The curse of failure, as is constant throughout all of human history: is the decision to want, more than your reality will provide. Instead of fighting for justice and fair play/ men go to war; use gambling to assume “this is the way”; while women use temptation and manipulation in their efforts to get everything/ anything, they can want. Both use lies/ ridicule and violence/ and deception to keep what they don’t want away. Even though each knows: this has consequences which can far outweigh what they hope to achieve.

The curse of nations is: that groups intermingle, and then compete with each other for what they want/ which is the same thing: to achieve slaves, trophies, and trinkets for me. That ends with: these others have taken too much/ and our only solution is to either kill them/ or enslave them by war. Before, they do that to us; a reality that is never far away, because the foundation of human behavior in society is: we want what we want/ give us what we want. So they make life a game; but when the game has too many losers; someone will arise as did Hitler, to suggest we can take what we want, because we can become superior. And most of that group will agree, with the weapon: we have a right, “to mob (out of control, to proclaim ourselves: the winner)”. If not for the immigrant, or when these are controlled/ they turn on the nations next to them.

The curse of religion is, belief (truth does not matter): that we want what we want, whatever it is; and by using “god” to proclaim of themselves: “we can’t be wrong”. The value of any other life diminishes, and judgment makes these others worthless/ therefore, the trash. And we can do anything we want, with the trash.

The curse of university is: that in order to sustain “we are gods/ we are the superior ones”; there must be an answer, that the others cannot contest. So new languages are created, because you cannot complain, if you cannot define or understand. Which makes encryption by any means possible; the weapon of a university. That foundation allows for any answer to be portrayed as “a winner”/ and if forced to admit it is not: they demand, “it is a university diploma” that found “the truth”. So they can again proclaim themselves without flaw. While the game is played, with less than severe consequences; it is only a game, as their answers do not complicate life/ it is merely fantasy. Unfortunately the game has ended, because the universities have now declared war against all life: commanding, they are gods now, and will remake everything by their own decisions. So the greatest curse of all is: “a university”; because they now have become able to destroy all life on earth/ and are so doing. Which makes electricity the greatest enemy this world has ever seen: because with that resource, every truly horrific threat has been found. They know not, or utterly disregard; the single truth of discovery: never touch, what cannot be repaired/ because if we lose this, our lives can never be the same.

We then come to the curse of medicine, and the realities of time: to understand, without a true decision to control population growth/ our world is doomed to extinction. That was death, by any and all means: so that the earth, and all other life could survive. But with healthcare, our planet is gravely ill, from the contamination of; too many humans! And the refusal to accept reality is a truth, that governs by values greater than self.

And all the individuals say: I don’t care about this world/ what is that to me; if I die! Therefore experiment with anything, do anything, play god/ just KEEP ME alive. The cost of that is, each steals, and then destroys: the life that would have come, in the future of this earth. And the people hide, by running away and shouting: you can’t blame me/ its all their fault. Yet, reality knows: without you, they could not, or would not continue. So the whole world lies, cheats, and steals: “assassinating billions, and causing extinction”, just to buy itself another day. The curse of eternity is: if there is nothing worth saving but you/ then you are the universe of yourself; and will be cast aside, in the prison that will never open its door. Because that is what you chose, as is: “only you”!

Today you are forced to concede, time is running out for this world; because the evidence will prove that true; and that does include all of humanity too. So the people hide from reality, and search for “god” to save them from themselves/ but take nothing away; because we want what we want. Or more simply: you are refusing to surrender all the very things that convict you of extinction is coming/ demanding, “we won’t pay NOTHING” TO SURVIVE. Commanding, save us; particularly among the religious: “ GOD, has to do it; its HIS job”.

Unfortunately for you: that is a lie/ because your Creator need not do anything: just because you command it.

So humanity turns to the universities saying: GAMBLE, and be gods/ so we can survive. WITHOUT CHANGING ONE DAMN THING; because we want excess as is “garbage mountains of shame”/ because we want what we want, “as is the inflation of currency to beyond fantasy levels”/ because we demand what we want, without cost; as is “debts without the slightest concept of reality”/ because we want, to keep the others away, by threats of world extinction if you come; as are weapons of mass destruction. Alas, you have built “death on a mountain of shame, and total disrespect for truth”.

