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The critical reality of life or death to this planet; IF YOU EVEN TRY/ is based upon a single principle. Choose life and planet comes first/ NOT just your life, but all life; because whether you like it or not, the chain of life is not so simple as a human brain.

Given that truth, the next section of values that must be attained is the reality of how we negotiate life as human to human to society; with justice. To achieve that, it is absolutely essential, that you do understand what justice is.

The defined existence of justice is then, a relationship with life and planet that can be sustained, with peace and happiness through the values that honor our existence; same for all.

To achieve that level of elemental discipline and order; society has tried numerous hopes. Each of which has crashed into corruption, and all things “university knows”. Because university is: how best can we manipulate/ control/ tempt/ poison/ motivate/ destroy/ deny/ alter/ and conceive of playing god with life or planet.

To achieve reality in the dimensions that allow discipline and order to build the society we need for our very survival in this day: only the elemental aspirations of democracy will do. While that too has been proven completely susceptible to corruption, and every form of “we are smarter than you: disease”; as is consistent with university runs everything (and we are then here, by their choices; at the edge of our own extinction). The reality of living is: that unless we do this together, with a deliberate decision to be fair; thereby justified in what we choose/ the possibility of survival does not exist for long. The only significant way of shaping each society for all involved is: by letting each one vote independently upon the laws, and then rules by which society balances itself with order, and the demand for discipline in you and me; same.

There are four fundamentals involved with true democracy: we must have a contractual agreement (constitution) that outlines the foundations upon which we have agreed to form this our own society. Those foundations “of our intent” must be simple, short, and plain; so as to be immune from misinterpretation; as is the preamble of the US constitution/ its basic framework for making that happen, as is the “virginia bill of rights”/ and the declaration of independence; which is a listing of complaints, that ought not to be done.

The second part: are the laws of the land, which are absolutely different than the rules to be obeyed. Every law is designed to identify no one/ but affect and discipline everyone; without exception. Thereby a law governs life and planet and resource, because that is its job under constitutional directives of what we desire our society to be. Only a few laws need to exist: short, simple, plain and protected from misinterpretation by limiting any intent to isolate some facet of that law. The rest shall be thrown away. To a climbing definition of all participants, possibilities, consequences, developments, purposes, and desires for life to be “better”; by allowing this to be done. A courtroom shall create this ascension of knowledge. Media shall then be used to combine knowledge with understanding. And then the public shall in fact decide by vote; if they will or will not accept this development or change in society itself.

The third part are the rules of society: rules are not laws, as their purpose is to identify and separate “a specific one, or a specific group, or a specific action”/ and they are always led by the righteous, who believe they are superior, and must control the others. There are only a few rules that are necessary to any society: such as we all drive, in one direction, on the same side of the road. That is a necessary rule. To sustain peace in society: another rule is, you cannot invade my life, my space, with your industrial (consistent invasions, for long periods of time) intent or waste products; which does include noise. Business elements which are not “long periods of invasion across property lines”, or similar costs to living with each other in society: shall be limited. Another rule is: to sustain peace and happiness, we must have freedom. To sustain freedom: so long as I am not interfering in your life, or threatening your existence, children, property, future, or the like: you have no say in what I do. This is “a big category” on many levels, and it needs to be relegated to individual sections of a city. Nonetheless, the intent is plain enough; and the reality of losing your freedoms is known> defend yourselves from the righteous, and protect the value of hope. The consequences of “trying to find your own life; by your own choices”.

The fourth part of democracy is: JUSTICE CANNOT BE ASSEMBLED WITHOUT TRUTH! Therefore what is true decides what our future or the present can be, or become. Because only truth survives: therefore it is judge. While the evidence is jury. Reality then proves, the relationships that must be dealt with/ and wisdom or the lack of it: produces the consequences of our choices to be made. Thereby establishing knowledge, through understanding for our vote as a people: who do literally own this government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

As to the workings of a democracy: the first and foremost definition of fact is, that our constitution is our government; and no employee can become or claim to be “the government”/ because they are not the people who decide. They are the employees paid to do the job that we have assigned; and they gave oath, to swear they would do that job as we have declared to be: “our definition of who we are as this particular society on earth”.

The workings of society continue under 7 distinct rules of procedure to maintain the society we now own and defend.

