It is, elemental since time began: that each and every one must decide for themselves, who and what you can or cannot become. Each is born with a definable set of gifts/ each is entitled to use those gifts however they wish, to build a life they chose.

So the distance between what we begin with, and what we end with or as: is determined not only by choices defined from your acceptance of truth or lie: but by gifts/ environment/ hope/ and the discovery of love or hate.


  1. you are responsible for your own life choices: the consequences belong to you.
  2. NO, you cannot simply believe, whatever you assume to be, or have been told is true. All lies destroy; including those lies people believe as true. Therefore do your best, to assemble and obey, the reality conceived by “laws (the elevation of truth)”. Truth alone survives.
  3. You are responsible for your own body, and what you do/ or fail to do; is your own decision. Anyone failing to respect that: chooses for hate.
  4. You shall not follow; you must think for yourself. That divides by the critical path truth alone can establish. Search for truth, follow the evidence of love: if that is your desire.
  5. Accept the journey of life itself; which is to distinguish an identity, by truth: that is “you”.
  6. Hope is the path of your destiny/ where there is no hope, there is no true life. Because life itself, is a generation of hope.
  7. Love establishes the environment, between heart and soul: the very essence of an eternity desired.
  8. Trust is the door, between your life and mine/ between eternity, and death.
  9. Desire structures the heart with discipline/ purpose gives order its balance. Therefore know, that your humanity is governed “by those 7 things”.
  10. Passion is the thirst for more, the boundary of what will determine or defend my soul: the essence of a destiny desired.
  11. Thought assembles the value of life, by its costs. But it also “Lights the path” into conceptions that are elementally offered, by existence.
  12. GOD a description beyond our grasp; is a reality that will destroy anything that fails respect. Without respect, there is no relationship! Without a relationship to GOD there is no eternity, born of desire.
  13. JESUS is the evidence of love, and the “human definition” conceived by: guarantor of eternity. Truth ascends into that same journey, only if respect justifies the path. Without a door, the grave is sealed.
  14. To be human, is a literal miracle that cannot be defined in any other possible way than the evidence of “thought did this”/ and energy sustains that life, by the value of a living; constructed, to be free.
  15. HELL exists as the confrontation of chaos, you cannot escape; the very foundation of evolution is chaos built life; and all its other lies.
  16. HEAVEN is an elementally human conception, as it assumes all things people want. That does not make it true! Rather life beyond time is governed by truth, and the elemental essence of what energy controlled by thought will accomplish: is not governed by want. Destiny is the home of your own desire, and that dimensional construction has a price. Defined by love, shaped by trust, defended by truth, respected by desire, for purposes that live beyond self.
  17. DEATH is, the freedoms of body taken away! Simple as that. The LIFE INSIDE, is released into the energy which formed it; and the distance between Creation itself, and where we stand: can only be covered by returning with that energy which formed the life; we share. You are energy as life; do not resist the journey back to Creation (death came): or you will dissipate into nothing left.
  18. SPIRIT means: where truth divides, what can and cannot be eternal; among the living/ or the eternal dead (you declared war/ and you cost a life).
  19. LOVE is, the dimension of life itself. The place where eternity meets destiny.
  20. LOVE is, where freedom releases joy, to become the home we will share.
  21. LOVE is, the expression of happiness, the intensity of passion identified, the caring of grace, by its existence in truth. The opportunities trust alone can build.
  22. LOVE is, the experience that rises from hope, by the ascension of truth; into discoveries that share the journey into laws of our existence; that we both embrace, as equals.
  23. LOVE is, the elemental path, that sexually joins male and female in trust; as we open the door, into all that life can be.
  24. LOVE is, the beginning song; that builds an identity called, a “son or daughter” of GOD.
  25. LOVE is, the essence of courage beyond the framework of desire, a decision that accepts love is, the price that must be paid/ even when the outcome, will not be as I desire it to be. JESUS is the biblical example of that.
  26. Freedom searches both heart and soul, to achieve an identity. Even so, it is your decision to become either love or hate; or simply retain: “animal” is enough.
  27. Loneliness builds a wall, that then imprisons the soul; because a heart is hard to mend. That fact isolates our lives from one to another; destroying respect, and giving rise to all forms of hate. Your own identity then forms according to what you have done. Failure cannot be less than true/ but it can be covered up by repentance, and what you do: to remove the blight that you chose to cause.
  28. Hate is your own decision/ a dagger in your own heart. While anger, is a descent caused by reality; which means it can be fixed.
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