The curse is: this is what you chose/ or this is what you allowed to happen, without raising your heads, to even question one little thing. You knew better/ but you wanted, and your pride failed you. You knew better/ but knew better, but a thirst for power made you say, “let the universities be god”. You knew better: but you cursed this earth with extinction. Simply because as is the constant since the beginning: humanity screams, “I WANT MORE/ I AM, the only one that matters”; let the others pay.

Want is a terrible thing: it is the foundation of all lies/ the cause of depression and most suicide/ the “hidden voice” of drug addiction/ a primary cause of war/ a reality of temptation and all that befalls man and woman; arises because of want. While pride is the cause of violence, and the justification for judgments against all things/ as the demand to play this game descends into the curse of what you did choose to do. Power constructs the explosive debris, that caused chaos to erupt. While all three combined as one, produces arrogance; which then creates the demand to play god, with life or planet. All of it, starts with want: and then descends into the abyss, of I want more.

To want means: since my reality has not given me all that could be gotten/ I will take control for myself, by plotting and planning to gain what I want, regardless of truth or consequences; for myself, the trophy; or even less as is trinket or toy or fantasy. Want is not about need/ as need is about true survival, and it is fair or acceptable to realistically survive.

To desire means: my heart lives in the certainty, the value of life has more for me; and I will use my courage, I will testify to caring and sharing, by the conception of truth, and the path of discipline. Order will balance my living, with being as: the joy called ALIVE/ the peace called justice/ and the love which will not die.

LIFE means: time has measured my hope, and as hope has displayed my love; so that reality can identify my truth: it is then that eternity from the values of my soul (where my true treasures are stored), are to be achieved by mercy.

The consequences of failure and fantasy/ completely discarding this earth to its own destruction by humanity: as universities have done, is extinction. The consequences of fear, and obedience by belief to the tragedy that is “universities lead”: is horror, terrors beyond imagination, and the certainty death comes with HELL. Your constant hiding, and running away from truth, by its own realities of evidence: is the end of life on earth/ because that, “is what you chose”. The belief that “GOD” will interfere in the freedoms that literally describe this fate: AS THE CHOICES YOU MADE/ THE DISRESPECT you accepted, and spewed onto this world: is not true. YOU made these choices, and YOU made the universities your god: which means YOU, and in particular MEN, CHOSE these university consequences, over life by nature and world as GOD made them to be. Which is why men are removed from leading this world/ or it dies, by their hand: as all the evidence points to as true. A VERY DIFFERENT “ways and means of living” shall occur/ as is to be the descriptions of “women now lead”: or life on earth is dead. Simple as that, but NOT because women are better: because men led this earth to extinction; and will complete that truth, unless they surrender control to law, by truth; as women must define. Change cannot be completed by men/ and that leaves only women to try. Like it or not, that is true.

The curse is: men cannot change themselves, “they are men”; and that means as thousands of years of history prove: this is the best they did do. {I could not change myself either (to see life from the opposite point of view)/ which is undoubtedly why, I find myself spiritually, “in a woman’s world”}. The curse is: that women want what they want, and that does not include more than self/ unless it is a child. Reality says, they are able to understand: THE LAW IS “their friend”/ and war is not. Which makes them potentially able to recognize: by the evidence, this world has changed. By the realities of that change, HORRORS are coming. CHANGE BY LAW/ or change by extinction: is your choice.

As for me, the reality of drastic change; is like living at the center of a tornado/ where all things are just beyond my grasp. “its complicated”, but occasionally I learn/ or am forced to learn; as the need arises to make it so. The discipline is simple: this world cannot survive war/ the realities or internal definitions, of why women are different, is then necessary to discover. This next War of men: is the end of earth as a living place.

Your want, by the leadership of men; now threatens extinction for this entire world. Your pride now threatens violence beyond measure; as war sits close by. Your power to play god, rather than accept only truth must decide: is the beginning, and the architect of your HELL. All because you want more than reality will provide; so you took the future and cursed it into the truth of what you literally did choose to do.

