Critical to life on earth, is an understanding of the basic requirements your life is caused to accept: there will be RESPECT/ or the consequences could be grim. There will be an acceptance of miracles; because they are the evidence of “more than just you” exists here in this place. There will be a return of love, that was given as the gift of your life; because it is owed/ but is accepted from you, only by your own, “free will offering”. There will be a value to your existence, or it will dissipate into “nothing left here”. There will be a cost to destruction, as is the cost of hate/ the reality of war against GOD’S Creation; as you declared it to be. There shall be RESPECT for JESUS; as the guarantor, who gave humanity back its love, and desire for life.

The prophecy of Revelation is two fold: either as men who will not change lead in chapters 1-11. OR, as chapter 12 dictates: the rise of women shall lead, because the solution of men is war/ and that cannot be allowed to remain. This living earth shall not survive. IT IS chapter 12, that rules today, by the evidence of “a spiritual woman” inside of me. The consequence of chapter 17, in the second part: predicts that spiritual woman “with gifts” (to change this world); will ride a beast (it is identified as the reality of MEN throughout time, in their treatment of women: TOO MANY, unkind/ unfair/ unwise/ and without mercy). That, as a relationship to this time, and to the image of men, or male: turns out to be me, she now controls. As I, now represent men, under the control of woman: for whatever cost or reality that will bring/ I have no say. Even though, I have never been unkind, unfair, or without respect for women. So the question is: CAN women do better than men; when they hold the very same power as men had over them? NO, I don’t know exactly what that means, or what will happen to me; good or bad/ or whether you find your brain or not: these are your choices not mine. My life however, I do know; has been “turned upside down/ shaken out/ and basically thrown away; in more ways than you can believe”. That is not a temptation; it is a requirement to provide; because my choices are limited. “Not my plan/ I have no plan; I guarantee it”: I simply opened the spiritual door of female, to ask a question/ can you save this world? For the last fourteen years, we have worked together since opening that door/ she reshaped my work by balancing it; adding discipline when needed; and applying an order that was not mine. So the result which is this work: is both of ours/ until recently, when things changed; and I was no longer equal. I don’t know why; but it is true male and female spirituality is different, and not a shared existence; so I guess It was inevitable: unless released, and that looks never to be true. But who knows. I, searched ten years for a solution, man has none: their demand is power and pride; whatever we want/ and war. Women offered nothing, so I turned to the spiritual world of female: we exist together, because we both know, this entire world is in jeopardy. So says the evidence, proven true. She returned to me, “hope for this world”/ fourteen years ago. A reality that I had very little of. The reality of men is war, when all else fails/ the answer of women is “just keep talking, and depend upon the law”. The consequence is: my life, and this work would have been very different without that intervention; it was at a crossroad. While it remains true, I have only little hope for you (the universities failed you); I did complete my work/ which means I did do my job; and I do owe “the spiritual woman inside” a debt for that.

NOT homosexual, NEVER been, NEVER going to be; rather plundered of all my defenses against women; to become, “reversed positions”/ a life taught, to know: how it feels to see life from the opposite view. While that has provided considerable insight into women/ it comes with the truth: they deserve far more respect than they get, simply for being woman. It is neither simple or easy; even if the living might be: the body is different, in far more ways than any man can understand.

As to biblical reference: the woman of Revelation 17 rides a scarlet beast; indicating there are passions involved (men use religion to control women; and want to keep it that way). Including those who then curse “the beast (not one of/ not equal, to us)”, and claim there are hidden plans and purposes not seen. That continues with the description of the woman (not valued by us), riding the beast: as a “mother of prostitutes”; verse 5. Prophecy extends too, verse 6; which is religion claiming both the woman and the beast as their mortal enemy. Because the truth is: male religion will lose its grip in this prophecy; as their want becomes, not enough. That fact infuriates men, who then cause these descriptions to be chosen; by those who still want to believe whatever they want to believe, in terms of living. With the intent to be “gods/ or the children of god” themselves. Instead of what can be proven as true, which is: life is a miracle NOT determined or defined by men. I will add, that the purity of woman; establishes a temple; where men are allowed to understand:  the difference between life and death, is woman.  Not a fight to survive, but a respect for what gives us life, and time to share or care.

Or where religion is true: as are the conceptions and values which support a search into what can truly testify as the basis or realities of miracles we cannot understand or prove “one way or the other”. The foundation of real religion, produces such a search. That then extends both in ascension to truth for some, and the descent into tragedy, for others; as life itself becomes the essence of who can, and who cannot enter eternity as a living soul. Or more simply: the rise and fall of religion, is depicted as “astonishing”/ because it is the most passionate thing a human can do. It is the journey, into the unknown, and some live and some die because of it.  In this day, The reality being; that previous to human descent into:  “university knows/ university is god; religion”. True religion (the search for life itself), had risen to a value for this world, that made life better. It is the fall of that religion;  by the acceptance of “university is god”/ which has consumed life, establishing all that is tragic. With “their god”; as is chaos, from the depths of evolution; plus all its lies, and even worse; that now exists as the reality, confronting us all with extinction. The cost of being fools/ IS, the world, preparing for battle; to keep the realities of pride and power and want, by religion or other: then refuse change. Attacking the call to change as:  deceit, and the intent, to be cruel. Because want is want, and belief is the basis of a lie (we can have anything we want/ if you just want it badly enough). Faith (the end of want/ by acceptance of love, through respect) is the essence of life, proven by truth.

