relationship agreement

relationship agreement

THE RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT; between man and woman, as best it can be.

As a reality of living between: I cannot, & yes we can; if you agree. Marriage has turned into “a tragedy too often/ a reality beyond our grasp”. Not because people have changed, but because the levels of temptation, fraud, and deceit; have risen beyond the ability of most to avoid them. Because a courtroom has become a tragedy, rather than a place for justice. The plague of “university knows”, has leeched or spewed like vomit; into everything.

We therefore begin with the simple truth, in this time: where crime is found in every form of government, and the liars rule society with their endless chant of “university knows”. The cost of being married is: should the one I love fall ill, I will be financially exploited to the point of ruin. Even if they actually receive only the tiniest bit of care/ or worse, cause harm to that life. The cost of marriage is: I no longer own anything of my own/ even if, you leave. The courtroom protects only the powerful/ and robs everyone else; as a gang of thieves will do.

Liars rule the court, and within those gilded walls, paid for by forcing society; even further into bankruptcy: the thieves rule, by enforcing their own version of equity. “We, the lawyers who own this court: get a million dollars/ and you get one penny; if you don’t complain”; otherwise its prison. Because we don’t need a law; contempt will do, and it can be years, for you. And that is only the beginning, of the curse that is insurgency against the nation, its democracy, and its purpose for justice. The decision: to rob and steal and force injustice.

THE END RESULT IS: nothing between man and woman can be conceived as the purity of love; because the toxic pollution of life outside the decisions of our own lives, is an ever present threat.

So we must turn, to the decisions that build a relationship on trust; and find that only truth, within the elemental acceptance of respect: shall keep us alive, within the values we create.

Respect cannot be bought, not even if you give away “all the things you value”. Respect is the dignity, and the honesty of being equal. Respect is the truth that identifies, who does provide this life, and this living, and this happiness; because they chose too. Respect is the gift of time shared, because we care; because the value we appreciate is a life that can be free. Never without discipline/ as that ends with chaos. But free, to achieve our own definitions of truth created by love.

SO THE FIRST CHOICE we make is: can we share this life, we are each about to choose, by accepting we are equals?

  1. Equal, by respect means: I have the dignity to make my own choices, I have the right, to achieve my own freedoms. You “can never own me”!
  2. Honesty by respect means: that I shall never lie to you, not for any cause or purpose; because it destroys our trust in each other/ and the bond between us, will then fail.
  3. Value by respect means: it is your heart that decides, if we are meant to be together/ just as it is true, and the same for mine.
  4. Discipline knows: that there are consequences for every choice we make, the value of a life is determined by the choices we make, and then must pay for; because reality is not a game. Even so: the right to make that choice is mine/ and the honesty to stay with me or not, is then yours. That is the truth.
  5. The living we must earn, is a reality we must share; because I can never be your slave, and then be your lover as well. That is not equal, and it is never fair. The order of life is: you owe, same as do I.
  6. Happiness, is the blessing we give to each other, by proving I care, about you. Therefore I seek, and I search, to become the lover that will share your soul. Nothing but trust lives here, where joy becomes our song. It is a deliberate and distinct choice to participate beyond where others may go.
  7. Time is the essence of humanity, the very purpose of survival; and it is our distinct gift to each other, as the value I give to you: my life on earth.
  8. To achieve balance, we must both accept: this world of life, holds our fate in its hand. By the consequences we share as human beings who now change our own future, by what we do. We cannot fight for life, by the reality of what we do/ and still destroy this earth, by what we don’t or do; as the consequence we chose. Life is a choice/ but so is death, by suicide. Want controls the outcome/ just as pride refuses reality to play games.
  9. To be true to oneself is: to accept the destiny our lives create. That is ultimately a description, and a definition of our direction as life upon this earth. It is the journey of our soul, and when our path forms a “Y”; and a choice must be made. The question of every heart will be: WHY? The answer is either truth, or love. Truth demands: survival must come first. While love demands: our lives as one, must come first. But the choice is: unless you can walk my path/ there is no love, where there is no life: truth must then decide.
  10. True Love, offers instead: I then give you my blessing, even though my own life dies, “Just a little” in your absence.

