changing life


CHANGE is the expression, and the experience of what can be different in your life or environment. It is not about fantasy or delusions, as these are merely escapes from reality. Reality then comes to mean: the deliberate actions and reactions that are assigned by laws, to become the construction of results, which now determine what life and/ or, environment shall now be.

The critical test of change is: “different/ and cannot be turned back”.

The critical construction of that change is: “for better or for worse”, only truth can or will decide.

The critical need for change is: with clarity and certainty and truth, the values and realities, which shape our own experience and expressions have failed, and a new decision must be made.

We then align truth with reality, to discover what is, or is not missing from the future which we must not lose; or life itself could die. What is missing from both life and a future for this world is now hope. Without hope, life itself will die; and leave the soul alone. Therefore the critical truth is: each and every living creation must have hope.

We then turn to reality itself, to define the relationships which now drain the future of all hope; and find humanity has lived without respect or responsibility to “anything”. Living as if rape/ ravaging/ ransacking/ lying/ cheating/ stealing/ terrorizing life and planet/ playing god/ and believing in fools, as if they were a value. It is not; and life without consequences has come to an ending; change or die is not a game. Like a game of “jinga (take pieces out/ put them on top)”. You have taken all the pieces out that can be taken out; and built “fantasy cities, made of skyscrapers ready to fall down”.

There is no hope in that.

So the elemental realignment of each: life, society, and planet are fundamentally necessary, or this entire world will collapse into extinction. Hope says: people will recognize this, and do what needs to be done/ regardless of want, pride, or power. But reality says: no they won’t, and our world will soon be extinct; because believers believe, so they don’t have to face the truth or its reality. But may hide in whatever they want that truth to be; even if it is a lie. Liars lie, because they want what they want; and refuse to believe they aren’t smart enough to; “cheat, tempt, manipulate, control, betray, corrupt, or steal it”.

The universities are certain: “we can be gods”/ so they don’t have to accept truth as it is. But hide reality so as not to make the people fear their failures.

We then enter truth, to decide is hope can be re-cultivated and reality returned to: life has a chance? And all of humanity screams: “no/ no/ no” we are believers, and we want to believe what we want to believe; DON’T take that away! But alas, truth decides the fate of this world/ not want: and belief/ nor believers have any sway at all. Reality is, what reality is; and you cannot change it with a whisper, or a claim that you can be gods: so your truth does not matter. As, That is just a lie.

Truth knows: human wants have torn this world apart, in every direction the universities could find to change. Not a single structure of life and hope is left untouched by human arrogance/ greed/ selfishness/ disrespect/ or violence. To your shame. Reality knows: that the chains of life/ resources which support all life/ oceans/ drinking water/ food/ habitat/ everything has been disassembled this world into disgrace, and it approaches extinction without the opportunity to survive. Even to the point of igniting the same fire on earth as is seen on the sun; to play god/ instead of accept, YOUR reality must change.

Since the human populations will not grow up: to understand life has responsibilities or you die/ or we die/ or our world dies. You were asked to wake up: to understand the consequences of at least one single thing: that to ignite a nuclear fire here is to burn atoms, on a planet that is then entirely fuel. Yet you are believers; indoctrinated into the cult of universities; can be god/ even though they are proven to be greatly responsible, for leading life itself into the horrors of extinction. To your shame.

So we then come to the final chapters of your lives and mine. You are a cult, and like all believers: hiding in your lies, is what makes you feel safe/ even in the presence of overwhelming evidence that will become greater than any terror humanity can imagine. Instead of coming forth from your holes/ you have dug deeper into the lies which make you feel safe; even though that is pure fantasy and delusion. Not a single soul throughout the decades; has ever joined me in the fight to stop this world from dying. Not one, although a few tried to be brave enough; but they fled, when confronted with the truth: “the herd won’t like you”. Because they believe what they want to believe; not what is truth by the evidence. None “signed on, for the sake of life”. Because after all, “I am just nobody”.

That leaves me: to ask the question? Must I be “like a god, to you”; before truth is truth? The answer is: no, that is worthless/ because truth is truth, and nothing or “nobody” can make truth any different than it is. Truth is truth, and by the evidence that truth then decides, or life and its realities, including the future; will die. So then your judgment of me, becomes worthless as well. And the herd of animals, so passionate to demand: “we cannot all be wrong”/ ends in their delusions, as violence, death, and terror infiltrate and begin to invade all life on earth.

That assembles “the package of time” that I am; into the decisions of what can I become, to escape the decisions of your cult? That is a final conception: which removes hope from time, and places male; the essence of my life into jeopardy. Life resides in hope, and hope grows love as its only true desire. The loss of hope is then death, by the destruction of that desire. Hope must then be protected, or life itself will struggle to survive. True of all living things.

The journey beyond human existence, then begins.

The things we choose, as our own direction and decisions of life; determine our destiny. The things you believe, as is consistent with, and controlled by your wants, power, or pride; identifies your fate.

Critical to every direction is the purpose of your desire: to contribute as love or wisdom, to participate in understanding and forgiveness, to build with knowledge, according to life by its truth; to examine reality to both balance and identify its laws, to experience the miracles of Creation, with honesty/ or express respect for the realities of life itself or time; are all decisions that lead to life and eternity.

To let want, pride or power decide your fate; is to lose yourself in games people play. A game is nothing more than the illusion of an escape from reality; reality simply waits/ it cannot be escaped, “for long”. Which is why every trophy no matter what it is, will lose value/ because it is only a measurement of “time, in a bottle”. Life is not captured, unless it is imprisoned. Belief is a prison, because it builds walls around you; that will not let truth inside. The control is called want; but the reality is called a fantasy. Only the evidence of what is, or is not true: can determine what the future or this reality is. As is dependent upon the best we can do, “to identify truth”. To fear truth is not a foundation for life or living/ even if respect demands, it should be so.

