the future

the future

We examine the future, for reality.

Unless there is are pandemic’s; which are terrible things, that have no mercy in them. The reality is: we are now a crowded world. Which will face the truth of all that human “university worship” did not do for life! The only question is: how many pandemic’s/ and how many other massive, or extreme threats to all life on earth will be required of us all; due to university decisions. The list is very long, and there is no way to tell: if our extinction as a world, has already past the point of no return. Due to the constant religious worship of: “university Knows”/ as is propagated in every form: “believe they are god”; by media, government, and more.

That now has become functionally irrelevant; because the reality of excess in all categories of life is without question; utterly at the crisis point. Which means the list of consequences that have been mediated by nature and natural processes; will soon fail completely; leaving our world in biological chaos. As is the prediction of Armageddon.

But that is only the beginning of all the universities, and human want have done. Threatening the drinking water supply in all ways/ overwhelming all of nature with human population increases/ weapons of mass destruction/ oxygen depletion (below a percentage drop, every life will notice). And then comes all the resources lost to your garbage mountains. “just to start”!

Nonetheless, we can no longer stop all these things from occurring: we can only hope to contain the disasters they will bring/ by ascending from the fantasy and failures of universities; into a reality of thought that is not based entirely in want, greed, pride, power, jealousy, revenge, theft, betrayal and all the rest, nearly every university is.

That said, the reality is this:

