three things


Three things matter, to the future of this world. They are critical, because they determine everything else.

  1. WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, RULES THIS EARTH; therefore we the people of this earth must make that law for ourselves/ as best we can. It is not about leaders/ this is about law.
  2. WHOSOEVER CONTROLS THE RESOURCES, controls the life and destiny of others/ because without resources there is no work, no life, and no future; for you, or any child or life.  Which includes the end of all extreme experimentation/ the end of all biological mutilation or changing DNA/ the end of poisoning this earth; and more worldwide; or you have no chance. And the universities will say: “we want what we want/ we are going to do great things for you”! Just like they have been saying for fifty years: and they did: they created, helped, or claimed, every path to extinction possible for humans to do.
  3. WITHOUT THIS EARTH, WE HAVE NO HOME; and will be abandoned to the hate you chose when attacking the very world we must live in for our lives. Therefore the decision which protect life, planet, nature, ocean, atmosphere, forest, and all that creation did give; as value to life: MUST NOT BE WRONG. No more gambling with life, nature, or planet, or you lose this very world.

Three things determine whether you can keep this earth from human destruction. They are critical, because they determine what the possibilities shall become.

  1. THERE MUST BE WORLD LAW; to rule over leaders, and make them obey our laws; as assigned by our vote; as we the people of this world shall create. That means the military of every nation; SHALL be limited, and weapons of mass destruction shall be removed from threat.
  2. THERE MUST BE RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO ENFORCE THAT LAW: therefore “only the best” from all versions of life, and every nation; shall occupy that position/ which will determine life or death for our world. None shall remain more than a period of ten years/ the vast majority, “only two”.
  3. THERE MUST BE ACCEPTANCE FOR REALITY, BY ITS TRUTH; so there is no excuse for not obeying the laws we create. That means literally, there shall be “a world viewed, public courtroom”: wherein the evidence shall be presented, and the realities of being WRONG shall be known. Trial then becoming the proof: you shall obey this command/ this decision: of we the people.

Three things determine if you can survive yourselves; and not become the fatalities you so deeply deserve. It is critical, because you have been foolish, cowardly, selfish, and blind.