As humanity has made its choices, and captured its future “in a bottle”, that identifies what you chose. The only real choice that extends to me: is what then shall I do, for my own eternity? As we will clearly not, be entering within the same development, or destiny of choice. You want what you want, discarding all reality and truth/ I chose, to fight for life and world, that it might not go extinct, by truth and law.

The question of WHY, should I allow: anyone to obtain the personal information; which will not aid me whatsoever/ I cannot say. It is not my choice.

The question of possibilities remains? WHAT can I, as an identity determined by truth: do, with life itself? The answer remains in time as: either male/ female/ or life.

The question of male, is constructed around survival: yes we must fight, when the body, or its true desire, or its environment; has a need that cannot be sustained in any other way.

The question of female is, constructed around life by sustaining that living through its future children. The fight is to balance needs with reality; even if want does rule the day.

The question of life is: identified by what we choose to accept as the limits and boundaries of our lives/ and does include whatsoever can be determined by the elevation of thought, as it proceeds beyond time itself.

The critical reality being, that until we die, our options are limited to male or female; with only a limited opportunity to experience or express life beyond self. An elemental question being: can a life, both live and die/ thereby opening the door, into what are the foundations of life by truth? It is not a question of male or female; but exists only as a dimensional discovery within the boundaries of thought. Or more distinctly, thought translates living into the construction of environmental relationships.

To examine thought more carefully, it is critical to ascend beyond life as a relationship to time/ and descend past the point of resurrection, into the concepts of death as well. Resurrection means; to return into time. Life means: to experience, express, and sustain freedom; “in its human form”, as well as thought. Death means: discipline and order are gone, chaos now reigns. Each of these environments “own a place” in both time and beyond. The critical question is: how, does the door which opens into each one construct its truth?

We begin with death, and achieve balance where thought allows truth to decide if order and discipline will return. You must be entirely owned by truth to exist in this world/ or it will not happen, that you escape. To accomplish life requires you to participate as well as think; because anything less, is less than you can be. True thought will accept, these things are miracles of discipline, order, balance, and more. Thereby the essence of life itself, is held within truth. Resurrection means: even if you escape death in its absolute form/ you have not yet achieved the possibility of returning into time; and must elementally form a path, that recovers time itself. That is not judgment, but exists as, or through respect.

We then begin with the conception of life beyond time, is equal to the truth which can now be sustained as a result of thought. With the understanding: when there is no energy accepted/ there can be no freedom to rise. Construction then requires: life, truth, energy, and thought to discover a dimension/ whereas without freedom, respect, and a relationship dependent upon thought, through energy; and the essence of self; there is no destiny. To consider development of an inner world, requires that you accept: where miracles rise, there is a law governing the assembly of that moment. Where there is a law, there is truth governing reality. The question then changes: whereas an inner world describes environment/ an outer world conceives of dimension. The difference is: environment is a question assigned to thought/ while an outer world is a decision directly related to energy in control.

Let us construct time. “boundaries arise”; and I refuse/ not today.

let us be simple instead: life, is a separate destiny from male or female, and consists of the values you desire most. Discipline states, that male and female are completely equal states of existence; even though order gives each a different life to live in time. The balance between male and female, is not force/ but love. Love has no constraint on whether you are male or female; but exists within the environment of hope. Nature on the other hand does constrain what can and cannot be male or female, and that is not to be played with in any form or kind of game. You cannot choose: you are.

The balance of life itself, is determined by “the vastness of your soul”. Although it is heart, that achieves the ascent beyond time. The critical construction of my own specific life; is not the same as yours: I don’t know why! It is not a game or contest/ not a win or loss: it simply is, what it is.

Male was correct in his assertion, “no female in me”/ and has functionally been trampled due to that fact. Female takes control, not because of desire. But because environment ultimately determines much in a man’s life/ and environment is changing into war throughout extinction; which is the end of “man and boy”/ leaving only animal and criminal and hate. This male said no, I will not; so it ends here.

The critical test of female is then: without “male to blame”; because you now have your own options/ WHAT will you choose, and fight for this world to be. The end of time is coming: unless women do, find more than men can be. It is not a game, and there are truly NO second chances/ NO backing away from reality, or turning back from truth. Either you rise for the sake of your world, or you lose this earth.

Men have failed time. The choice is now: women will rise/ or fall with them all. Because they did not come to the aid of life or world; when called. Women now stand in their shoes; and will receive judgment accordingly; for life/ or death. NO GAMES/ only truth.

This is “a whisper in the wind”; because more direct involvement: would mean a far greater revenge, for the destruction of this living world.

Let your heart decide: if you can afford, to be wrong. Work/ communicate/ do the best you can.

And the world of women will say: “we will wait and see/ you cannot make us afraid”! While reality simply says: once it is too late, to stop; no matter what that threat will be. Like igniting the same fire here as is on the sun (a ten million degree fire, with million mile long flames, that burns your skin from 90+ million miles away in summer/ with enough radiation to kill you if not for ozone): “gee what could go wrong”? Your time for a decision is over/ and nothing will change extinction; except true change in humanity.   CHOOSE!   YOUR decision: Not even for this entire world; ends life on earth. Let the evidence decide/ and if that is not enough for you: then go to court, and prove what is true, as best you can. How is that not the very least you can do; for life or death of our planet. Or, are you just like men?

As for me: I have made my decision, to accept the evidence is real; and conclusive/ to proving, extinction is not far away.

