real world truth


I repeat for you: that according to “university knows”.

The core of the sun must be the hottest part, and all of the sun is thereby engulfed in a “ravaging flame”; because of gravity, which they identify as a massive element unknown in this universe. Having no other definition of gravity; they made this up.

In the reality of life: that cannot be proven true, and is in fact an outright lie; based upon the following consequences.

  1. Extreme atomic heat produces push and extreme radiation; as is seen in an atomic bomb. It does not produce any form of gravity.
  2. A ravaging flame that has then engulfed ALL THE FUEL SUPPLY; will burn out the source of that fuel supply quickly/ and the flame will then go out.
  3. The atomic energy of an atom is stored in its spin; as that is literally the only possibility. The extreme spin limits size, because mass at the outer edge will be ejected, thereby the atom fails to form, or cannot be sustained. Thereby two hydrogen atoms CANNOT be pushed together to form a helium atom. Because of centrifugal forces, the larger the atom is; the greater the dark energy/ opposing force must be to contain the atom in its spin, without allowing for destruction. Which means the more mass/ the more dark energy (balance) must be present. A basic discussion of how that exists; as is completely unnecessary for this work; was written in my own book.
  4. Thermodynamics do not allow for nothing but flame and fuel: the heat pushes out/ and what we see as the fire, on the corona. Would not then exist; similar in reality to the flame on a candle rises/ and thereby protects the fuel supply, by sucking it up. There literally has to be a gap, between the fuel source and the fuel supply, or a sustained/ controlled burn will not occur. Which means the atoms source of elements from a planetary rock beneath: is separated from the outer fire/ making the sun appear far bigger than the fuel source is. Making the area between fuel and fire, extremely turbulent; as the pull “breaking apart rocks” from heat released, going outward/ counteracts and balances the gravitational lines going inward.
  5. The supernova “sun explosion”; proves that all the fuel is not on fire under the flames of the sun. because before explosion can occur, the corona of a sun grows three fold. Which does mean more fuel has been added. And when stability of the source fuel fails, then the sun explodes.

The universities say: the sun is or must be made out of hydrogen; because that is the main element our spectrometers measure when looking at the sun. They cannot see through the fire, and that means their instruments do not know what is beneath.

in the reality of life: that cannot be true, because a sun made mainly out of hydrogen would not last long/ and cannot be packed together under heat, to produce any gravity at all. Instead, what is seen by a spectrometer is the “ash cloud” from the fire/ and it is composed of the smallest and fastest element that can escape the heat; rather than being consumed.

The universities say: there is not enough gravity to sustain a nuclear fire here on earth/ so it will just extinguish itself. Thereby betting our entire planet on that theory; yes we can ignite it; but need not worry.

In the reality of life: those who ignite a ten million degree fire and just expect it to extinguish itself/ are not only fools, but liars, traitors, and terrorists as well.

The critical truth of all atomic energy is balance plays the biggest part. Because without balance all the energy cannot be held in place. Therefore, an alternate energy counteracts the kinetic energy of spin/ to balance outward push, with inward pull. That is called “dark energy”. And when a nuclear bond is released slowly, those opposite energies travel in the opposite direction. Kinetic energy or heat travels to our planet to warm us. While dark energy travels into the center of the sun: to cool it, and form gravity itself; thereby counteracting the movement of the planets with gravitational pull.

Pride will not let them stop themselves; because that would mean they admit to being wrong/ and it ends their job, their pride, and their power. Human pride does not challenge the universities, because they want to be gods themselves; and assume “we all cannot be wrong”/ so they must be right, because we believe. Belief is a liar/ and you are fools: that will either wake up to reality knows not “your university gods”/ or this earth will soon burn; just like the sun. Because that is what you chose to do/ and there is NO going back!   CERN; is also a death machine for the planet itself; functionally operating to create what is literally an atomic saw; to destroy atomic order and bring chaos onto this planet. “just like everything else the universities do”.

let them prove me wrong!

TRILLIONS of dollars have been spent/ governments have been sucked in/ real world machines are trying hard to ignite a nuclear fire:  THAT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL. is only one.

Throughout the decades, the one certainty that rules is: even one grain of sand, worth of value/ and the universities will take that grain, and try to rule this earth with it. Just like they try to rule now “the sun itself”. Because they are truly insane/ and the insane cannot stop themselves; which is why they are called insane. Restraint has broken down, because their ability to impact and destroy life on earth has risen to the levels of extinction. The removal of disciplines that define our world and its life/ the destruction of order that is constant with their religion called evolution/ and all that balances life, and makes it possible for this living world to survive.

