In the values of time, the critical consumption of news that matters; makes the difference between being prepared, and learning how to fight for survival. The consequence of that has become a book, which you can buy if you wish.

Life Discovered: The Human compass Kindle Edition   balancing the mind, a short version       Life Discovered: The Human compass Paperback Edition

Building Time: Secrets of the atom. Kindle Edition   establishing a framework for evaluating “fusion”.      Building Time: Secrets of the atom. Paperback

Changing The World: By law, by vote, with wisdom. Paperback   confronting reality with honest intent.  free electronic version below

Which you can give to others, as a means of spreading something important; if you agree with its purpose. This is perhaps “the least you can do” in terms of making a difference to your planet. Other people will be upset with the idea of change/ but the consequences of threats which can easily make us all extinct: establish “all must be dealt with or nothing survives/ one way or the other; by law”.

The critical topic is then: to change our world by law, by vote, and with wisdom. A book is much harder to take away, than a website. The fundamentals begin.


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the value of our world

is not trivial

the value of our bodies

cannot truly be measured

the reality of our drinking water

can be lost

our agricultural lands are being salted

our oceans are approaching catastrophic

over population of humanity

is growing at roughly 250 million a year

more mouths to feed

weapons and war

are devastating life and cities

people are intentionally mutilating nature

toxic waste is buried at a trillion pounds a year

pollution is tremendous

resource losses assassinate the future

ice cools our planet in summer

weapons of mass destruction

people literally trying to ignite atoms on fire

extreme lies regarding currency

debts that can never be paid

governments that fail


and there are so many more.

Each of which must be addressed in a courtroom

because anything less allows for an excuse.

In keeping with that purpose, this electronic copy will remain on this site so it can be used with translator programs for any and all who might need that. It is a copyrighted book, to keep it clean: but I will provide any documentation you need to transcribe, build a book, and sell it in any foreign language other than english. The unfortunate reality is: trials do cost money, evidence must be gathered and presented by people from around the world. And if this work actually finds a place in society, to grow as a desire to protect our world; then other publishers will be added to fill the need; and give options to those who sell it. Small publishers are allowed to make books for cost. Big publishing efforts need to pay a royalty (I get 25 cents per print copy sold). To those in any respective nation that participates, for the purpose of presenting trial; to investigate and defend life from university and others. You are welcome to use this work and my sites in any realistic and respectful way. Extreme experimentation, and a complete lack of respect: is a literal catastrophe waiting to explode. This is NOT ABOUT making money, but I retain the option to use the proceeds from its sale in any way I choose. Too little, and it is “just mine”.

The opportunity for trial is apparent in the book/ the need for investigating what will go wrong with extreme experimentation; is paramount to our survival/ as there is no going back in time. Too late is simply too late; so if you are willing to work for, or fight for this world/ now is the time. That is a decision only you can make. But make no mistake, the day is coming soon: when any decision that you make will not keep this earth alive, as we pass the point of no return.

This is a choice: if you have found a better way, to defend life and planet/ then do that. Otherwise, the opportunity for world wide identification of the problems, and the realities of what it means to be wrong/ and that potential to destroy life on earth. Must be dealt with. Rest the decision, entirely in true public trial; and by true public vote. So that we can remove the doubters, and construct the solutions with our own public chosen laws. This is not a game, and it does deserve your respect; of both life and planet; for which it was written. To prove by the evidence, to a world wide audience: what is true, and what is false, and what is gambling with life and planet in ways that cannot be removed from the consequences of being wrong. It Is the only way, to save this world. You, whosoever tried; have made every other attempt in other ways; and lost. Because “the expert” invaded, and the media influenced, and the power wanted what they wanted. What is left is trial: the foundation of “as best we can”; by the evidence, without prejudice/ simply by truth, that none are allowed to deny or cast aside. This is the choice we made!

While I have made many attempts inside a courtroom to achieve this goal of trial for life and planet: only to be refused, because the audience was not there. Even so, I never lost a trial by law, as is the intent of democracy itself; the value presented was change for life and planet. Only power and a closed door refused, the people who could have made a difference; were so afraid of being associated with me (he ain’t enough/ the universities will make us : ridiculed); that they could not move. But reality proves, THIS IS TRIAL ABOUT: life or death for a world! IT is NOT about me/ it is about us, and all life, and all future life, and even our habitat for living. How is that not your concern; as well as mine? But the righteous are all cult worshipers of university knows; and they won’t be swayed by truth or evidence: as is true of all believers. The price of life is, Don’t measure: CHOOSE. Those who will represent you in court, will be chosen by you and me to represent us all: I reserve the right to participate. This, Trial is again: NOT about me, it is about our future as a world. Simple as that!