  1. The first rule of government: the courtroom must be defended, and that means the judge, litigants, lawyers and purposes of a courtroom shall be monitored and graded on a daily basis. With no opportunity to remain as a judge or a lawyer if you fail that grade. You will be removed/ and another put in your place. There shall be a bill of rights, that govern both the police and the public: to inform each, of what will be accepted as fair.
  2. Unless you control the currency through constitutional law: the employees will attack, and destroy; as they have always done throughout history. Currency numbers SHALL be tied directly to a census count: so many numbers per citizen, and no more. International trade shall be by resource, or it shall be by “gold backed currency” that is governed by international laws: not independent nations.
  3. Taxation requires, that every tax shall be decided by the people themselves; and there shall be no hidden taxation whatsoever/ nor shall their be any form of war against government, by unions or other/ nor shall there be any form of pension, or other: than “Just this one: which gives same for all”. That tax shall be defined by a percentage of national gdp; and it shall go directly to the people who receive it, in their independent assemblies/ and be distributed, by their own decision, where possible. That tax shall then be declared as: this percentage of what is collected, by state or nation, shall be used only for “roads or schools or whatever it is to be”. NO altered usage, only as directed by the people themselves; but they shall be allowed to vote periodically to change that percentage (by taking it from somewhere else) as they desire.
  4. Education is about three basic things: what can we do for ourselves/ what can we do for others/ and what can we do for nation and world and life to sustain ourselves through peace, happiness, harmony, and fair play. By balancing our lives and our society with discipline, order, and justice for all. Education has nothing to do with a university diploma (memorize this, question nothing; and believe what you are told); and everything to do, with building a platform by which thought translates our existence into a value that is nothing less, than we were born as miracles. Education includes and forms around every part, and every piece of everything: that makes life precious, happy, and with a purpose beyond self. Or more distinctly love (the essence of a beautiful world) does not live in a prison of “only I am important”.
  5. The foundation of every economy (we do this to survive): has absolutely nothing to do with money/ and it does have everything to do with resources, and the knowledge or understanding of how to use those resources responsibly to build our world. The foundation of university knows is as the evidence will prove: everything to do with the destruction of resources/ and the damnation of every society on earth: to press them into self destruction, and therefrom extinction. They are removed from participation/ and limited to what we choose to let them do. OR MORE SIMPLY: DIFFERENT, than this day! To achieve that we use limited capitalism to displace money as the power of this world/ and establish by our periodic vote: the maximum and minimum income that any person shall be allowed per year/ and the limits on rights and realities; that they shall own with regard to any resource that exists. That dethroning of power and pride: opens the door to every other conception of what can I do now. But a failure to recognize RESOURCES SHALL NOT BE ABUSED; will end this earth. NO resources equals NO life; and the future has needs too.
  6. The reality of our world is very simple: over population of humanity has limited our existence, to the decisions we are willing to make as a society/ rather than the wants you are allowed to make as an individual. Everybody has to work, no exceptions; or you don’t belong here. But in this world throughout all societies of size: reality will demand resources cannot be wasted, and that means fifty percent of the population has no access to work or resource; just war. So world law comes first/ along with world policing by soldiers provided from all nations; to govern leaders, defend the planet, & to protect borders in conjunction with the law that we create. OUR WORLD WILL BE: a reality of chosen participation, for the purpose of building what will benefit all of us. By a reality of work; that is distributed to all of us; by an educational role that shares rather than protects. While none like excessive competition, with good reason. The reality is much more simple: we are so many people/ and resources have been devastated so badly. Your independence is now limited to what can be done for life/ rather than what can be done for you. It ain’t no game, either we share the work and build together/ or you war. Choose!
  7. Nothing is more elementally human animal: than what you want to believe, and thereby do. As is the basis of religion. A human being alive: has graduated into the definitions that create an opportunity for more. Because they have realized: our life, and our world, and our future has been the result of a miracle called Creation. Or more simply: the eyes you see with, the ears you hear with, the food you eat, and everything that has value to the living: is literally the result of far more thought than any of us are capable of (miracles). That is the evidence, that is the proof of truth; as “we are now, alive”/ rather than born, “like an animal”. The difference is then in our own recognition of soul (I am a miracle). In conjunction with that fact, and the realities of “thought did this/ and nothing less, caused it to be”: the foundation of faith in the truth of those miracles, and the thought which establishes the fundamental functions of life and living and planet, and everything eternity could become. Shall not be dismissed, by the sewer vomit that is “university knows, religion” or its god called evolution; which is chaos did this, one piece at a time. Greater fools were never born. The end result is simple: unlike every other time in history, we are limited to the realities of what we choose together as a world. WE NEED TRUTH TO LEAD US, AND THAT TRUTH BEGINS WITH THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT REALITY CAN PROVE. How is that not so? You literally need to come away from the curse, and the disaster that is “university knows” in all things: and find life back, along with respect for this planet and world of living existence. Instead of the constant manipulation, and true intent to control every aspect of your lives; by those who now consider themselves to be “the nobility (we are the superior ones)” of this world. Their leadership has created terrorism, biological mutilation as is the pure attack on nature itself through genetics, the demand to FEAR THEM ALL; and endless other catastrophe’s that are by its effect; simply hatred. Respect nothing, enslave them all; WE ARE GODS NOW!