That is the true cost of “university knows”. While some gains have been made: the realities of failure, far outweighs their results. The consequences/ the mutilation of biology/ the traitorous acts of destroying the future: that they have avoided for decades, are no longer moderated by nature or world. There will be tears.

In contrast to “university knows/ and their religion of evolution”; I offer only the truth, that when the cost of being wrong is so high/ that extinction is inevitable, for life and world. THEN YOU HAVE, OR HAVE ALLOWED THESE OTHERS; to go to far/ and they must be restrained from damaging more. With an entire world of life at stake; nobody gets excused. WE ALL: EITHER FIGHT FOR THIS WORLD/ OR WE LOSE IT. SIMPLE AS THAT. As best we can. Not a game anymore.

I offer insight, not leadership; the relationship which requires you to think/ rather than be told. The value added to your own life/ not to mine, unless love exists. Which benefits us each, as one.

I offer the construction of a path with wisdom, is greater than things you want, or pride, or power. As is the ascension beyond time requires your participation. If you do not prepare, and accept truth guides the way; eternity may leave you behind.

I offer, JESUS is my guide; reality defines my truth, order is the grace “In being free”. Discipline is the blessing which identifies the future. Balance tests the value of your love and mine; thereby granting trust, where it is earned.

I do not offer to be your guide/ I cannot be your savior/ I am not your leader: rather the search for life, truth, love, respect, trust, value, thought and more; lives within you, or it does not. Either way, that is your own decision to make.

The reality of men and their universities is: just another source, for taking whatever they want from this world. To yell, “yes we can”/ and make the rest say, “yes you did”. when that is not enough, they yell;   WAR.

TO SURVIVE, as a world from this moment on: REQUIRES, THAT we see life from an opposite point of view. The search for what lets life live and be happy, without the drive for want. What brings joy instead of pride. What is law, instead of power. To love, instead of drive life into extinction: as is the choice of this day.

The majority of Men: will scoff, because they worship only their games, and want to play, not live. Because life has a cost, “no you can’t/ or yes you must”. None of that is a game, and without a game, there are no winners or losers. Only life and death.

So the critical question is: if men are not in charge of this world anymore/ then what would women choose to do instead. By the law they enforce, it can be their choice. Because men, and their universities have corrupted themselves so badly; they cannot survive much longer. As does all the evidence prove.

They have an endless source of numbers/ without a grain of reality attached.

They have weapons of mass destruction prepared to end life on earth.

They have the universities to claim: “we don’t need no god/ but us”.

They have dumped poisons/ destroyed resources/ ended chains of life/ and more; insuring extinction.

They have mutilated biology and your food supplies/ constructed diseases far more potent than ever seen before/ and made you pay, with the future of every child.

So the truth is: what could women in charge possibly do worse?

The critical element is: 99% of all the claims of humanity, that they have done great/ they are the superior generation and so on. IS LITERALLY ENTIRELY DUE, to ransacking the future. Raping the environment. NEVER PAYING one penny back to life. And literally robbing the children; cannibalizing them, in every possible way. From destroying every part of this world, every chain of life, every resource, everything; including the destruction of money, by claiming and asserting, assets that do not exist. Creating debts that cannot be paid. Using those numbers to criminalize everything; and buy resources you never earned. Propagation of failure and fantasy, as is most elaborately told with “let’s bring the same fire as on the sun here”. Along with the few own everything, and as always that brings war/ particularly with a population that grows by one quarter of a billion more human mouths to feed every year. So says the evidence, and it cannot be proven wrong.

So regardless of your claims; the reality is all the consequences you avoided/ are literally on the edge of falling into your truth, in ways you cannot survive. Because without nature or a planet that is working with discipline, order, balance, truth, respect, love, and courage; you are without a home, as a world; and all the weapons of mass destruction will be used. “it only takes one”, to bring the landslide.

FACE YOUR TRUTH AND CHANGE IT/ OR YOUR TRUTH WILL CHANGE THIS WORLD, AND MAKE YOU ALL, EXTINCT; because that is literally where the universities chose. Start with those who intend to ignite a nuclear fire; “just like the sun”/ because there are NO second chances at all, with that.

YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED, whether you admit it or not. Because we can easily go extinct. As is consistent with the damage done genetically, and new diseases which result. As is consistent with 8 billion people eating an average one pound of food per day=8 billion pounds, of living organisms, per day/ OR 2.92 TRILLION POUNDS of life eaten by humanity per year. Or as is more critically true; nature will only provide so much/ and you have damaged its own ability to survive. Which means cannibalizing is in our future; if not worse. How much water do you need/ and how many trillion tons of poison does it take, to say: “we don’t have any drinking water anymore”? Fire consumes oxygen; and 8 billion people use a lot of fire/ more than this earth releases. REALITY DECIDES THE FUTURE; NOT YOUR WANT!

