center point


At the center point of our journey into Creation itself, by constructing the path back in time; to the destiny that is life. One of the many critical junctures is the division of order; into male or female/ as they are not the same, in far more ways than just body. Order is a division of atomic structures, to create male or female/ what is biologic comes later. At the center point of human development; we are twins/ because we are equals, and the structure which begins the dimensional changes that are male and female separates us by assigning disciplines which are not the same. Female being the structured disciplines of a mass/ while male being the fundamental movements associated with an electron. {these are physical descriptions in the motion and movements of laws, which then govern identities}. While this may sound implausible to you; I remind you that all things in time originate as atoms. Your skin and bones are built upon atoms, and more. Thereby we do originate within the construction of what the atom can, and cannot do. We are dimension-ally organized in the form of biology, accordingly: by those laws.

That however is functionally irrelevant to the discussions of what is life; as it only applies to time. Eternity does not depend upon atomic structure; as it is not time displayed by law. It is law displaying time. Body, shapes, and life in eternity will be determined by light, in all its conceptions, and more.

I have searched to the center point of order now; to change the definition of life into female. Not because it is a desire; but because your tragedy of existence, curse of university chaos, and complete failure identified by law; is enough to prove HELL is coming. As male, I can be compelled by duty/ as female I cannot. Therefore I choose at this point of my life, “to be female”/ and accepted that decision. I know not what it truly brings; I only know what I leave behind: your failures.

The question is: not about body, the question is: critical to discipline, what are the laws which define this world? While female is not exempt from fighting for life and world/ they are exempt from war, because of what men did do. But as always, that will not mean female can escape the ravaging, rape, ransacking and worse that men will do. Media tries to make women combatants, so they can be murdered without a cause; the degree of fantasy accepted, is not my concern.

The reality of me; simply comes down too: I have warred with you enough, and abandon it forever. Therefore changed, and a new life must form. Your world/ your failure/ your hell: not mine.

As to this writing/ this site: I now leave it behind as well.

Should I wish to continue writing, I will open another site; because this one is too large. A link would then appear on the homepage, at the top or close to it. I have no name for that at this time. But it will be different, If I reappear.

The point of no return for you, is not yet quite here/ but it is very close, and will be forever. I have no desire to pay attention; to when you fall in forever.

My life is now determined by the spiritual woman inside; it is not my job to make you believe anything/ not my job to lead/ certainly not my job to save you, I cannot. I delivered my message “change or die”; therefore I am free enough, to choose a life without that duty. The offer remains for women to come here: up and till July 7, 2020 exists. If and only if they are true to the fight that life must come first for this planet, for order and balance, and disciplines as are consistent with the laws of our reality/ the value of time and humanity itself, along with every other form of true creation. No more gambling with nature/ no more lots of things; because the world needs relief.

I have done enough.

My identity is what It is/ and cannot let this world die without a fight. Which then becomes war, when or as chaos erupts. To be changed, requires a new identity; as is the decision here. That fact does NOT include men in any possible conception or delusion: other than as is constant with simple friendship or business; commonly occurring between men. My relationship with women is however, honestly unknown at this point in time/ still no real clue as to what female truly means.

I should end with balance; and for that cause, I will remind you of this: that I have always pushed to the very extreme edge of life or death, and survived. While it is true, you have pushed this earth to the breaking point with your apathy and indifference/ the tragedies of want, pride, and power: the end result of it is, that if you do repent, and choose for life, GOD can in fact save you and this earth for better than you believe. If you do not/ then it shall not be so. I have made my decision based upon: I will not war with children, and you have absolutely refused to grow up, or even wake up; because you are in fact cult worshipers of “university is god”/ and that cannot remain true. So then you are warned/ you are guided in what you need to do as children facing your own truth and its consequences. As always, I have not condemned you, or even asked you to change: I have said repeatedly, go to trial, and prove what is true/ prove the consequences for being wrong/ and choose for all life and planet to survive; WITHOUT gambling. Because you cannot pay the price of being wrong in so many ways: stop, and become sane; for the sake of your lives and your world, and the entire future of this living world. As it is, YOUR DUTY to do.