Throughout the decades, I have asked of men for: one single investigation to prove that those who claim “they will ignite the same energy source here on this earth as on the sun”: is safe. YOU WILL START THERE! Because they absolutely cannot be wrong, or this whole earth will burn just like the sun. Even changing the solar system itself. Their cult worship of universities, proved to be too much; and they surrendered to the chaos of belief in their “university gods”. Believing the universities would “find a way/ and would not risk all life on earth”. But alas, as is proven by the sun: there are NO SECOND CHANCES to igniting that fire/ in a single instant, it will be out of control. Which means: a nuclear fire will either extinguish itself, or earth will burn. While the women are equally betrayed by cult worship of university is god: the reality of very specifically telling all females everywhere, that life or death of this planet itself/ is now up to you. And I leave you all, as women on earth: absolutely NO EXCUSE/ absolutely NO WAY to blame men: either you choose the safety of life and earth, or you will be equally guilty with men for an eternity. By destroying this whole creation with your apathy, arrogance, selfishness, cult worship, and greed.

In defense of men, I will add this: if I would have had an army to join/ there would have been those who joined. If I had been willing to lead/ there would have been those who joined. If there were simply others to participate with; some would have joined. As all men throughout the world do, when they feel it is necessary. What men could not do, was stand alone; against their university gods/ not even for a single question of competence; because they believed they would be defeated with words. What they could not do: was leave the weapons behind/ so that the law was their only army, and life or death was determined by justice instead of force. What they could not do: was let truth decide/ because that meant, they must think independently of the others, and arrive at their own personal decision; regardless of the rest. Because that meant: they could be standing alone against the rest, who have force. The resources have to be thrown away”; because the game does not get interesting, until people fight or fear.

In witness against them: in addition to the constant threat of men against men/ the summation of what they did do is, “they all believe, this is the best we needed to do”; and thereby it should not be changed. They believe in universities; because weapons matter/ and so does healthcare. Pride and power will not let them surrender it; even at the loss of a world; because “belief” allows them to want only what they want, and discard the rest as worthless. Thereby they cannot be wrong; even when all the evidence says they are. They want, what they want; more than life, many want to win. Without a game that matters, it is a life that does not. The more fear that can be created: the more important or proud and powerful, the players get to be.

What then can women do better? Let them decide for themselves.

The fundamental is very simple: while every man is considered to be a potential threat of violence to other men. EVERY potential threat is invaded, spied upon, brings traitors and terrorists to participate, because power seeks to destroy quickly. Every woman is not, unless she proves herself individually violent, and thereby a threat. The constant delusions of university; uses media, to fantasize women are threats; but to date, little of that is accepted. Thereby the difference is; all women can gather without being considered an army/ whereas even a few men who gather together are considered a potential threat. So the real question is: can you turn law into a weapon that works for governing a world by truth. Therefrom removing all extreme weapons; by the endurance of a constantly rotating policing force, created from around the world: that then brings leaders and generals to court, before the world itself? By our own law, as we the people united for this truth.

Let them decide if the force of men is worse than: the force of war, biological mutilation, the same energy as is on the sun released here [just the radiation is enough to cause every living organism to explode], the poisoning of water, the loss of food, all ocean life dead, money and economies destroyed, habitat destruction, and literally everything else we depend upon for life to survive. Men said no: the universities are god/ throughout their religions, their courtrooms, and in all other ways. They said no: we will not even ask a question. Because they believe in belief. And when faced with the evidence: particularly that involving “fusion”/ the consequence of destroying this world in a single instant, with no possibility of a second chance; as is reversing that decision. Because the fire burns atoms; making everything fuel. They escaped into universities fantasies and delusion. Discarding life, truth, and reality.

The reality of leaders is very simple: if truth leads, there is no power/ without power, pride does not have a purpose/ and without purpose want dies as if it does not exist. So power controls the game, and pride demands a winner, and without something to fight about, there is no want. Men, and women; are then bored: we want more, even if its war (because life or death makes it important). Because fear makes men “gods, in their own mind”.

To remove leaders: truth must decide/ not people, but the law we create to determine what our society shall be; by our own vote. Simple as that/ we enforce it through the courts; by grading the judge, and keeping only those judges who will do our job of presenting justice to each other. Limited capitalism: NO more extreme power for anyone; solves the rest.

But then comes boredom: “we want more”. But alas, they don’t want to work for life or reality; they want to take yours, they want others to be their slave.

So the question beyond peace, is harmony. The answer that is harmony requires a separation of the people. Those who live for hate “in their own world apart, for death”. Those who live for love in the society they create and control for life.

How do we keep them apart; as hate will always try to escape? The answer is when contained with “nothing but hate”/ their ability to do anything collapses upon themselves; and they will war within themselves quickly. If not allowed to threaten the others. Hate is the escalation of anger, into death inside. When provoked, few can hide it.

Truth says: humanity can no longer have leaders, because you are so many people; that a leader represents “something to hate or love”; thereby a cause for war. Want is a cause for war/ pride is a cause for war/ power is a cause for war; Any large or prolonged War: is the end of life on earth. To remove all causes, is then paramount to existence itself; but that ends the games of humanity, and confronts men in particular, with the truth of what is, or is not truly important in their lives. Truth, by law, for justice; is the appropriate leader/ as it gives direction without confrontation. The courtrooms, diligently held to the highest standards of justice by truth and law; is the difference between peace or war. Thereby it is essential, that these institutions be kept “clean of corruption and power”. The enforcement of policing is essential, because there are always going to be: those who want more, and that creates trouble. Both citizens and policing, NEED a bill of rights; so that everyone understands what is needed, and what is not; on both sides of that confrontation.