Prove you care: and the courts will obey. Prove you care: and media will come running, because their only real concern is, “somebody is listening”. Prove you care: and the politician will act in your favor, because wherever the masses congregate, there they are. Prove you care: and the universities will accept the challenge, because after all, how is this not good for them/ unless they lose? Are they not so arrogant, they cannot conceive of losing the battle for what is true/ for what is the cost of being WRONG? It is again: the demand for trial starts with the single most horrendous experiments on earth. Trying to ignite a nuclear fire, just like on the sun/ here on this earth. Which means, if their theories are wrong; OUR PLANET BURNS LIKE THE SUN. Their theory is: we can ignite plasma (burning the bond holding atoms together), and it will just extinguish itself, because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire.

ARE YOU WILLING TO BURN, AND GET SUCKED INTO A TEN MILLION DEGREE FLAME (just like the sun); when they are PROVEN WRONG? They are literally trying to burn atoms for heat; to play god. That fact, makes this entire planet a source of FUEL. Fusion has already been proven wrong. Their theory rests upon a fantasy element 15 times bigger in size than lead. Their fusion demands: for every btu the sun releases, a helium atom is made/ yet helium is one of the rarest elements in this universe; proving that false without compromise. Fusion is the game, by which they get to play; while keeping you away, by assuming this is safe. It is a “bald face lie”/ and they know it. The problem is: if they quit, they lose their job, their pride, their power, and their control over trillions of dollars. IS THAT WORTH, LOSING YOUR WORLD?

You must identify yourself, as a participant in this work, to make a difference/ so that others will join. This trial, this purpose, this fight for life; that you chose to make of your own free will. Because anything less than a large number of people doing so, will cause this trial for life, to fail. IF YOU are not interested in saying: YES, I DO DEMAND, that our world is worth protecting/ that we do have a LEGAL right to know, the risks of being WRONG. Then go away, because: a trial for life and planet, needs people who care. Not those, who just get in the way! I am “just presenting the message; change this world or die”. Trial is NOT about me/ I threaten you with nothing, but your own evidence, your own information, simply questioning your gods of university knows. Because if they are wrong: we do, literally all die/ and that includes me. DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION; LET THEM PROVE THE COST, TO BE WRONG; because even one single time many of their experiments go wrong; is enough to lose our world. PROVING: This ain’t no game.

DO ask anyone who might get a book from you if they have an interest in this type of purpose; first. Because if they have no interest, you are simply allowing them to throw away your work and time. Leave them alone; choose life, and work for planet.


  1. CHANGE does mean: over half of all vehicle traffic will come to an end in the next five years. Oxygen is more important
  2. CHANGE does mean: insulation will be mandatory, at levels never before seen. Global warming is due to heat release.
  3. CHANGE does mean: air conditioning will stop, in all but the most severe needs. This merely multiplies heat.
  4. CHANGE does mean: urban sprawl is dead. Life needs its place, and you need “the high rise apartment building”.
  5. CHANGE does mean: human population growth will stop, and not be allowed an option over zero growth. We have hit our maximum population or life itself will die.
  6. CHANGE does mean: the large fishing trawlers will cease fishing, for anything but plastics out of the ocean. No more destruction by over-fishing or pollution.
  7. CHANGE does mean: recycle, rebuild, replant, reuse, renew, stop wasting resources; choose for life, do no harm; are going to control our lives. The future has needs too
  8. NO extreme energy experiments of any kind, anywhere. “the reality of Satan (arrogance, and disrespect; destroys) on earth dies”.
  9. World law and world policing over leaders shall occur; thereby removing all weapons of mass destruction. Because they will be used, if you do not! The power of leaders will be diminished.
  10. Deforestation ends/ replanting begins: or our atmosphere detaches, and accelerates to unlivable realities. Choose against extinction.
  11. Currency will be returned to reality: that means, a clear and true accounting will be made/ and those who are at the foundations of society as is we the people; get paid back first.
  12. Limited capitalism shall control power, by our vote over their income and possession of property, resource, or other. We do have the legal democratic right to decide what the maximum and minimum incomes for a year can be.


  1. truth will decide/ not want.
  2. NO more genetic mutilation or playing god; without exception.
  3. Healthcare shall become real/ and not governed by criminal extortion.
  4. The water we drink shall be thoroughly investigated; and the risk of further contamination or loss shall be made clear.
  5. The food we eat, shall not be mutilated further: that ends forever.
  6. The realities of flood shall be mediated.
  7. Critical decisions that control our future shall be displayed, defined by reality, and chosen by understanding the consequences of being wrong.
  8. Changes in agriculture and all forms of human behavior with regard to what we are willing to risk, and what we actually need to be secured to survive; shall be constructed.
  9. The value of a job shall not dictate the future/ instead we shall dictate the future, and determine how best we can all share in the work.
  10. The realities of education, and its actual value to life: shall be defined/ and decisions shall be made. Over the universities/ instead of them over us.
  11. Evolution shall be destroyed, as the lie it is becomes dead.
  12. The sanctity of life itself and planet, SHALL BE RESPECTED. No exceptions allowed.