These are the elements of a life shared, through the grace of time, the value of love, and the dignity of taking no more than you need.

THE SECOND CHOICE IS: the functioning realities of our lives cannot exceed the truth of what we do represent, as our ability to give, to each other. No one, can give what they do not own; to do so is stealing/ to promise what is not true, is cheating/ to want what you cannot have by truth, is lying, even to yourself. What we do share with each other is always “free”/ because that is the choice we made. What we take from each other is not free; because only you or I, made that decision/ and it was not freely, or mutually made.


  1. for every year we share the same residence, I will do my part, and provide the same percentage of my existence in: money, time, and labor to the purpose of that space; as do you. The limit being ______________ per year/ per decade_________.
  2. For every year we share our lives, I will do my part; as best I can. To create for you the same level of caring/ the same level of loving/ the same level of purpose, that makes your heart sing; as you do so for me.
  3. For every year that we are lovers, either good or bad; until we part. The value of that reality is equal: unless, we part. If that should occur, we agree: whosoever is in need shall be given a value of money or other appropriate “tool”; so that each can achieve a fair and honest living on their own. With respect for the needs, and realities of the other. That sum, or gift, or price is expected to be _________________per year; for a total of______________.
  4. We agree, that sexual relations, “Of value, without force/ by choice”; will occur on an average of, times ___________per month. Because it is part of the natural participation in life, between each gender.
  5. We agree: that sexual relations will occur only between “us”/ because in this world of sexually transmitted diseases; the risk is high. Even if the freedom is yours/ your responsibility (discipline must decide) is to insure neither of us becomes a burden to the other; a risk too high to take. To be wrong, and you can never be completely sure: could get us both killed, or destroy much. Or, if that fails: you agree to the penalties of jailed, and more. The curse of a university is: they want us dead, because they support, “let every sexual disease spread, far and wide”.
  6. We agree: that discipline is inherent to lives worth living/ the easy way, has consequences for us both. And that could include the financial liability of a child we don’t share. Therefore we will accept the limits and values of order, and balance as best we can, the future we share with life and each other. It is respect.
  7. We agree: that no child shall enter into our relationship, without our true and literal mutual consent: NO manipulation, temptation, no force, or payment, or deceit is allowed. Children deserve better; nothing about a child, represents a game; each accepts the responsibility NOT “to play, or gamble, or force”! NO assumption/ NO assertion/ NO alteration of that fact; by demanding as a woman, “I didn’t know”/ when in fact the possibility of both knowledge, and control within the first “40 days”; is now real; and can be sustained as valid. A vasectomy is not an answer; as it ruins all sexual chemistry thereafter. Methods are by mutual choice, based upon the evidence. Society must help, all who cannot help themselves. NOT to have a child, in a badly over populated world/ but to make the choice to have a child: true/ rather than now, “its unavoidable”.


Together, we have a child; by our own proven deliberate choices. Therefore together, we share the burdens of that child/ and the reality of reward, because that child exists. My individual hope is for ____________children/ do you agree?

Together, we choose to separate from each other; even though that child exists: and must now enter into mutual respect for each other/ because our obligation from a mutual decision demands this must be so. That relationship will now include: the places we can live/ the money each is willing to raise and share for the purpose of a child that is REALISTIC for each/ the time we will prove, that is our caring for the child we chose to bring into this world; as our own responsibility. Which does require respect from each one involved.

Together, we created a situation which brought a child into this world/ for which that child will now suffer the indignities of your failure or foolish ways. The consequence to that is: force will be used to decide for you both/ what can or cannot be expected from reality. Remembering slavery is not an option, which does leave society not only in charge, but responsible for the child/ and for insuring no more children should emerge.

Force produced rape: the end result of that is a proven weapon shall be removed. A pregnancy under the age of 3 months can be aborted; if fear is involved. A child that comes forth, because the woman “made it so”/ shall not be claimed as: your responsibility, to the man. You chose this for yourself, without my consent.