Prophecy is the expectation formed by practice, from what men have always chosen to do, and to be. Thereby predictable! It is not, a formulation defined by GOD ; which limits human life to that prediction. Rather it is the human element, which can be changed: which then changes the prophecy, if that happens. Because prophecy is about human life/ not eternal life: do you see the difference?

You are not asked to believe/ you are merely told the truth: you are not my judge.

A reality nonetheless that identifies: there is, still a chance, this world could survive.

Other biblical prophecies include: Armageddon, which means nature in chaos/ a reality striven for, and demanded by “university knows” as they mutilate biology itself, damaging and destroying nature itself: through the manipulation of genetics.

Other biblical prophecies include: the Apocalypse, which means WAR will erupt as the drinkable water supplies are destroyed, one by one/ and the cities, and then this world dies in three days, when it cannot drink. Clearly coming true, as every water supply is poisoned/ and human population rises beyond all hope of sustainability.

Other biblical prophecies include: the end of this world by fire, a reality coming true as universities continue to try to ignite “sun fire” here on earth/ a reality they cannot control: means the prophecy comes true. And as it consumes this earth, people are forced underground to await INCINERATION.

Other biblical prophecies include: The giant volcano under Yellowstone, shows clear evidence of accumulating the gas pressures necessary to erupt; throwing out “hundred pound rocks” for a very long way; along with all the other tragedies it will bring.  Such as massive earthquakes/ releasing endless poisons, you chose to inject: into the water supplies. And tsunami’s as well. Yet none see the knowledge of releasing some of that gas pressure to alleviate or move the date it erupts to another time.

The universities deny “Noah’s flood”; but the real evidence of gathered first, and then buried fossil fuels; proves that flood existed. Because there is no other way, those resources could have been buried as they are proven to be.

The end of all human wealth, as is predicted in chapter 18 of Revelation: is clearly coming true, as universities across this world, have destroyed human currency with hidden inflation, and massive debt creation. So they could play god over life.

The reality of men who will fight to retain power and pride will not be easily dismissed: because war is their ultimate game/ and without GOD to resolve that reality for you, there is no future. As is chapter 13: the computer now holds your lives, within its control; as is predicted with “the mark” which does identify you: its called facial recognition, and thanks to facebook and others; everybody is involved. NO they did not have that thousands of years ago; so it could not have been predicted, no language existed. But today, you can be picked out of a crowd, and denied anything.

The question of religion as is chapter 14; resides in the truth of who will rise above their wants, and become a soldier for life and planet: BY LAW, BY VOTE/ BY CHOICE. As our whole world is threatened by extinction; none are excused. The price of failure can be high.

Chapter 15 concludes all the preparations, that have been predicted for the end of time on earth; because of what people chose to do. These are the costs and consequences of “the university played god”. It stands ready to be released, if humanity fails to accept: LIFE AND PLANET WILL COME FIRST/ AND NO FURTHER WORSHIP OF UNIVERSITIES, IS ALLOWED.

Chapter 16 shows the realities of what is coming; should you fail. Take a moment, and review if these could not be true; in a world that has genetically altered life by choice/ poisoned endlessly without concern/ polluted and threatened all ocean life/ global warming/ Yellowstone erupts/ the water dies/ and more.

Chapter 19; reflects upon the values that will keep life alive on earth. You will fight for this world, or you will die from the hate you chose to release.

Chapter 20: if you survive, and rebuild, things will be at peace on earth “for a thousand years”; at which time the resources will be gone/ and the earth no longer inhabitable. Because that is the price of humanity; as it chose to be.

Chapter 21 allows for the living at the end of that time: to choose GOD and that choice will change their world.

Chapter 22 conceives of eternity, and shapes all that can be done.

The critical issue is: that you believe, whatever it is that you want to believe/ and that includes, “life is just a game”/ and power is just the evidence of toys, trinkets, or trophies. None of that is truth, by the elevation of discovery; or more distinctly, the search for life itself. Unless you can grow as a human, being alive; you fail/ and surrender to the animal that creatures can be. The difference is, wherever truth decides; our relationship with thought will grow. Within that construction of values, the distance we must travel to attain trust, is acceptable; and will grace us with the blessing of knowledge. Understanding is to balance reality, with the disciplines and order of wisdom. The curse of a human life, is to let, “just want” take control; so you don’t have to search no more/ so you don’t have to love again. So you don’t need to accept the pain, of finding life is not fair; nor is love: to me.

But it is a prison wall, that exchanges freedom for belief. To hide behind what you bind yourself too; to avoid life itself/ is a tragedy. Because that belief will steal the eternity you could have had. Faith is a trust, or acceptance in truth. Therefore truth is a value that will not fail, unless you allow it to/ by choosing wrong. GOD IS, an opening universe, where laws rule over existence: because existence is not simple or kind. Rather life is an expression, that experiences love: to create the world we choose to live within. That is never want, because want hides a lie. It is truth, because truth alone survives; and gives us all, the opportunity to be ALIVE.

YOU are hiding from your own reality, because you want more than life will let you have. So the universities came, and said: take this easy way out, and have everything you want; proving “yes you can”. But hidden behind their ways is the truth: your want, has reduced this earth and all its inhabitants to extinction/ because no consequences were paid. The result being: soon reality will crash, and the horrors of what you have done, in worship of university; will be paid.