The measure of time exists in motion/ the measure of life exists in thought; but the reality of our existence lives within truth, because it is “the only thing” that can survive as our own identity. It is that identity that shapes our love, and defines our heart. It is that essence of a miracle, that presents the value of faith. Nothing on earth compares with faith: which grows as the evidence of soul.

Discipline says; we are the passions of our purpose. Order says, we are the desire that builds a home out of truth. Balance says, the dignity of life can never be replaced with hate; because we are born into the experience and expression of thought released to become its own free will.

Destiny lives in soul. Choose carefully, as truth can never be erased; only hidden under mercy, if that is to be. The destiny of this earth is now: either “heaven as best we can”/ or hell, because that is what the vast majority of humans, did choose for this world. What is truly in your heart, shall decide; because the value of it is at the core of what will be chosen. Nobody escapes what will be your truth. It is not a game, life or death stand as a door now, that will swing either way. Such is the truth, of playing god.

Certainly not because I say so; but because the evidence will prove, the cost of being wrong! Whether you search as a world/ whether you live or die: the reality of truth cannot be bought with anything less than honesty, and the distinct decision of soul. Soul is: a relationship with GOD OUR CREATOR.

Less, is death.

Less is, as men throughout history have chosen to do:

  1. to hell with the law, let’s take what we want with war.
  2. Let’s grow as a herd, one voice, one action, one defense; all or nothing/ same or die.
  3. We have the weapons, we don’t care, we are predators; and will kill to get more for us.
  4. We all own it, but only the leaders shall decide.
  5. We all want what we want, so let’s believe in the mob.
  6. We will believe; therefore we are gods/ and they are enemies.
  7. If I own it/ then I will choose; and make them slaves.
  8. The “gold” is my weapon, and I will hunt my prey down, and strip them bare.
  9. Our greatest defense is FEAR US.
  10. We can own this together, with rights for all/ but alas, the warrior will come; as those with peace, prove to be a weak enemy.
  11. Together we can make laws for ourselves to control society by vote/ but alas, corruption follows, and then leads
  12. All we need do, is give the people what they want/ even if it is all a lie, and the future, even the planet itself, dies.

Onto that backdrop of failures, as is proven by war and loss and corruption. The quality of a different answer relies upon one single decision: can we separate love from hate? Because love can and will live in harmony, sharing the decisions, and caring for life with a desire to protect the planet and all that exists forever.

While hate is the essence of war, and the reality of violence, which always lives to conceive of trouble, mayhem, and the mob.

Anger is fixable/ hate is not, but it hides so as not to be discovered. The essence of women is: that they know, what is in a man’s heart, from how he treats her. They are a formidable reality of understanding; in that regard. But make no mistake, women hate too; and It is honorable men, who can best identify them. The question is: do the majority of men, and women: desire a society removed of hate? Because if they do, all games; and the pride it finds; shall fade away, as the essence of love identifies what true happiness for us all, can become. All want must die, [it is the literal foundation of every lie] so that truth can build, a new foundation for living. That foundation requires our acceptance of, “a world that is, what it is”; and our work to make or rebuild it, as best we can in our own individual ways, or as we the world united for life and planet. If we work and live together by the terms of peace, fair play, justice, and functionally equal rights by laws chosen by the public themselves/ realities of money, as chosen by the public through a vote. We can survive, and do much more as time goes by. If not, this world has been damned (you knew better/ but did it anyway), by your own choices; through universities know how to play god. Unfortunately, that failure of wisdom, is a grave for both life and planet. It is yet, a single choice: change to make life first in all that you do, with respect for this planet, this living world. Or accept the cost of being wrong; because past the point of no return, there will be no reprieve; life will end!

And the people say: __________________________!