You took the reality of our time, as a world: and turned it into life or death, without a reprieve possible. There are not decades to “think about it”/ there is only now: and NOTHING represents that more, than those who are deliberately attempting to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth. You can call it anything you wish: but the decision literally is, to burn the bond holding an atom together. Which makes the atom fuel for the fire; a reality that cannot be undone. A reality proving the consequence of being WRONG: applies to every living creature or plant on this planet, and every life that would have come into existence. A reality proving YOU, ARE in fact SATAN; if you continue on. Because an arrogance that extreme; is worthy of being called “the inescapable death, itself”. AND THAT, IS ONLY ONE OF THE EXTREME RISKS “UNIVERSITY”; AND THEIR CULT WORSHIPERS; ARE TAKING WITH LIFE AND PLANET AND THE FUTURE.

There are endless changes that must be made; NONE OF WHICH enable want to decide for your future. TRUTH, by the evidence, as best we can; EITHER LEADS, or you go extinct. Simple as that.

Here is an extremely simple change, that even you can recognize has value, at least to some: all the plastic TO BE RECYCLED; that is tragically impacting this earth. Can be melted into “house bricks/ or walls (the inner parts, with a spider web like material for insulation, or just fill it with bags)”; much like putting lego-like bricks together; so that humanity with very little expertise, can build. Long bolts tie the walls and the roof to a foundation. Gutter like creations can achieve a roof/ while the center and any other structural member support must be, whatever it needs to be. And the world says: “but I want what I want/ instead of what I need”.

As to me; it is neither curse nor blessing to experience or express the reality of combined “male and female” parts or conceptions. I did nothing, but open the spiritual door to female: simply to ask a question/ all that happened beyond that moment, had little to do with me or my own intent. Even so, the reality of change is exactly what was needed to finish this work; as is the truth: when confronted with severe realities that have no solution in a male world/ war comes next. Balancing that with what is woman, fixed the problem of war is never a solution; and I began again, from a different point of view. Just so its clear: I find nothing “sexy or desirable” about having tits/ its like if a woman had a penis to me, “absolutely unfortunate”/ or tragic; because the two do not belong together. And standing in the middle between male and female means: I get both. A complete surprise.

As for you; the religion of university knows, and is god: is ultimately the curse of life on earth/ as little more than one percent at best, of all the influence they achieved; is more than horrifying or tragic to this world of life. Like all religions; “never question the book”/ because the zealots (we can’t be wrong); will believe they have not only the right, but the need to kill you. After all, “since they belong to their god”; they believe they can’t be wrong. Yet everything they have done, brings extinction “one tiny step away”, for this entire planet. Unfortunately the universities are like an infant, who has attained control over this earth; because the vast majority say “ain’t he or she, just perfect”? Alas, the value of that perfection is: they created HELL and DAMNATION/ not life or peace. And although electricity is a wonderful resource with many happy applications/ it has become the means to destroy all life and earth: because the university believes it is god. Making stories, about all the fantasies, from an infantile mind; that has no true concept of consequences or reality. But of course reality is not what university does/ just like an infant that cannot sustain itself: reality is what humanity chooses itself to be: taking life on earth with it, to a journey into the abyss called HELL. You must grow up now, is true.

As to us, the humanity on this earth; there is nothing more intimate than truth, as it evades want, pride, and power, to assemble and create the path we can use to go forward with our lives. One of the preliminary lessons of “my new life” is: that feelings common to all women, are caused certainly by female tits or breasts/ as they are certainly an unending force, that requires me to acknowledge them every single day; and women have more, which would do that as well. While men are remain as they are from childhood, until “a switch turns on” and what was a spigot for peeing/ is now a penis, with other uses. No true feelings (my life has changed, other than in this one thing) attached, other than a chemical response. Everything else is fundamentally shaped from romance, or not. So them a distinct and critical conception of primary differences, does reveal: a unique construction within each type of body. That ultimately controls the value we define as our bodies, because of intimacy, or not. Male is more prone to combat; because he does not hold that intimacy with body, inside. While my life as strictly male did hold a certainty of identity, and a construction of possibilities defined by body; it did not contain the feelings that are assembled within a body that are in evidence now. If that is the primary element which causes one gender to accept war as their solution/ while it causes the other, to abhor war: there is literally nothing we can do to achieve the same as men. But we can return to truth itself, and understand the intimacy of order, the courage of discipline, and the balance of accepting justice, along with fair play, shall be our guide. These are mental constructions, but they exhibit an understanding consistent with wisdom, rather than war. The decision, to remove want, pride, and power from leadership/ removes the curse of animal decides; returning us to “being alive”. To separate hate from life itself: can then be the beginning of a new world for human existence. But not without all necessary concessions: to our survival, and a future for every child and life and earth. Thought lives/ or thought dies; it is a choice.