  1. NO, you cannot continue to have whatever you want; because the world we live on cannot sustain itself anymore; because of you, and all the humanity surrounding you. Because of what they do, as do you. Let the world live, by making choices for life comes first/ or we all die, because you refused.
  2. NO, you cannot continue to believe whatever you want; because war will come/ and all our lives will be over; as reality proves weapons of mass destruction will not be survived. That means: IT IS, absolutely necessary to find understanding, by evidentiary knowledge, the acceptance of verified truth, and the assembly of facts that support an element called wisdom: rather than belief.
  3. NO, you cannot assume to take whatever you want “as packs of predators do/ or consume as herds of livestock take ”. Accept the disciplines of being human, and discard “the human animal”; or there will be no future for life on earth. That first discipline is: truth must decide/ NOT want. The second: life is not a game/ therefore pride ends. The third: power shall not rule anymore/ limited capitalism shall rule by your vote.
  4. NO, money shall not decide anymore. Which means a new system of governing and economy must rise. To understand the future is VERY SIMPLE: without resources we all die, as does this world. Without a functioning bio-sphere of life: we all die/ as does this world. Without nature and all its chains operating intact so as to feed us, and keep us alive: we all die/ as does this world. Without oceans that sustain its life; we all starve and go to war/ because nothing less than a healthy ocean will prevent that. Or its cannibalism.
  5. We turn to governing: which means, either the laws we create for ourselves to all live by will rule us/ or there will be no laws that survive, and the carnage will become horrendous. Whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation or world: who then but ourselves, can do that? One life/ one vote; pay the price.
  6. We search economy, to find: a maximum amount of people/ with a minimum amount of resources .Your constant assertion is: “we will just go get more”! But your truth is: 8 billion people throw a tremendous amount of resource away; and you know it! So you know the solution just as clearly as do I: we must share/ or we fight to the death. You cannot share unless you care. Which means a deliberate and real attempt for human beings to become friends: MUST BE MADE. Nothing is more deliberate of that, than is male to female relationships that last. Which means a true review of reality WIDE RANGING change in human behaviors must be accomplished; we all die/ as does this world.
  7. Little is more certain than population control MUST BE ACHIEVED; throughout this entire world. To assemble and create that: every nation must be required to control its own people/ and achieve that population control; or you shall not immigrate anywhere else; until you do. Failure means: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM/ and you will fix it yourselves; or you will face your chosen truth, without mercy.
  8. Every military shall be trimmed down so that it no longer threatens the world or nations surrounding it. There shall be world law, world policing, and a world court governing leaders, by the rules we the world shall make to rule over them/ just as they, or even more so; rule over us.
  9. This planet does not survive by your assumptions: it lives by truth and consequences and nature as it was engineered to be. NOT THE DAMNED FAILURE OR FANTASY of a university satan, commanding you to destroy it; by submitting fraud, betrayal, and terrorism. Along with all the other threats of the dead inside as these leaders have become. THE PLANET COMES FIRST TOO; as must life itself: they are inseparable! You will choose to insure YOU CANNOT be WRONG/ rather than listen to the sewage of humanity claiming “you can’t prove its bad; UNTIL THE EARTH, OR ITS LIFE; IS DEAD”. You will find your brain OR; we all die/ as does this world.
  10. NO human being is god, unless you look directly at the universities and their intent to destroy this entire living world: they can in fact claim to be “SATAN”. A religious word; but you do understand its meaning. So there are no delusions about the truth of failure and fools in charge.
  12. RESPECT GOD or you will be “horrified”! RESPECT JESUS or you could be left behind, in an eternity of fools OR much worse. WE THEN COME, to the realities of how to accomplish, a life valued/ a planet respected/ and a dignity owed to the creation of an entire living world; filled with balance, order, and discipline; as love would establish it.
    1. The singular truth of this world is: WHAT would you do, with free will, and the opportunity to enforce those decisions on a living world? The answer common to that question revolves entirely around the directional decision for love/ OR, for hate. As they are the opposites, they never exist together; except here on earth.
      1. The critical question is then how do we divide those who love/ from those who hate; because everything else is merely a question rising or descending from survival itself. The demand for time is not love or hate/ it is simply existence or death.
      2. Anger is not hate; because it has a solution that could be achieved. Hate is hate, because it revolves around the predator decision: to “sneak attack” wherever possible. So the critical question is more about lies; than it is about any other indicator of decision. All lies originate in want; because if you “want it, OR don’t want it/ or want to hide it, or keep it from being hidden; etcetera: you have no cause to lie. Every lie hides a reason, and every reason hides a truth.
      3. Hate is the enemy, because it has judged life inferior or superior/ and either way the measurement of that limits “the value of you”. Because then the world is not about you/ or you can play god, and destroy whatever you wish. So the critical reality is: “ME/ ME/ ME, TO HELL WITH YOU”. But remember; hate is a predator, and the plan is always to attack at the weakest moment a prey can be found in. So they LIE; play, and present things untrue; so you cannot escape.
