Time shares life with hope; which is very different than time is life/ do you understand, the conception is between a “biological machine”; and the essence of freedom, as is drenched in thought?

We then begin with the simple constructions of value to each: that time represents the action or reaction that is consistent with movement of a mass. The body is that mass, and how it moves is in direct relationships with how an atomic discipline of energy, which is to share the motion; becomes a biological miracle.

LIFE then constructs a miracle based upon the critical intersection between those disciplines, and the order conceived within balancing what will occur, with what can be changed. Or more distinctly reality decides the construction, by the laws which govern existence. Thereby we know life comes in three parts: environment, existence, and destiny: or if truth fails, then fate.

Hope is the essence of life itself, as we begin to recognize an opportunity to participate in things that achieve self, acknowledge a choice, and then identify the freedoms required to “create our place” in time.

The biological machine of body, is then given its rise; from the display of possibilities, to the essence of an environment each inhabits, as one distinct discipline/ order/ and potential balancing of existence.

Freedom is: where conception meets reality, to understand; not only are there the decisions, for movement/ but truth and consequences as well.

Thought then rises; as the knowledge of truth achieves the ability to perceive of laws. Those laws grant the construction of, order exists: within each of the constructed parts as indicated above. Understanding rises to the aid of knowledge as it undergoes the reality of evidence consistent with the gain that is: our relationship with this earth. Wisdom then ascends to the level of our own individual truth, as we elevate ourselves beyond the boundaries of what motion can become.

Destiny therefrom arises to achieve a relationship with Creation; as it turns from the quest formed by time/ into realities that are eternal.

In these definitions, the formation of hope surrenders the struggle for survival, to the critical decision that is: no miracle exists, “without a CREATOR”! As all levels of thought, form a boundary around existence, to explain the environment of our soul: is more than we can conceive of.

The critical element is then: what defines our creation as soul?

The elegant answer is: the freedom to achieve a binding trust with love.

The more elaborate answer is: when we learn not to measure life, we then achieve the disciplines required to ascend beyond self, and order the values of our hopes, into the destinies which love can attain.

The fundamental answer is: thought becomes our vessel, and the universe our home. The rise beyond self, is an environment called love; where values assemble to become the essence of a new birth called life beyond human. Trust is “the womb”/ but only truth can keep you alive therein. To conceive of the journey, it is absolutely necessary to accept hope. To construct and maintain hope, it is absolutely necessary to accept life is to become love without hate. To trust at a level beyond what humanity can achieve; there must be soul.

Therefrom we learn, that destiny is directly tied to soul, and soul is directly tied to “the one who CREATES “.

The extreme failure, that is “university religion; as is we know”. Exercises hate to build its place in this world; using all manner of deception, corruption, betrayal, and violence to assemble death of a world. Biological terrorism, as is the mutilation of nature. Fear mongering as is weapons of mass destruction. The rage of mob; as is the loss of securities/ loss of resources/ betrayal of everything we need to survive. The manipulation and propagation of disasters, as is “believe only in the university/ the universities are god”. Even the complete disasters linked to education; as is evolution (chaos is your god)/ nothing matters but a diploma: which quite literally means, MEMORIZE what you are told/ and don’t ask no questions beyond what you are told to believe.

Our world sits on the edge of its own extinction; because that is what the university elite have chosen for you to inherit from their work. All the evidence cannot be wrong: it points only to extinction of a world. It even points directly: to the ignition point of a nuclear fire; that will turn this earth into a sun. Because that is what they chose to do to you; by gambling they could be gods. They cannot.

The value of your brain is: with knowledge, you can make your own decision/ and with understanding you can grasp the consequences that are coming: with wisdom, a reality based upon laws governed by truth. A new chapter in human existence could arise instead; IF, we are not too late to change anything, before it becomes “already destroyed”. If you had a brain, you would know that is true. If you had even the whisper of a brain left; from university brain washing/ then you could grasp: the need for trial is great. The reality of proving the evidence as best we can: to construct a value/ rather than accept extinction. Requires we all understand, and grasp what is true. Before the point of no return proves we have no say, anymore! That fact could occur at any time now; which means your freedom to do whatever you want has ended/ or your life will. CHOOSE!