What matters not is want: humanity must not continue to grow in numbers or life on earth will be over. Resource losses will condemn all life on earth, and become war. Water losses will cause extreme violence, as the option to be less will die. We must share, or we fail; hate cannot do that for long, because that belongs only to love. Love and hate are opposites; they cannot survive together, hate will die (that takes all individual humanity with it, and violence erupts). Or love loses greatly, and can dissolve forever. But humanity wants whatever it wants, as animals do. So the question becomes: are you human, identifying with miracles and the sanctity of life itself/ or just a plain herd of animals, living for want? It’s a choice! And the people continue to say: “we want what we want”/ and we don’t want nothing we don’t want. So then the removal of hate provides a chance to survive; but the reality of human animals, whose only real desire is for “trinkets, toys, and trophies”; will cause life and planet to fail anyway. Because greed is rampant (thief)/ selfishness is ravenous (predator)/ pride is a rapist (Liar)/ lust is a prison guard (prey)/ power demands superiority (I am god)/ and religion believes in whatever it wants is god (fantasies). The choice is more than love or hate then: it is also the reality of those who “live in the middle, as animals (failure)”. And what they will or will not do, when confronted with “want without reality, is now dead/ or you, and your world, will soon be: instead”. Its a choice. But unlike any other time in history: our numbers/ our reality of universities know lies/ our threats of extinction/ our planet is dying/ our nature is being mutilated/ our everything is failing. There will be no second chances past the point of no return, and there is no going back in time, to do anything over. Choose for life or die, is a truth! Like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant: truth will decide/ not you!

I have met an endless line of people, whose only real concern regarding anything of merit: was their intent to prove themselves superior to me; by making life and reality into a game, with whatever means was available. As is lies, traitor, fantasy, stealing, power, pride, manipulation, control; chains (you can’t leave/ you must) or whatever they desired most. If that doesn’t work, ridicule (you can’t defeat me), gossip (I found “a hair”), judgment (I know righteousness), assumptions (I am god here), anger (never again), and even hate (I will remove your life) begin. But, nobody is perfect; and we all have to pick and choose; within the value of our most defined desire: just doing the best we can. Those who believe they “have everything they wanted and more”/ rarely escape the tragedy of arrogance and pride, will rule their lives. In other words, the list is long: of things that must change to inherit (what was good between us/ outweighed the bad) a life that would be desired; “for a thousand years or more”. That is a lot of life, either saved or killed by your decision. The world will run out of resources, and life will end at that point: when, is up to the people who are here, and what you take or destroy or rebuild as best you can. If you don’t allow the universities to simply exterminate you as they are doing; and will soon complete: just to prove they are superior, to you! After all, every herd has its leader; the one who gets to fuck the rest. Isn’t that so? In human terms: we want, organizes the herd/ we believe organizes the mob/ we are right, organizes the power. Be alive instead, standing outside the herd; as a miracle of existence, choosing to belong to GOD. It is worth the price of love. The difference begins with; want does not choose for you; the value and acceptance of the miracle that is life, through respect, does: as the elements of truth decide the path we will take as, an individual identity.

I do wish you well; but your decision is your own. And we both know: I CAN’T save you or this world/ only you can do that. By making the changes that will keep this earth and our nature alive. In other words: university is god MUST END.

As for me, reality has proven again and again and again: that now is not the time. The spiritual world has kept me to itself, by whatever means life chose: due to the intensity of my educational training. Today, we are at the cross between what our futures on earth can, or will become. Clearly it is time! The evidence is real, and that means enough people can see what the future is going to become: to recognize finally, that the demand for change this world; is more than a fantasy, or religious zeal. If not, “you had your chance”/ this was it. There will not be another; as I strongly suspect you truly have had your chance here. It has been a mountain of work, apparently few would do/ and a complete surprise, as is opening the spiritual door: to the, “female world”. I just wanted to ask a question/ but that did not work out as expected. However it turned out to be, an absolute necessity for this work; a balance to being male/ a return to hope for you. She is: A reality of life, that demands. her contribution shall not be overlooked, discarded, or discounted in its importance. Proof of that for you, seems to be “the tits”; at 66 years old, my body decided to grow on its own. As for me, “I already know”, the evidence demanding respect, is inside as well! It is: A more complicated path, than you can know. I searched ten straight years for a solution in strictly male; and finding none was possible: then turned to ask “female”/ they would not respond; so I asked the spiritual world instead. That is possible, if you surrender the choice of life/ and accept the price can be death. Nonetheless, Because this is the best men did do, the evidence of their decisions, cannot sustain this world; as history proves over thousands of years. Because women are different, not better: the possibility exists, they can find a better way; if they do not act like men. Nonetheless: You are standing on the edge, of extinction; even if you don’t know it! While I find that tragic, forty plus years of work, could not turn you aside from your greed (I want everything/ I want yours too, more, more, more), or from your fear of being ridiculed (I can’t/ I won’t)/ or the belief; your worship of university “as your god”. Simple as that, so here we are, a reality of life, facing the end of the road! The disease of complete disrespect; ready to kill you.

As for you: happiness cannot be bought for long/ rather happiness is a relationship formed with, life cherished. To achieve that foundation or essence of growth by the elements of our thought, we must in fact cherish the miracle of what we do own as our body, our time, our identity when chosen, our opportunities in freedom, our search for eternity,destinies in thought, our own experience or expression or value for love, either as a gift or taken/ shared, or by caring. Peace comes with love. Value comes with harmony. Isolation, and depression both leave if you remove want, and accept destiny “hears our call, our choice for love”. Not a battleground; a relationship in soul, a desire of the heart; a value beyond the constrictions of time.