    2. In this world, the singular driving element of all tragedy and disgrace/ failures and foolishness/ corruption and the disease called arrogance: begin with pride. Pride demands “I SHALL be the winner here/ or if loser, then I shall take revenge; and prove to be god that way”. To assemble obedience requires proof of leadership: therefore either a war, or a game, or a purpose that is life or death to some degree for others MUST be found. Otherwise “they can’t play god”, with or over, life and/ or, death.
      1. To accomplish that element of necessity; WARS exist, because nothing proves you need me now more, than a criminal who intends to kill you or us. Therefore the worst are sought, and given the right to kill “for us”/ and they then turn becoming the enemy themselves; and the best must be sought, to defend us all against the enemies of life itself. And that opens the door, to all weapons of mass destruction/ standing armies/ and so on. Because there is always an enemy, to the shame of men.
      2. In the same way: you cannot play god without a cause/ and what better cause than life attacked with a disease: you are going to die without me/ therefore BEG. What better way to enforce that rule, than to create disease whenever you want it/ so long as “you have the cure”. As is consistent with medicine today; in far too many ways. The attack against biology/ the infection of a human mind in nature/ the intent to be god: is a constant of university, and horrific in its concepts; and there are consequences.
      3. To assemble an enemy so that you can declare yourself to be god; people steal/ kill/ maim/ cheat/ betray/ terrorize/ rape/ rampage/ ransack/ and more. Declaring to themselves and others: “if you ain’t somebody/ then you are NOBODY”. So, in lesser terms, they play games, and assume superiority is a trophy, a trinket, or a toy; that “you cannot have”. Which then brings the rest to play; all trying to prove, in one way or another: “yes I can”.
    3. The male human decision of leadership must rule/ by creating rules: then takes control over the earth, by assembling those who can/ from those who now cannot. Instead of a game; they form prisons. Instead of a win or loss; they form laws to simplify the demand: I will play god, with you.
      1. Little in life is more organized for chaos, than a rule. But since there is a validity, and a need to some rules: the rules meant for chaos “sneak in, as all inner predators want”. With a rule, the righteous take over society by their hidden votes; demanding YOU shall obey ME/ or this rule will make you cry.
      2. The internment of people, is both organized for peace and justice/ but is also, a decidedly deliberate punishment and removal from competition; for all who are not “like us”. Laws represent an absolute necessity; as is “we must all commit to doing or not doing this”. While rules establish what a distinct group of people want, or don’t want the others to do: “its not for us/ ONLY for them”. Which does give one group a distinct advantage over the rest. Who then revolt with crime, or other means of crying “unfair”.
      3. Power originates in resources; I have what you need/ and you cannot have it, unless you beg or do whatever I ask: Simple as that. So as to mediate that fact, money was originated to accomplish: you can get something from someone else later/ if you just give me what I need right now. That then accumulates into “an army”; we will make you give whatever I ask; because I pay these people to take from you whatever I want. Because excessive opportunities for a few; always end in the destruction of justice for the rest.
        1. Whosoever controls the resources/ whosoever makes the law: controls the future of a nation or world or an individual life. Because resources control all work, and laws control all people. Therefore if we make those laws, and control those resources for the future: we the people do establish the primary realities; of what that future will become. Hate abhors justice. Pride despises equality. Power destroys peace. And want destroys the future, with every lie, and every decision to take what truth knows you should not.
        2. The critical challenge to power is: WE MUST control the people, so they cannot organize into a force of their own. Today, that reality is almost completed; as the forces of death accomplish their goal of maximum infiltration: as is death of a brain (no you cannot think/ only believe). As is consistent with all religion: education is organized into MEMORIZE THIS, and never question your leadership/ nor identify anything other than what we tell you is “bad in others”. The universities are then in power; and their purpose is identified by weapons of mass destruction/ invasion of every child/ propagation of media (university is god)/ control over governments/ destruction of economic stability/ massive outbreak of any type of health crisis/ ransacking and raping every resource/ attacking the water supplies/ mutilating the food supplies/ killing all life in the oceans; and pointing to fantasies as the god we will bring you. So that the believer cannot see the truth: of our own extinction coming.
        3. Nothing EVER created is more “big brother” is watching your every move; than is facial recognition/ as it is tied to artificial intelligence and video surveillance. Soon you will not be able to walk down the street; without being attacked by computer command. You will not be able to buy clothing, or food, or get water, or anything else: unless the computer decides you may. You will however soon be able to be killed by the computer with any number of means available; and that includes more secretive and lethal possibilities than you can imagine. Your phone owns your face; not you.
        4. When you can be controlled/ when your option to do whatever you choose to legally do diminishes or vanishes entirely: you are in prison; and you will do what you must do, to survive. So answer the question: what would you, or any other do: to survive? In a world owned by whosoever controls that computer.