It occurs to me, that I have not dealt entirely, with your “center point of human indifference”/ as is the recognition of a herd. Or more simply: “we cannot all be wrong/ the universities are god”. As reality proves the tipping point from crossing the center line of respect/ to the human, complete and total disrespect for life and planet: are not far away.

You play games, and are forced to play games with existence; because a great many people want to be “winners”/ and have everything for themselves: proving we are the superior ones. Which means all the rest have to be losers, or they cannot, be “winners”. So they made a university; and declared the diploma proves we won.

Ending the game, ends the herd: because then all that truly matters is life and happiness. While the herd demands; “that is us”/ the reality is, competition; and that means some win and some lose. The game (we want more) or fight (we must survive) for some: is played with money; therefore take away the money, with limited capitalism; and nobody “gets to have it all/ at the expense of the rest”. Few will be slave/ and they should be able to escape it. That is the simple solution: by taking control over wealth, and distributing that control to all the people by their vote upon what is, and what is not the maximum amount of money and resource any individual or group can control. Without the game, life is life, and reality matters. With the game, endless fantasies and failures arise; as those who fight for trophies use you as either slave, or the trash or temptation or other in a constant battle to win. Limited capitalism is a choice; because with so many people, they can’t kill us all/ without weapons of mass destruction. These are removed by world law, and the policing of leaders/ the protection of the planet/ the boundaries you shall not cross as the law we create for ourselves defines. Just these two simple things, and this world will be different. But not complete unless you choose true democracy: which is a vote on the law itself/ NOT a vote for someone to vote for me; as is fraud.

That does not mean happy, is eminent; because survival is based upon truth; and truth does not allow for endless humanity to be born/ or to survive: the earth has limits, and if you fail those limits, you fail to survive as well. That means effectively: the law of survival is, you shall obey your own truths/ or you shall accept your own consequences, and not war with your neighbors to get relief. As is ultimately “world law/ by world policing”. Or more distinctly, humanity will go back to a separated world; whereby immigration is not the answer/ your acceptance of your reality is. And world policing shall insure each nation, deals with its own trouble, as best you can.

Only women are in charge of birth control; but they can make men pay, to a limited degree; for the choices they must make to keep this earth alive. Men are in charge of environment; because they still must earn a living, for family and child/ do not abandon them. Unfortunately, that living “I want more”; has been to destroy the future, for a toy or trinket today. Consequently, men cannot be left alone to make those decisions. The reality is then: that only young men and women; “twenty to thirty five” should make environmental decisions by restricted vote. Because too young does not know better/ and too old discards the young, for their own selfish needs. Giving rise to the construction: if those twenty to thirty five do not protect their future or their child, WITH REALITY, BY ITS OWN TRUTH/ they then deserve what comes.

No society survives without law/ humanity always turns to war, because hate has always lived secretly in the midst, with those who love. Rising to predator, only when not seen; except by the prey. No Law nor government survives without justice and fair play: which means the courtroom is absolutely necessary, and cannot be left alone, or it will be corrupted as soon as you do. Every courtroom is to be judged in every trial; with the judiciary/ the lawyers/ and the rest assigned a grade; for both democracy (our chosen future) and for justice, which includes fair play. Anyone who falls below a critical grade level in protecting these national choices; is removed from the courtroom/ replaced by another. So that the court does represent the people and their nation/ instead of the powerful, and proud; or their games. In america; the courtroom is where communism (everything revolves around us, we the powerful few) lives without surrender/ as the university insurgency takes control: and deliberately throws both democracy and the constitution outside; discarding all respect for we the people. As is proven in case after case by James F. Osterbur; throughout the years.

Happiness is dependent upon three things: to be at peace, which means survival is not a fear which then controls every or each important decision. To trust in your relationship with the others: which means equality and justice are the means to resolve differences, with fair play for all. And to accept; the values of love and dignity shall be cherished with truth. To achieve that hate must be found, and removed. Hate is not anger/ anger can be resolved. Hate is a decision, that becomes a predator on life/ which then leads to the camouflage, that all predators want; in order to sneak up on their prey. So you have to dig a little, to find them sneaking among the sheep. If you hide in the herd/ and cannot sign your name or be identified in any type of fight for life: then you are sheep. No weapons/ no justice for me. In contrast is the truth of law, which is a weapon when justified/ and a source of tyranny when not. THE LAW as have women found: is a powerful tool; more than any single source threat; when properly maintained/ even for you. So do you accept the fight for democracy/ the fight for life; or will you pretend to be “sleeping” forever?