  8. The summary of discipline is: that constitutions rise, and democracies unite; because the constant threat of humanity preying upon humanity is never far away. IF THE LAW, by uniting as one people; does not control the predators among us/ then they win, and revolution (lets kill the others) begins. In fundamental ways: that does mean, it is absolutely necessary that the people should have their own means of defense. But it also means: without the law to remove that need/ there can be no peace for anyone. So the critical question is not: “is a gun, bomb, fire, or other bad”/ because it is. Rather the critical question is: can you identify hate, and remove it from society; because that represents the primary threat of predator against life. There is also greed, prejudice, selfishness, lazy, and more: but the law can control them. Hate disguises itself as “same”/ so that the attack, is a surprise. The others do not. The greatest threat life on earth faces today: is a university diploma/ as is proven by the evidence of our reality. They disguise themselves as superior, but ultimately the same, so as not to alarm: that their surprise attack can be against this entire world, and not just you or us. Look at the evidence: mutilating nature/ poisoning the earth/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ destroying every resource/ altering diseases/ destroying water and food/ and holding weapons of mass destruction, to insure you remain silent and afraid. Until of course, the point of no return has pasted, and you have become “the living dead”/ because there is no solution for this. Life has been sacrificed, “to HELL”.
  9. An example of the pure failure that is life in America today is this: I happened to stand behind a young man and his 3 year old child in a shopping line; who was having a difficult time with her speech. I normally would have tried to instruct them both in the necessity to use this time while young: to train the tongue, with simple word elements such as are the alphabet, vowels and so on. That enables the brain to construct sounds, and recognize the structure of those sounds as is the reality of using your tongue to identify and create combinations later. Instead of a polite conversation with parent standing right there. I held back, due to the constant onslaught of FEAR THEM ALL; as is the media feed of “Universities know”. Because of failure and the disease of universities spread throughout this world; the reality of being misunderstood, expectations that could lead to endless “criminal concepts”; and a wide variety of other media frenzied curses to society: no help was given in this instance. Because I am tired of you all; and the incessant disgrace that is your cult worship of “the universities are god”. To your eternal shame.
  10. Pick yourselves out of the abyss/ rise above fear, and start living life again: NOT, their damned fears, and the deliberate intent to control you, life, planet, future, everything: by making you worship them as your saviors (we die without you). A FANTASY, absolutely without merit: as these are the people who threaten to make this world EXTINCT. Saviors of nothing/ disease, disgrace, disrespect, violence, hate, failure, and catastrophe to everything: instead.Like saying:[ “the government” is like saying “the university”]; neither is true to the reality of what exists. Rather blanket statements as are these; translate into the source of corruption is hiding behind this covering; and we must dig through the rubble, trash, and disease; to find the real trouble hiding in a man or woman or their groups. Like government; universities have groups of people and individuals that can and do make life better: and they must be protected, as they have earned that right. But just like every large gathering of people; there are traitors, predators, thieves, liars, murderers, terrorists, and even worse hiding among them; because wherever there is power, there too is hate! To sort and separate hate, is the primary mission of life on earth; because without hate, there is peace and harmony will come. With hate, there is violence, and all things tragic to life and humanity and earth. War will not cure hate/ war breeds hate. Law breeds the possibilities of love, by removing primary obstacles which interfere in our chance to participate as equals, and live as friends. Do you see the difference?The difference between what can be done, and what is being done: is determined by whatever people believe will expand, or sustain, their collection of wants. Want then becomes the entire motivator of society, apart from love or hate. So the critical question is: WHAT do you want? The answer to that, becomes life in society for you and your group, nation, or world. Once needs (I survive) are met: want always fights for more, with only a tiny few exceptions. There is no real chance in that between generations: simple “I want more”/ and every society says, “with MONEY, I can get more”. So the curse of society is money, because money then takes from the majority to give to the few; the power to change our lives, and theirs. Limited capitalism: shifts that demand for more, to whatever the people decide is fair play for us all. Yes, there must be a reward for those who do more for the majority, or even groups. But no, there must not be an attack on the rest, which causes society itself to suffer the cost of you, and your greed. To accomplish the value of us all, in economic terms: the reality of our choice, can become.
    1. Our vote determines your excess/ and our society.