You know how to share. You know how to care. You know how to respect, and why. You know how to love, and choose for life. You know your children have needs; just like all the other living things do, on this planet. You know the cost of being wrong/ and the consequences of failure and fantasy; as is proven by wars throughout history. You know: you have NO EXCUSE for not protecting this world, or its life! And yet your brain is less than sewage, and cannot think: because the universities own your soul/ by pretending they are gods, which you accept. Yet you believe; “we are great”. Even though the evidence is clear, “the only god” they get to be is SATAN/ and the only true reality of their work upon life and work is going to become CHAOS, and then EXTINCTION. Once again, NOTHING IS MORE CERTAIN of that: than is the intent and trillion dollar machines whose only purpose is to ignite plasma into a nuclear fire. Claiming by pure fantasy, that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire itself; they have convinced you to gamble this earth, proving “devils” in waiting. Because there is no going back from that fire; as they themselves prove with their claim of an instantaneous 4 million times, EXPANSION of energy release; once ignition occurs. But alas, “you have no brain”; as is proven by your “cement shoes”.

YOU actually believe: they can contain what your own university scientists describe as an energy release that will be bigger than an equally equivalent; atomic bomb. And it will be much bigger, because more raw nuclear energy is involved: in the middle of large populations of people; with enough radiation to instantly cook and explode every living thing within one thousand miles. But hey, “university gods” can’t be wrong/ now ain’t that right? After all, when they have a few thousand tries; or even a few million attempts to experiment with: “they find a way”. But alas, ignition means: if they aren’t right/ OUR WORLD, AND EVEN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM will die. And all of humanity says: “we believe in our university gods/ and will NEVER even question their fantasy”; because we don’t like you.

The end result: you threw away your world, all its life, and even your eternity; “because you say: you don’t like me”. How damn smart is that? Come on, “big brains”: how damn smart is that?  Truth says:  you just want an excuse, not to care or change/ and it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

What is smart: some say, “let’s get, what we want”/ by releasing this mild disease, we invented! Are we not ready, to shout the alarm/ are we not ready to “be hero’s”? BECAUSE that will end all the people who stand in the way of genetic research/ and currently we “the scientists/ healthcare/ and universities: all stand then to receive, “just in America”: 1.8 trillion dollars in new funding. Which is literally $18,000.00 of new debt per each and every: of one hundred million workers. So says the math. So, now there is a big brain at work: ain’t that true? Are they NOT going to get everything they wanted/ along with no more complaints; because they are your saviors? All lobbyists in place, “cure practically done, from the beginning”; a 2 trillion dollar spending bill signed, sealed, delivered “in a week”/ with no complaints anywhere. After all: “media loves a frenzy”; they get to play, saviors. Who doesn’t love a politician, “that protects the innocent”; even if the cause, is perpetrated by the potential of criminal fraud.

Not to worry, there are only about a million “scientists” trained by universities around the world who have such biological agents in their storage rooms; and we all know every university diploma comes with a sworn statement: “they wouldn’t hurt nobody”. Now ain’t that right; “just watch big bang theory on tv”; wouldn’t hurt a fly? After all, the things which didn’t quite fulfill the military definition of HORRIFIC; just had to be stored somewhere. No worry’s, they can make more. As they stand beside all the nuclear holocaust scientists. As they stand beside all the chemical scientists who know exactly how to create an other “Bhopal India” experience, just for you. As they stand beside all the people who poison the earth/ and change disease forever; and so much more. But its ok: because their evolution religion says, “CHAOS, is the beginning of life; everything is an accident; and you don’t even need a brain”. Therefore evolution says; and most of the geneticists agree: if we just make chaos, we can literally make our own version of life; by destroying this one. HELL, WE CAN BE gods; and nearly every single geneticist, or even scientist: does want to be a god. What could possibly go wrong? Go ahead, tell me what could possibly go wrong; cause after all, every religion has its worshipers, who believe anything they want.

Alas; and now we open the secret doors, to where many of the rich, proud, and powerful reside: as they begin to chant, “we want that man dead”. Because after all, nobody likes their secrets told; as the children say: “he is a tattletale”; if he threatens “trillions of dollars, or more”. Not a death wish/ just a reality.  Alas, “just your eternity”/ it is only “my time”.

The reality of a coming US depression soon (most likely world economic depression): is not what they intended/ but as with all university decisions, “they believe, they are gods”/ so no consequences for them. Now ain’t that right?

The more critical truth of any form called a pandemic is: that until humanity builds immunity, it will not stop or go away. Therefore unless a vaccine is inevitable and quick; staying separate will not stop a pandemic unless you literally stay separate.

While I have no study to back it up; it is likely that while disease is spread in known ways; it is probable that immunity is spread as well, to a limited degree, in the same or similar ways. Every time a disease passes through the body, immunity defenses attack it; and thereby weaken it; that causes change in infection rates. Biological warfare agents around the world; try target immunity.

What is absolutely certain: is the truth, that all real pandemics, throughout history: are caused when species boundaries are genetically crossed. In universities, military, medical research, even in garages: and businesses around the world: by the millions of experiments; per year. Genetic DNA is manipulated, poisoned with chemicals on purpose, diseases crossed for biological weapons, gentics mutilated, intentionally mixed with all sorts of different species; for the deliberate purpose of creating chaos, or “something else”. So the truth, that pandemics are inevitable; cannot be denied. Intentionally caused, deliberately intent upon the destruction of life on earth: because evolution says, “chaos is their god”; life, just an accident. Not even fools/ not even monkeys;  are so unwise as they.

For those who don’t know: as with nearly all other things “University”; the reality of genetics is, “let’s change this/ let’s destroy this/ let’s add this, or take it away”, to the very structure of life itself. Which is ultimately a form of crucifixion; because life, whatever life that would be; must then endure what they did do. Billions of known instructions in that code/ an unlimited number of combinations all of which contribute of life: and their only thought is, “lets wreck something”/ so we can say, “yes we can” destroy that. Like a rotting corpse, the disease ridden universities are literally forming extinction through biological chaos. And in times past when I asked them: their intent was, in worship of their god called evolution/ the design and desire of the vast majority was too create chaos in life so as to “make something they could then claim: see, we are gods”. Religion calls them Satan/ life calls them terrorists, and worse; the greatest accumulation of fools history has ever known.