      1. Chaos, is the release of fear; whether intentionally created or not. Hate worships chaos, because it makes all the prey more vulnerable, and easy to attack; without retribution. As the animal world shows/ as media intends: to make “the university is, your savior: surrender to them”. Disorder is a participant in chaos, another decision of hate: because it causes all forms of law to break down/ thereby releasing hate, so long as you are not openly violent in public. The lack of discipline; allows for temptations and other means of manipulation to seek the control over prey; thereby setting some too far from the securities of others/ which makes them easier to kill. The lack of balance; as is the constant of university: is even more threatening, as is proven to be true by such things as “trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ where WRONG, is the death of everything; by incineration”. What could possibly be more hateful? Well then there is the mutilation of all biology/ destruction of every resource/ failure in every chain of life/ extinction of habitat and all that lives: end of water supplies by poison, etc/ end of oxygen concentration in the percentage we must have to be “happy and healthy”. Weapons of mass destruction; and MORE.
      2. IN ORDER TO VALUE YOUR LIFE, AND SEEK HAPPINESS: each one, must be free! Because nothing less than freedom will accomplish the necessary truth, “I am alive, and in the joy of that experience, I will express the value of your life in me”.IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE JUSTICE, and establish peace on earth: there must be laws created by all/ one vote, one life/ one world; distinguished by what we the people chose for our lives and our world to become. IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH, a future for this world: YOU MUST LET TRUTH DECIDE THE DIRECTION AND THE REALITIES INVOLVED/ because nothing less can survive. Nothing less than truth itself, can bring back a recovery from what universities did do/ to curse us all. A curse is knowing what you should, and should not do: yet doing or failing to do that very thing/ because you wanted something else. You refused to give up your games. Or you intended to have excessive power too, and thereby the removal of power is not what you want. The universities exist: because people want what they want, and few among you don’t want to be god. So they are given wide ranging powers to do anything; and risk anything; and assume anything; because the people they serve expect “to be like gods”. Because the universities did do some things that were valuable; and stole many more to claim they did, what they did not do: but media insures, “none but a university shall claim a significant prize”. The vast majority of what universities do however is tragic and wrong for life and planet and future; as is consistent with all the threats that can be identified as the consequences of their own actions/ your own acceptance, “yes the universities can play god with life and world”. Which makes the term “university” a wide ranging reality of humanity wanting more/ humanity prideful, and discarding their own children/ humanity itself, seeking the power to say: we owe nothing to life or planet or the future, but did this all by ourselves, and deserve anything we can take; as is the thirst to play god. You have hit the wall of consequences: soon there will be nothing to life, planet, or future, that you did not do for yourselves. Truth will never let you go/ and GOD will not apply mercy to the realities you chose. Because you proved: “you would be gods”/ therefore you shall indeed achieve the reality; your own consequences now deserve. You are “welded in place”/ by your belief in universities; but they are far more enemy than savior. They can destroy as is in evidence now, and will soon go past the point of no return for this whole earth. Then you will shout and scream for GOD but HE will not hear you; as you chose death/ instead of life. Choose better or die! Just so it remains clear: I AM NOT, “your savior/ your leader/ your enemy/ your excuse/ your anything”. I am, “just a messenger”, sent to remind every single human being: that extinction is no game, and you are headed for that truth, with nearly every decision the universities make for you, “with or without, your blessing”. As to all other conceptions; my life is a little bit different than yours, but not much in a wide variety of ways. The term messenger just implies “delivery person”: the one whose job it is to “deliver the mail”. To do that, an education was applied; and I have learned what I needed to know: to deliver that mail. YOUR JOB, is to expand that message/ it is not mine. Life or death of an entire living world: grants absolutely no one an excuse to turn away or hide. Your choice will be known, for an eternity/ as well as your truth, regarding all choices. There are issues with regard to me, that “circle around female”: you will never truly understand/ as it is a spiritual dimension, that you are not allowed to enter. As for me: I needed an answer men simply did not have/ because their answer is war. And war destroys this world, next time around. So, recognizing if not men/ then women are the only solution: led me to their door. As women trust no man: the ability to achieve an understanding of their solution required change. Simple as that; but with unexpected complications for me. The price of my own choices/ just like you: NO GOING BACK, in time! My decision, was my decision, and I am, and I will be: required to live with its results; as will you! I see nothing else of any particular interest or consequence to this discussion: either you turn to investigate the cost of being wrong. When it is proven clear and without doubt: OUR ENTIRE PLANET IS BEING GAMBLED WITH IN THE MOST HORRIFIC WAYS! Or, you don’t. Simple as that, “its your choice”/ until you pass the point of no return. When absolutely nothing you do, will matter/ because you can’t change anything, beyond that moment of time. We