As for our world: a nuclear fire will not extinguish itself, after all, this entire earth is fuel/ just like the sun (a biblical prophecy of extinction by fire). A biological nightmare: genetics surrender to one tiny mistake, that cannot be erased; which then changes everything (a biblical prophecy called Armageddon which means nature in chaos). A planet without enough drinking water, thereby war with such ferocity that blood flows like a river in cities with millions and more; because there is no time. A biblical prophecy called the Apocalypse. A biblical prophecy of Daniel predicting the last countdown of days; starts, when the great abomination rises; thereby ends in the spring of 2021. Which literally is: gambling life or death for this entire world, and all its life; on the fantasy we can control the same fire here, as is on the sun/ risking even the solar system itself. The book of Revelation has begun with chapter 12 (the only good sign of a possible future): that starts with “a spiritual woman” standing on the moon(something foreign, but seen since the beginning of humanity: a man. That is me. While the critical evidence of your reality is: that you do stand on the edge of extinction, because of decisions made. Threats which must be dealt with now, before they pass beyond the point where changing anything will matter. It is no game, life or death is now your decision, as you chose to play god with both nature and planet. I say to you plainly: prove your own evidence of threat, is wrong. Not by fantasy or theory or university knows (even though they don’t): but with facts, and clear definitions built upon truth.

How is that not fair, or consistent with truth and fair play? Don’t believe, prove what is true, and the consequences for being wrong. Life can end, is that not so? The planet can die, as has happened in places men abused too much. The sun exists, and beyond the limits and boundaries of chemical energy, that do govern our world; nuclear fire, exists as well. The sun is true evidence of that/ it ain’t no game. Even the radiation itself from that energy release would destroy all life over half the earth or more. How then, are not the people trying to ignite that nuclear fire; “not the embodiment of SATAN”? The description is “destroyer of worlds”! That is the gift of “university is god/ believe don’t question”: An arrogance so blind, they believe they are gods, and can play literally play with the energy that heats our planet from 90+ million miles away; the same as on the sun. a NUCLEAR FIRE! Is that you too, so proud and arrogant being WRONG; cannot exist? Shame on you.

The universities promise you everything, but in reality they are, by their own description: monkeys playing with far worse things, than multiple atomic bomb. But then “even real monkeys’ would know better” than to do the things universities do. No going back; stop them or die. Get a courtroom and learn the price of “they were wrong”!  Or the “Satan’s” you have let loose upon your world, WILL make you extinct.

Alas, you worship your monkeys; its like the wizard of oz; only there will be no returning to life as it was. No returning to the planet as it was. No definitions of nature in balance, grace, or beauty, as it was. No possibility of life or living at all: because you gave it all away, to the people who lied. And knew little more than fantasies about life or living or planet or energy. To your eternal shame.

Such are the definitions of this day, when placed where the sun shows what is true. And all the people say: we can do nothing/ we could do nothing/ we are not responsible, because we are not leaders. But you are wrong; as nothing happens without you, to build and sustain and protect those who do lead you. But you are wrong, when gathered together, and united upon a purpose that has merit: “a million plus” people cannot be ignored. Those who have no brain, will then find something; because you helped them see truth. So your excuse is without merit, and your claim is destroyed by the reality of your own “university worship”/ as the devils helper. You have earned your reward (death to our world); to your shame.

I have ended my concern for you.

You are the cowardly lion: willing to go to war and kill/ but hiding in the darkness, shaking with fear; and yelling NO I CAN’T. At being told you must investigate your universities; because what they do/ and what they did; is to put this entire world at risk of extinction.

You are the “scarecrow wanting a heart”; discarding the truth you know about your own body of life, your own nature, your own world. The realities you see, experience, express, hear, touch, and so much more. A heart is more, and finds itself surrounded by the values and the essence of love. But Because the universities tell you to believe only in them, “no heart/ just want”; and their god of evolution “no brain/ just pride”: you do! To your shame, they own just one grain of sand on an entire ocean beach. Even that as is adaption, proves the value of design by its forethought.

You are the tin man without a brain: having eyelids, and tears/ having fingers and touch/ having thoughts and love and freedom and movements. Having a body that works for you, and is able to do so much at your own slightest command. Knowing that your own ability to “build anything” CANNOT COMPARE, with nature itself. Proving none of this is an accident; because there is no such proof in life, nature, or planet. THOUGHT CAME FIRST, “or life would not exist”. But you have no such thought, only want; as animals do. The universities stole your brain, to their eternal shame. Because you let them, to your eternal shame. AND THAT DOES make the universities, the fraud behind the curtain; pretending to be “god”.