    2. Our decision, as a nation; to identify and thereby control business: with the demand, that you must advertise the maximum percentage increase on what you sell, against what you buy to sell. That can then be found in your store. Lets all compete, and understand more fairly, as advertising no longer controls the outcome. The foundation that must occur in society returns too: we can walk, to what we need or even desire; with only few exceptions.
    3. Our decision, to remove private enterprise from healthcare: establishes and retains free market realities/ by controlling the tools, medicines, utilities, college enrollments, buildings, and everything but labor. With regard to all things healthcare. That labor is then graded by the public being treated; and the advertised result shall become known to all. No more attacking the doctors; because if was NOT criminal, it was reality (as best we can, in this moment of time). If it was criminal: prison or other suitable actions are deemed necessary. Insurance as depicted by all, is where you turn.
    4. Our decision, to separate all forms of industry, monopoly, university, and organizational conglomerations designed to take control of our lives or our nation or our ability to choose for ourselves. Is consistent with protection of this democracy; as nothing is more defeating of life and freedom: than is only a tiny few get to decide everything.
    5. Our decision, to reorganize government: to identify and create the necessary laws for ourselves, by our own vote is elemental to true democracy. That means our representatives shall then become investigators to prove or disprove: that our choices as a society, as a nation, are or are not being kept properly and with honesty as was our intent. They shall not own us anymore: we will decide. They shall not make debts for us to pay: we will decide. They shall not declare war: we will establish the frameworks, which demand a retaliation, and to what degree that will come. They shall not enforce power; but shall establish our laws for life and property and the purpose defined by our constitutional agreement: to unite and defend ourselves as contractually agreed.
    6. Our decision, to control and investigate and identify: all the true threats of extinction that exist. Shall not be denied, not know/ not ever. A foundation of purpose to this effect shall occur, and be identified and controlled by constitutional law; as must be established. Nothing less, and nothing more will do: NOBODY gets to refuse, that life and planet, and the future shall be protected. And that includes from the consequences of being WRONG, in ways that cannot be reversed or changed back to how “nature and planet intended this to be”. We exist because of nature and planet and how they were “seamed together” to balance, discipline, and order our lives into a living creation of existence. ANYONE seeking to destroy that fact, is an enemy to be sought out and removed from their threat. Protect life and planet, or go extinct: simple as that.
    7. Our decision, to create world law, and world policing of leaders, and protection of our planet; as is needed and proven true. Cannot be done without the soldiers from every nation participating as one entity for that purpose; primarily on ships so as to remain neutral. We control the remaining logistics of weapons and supplies as is needed to insure they cannot “climb into a threat”/ and we insure that none are allowed more than four years in their respective positions; so they cannot truly organize against us. And we control the courts, where trial before the world shall be evidenced as fair or not fair/ as true to the laws we created or not; and in need of change. Ending all assertion: that any nation shall in fact be allowed to keep “their weapons of mass destruction”.The value of nature, the value of planet, the value of every body of life, the value of oceans, the value of chains that create our living structures of existence, the value of EVERYTHING THIS PLANET PROVIDES/ EVERY BODY OF LIFE IS; CANNOT be measured by humanity, it is too vast/ too delicate/ too enormous to conceive of. In contrast to that: the value of human decisions and realities of what they do and do not contribute to life and planet CAN BE MEASURED as extinction, death, violence, destruction, greed, selfishness, lust and as a mass diagnosis: the ultimate truth of that is failure. Whereas the natural reality of what we were given to work with in this life we are granted as time: is literal success, by the truth it provides and obeys. A reality so superior to human decisions, that they do not compare at all. NATURE WINS, AND IS AS PERFECT AS WE CAN IMAGINE OR PROVE ANYTHING TO BE. THE PLANET IS OUR HOME, and we can only disgrace that, by the constant majority disrespect that is “the human choice”. The curse of university is: their decision to do even worse than disgrace and disrespect. Their decision is: to change nature/ and to destroy the planet/ and to curse the future with death. As the evidence does prove. Stop this SATAN from completing its work, or you’re dead; and do become just as responsible as they; for killing this entire creation of life. A reality that comes with consequences, and terror!IF YOU WILL COMPLETE TRUE DEMOCRACY: then you will choose to make your decisions in this way. As the jury, or its vote; can never be fully without the influence of what people want; and all the lies and deception, that will cause. To achieve the best possible outcomes for life and planet: “a tree of knowledge” must arise. The constitution becomes your foundation of all law, and from that arises all the possibilities for or against every decision that life or planet would entitle you to make. The confrontation is: whether ANY of these possibilities to be discussed are true, or not true, and thereby discarded. Once the fundamentals of our ability to understand, have been established. It is then that the consequences of what it means to life and planet and future: that must be determined to the best of our ability. Those too, are then discussed to determine what is or is not true. And when you have a functioning knowledge of what our future is to become; either direction that we choose to go. It is then the right of society to choose for itself: the decision that becomes our choice, with all its purpose or consequence.