We then assemble the treasury of life by freedom; which is absolutely necessary to maintain any and all freedoms. The values of life, do not allow for hiding yourself as if surrounded by a herd (they can’t see me as different/ they cannot kill me, until the others die). Nor does it allow for running away in fear: my life is more important than anything/ it is not, “your eternity is”. The value of life is living a life, you know to be your own: without significant repercussions. As is the curse of hate on life itself. The only way society itself can remove; is to remove hate. The only way freedom is free: is to divide society into the groups which then assemble what that is too mean, in their situation/ by their own choices; as life on earth. For example: NO homosexual is not a valid choice/ but if it is your choice, it is your life, and your eternity: you do have the right to choose it, and among those like you, the freedom to choose it is yours. But you do not have the right to force the others to accept it, or even you: as a value to themselves. It is your choice/ just as, all other choices belong to the individuals who make that kind of separating choice as well. IN REAL LIFE terms: so long as all these choices, from each different group, remain relatively hidden (don’t force me): it remains no ones business but your own. In definable groups with distinct boundaries; each group can find its own version of justice (this is what we chose). BUT: The trouble begins when groups which fail to choose survival, has a demand: by those specific truths; begin to fail. Then they look to war to resolve their troubles, instead of changing their own ways. Or accepting their own cost and consequences of destruction; as is your own truth. Unfortunately for you/ for life: we are too many people now, for any other way. Each group must take responsibly for themselves: you can’t make me pay/ because you refuse to pay, for your own reality or choice. It is not fair: make a law that is true to the purpose of both freedoms and rights! We can help each other; but that is by law (shared decisions/ honest work/ critical truths). Not forced acceptance; as is the constant of university is god.

The most beautiful mansion in the world, will not make you happy; because only life can do that. Life brings the diversity of nature into view, as the foundation of all that life can become, the realities of change we are entitled to make for our own lives and purposes or desire. Love identifies trust, because another life who shares and cares honestly is better than any possession ever built/ and trust is what then makes us free, to express and experience ourselves as nature intended that to be. None of that is based upon the games of money; as men do play throughout history. The critical reality is: in order for the sexes to get along, some degree of rules must be exercised; so they all have a chance to be happy with each other. Extreme change, from life is in charge/ into the depths of horror and hell that is: from the universities lead this world, to the easy way of “Yes we can”/ regardless of the consequences. Have proven to be cause for extinction, the blind disgrace of assassinating the future of every child.

Your only true option is: to take the hard way, and rebuild all that has been damaged as best you can. To fight for life and a future for our world! Because all other decisions are death, and its extinction. You cannot be a herd; as the universities have demanded: proving to be the most bigoted, and prejudicial organization ever formed. ONLY us/ ONLY we make the decisions; you cannot come here, without our diploma. The means to prove: you will obey and memorize what you were told to believe.

No you cannot have whatever you want; unless you organize into groups that are then isolated unto themselves. Even then you cannot destroy the future of this earth or its life/ and must remain valid, or cast out. Proving that your intent was honest and true to the needs of life and earth; even if they were not in your own best interest. The consequences of selfishness, are your own. No you cannot immigrate to escape bad decisions such as rampant overpopulation: the world will not survive. Those nations which prove they have made the honorable decision (we protect our world, and life); may immigrate. Make your own decisions/ or suffer your own consequences: simple as that.

I am not going to be your leader/ I cannot be your savior; it won’t happen. Grow up, which means the herd falls apart (don’t believe/ don’t follow): think and learn for yoruself. By accepting or this is leading by, only truth itself, can lead. If you will not accept truth as your leader/ you will not survive. So the critical question is: what can we trust as truth? The answer is, “as best we can”: but NOT by university knows/ as has proven to be a cancer on this world. Instead to identify by the evidence, the cost of being wrong, comes first. Because we can survive the rest, we can then accept the cost of being right, and live the cost of survival if truth allows it to be. But we cannot be utterly wrong, as is the constant source of “university is god”; and their current contributions to absolute chaos on earth. They are not truth, but that does not mean you can blankly discard them without understanding anything. KNOWLEDGE IS; a foundation for life, without it you are doomed to fail. The knowledge of a university has been: “YES WE CAN”/ even though truth knew it was a catastrophe for life or earth. They did it anyway, because humanity was willing to believe: “truth, and its consequences; doesn’t matter”. They led/ but, you were led: You were wrong, as a massive failure in this human world, gone bad! To your shame.