Throughout this human world, I leave you then with the truth: unlike any other time in the history of human life on earth. You do stand at the gate of HELL. Your decision/ your commitment/ your work: is all that stands between life or death of this world. No you cannot hide and pretend to work. Yes you must “sign your name” and be recognized as someone who is fighting to keep this earth and it’s life alive. Nothing less will count; even if it costs you your life. We all die: then comes eternity! The difference between belief and faith is acceptance. Or more distinctly: when you believe, you are “paying the insurance bill, by hoping in your wants; rather than accepting this is true, as is eternity is real. Faith demands acceptance; but not in belief; as that can be anything you want to believe. Faith is the acceptance of truth shall decide, and every miracle proves not only love was here, but a reality beyond the limits of what any human being can perceive was here as well. JESUS was and is the guarantor; that if your life is given to love, through respect for GOD ; and you live accordingly/ mercy will exist for you too. That is not dependent upon any other factor; we are equal/ every single one; with only the exception of hate. But the difference is: those who can contribute to an eternal happiness, because they cherish the soul of life itself, as a value worth living for. Will be invited. And those who only wish to win, will not. Life is not a game, it is an eternal opportunity, to cherish life itself. If life is not enough, then neither is eternity.

The question is then simple: is your life of value? Even if it is not free?

If you are not willing to fight for an entire world, and its future for all living things/ then are you worthy of eternity? Past the end of time for you: the answer will be clear.

“you want/ you want/ you want; you want to win, which makes life a game”; is the summation throughout all of human history, with only very few exceptions. Today however: the reality is proven true, by “trillion dollar machines”; whose only purpose is to ignite the same energy source here on earth as does fire the sun. your scientists claim numerous fantasies are the cause of that fire; but cannot prove a single solitary one/ which means it is nothing but imagination, they bet our entire world, and even the solar system itself. In their game to play god/ rather than change anything for life or planet. Soon they will achieve their goal, of bringing “the same fire” here as is on the sun. a nuclear fire by truth, which will then prove to burn the atomic bond holding an atom together. A fire, where everything is fuel; as is atoms hold this earth together.

No matter how much you believe in universities/ no matter how much you believe in religions (whatever they are)/ no matter how much you want “their fusion” to be true: with ignition; only reality will decide if our earth becomes a sun. because they cannot be wrong about one tiny little thing. And they are wrong in nearly every single detail of energy involved; proven by truth that is understandable. NO going back! The universities claim for safety is: “there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”/ so it will extinguish itself. THAT, is all they have, between earth survives/ and earth becomes another sun; changing this entire solar system forever. They bet your world/ they bet your future/ they bet your child/ and YOU bet your own eternity, by letting them do it; and never even asking a question such as: WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE WRONG? So, let me ask you seriously: what good are you, to life or planet, child, or GOD ? answer it; because eternity will.

Not a game: many machines are running; and they have now changed direction with the intent to ignite plasma on fire. Fully intending to prove “they were not wrong/ even if the whole world dies”; because pride is pride.

Men failed you, because of their pride; it is that simple, “they want their university gods to be gods”. The price, “of a believer”.

Women now stand on the front line of this battle, for life or death of a world. Whether you like it or not; is absolutely irrelevant. Your sex or gender will not save you/ neither will your tears, temptation, or intent to be religious or seek mercy. Because NONE OF THAT, will turn back a nuclear fire that cannot be extinguished or played with once it ignites. And that is only one of the major threats we all face on this earth. The machines exist: which prove the reality of ignition exists as well. So the question is: can you do better than men/ and save this world, from pride, apathy, disrespect, and horrifying want? It is not a war weapon you need/ but LAW, and RIGHTS and WE THE PEOPLE. And you CAN do that! YOUR CHOICE IS SIMPLE: YES WE WILL TRY/ OR NO, WE WON’T CARE. The answer/ YOUR answer: travels with you into eternity.

In real life terms: you literally have nothing to lose. Because just like me, a nuclear fire will incinerate us all; EVERYTHING/ because it cannot be stopped. And they are very close to ignition: promising “for sure” this time/ again and again and again. But make no mistake: just look at the sun, feel its heat from 90+ million miles away, and KNOW that flame does exist. WHICH MEANS; it can literally be ignited here.

Do you have a heart or soul: OR, did you too; give those away, “to universities are god/ universities know”: religion? This ain’t no game: the sun exists, because the bond holding atoms together; is burning. Just like the molecular bond (between atoms) in a chemical fire here on earth, is what actually burns to create our fire. THINK OR DIE. The choice is yours.

For over forty years; the answer of men has been, “we can’t change nothing/ we won’t challenge the powers that be/ in a war of words with a university, we will lose/ without an army we cannot survive/ the law cannot be trusted/ the universities will find a way/ the atomic bomb did not kill us/ and we want what we want, or we hide and run away. And then comes the believers, and their cult of “we cannot all be wrong” [even though it is a very tiny few, hidden by the word university; that made the claim “we know”]. And media will tell us whatever we need to know. Simple as that; although a few tried, they never joined me; because they could not stand “with just me”. After all, “am I not, nobody”! Not even the realities of being WRONG, THE CONSEQUENCES OF IGNITING AN ENERGY SOURCE: WHICH THEY CLAIM TO BE IS 4 MILLION TIMES GREATER ENERGY RELEASE, THAN A CHEMICAL FIRE. Did not stop the cult from worshiping “the universities are god”. To their eternal shame!