both know: you hate the idea that consequences exist; or wants must be moderated with reality. You hate the idea of truth leads; because pride wants to lead. Many hate to concept that power shall be disturbed, and realities of choice cannot continue: because they worship that power. Most hate that the universities cannot be god anymore/ and will fight it. Women want what they want; and mostly they want men to pay for what they want: and don’t like the concepts of change, other than what they want. Children hate the fear that their world is dying, and they cannot just play. While college students hate the idea: life is not going to be as expected. But truth suggests a quarter of a billion more people arrive to be fed each year over deaths. There is no extinguishing a nuclear fire as is the intent of machines running and about to run: life or death in an instant/ NO GOING BACK. And so much more it is literally pathetic/ and yet the people don’t know, because the universities have control over their brain: to your shame. So, choose: but understand, this is no game/ and you won’t get to sacrifice anything, or declare anything, or be anything alive; past the point of no return.Simple and plain: you do understand! The constant of course remains: the vast majority will just “run away to hide”/ even though; by the evidence already proven true: that decision, seals the fate of your world. HUMANITY IS THE PROBLEM, THE SOURCE OF ALL EXTINCTION THREATS; all major threats, but one! THAT LITERALLY MEANS: HUMANITY IS THE SOLUTION, because unless you change what you are doing, there is NO FUTURE! Making you, the executioner; of every child, and every living thing on earth. The end result of that is: only you, can save yourselves! FREE WILL LED YOU HERE TO DEATH: FREE WILL, IS A DECISION YOU MUST CHOOSE, BUT ONLY BY, TRUTH LEADS, no more want: TO SAVE THIS EARTH.For the sake of balance: time measures hope, therefore discipline acknowledges the value of order, and defines purpose as the singular decision humans make, that is entirely of their own accord. It is not influenced by others, or environmental realities. What you choose to be the purpose of your life, is created in desire. That desire is influenced by love or hate; and is an accomplice to all that you do. The critical conception is: time ends for us all at some moment beyond our own control. Even suicides face that truth, because the decision itself is guided by their own realities of living. That ultimately means: it does not matter when the moment of death does come; because it is our fate as a human being alive on this planet. Therefore do not fear it substantially, but accept that truth does control life. To achieve “destiny, as the dimensional grace of mercy”; it is fundamentally true, that only your own truth will decide what becomes of life separated from body. What is thought {the elemental freedoms of life itself} consigned to, and by; its own desire. Energy is the vessel life enters to be freed. Truth declares that energy identified, as a participant in value: shall be saved. That truth ultimately controls destiny, and shapes the dimension called your heart. Truth is: GOD DID CREATE THIS WORLD. Not accidents or fantasies or time itself; but the realities assigned and assembled by thought, defined by energies, and controlled by love. Each of which is a conception: beyond our own true imagination. Faith conceives of this as true, because we know; by our own realities: without thought and energy combined by love {the grace of inclusion/ the value of mercy/ the expression of trust/ and the purpose granted by truth: that is life}. The body, this world, and even life itself could not exist, would not exist: without thought, and its dimension called energy. Even so, without love; there does come a moment where life would not matter! Because that too, is truth. In contrast, to all the world shows us, as are realities proven by life; the universities pretend and tell stories to hide the fact they know little of what they do proclaim. The worst being “they know the sun”/ when in fact they profess only delusion and fantasies. Second only to evolution: which professes they know, “what happened a billion years ago”/ when reality proves them wrong at all stages of life itself. As is consistent with the sun burns fuel/ as is proven by the radiation which heats our world. Burning fuel means: that sun is smaller than it was “a billion years ago”. And unlikely in all categories of reality to have existed at all: because the stars, as humanity has proven to itself; are not so easy to ignite. Let them explain: HOW, one rock is older than any other/ as is not even vulcanization occurs until a distinct quantity of mass has accumulated. So where did it come from/ and thereby what is time: to achieve their assertion “we know”. Prove the beginning/ not the fantasies. Their assertions of adaption, are simply too limited in thought to exist/ as nothing is proven by evolution other than life adapts; due to the integrated reality of their true design. While the assertions of fusion are pure fantasy based upon utter ignorance, and absolute stupidity. The assertion of evolution are based entirely upon the decision: NO CONSEQUENCES for us, and the intent to remove all those who would stand in the way of people who desperately want to “play god over life”. Fusion is ignorance/ evolution is LIAR; and the religions of this world go along for the most part; because they are believers in universities too. As is: these people will get us what we want/ and they did, as the garbage mountains/ endless poisons/ habitat destruction/ cursed oceans/ pollution, destruction of oxygen content/ global warming and all the rest identify: “exactly how the universities accomplished, giving you, what you wanted”. They ransacked, and raped the future/ by destroying the living world: but hey you are going to die/ so you don’t care. As does mutilating biology/ weapons of mass destruction/ and all the rest, prove true. Let the children fend for themselves; even though you wrecked