  1. Democracy means: we shall determine our own fate, by laws; through the contract we create to govern ourselves; as a nation or world. But it does NOT mean: you are allowed to rape, ravage, destroy, and ransack the future of every child/ as you have been doing. You will then divide democracy into three parts: decisions, that must be made right now to survive. Decisions that must be made for the future to survive “a thousand years”. And decisions that will be made, to enhance and protect life: “from people like you”. A reality created by your own threats of extinction: prove the evidence is wrong/ or obey the truth of your failure. LIFE OR DEATH; is your decision; the middle is removed.
  2. Limited capitalism IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY; because excessive power given or allowed to any individual: is WAR. Because extremely few, can survive the pride. You will choose by vote: the limits of your reward as a world/ so that this nation or that one cannot say “come here, for the money”.
  3. The destiny of this earth is assembled and sustained by truth. Therefore the education of what is true, shall be removed from the universities who created extinction for us all. And given to whosoever proves capable of teaching life, what life needs to know in order to survive, be happy, and assemble the values which make living possible; by keeping the order of this earth, as it was made to be: in balance. That requires discipline and respect. That requires a separation of hate from love; so that peace will be found in love/ and war will end the assembly of hate. That requires: you have nearly destroyed the foundations of food in the ocean/ and that food source is absolutely critical to you: so you will feed the ocean with dead human bodies. Prepared in such manner, that it is acceptable to sea life; or you will die: because you have already destroyed so much.WE THEN EXAMINE THE TRUTH ABOUT CHANGE, in human competition/ as all strife/ nearly all prejudice/ and roughly everything else, including civil rights, women’s issues and more; is about that competition. Just imagine a world yelling: I WANT MORE/ I WANT TO WIN: and the masses of; “humanity are revealed”.Because the end result of it is: the rich cannot be rich/ if they share. And they want to be rich; as do all the people who believe they can become rich, if they just control the resources someone else will need. As is done to them. When more people come: more resources are controlled/ and less opportunity to be free presents itself: because wealth, is nearly entirely the result of who controls the resource; which includes knowledge, weapons, and more. CHANGE MEANS: SOMEONE OR EVERYONE, IS GOING TO LIVE DIFFERENTLY BECAUSE OF THIS. And only the poorest say: “that will be great/ let it be me”. All the rest say: I WON’T, give up nothing/ let someone else pay. To enforce that war erupts, as the battle to insure: they will pay for this, goes into the lawless declaration, “I will do whatever I want”/ whether you like it, or not. SO THE CRITICAL TOOL IS: when we agree that a law is necessary and justified, and will benefit ME TOO/ then the war is strictly between those who are in control, and those who are being controlled. Since those people being controlled, are also soldiers/ policing/ and more: the battleground becomes political, and the war becomes a question of how do we install and secure “our chosen law/ as created by our chosen votes”? The answer to that is: with limited capitalism, the power to organize disobedience to that law, is removed: but only if the enforced laws and rules already in place, can be discounted or destroyed. So that democracy (we decide by our own vote) becomes disentangled from the power to control. Only the law should have power. Thereby the law rules, and not people who claim to be “government” but are not. In democracy the constitution is government, and the employees; are in fact employees, rather than “kings or queens or other”. THE FOUNDATION OF CHANGE IS THEN BUILT UPON THREE DISTINCT THINGS.
    1. Without resources to use or protect, you will fail. Therefore the resources are going to decide if competition can be mediated. Because without work, or the ability to survive as is dependent upon key resources: only war/ or death by other means is left. Go learn the truth about resources, and then establish a reality that can be defended for life and earth: or the competition will consume you. Just as soon as any real test of survival or loss of what I want occurs among the many. Population control is an even greater cause of war; because here is an enemy, particularly if they do not look like me: I can then defeat/ to make my life better.
    2. WORLD LAW is required; because those people and places who will not respect their foundation truths with regard to environment, resources, and population: must war, or immigrate to survive. Immigration means: “we want/ but we don’t want to change; even though that is why we must move”. World policing means: NOBODY gets to ignore or discard their own truth. As in the world of we the people by our laws, and by our policing as a world: shall keep these inside their own nation. Or as designed by world vote; with a clear understanding of who is going to pay, and what is going to be given or not. Weapons of mass destruction must then be removed; because it is the end of our planet if you do not.
    3. The most elemental of all human truth is: male humanity has solved all its problems by creating a war/ so as to kill, and to take, an to rebuild; thereby creating new jobs with resources that are no longer available. That day is over; or our lives will not survive: because there is little more. ITS ALL IN YOUR GARBAGE MOUNTAINS. Without war, we must share. To establish sharing, you must care and be friends with each other through respect. To accomplish that as a fact, there must be an environment of happiness and peace, where everybody has enough. Where hate is removed, so that love can become the place we live; and the value we seek. What it really means as well is: “more is dead”/ replaced by enough, with friends: which is functionally called the competition is over. So the critical truth becomes: HOW, does human life on earth, CHANGE from “let’s take all we can get, let war decide/ and to hell with the destruction”: we want what we want! INTO A LIFE AND LIVING; that is sharing and caring about all things, with respect leading the way: because love, is now our way?