They needed an army/ they needed a weapon/ they needed a leader, to do their talking: none of which I provide. Because an army allows the other side to believe they are right. Because a weapon makes men believe they can be right, by force. Because the only way this world survives, is by we the people accepting the truth: unless we work together, sharing the same respect for all/ it ain’t never going to last. Reality states: it will be the law, that is right OR, all of us by vote shall change it. It will be the law that is force, so we can remove the weapons which threaten our entire world. It will be by world choice: WE THE PEOPLE, DECIDE TO RESPECT THIS EARTH, AND PROTECT ITS LIFE; or it dies. Who better than women, to lead this fight?

So men are discarded from this work; unless they help women. And women shall rise, or die by taking this whole world with them; as the choice they themselves did make. Ask yourselves: what is reality, and then go study the machines, and their words and its intent: to ignite the same energy source/ releasing the same heat and radiation; as does warm this entire planet. In one tiny machine; ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT upon the idea, “well, there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain this fire”/ so it will extinguish itself. WHEN THEY DON’T even know what gravity is.


That leaves religion to ask the question of themselves: am I really so bad, so utterly without a prayer for eternity; in your mind and heart, that you are willing to lose this world: just to prove, “you don’t like me either”!

This is not a contest, not a game, not a test to see who can win: as is true of the threats we know we all face. This is life or death of our world. No one should be in the forefront of this fight, MORE: than religion. Yet it is religion that can barely be found in the background; as you yourselves ponder the question: if you really do have to surrender the universities as your only true god. Answer, without question/ without reservations; completely!

To challenge your beliefs is NOT against your religion. Because I only challenge you to accept what is true; what is ultimately the law of our reality; what is critical understanding that we can share as one life devoted with TRUE RESPECT FOR GOD OUR CREATOR; as are the miracles of life and living, among us all. How is that wrong?

I am not leading you anywhere/ I am not taking or asking for your money/ I am not condemning you for what you believe: “it is literally your own eternity”. Just as what I accept as true, determines my eternity: it is a choice each one must make on their own. Because it is, “for an eternity”! I utterly refuse to be responsible for your choices; and I utterly refuse to let you be responsible for my choices: LIFE is more important than that. So, say I! But make no mistake: the evidence is absolutely clear, without true change; there is no future for any living thing on earth/ only horrors and hell coming! Because reality lives by truth.

If, life allows: then we have come to the end of the work, that I have been given to do. You are fully informed of threat, to the point: an investigation is mandatory, and cannot be dismissed; because the cost of being wrong is EXTINCTION. That was my job, and I did do it. As to communicating beyond this website; beyond this website for the last few months or more: my soul said no, that is their job to do/ and if they will not, then they die.

As to me: I am not your decision to make, NOR am I your excuse/ I am irrelevant to the threats you face, as I did not create any part of any threat whatsoever: they are all “you”. And it is you, that must change or lose your world. NO second chances/ NO, changing your mind past the point of no return. This is yes, we will change honestly and as needed/ or no, this world will die. Religion will not save you from your own truth, nor will apathy, fear, courage, or any other excuse you might prepare: truth is truth.

And humanity says: I WANT, what I want/ and I sure as hell DON’T WANT, what I don’t want; and that includes you. Because life is short, we are all going to die, and we want what we want; RIGHT NOW.

So the summary is: want will die, or this world will soon be extinct. Humanity will accept truth decides, according to our reality, and the cost of being wrong, by these consequences proven true; or life, and living will fail, for our entire earth. Your lies will end, and respect will be found. Or mercy will cease to exist.

My life, has begun to change with time; I can feel it/ I can tell it is true/ I cannot stop it from becoming whatever this is going to become; I have lost control, I have started to lose even the memory of man. While that does sadden me some; the reality is simple: man confronts life and environment for the purpose of survival and happiness. Neither of those will soon exist; because humanity chose extinction. So to remain male, is to construct war; and I will not do that.

What is female exists in time, to nurture life, and present happiness; even in the face of conflict or chaos: because life needs that to sustain hope. Without hope, life is dead/ or a living death. Therefore female is in charge of hope; and it is hope that I need to survive; in this world, where the ignorance of life itself is so rampant and horrifying: we literally stand on the edge of extinction.

Some will say, “the diversions of homosexual, transgender, lesbian” are all just looking for hope too; and that may or may not be true/ I do not know. The difference is: that I live in the spiritual world (you will not understand), as well as time/ and the change is on the inside looking out. Not the outside claiming to have changed the inside, by whatever means. IT IS, a completely different truth. The reality of it, I cannot predict; as it is a dimension (constructed and shaped, by energy): not conceived of as “male”. Elementally life has now changed; ending the demand to stop destroying this world/ to assert instead, we must build or rebuild according to what life and reality will allow. My Life; has changed, from an assembly within the mind which said, “the universe is my home”/ to what is now, this life/ this moment, is now my home; and this body has become a place to feel the connection of time with life. The distinction is: time shapes truth, but life alone shapes heart; together when formed into a bond, that is valued: this becomes destiny. While soul, the destiny shaped by “universe”; sustains life.

And humanity shouts back: “we are gods”/ because they cannot defeat the evidence; and refuse to change. Humanity shouts back, “you are nobody”; because without an excuse, they convict themselves of failure; so they create an enemy to avoid reality. The universities have no brain, and became worthless to life; by focusing on “just one little thing”/ and forgetting an entire world. They are like gold miners, only worse: they focus in one finding one tiny thing, excavating, avoiding, discarding, and destroying everything that gets in their way. For a tiny pebble they call GREAT. I stand instead: looking back, on what they did do, to get their form of “great”/ and recognize our whole world faces extinction now, because they just didn’t care about life or planet. Fighting for a tiny pebble, that ultimately has no real life value; to their shame.

So then we both face our truth: I cannot tolerate “warring with children (never grew up)”. YOU will face your extinction soon, and find only horror in that pebble; as it churns to accomplish what scientists wanted: A WORLD FILLED WITH CHAOS, as is the ultimate worship of their god called evolution.