As for me, reality proved to be “too severe/ the consequences too grim”; to leave this world alone to die. The options being; “war with men, over their failures and fantasies [as is depicted in Revelation 1-11] : or find another way”. Since men who love only power had control; and history proved they would retain control, regardless of the facts. Because murder and mayhem, can defeat peace and justice. The question became: WHAT would women do, if they had the opportunity to lead? Since “human women” had no trust whatsoever in the discussion/ and no desire to lead, since at least in America they felt secure with what they did have. I needed to look elsewhere! Truth alone survives in the spiritual world: so I searched, and I found the door that leads into a female world. “simply to ask a question”. But that was not to be enough, and I was pushed inside [Revelation 12-17]; to learn for myself. The end result being: that given power, women are very little different than men/ but they do not choose violence and war as men do; and they do have more passion for youth/ a result of pregnancy! That simple truth, could keep this earth alive; therefore the answer is let women lead. Because men will war/ and they will use weapons of mass destruction. As to university: women show very little difference than men: all want to play god, in one form or another. Either we are simply superior to the rest/ or we are superior to you; or all life, and can even control the same energy as the sun; with every level of fantasy or power in-between. These are the choices; because want drives this world, as an animal/ not truth, as a human being alive. To change that, requires knowledge; so the people believe. Belief means: I DON’T have to do any of the work to find understanding or wisdom/ I CAN, just go along with the herd. “they are wrong”, with regard to life! But nonetheless, in time, you can be “just like the animals”/ except for the fact, your predators are now able to destroy life, planet, future, and even your own eternity; soon, at their whim.

But alas, you are too smart for me; as all believers are. To believe whatever you want is true; makes an excellent prison, to keep the others out. To ensure that your own imagination, the conception of what can life become; travels no farther, than what makes you happy, or even sad: because that is what you want.

As for me, the journey into truth requires knowledge, and until you attain that knowledge, and identify the understanding that is essential to survival: it is a difficult quest. Which is why few travel the same path/ and far less complete its journey. For me; the spiritual world once inside held many beautiful things of value to me, as male. Alas, the need to fight for this entire Creation of life, led me to the door of female/ which is very hard to find: to help this world survive, as I still live here too. That, changed life; but it is not all bad, as women are truly different; not perfect/ but neither are men. Nonetheless over fourteen years, I have changed; not into woman, but not strictly male anymore either. It was never a quest to learn, but once inside a spiritual dimension, that literally is, the only way to survive; or return to freedom. That is my testimony to you; and it does come with living in some elements of female, that are not of my own choice. “its complicated; and it may even lead to the extinction of male: I do not know”.

Your options are: to understand the realities of what threatens your own extinction as a world/ by examining truth, to search for justice and life. OR, to discard knowledge; and end in the abyss of terror, which will then become an eternity for most; because you chose to end this world with your apathy and utter lack of care.

While it is true, I have proven to be different/ I AM NOT YOUR EXCUSE; and you don’t have to understand me, acknowledge me, accept me, trust me, or ANY OTHER element that would assign or accept me as your leader or savior/ because I AM NOT. But, You cannot blame me for anything, and remain alive on earth; because your truth is, “we are surrounded by threats of extinction”. The vast majority of which came entirely from university is god; to your shame AS THIS HUMANITY ON EARTH, you let them play with life. IN MANY HORRENDOUS WAYS! I am simply your messenger; delivering the message, “change your ways or go extinct”. Only your own decisions, will decide; because you as humanity on earth; have chosen to play god, or believe in university is god as well. RESPECT THIS WORLD, OR IT WILL CEASE TO EXIST!  OR, all things complex, will become as simple as you/ and every body of life will be lost to horrors. This planet will die as well!         That is your  cost of being WRONG.

the reality is quite simple; and I will say to you as each religion says to the other: you are condemned, because you failed to choose correctly.  Change that or die, because we cannot help you otherwise/ it was your own decision; your own beliefs, that failed you.

The lesson of a spiritual dimension is: LEARN OR DIE/ which is the first test before entering into the eternal universe. Whatsoever you fail to learn/ shall hold you prisoner, until you do; or die. Because only truth survives, and only trust shall travel beyond “your own prison walls”.

In contrast to everything of value to the living/ your universities exist to mimic, manipulate, control, tempt, pollute, destroy, mutilate, and threaten life itself into extinction. They study everything human, so as to create robotics to take your place; mimic: the first step in replacing you by introducing biological weapons of mass destruction to remove you from life/ thereby keeping the planet for themselves. Manipulate: Every piece of university knows: is memorize this, and never question your leaders “they have a book/ and the book is god”. Control: through media and its propaganda of change through the environmental encroachment of pretending this is “what people are suppose to do/ to think; and destroying any controversy, by making the opposition into enemies”; the television becomes your god in hiding. Tempt: as is never question debt, and always fight to get more; as is the basis of control by indentured slavery. Destroy: because without “a weapon of your own”; they have full control or you die. Mutilate: let nature be cursed, so that the universities are your only hope for “savior”. Threaten: we are your gods, so never threaten us. And soon if not already: facial recognition gives the computer the right to kill any human being that has been placed in its file. Killing off all opposition to the leader, by insuring: nobody eats here/ nobody walks here/ nobody offers a single response, other than submission to what we want; as gods walking this earth, by university demand. “why, how happy you will be”; now ain’t that right?