      1. THE ANSWER IS: inside of yourselves, as this is simple now: either you change for love comes first, thereby protecting life and environment and all that has value, including yourselves. OR YOU DIE, with war and horrors from all sides/ as is the edge: of all the evidence, pointing to where you are, right now. Including biblical prophecy has been revealed. The apocalypse: water wars, NOT enough. Armageddon: nature in chaos/ from genetic mutilation/ weapons of mass destruction/ the earth itself, becoming HELL; as is “fusion”/ artificial intelligence, as will pick you individually for death, and keep you from everything you need to survive/ resource loss/ ocean life extinction/ global overheating/ atmospheric detachment: the winds accelerate/ mass extinction of life/ and so much more; it proves you are pathetic, and drowning in your own insanity. Because the universities are your god. In case reality is not clear to you: by building the laws which rule over society ourselves/ we eliminate politics. NOT more than one hundred primary “single page” laws are required. And then we need only the people hired to insure that our laws are being kept as intended. The government is the law, and the constitutional contract which unites us as a nation or world. By limiting the military through world law, in all nations/ the need for weapons dissipates; and the reality of power becomes an illusion; with exceptions. The military exists for only three reasons: to invade another country/ to defend against another country invading us/ or to quell and control any invasion from within the country we own, as our own. When world policing stops any country from invading another: the military has little to do, and its weapons and its excuses and its money spent: is not needed. A nation that allows a large military presence within its own borders; is not in control over itself. Because the laws that govern it are not sufficient and enforced. Fix the law, and you remove the military. Throughout this world: a law is a law, AND it does, or is intended to: govern the same throughout all of humanity. Therefore what works for one nation, works for them all: world law/ national law; and a tiny few rules such as “everybody on this side of the road goes in the same direction”; and we need only teach that law to everyone, so nobody has an excuse. The foundation of friendship is: that we choose to love each other/ instead of hate each other; everything else is survival, and that is understood by us all. Without friendship we war, because you mean nothing to me/ nor I to you. Without friendship and respect for this earth or its life: “you throw it all away”/ as is so obvious in this USA. A reality not entirely the fault of universities; but make no mistake, they led us here, with abject and total disregard for life or the future or this earth. As is the trademark of true arrogance, and blind rage against life itself. They hate you, and you worship them: because hate builds hate/ just as love builds for love. Love is an environment/ while trust is the door; a reality that can be used against you/ so be careful, who you accept as valued. In this USA the foundations of love, are very weak; but still exist. The curse of hate continues to grow; and will soon overtake life here, because of all the catastrophe’s put into place by the universities: they will soon erupt in a tsunami of failures. So a dam has to be built quickly, or the entire nation will be swept away. While all the people say: “we are doing great (because they believe, and media tells them to worship the university; so they do)”/ yet lift the cover, and worms are eating their flesh. A dam means: a trial, whereby truth is laid out for all to see, and the evidence is proven “for life/ or for death; with no option in between; because the price for being wrong, will not allow it. The tragedy of human existence is competition/ which rises with every new member that needs to be fed. In other words: it does matter, when the population rise cannot be sustained, because the reality of environment cannot support those numbers. So people immigrate, and consume all habitat as their own/ without changing anything that created the trouble in your life. The immigrant demands: treat me equally/ I deserve more/ give me what I want; as do we all. Yet if you watch, the immigrant never returns that favor, because they choose themselves over the others/ just like the majority does. They want more, and they intend to keep more for themselves (us first)/ using prejudice to enforce it; just like the majority does do too. The constant is then: just like in the animal world, things go better when the separation of species does not compete with each other. And so on, as life proves again and again and again. It is hate, that brings us all into the chaos that are proven threats of extinction on all sides. Chaos is the god of evolution/ the god of university: learn the lesson. It is love that brings life forth from chaos, so that it can survive by understanding this is a choice; and we need not surrender our lives/ because the damned lose, or want to lose; theirs. Three things keep humanity from living within the laws created by the majority.
        1. Politician means: the human art of slithering and sliding past the laws created (by making new laws)/ thereby giving power to the few who are intent upon “winning the game”.
        2. The righteous: which means those who are intent upon controlling another group, to the benefit of their own; by laws or any other means, they create rules. And every nearly every rule is the purpose of controlling you, not me.
        3. The believer: which means, “I want what I want/ and nobody can stop me from my purpose, which is to deny reality, discard truth: and demand what I want is truth”. These refuse reality by the evidence, and change, or control the world with their lies. Because truth itself, does not matter: the fortress/ or herd is, “we believe”.