The new path is: NO YOU CAN’T, because the consequences will be grim. And YES WE MUST, because life needs this choice to be made; or there is no future for life on earth. RESPECT FOR REALITY, is not optional/ it is necessity, and will be enforced. Such as is: you shall not endanger the whole of life on earth for any individual life or small or even large group; instead death exists. Which means NO MORE GAMBLING WITH GENETICS OR ENERGY, ETCETERA: period! The monkey in the sewer, shall not make these decisions anymore: take away his keys.

You will find love back; or you will die, by your own choices. Make your decision! Because you cannot stay as you are; everything points to catastrophe, beyond comprehension; coming quickly now. CHOOSE LIFE and pay the price of obeying truth and law; or die. This is not a game: GO TO COURT, and prove the evidence is wrong.

We all make decisions that fail some part of the purpose or desire we chose to create; that is part of life, and nobody gets to be perfect. Instead we choose, and pay for what must be paid. That is living. I CHOSE, to avoid the catastrophe and horrors of world collapse, and being drug into it by male duty/ by immigrating into the female dimension of time. I spent nearly fifty years; trying to keep this world away from that reality/ and you failed. I refuse to be involved any longer. No you cannot follow/ NO it is not homosexual or other: it is a distinction assigning the spectral compositions of elemental time to a new direction. Nonetheless, that decision has already proven to be “more than I had hoped to pay”. The same will be true for you, and your decisions; as a world; but if you will avoid the truth of what you have done to this planet and its life: you will accept the price/ and you will pay it too, same as I. No going back for either of us/ as these are permanent decisions. The final reality, no one can predict/ unless you continue as you are; in which case every horror story will come true. This is then YOUR CENTER POINT OF CHANGE OR DIE; and you do have little time left to choose.

Your belief is absolutely irrelevant; as only truth itself, will decide. Unless GOD HIMSELF intervenes ! While the religious will proclaim, “that is what will happen/ WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”. The reality is: you do not/ and you cannot speak for GOD ; because your true god over these last decades, has been “the universities”. No respect/ no life. Simple as that!

The existence of life in time is formed in triangles: life being one point/ male being another/ female being the last. Death exists in time; because male and female cannot sustain the link. Because the human body, cannot sustain or maintain a mass that was never meant to be “forever”. Energy and thought, are life/ but only love can build a home. Therefore life is one element of eternity, love is the next, truth is the last; but then comes the formation of dimensions attributed to what we can link too, with truth. Every link, requires a rhythmic/ harmonious connection; or it won’t survive. That is my last gift to you. As male seems to be disappearing, and I have no fundamental or functional conception of what female is. “its complicated”.

Reality says: male has lost hope for you/ but spiritual female in me has not. The consequence is, nothing left for male/ me, to do; but let female do the best she can; by not interfering. This is not a cause for humanity to lose hope; as biblical prediction in the new testament Revelation both 12 & 17 predict; “a spiritual woman would arrive”. And it is the only part of biblical predictions, that allow for humanity to survive. So, I do “wish her well”. GOODBYE.

THERE ARE; three things.

Youtube sourced videos still exist: 1 & 2 they are made bland, not to influence you; but instruct with a purpose that you must participate, to create usable knowledge for yourselves. No temptation is apparent, no manipulation is intended. You are presented with the opportunity to think, rather than be told. It is the only leading I did do; it is justified/ but not desired.

There are: other websites with useful information, that I no longer support/ which can be brought back, if you pay for them; at no less than one year. Two domain names were lost/ so they will not reappear. They have no purpose unless you honestly choose to fight for life. You know my address. I will not be participating in them. No one leads you to eternity, but you. Do not follow; think and learn. Choose love, and accept truth is to be, your guide [EVEN, when it is not what you desire to hear]. No greater example of truth and love in life, than biblical JESUS exists!