My world has changed too, instead of a straight line: as people of this world reality must come first/ truth must decide. Humanity is nothing more than want, dressed up as a child; and living for pride, power, or both; with only few who choose to grow up and face life itself. That twisted male in me “into knots”; because for over forty years “there is nothing straight” when trying to deal with you/ and the end result is, “you want to remain spoiled little two or three year old’s” for your whole life. And did so, by refusing consequences/ as you stole the future of, and from, every living thing on earth. Male is done fighting for or with you; which means his hope for you has died. That leaves “spiritual female” in charge of hope; and without hope the future dies: so there must be hope, and hope now resides with “female, such as it is”. Oddly enough, I have been living and working in ways that identify “he was mothering you”. As that was all you left me to do; as is the constant of children. So here we stand for life or death of a world: reality changed my future/ and it was not for what I wanted. Same as you in that regard. But it does not matter why, what matters is: NO POSSIBLE WAY EXISTS, to sustain life on earth, unless people change what they do. That requires a grown up decision; and a reality based, truth alone must decide the future; or we all die. NO more gambling with life or planet. NO MORE living just for want; and stripping the earth bare, just to throw away EVERYTHING. You have failed yourselves, your world, all its life, and all the children: which means your leaders failed, and the herd who said “we can’t all be wrong” failed as well. Because want is the foundation of every lie, and all you have wanted is your want. The evidence will prove reality, although your leaders and their propaganda machines will fight every single truth: the end result will be, either truth will lead now/ or you will find yourselves extinct soon. Simple as that/ with no second chances; as is proven so simple and so true; as is trying to bring the same fire/ same energy source here; as is on the sun. A reality of true, and immediate danger; far beyond what humanity accepts: WAKE UP, OR DIE.

What we get to keep of what you are doing, is dependent upon restraint. Without real restraint, and honest decisions that respect life and world; the only thing left is to remove what makes you fail. The first part is trial: because unless humanity itself realizes, “playtime is over”/ or we die. They will fail, and so then will this world.

And the religious will say: GOD will rescue us/ and never let this world itself die; so we don’t have to do NOTHING. In contrast to that, is the truth: that NOAH’S flood has been proven true, by the evidence of fossil fuels. As nothing less than a world wide flood, on an earth filled with life: could have gathered those living organisms together, and buried them all at the same time in the various places and various depths; around this globe that have been found. Your assertions are unfounded; it is humanity that made the decision/ which ended in, “you just aren’t worth keeping alive”. That decision returns: and you will make it yourselves. Just so its clear: “killing me, will not save you from yourselves”/ or the facts of what you chose to do.

And humanity itself says: WE WANT our trophies, of “gluttony, greed, and selfishness”/ WE WANT our trinkets, of “you can’t have what I have/ its all mine”. WE WANT our toys, as in “I am superior to you/ I am winner/ or even I am loser, and deserving violence & revenge”; as does become hate. Or, as the world would put it/ and has said to me endlessly: WE WANT MORE/ WE DON’T WANT TO PAY NOTHING; “go away”.

So the real question is: DO YOU DESIRE YOUR LIFE AS WELL, because your want ain’t going to keep this earth alive. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! “sign your name”, and stake your claim: LIFE, OR DEATH. So then, get off your ass; rise up and be who you are intending to be. And do whatever truth requires you to do. Because one way or the other, all the realities of life and earth you chose to destroy; are coming to get you/ with consequences hard to escape.

But hey, not to worry; what could go wrong. After all, the evidence can be adjusted; “you just have to believe”; and accept the universities are god. As you have done: with evolution (no consequences/ all chaos), biological mutilation (no consequences/ all chaos), poisoning the earth, and literally everything life needs to survive!

To the religious: why yes, GOD IS MERCIFUL. After all, by letting the universities ignite a nuclear fire, and turn this earth into a sun; at least you don’t have to suffer all the violence, mayhem, mutilation, chaos, horror, Armageddon, apocalypse, and hell that you deserve. You just have to wait to be “microwaved/ or incinerated”. So says all the evidence: “Now, isn’t that better”?

And you, don’t have to do NOTHING; because its all coming, by your own choices: unless you stop it.