Reality says: there is only one way to a future that is not dead for this whole world. Humanity itself must change; and recognize what is true for life comes first, for our planet and our world; SHALL decide from now, to your forever. Respect your world, and accept there are limits to selfishness and greed; or you die, and make this world extinct: as an eternal curse, upon you. Humanity is the threat/ therefore humanity is the solution.

For GOD to save you, or this world; HE would have to change you all/ and that would end your freedoms; and you would revolt. So the religious call: that GOD will do everything/ and we need not do anything; but wallow in greed, want, and selfishness: is a lie. Wake up, or die!

Complexity means: a lack of chaos, because nothing less can sustain the disciplines, balance, structure, thought, and dedication to value that is the essence of life itself. Life, by body being: the extreme composition of a very delicate dance, with all parties in harmony; living for justice and grace in combination, with one another. A love designed and provided without cost; which cannot be, by any form of truth in life, denied. Because a miracle of existence; at its core, a reality proven by thought, is more than proof enough as evidence, to be sure.

In contrast: the universities claim chaos is your “abortion”; that led to life/ without a tool, a brain, not a single operational element to support their theory. The entire planet, all of life; just an accident. They then, with extreme arrogance have proceeded to mutilate/ change/ damage/ destroy/ risk/ deny/ disrespect/ steal/ corrupt/ and play god in all ways intended to force change in something. Thereby to recreate life/ or play with power; and thereby prove to be gods themselves. The excuse: Through hate; which is, a “losers” intent to win, by revenge (you cannot win/ you cannot have more; either). Alas: You will never be gods, of anything but death. But surrounded by that demand for death; comes extinction, for our world. Because too few cared, or conceived of anything other than; “I want”! TIME IS UP, change this demand for death; or die as a world. Because the evidence of chaos, the outright attack on all that is life or earth or a future: as is the demand of universities (no consequences for us); is proof enough, extinction comes.

I have proven by this work/ this site; an ability to communicate clearly, and with resolve to achieve an understanding in you. Reality has proven that is not enough; because you are believers, and that means: no evidence/ no truth/ no consequences/ not even understanding this world is set to die, “by horrific fire” is enough, to make you stop believing in universities. They own your soul/ and brain washed your ability to think; because they want you to be their slaves, and stole all your money, just to insure it. That is the finding of decades of work, by the man inside: you are locked inside the prison walls of your own beliefs, and refuse to come out; because then you must think, and take responsibility, for yourselves. The vast majority, absolutely refuse.

In opening the spiritual door to female, to ask what could woman do for this earth and all its life: the simple answer is, “let women try”. I failed, simple as that; because you made the universities a religion, and you believe, because they bribed you not to think (cost too much, so we all agree to lie)/ simple as that. The spiritual woman who joined me, is in charge of my life; it was NOT a plan. You cannot understand the concept; because you do not search for life; simple as that. Even so, life or death for this planet is now in her hands/ by her choices/ by whatever GOD AND JESUS will allow.

The essence of that statement is: “we do not own this world”/ but even so, if humanity is not worth the price of saving it; then you will be lost!

The value of life is not a game. The universities however are.

The intent to communicate here, is NOT; that all religion is bad/ not even all that universities are is bad: they are not. However belief is the essence of avoidance, the demand: you need not think/ you need not know/ you need not understand, or apply the evidence to the facts/ you need not even take responsibility for your actions or decisions; “you can just believe”. That is bad, because life is not a game; and reality is not “a wigi board (just feel it, and believe)”. What cannot fully be explained by religion; is within the comprehension of by this evidence, we cannot simply accept or dismiss/ but must await a more clear determination of its truth. Even if it takes death of a body, to achieve that knowledge; it is still worth the wait. The critical question is: are we thought/ or are we mass? The common answer is “the body is certain, therefore we are mass”. But mass without thought, is worthless, and dead; even if the heart would pump artificially: which means life, is not a simple construction. Therefore we again ask: is life itself, the result of chemicals within the mass/ or is it, an acceptance of freedom; which then becomes our inalienable right to make not only a choice, but our own distinct and independent choice as an individual life. Which is entirely different than a chemical concoction and its predictable ending, when mixed. Chemicals “simply exist”/ humanity lives: do you see the difference? The universities do not like this type of questioning; because they want to play god, and if GOD is real: then they face consequences beyond comprehension, for destroying this world. So they believe, whatever hides them from that truth. These are constructions of a discipline, that says: ORDER is a constant in life/ not chaos, which is the constant of death. So the question is: can you choose for life, asking for more than belief/ or are you committed to death; and consumed by power/ want/ or pride?

The universities suggest, “that genetic DNA” is nothing more than chemicals/ and those chemicals “can do all kinds of things with chemistry” that do not conceive of more. Yet your universities cannot tell you anything about DNA OR GENETICS; other than if we change the combinations of these things, we should get a different result: therefore life is “by the numbers/ just an accident”. Order, all the different species with their own individual traits and very specific combinations; are evidence otherwise. The balance of a body; which gives you two arms of the same length, on opposing sides of the body; and ten thousand more; just in you and your body; from organs hung, to thoughts that are truly your own: do not agree/ but assemble a value called truth, that does declare, only thought can do this. As always: humanity can destroy, as it has always done; but it builds nothing of life/ as sex proves true. The opportunity to initiate a process and conceive a birth; has literally nothing else to do with construction, or its elemental rise. HEAR YOUR HEART, challenge your brain; before you so simply, and irresponsibly, sell your soul, to belief. ASK, your universities: how does DNA separate itself, produce itself, inject itself; into the various components we know exist; and MORE? How does it combine or spiral or communicate? How does it build a body, and transmit knowledge: “without a brain”? How does it know what to do, and sustain or correct itself? Because after all, none of those questions align with “pure chemistry” as they would suggest.