their world: WHO CARES/ right! Let them be damned. That is the gift of universities; and it fits right into the insurgency against democracy/ the corruption of money/ the cascade of attacks against the water supplies/ and the avalanche coming soon; “of ten thousand tragedies” that will prove our extinction is inevitable in the very near future. Because YOU believed the universities could in fact be gods. To prove the curse of religion is in your beliefs: the courts, the media, governments, military, policing, religion, and more all stand in protection of the universities; to insure they shall NOT be questioned to prove their claims. To establish what will go wrong, or what the future will be due to the consequences of their decisions. Just like all other religion: “just believe”/ because a leader cannot lead, unless you believe. Alas, RESPECT is dead: in you and yours/ as nothing matters, but what you want. In fact life itself, nor this planet of life is important: because “you want it all”. Just like the whore who spends all the money inherited; to insure her children cannot: claiming “she just wants it all; she just wants what she wants; she has a right to everything she can take; to hell with them”/ as do you. To alleviate the cost, discard the truth, of killing off your own children, this whole world: beliefs are indoctrinated, religious schooling exists: to dispel and hide the truth in and by the religion called, “university knows”. But hey, don’t worry; “lets just play, and have fun”; because the universities are god; so just believe: now ain’t that correct? WORSHIP them/ DON’T question them. Because you don’t want to know the answer: which is your truth, as humanity on earth. So, WHAT does university mean? The answer is; like most of religion: that a tiny few men got together and decided for all, “this is what we believe”. Simple as that/ the only real difference is: that in order to believe the people, just like you; that you learned about in high school/ because they were, basically: just like you. People from other schools had to be hidden in an organization: because you know better than to believe your own former classmates. None of which proved to be “gods”. Just like religion which offers some insight into “things beyond our control/ realities shaped beyond our imagination”. Universities provide a very similar venue. Just like religion offers up stories to fill all the blank spots in their knowledge or understanding “to keep the people from believing others”. So to does universities do the very same: providing stories, because they want the people to believe. In belief, power exists. Where power exists, pride will rise, and arrogance then destroy. Because behind the invisible wall, that is the cloaking device called “a university”; nobody can be certain, “if your god (I GOT something, I wanted) isn’t there”. Be damned to the cost, LET ANOTHER pay/ because the only thing important is: WHAT I WANT, “for free, to me”. After all, I don’t want to die; so anyone who promises “another minute more”; cannot be my enemy. And all the people say: WE WANT to believe/ because fear is a terrible thing. Yet reality proves: your belief is not enough/ and your lack of fear, has produced “a thousand threats of extinction, most of which mean an almost, immediate end to this world”. Not only because of people hiding behind the cloak of universities/ but equally horrific, is the population growth of humanity. Absolutely nothing about the leadership that brought us to the edge of our own extinction: can be allowed “value”/ because its true cost is extinction for our world. Absolutely nothing about the wants of humanity: can be allowed “value”/ because its true cost is extinction for our world. Absolutely nothing about the demand that you cannot die, “GIVE ME ANOTHER MOMENT”; IS ALLOWED VALUE. Because life itself, as well as earth; are far more important than are you/ or me. Your absolute selfishness is a death trap for this world. Your absolute greed, is a death trap, for all life. Your absolute “sin”; as is a complete disrespect for reality, or the compositions of truth, or the construction that is so elegantly and so ultimately thought defined by life. Cannot continue/ will not continue; and this world shall die/ as you scream in terror. Because that is what you chose. You will either choose for life and earth comes first: with respect that is earned for all of nature, all of this world as was CREATED BY GOD . PROVEN TRUE, by reality itself. Or death comes through the door, and it will not be turned away; because that is the consequence of “universities who played god”/ but offered little more than lies. TRUTH DECIDES THE FUTURE: LIFE OR DEATH. The cloak is dead, and reality will come: one way or the other. I have asked you, “to identify truth; by trial”. You would state to me, “that is what universities are for”/ and yet you defile them, with endless descriptions that deny that very thing. The difference is: I am not a believer/ as are you. Reality must achieve respect by the evidence it creates; and the universities declare that does not matter, “because they know; and make up stories, to prove it”. The difference is: truth is not a believer, want and imagination; is not truth. The difference in me is: the cost of being wrong, determines whether a gamble could be taken or not. The difference in university is: the cost of being wrong is, “we will just do it over, until we find something we can sell and hold over life”. There are NO consequences for university! The difference is: there are consequences in truth and reality; and when corrupting the very foundations of our survival. YOU CAN’T just do it over; because death will rule instead. Perfection does not exist, the intent for truth will not be without fault: but any who believe that we can gamble with the entire foundations of life on earth/ by letting the universities play god with EVERYTHING; is literally nothing more, than a fool; nothing less than a failure to our world. “because you believe, in want”! To your shame.