I suppose, in all fairness; that would make me “Dorothy”; like it or not. Her dog, the words used to pull the curtain away.  The “flying monkeys “worshipers of university”/ and the little people, all those who claim “I am too small to make a difference”; true or not. Whether this is then a prophecy or not, I won’t guess. It is however, an imagery that seems to live out/ such as is “the people blindly staring at a video screen” as was predicted if memory is correct; in the book 1984. both predictions a little ahead of their time; such as prophecies are.

You want what you cannot have: “let me think only kind, peaceful, friendly thoughts that never have to be confronted by realities I don’t want”.  Or, “I just want what I want”; while screaming “and nothing else”. But life is not like that, and every reality you avoid; just becomes a bigger monster that then threatens to make you extinct. BE REAL, and that means, accept your responsibility to protect this world, its life, and its future. As all respectful living humans being alive are required to do. Not a game/ life or death for this world; because the universities have become a monster/ and extinction is now going to be real.

HOW MANY days are left before we pass the point of no return? It doesn’t matter; because what does matter, is how many days are left, before you care enough to try? Is literally the only thing that can change this world, back to life and planet and child; comes first. And the people say: “YOU, ain’t enough”!

And I say: but the evidence is/ the cost of being wrong is/ the value of life is/ and the future for every child IS, our responsibility. But your complaint is NOT!

And the reality of CRISPR, a biological open gate to human redesign and mutilation of biological genetic structures that control the realities of every living body of life on earth IS. A decision, that cannot be returned to how nature created and kept us all alive; throughout history. A decision that opens the door to chaos, as is the “university described god of evolution”. WHEN DID CHAOS, benefit life? Answer the question/ and recognize the university fools.

And the reality of trying to ignite atoms on fire is; because once ignited this whole world is fuel for that fire.

And the reality of over population is; in a world growing by roughly 250 million new mouths to feed every year/ and all the resources they need. Average distance across the usa is 3,000 miles; that equals a human being standing “touching” at 3 feet apart: 5,280,000 places along that line. Even at the lies of university fraud, the population of this USA is 329 million or so: that equals 62 lines of people, standing at 3 feet apart in the width direction: 3×3=9 square feet. That equals a mass of “solid humanity”; standing on 327,360,000 square feet of land, just in this USA.

The reality of drinking water is/ the reality of pollution is/ the tragedy and disgrace of everything that humanity represents is; because you have no honor or respect, only the fantasy of university knows; and their death march forcing every life into the slaughter house, for one last horrifying scream. Simple as that; and yet you don’t need to know; until the curse of damnation takes place, and the door seals behind you/ and the grave opens its door. To prove: TOO DAMN LATE NOW, because you just didn’t care enough; to recognize, the university god you worship is SATAN/ not life! Not to worry though, religion knows: whatever they want, is what they get; RIGHT?

And all the rest know: we don’t have to think/ we are not allowed to think for ourselves; because the universities do that, and they are god. So just do as media, politicians, policing, military, religion, education, and all the rest demand: DON’T THINK/ BE HAPPY. After all, nobody can stop death. And you don’t have a brain; just believe the universities know.

Oh wait; I forgot to mention: according to your universities professors. We don’t have to worry about any biological catastrophe, because according to them: evolution will just build something else, “in a billion years or so”. IF YOU have a brain: THEN tell yourself, WHAT IS WRONG, with that plan?

And then we have “fusion”; the biggest fraud ever conceived: “not to worry, there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. But of course if they are wrong, our earth becomes a sun for real. Not imaginary like their theories.

And then there is the longer term: we don’t have to worry about water or poisons or anything/ because overpopulation will kill us all, one way or another; soon, anyway. So we might as well have fun/ and do absolutely nothing, except “inflate currency” so the universities can play.

Alas, in contrast to the universities claim of superiority: nature is everything about everything alive, because nature is “perfect” in and of itself. The universities demand NOT anymore/ and the people fall down to worship their satan.

In contrast to the universities claim of superiority: this planet is everything about everything that can or could be our home, our sanctuary against powers greater than we can defeat/ making this planet life or death in and of itself. The universities demand NOT anymore/ and the people fall down to worship their satan.

In contrast to the universities claim of superiority: we are not dead until we are dead/ even though everything the universities do, is designed to destroy the very foundations of our existence; so they can proclaim themselves as god (SATAN). By proving they have the power to change this world. And humanity says: all fall down and worship, with your ass in the air/ and your nose touching the earth; so as not to see, or believe anything but what you have been told!

And all the media say, along with every leader of every organization: RIDICULE HIM, he is worthless and alone. LET THE BRIBES OWN YOUR HEART.