Claiming “chaos did it/ over billions of years (evolution), that cannot be proven in any conceivable way; other than religious belief” IS NOT ENOUGH; to assert anything other than “well, they just have rocks in their head/ or a purpose for their lies, hidden in the dark”. After all, a thinking infant, or a fool; would do better!

The constant of every religion is simple: “we cannot all be wrong/ with belief, we can trample anyone who challenges us into the ground”. But every herd needs a leader, so, they gather together as a university: to declare “we the leaders, cannot all be wrong”/ and with belief, we can trample even a herd into the ground; if they get in our way. But alas: being human, is rising above an animal, to recognize, “life is constructed by thought”. A relationship no animal can identify. Even so: with understanding comes the decision: IS IT WORTH MY LIFE, or living; to search for whatever this is; that is my literal gift of life itself? Few, answer: yes. Even so; with religion the majority seek an understanding, at least slightly greater than an animal want/ the power of selfishness, as is university/ or the pride of greed and other games so prevalent with a human animal. Is it enough to buy you eternity? NO, but perhaps mercy for some. Because the elemental path into life itself, requires your full commitment; nothing less will survive. If you do not find that life inside of you; the value and respect attributed to truth, love, and MIRACLES: then you die as an animal, rather than being alive as a creation earned; beyond time. An identity cherished, because this one contributes to our eternity.

You have believed your leaders of university; and as a result, believed in evolution, even though they produced no real evidence of any kind. You have believed biology can be mutilated/ species boundaries violated/ global warming without consequences/ poisons dumped by the trillion ton/ resources ransacked and raped/ and even your leaders can “play with the sun” here on earth; as a humanity prepared to simply believe whatever you are told; as the media, and governments, and more are constantly propagating you should do. Without consequences, you don’t want! So the idea, that “we can’t all be wrong”; is as invalid and failed and foolish, as the conclusion a tiny few get to fly off to other planets around the solar system and beyond: by using all your resources and money from the rest/ to gain absolutely nothing. It is simply “a death trip”/ for people without a brain. Reality proves truth, as an expression of the evidence; if you remove expectations/ assumptions/ and the rest want, or pride, or power demands. Truth survives, even if you don’t understand it: lies do not.

THE FOUNDATION ELEMENT OF THIS DAY IS: that you cannot “trample the predator, and win/ nor can you avoid the predator, and win/ because the predator is humanity itself”. As it is clear, you are attacking the earth; and thereby killing this whole living world, with human demands. The only way you survive: is to put the herd behind you, and build a life beyond simply being “want, or pride; drives everything”. Love is a solution, respect is a building platform, truth identifies realities beyond what are simple and plain, trust in nature/ NOT universities/ believe only in life, as proven by miracles/ conceive of a future beyond selfishness or greed/ work together in peace/ find the solutions that accept harmony/ cherish the gift that is your life/ accomplish the passage through thought, that will grant access, to the spiritual world beyond simply being human; as is constructed by “I AM ALIVE”. A concept far beyond time.

No, I am not your leader: because all these things are a personal journey into Creation itself/ a value that is within your heart, if you accept it; as your own true desire. YOUR WORLD will die, without change; so says the evidence of your own truth. Therefore courage should be within your grasp, as the value of this world hangs in the balance to define IF PEOPLE are worth the cost, to save this world. GOD CAN save this world; but THAT WILL NOT be done, without true respect, and fundamental desire, the honesty: of your part. YOU have threatened life and world/ YOU, ARE THE PROBLEM that must be fixed. That part of this life or death for a living world; is up to you. Nobody is going to make you choose for life: YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. As eternity watches, and life fails waiting for better than this, WHAT: “your world by university is god”: is.

The functional element here is: that you have nowhere to run, or hide, from the critical threats you face/ they are overwhelming, and cannot be survived without true human change in you, and “all the rest”. Even just your money, and all the threats that now come with it, for war/ death/ poverty/ starvation/ and more. Because of fraud, lies, stealing, cheating and so on; over an entire world/ because you believed in “Universities can be god”. Is more than enough to kill you all, as weapons of mass destruction will be used (extinction follows); in any major scale war. And then there are the truly BIG THINGS you face! The bribes to “look away/ choose lies”; had consequences, “a thousand years of resources, for life on earth”; are thrown away in your garbage. An entire world in trouble, because you want what you want: and to hell with the consequences: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ is literally all you have chosen for fifty plus years. You should believe your truth. You should at least investigate and prove the price of being wrong. You should protect your world/ this nature/ this existence for life in a galaxy that has precious little. You should stand up for your world, “sign your name” and be visible; as a person demanding this world must not die. Proving we cannot allow these people to be WRONG; because extinction is at stake. And make decisions that are proving LIFE AND PLANET WILL BE FIRST. NOT your individual life/ but life itself, must go on; or the fact will be, “this humanity/ which means you” CHOSE to kill this planet called earth. Because they just didn’t care enough; NOT EVEN enough, to investigate the realities of their lives, and accept this very tiny duty; to a living world. Because “they were believers”; as is the universities are, “our gods”/ and they want no other; to their shame.