It is noted; that pride and fear are the opposite elements of the very same dimension. Pride makes life a game, so that the individual can be either winner or loser; making their place in life and living “a game (rules)” rather than a reality based upon the cost and consequences of their own decisions, or another. Fear makes life a reality, so the individual can either play courageous (the other, is a better choice), or fake death by surrendering to panic (not me); as is trying to make the predator play your game.

Pride and fear come together: when the enemy cannot be defeated, because it threatens “my world” as I want it to be; by believing whatever I want to believe. When that is removed, and there is no true defense: the consequence of human behavior is. EITHER let truth decide by the validity of its own evidence. OR, find a lie, (let gossip be the army) that can be manipulated as if it were the truth: thereby attacking the enemy called truth, and whosoever presents it. When pride and fear begin to circle each other, the threat becomes a terror (no escape); while the human reality becomes a choice: either stop the circle and release pride, as well as fear; to the acceptance of trust in truth. OR, into “hell” you will go; where hate is born.

Belief is the essence of want; because you literally can believe anything you want to believe: truth does not matter, and want is the basis of every lie. FAITH, on the other side of that line between life and death: is the essence of truth, by its accepted trust in laws that are fully described by the evidence of our reality. The difference is: do you accept truth/ or as is “university knows” live only in the fantasies you want to believe in? Manipulating life, into a pool of sewage: by standing on the edge of biological life itself, “with a boiling pot of chaos: their evolutionary god”, ready to dump in. Accepting only “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT; without regard for reality; OR, LET’S PLAY WITH THE SUN”; as are the primary delusions and deceptions of “university knows”.

YOU HAVE, come to the end of your delusions; as universities across this earth have created weapons of war, that men will use to make life and earth extinct of life. The constant of man, the animal is: we will war, instead of seek true peace. Which leaves only women to try, and make peace on earth.

YOU HAVE come to the end of your deceptions allowed as “university knows” without the consequences of universities did this! That means: EITHER you will stop them from destroying life on earth, as they are doing in every nation. OR, they will soon, make life and earth itself, EXTINCT FOREVER. Entering your souls, and even destroying your own eternity; for the vast majority regardless of religion.


As for me; my eternity is sealed, and will not be altered. But my time on earth will not be so; as my entry into the spiritual dimension of female has been a constant struggle. It is a conception of biblical Revelation 12; interpreted “a spiritual woman stands on, what is foreign; a man. The moon represents, the man has stepped beyond time into the universe, but is still attached to this earth”. It is also a conception of biblical Revelation 17; interpreted, the same spiritual woman rides “the beast of a man”; bridled to her own directions. Both elementally represent my life. What she is going to choose; does not include, “but very little” of, my choice as well. Even so, we are united in the singular effort that is: LIFE ON EARTH MUST NOT DIE. At least without one final attempt to reach out, and assemble enough information to give this Creation: one last chance to live. Simple as that, we walk together; but I am no longer “in charge”. After years of fighting: my reality has changed. It is distinctly like: the human description throughout history of being married; only I have become “the wife”/ and she has become “the husband”. A complete surprise. Even so: life on earth must not die/ and I, or male in me: failed. That cannot be disputed, it is true. Making this time: It is her turn!

I am NOT, nor have I ever been “gay” in any possible way: this is about the reality of finding the definitions required: to change humanity, by putting women in charge. We are literally standing on the edge of extinction as a world/ and will fall into the abyss, if real change does not occur. That leaves the only possibilities of leadership as female/ and since they were too proud, and too afraid to consider or conceive of the possibilities; I needed to search on my own. It did not go as expected; but as in every learning sequence, my life has always been required; to understand the reality/ not like a university: where all things come from a book. Men failed life on earth: your punishment for that is, “let women try”/ BUT NOT, as men do. By the law they can create for justice and life and world. Men chose war instead. If true law fails/ so does this world. The biblical prophecy of Revelation12 and 17; are in fact, now an element of my life; as it now exists. But the foundation of it is very simple: change means, man is no longer in charge; and that has been added to my life. Life or death of a world: take your choice/ but there is no going back. MEN ARE NOT going to be so “controlled as am I”. Instead, the reality of how women can lead, and NOT fail, because they don’t understand men; cannot be separated from me, at this moment; as women have made NO attempt to learn/ and their learning is how to manipulate men, NOT work with them for law, truth, and justice. The consequence being, I must participate in their world, as I learn what that means, from a woman’s point of view. Even so, it is literally up to them; to make that choice/ even to keep me alive, until the day they can do it for themselves. “or not”; as their choice may be. This is my warning: without knowledge, panic arises, and failure is almost absolutely assured. NOT your leader/ NOT your savior/ strictly, a participant to assist in your understanding of what is real, and what truth can be learned.