While religion: the curse of fools sitting in sewage; joined in with evolution to proclaim “the universities are OUR god” too. Because they could not figure out how to confront the most simple minded disgrace in the entire history of humanity: called evolution. To your shame. You cannot move without thinking/ you cannot eat without thinking/ you cannot breathe, without thinking/ you cannot do anything without thinking! YOU CANNOT be alive, without all the parts and pieces you need, working in harmony; and operating all at once, from the very beginning; and yet you let evolution claim to be gods; by allowing “its all an accident; and not even a brain existed until they’re billion years later”. Its called an ass, spewing sewage; and religion sits in it, just like the rest of humanity: because you want, what you want. And without a brain to fight with evolution and its curse of stupidity: religious leaders simply changed to protect their job; leading all the rest astray. LETTING RESPECT FOR LIFE AND PLANET DIE! Because you didn’t care enough, to start thinking for yourselves. A horrifying solution; which now threatens extinction to all life and world. Look in the mirror, and the devil will look back. NOT because you wanted it; because university arrogance, apathy, and disgrace led you there. How is that not true? CHANGE/ REPENT/ CHOOSE LIFE; or be damned eternally. Make your decision, because time will end. Which means: whatever truth built, shall now remain true.

I remind the religious world: whether its a Bible, a Koran, or whatever you declare as “god”. The reality is: these are words written by men/ in a man’s language/ by a man’s interpretation and memory/ for the purposes of men; and so on. Even when they contain some descriptions that do have value; the end result is, “YOU CANNOT, make something perfect/ out of what is clearly NOT perfect; as is men or their language or their memory. It is that simple.

Reality states: unless humanity is willing to change/ nothing can be built or rebuilt for a future that does not exist. The consequence of that is: I need not interfere with my own life choices, to sustain a conversation for truth; that does not exist. Therefore I say to you, what I believe to be “one last time”: I have set before women an opportunity to meet with me at my home; as a MAJOR GROUP, who are willing to present change to society and this world, by the introduction of laws that would make the difference. NOT, because I am “so important”/ but because I need to establish YOUR OPPORTUNITY; since no other can be found. As that makes the difference, between I did do all I could do/ or I did not.

Failure to do so will mean: that men as they are, will remain in charge/ doing what men do; which is when all else fails, or they want more than they can have legally: they choose war. On a world planet that can no longer sustain itself, nor can it survive any major war of men. I know they will choose war, because history proves it/ and I am or was, strictly a man: and that is what is left for men, when all else fails.

As to the solutions of women: they are yet to materialize, and will dissolve into chaos, terrors, and catastrophe/ because this last war of wars, will not end; in a world of 8 billion people/ the starvation, mutilation, thirst, and so much more: means, the call to battle will not end. Rape/ ravaging/ ruin/ and HELL will not end either, until this world is dead. Because that, “is what you chose”/ instead of fighting for your world.

I wish you well; but cannot save you, not a single one! YOU, MUST THINK; or you will fail life and earth. Simple as that.

The argument is: that I should do MUCH MORE; or you need not try either! BUT ALAS, the reality is, I cannot make you move/ NOT EVEN, when there are people deliberately trying to ignite this planet into a sun; even changing the solar system; even spending with undeniable evidence “trillions of dollars” in this effort to play god, by controlling the same energy as is on the sun. which literally burns your skin in summer from 90+ MILLION MILES AWAY. Yet not one single person, ever joined me to say: NO WE MUST NOT let these experiments happen. Not even one, over forty years of time.

The fundamental problem is: YOU ARE BELIEVERS, and no amount of evidence or reality can move you from what you want to believe is true. As is true in every religion. But with university: NOT EVEN, a world threatened by extinction, as is the truth of where you stand. Is enough, to even make you question the consequences of being WRONG. In a threat based entirely in fantasy; to your shame! The universities have solved a tiny few problems, creating far more instead; but your cult worship of them is more critically aligned with: WE DON’T want GOD, OUR CREATOR; in our lives. Because HE uses death to control population, and keep this world alive. And you hate that; even though JESUS guaranteed, for those who find love and value through respect and its truth; an eternity for life and living; can await. But alas, you love your universities instead: letting them declare evolution to be your god/ letting them declare “Noah’s flood” could not exist: even though the evidence of fossil fuels, proves without doubt, that it did. Alas, you want what you want; and that does not include “thinking”/ or we would not all be facing our own extinction as a world. To your shame.

Not to worry though, as the universities taught you fifty years ago, when they took control over America; as Reagan gave them: “money, without reality attached”. And the universities said: NOW, we are gods; “there are no consequences for us/ LET THE CHILDREN PAY; the world is damned anyway (overpopulation, etc)”. And the world, at least in America SAID: yes, that is exactly what we will do. Adding in: our garbage will be, “their gold mine”. So what, if you made them extinct; with horrors, to eat them alive. After all: “what possible consequences could their be for you”; you just wanted what you wanted, and played god with both life and earth. After all, you are going to be dead/ and facing eternity by your own truths. HELL what could go wrong?

Oh wait, “when money is just a number”/ those who control the numbers, control the future: because they can play “king”. Robbing you, “of every cent you stored away, from a lifetime of work”/ killing every child, with resource depletion/ ripping the world apart, with lies and threats/ poisoning the earth, don’t need no damn water anyway/ lying, cheating, mutilating, whoring, and in all ways pretending to be gods; changing the world with media temptations. While every action, and every reaction of government, education or financing: is intended to make you slaves. As that makes them important, when you beg. But not to worry, as cult worshipers; you are entitled to beg/ in fact, it will be required. NONE joined me; with that evidence proven true either/ in fact, you could not be reached for any cause, nor for any reason; throughout forty years of time and effort on earth. Hiding is not joining/ the failure to work, is not a participation.