As for the spiritual woman inside of me: she offers a last chance, “let women come together under the law that is justified, and create a new plan for this world”. That is her hope for you; suggesting it takes a million or more women to make this change work for a world. While that might sound like a lot/ it is not. Because one million means: ONLY, one out of every 8,000 people on earth. But we need to reduce that by half/ to eliminate men; so its one out of every 4,000. but we also need to reduce that by too young/ too old/ too pregnant/ too sick, and so on; which puts the real number at about one out of every 2,000 eligible women should come and try; to do what they can do. If one out of every 2,000 is too many for you; perhaps the real issue of life or death for our world, is already over. Simple as that, “you just didn’t care”/ as is governed by “university knows”; every miracle of life is just chaos and then death, by their decision; so who gives a damn; right?

The offering is at my home, and it is strictly for women; as this is the best men did do; and we do stand on the edge of extinction. As for me, I suspect that male is done; and will not rise again; to fight for this world. Ended with simple and plain. That does include 51 acres owned by me; but is at a cost to you of $270 dollars an acre/ if you start before the farmer plants. If he starts sufficiently the price will go up. More ground is available, but you must negotiate your own deals. Sufficient water supplies available if you start now/ sufficient everything if you start now, and choose correctly. Here, simply because this is what I have to offer; other than I am not going to rent something for people who have never shown up; for life or planet or child. If you do well, I will pay the $270 an acre for you; should that make a difference. You do however, have to pay to “put it back” the way it was; as is justified and fair.

just so its clear: male in me has been blockaded at every turn for over forty years of work/ by courts, women, men, whatever; with almost no help of any kind. Now “mangled, by the cost of those failures”. Doesn’t mean “homosexual, transvestite, or other. It does mean: no more, not even for a world/ I did do my best, for life and child. There comes a day when enough, has to be enough. I have spiritually asked female truth; “what would you do”/ and whatever is left to be done, is literally “up to her truth to decide”. The reality of it however is: that just like male has to be what male truly is/ female has to be what female truly is. How that relates to me, I don’t know; body becomes somewhat abandoned; “its complicated”. I am aware you cannot understand that/ but you should be aware; “it is unwise for you, to judge me”. Eternity is watching! I AM NOT, your savior/ etc. I was merely a messenger; and now, whatever is to be is simply, not up to me. I am done, with fighting for a world. The differences between what is, or is not “male or female” in me; is now, more complicated than you will understand. YOU have more than enough to be concerned with; than me/ I am NOT your decision to make. LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS WORLD IS! I was, just a messenger saying “change or this world will die”. THE PROOF: I was correct, is now evident by the facts already known, even to you. So the question remains: LIFE or DEATH ? CHOOSE.

Just remember this, with absolute certainty, “NO, YOU CANNOT WAIT AND SEE”; FIND YOUR BRAIN. BECAUSE EXTINCTION, CANNOT BE REVERSED. PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN, “whether by little things, or big things”; THIS WORLD DIES. Which means once forced to accept: no one has a doubt, our world can be lost. It is literally, far too late to make any change at all. This is all of nothing, because it is no game; humanity followed the universities, and worshiped, we don’t have to pay nothing: and, “here you are”. LIFE OR DEATH!

As too: the elements of “life/ death/ and a spiritual reality formed from beyond time”; as is claimed by me. I remind you of this, while time is an action or reaction, and how you interact with that. Eternity is truth identified as a reality by laws; within which life can exist. The spiritual world is an “in between stop”; where only truth will survive/ because lies, nor pride, nor power; cannot. The body is not meant to be spiritual; it is time alive in you. But you are life alive, in body; and the difference is: while you can own the body, until it dies/ the body cannot own you. Truth however remains even eternally; although mercy can cover it up somewhat if repentance (I will do better) is sufficient. The critical conception of life is simply this: that without the element of knowledge, the assertion of understanding, and the balance of wisdom; life is either a prisoner/ or it does not exist. Therefore thought relies upon energy to achieve life, “the freedom to be as you desire to be”/ while energy relies upon truth, not to invade and destroy that life. Without a basis of education in those limits and boundaries; eternity cannot be survived/ therefore time exists, to weed out; those who cannot come. Love exists, to conceive of mercy and balance.

Your death is the fundamental loss of home, as governed by time. But it is also the gateway into truth, and by your own truth you decide where in eternity you do belong. The critical question is: can life survive as/ or in, energy? It is a difference not unlike the difference between chemical and atomic energies. The critical answer is: not without a true understanding of laws that govern these things. Time gives you the fundamentals/ the spiritual world isolates where you can survive; but if you fail to accept, then you can be left behind or lost: as you did choose.

In time, we do survive as the chemical energies which sustain our bodies as life/ until that fails, and your connection with time, and its chemistry ends. In eternity we do survive as the atomic energies which sustain this universe allow: but it is law that decides if you stayed within the boundaries of what and who will survive. Not a game, but not a home to be feared either: because GOD IS GOD .