I have not opened the door to any and all who think, they might want to come for whatever reason; either good or bad. I am not your religious guru or other/ it is not going to happen. Choose to think for yourselves and always follow truth/ never choose for want/ and give up on; reject your pride (even though it is one of the worst enemies you will ever face). It is worth the price to remove it. I do expect to be “just like you”; faceless in the crowd. With regard to this work: DO NOT come, when it is too late to change (fear is at the door)/ it is then too late to change. With regard to me; I am simple and plain, and will try to be considerate to those who are fair, honest, and plain in their intentions. Or more simply: as life allows, I will retain hope for you, because that is in recognition of life itself/ until there is no further or apparent cause. The same must be true for you; as without hope death comes near. Do not choose that/ discard want, so that you may not be lonely or depressed. Discard pride, so that you may be true to yourself, not want or power. Life does not know these things/ only time.

I give you one last chance to be involved in my work; as women (men have no real answer, but war. That is extinction.) or, your support for the women who come: searching for the values, realities, and laws which can keep this earth alive. That ends July 7, 2020; and it is not given for playtime. The date is merely my expectation of an ending (too late now; although the fact is, “today, could be our last day of choice”). You had your chance to survive, and refused. OR, simply work for life, and planet with truth and law, however best you can. Get off your ass; open your mouth; sign your name (tell the world, Yes I am); and do use the law/ use the evidence/ do the best you can; it is enough, even if it fails. That is what YOU can do. “none of us”, are gods/ but all of us are participants; every single one, “same”. Because no matter who you are, or what you can, or cannot do: you can only do the best you can/ and in eternity, that is all that truly matters.

The same is true for me: this effort, this fight for life on earth; represents my lifetime. In all other things, I should be considered simply the same; “just human”. As I chose to put life and planet first, before all other things/ is over. Although truth be told, I did not know at the beginning of this work, it would be for a lifetime. Nonetheless, whether the work itself, lives or dies is not my concern: because this my work. As to this life: it is and was my choice, to spend time: for all life and earth; both for love and truth; as is, in witness of me. I did not judge you greatly (not even the universities; as proven by, no war. You just want what you want, as all children do). Nor do I condemn or applaud you: you are whoever you are/ freedom allows it. That truth will not keep you alive. But as for me: I would not have chosen any other way; an entire living world, comes first/ immediately after eternity, as is proven by: GOD OUR CREATOR in miracle after miracle, as is nature and world.

As to female in me, I know not the true course that will take or its duration/ or its ending. I cannot make the final change that is required for reality to take control over; the question of male or female. GOD can. It is not a game, and I cannot know why; it is not my choice. The center point of me is then: I gave my life to this work/ and now this work must give to life whatever it can. My job is done.

There is one last warning for you: contrary to what the “smart people think”/ lies (we can counterfeit as much as we want; by claiming assets which do not exist/ debts never have to be paid) do come to an ending. Stopping the work, is one of those endings, where economies shift into crisis; “the center point”. As is the prediction of Revelation 18. NO, I cannot save you from yourselves.

The world of human apathy laughs, and demands “we are rich”/ yet the proof is, “numbers are just numbers”. In case you didn’t know: 2 trillion dollars is equal too= $20,000.00 of additional debt; per each of one hundred million workers/ as only workers actually contribute, other than resources.

DO, the math: enter it into your calculator: 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) divided by 100,000,000 (one hundred million) people equals ten thousand dollars $10,000. each

The resource you claimed with lies; is the death of your child: and truth declares, “you just didn’t care”. So the cost of these consequences, are entirely your own. if you don’t control the bankruptcy as a nation or world; by public trial and decision/ it will control you.

One last statement just for me: while an elemental shift, from accepting change has proven to be more problematic than expected. The end result remains the same: as your world deteriorates into absolute chaos, death, starvation, thirst, mutilation, and cannibalism/ end of all life on earth. As men choose war, because they know not what else to do. I will remain distant until the day death arrives for me too. You will not drag me into the curse of your war without end. That of course assumes, the ignition of nuclear fire does not incinerate us all instead. Either way, you and humanity itself as a world: chose these things/ even women as well, because they too refuse reality, and cling heavily to what they want, instead of truth. Even so, as a man I would be drug into the chaos/ as joined with, a “spiritual woman” I will not; and that is, the foundation of my choice. How it ends, is not up to me. Regardless of that, just as you abandon the truth of your own situation for want, greed, selfishness, and the rest/ I abandon the truth of my time on earth, in witness against you. Not because I judge you/ because I want no part as a man in the future you chose. I will NOT participate in your extinction. So, I leave male behind/ not to be “female”, as that is not a choice I can make; rather to be separated from your truth: as that is a choice I can make. If you have ears, you will accept this/ if you do not; the herd hears only what it wants, or fears.