        The construction of a new society, and thereby a new world is: to keep clean the laws humanity itself shall make/ by denying politicians the right to make any law, or determine any method of payment or taxation; by controlling that for ourselves. A percentage of taxation is then determined by vote; to be dedicated only to this or that/ no exceptions/ no transfer of funds/ no creation of debt. Payments: “are an open book”; that anyone can see.

        Competition breeds righteousness, because if they cannot find another way to “win the game”; the curse of society will seek to make rules; so they can win, by cursing you with endless delusions. The reality is: we must share, because we are too many to survive any other way; and that means the game is over: and pride will cry, scream, and fight to survive. Be prepared.

        The believer is a herd animal; seeking by belief to hide from all potential attack/ by refusing to think or accept responsibility for their own decisions. Faith is the opposite of that: which means to align yourselves with thought, and protect the truth as our only defense for survival; by making decisions that let truth itself decide. NOT want. The story tellers of university, find a tiny bit of truth; and fill in the blanks with their delusions; they are not leaders to life/ but to death. Because the burden of their lies, and their failures; is greater than their contribution.

        There are three things which support society or condemn it to repeat the past.

        1. The most destructive element in society is the courtroom/ whereby the powerful corrupt, to maintain power over democracy. To subjugate any form of freedoms with their rules.
          1. Every courtroom MUST be opened entirely to the public and broadcast as a matter of fact; without the judiciary or lawyer or others allowed to decide who, what, or when: so that every trial is subject to the potential, if not the reality of community involvement.
          2. Every official in the judiciary or its practicing lawyers: is subjected to a grading system; whereby each is accounted for in every trial. Any lawyer/ judge/ etc who does not measure up to what democracy demands through constitutional directions: shall be disbarred, and not allowed to return. We stand for democracy, and so much they; or they are removed.
          3. It is not the county judge that gets elected/ but the supreme courts on down, that get elected by the people themselves; as corruption is grown, by insuring those at the top do whatever the powerful want them to do. And that means those at the top, are commonly most corrupt.
        2. The critical role of policing is: to accomplish a value that society needs, to insure justice is not given to just a tiny few; but to all. Any deviation from that chore, is a burden to all of society itself.
          1. To accomplish justice; only what is necessary and justified is allowed. To establish throughout society and all policing; is the reality of a “bill of rights”/ that clearly identify what a police officer is allowed to do; and what a citizens rights and responsibility is to be required of them in the search for what grants us all peace, through fair play.
          2. A gun should not be loaded with lethal bullets: for the first three rounds: these should be a deterrent/ NOT life or death. Which gives to all including the police a chance to be wrong. Three shots take less than a second; and it is not too much to ask.
        3. The criminal assault upon society that is open felony theft, and the intent to enslave society itself, MUST BE ENDED. There is NO resolution of fact, that involves extreme payments to the legal industry.
          1. That means: every type of complaint, and its compensation if any; must be aligned with reality/ and not subject to the whim of a court, or the disgrace of a jury. Choose what you are willing to pay for/ and set the price accordingly; by understanding, nothing is free. YOUR price will simply go up/ as it would be attacking you as a society destroyed; if not for the constant inflation and debt creation of the insurgency that has destroyed your economy already due to numbers without meaning. In this USA; there is no wealth left/ all that exists is the ransacking and rape of every child; by destroying their future with your greed.
          2. The summary of policing and the legal industry is simply this: the more society depends upon lies to keep itself from drowning in the sewage created by university leads/ university knows/ university gets anything they want; and as media enforces, “YOU CAN’T question the universities”. The farther from reality you get, and the greater the curse will be when it ends; as all lies do end/ taking far more than they gave. Because every lie, is a theft in one form or another.
          3. While I do spend time, simply writing for whoever is willing to listen or think: the reality is constant, that universities across this world continue in their fantasy, “that nothing bad can happen; because at its worst; they will simply learn not to do that anymore, or find a way to accomplish anything they believe they can do”. That is not truth or reality; as fantasies have replaced the value of life and earth: with the assertion “we can play god/ or look at what we have done”. Which includes mutilating genetic materials/ attempting to create the same energy source here as is on the sun/ endless poison, with no place to dump it except where the water can be contaminated/ endless humanity, with an entire world suffering due to that very cause/ global warming; and very much more. You will soon learn: that university fantasies have in fact created consequences this world can no longer mediate/ causing all life to be exterminated due to their arrogance, greed, selfishness, and more. Even an entire planet lost, a solar system changed forever: because the end result of human indifference/ human pride, and absolute thirst for power is, EXTINCTION. No you cannot put back, what the universities destroyed. No you cannot turn the clock back, to when life ruled this planet. No you cannot survive what humanity itself chose to do; by releasing the universities to play