university knows”. To remove the propaganda of failure (the university is god) and fantasy (no consequences for us) as if it were true, through media. TO ACCEPT: THE VALUE OF TRUTH CANNOT BE DENIED. TO UNDERSTAND: THE REALITY OF EVIDENCE SHALL NOT BE DENIED. TO DECIDE: LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS PLANET IS UP TO US/ because we simply cannot let anyone be this wrong; and gamble with, or control; all life on earth. It takes courage, to be more than a fool. FIND IT, and your brain. The value of destiny is: that to remove the cost of being human, we must achieve a purity worth our presence in eternity. Love lifts us to be recognized/ courage shapes life itself/ discipline examines the heart/ order accepts and identifies law/ balance shares love with happiness and hope/ thought alters our existence, to accept miracles are “the only evidence we need” to prove OUR CREATOR exists.

And the universities shall say: YOU CANNOT believe in a CREATOR; we forbid it! As they have been doing for decades. But even they cannot deny: that it is thought, that gives them any control over life or the future or even the poverty of their own designs. Proving once again, and for real: that only thought, could have created life, or identified this planet as a beginning. Chaos builds nothing/ accidents are worthless to life, because without everything else that you need to remain living: YOU’RE DEAD. As is again: you need all the blood, heart, muscle, control, lungs, organs, skin, immunity, limits and boundaries; and a billion more; to establish life. While the best all universities can do, is say: “just believe”, cause we are so smart we know, that a quadrillion independent pieces just arranged themselves, and created a world all by accident/ without the slightest thought available. As that “came last”. Proving that even the slightest composition of a brain, simply does not exist; in them.

I talk to you as a reality of unproven existence; because anything less destroys hope/ and without hope, there is no future to be found. Because love exists through hope, and hope exists through love: and we exist in the promise of what love can be. The value of this planet is overwhelming. The heartbreak of humanity is: primarily the tragedy of three separate things.

  1. Pride makes everyone else to be a loser, unless they worship you for winning.
  2. Want is the foundation for every lie, because without want; you don’t hide or destroy the value of others.
  3. Judgment is literally the worst thing you can do to yourself/ as it leads to all forms of hate in you; and in others as well.

CHANGE OR DIE, it is your own choice; because the world cannot survive as you are now.

It is noted: that while eternity demands proof of purity, life as is the evidence of this earth does not. Thereby, the definitions of mercy extend to the possibilities “of heaven”/ which are the realms divided into “a place for each kind”, where love and mercy are granted: to be as they are. Until that is not enough, and the end does come.


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Jim Osterbur

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