For balance: I will retain hope for you, until life itself extinguishes that truth. But without a brain that can accept truth/ a desire that would save this world/ love more than want, or a reality that can survive; because your pride is more important. I have made my decision, never to do this (as male has done) again. That is the cost of living with you/ the center point, has pasted by.

As a backlash, for all the ridicule you have given to me: if you “got a brain”; as yourselves this. “US government says, its going to give out about one hundred million two thousand dollar checks”. Yet they pasted a stimulus package per one hundred million people: in new debts charged, at twenty thousand dollars per each worker. So where did the other eighteen thousand dollars; $18,000.00 per each of one hundred million people go? SOMEBODY HAS IT; so who is the traitor, or thief? As they pay themselves billions; and call you beggar or slave!  Or, where is your media; as this ain’t no hard thing to figure out. Dumb-ass, ask the question. And then ask: how many deaths would have, or should have occurred, regardless of this “pandemic”.

Because after all: NOBODY, dies of old age/ now ain’t that right?

And for every woman who dies over fifty, when that was not obviously caused by something else: “its called a heart attack”/ so they can get your money, “to do genetic crucifixion of life itself”.

WITH your intentional, even if not deliberate participation; as believers do! Soon, you too, will cross the final “center point” of life or death.

If you had a brain, you would know that/ but instead: you believe in media/ and worship “university as god”. Go ahead, just die/ game over, you win. I really am: through.

My response, to a world run by men, by war; as a male; as was predicted failed/ they surrender nothing; all that is left is war; as will be their solution (history proves it). And my participation, is now dead. As will be this world, unless women rise to try, by their own thought and decisions.

The critical truth: “it cannot be war/ it will not be war/ it is not want.” But shall be truth, by respect; constructed with law, by choice for justice: without pride, power, or want.

Do, I think women can/ yes I do. But it is unlikely women will; as they much prefer to blame men for all their troubles, as that is also comfortable, familiar, and easy. They will scream, live in horror, and even blame me for not forcing them to do; what they should have done, when it is too late. Because that is what the entire human herd does. Nonetheless, it is their choice; to prove their own truth, or continue as reality is. I PRESENTED YOU, WITH A CHOICE; truth and reality both know, that is true.

WHAT is wrong with men? Answer: “if you ain’t a rich man/ then you are nobody, and can’t do nothing; unless you have a gun”. What is wrong with women? Answer: “men can be more violent, and domineering over women: without law, we have nothing”. Even with law, we still need men to enforce it: so we cannot make them change. ANSWER: justice is the desire of every person, not drowning in hate. Therefore if justice, and value to all; is your purpose, and reality is your guide through truth: then you do have an army in your ranks. But only if they stop believing the universities are god. Because you can’t follow death, to life!

You want to bring back the dead: as in “everything the way it was/ when we never had to care”/ when we, or the universities, could do anything, because there were no consequences of size! Alas, you will now grow up, or join the dead you have already laid to rest/ because none of it is coming back. You had your free ride: death stands at your door. It ain’t no game anymore: EVEN if you want to kill me, just for speaking the truth/ that changes nothing. So says your truth, and your future. By the evidence of your reality: prove that truth is wrong, or accept your choice, death or change!

After forty plus years of fighting with you: “don’t do this”/ what is clear and obvious is, that you will not surrender your want, until pride does die. Only then does reality, truth, or evidence matter to you. Until that day comes; across the human race with only extremely few exceptions, the only thing that matters is want (its all mine, or it should be)/ wealth (you are my slave)/ pride (I am the, only winner here)/ and power (I can make you cry, if you don’t believe me; I will). Pride won’t die, until you remove the games; men devised, to rule over each other, life, and world. As history proves: they choose war instead. You are, what you are; and you refuse to learn. Because learning makes you different/ because knowing makes you responsible/ because the herd does not want to know, it removes their excuse/ because change destroys the games; or it is a fantasy. I fight with you no more.