        And for forty years, you have declared: “we DON’T have to do nothing/ because YOU ARE NOBODY”. Where is your, great diploma; to prove you know anything?

        My response is: a diploma, is merely the evidence of a tiny few people who state: “yes this one has memorized exactly what they were told to believe, and do”. The diploma is “your union card”/ and the realities are the very same: do what you are told/ believe what you are told/ say what you are told/ we control this, “for good or bad”; and just ask for more money whenever you can. And if you don’t: you can be discarded along with the trash. I am not one of those: only the evidence matters.

        My response is: let the evidence decide where knowledge, understanding, and wisdom exists, and these: will prove the cost of being wrong.

        My response is: “I don’t give a damn about what you believe or don’t believe until that affects my own life or world”. UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS have produced threats that will become extinction. HUMAN WANTS, have produced threats that will end the foundations of what keeps this world alive. Which means: I no longer have an opportunity to stand aside and let you die/ because your decisions will take this entire planet of life with your failures. That is the difference between us: you gamble with the world of life believing the universities are god. I demand: NOTHING ABOUT THAT BELIEF IS TRUE! And the end result of it is extinction, for us all.

        MY RESPONSE IS: GO TO COURT AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS NOT EXTINCTION; AS ANY SANE PERSON WOULD DO. Because the evidence is insurmountable, and the reality is: we cannot go back in time/ therefore life or death for this entire world of life: exists as the cost; they are WRONG.

        The greatest gamble the universities are taking is: “WE WILL BRING THE SAME ENERGY SOURCE HERE UPON THIS EARTH/ AS IS ON THE SUN”. Claiming, “the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain it: their imaginary element isn’t here”. WRONG IS OUR EARTH BURNS LIKE THE SUN; CHANGING OUR ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM, before it is through.

        NO GOING BACK: therefore do we not deserve a complete understanding, of their evidence/ their claim “it will be safe”?

        YOU WANTED, “to be important”/ well here it is: life or death of this world! Even eternity is watching, because our whole world hangs in the balance.  EVERY SINGLE ONE:  so CHOOSE!

        But remember this: I, am NOT on trial; what I believe or don’t, is NOT on trial; because I am NOT a threat to this world. ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO THREATEN ALL LIFE ON EARTH, are, on trial! The people who aid and abet “the potential enemy”; In this version of democracy: the truth, of who owns this nation or world.

        THIS DEMAND IS; LET THE UNIVERSITIES PROVE, WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE; by the evidence and nothing less: WE DECIDE YES OR NO. LET THIS WORLD KNOW: if that is enough, to risk our world! EVEN IF, THEY ARE WRONG: THEN THEY KILL US ALL.

        The question is: WHY, does a fool, demand to wait until it is proven, WE CANNOT survive this change in our reality; as a world/ nature/ resource/ or all the rest? The answer is: because they are not only a fool; “they want to be SATAN”, by proving they can destroy us all. How is that not true?


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