god with our world. You can only die; by the method which will take you first. Proving beyond all doubt or mercy: that you chose to end life on earth: because you didn’t even care enough, to question bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. Believing in, and worshiping your gods of universities so much; that you turned blind/ deaf/ dumb/ and without a brain. To your eternal shame. It is not me that condemns you; it is the evidence of your own truth, and the consequence: you did know enough to question at least the intent to ignite an energy source here, that burns your skin from over 90 MILLION MILES AWAY, IN SUMMER. An energy source that heats an entire solar system; a reality of pure fantasies designed by university; that can easily be disputed and proven wrong. Yet nothing passes beyond the delusion, “we believe”/ and its complete disrespect for truth, reality, or the GOD WHO DID CREATE YOU. As you wallow in chaos, the cost of university knows; the true university god worshiped by humanity, you chose: there will be no mercy, as that is what you chose. The cost of igniting “sun fire” here; as with so many other threats created by universities: is extinction by horror, with the terror of radiation forcing you into the ground. Where sticking your head beyond the rocks is instant death; as you wait to be incinerated/ even though you believed that could not happen here. Reality says it will, because you can look at the sun/ you can feel its heat/ and absolutely, irrefutably know: that is a truth no fantasy will defeat. Unlike the university delusions, which are literally “a bed of lies”. To your shame, you are silent. I spent forty+ years fighting for you/ and none helped enough to commit “even a name” to the work: because you are believers. And as all religion knows: a believer has closed the door to truth, so that he or she can hide from reality; and never make an important decision again. I have drug “believers” out of their prison cells before; with truth. But in a tiny few moments, they simply scurry back inside; because they want what they want/ and reality is never that. Reality is what it is/ and want is what it is not; therefore they are opposites; and do to bribes created by university counterfeiting of currency/ endless debt/ and complete fear of the prejudice called “university knows; you are nobody”; humanity hides and runs away. It is exactly like: knowing your house is on fire/ and running into the closet to hide. The same result is coming; only worse; and there will be no fire department to give you hope. Extinction means forever ended. Or, “all hope is dead”. To your shame. Or more simply: what are you going to do, “when an earthquake strikes; and all the gas, the poisons, the catastrophe’s of realities you chose instead of protecting the water supplies; is released to destroy what you need to survive”? And that does not even include the cost of over population, which includes the ending water supplies of large cities. Answer war, with a severity never before in the history of this earth. What are you going to do: when war brings the sudden release of weapons of mass destruction/ or a terrorist strike releases just one; or a university made biological weapon is released on purpose/ or a hundred more realities already on the edge; to insure you go extinct. What are you going to do: when the biological mutilation of DNA, which is the construction of nature as a body of life can no longer function/ and life itself is being crucified by the failures of discipline, order, balance and more: because the universities worship chaos, and their intent is to make “new versions of life” by destroying the life we have through DNA destruction. Opening every door, so that the diseases of one species become the diseases of all species throughout this world; by mixing DNA for the singular purpose of “lets see what happens”. Answer; you go extinct.The curse of universities is a failure of all things associated with thought. They rely upon what they want, and destroy the rest without conception of truth. Evolution being only one part of their insanity. As is proven by: a human baby is a creation that relies upon a very wide array of specific chemicals delivered in just the right way, at just the right times, and with “the factory” which builds and delivers each of these things as needed. The reality required for that building; is then deliberately assigned by an endless conception of decisions, timing, communications, and much more: or life, and its completion of the project called a body; does not emerge intact, or at all. The interference of just one thing, at just the wrong time; and all of it dies. And that is only one tiny part of the process or elemental construction of what you did receive, as a body, in the search to become alive. Yet the universities, in their subjection of humanity for the purpose of playing god with life, assume life is so small, “something changed” and presto magic occurred; adaption is all there is. Without the slightest thought, order, balance, discipline, truth or any structure of life or earth of reality, needed at all. To their eternal shame; and you worship them; thereby you too. Consider how many million or billion lines of coding (how damn smart you think you are to accomplish that after thousands of years, humanity has been here). You require how much reality; for your phone, or television to work; is that adaption/ and if it is, is that all there is to it? And you consider vision; and even an entire body to be less: DAMN FOOL. Every muscle has to be tied to structure, and ordered in a very specific way/ every joint has to be lubricated or it fails/ every organ has to be placed and hung/ every valve is specific to its job/ every bone is individually manufactured and delivered and grown in a body that shapes itself as an equal but opposite sides joined as one. Just how many sensors does it take, to know where someone else touches your body? How much must a brain literally do, for you to function at all? And everything MUST “get along”. According to universities: that is nothing, but adaption/ and adaption has no thought (just didn’t need it) assigned at all: “its just magic”. Or