Your leaders say: the population growth is far less than one percent per year or currently .61% . for more clear understanding by easier math: if we change that too .5% (half of one percent) that means, in this USA there is one more child over deaths; per every 200 people per year. They have said: that world population growth for the last century is 1%; do the math yourself, look outside your door. And understand what it means to be wrong, and just look the other way.

Your leaders say: weapons of mass destruction are “your saviors”.

Your leaders say: we can control the same fire as is on the sun, here on this earth.

Your leaders say: ten thousand things, that are obviously WRONG.

WAKE UP NOW; OR DIE! This ain’t no game. And there really is, very little left to say, in order to motivate you as a world: to save yourselves from extinction. If you don’t care/ then you don’t deserve to live, and will achieve your choice.  START THINKING FOR YOURSELF!

Your leaders having been taught “everything” by university religion (never question us, JUST BELIEVE): they will say, as they have declared in the past. This man is worthless, delusional, and without sense; as he has declared for himself: that he is under the influences of a “spiritual woman”. A reality of participating in the spiritual world, rather than in our own reality of universities know best. A religious NUT!

I have said: whatever it is, that you declare me to be, is absolutely irrelevant; because the evidence of threat is all that matters when confronted by the truth of extinction, as declared by the reality of our choices under universities rule. Whatever you believe about me, has been proven constantly to be wrong; even among those who know me. Don’t believe, search for truth! I have said: “think for yourselves, and recognize the cost of being wrong”. The universities say: “believe only in us, and all power in society, has demanded: YOU SHALL NOT question the universities, who are their god”.

Do you see the difference?

I have also said: that the “spiritual woman” and me, is a prophecy of Revelation 12, that has come to this earth; and is now proven through me to exist. As she has been distinctly necessary; in recognizing that it is not men, who must lead this humanity on earth. We can have a different way, and a different life, and a different world; by our own choices. NOT theirs. That fact comes with the details I have already provided in the websites I own alone. As is consistent with www.justtalking7.info prove the evidence is wrong; or accept its conclusion which is OUR WORLD STANDS ON THE CROSSROADS OF LIFE OR DEATH. And it will be your decision as humanity on earth: that saves it, or lets life die. Do you care enough, to pay the price? No going back! Life or death!

People will say, “he grew tits” and that has to mean; he did something to himself/ and that proves “he can’t possibly deliver, a message even remotely related to GOD OUR CREATOR”. But I will remind you again: that only the evidence matters, NOT ME.

As to having female tits (absolutely nothing male about them)/ I tell you truly, “I would not accept a million dollars” to go through this again. They are an endless reality of chemicals that are overwhelming/ feelings that are uncontrollable/ realities of pushing out against my body that “just never ends, for the last fourteen years”; and are ultimately moving male out, to gather together the definitions of female instead. NEVER MY CHOICE! But regardless of that, it is true; that the spiritual woman saved my work, my fight for this world; from crashing into “war with you”/ and I am grateful. It is not a price too high, for that truth.

The essence of it is quite simple: to understand the woman’s point of view, and balance the reality of male/ I am forced to accept, the realities of what that means. By the elements I CAN understand, about women: it has functionally been “trading places”/ to prove “a new view, of life and living”. It has been a disaster to being male; but a balance necessary to find a solution, that would let life on earth live. We are not “slaves”/ and I have not received any “dictation” or other: we are free as humans on earth. Which does mean: we MUST choose for ourselves. And that did mean: I would be educated, so that I could find a new path for you. NOT your savior/ just a messenger: demanding change or this world by its evidence, will in fact soon be extinct. Because of what you chose to do, as humanity in this time.

Education has a value, but it also has a price, just like the spiritual world: if you fail to discipline yourselves with truth, and the consequences of reality/ you will end in horror. Truth alone survives life and time. It is not a game.

The summary of it all is: that I cannot predict how life or eternity will end for me/ as I have no “certain reference to female other than tits”; ITS COMPLICATED! However the evidence can predict the outcome for life on earth, and the realities of humanity playing god “with everything”; courtesy of “the universities are god”. You get to die, because there is NO PROOF men or women can do anything other than destroy our world. You cannot even control your money, as it has been inflated past the point of no return: into world bankruptcy, because you chose not to care, “about a single child”/ and sacrificed them for “toys, trinkets, or trophies”; to your shame. Yet these are the people who say: “they are gods/ evolution proves chaos builds (beyond a lie/ utter insanity)/ they can control “the sun”; and ten thousand more. And the world bows down; because they have defeated you with words, inflation hidden, and a few toys, trinkets, and trophies. Pride, and their arrogance; is your enemy; and you grasp it like a friend.