      More distinctly: this is the removal of want/ and the decision to allow truth to create the choices of our lives; and will culminate with the investigation of: is this what we chose/ or is it not? Truth is the basis of every law, and every law has a predictable outcome; that can be recognized in every stage of development.

      People want what they want, and constantly refuse reality so they can get what they want. Want being the foundation of every lie; means the greatest liar most will ever face is themselves. To offset that truth: governments must arise from the reality of our need/ the consequence of our choice: to achieve the value that we can create, if subjected to “the truth alone decides” as best we can understand. Thereby removing that want, and instilling the value of what will survive, because it can/ once hate is removed. The elegant solution is then: to create the situations, the conception, the disciplines, and the order which balances all voices in order to achieve what we can honestly know as truth! How you vote from there: determines your own life, nation, and world. That then “is government”.

      In America the foundation of all government has failed: because they made it about the money, not the purpose of society, its need, or its desire for peace or harmony or happiness. The cost of that is destruction. The reality of fixing that is then to build without money in government. To achieve that level of democracy in action: it is the people themselves who must decide what will be done, as the level of opportunities arise to build rather than destroy. We vote, to create a percentage of taxation that then is used for “our government” as chosen. But to build is a decision of the heart; because money once removed from government: relinquishes the right of the people to decide for themselves. Therefore what we build for our lives is determined by what we contribute or chose as we the people, for ourselves, our nation, our future, or our world.

      Money is used to bribe (do this anyway) and control (we won’t let you have what you want). Government is used to identify what is true, so that those who build for life, can achieve a greater value, than those who believe: I alone matter. Remove the excess money from selfishness, and its greed: and that turns society to us/ not just, “I”.

      If you then fail life or world or nation, it is not because of government/ but because of you.

      Love is an eloquence of the heart, a decision that binds the purpose of passion with the desire that is pure honesty. It is never want, because love rises above time to become the value sufficient, to know eternity is not long enough, to make me forget “you”. To accept that destiny, is to know: the essence of my soul, has become yours; just as yours has become mine.. never for control; only for life beyond the limits of self. Beautiful is then, where happiness meets eternity, to share our truth, by the passions of our care.

      In contrast to that balance for this message to life; is the reality of what humanity, and their worship of university has done. Which is to take all things beautiful and precious: to crucify, kill, maim, plunder, betray, and horrify. CHANGE DIRECTION or receive your reward. But do it quickly, or reality will care about nothing you can be. Make your decision: LIFE, or HELL? Because you will not stay where you are!

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