Unlike universities and their disrespect of everything, demanding chaos is god. Their choice is simply: because they want to play god; because they want to be gods. Our eternal home is granted only to those with true respect, for life and its CREATOR. FAIL that test, and you will become abandoned to the tragedy of energy by chaos.

Destiny begins with your own heart, it searches for life with your soul, and it achieves the opportunity of life beyond time with spirit; by your own choices. The spiritual world is truth, nothing less: every lie will be “burned away”. The masses of humanity say; “we would rather be animals, and live in time (we know what we got); until they die, or lose the value of a body”. You are granted that wish, but no second chances; animal is not welcomed in eternity. The difference in today, as from any other time but “Noah’s day”; is that your desire to be animals; is literally about to lose its home; and that means you cannot continue to survive. Because time will be removed.

“Thought (the essence of life), is not free”; it requires your choice. Without thought, you die as an animal; and you dissipate into nothing left at all. Not an intellectual decision as that has nothing to do with life. Thought is an elemental choice, to search for life {beyond time} itself.

This is balance, to the words:  change, or this whole earth shall die.

As to the Christian religion; “others I am not greatly familiar with”/ your search for “JESUS is coming”; is not as you expect. Rather HIS words were, HE would send the son of man: with knowledge hidden since the beginning of time/ as proof of the message, “HE, was involved”. How that exactly interrelates with me; I have no clue/ other than the fact, that I have presented you with evidence of more than a “university education”. It is a complexity beyond you and me. However I leave it to you to decide; is this enough? The majority will say no/ just like they did with “JESUS birth”; not enough/ but they were wrong, because HE GREW to become “the savior of love” on earth. That is not me, in fact elements of fundamental law suggest; I might not even be male anymore. But as to all spiritual elements involved; I simply am, whatever it is that I am. My own chosen Reality, my chosen work; in this my time on earth says, “he is a messenger”: the message is, humanity will change or this earth shall die. The evidence of your ways, does in fact prove that is true.

As to all others: religion aside, your reality is fixed by your truth/ and your truth states you will soon be extinct; or will honestly and forever change what is being done today. The universities are evicted from leadership/ no more gambling with this earth or its life. YOU WILL CHOOSE FOR LIFE, AND PLANET COMES FIRST. Not so much every or any individual; because the whole is worth more, “than just you”.

As to me: reality knows that anyone who wishes to confront the evidence or reality of this day/ will seek to prove “he ain’t nothing but a fraud”. As is the constant of humanity across this world; because if you cannot refute the evidence/ then you attack the messenger; to avoid truth and its consequences. Manipulate the message, to distract or destroy/ propagate alternate messages to enforce confusion/ bring experts to demand lies are more important/ and so forth. If that fails/ then they will turn to: THINK OF ALL YOU WILL LOSE, if you accept reality must choose for life and planet come first! But alas, your currency is dead/ and that means so is your economies built on lies. More simply: you are not going to escape “truth and consequences”. But you can make a decision to begin again without the lies leading you/ or the gamblers changing your world to death.

But I am NOT the decision you will make/ I am irrelevant to that decision for life or death of this world; as the message is now delivered, and certified; by my life is changed. I literally cannot be “him/ me” anymore. As to “spiritual female” in me; or the potential for extreme change; no one knows what that is going to mean; not me. That really is an element of beyond time or earth/ and cannot be proven to you in any realistic way with words.

As to the future for me, or why me: not a clue honestly don’t know. This however I do know: something has changed, and what is male is suddenly along for the ride. I don’t know where we are going, why, or what happens there; male lost control. That part I do know; and it is a true surprise.

No one can argue “he ain’t JESUS; as that is obviously true”. Whether I can be “HIS messenger”; I leave it for you to decide personally; as life or death for our world; is after all, “your own eternity”. The male in me is done here, with this work. What is “spiritually female in me”; is beyond the scope of male. As is “just along for the ride”/ because I cannot escape it. What will be, will be; I know not, “its woman”/ not me. And yes I know; utterly strange, and without true support, beyond my own description. Even so, what do I have to gain?

Bridled (no I cannot do whatever I desire)/ corralled (no I cannot go wherever I wish)/ flagged (like men who “conquer the mountain”; female planted her flags. Every single molecule these tits grow, is like a war; and they grow very slow)/ and controlled (no, life is not the same); like it or not. Not my choice/ I don’t know how it ends; or anything in the middle; not my choice. Her choice; just like writing this is. “more than a little upsetting” actually.  I am becoming concerned; male might actually be dying, a tiny bit at least. What then? I guess “mother” would be left; can’t be female, without all the parts and pieces involved. Its complicated, not my choice.