You will either: INVESTIGATE THE REALITIES OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG/ IN TERMS OF EVERY MAJOR THREAT. AND YOU WILL DO SO QUICKLY, or the point of no return shall pass, leaving your death march; in the abyss of HELL. With no possibility of escape. Simple as that. Not a game. Not my threat. A reality of the evidence formed because “you have been playing god”/ and failed every part of life, living, and the future! If you won’t change, then you will die forever; and face the eternal wrath of GOD because you chose, to crucify life, and destroy HIS WORLD.

I guarantee, TERROR comes; for that. And your religion won’t save you; only faith in what is true/ NOT belief in what you want eternity to be.

EVERYTHING OF VALUE THAT LIFE IS, LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS AND WORTH THE PRICE OF EXISTENCE: IS BUILT UPON THE REALITIES OF NATURE AND THIS PLANET AND ITS RESOURCES. Your universities have chosen to destroy all of that, with extreme and completely disrespectful experiments, that are guaranteed to be extinction. Because they are as a blanket statement of failure, by all forms of fantasy: “fools, liars, traitors, and thieves”; as reality does prove. What is not on the edge of chaos (take a hard look at all life on earth)? What is not lies (take a hard look at, fusion: don’t worry, we can control the sun)? What is not traitorous (take a hard look at resource loss, and biological mutilation)? What is not outright thievery (take a hard look at currency, and all forms of debt)! Because none of it, under universities leadership can survive: extinction is under way! AND YOU, are their fools; and you choose to let them assassinate your children: to your eternal shame. While religion says: “GOD” will do everything/ we DON’T have to do nothing; as is your contribution to life itself; to your shame.

An appropriate ending to this work is very simply this: in order to survive, and keep this planet alive as well, MASSIVE CHANGE must occur immediately. As every day that goes by causes you, and this earth; to fall deeper into the abyss universities, and their cult worshipers have made. It is not a complicated change. It is very simply: ONLY TRUTH, and the realities of consequences we cannot allow to go wrong: SHALL DECIDE. Every part, and every purpose, and every thing this world can be; which does mean all human want is disposed of in the sewers, where it belongs. No exceptions/ no excuses/ no going back/ no endless amounts of “we want this”; because that is dead. OR YOU, and our WORLD, ARE dead instead! Its not a game, massive realities of failure, disgrace, fantasies, and much more; have convicted you to extinction. They must all be erased from our existence; or that extinction will succeed. The primary cause of complete disrespect for both life and planet; is a very simple “WE WANTED THIS, AND WE ARE TAKING IT”! But alas, you took balance, order, discipline, respect, love, friendship, courage, value; and absolutely everything that makes life worth living: and by your university cult religion, and its constant we can be gods; that you chose to destroy the future, and even yourselves. To your shame.

The road back to life and earth shall survive will not be easy; but if you don’t pay that price: it is certain, extinction shall come! To accomplish that reality as truth, that none can avoid without extreme lies: IT DOES, REQUIRE A PUBLIC TRIAL, ON THE TRUTH OF WHERE WE ARE, AND WHAT OUR THE CONSEQUENCES WE NOW FACE? The question begins with extreme experimentation; and then turns to demand zero population growth or die.

IT IS, ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL: that you turn this world around by law, and in no other way. Because as history proves, without law, all you get are different rulers: with the same corruption, same wants, same demand for power, same pride, same everything; with only slight differences between them. By the law, the law then rules. By the law is our government instead of people: and the law controls our lives, our society, and our future. By the law that we vote upon, as our own decision; based upon constitutional we the people demands: we become the government for ourselves. By the law, we own the courts and its policing: “our government/ our society, not yours”. Because when we make the law for ourselves, and it is simple, short, and plain: then we can and will defend ourselves, and our nation, and world according to that law. Needing none to explain it for us. As the words: have been the weapons used against us by university knows. By the law, we will control the military, and choose world law for ourselves. By the law, created under constitutional direction (as one citizen one vote): we become the lawmakers, and we become the tax creators, and we become the foundation upon which we stand as one people united. No more outside influences; true democracy erupts. By the law, we take away their power: with limited capitalism identifying just how much power, or resource; anyone can take for themselves. By the law: we will take control over the universities, and remove the threats of terrorism; the insurgency, designed to consume our nation, and build their own: as is so common against all life and planet that they created, to destroy us. By the law: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law: designed to insure our government employees shall indeed keep their oath of office, demanding it is the constitution that rules us: NOT YOU. But make no mistake: stupidity and ignorance, is just as bad as power and pride without justice. You must let truth decide the future, you must accept reality will govern this moment by putting life comes first, you must respect the consequences of being WRONG; and assemble the necessary protections for insuring that is not going to happen anymore. Simple and plain: we need the law to survive; but we need our law, NOT their law which is “the university nobility owns everything, runs everything, decides everything, and has all the currency inflation to spend that they can want, or desire” as is their chosen, proven, decision.

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