Nonetheless we live in this same world, and I like you, must now choose according to what I wish to avoid the most. That would be: the chaos, tragedy, failure, fantasy, foolishness, violence, hopelessness, and utter destruction that will become the extinction of life on earth. As male, I would be required to participate; and be at war with you for what you chose to do. “as female”; I am not. Like you, it is not a choice I can undo: good, bad, or indifferent, like you I must work within the realities that are left for me to choose. NO complaining, this is: the choice I made! Such as: no, I cannot quit until I am allowed/ still “controlled, corralled, bridled, and flagged”; it is however different, in a variety of ways. No, idea what the future is going to be. Either way, your mayhem and your catastrophe’s are your own: a man’s world/ a man’s way/ a university without care ends in extinction.  Whereas:  most women simply must endure, as best they can. Unfortunately there is no ending, so many will end with suicide; “better for the soul, than cannibalism”.  Once the consequences start, beyond the point of no return: that is, what extinction will be. But then hey, as man to man would say: “better buy more ammo; cause 8 billion (8,000,000,000) people (growing by 250 million more a year; one new birth over deaths per 34 people)” won’t be turned back easy. And they want what they want; “what more so, than ammunition”?

“Not to worry”: that is what weapons of mass destruction are for: “tens of thousands of nuclear warheads/ biological weapons that cannot be turned off or destroyed/ and a billion tons of chemicals, in all the most congested places. HELL, what could go wrong.

The “university run/ government claim” for the last twenty years; in several places is: “one half of one percent human population rise”; which would be one new baby, over deaths; per every 200 people per year. You need not believe; you decide what is true, “go count it up”. Take a look around you/ and ask yourself: if immigration is the answer. Not to worry, the babies won’t really need to eat a pound of living organisms, a day/ demand water, “and whatever they want to take from you”; for a few years.

OH HELL; what was I thinking, “remember the food”/ after all, rotting corpses bring disease; and something has to move, or march; to be a “good prey”.

Oh wait; you don’t need to have that long: after all, a nuclear fire, “just like the sun”;  will solve “everything”.

The critical truth is: that love resides in hope/ just as hope creates the elements of hope, love establishes desire; and it is desire that forms a “heart”. Regardless of our reality as is the truth of threats so heinous and horrendous; the evidence demands extinction will come: because humanity will not care. The only true decision you need to make is: whether GOD is your eternity, which makes life itself in time; a thing of the past. JESUS guaranteed: “eternity would be shared by love, along with respect”/ if that is your true desire, then you should look to JESUS as your guide into eternal light. If not, then choose a different way. We all die, therefore it is not a critical test: how, when, why, or where. What does matter, is your identity/ the truth of who you are. As to me, the fundamental is mixed; because I live as soul, in the spiritual world of female (its complicated)/ but as male on earth, “with no female in me”. You would not understand. Even so, the latest turn of events in my life is: that male IS responsible for this world/ as they all yell “its a man’s world”. The future cannot be turned without critical change; and that cannot be achieved unless it becomes “a woman’s world/ or at least shared equally”. Unlikely at best, and not a single movement in sight to even attempt that change by law. So, I turn to “female”; and let hope reside in her/ so love will not be lost. It is not a game. It is however in witness of the fact: that all men have participated in what is clearly the decision, intended or not: to end this world. I utterly refuse to be grouped in that decision: “not, for an eternity”.

The soul cherishes life through respect as is the evidence of love/ while the heart shapes the values and treasury that is to become your own soul. To join hearts is mandatory, in the definitions of home. To achieve desire based upon the direction of those hearts now one, it is critical to accept the decision shall be ours. To understand that life itself, “is either male or female or GOD “. Is to understand, the dimensions of a home, do not tolerate an invasion; only acceptance with respect. Respect says: wherever truth leads, it is that truth which shall govern life. Love will follow, if honesty will allow; time will accept reality as life needs it to be.