The difference is: as male, my whole world is governed by what I am doing to or with my body, on the outside/ whereas from the opposite point of view, “female in me” is being governed entirely by what my body is doing to, or with the essence of me; on the inside.

As male, the body is my friend, my tool, or even potentially my enemy if pushed severely hard. As woman, the body is me, and I am alive inside; because the feelings it creates, to prove life; never leave me alone.

It is ultimately simple and true, that I never get to return to male: without the rising anger of this entire living world being threatened with extinction, by extreme ARROGANCE. A fact that proves enemy exists. But thought knows; war merely ends life completely. The result of female in charge is: that I cannot be more than I am, which is never a true threat/ because that makes me the enemy. Therefore I talk/ therefore I write/ therefore I depend upon the law, and the acceptance which makes life possible by order, discipline, justice, and balance. Do you see the difference? Do you understand why, the value of life cannot be given up to war?

To end your gossip, my reality “its complicated” begins with this: male has a very difficult time accepting all things female tits do and are {and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it}/ while female in me has a very difficult time accepting all things, penis is here too. While I look in the mirror, see old, and recognize; this is a very intensive work, that has no real reward for me. Look at you, and recognize: without participation, this entire lifetime, benefited only me. While I look at the future, and know without fault: that your own time on earth as a living example of order and life, will soon be over: because that is what you chose. Simply because your brain no longer works; the universities stole it, with their fantasies and cult worship identified by: “they bribe you” with all the money they stole, promises that never include the cost of being wrong: and by counterfeiting the currency, controlling media, and destroying governments; along with “fantasy assets/ and completely delusional debts”. THEN, it gets more complicated for real. I know not how it ends, for me. Without change in you: the evidence is absolute, every biblical prophecy of catastrophe will come true, very soon.

As to universities around this world: WE LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING, WITHOUT NATURE AND THIS EARTH. To which the universities ALL say:  “let’s mutilate everything biological as fast as we can: and open every door separating the species, so one disease attacks them all”. Let’s poison this earth, and all its water supplies, as fast as we can/ let’s destroy every resource on the planet as fast as we can/ let’s create weapons of mass destruction, and then steal everything humanity depends upon for its future; destroying their work, and their purpose, and their child: so they are truly ready to war. Let’s play god, and pretend fantasies, none of which can be proven true: are enough to gamble this entire world on “a nuclear fire will just extinguish itself”. Let’s destroy every food supply/ poison the seas/ destroy every chain of life/ ransack and rape every habitat/ cause global warming with all the fire humanity creates/ deplete the oxygen supply as is proven to be so, with your fires/ disconnect the planet from its atmosphere, so the wind becomes several hundred miles per hour soon/ and ten thousand more threats; all of which are hidden under the lies and propaganda of media, government, courts, military’s, and policing. Let’s pretend we cannot question “your gods of university”/ because they cannot defend themselves. Let’s pretend that chaos created life on earth, and spew vomit and puke all over this world, as the pandemic diseases overtake us all; because you chose to change diseases, in everything with antibiotics.. Let’s pretend, that changing from nature survives by controlling the population of everything, so that it can balance itself/ INTO, “nothing matters but me”; as the population rises by another billion in 4-5 years; and your food supplies end: so that cannibalism begins. “All hail the damned: the universities are god”! Now ain’t that so?