I have written enough; the words are powerful enough, to make you understand the cost of being wrong. To make you understand, RESPECT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. I am NOT your savior. I am a messenger, educated and sent: to tell you, investigate your own truth/ or this world shall die. Far sooner than you believe could be true!

That is a decision only humanity itself can make. That is a demand, only humanity itself can establish by facts: that do not include turning away from life. Eternity is watching: and you will be judged, as life OR death.

I can help you with the work, of rebuilding life and planet: but only if you choose TRUTH.

Communicate with each other, find a way: would you not at least try, “if it were money alone”? How much more is an entire planet of life worth? Either way, I did do my job. You do have your chance to survive.

Forty plus years of “fighting with you/ we cannot let this be wrong”; we cannot let respect for life or planet die! Is more than enough to prove, I am not going to be “the great communicator you need”. You want less than truth, I refuse! Belief is not enough!  That, was never my job/ nor my intent: as indicated by the term messenger. I am here to bring you the news, that life will die unless you change yourselves; and respect this world. Want is not enough/ nor is pride, power, or playing god.

Nonetheless, I don’t care, what you believe or don’t believe about me. BUT THAT DOES MEAN, someone else, some other group; must communicate: our world, our humanity, MUST CARE/ about threats that are clearly at the edge of our own extinction. I have never asked you to believe/ but I have always asked you to investigate and prove what is true. That job is now entirely yours; as you do have all the information needed. That is required, because you live as a herd/ you choose as a herd/ you believe as a herd/ and you cannot escape that herd (because loneliness threatens you), unless you discard their belief: for truth. Truth is not a herd event: it is a reality that needs no affirmation or denial, because it is simply true. Truth does not destroy a herd, it merely evidences what our choices should be. Even so, it is apparently impossible for you to consider being “simply human alive”; without the herd’s consent. So then move forward as a herd: to save your world. A predator cares not; as it lives primarily focused on only one single thing.

The spiritual world, has chosen women to be “that group”; who are most entitled, to change this world/ because they have not had their own individual choice; in this world result; as have men. As is indicated by biblical Revelation 12 (standing on a man; as is the interpretation); as is indicated by Revelation 17, (in control over man, as is the interpretation {he cannot refuse}) as is indicated by the prophecy: changed positions; “something new begins”. What comes of it, I do not know; this is fundamentally “an example, that real change, can be true”. It is not, up to me; {freedom has been revoked}. I have all the rights every woman or girl was intended to have as “free life choices”/ but as has been the reality of women and girls; I have no power to enforce, what will or will not be taken from me; without my consent. As history proves men did do. Not my choice, a reversal of my realities; and a complete surprise to me. My demand was: I WILL NOT allow this earth to die without a fight. MY REALITY WAS: man could not save this earth, “after a ten year search”/ therefore I turned to women; and somehow, this is where I am.

Although everything appears “normal”; I feel like a train wreck inside, including the engine off the track. And I am not even allowed to refuse telling you that. Its not depression or sadness or other; its just life changing/ something went wrong. Not gay/ not transvestite/ not other: NOT one single thing I find sexy about male/ absolutely nothing; and as I look at tits on me, there is absolutely nothing sexy or desirable about that either. Its just something went wrong; and I can’t fix it. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Just so its clear: there was never a single second in my lifetime, when I thought I would rather be a girl or woman; not even one/ I Loved male. I admired and respected women for the differences, and thereby the value added to life. Never wanted to be one. Don’t know what this is, or where it goes from here; certainly not my idea, or plan, or temptation, or other. The evidence of life and choices: is right here/ make your own decision, I am through defending my life. Through fighting for yours: join the fight/ do what you can legally do; for life and world, or we all die. END OF this story; until you make a change.

Just so its clear, no delusions: I am 66 years old, without teeth, half bald, “not pretty”; and basically no idea what women might want to do with me; even though things have changed for me. It is a prophecy that has come true: other than an example, GOD can allow things to change on this earth; I have no idea what possible purpose or job would be required of me. Not my decision, but it has become my truth/ I really don’t know why.

This earth stands on the very edge of extinction; which means the right of men to proceed, as leaders; has been revoked as well. It is not so much a choice for women, as a mandate: to try your best. To fight for this world, and you will be aided and abetted for life, and planet to come first.

What I do know is: that the first eleven chapters of Revelation are about men in control, as they have been/ and if you look at our reality, you will see the prophecy is ready to begin: with extinction. As history proves, men always turn to war. Women always suffer more, with war; because the law is discarded to prove “yes we can”.

If you still have no desire, to accept any responsibility for your world, or nature, or a child/ THEN, I have no more to say. The spiritual world is truth/ if you refuse to accept truth; then nothing more can be done for you.