more correctly its just sewage, as universities everywhere are merely the latest version of another religion; trying to remove reality so as to play god themselves. Find a brain! Or how about when the lies and liars of your money supply; must now face truth and reality; as people who believed they were secure/ are faced with “none of this is real”. Answer: hate will consume this world. Or when the children learn: their resources for the future, were deliberately destroyed by their parents; in an all-out battle to prove who can win the most; just so they could throw it all away. Which includes, every life, and every child with it; because no resources, is no life. To your shame; along with so much more: pathetic, and blind is your truth.When reality does not matter, any fool can be right; because its all just an imagination without meaning. Truth does not rely upon imagination or theory; it is literally what it is/ and bares no resemblance to what you want. Only the evidence decides, and that evidence must be sure, or it becomes a path: to the eternal dimensions of a search for life. The critical evidence of time concludes: the universities have no basis or reality in fact to associate a billion years with life/ they have discarded reality in terms of identifying the age of the universe itself: as the big bang OBVIOUSLY had a central point, where the explosion began. If our earth, or its life as is claimed; is a billion years old: then the sun had to burn a billion years. The sun burns fuel, as is recognized in radiation and heat. That means the sun had to be “greatly bigger”/ and with much more heat and radiation than is known. While all dating methods rely upon perfection in the elements/ perfection is not known to exist, in this world: imperfection is. Which denies the reliability of assertions identifying age. What we do know by the evidence is: those who claim to be smart; throughout millennia have declared “they know”; about everything/ and yet were proven wrong; about nearly all. Again and again and again to this very day.LOVE, is an environment that builds within hope, to identify and create the substance called value. Value is at its core, a distinction that elevates life into new and elemental treasuries; giving life its desire to continue even into eternity. Because the blessing of a shared validity to the essence of our discovery; that is recognized through caring results in “family: we walk” through this universe as one. Or more distinctly there is now a purpose to our existence, as is displayed by the choice: “you are more important to me, than life”. The essence being, even if “I can touch the stars/ or wander throughout this universe at a whim”; all of it cannot compare with loving you. Therefore time ends, and love illuminates the value of life, by the living we share as one. In the courage required to accept; the body of nature will end. It is love that assembles a trust so significant; our truth remains. Truth is at its core, eternal; because truth can never be changed/ even if it can be covered up with repentance. What is eternal, can be found. Hope is the essence of that search, the core principle that rises above death, to ascend into happiness. Whereas happiness is the meaning of life itself; as we change from moments into creation, beyond time. We then shape ourselves, by our own truth. We distribute ourselves within creation confronted, by trust. We become alive: by acceptance of the values in love, that design our existence. We achieve the core resolution of life itself, by accepting the boundaries of energy; as reality proves it must be. Male and female prove: we are more when two are combined as one/ dissolving loneliness, to attain “our home”. But only when truth and honesty, direct our hearts to achieve the value of soul (love cherished, without flaw).There is not love without truth/ only the seed of it, can exist. There is no growth without honesty; the desire to search for what love can become. There is no purpose until value is known and accepted. Which means: if only want is visible, it hides a lie. That lie being, a demand to own what they did not earn. Love cannot be bought, but it can be stolen. Therefore the essence of human existence, the reality of human male and female behavior; is to discover, the disciplines of truth/ the order of reality/ and the balance that becomes our relationship aligned with life. Eternity offers, the experience and expressions of love/ OR, hate as it descends into terrors beyond the grave. The unfortunate truth of what is in between these two elements of time; will dissipate and vanish unless mercy provides a home. So the quest is: to attain enough purity of life, by its essence formed through love, to become true to the values which sustain our desire to remain alive. Those who achieve it, find “an opening door”. Those who war against it, find the chaos they chose.Only when want turns into desire, does a lie (time is not life) become the presence of a spiritual door. That beginning, identifies your choice to search for truth. Without distinct purity, every truth becomes a trap; because it will provide the opportunity to reshape that path with options that are not consistent with truth. So the critical element in becoming spiritual is: that only truth itself, can decide/ or you will be lost. Mercy allows for being wrong/ but it does not allow for lies: if you fail to search for truth, you will be abandoned or taught “this is wrong”. We all fail to be pure to our search for love. We all fail to be perfect in our understanding of what truth is. We all need mercy to survive, as is the essence of why creation exists: to accomplish love, through values recognized. Your choice is: to identify what is true in you; because only truth will survive beyond time/ nothing less is functionally alive.It is pride that hates me; because you want what you want “for free”/ and that is impossible to achieve. While it is true, each one can in fact travel the same path as did I; to accept whatever truth will teach to you/ very few do. Life is not a game; pride hates that most of all; because they cannot win/ nor can they resolve to obtain revenge and prove you will lose too.