And if that wasn’t enough: it is all being done while university leadership has been quietly dismantling democracy/ selling the nation off to foreign nations: check who really owns the corporations in your stock market and beyond/ removing all possibilities of employment/ and shaping a future, that will include; killing anyone they want too with the outright curse of all things “artificial intelligence”. From taking your job/ to removing your inheritance; check what really happens with a reverse mortgage/ to overwhelming the nation with immigrants/ to absolutely anything defiled and deadly; as they continue to play god/ but MUST FINANCE their fantasies with deceit and the defecation of pride. Just like Palestine became Israel; and you don’t care, “just like they didn’t care”/ cause the bribe was good. 9 trillion dollars of “new money” each year: means a tiny few take anything they want from you/ and spend anything they want on themselves. And foreign nations allow it: because they will soon own all of America/ and you will not even be allowed to beg. BECAUSE IF YOU DO: FACIAL RECOGNITION, WILL HAVE YOU KILLED. Over population is a bitch/ now ain’t that true?

And if that wasn’t enough: they are sterilizing every seed/ destroying every form of diversity (including human, as you intermix every distinct species into one)/ gathering information, and spreading anything they can find, to destroy every species (complex chemicals to invade every biological reality, is only one)/ and ten thousand more failures. Which The constant human in America: either ridicules, or runs from, to hide. To your shame: the endless lies of numbers throughout your “fools in charge”, where reality no longer lives; as is all things “stock market, derivatives, currency, and more”.

We then come to cause: and identify, that in a world being overrun with humanity/ and a future lost, to everything humans have done. If there were only a few left/ then these could survive; after all the carcasses dissolved. So, if you had a weapon such as biology/ or a weapon such as mass destruction/ or a weapon such as war without end, the cost of “there is nothing left to keep us alive”. Then if you are prepared; as the universities controlling governments can be. All the rest can die. The last gasp before, they release HELL on earth is: let’s bring the same energy source here as is on the sun/ THAT, will solve all our problems. So, then the gamble is worth it; if you don’t mind the truth: our planet will become another sun, instead. Because reality is: your leaders have simply given up, and seek to save themselves/ as is the purpose of robots. Because without you, “somebody has to be their slaves”! And arrogance OF THE FEW, will add: WE DIDN’T HAVE TO GIVE UP NOTHING. ALAS, fantasies always fail.

Unlike fantasy: THE REALITIES of biblical prophecy are all standing at the edge, ready to be proven true. A prophecy that was established 5,000 or so years ago; as to, the final countdown, to the end of this world. Has been clearly established by the evidence. It is, Daniel 12; and it means, when the great abomination rises: is code for the first experiment that could have ignited a nuclear fire on earth. Because nothing is more heinous than that. The fantasy is: atoms can be combined/ but nothing is less true; as the force of an atom is its spin/ and you can’t combine two spinning tops. They have many fantasies all proven false. But even so: igniting a nuclear fire makes this earth a sun, over time; with their predicted flames “ten million miles high” (the moon is a quarter of a million miles away). Igniting this planet into a sun changes the entire solar system, and because of planetary dimensions, this earth will explode, once the oceans have been consumed by fire. Are they not made of atoms? So then we now know, what the great abomination is/ and we now know, that those experiments continue on. So the first death is like the old testament (the law will save you)/ past. The second death is like the new testament (mercy will save you)/ past. And we now live within the “half a time”; which is predicted to be HELL. The world ending in may of next year, if I remember correctly. So then the question exists: WHY, are we not currently “in hell”, if that prophecy is correct? The answer returns as, the new testament predicts two distinctly different answers. The first eleven chapters cover what happens if men are left in charge. The second description starts with Revelation 12; and predicts what will happen if women are allowed to be “in charge”. We are in that second description; as the predictions of both chapter 12 and 17 “begin with me”. The spiritual woman predicted IS A VERY REAL participant in my life; even if you cannot believe that true. You can clearly understand the evidence that is: humanity trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. which is a nuclear fire (it burns the bond holding atoms together). As I have proven by the evidence of reality/ not the imagination of failure and fool, as is universities know. They have never been to the sun, and they have never seen beneath the fire; no matter what they deceive you with. Go ahead question them, and learn.