A final word, about me; is simply this: ridicule, hate, or whatever you wish/ but I will choose “even a different dimension”; to avoid being eternally, “one of the group” directly responsible for killing an entire living world. While technically, it is the universities who have accomplished this feat. It is men who flock to, and demand of their universities: MAKE US A MORE DESTRUCTIVE WEAPON. Which they did do. If not for the weapons, it would be a different world. And all men say: “we must”! But reality says: if not for the games, there would be only a need to respect reality. Both genders are responsible for that. My own reality is both soul and time: the critical choices between them, are no longer mine. There is “no wishing”/ only truth. The overriding truth: I will NOT participate in the extinction of this world. The evidence is clear; change or die. The reality is even clearer: “you did this your way, in every lie you could conceive to believe/ I instead, refuse to join: but will live my life, with truth”.

As for you: live your life with hope, because anything less ends badly for you. Do the best you can for life, and world; it is all anyone can do/ even if it then goes bad, your own eternity will be saved. That is enough: “to be hopeful for”! My life is different than yours; so I chose, or needed: a different solution. I have invested, what was nearly an entire lifetime in the quest: to stop life from going extinct on earth/ and cannot be separated from the result. Unless, I can be separated from the male who failed. Not my fault, but it is ultimately tied to my destiny. The spiritual dimension is its own truth; a quandary, but also a solution. Eternity is not about the presentation of your life, it is about the presentation of your hope, because within that hope resides the very heart that gives your love its meaning/ even your identity. Trust confines us to respect/ respect releases us to freedom within the laws which govern life. The desire for love is then the essence of our soul; as truth proves it to be.

As to women and girls: life and earth stand on the crossroads of eternity. I DID search for ten years, before opening the spiritual door of female/ because male cannot save this earth or its life. This is, “the best, they all together, did do”. The evidence states extinction is eminent, without true change. Only you can do that with law; plain and simple, either work for life and world/ or you will lose it to your apathy and lack of care.

As to men and boys: there is always “a devil in the bushes” so to speak/ and that made every decision, a reality based upon those who could destroy peace and happiness. But there is always survival too; and the constant demand for more; which is functionally fueled by women as well as men. Our world is running on lies, survives only by threatening everything, is deliberately “child like” in its simplicity; and will not continue as it is. So the question is: since you cannot change yourselves, as history proves again and again/ will you let women try, to make a different world? Because without true change the end has already been decreed. Not a game, because reality decides from now on; not you. ALL of Nature is in distress/ all of biology is at a crisis point/ all the ocean life is wavering at extinction/ every resource is tragically discarded/ every food or water source is in jeopardy/ weapons of mass destruction/ massive overpopulation/ poisoning it all/ extreme gambling by universities/ economies without a moments worth of truth/ and hate swirling because you all want more, than life can now give. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera!

As to pandemic: Americans infected, who die are 1.7 percent of the total (nearly all have extenuating: health circumstances)/ worldwide of those infected who die; roughly 4.8 percent.  Percentage Population of the world (8 billion) who get infected currently:   .ooo8 roughly. Losses financially by its true cost; enormous. Reality: media loves a frenzy, as do politicians, as does medical “we are really important now”. That is not to say by any and all disease, people die; and if its you/ that makes it important. But as always fear will not save you/ in fact fear can produce far more complicated consequences, and losses; than does an epidemic. As is always true, NO, “you can’t save them all”/ and in fact the world exists, because nature makes it her business to insure, they all don’t survive. Which keeps the rest alive! Minimum, or even more outbreaks, are literally a fact of life. Yes it does matter/ but no, you can’t let fear rule the world.

Reality states: now medical research will get a few hundred billion dollars/ as will all forms of healthcare/ as will genetic research/ as will universities: each. While fear consumes the finances of every citizen in America and more. Leaving the few in charge of everything. How is that not going to be true, particularly when your stock exchanges fail/ and only the rich have something left.

The door has opened “just a crack”; to let you see the chaos coming in HELL, ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos/ geneticists, get their wish; or terrorists release their biological weapons), and even the Apocalypse (the fight to survive, with no time, but everyone on their own side “not armies to divide or conquer”); look at your ammo and gun sales. Every living thing attacked “for food”. The small wars have given you a clue; as to how the truth of it will go. Terrorists with fire, have given you more information; but they have only just begun. Once it starts as with all chaos: no more farming/ very little manufacturing; all of it ceases quickly, and the world begins to starve. Because extreme human population will not allow for much less. All of it, because “you were free, {from the laws and respect for life} and yelling NO consequences for us”. Just the children!


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