HOW, DID Reagan do, what Carter could not? He sold the gold/ and took the money supply off of its “reality connection”, and media kept quiet as a mouse. Even though they knew; as I pointed it out/ and they then declared “we are not here, for you”. Congress, and the courts: the same.

Why, I do not know: but I am required, tell you this of my “new life”; my tits are growing rather fast suddenly. Its not a war as it was; but it is a battle. Rather like I would identify with “riding a bull in the rodeo”/ there is never any doubt I have no choice, never any doubt I cannot escape; but they just keep growing, and the experience is long and hard. I can only assume: it is not the same for women?

What I need not assume is: “I need a thousand times more patience than I have”.

The war is ended/ the battles have stopped; and my tits just keep growing now; simple and plain, endure it, but not nearly so bad; just different. I feel cut off from male. Only now the tits are filled with chemicals, and I can hardly stand it; as my whole body feels different. Except different; is just not “a big enough word”. I don’t know why you need to know; its simply required/ believe it or not. It just is; as the laws of female begin to take control. I remind all, that this is a consequence of men: the reality your only real decision with regard to life and any actual problems you face is war. That war confronts our entire world now, with 8 billion people, and threats in many forms of extinction facing all life on earth. I will NOT join your wars, I will NOT participate in your violence and world ending destruction, I will NOT face the consequences that will prove; you have murdered your own children. The only way out, begins with female; because I do not own my own time: death is not an option, by suicide (murdering yourself, is for “cowards”). So, I have done; what is the end: of male decides. Letting the spiritual world of female choose for herself. I really DON’T know how it all ends. I chose NOT to participate in YOUR decisions: murder, mayhem, violence, and extinction; a reality of the consequences you chose. The reality of universities “are your god”. Or, more simply: I WON’T DO, what men are going to do/ as truth takes control. Simple as that.

We then turn to Christian religion, to the second half of biblical Revelation, starting at chapter 12/ the alternate changing of life on earth; which is to survive, by that prediction.

We turn to “dragons” the images of nightmares, that men and women both fear, and want, for power. Realities they cannot turn away (let us join) or defeat (let us deceive) for themselves. The spiritual woman describes “a new life coming to this earth”/ which humanity will fear; because it is not “of them”. They have all kinds of trepidation and conspire to not let this happen; but they fail. And reality proves there will be change.

All the weapons of war, then come out; and the quest to control/ to own, and enslave begins. The power of universities win; and the whole world shudders in fear.

Those who then can, will rise under the umbrella of religion, finding their courage there; believing whatever they will believe; as is the constant of all religion. They terrorize by destroying what life needs, to their own shame. Religion has people who hold respect for life and love, worshiping GOD without judgment (no, it is not “GOD’S fault”); they earn mercy. Humanity did this: those who understand, are gathered up for eternity.

The consequences of universities; then begin to plague this earth. The consequences of men then begin to warp every life and every society into hate. Tragedy and violence, and cannibalism: is everywhere.

Women are divided into two groups: those who are guilty of contributing to all this mayhem and destruction/ and those who are not; are surrounded with threats of horror. The question of life or death for our entire world hangs in the balance; and will be determined, by the example to be made of “a single woman”. A reality, that appears to be “potentially me”. This angers religion; as change (the loss of power/ loss of control) is NOT what they want. Whether she lives or dies, and how: identifies whether love or hate will rule this earth.

While all of humanity will demand: no possibility arises which allows for male to become female; in any real way. And I agree; as no medical method (pure fantasy) will be allowed. In contrast to that: GOD literally can do anything HE desires/ and that would include “change”. Reality itself will then decide. Even so, the critical truth is: I have delivered enough information to you, thereby establishing every biblical threat can be considered as true. Male or female is not critical; it is simply a sign, that completes the details in your own version of life or death for our whole world.

I suppose, it could be an indication of your own faith: whether you accept: “GOD IS omnipotent or not”? Perhaps it is a test: after all, YOU BELIEVE, that your universities can control the same energy source as found on the sun/ OR, “bring chaos to life through evolution”; and way more, than what is simply, at its core element: “human creation”. Regardless it is a prophecy, not mine.

The money dies, and with it the power and pride of men; they blame women, as overpopulation is the great contributor to why is this change happening. Catastrophe follows, for the whole planet.

That brings the “24 laws” which rule this universe; to decide if earth will or will not survive. If there is “grace, like a beautiful woman; prepared to accept GOD with all true respect” ; the earth survives. If not the war to clean this earth of its abominations will commence.

With all hate removed by war; separated into its own existence: one final battle will rage. GOD will decide.

Revelation 21 and 22; then begin to describe, “the beginning of true happiness, peace, and security.”

You will bear in mind, that a prophecy written roughly 2,000 years ago: cannot contain a language completely unknown in that time. Even if the prophet was shown “reality”; there would be no words to describe it/ nor people to understand it. As a consequence: elements are derived that establish a chain of events; and the severe warning of what could occur. Every prophecy is based upon the descriptions of known truths; that do represent a constant reality of decisions made by men. Thereby predictable. Severe warnings are contributors to the intent: YOU MUST NOT do these things, or you will end “here”. As is the constant of men everywhere: they keep doing them anyway, and never learn. Because want (an animal) has no true brain/ it only believes, “whatever it wants to believe”.

The critical truth is: every simple animal learns how to want/ only a human being alive, learns how to think. The difference is “as clear as night and day”. Whereas your universities claim “chaos did all that life and planet and everything is”. REALITY DEMANDS: ONLY THOUGHT, BALANCE, DISCIPLINE, ORDER, RESPECT, LOVE, AND COURAGE could build any of life or planet or creation: without full control over energy. Those elements are combined, into what people then call “GOD”. It is JESUS, that saved this world from hate/ proving love was a different way, and providing hope, that death was not the end, of all that life could be. DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE? A cult worshiper cannot.

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