The line between true and false, is not “whatever you want to believe, assume, or even accept as it must be so”. Instead truth identifies reality, and reality then identifies truth/ so says the evidence of what cannot be refuted, other than by lies. We are born into, the truth we accept as valued by our lives/ we die inside from everything measured or judged, other than by law; that takes away value, and is unfair. Love lifts life, by accepting with honest respect, the critical truth life has value. Hate descends from life, by making it a game, and thereby declaring “winners and losers and hell”. The quest for happiness, is not a burden; but the relationship we share, with miracles who care; proving beyond doubt, “far greater than human” did this for us. A gift, beyond compare/ beyond price, is a reason for joy. Depression and all its companions exist, because you want what you do not have. But reality says: the miracle of you, literally is far greater than anything these others have obtained. Therefore it is loneliness, that makes a difference/ and it is loneliness, that you are a participant in: so make someone else s life better, and you will make your own better too. Loneliness is the essence of life without love; therefore an eternity to seek, is an eternity with love/ as anything less, will turn into hell for you. RESPECT YOUR GOD ! Creation is true, and ultimately proven without doubt by the sheer wisdom required, to achieve this world of living creation; so says the evidence, and it is true. Find your soul, it is hidden beneath your heart; where love will find it, as your own relationship with GOD . that is not a religious saying; as religion is fundamentally about believing whatever you want to believe. That is a truth saying, because love has more than value, it is your home.

Reality has proven, I too, sometimes have refused to accept what is clearly true/ because I wanted something else to be true instead. Each time, proved to be a hard lesson, with real consequences; and I learned to let truth, simply be truth. So must you.

Throughout that time, the constant has been: “you are nobody/ you are to be ridiculed, ignored, or feared”. Proving beyond all doubt, that I cannot participate in: life or death for this world, beyond pointing to the evidence (a message, change or die), and demanding “true trial”; to take away the excuses. Alas, you worship your excuses as if they were god; because the consequences have not forced you to change. The universities have made life easy and fun; by avoiding all truth and its consequences in the reality of life or death; and you worshiped them for their lies, and their fantasies. Accepting no consequences for us. But life has consequences, as does every truth: so you stacked them up “like skyscrapers”; and then kept saying as with the water, “poison hasn’t gotten there yet”. Avoiding the truth, once it does: “you can’t live here anymore”. Avoiding the cost of being wrong; as with all big threats; because your media, serves to keep the herd in line/ and the herd keeps the media in line, by not viewing any trouble they might report. Proving you are in this together. Regardless, as animals (we want); you have no future left/ it will fail, and collapse under the pressures of what you did choose to do. As humans being alive: if you don’t act quickly now, your own fate is sealed, as is the death of this world. Because one second too late, when faced with so many horrendous threats of extinction: that there is no turning back. You will face every tragic prediction in the bible, and more. Because that, is what you did choose for your time. That is what you did choose, for your world; and for all future life you become responsible for killing. Not a game, your garbage mountains already declare you responsible: for a thousand years of life, that will no longer be/ even if you survive this day. And humanity says; “worship the universities”/ and ourselves; “we are gods”. To your shame.

It is noted here: that the spiritual world offers an opportunity, but then takes it away, if you do not respond. The same is true, with regard to the opportunities to learn, or accept the consequences of what you have been doing. The failure to respond, takes that opportunity away: just as my life has been used, to add the tiniest bit of “we won’t accept that” for you to judge (we are gods). When you failed, to make life itself: first. Too late, is simply too late. The cause: if you do not care enough/ then you shall not join the truth; because lies are always easier, until they fail.

The reality, simply this: I am locked into the spiritual world, and cannot refuse. But I am locked into, this world of time as well; and cannot avoid the realities of what you do. The critical quest is, only truth survives, but without love, life has no essence. Therefore destiny shapes the conclusion of your own desire, by confronting you with decisions. My decision remains: GOD IS FIRST, JESUS is second, eternity is third, the spiritual woman inside and I are equal; but she owns the right to decide, when the purpose is this world. While reality knows body and life are important, and cannot be discounted in truth. In terms of sheer respect: The rest, is a very distant last.

It is, becoming more clear: that whatever is to be done, from this moment on; will be decided almost entirely by female in me. I did do, the best I could as male/ and failed life and planet; because you refused to participate with me. Simple as that: fear or greed or selfishness, or hate, or want/ pride/ power: coupled with bribes, trinkets, trophies, toys, and games proven to be too much for you to refuse. Whatever female can do, is now what is left in me to participate with; you threw the rest away, with apathy, ridicule, complacency, and fears: shouting simply “we want what we want/ period”. Regardless of the cost, because the universities are your god; and they pretend fantasy is enough/ hiding truth at the foundation levels of life. I cannot comprehend “what female in me is”/ even so, I have tried, and cannot simply abandon this entire world of life or planet. What can then be true, shall become so. Whatever value that sustains, will be do to female inside; “as best we can”; as reality does not give me that choice alone. I do wish you well/ because you are true miracles of life through creation. LIFE IS, at its core, our relationship with energy, through thought. Which does mean, our eternity shall be similar by concept of values. Not a body called time/ but a life called eternal; for those who earn it. YOUR eternal identity, is chosen and shaped, by your eternal truth: that which is the essence of you, by the realities of your own choices. Truth is your witness; for good, or bad. Time is your challenge; to declare for yourselves, what is the foundation desire and purpose of your heart. Love lives in mercy (let us all be friends, as long as we can); let us cherish the miracles, and live the truth. Hate lives in judgment, and it measures life by what can you become: for ME/ or, you are worthless, and the trash. Everything in between these opposites; will dissipate, into nothing left at all; dependent upon mercy, given for you.