And I am required to add: “controlled/ corralled/ bridled/ flagged (woman is here too),  and with very few choices of my own”. A reality given to women; I DON’T know why, other than I can help you understand “the options”. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with men, other than me. Not a choice, there is no escape: I live spiritually, in a woman’s world (no rights)! Its complicated, not fun; refusal is NOT an option for me. And I regard all that, with a certainty: “it cannot be good for me”. Nonetheless, you will never understand, in this life. Making “her way”: it is, what it is; as far as we go. So that no illusions take place: she has made me change places. I have all the rights and expectations of any other woman, as a reality (she has been devastating to nearly everything male)/ but she gives to women all the rights and expectations of any other man. I am concerned, but not scared; “how bad could it be”? The answer to that is, more than I care to consider.

Even so; reality will prove; “66 years old, no teeth, half bald, not pretty, tits”/ so, the consequences should be minimal: if in fact any at all. Just reality at work, not a temptation.

Just so its clear, I have NEVER been “a beast; or anything but kind, or honest” to any woman for any cause: beyond I must do my job for life; even if tears come. Rather like the illustration of “university”; NOT EVERYONE !     I am simply grouped with male; a large percentage of which, have been “beasts” to women.

While it is certain, humanity will laugh, ridicule, measure, and judge the issues surrounding the concept of a spiritual woman in my life; gossiping to whatever extent they are allowed. The distance I have come in life itself, has not been cheap: the cost is a lifetime on earth, and all that could have been; if not for this entire world threatened by extinction. I do not regret my choices, and my life has been paid in other “dividends”; but I do regret yours. Not even people trying to ignite “atoms on fire” with all the proof humanity can offer, because of their pride, arrogance, and realities of evidence: which do prove these tiny few, are gambling with literally everything in this solar system. Yet YOU, still don’t care. Not about nature. Not even about your child, and not even about your money; because you believe the cost is too high: so everyone MUST LIE, and join the fantasy. To your shame. Yet you don’t believe the cost of universities playing god will be too high; as they crucify and mutilate nature/ and deliberately intend to burn the planet into a sun; even if they don’t know it. That will come true, or be stopped by you. The entire prophecies of the bible can now be known; because the day has come, when your reality proves how it will be done. So, go ahead and ridicule, but remember this: YOU DID, have your chance to save this world, and said no. Because the cult of university worship cannot question its god.

Nor can the other religions decide, “because he is not perfect enough/ he is not one of us/ he is less than we expect, and we want someone “from GOD”, to lead us; which he will not do”. EVEN THOUGH, the reality is: this earth is threatened with extinction, because of what humanity chose to do. The evidence does prove that; and as a consequence: I am merely uncovering the lies, betrayal, and terrorism. So the choice is not “me, or him”; but life or death for this world; and religions everywhere: are literally only concerned with what they want! While the future itself dies.

The fundamental is simple: instead of blaming “someone” who caused the problem to exist; who would be “expensive” to admit too. You simply blame me; as I am cheap, and would do you no harm, nor cost you the relationship you wish to maintain. It is the EASY way. But alas;

I, am not your decision: I, am merely the messenger, YOU are the deciding human, that chooses for life or death of this world.  You cannot be led; because it is humanity itself, that is both the problem or the solution. Which literally means: it is up to you to change what needs to be changed, in you. And if you won’t, truth by the evidence will; time holds no mercy, in the second “the ax falls”; you become dead. But hey, you still have your pride; no ain’t that “right down into the grave”.

The Christian religion believes: “JESUS, will come in the last days”/ but Biblically what is promised is: “he will send the son of man: but only participate in that way”. On the other hand, when judgment comes (you dug your own grave): there is no mercy. So, the question is: WHAT would the son of man deliver, and the answer is biblically stated to be: answers that have not been found since the beginning of humanity. “let the evidence decide”!   Luke 11: 29-30 “is your sign.      my soul adds,  John 15: 18-22

Here then, is my statement to this world: I have not withheld the values of my life, I have only withheld the possibilities of everything that could have been. It is my choice, that a world is more important than I. It is my choice, that truth by the evidence proves without doubt nor question: life itself is a miracle, as is every body of life on earth/ as is this earth itself. So the quest to learn found life, hidden inside the soul; and my heart said, “this is my home”. That, is how we are different!

in alternate news, I am clearly NOT your savior; simple as that, not perfect either/ but as is consistent with life on earth, “I can, be the messenger”. Which means: who among you could not have taken my place, if you had chosen to search? IF, life or death for this entire planet and all its life; were the single most important reality of your entire life;   except for,   “GOD”  .


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