Living together, which means sharing the realities of our own survival; displaying the values of our heart; and accepting the consequences of a choice we did not make for ourselves. Leads to the inevitable conclusion: that before we enter into this arrangement, I need to know, what it is you expect from me, and will use your own life to create? Primary to this are the following.

  1. WHAT, do you WANT, from your life? Because want will determine every decision that you make; unless you have abandoned want for let truth alone decide. A reality of choice, very few make.
  2. WHAT, do you EXPECT from me? Because if I do not satisfy this desire, you will become unhappy with your own life.
  3. WHAT, do you demand; in accordance with your pride? Exactly how successful must I or you become? What is your expectation called, I want this?
  4. WHAT, can I expect from you: if you do not succeed in your own demands? Are you willing to “forgive and forget”? Will you measure and judge, as the righteous always do?
  5. WHAT do you demand my life shall become? Because freedom is dependent upon my own decisions/ not yours. Therefore our happiness as a relationship will never succeed without an applied respect.
  6. WHAT should you expect from me: as my own decisions, are going to affect your life, and this participation as a union of hearts or lives?
  7. WHAT will cause me to “walk away” from our union; even if that is hidden from reality, as best I can?
  8. WHEN should I know, that something is wrong/ and how will we resolve that truth? Or, more simply, under what conditions are you going to believe or accept: that now I will leave?


Every single person on this earth, WILL one day choose by his or her own decision: WHAT WILL happen when I die! THAT choice, then determines and defines the rest of their lives.

So the critical question is: what do you believe, you want to be true/ OR, what is your faith in the truths and miracles of life and living that you accept? Because I do have a right to know; YOU ARE, even now, affecting my life; and the possibilities of my own eternity!


When a decision must be made that affects us both: HOW SHALL THAT BE DONE? Because respect knows: that my choices are equal to your choices/ by life. Alternately: By reality our choices can be distinctly different, and unequal based upon the truth of what we rely upon as the evidence must decide. The critical question is then: WHOSE TRUTH, shall decide; and under what conditions shall the choice be mine/ OR the choice shall be yours?


What part of your life and living will you devote only to the realities and freedoms that are significantly “just for you”? Even if, these decisions are fundamentally for life, society, world, or other intrinsically valuable truth: they still mean I must participate/ or pay in some other way.

An agreement stipulates: that we will be fair with each other, as life and realities allow; neither more or less. A contract implies a penalty will be added if you fail to meet your claim of service, or your duty to the pact we have made. Because a value has been removed from one or the other of our lives. The constitution for instance is a contract between the nation and its employees. Significant Damage, harm, or threat: makes any agreement, a contract instead.

In the same way it is true: although my choice is for life must survive upon this earth/ your choice is, we want what we want; and will NOT conceive of, nor consider the consequences of being wrong. Because we only want, what we want. And that meant: instead of a few years to help truth align what could be done/ it is a lifetime lost, because of your want, and failure to recognize: that want, is not enough to keep this earth alive. Alas it also means: you killed every child, and all living things as well.

The eighth and elemental value of a relationship, is determined by respect. Without respect no true relationship exists; even if love is present, something hidden is fighting to change the truth of what is “now”. The unfortunate cost of pride is: somebody has to lose/ or someone else cannot win. The unfortunate part of fear is: if you cannot identify an enemy (regardless if it is true or not)/ there is no escape, because only panic remains. When fear and pride “circle”; the end result is arrogance, and arrogance gives birth to hate. Because hate can then make you “god”/ and by being god, you get to judge and measure, and even destroy because you believe: “you can”. That makes the enemy go away; but it replaces that fact with the enemy now inside; and the war will be harsher! It is, generally want; that governs all these things. The same want that drives depression, loneliness, suicide, and more.

The ninth definition of a relationship is: that love and energy are tied together as one life, the essence of time, the treasury of eternity; because only love can fill the gap that divides life from death. When bound together properly, value appears. When the door created by truth exists: only trust will open it, because it is no game. The critical decision applies to trust; because the essence of energy itself, is not without danger. Therefore we turn to life and ask: must we go into the turmoil? The answer is yes, because without the value of love, freedom will not exist.