As to me; even though I tried to combat it (I will help the young); my frustration level with humanity leaves/ left, no room for excuses. Something broke, that begins to look like; it was male. He just couldn’t do, what this world needed to be done. What is a world worth, “to you”? To me: “I will say simply, I did do, everything I could do; even if it was doomed/ or if it was, all I (just like you) could do.” and people reply; “you are a fool”/ because they believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of the evidence, its truth, or the cost of being wrong. Www.iter.org is only one example of that cost, for all life in existence. As is, they are gambling (like others), with this entire world; forever.

I have completed all my tasks, as male. Whatever is left to be done as “female”; is beyond the scope of knowledge that I possess. It will just have to be, whatever it has to be. Unless you work for life and planet, not at all; in which case we will soon be extinct. When you know that is true, it is FAR too late/ and nothing will change the decision that you made; as is true for eternity as well. Let trial prove the cost of being wrong. Thereby let the evidence decide, what your true choices are. Fight for your world, or you will lose it: simple as that. Get up, work and communicate to identify what is true, make your own decision: and sign your name, to be recognized as working for life in this way. Nobody gets to hide/ nobody gets to run away: nothing is more clear to those statements than those people trying to ignite a nuclear “sun fire” here on earth. One second too late, and this planet will burn; “just like the sun”/ changing the entire solar system; because of you. Because of what you did, or did not do!  WHEN YOU DID, literally have a chance, to make a difference for our world!

Just so its clear: LOVE, is not a solution/ it is an acceptance of value identified by truth/ it is a home, built upon the honesty of courage, the dignity of thought confined to the direction we cherish most/ it is a relationship whose purpose, is a desire founded in joy; that life may be honored, “as grand, delightful, and worth living forever”.

These are elements past survival, which is entirely dependent upon truth; and your ability to not only understand reality, but choose and work for life, by knowledge, wisdom, and respect. NONE of which is occurring today, as university leadership is either a fantasy, a theft, a disrespect, or without true value; and the people play. Because they believe in whatever they are told: because they want “a life without consequences or concern”; simply to play, and never grow up.

TO SAVE this earth, requires both GOD and JESUS ; because reality needs a miracle/ and humanity needs a savior. Miracles prove “the universities are insane, as is the evidence of evolution and much more”. While to be saved means: to be reminded, that life is more important than pride, power, or want; etcetera. To know love, to experience and express forgiveness and mercy, to rise to the occasion required with courage, and to display respect as a foundation of your own life: is elementally dignified and caring. The contrast between love and hate: is what saves those who do or would choose for love. While hate is lost; they do serve to show the living, their price for being wrong. JESUS established love, as a destiny searching for eternity: and it is the basis of “real life humanity” ever since. My journey was to be a messenger, from the beginning; to remind you: only truth can survive/ the consequences of being wrong, is extinction. Because that is what you chose. Whatever GOD allows, will be done. Whatever JESUS led us to accept, as our own value in life; will be understood. If only women are allowed to lead from now on; as a cost of being wrong, to men: a world standing on the edge of extinction. Then that too will happen. Just as, if humanity will not respond to life with respect; our entire world and all its life, will soon be extinct. Even if you believe, whatever you believe: the truth testifies against you, in all the evidence that can be found. That is the essence of the message, the purpose of my time. LIFE OR DEATH, is waiting for your decision; NO, going back in time. One direction only, no excuses allowed. COMMUNICATE, OR DIE!

It seems necessary for me to add: that none are judged based upon the life of any other/ each is an individual standing alone. That means: my efforts, to accomplish my work, for this world or for life or for GOD or JESUS. Cannot be viewed against your own/ or you to me either: because life is an identity we shape, by our own decisions. If your ability is small, but you try hard anyway; then your contribution is great. If your ability is great, but you try little; even accomplishing more than the person who is very limited in that reality of life/ then you have still done less.

It is not your job to measure or judge. It is your job to create the life, and time, that is your own. How it turns out, “like me”; might be completely different than expected. Life has its own plan, be kind enough to accept the grace that is: “our time”. Be kind enough with yourself, to understand; with courage life can rise again. Every life standing without hate, does deserve some level of respect.

Dignity allows, male and female is not a state of mind/ but a reality of dimensional discoveries. Or more distinctly, the value of each is completely separate and different, from the other/ unless combined in a state of union, that is neither male nor female, but equal in concept, and containing true elements of both. It is a binding of trust, rather than a comprehension of truth; as truth must always be “entirely pure, to be valued by its essence”. Instead of that, the very essence of male and female is a joining of life itself, an elemental turning that seeks to share Creation; by enveloping the care necessary to sustain life and body. What is true, then highlights the gift of a home: a place where you serve me, “so that I may rest”/ and I serve you, “so that you may rest”; giving freedom its chance to come “alive” as a soul we share.

As to me, your failures to account for all that humanity has done against this planet, and all the living here; marks a place in time that says, “I need to turn back, and prepare for my own eternity”. Which has been reshaped into a life I have not prepared for. To identify, the critical change that has occurred in me requires the discipline, order, and balance that is crucial to understanding what my “new truth” is. That is a personal journey, and it does NOT include men; in any other way, than what is “normal” behavior for all men. It is NOT gay or lesbian or any other conception of this time; as none of that is real. You are hiding. You are running away from the truth, of a life given to you, that you refuse to commit too. My story is different: I am not hiding or running away from truth. In contrast to refusing change or reality: the complexity of my own existence has altered my own understanding, of what my own life must be; and must now be re-investigated. Simple living, simple participation, simple life is best; giving time the opportunity to educate. As our reality is: time is now short, and eternity comes into view. Because you just didn’t care enough; or more simply “the universities” own your soul. To your shame.