What then? Trial to prove what they know, and what they gamble or risk to life on earth. As to prophecy: I predict if you have started your journey back to life/ HELL and all its associates will be “held back” for now. I also predict; if you fail to start, and continue to respect nothing of the evidence or its truth: HELL will soon begin, and there will be no mercy left for you. With the ending of life on earth, as Daniel predicted. As the realities: Armageddon means, NATURE IN CHAOS/ as your universities have been trying to create in worship of their god called evolution. The apocalypse: a war without mercy, as the end of water supplies becomes real/ and you have just three days to take theirs/ or die. The ignition of a nuclear fire, might save you from that; as the horrors of a “ten million degree flame” suck you in, from “a thousand miles away”/ and its radiation kills you, if you stick your head above the rocks. But hey, why worry; the universities know “everything”/ now ain’t that so? After all, they use to be your classmates; and you know, “they can be god” right!

Biblical prophecy is examined; because of the evidence/ not because of any religious belief. Instead the value of something, is hinged upon what can be proven true/ as opposed to the realities of what will be lost, If the decisions which follow become wrong. Biblical Christian, is the only religion I have an interest in: and it includes such things as Noah’s flood. A reality proven true; because the evidence of fossil fuels/ the reality of how these are gathered together/ and the literal mass of life that was buried due to this one event; in places under thousands of feet of soil or rock: could not occur without that flood. Therefore true!

As for me: a prediction from 5,000 years ago, that is suddenly recognized as “coming true, by the evidence suddenly in focus”; adds a great deal of weight to the potential called “true”. Because the realities of being wrong, under the level of threat that is fundamentally proven true of our own extinction, by our own hands of humanity; is real. No going back/ no second chances/ no mercy: now or never!

As that functionally ends the message to your lives; it would be kind, if I found a friend or even female lover. BUT THAT will not be; because if you do begin your journey; my life will be immediately in jeopardy, and anyone connected to me, could experience that as well. Even though I can and will do nothing; for those tied to me, by realities not chosen. There are none, who share my life, or thereby chose me. So unless its clear, you, the humanity of this earth; are truly choosing to die as a planet forever/ it will not be allowed. Life comes first/ not self. Ultimately I add to that: this work did not allow for any great relationship to form beyond what is intimately and distinctly soul. The fundamental of this day is: I have lost control, to the spiritual woman inside/ trading places, to live much like women have lived with men in charge throughout history. So the question or choices; beyond limited friendships, is no longer mine. I am required to accept, “I am just alone for the ride/ whatever that will become.” Ultimately, it means: I am going to gain first hand knowledge, of what women hate, despise, or love about their relationships with men: by the reality NOW, they get to decide for me. I do NOT look forward to the possibilities; and men should take note of that; as they do know, what they do. But the alternate of that is: can women listen or do better than men? Too date, the answer is clearly NO.

The question beyond that is not, “what I lost”/ but the value gained, throughout a lifetime; and I would not trade that for anything this world has to offer. Occasionally however, I do think, “it would have been nice; to be a bit more human”. A reality that divides upon the price, each one is willing to pay: for what they truly desire most. A reality that divides upon the truth of what you believe/ as I believe nothing, but the evidence that aligns with what can be proven true, or assembled as the definitions of what thought, governing the laws of life and universe, can do.

The blessing of soul, which is the search to identify life itself, and understand the definitions of eternity as a participation for those who find value in the discovery of love/ is a singular journey. It cannot be led, because each individual life is a discovery of you, by the identity your own truth will reveal. The curse of soul is: if you find no value in that search, and avoid the realities clearly substantiated by “miracles”/ then you either will have no eternity, or it will be as hate (the descent into chaos/ or war with life, as brings the terror of unending death). It is your choice/ and your time will decide your choice, “forever”.

I therefore caution you not to believe “whatever you want to believe”/ because that is not valid. Instead search for life itself, and understand the disciplines associated with thought, will determine the order of your life by truth, just as love will balance the value of your identity, with mercy, to determine what eternity will offer to you. It is no game, the consequences are eternal. I am not your leader/ certainly not your savior; but I do offer, some of the elemental answers, that have been given to me. For your own discovery, of what life means in time. Religion will hate that; because the end result of it is, their power and pride is no longer valid. Or more simply: it is a lie, that the herd shall gain acceptance, just because of an insurance payment called religion. Want is not enough: you must think for yourselves, and accept the journey into soul. FAITH in the honesty of what can be proven true, is an acceptance of respect: which opens the door to life itself. Every living miracle of existence, is a truth: ONLY THOUGHT, can do this. BEGIN there!