But then NOBODY, can argue, “he is trying to claim he is Jesus”/ as that is completely out of the question with “a spiritual woman inside”. Simple and plain/ life or death for your world: is not about me; move on!  As I, am simply trying to survive, whatever is coming; mother/ male; or not. Whatever this has to do with you, or the world; will have to wait, until reality is resolved.

Here is one final bit of knowledge, from the male I used to be: NO, GOD does not measure each against the other. Rather all stand alone, in their own truth and desire; for a place in eternity. Whether few or many, is not the desire: you must earn your place with heart and soul. The herd is wrong/ religion will not save you, nor will spending money. As it was in Jesus day: when the power and pride are compromised, threatening want: hate comes out/ or change begins.

As to your current threat of a pandemic virus: the correct response is NOT to tear down everything with fear/ but to localize, as much as possible, and restrict all distance travel as much as it can realistically be done. If you shut down society/ you kill the engine that keeps society functioning; and war begins. You do need to establish localization for this; because pandemics are coming. Unless you prefer the university approach: as is “tree got a disease/ THEN KILL them all”. Alas: As is the evidence of genetic mutilation/ genetic alteration/ genetic species boundary destruction/ pollution by chemical concentrations never before seen/ chemical contamination/ pharmaceutical chemical concoctions deliberately interfering with, mutilating DNA, and/ or, altering internal biological cell functions/ antibiotics changing disease/ food pollution by various means/ poisons in the water supply/ deliberate radiation: and more; few will get out free.  As you chose to do. Not a guessing game, it is your consequences hidden under the plague of “yes we can/ yes we did do”.

But then there is also: “can’t be a god to people/ unless its an enemy that makes them fear”. So the universities create all forms of contamination to nature, along with its destruction; forming disease/ and presto, “now they are your only saviors”! Oh please beg to us/ or we let you die. Etcetera.

Alas, then there is the reality: you built your societies on the maximum use of resources possible/ and to keep those factories running, the maximum destruction of resources and environment possible/ and to keep the people working, the maximum resource losses by throwing it all away; that was possible. To insure the complete destruction of every life on earth, by discarding the future for all. As is the “university way”. Guess what, there are consequences for that too! Oh wait, you don’t have to care; because you have weapons of mass destruction/ so there. Don’t want that? Well as least your societies haven’t been completely overrun; by only a tiny few own everything/ and only a tiny few make all the decisions. Oh wait: that is gone too, along with all reality in your currency and more. Gee, do you think there are more consequences “hidden under the rug”!

Like maybe all the lasers being used to operate self driving vehicles (what do you think those measuring sensors are); hitting your eyes, skin, more; a billion times a day soon/ gee what could go wrong with that! DAMN FOOLS. Yes I am badly overrun; with consequences of my own. But not completely without a say. Although that continues to degrade, “into dust, so to speak”. Male seems destined to a completely different experience; as female takes control. I have no idea if he survives, or will be lost; it is however absolutely clear, “changes in male, or the lack of it; will make life different”.

I suppose it is only fair to say: that I thoroughly believed the decisions I made were valid and necessary; the reality of it is, “with some arrogance”, I did believe I could understand the female truth of life (a spiritual reference). And I was almost completely wrong. Leading to the realities I face right now. I suppose for the majority of leadership and university influence; it is not a great deal different: but on a much tinier scale. I considered the world/ you only consider whatever you want, and all the masses of humanity that are screaming GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. We are not equals in that definition of truth; but it is true, I can be less than wise as well. Even though it did turn out to be, “both the best (for life and planet) and worst (for male as an identity of life)” decision of my life. Its complicated. Your decisions, merely made the inevitable worse; for an entire world.

How well we conclude the realities we face; defines life itself.

The critical issue remains simply this: past the point of no return, for life, any part of living, or planet; and everything dependent upon that single thing will die as well. Since you have no real clue, as to what is important (or we would not be facing extinction); the probability of survival for life on earth is small or none. And yet, still you don’t care; because all that is important to humanity, are its games: and whether you believe, “winner or loser”.

WHAT we do know is: that nature itself knows, or did know all this earth needs to know to survive, and be alive with life, and be happy. WHAT we do know by the evidence is: “university is, the grim reaper itself” as extinction of everything lurks “just behind the curtain” of chaos coming.

The critical truth is: male has ceased to care; and female now lives as the last resort; in an effort to keep this world alive. Even though you are still too foolish and blind to understand; believing is not enough/ particularly, when people are attacking everything; because they think, “they just don’t care”. They will change their mind; but too late, is too late; and you become extinct. No matter what you do, pray, or sacrifice.