            Power hates me as well; because the relationship of life with truth, does not allow for power to rule/ only what is true. The element of love is not within the desire of power to achieve/ therefore, denial is constant.

            The cost of university is; “without an answer” you lose/ as is the constant to all religion. So they makeup an answer “to save themselves, the embarrassment of not “being gods”. Hate arises, and that becomes: “I will prove (in their own mind), I can be god”/ by doing something only “a god” can do. They hate me too; because reality accepts no god other than our Creator/ as is proven by the miracles of life, so far beyond ourselves; that it is impossible not to accept THE ESSENCE OF, GOD IS TRUE .

            Belief is not enough, as it is constantly proven true; “you can literally believe anything you want”. Belief becomes a prison when you seal off the world, so that is cannot change your mind. Faith is equal too: truth by the evidence of our reality, as is “life is a miracle expression of thought, and energy combined.”

            We now, come to the end of the line: which is, that life itself on this planet earth shall not survive, without true human change in all manner of truth by reality standards. The universities cannot sustain you; as they have proven to be: the worst enemy (threats of extinction surround us) that life on earth ever had. That means: you must make a decision. The choice is: LIFE, and EARTH; MUST COME FIRST; IN ALL THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. What can be reversed, must be reversed. What is nature and planet must be protected. What is respect throughout this earth, must be found/ without want. Instead truth must lead; “as best we can”.

            If you do not: we all become extinct. That is not a belief/ rather it is a reality of the evidence that cannot be pushed aside. Therefore, I have asked you to establish a trial: to prove what is true/ to prove what is the cost of being wrong/ to prove, the future can survive/ to prove what has value, from what does not.

            I cannot save you, from yourselves: only you can do that. Because you are the threat; by the choices you have made. There is NO: “we know what GOD will or will not do”! It is a lie. We do know what the evidence can prove, that is a truth. Make your decision; because time has run out: past the point of no return, you will have NO decision to make/ as you chose extinction. And must then pay the price, as is reality without mercy; because that was your own decision/ or you worked for life instead. This is no game: the evidence will prove that. You cannot hide from a nuclear fire, the sun proves that. You cannot repair what has been destroyed forever/ and the universities are trying hard to destroy life, by playing god. Therefore time to do that very thing, has run out.

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