Universities will hate it even more; as their power to deceive and control; and to play god; ends/ or life and planet dies.

The powers of this world, will see their influence dissolve/ and they will hate that even more than the majority of universities do.

But pride will hate it most of all: because the end result of life alive is: pride is an enemy to life/ a tragic reality that cannot enter eternity. That means death or change.

Want is the flag of “animal”; so the choice is, “to be alive”/ or continue as animals, and choose death. MAKE YOUR DECISION; but make no mistake, there will be no going back to what life is today. One direction, to life first/ OR, to death: either one, or the other; because that is literally what humanity itself has chosen, by the things you have done. The game is over, playtime has ended.

And the world will say: “pay no attention to him/ he is nobody”; and they are correct. Simply equal to you! HOWEVER THE EVIDENCE IS TRUE, AND IT SAYS: CHANGE OR YOU’RE ALL, DEAD.


To help you conceive of more than religion offers; I suggest you consider all the realities of what thought can do, “without a body, to weigh it down”. Religion knows only to include the body in one form or another in their depictions of eternity. But death proves without doubt, the body cannot go; it is not eternal, nor was it ever intended to be. Which is: why death comes for us all. Thereby we know, that the critical test of life itself, is within energy (it proves choice) and thought (it provides freedoms to choose) and love (it provides both purpose and desire); ending time, only when we achieve the conception “life itself, exists”. Not as a piece of mass provides; but as an environment formed around itself. Religion is “a mother’s milk” to the beginning of everything we can conceive of for life; as that is the information men have collected thus far. It is not enough, by the decision: I search for more.

The religious will say: “we won’t believe anything, we don’t want to believe/ and that is final”. Because every religious zealot hides behind their own chosen prison walls, and you cannot release them without destroying their home, their wants, and their assumed future. That means they hate you/ and hate never lets truth or evidence decide, not even the cost of being wrong. Because that means, they must choose courage, and accept the faith that is: “they are not god of their own eternity/ they are only god over their own wants”. The difference between faith and belief is: faith proves the evidence, and then lets truth decide the rest. The difference between want and truth, is monumental; even if, they occasionally seem the same.

And all the people will say: we hate you, because you try to make us afraid for our lives with talk of extinction, and tragedies coming. We hate you, because you demand unless we change; there is no escape from what we have chosen to do/ which is no worse than those who came before us. We hate you, because we want what we want/ and we don’t want to change nothing; that does not give us MORE of everything we want. And you: are the very opposite of that. We believe the universities will give us what we want/ and we refuse to believe, they are not our saviors or friends; because healthcare keeps us out of the grave. Lies and bribes and fraud, keep us from paying our own debts. WE DON’T WANT, to pay!

And to all the world I continue to say: truth will not be denied, your world has changed/ and if you will not change with it, to save life on earth: soon you will become extinct, as a planet. And even you know it is true: when confronted by those who are trying to ignite “atoms on fire/ a nuclear flame” just like the sun. EVEN YOU: can understand, by their own statement. They insist fusion is the combining of two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom; and that, “is how the sun creates heat”. BUT IF THEY ARE MAKING HELIUM, with every btu the sun creates. THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? Because wrong means; this planet will become another sun. That is the gamble/ and that is the price of being WRONG. SO PUT YOUR BELIEF ON THE TABLE; so to speak, because you bet this entire world, and even the solar system itself; on “your university gods”. One chance for ignition is all you get/ NO turning back the clock: LIFE OR DEATH for a world! You can hate me: BUT YOU CAN’T ESCAPE TRUTH; it will rule the consequences, and that will rule this earth.


I leave you with this one conclusion that must identify your own journey into life: truth declares, that thought cannot go beyond its own individual creation/ UNLESS love defines and creates the way to join as one. Trust opens the door, and that requires truth, discipline, order, balance, respect, courage, value, and commitment to hope and desires that are consistent with love. The fundamental lesson is then: even though thought can become eternal on its own/ without love, trust, and truth; its fate is isolation and the emptiness of a life without hope. Choose better!

You have been told:  either change your obsession with “all things university” and return to reality by truth/ or go extinct. It is that simple, to make certain, you understand.

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Jim Osterbur

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