The spiritual woman in me, has provided for: women can join me here, as a passionate group, dedicated to saving this world and all its life; up until July 7, 2020. if you are not enough to count, I won’t participate. If you are many, but lack honesty or purpose, I will leave; and you may have your meeting without me. If you are none, I will understand it as your decision; an honesty that is rare, but sad. If you are what this world requires you to be: then it is strictly about work, and realities that must be found. Beyond the scope of that elemental search for life; I do not expect to see you here/ as I have given you a lifetime; and the ending search for my own “changed eternity”: is dedicated to me. That is not a restriction, it is simply: if you have no true value, searching for life/ then you have no place here with me. Other than “simply living life” as people do.

I retain the right to decide: “you” are not functionally or fundamentally able to achieve anything of value, there is no true purpose for life; and thereby have no right to proceed on the property I own.

The functional element of “a broken male”; lends itself to understanding, I do not war with children/ which means male cannot fight for life anymore. Nor do I war with hate; let the laws do that. That then becomes the alternative, which is ultimately “what would a mother do”/ as reality states, “I don’t have all the pieces to be female”. So I cannot be that. On the other hand, I do, and as reality proves, I have been functioning physically, as a mother (save the children); even though I did not know that at the time. Its complicated; you proved to be “children instead of adults”. A reality that requires a very significant adjustment in me. Although there is not time for that; so, the battle ends here.

This is a spiritual dilemma, for me; because unlike love in its purity, whereby the equality of each represents a value that honors freedoms first. I have lost freedoms, and the value of female rises above. Love becomes one-sided, but not without value; it is a reality without a distinct connection to my own elemental truth. Or more simply, although not lost; I am forced to consider the possibilities of a different life. Even though, I don’t yet know what that might be. “its complicated”/ honestly, it is. The construction of it, is either a dimensional change; or a completely different tier in the elevations of life itself. “I think/ or we think/ or some different form of thought”; as in I just don’t know.

The only real fundamental difference between us, “that I can see”; is fifty plus years ago, when I realized this entire living world was in danger of extinction by men and their universities: I had to grow up/ regardless of the cost to me. While the vast majority said: “if we just get a university diploma; we can be rich”. And the difference was: you became rich at the cost of your world/ by ultimately leading to the death of your own children. While I chose to be poor, because the education was most important; to make you understand the reality of what you chose. I believed: you just didn’t understand. But I was wrong, you just didn’t want to understand; because that spoiled the games. I was certain: learning the cost of being wrong with “fusion”/ would turn you back; but alas, you are believers, as is whatever we want, will be true. It is just not so! Today we part; unless you find your soul.

There is, one final thing. The reality of a meeting here, instead of wherever life would make that gathering simple and easy; is exactly for that reason. No luxuries/ no distractions/ no let the world get it for you mentality: because to save this world means, all things common to what has been done, “in the last fifty plus years” must be changed. LIFE AND PLANET MUST COME FIRST; and that does not include all the tragedies which now confront you with extinction. Only true choices, based in reality, as is governed by the facts of life and living on this earth as a living chain of every life can lead. You come/ you give up, the things which make you extinct. You rearrange and rebuild and earn the living that must be accepted, in order for life and planet to go on. I will not lead/ I will help you understand your choices; because if it is not humanity itself, choosing for life; then you are guaranteed to fail.

The realities of that, DO; require you to start making choices “today”/ or you fail if any numbers would arrive. As in, it literally takes a million women; just to have a true chance. While you may hook up with communications around the world; and must/ it still takes a physical group large enough to represent the rest; here, where reality does not let you simply remove yourself from the truth of what must be chosen. And just one, of the very big choices you will make is: that population control, is in the hands of women/ but it is NON-OPTIONAL. You will make that choice for zero population growth or less; or the earth is lost.

Yes, you do have to grow up now/ or life itself will die from this earth; because reality will force it extinct. That is where the universities have led.

For anything less: “please don’t bother me”.

IF THAT IS NOT COMPLETELY CLEAR/ THEN, understand this: the war of men to resolve their differences is, to take whatever they want, by discarding the laws, and using force. THIS IS THE WAR OF WOMEN; and it requires you to understand, to resolve your differences, is to rebuild the law, and then use the force of truth; to remove the power which makes that war necessary. Pride is an enemy, and will not be tolerated.

Just because its necessary: with regard to diabetic insulin. They still make the same insulin’s that were used with very good results for the last sixty years; for about a dollar a day. I knew people who took it for at least thirty, with no known important, side effects. Which means: just because marketing has made you believe, “the new is better”; that does not mean, what is past the patent protection date is bad. Take what you can afford, and live for another day. The proof it works, is well documented; and you don’t have to go bankrupt to do it/ or face unnecessary consequences just because of money. The reason media doesn’t tell you that: is quite simply, “the drug companies, are their biggest source of income”; and they don’t want to make them mad; even if you die.  Marketing should not determine health.


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