At or as of a; “spiritual female” command: I have continued to talk and talk and talk, as is their way. The end result of it is: just like male, when what is important absolutely will not move; not even for or against people who spent trillions on trying to ignite a nuclear fire; “just like the sun” here. Regardless, without merit; as time ends for life and living: you, as female too; lose your conversation, or connections with each other; and war begins again. Only this time, world war will not end, without losing this earth. That is the reality you chose. I DID DO, what life allowed me to do; and you not only did not care; you ridiculed and scoffed. But more importantly than that: you refused truth, and discarded the evidence with “we believe the universities are god, and savior. and they believe chaos is their god”. Even though it is they, “who now bring you to extinction”; by their choices, and absolute insanity. Male is done with you! What is female spiritually inside, now owns time; even though that is not what I would have chosen intentionally. The reality is: that is what I did choose by the decisions I have made. Just like you; there is no going back, past the point of no return.

The second part of her command was “do not let them fear”; that too, is now a resolution past the point of no return. As we begin to crack open the door with a tiny pandemic; to see the other side called “hell”. The reality is: I do not wish to go back to “male wars”/ unfortunately, I do not wish to leave male behind either; “its a quandary”: I do not control. But faced with the horrors of what humanity has done; instead of war, I choose female. There are enough horrors coming “without me adding to them”; I won’t do it! Only the law, only GOD can save us now. And you, including your religions; have no respect. Only belief, is what you want, and pride: “we are the great ones”. To your shame, it is of death.

Just so its clear: I do not regret crossing the boundary line between what is spiritually male or female. An entire living world is so far beyond the reality of a single male; it accounts for nothing more than a tear or two for me. An entire living world, is an entire living world; and besides that, female is literally equal to male. But a very different; even though essentially same, world. I would make the same choice over; for the sake of a world, it is literally no issue at all. The final answer of man was war; and if that had been pursued with force; it is possible this world would already be dead. I deliberately chose NO!  Even though male is not happy/ neither is he sad: I did the best I could, and would surrender this world or my life, to nothing less than that. WHAT IS female, must now make her own final answer; for life or death of a world.

Good luck, even though it will not be enough. LIFE, is truth /OR DEATH, is the basis or belief in a lie:  both require a commitment that is “ONE DIRECTION, OR the other”.  YOUR middle ground is now sewage, by the choices you made;  and that brings chaos.

Because all the evidence points to the collapse of life on earth; by university design and mutilation. Human greed, selfishness, and gluttony. If not because they ignited a nuclear fire, to incinerate life and planet/ then by the extinction of life and plants by genetic chaos; and the complete assassination of everything life was on earth. Your end will then be: with nothing left to eat, absolute cannibalism. With no water left un-poisoned, you will drink blood; no child will be born “with all its parts and pieces”. No life will remain untouched by pure hate. Because you let the universities teach you: “god is chaos/ as is the religion of evolution”. And people still say: “HE, is up to something”/ HE must be the devil in disguise. Without a single shred of evidence or truth to back that up. Because they want what they want; and cannot refute the truth: SO THEY LIE.

As I consider the truth of my own reality, the quandary I face: can’t go back to strictly male without war/ and there is no purpose in it beyond revenge. So I refuse, period! Even so, “like the rest, I want (the elemental basic assurance of freedom in time), what I want too”. Just a plain and simple life, as nature and GOD intended. But that is not going to happen; because humanity has fought its way, to the edge of our extinction. So like you: I CAN’T have what I want or have always desired (simply male): “its like a prosthetic limb: want does not matter”. And must face the truth, whatever that truth is going to become: because that is now, what life will be. It is not easy to do.

I do understand “you just want what you wanted too; going to die/ got to get it now”; but that was a lie. Because all the trophies you wanted, were nearly all just thrown away; it was the game you wanted, and that means pride or power. All the trinkets you demanded, to make you happy: did not. And all the toys you needed to keep from being bored or scared or unhappy; did not truly accomplish that either; or we would not face extinction.

So, much to my surprise: I need to face a new reality, just like you. What that is going to be, is far more “up to GOD” than me. Your new reality however is entirely “up to you”: because chaos was your own choice. TURN BACK TO GOD ; not by sacrifice, or want. But by truth, the desire for life as nature intended it to be. And both heart and soul, to help you find your way. That is my final advice to you; in this work. Things change, we either break/ or bend. But accept truth; because Life is not going to stay the way it is. As my own reality insists: after nearly 15 years of tits growing on me; “one molecule at a time/ like pulling teeth”. They are suddenly growing, “without me at war”; in a whole different way: and I have no say. Still no clue where, or what, or why, or when it ends. Life, has changed.

