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CHANGING THE WORLD: by law, by vote, with wisdom.

This book is sent to you, for your evaluation: strictly because the price of losing our world, destroying our nature, igniting atoms of fire; just like the sun on our planet, mutilating the bodies of life, risking all sources of food, depleting the oxygen supply for our world, reducing our resources to trash, polluting/ poisoning/ terrorizing/ over-populating humanity; and all the rest that is being done. By the evidence: as can only end in our extinction/ Is a price too high to pay.

Without one last honest fight to save this world. Therefore the last site of twelve was created/ and this book is a companion to that. It is on kindle publishing/ through amazon.

The value of the work is simple and direct: it is a living discipline, based upon the realities of order, that can be achieved for our humanity. By balancing truth and identifying the cost of discarding wants: we can return to a planet which will survive. The reality of our exact position in terms of survival; as has been demanded throughout forty+ years of work is this. WE MUST HAVE AN ACCURATE AND TRUE INVESTIGATION. ESTABLISHED IN A COURTROOM/ BY THE EVIDENCE/ NOT THEORIES. SO NONE CAN HONESTLY DENY ITS FINDINGS. With regard to every threat we face as a world, nation, nature, future, etc. With few exceptions, the primary threat is university; because through the universities: the very fabric of life itself is being destroyed. “By monkeys in the warehouse of biology, attacking the very foundations upon which we rise. Worms of knowledge, consuming the very truths of our existence, the realities of our world which make life possible; with their fantasy, theft, fraud, failure, and the true intent of evil. Once such things as atoms are ignited on fire, this world is fuel: and we enter HELL!

In America; our employees hired to participate in our lives and society; by obeying the constitution which is our government. Have denied this reality of: demanding the universities cannot play god. Demanding they must prove the consequences of being WRONG, and let us decide for ourselves! YOUR leaders refuse that demand, and its legal constitutional right: to defend ourselves as we the people.

Our defense then begins with a true and complete (as best we can) understanding of the knowledge that we do own: shared by all. With the absolute right, to regard every threat as personal. It is then, by our own judgment our own choice is: whether this risk, is worth the price of “they were wrong”. Simple as that. After attaining those facts in a courtroom: we decide the future for ourselves by our vote; as is true democracy.

Your job would be: to expand this knowledge of a legal right to defend ourselves, and a legal purpose to support life comes first, and to shape for ourselves, the true democracy of a nation or world; that will then NOT be denied the fact: WE, THIS WORLD, THIS NATURE, THE FUTURE OF ALL LIFE AND PLANET: ARE NOT “your toys”. We have rights, the universities will obey us! Armageddon: nature in chaos/ comes! Apocalypse: war for water/ comes!

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In a more balanced version of this, comes the truth: not one life can escape the realities of what is being done on this earth, by humanity; and in particular the universities who now believe they can be gods. Without even the slightest respect for life or planet or a future, not even, for a single child.

The destruction of everything; can be identified, by the realities of what is, and is not being done to life and planet. The worst of the worst: is the intent to bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ gambling they the universities can control it. Demanding: we need not be concerned that their expertise is based entirely on provable fantasies/ and their certainty, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”. But of course wrong does in fact mean: our planet then becomes just like the sun. because they have in fact surrendered “fusion”/ and are now deliberately trying to ignite the atoms of plasma on fire (just like the sun). Since everything is made of atoms: everything is then fuel, on this earth; just like the sun.

We then come to genetics, and identify the realities of what humanity is doing: by playing the game of: DNA is a toy we can manipulate to our own design. But alas DNA, nor its structure, nor its content is based upon the arrangement of chemical tracers. Instead life itself is a fabric, interwoven with chemical elements, and constructed by the elevation of thought into a framework by which realities are altered to encompass the literal instructions. That come with an education in what is the cost of being wrong/ choosing badly/ and not accepting only truth can decide, or our future will be chaos. A reality that exists, to prepare life accepted for eternity. A reality that exists, to separate out: those who cannot or will not conceive of miracles are the evidence, and truth decides is a foundation: which ascends with thought, into the conceptions of love. Those who prefer hate or fail by being possessed with want, pride, or power; are sorted out: to their appropriate reward.

We then establish by the evidence; all those who have chosen deliberately to destroy the future, by consuming resources/ poisoning/ polluting/ failing the children and every life on earth: to find them judged worthless, and therefore in eternity, dissipated without a trace.

The value of this work, is then: to remind the foolish (animal), blind (without a brain), stupid (useless cult worshipers), deaf (only want matters, to a whore), and all who could survive: LIFE IS NOT A GAME, and the biology which you depend upon IS NOT YOUR TOY, therefore rise up and save this world. Or receive your due reward!

The intent is: that you should include at least the top one page pdf in your distribution of the book CHANGING THE WORLD. Should you make that your choice to do.

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