The reality of our time is: “you need me (to help you understand the choices), more than I need you, simply to remain alive here on earth”. Without understanding, nor your honest decision to put life and planet first; there is no hope. As for me: at 66 years old, I have said “my piece”/ delivered “my message (change or die)” to you/ proven the cost of you being wrong/ and assembled the definitions that prove knowledge, as well as wisdom, do exist in me. Should I die tomorrow, I will not conceive of it as loss. However, confronted by true threats of extinction; with only the people who led you to all these threats; as your guide. YOUR loss will be extinction, the choice you made, for every life on earth. Mine is simply eternity, as will occur “with life”/ or terrors, as your reward. Not a game, the universities cannot sustain life or earth. Only truth can do that, if its not beyond “the point of no return”! Alas, you won’t listen/ so I simply write: making life or death your responsibility. After 40+ years; if you won’t fight for your world, life, or child/ then I won’t either.

And you refuse claiming the universities cannot be wrong. Alas, reality says: in fact there is no such thing as a university, “only the people who claim; they know”. Unlike government: which is the constitutional contracts of a constitution/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. All the people, no matter what their job is: are employees. So when you say: “you believe/ or they are”; in reality you are talking about men or women, who have made a claim they can do something. Alas for you, not everything they can do: has value, or is warranted, or wise. I on the other hand: simply ask you to investigate the cost of their theories, etc; being wrong/ as they gamble with everything we literally depend upon to survive. The result: you constantly tell me, I can’t be right; even though the evidence proves it. Because the believers; believe the universities are god;  and then as “fans do”: they assert, “I win too/ I to, am a god”; because I believed.

The cost of belief is high; in this case, extinction for our world can be proved: by trial and witness and reality. The future assassinated, to destroy every child.

The investigation of truth however, is reality; without the concept of a game: simply true or false, and the consequences we can understand, or submit, “this is likely to occur”.  That then, is a choice/ rather than the collapse of every possibility we can survive. The critical element between life or death as a world: is then to admit lies won’t save us. The critical truth standing between life and death is: are you willing to know what is true? Or as is the constant of human behavior: “if I cannot see what is on the other side of that door/ I cannot fear the consequence of what it is”. So, I never want to know/ DON’T MAKE ME KNOW! SO, I never have to admit: that was my fault too! Alas, a dead world “is no place to hide”. While reality asserts: just because you ran away, does not mean “you didn’t know/ or were not guilty by cowardice”. YOU DO KNOW, this world is in trouble. Your only choice is then: to fight for life and world and child. This is not a game, and the cost of being wrong; even if you refuse to be certain: is you chose to let this world die. GO TO TRIAL AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE: only then can you say, if the evidence is not enough; that you are innocent of what comes next.

And the world says: we don’t have to, “because YOU are nobody”!

And I continually reply: I AM IRRELEVANT to the evidence, and its truth. Let what is true decide, and understand there is no coming back past the point of no return. I continually reply: BEGIN WITH, those who are literally trying to release the same energy here on earth; as is on the sun. let them prove they can contain that release of energy, and control the same. EVEN THOUGH, the sun proves everyday: this is no toy, the consequences of failure, are eternal; for humanity!

Machines are running/ trying; and soon www.iter.org will be running. A trillion dollar investment, built to be a minimum 500 megawatt electrical generating power plant: NO excuses. And by their own statements, they no longer try to “fuse atoms”/ they intend to ignite plasma. INTO A NUCLEAR FIRE. Which makes this whole earth fuel. Claiming they DON’T have to worry about the fire: “because there is not enough gravity on earth to sustain it”. WRONG means the earth becomes just like the sun. LIFE OR DEATH; NO EXCEPTIONS

While we can debate, what causes the energy release/ NO ONE can argue “sun fire” does not exist: which means, it can be created here. NO ONE can argue: with the reality of energy involved, or what happens if they cannot control it! Which means: your decision is either “YES/ OR NO” they cannot.

Think you can just “wait and see”? THIS MACHINE, was built BIG; to push in as much energy as it takes: TO GET THE RESULT of ignition. Do you really want to know if the energy it releases can be controlled: when their true claim is “a 4 million times” instantaneous energy increase? Which is literally a nuclear bomb!


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