GOD IS: identified in part, by THE MIRACLES OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH, ALONG WITH THIS LIVING PLANET; because these are truths. But only a tiny conception, of GOD even when all things are accepted as true. JESUS on the other hand, is more than a tiny conception: HE was the evidence of love, and even eternity. A guarantor of life beyond these moments; because love is the evidence of “home”.

We then summarize the distance to be traveled, with the following words: that I for my part, have ended “fighting for this world”/ after forty plus years, I am done. The path back to male is tragically impacted in ways that make it impossible; but even if I could go back; it would only be to war, as that is what is left. Therefore standing at the midpoint of male or female; my direction will be toward female, because it is at least not war. I don’t know what it will be: “women are not better than men”/ I am thoroughly tired of war, or more distinctly the battle to stop chaos from reigning over this world. You refused/ you would not grow up; not even with absolute evidence of people trying to ignite “atoms on fire”; because you are believers. And as is true of all religious believers; neither evidence, nor truth, nor consequences matter, once belief has taken control. Which means simply you are barricaded behind prison walls; to keep all such truth out. So, I give up; and if female can do better: then let me go there/ NOT a body issue, rather the view of life from a very different perspective. This functionally releases male from further, and all issues of duty. Because it remains true, this world is about to go extinct, from all that the universities have done; along with the people who truly do support them without questioning anything. “as is, they are our gods”; to your own shame.

With regard to the distance that will be traveled by this world; the opening door will prove chaos is in control. This tragedy of chaos coming from the assumed pandemic feared in this day. Or more simply “fear will save us”. Reality however, is not about the disease; because disease has always been part of life and living. Rather as always the universities spread fear, so like generals do: without a war, there is no real power to be had/ no real pride to be cultivated into taking control over this world. What they did do, along with all politicians it would seem is: to remove from American society, in this scenario, “the opportunity” to remain at war with all the debt americans have accepted. The average family in America; has enough money to stay financially afloat for two weeks/ after that, it is a crisis for over fifty percent; and that will have far worse consequences than another disease. Even so, chaos stands at the door; no matter where you look. Because every decision made, “was lets take the easy way out/ let’s hide the truth/ let’s destroy the future for a reward today/ let’s just “print money”/ let’s just poison the earth, because its easy/ let’s mutilate biology, to play god/ let’s destroy the basis of business, and the options for workers everywhere, by making “kings and queens” who control it all. Let’s pretend; weapons of mass destruction are “your saviors”. Let’s never say no, “when it comes to over population of humanity” and the extreme devastation that has caused throughout this earth. Let’s never question the universities about anything; as every cult knows, “you can’t question god”; that is forbidden. As every courtroom enforces, and every policing agency relies upon their job, to keep them from chaos: orders will be followed, just like every other army that ever existed. Your food supply is threatened enormously. Your water supplies will end. Your world is at the breaking point, with more humanity than it can stand. And the university answer is always: “let’s play god/ let’s destroy what they depend upon so we can be their gods/ let’s brainwash them into “believers”; so we control it all.” As is the constant of human decision, as led by men; throughout history.

You are who you are, and I did not technically ask you to change that/ I deliberately asked you to investigate, and change what you are doing to bring CHAOS, HORROR, AND HELL upon this earth. You refused. I asked you to grow up, or at least wake up to the cost of consequences being chosen, that we cannot survive. You chose to ridicule, or fear instead. I asked you to at least stop the insanity of people who are trying to ignite “sun fire” here on earth; depending upon a nuclear fire, “to just extinguish itself”. While reporting to you; they claim it is an instantaneous 4 million times increase over a chemical fire: which would be a candle flame instantly, becoming 63 miles high. A bomb in the middle of Europe, spewing radiation that would microwave every life for a thousand miles instantly; as it began to take over this world, and burn oceans. And you are welded to your couch, and immersed in your phone to avoid all reality you don’t want to hear. So, its goodbye; to all that has been for me/ and soon it will be goodbye for you too, in a different way called extinction. As you face the truth of your eternity; as the people who killed a living planet; because they just didn’t care enough, to accept truth alone survives. Think for yourself, eternity is watching.

I will add one tiny thing more; so that you are not lost in the disciplines required. Being caught in the middle between male and female, requires an acceptance of an orderly construction: as would conceive of “twins” (one male/ one female/ comprised as one body). When both exist. As time progresses, that will change dependent upon the disciplines and realities involved. The question is not life or death of either; but a more complex understanding of life itself.


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