building life


Building life; the essential discovery of time.

Life is, the elemental search beyond time, into the living for a value that achieves eternal desire. Desire is then, a fundamental foundation hope; that with life, nothing can defeat the essence of love; an environment shaped by the conclusions of both joy and peace.

Into those descriptions, trust will arise to ascend by law into the cradle of truth; as we learn to participate where life itself can be sustained, by our own decisions. Into that truth, we learn that time, as life: offers both male and female living by the bodies we are born into. The elegant truth of that is, “a creation, of inescapable value”; waiting to be found, in the love we create for ourselves.

The unfortunate truth of human is: that freedom allows for the decisions that are not based upon love/ but a life that has turned into hate instead. The critical chaos this brings to earth, Is then the test of your own values, and your own decisions; as they interact with realities that seek your own destruction. Whether by self or another, is little difference. As a consequence we must each learn: life is not free, if your desire is truth. Liars believe they are free, but end in chaos.

The horrifying consequence of “university knows” leadership in all things is: this entire world now faces our own extinction, as an entire planet/ because none of the things they chose, and people followed in their assertion “LIES make us free”; can survive. In fact, it is so much chaos coming, even the solar system itself is under siege, right now. [due to people trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ among a long list of fantasy and failure and disgrace]. The tragic influence of “WE ARE BELIEVERS”; proves, the university is just an excuse; as humanity itself tries to create a world that has no responsibility to life or living or a future for this earth. In other words, people chose HELL; not life, for their own living.

Into that chaos, I have spent my lifetime; saying clearly “do not do this/ the consequences will be extreme”. Finding only ridicule or fear/ the power to choose for pride, not life/ the disgrace “of a big brain” so severe, It is no longer insane, but borders on “satan”. To your shame; nothing but your cult worship of university matters. No brain will soon be left, says the man; even if reality allows, the point of no return has not yet pasted. In evidence of that; comes the truth, “not even the fluid in your eyes/ the lens, the muscles that move and focus it, the link to your real brain; not the touch of your body. OR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING exists past the influence of university; which has told you chaos which means destruction of all things complex; is your god. A finding that proves how very little of thought you sustain. Thought is life/ thought is the builder of life/ thought is the essence of love and eternity; along with the control in energy. And you, nor your universities have a clue: because your choice is the freedom of lies/ and the assertion, “we don’t have to care”.

That brings us to this day, to the choice I have made: for a life that is not male anymore/ because male is the essence of war; as history proves will occur. And I utterly refuse to participate in extinguishing all life, even earth; and won’t accept anything less than to escape all possibility of being accused/ as will become the end result of all male humans on earth; young or old. That leaves only female as a life/ while living is as a body; I assumed, “that life” could be obtained with a minimum of body involved/ but I may or may not be wrong. That does not excuse female from her own part in this extinction of life on earth/ but it does witness to the greatest test of my own “washed my hands of ALL this”; reality.  IS THIS NOT, “a MAN’S world”!

I did do, what life allowed me to do.

As men and women of course: “you will wait and see”; if all your lies, mutilation of life/ poisoning of everything/ rape and ravaging of this entire earth/ changing the planet itself/ the extinction you have caused across the planet/ the curse of every resource; and all the rest you destroyed “has a consequence”; because your lies, gave you the freedom to fantasize about being “gods”; and even threaten the solar system with nuclear fire. I need not “wait and see”; because the ending of these choices IS ENTIRELY PREDICATBLE, and needs no other source of evidence; truth says, “You’re dead”. Unless there is true change; and “male in me” has already “waited to see” your choice. I REFUSE, your choice as a “male mass”; because the individuals among you have already lost their fight to survive: they do NOTHING. Soon, the possibilities of what women could have done, will end as well. But even so, “its not considered their world”; which means less “cursed”.

We then begin again: to search within trust, for the truth that becomes a foundation to rise above all forms of hate; and achieve an eternity worth living with value. Creation says: trust is most fundamental, in a child. Therefore back in time, to its own dimension; with faith to lead; brings back life worth living. My only job required; is to allow the journey, and its search; to be defined. As the days go by, reality will decide, by how much.

The disciplines required to achieve any portion of understanding, must be met with order; so that failure and fantasy do not arise, as your own negligence of the truth then becomes a pit for you to fall into. To achieve disciplines, means you will accept the value of knowledge, is not knowledge, but truth. Wheresoever that truth then leads, is knowledge/ rather than fact. Order comes with understanding; as you learn to balance what truth can provide within the laws that serve life, rather than destroy it.

We begin with the simple truth: that life is not an action or a reaction, as is the evidence of time. Life is a simple question; while freedom is the evidence of an identity. The question of life is: will this continue/ or will this end? The freedom to choose, is an equivalent conception, to the essence of thought; as is the “pilot of an opportunity” to experience or express what is not currently true. But exists only through the decision to participate (evidence) as an identity achieved by law. Since this is a fundamental, about gender; the critical question is: what part in identity does each independent gender construct? The answer is male survives; while female is the delicate, and intimate structure, which participates in creation. They need each other; but each lives within a very different experience of life; by body elements in time.

We should delineate the expectations of male or female: to include what is truly simple. NO, growing tits does not make you female: but if they come with female chemicals, a line is crossed. NO, you cannot “cut off a penis” and call yourself female: it is only crossing the line into insanity. NO, you cannot become male; just because you don’t like female limitations. NO, you cannot become female; just because male is not something you appreciate by its living. Or more simply: absolutely nothing in time allows either gender to cross a line and become the opposite of what they were born/ fantasy alone creates the illusion. In contrast to that, the spiritual world: where laws are born as truth becomes trusted; the elemental rise of thought transcends the disciplines of time; to become the treasury of what time has created through an individual identity. Or more distinctly; once the door opens to you: rising through spiritual disciplines, will allow the journey between, the “creation of you/ and your present time as life”. IF, you can individually journey far enough back into creation/ and accept critical change, if offered; the possibility of changing your life does theoretically exist. These are elements which you will not understand; thereby a form of knowledge, to be determined by the evidence which can or will be displayed as life goes on. Make no mistake; as is true of all spiritual journey’s: true danger does exist, as the spiritual world lives between, and in close contact with: life or death.

The elemental decision to participate in such a journey is not wise; because it is not secured in life. But the critical test of a dying world, by all the evidence necessary to make that prophecy come true: points directly to male, as the primary killer of an entire world of Creation. And I, no longer desire absolutely any part, in that description. I DO NOT “kill a world of life/ nor participate directly with those who do”. While I will not condemn men; it is not my place to judge an entire group; they are not all the same. Reality demands “we did not get here, without truth (an action or reaction occurred) and its consequences”. As to individual men: like me, you are the elements of what you chose to do, or not do as is consistent with your own identity. That is not a statement of women are better (they have many problems)/ it is merely a foundation, identifying who is worse to life itself, or world. Or more distinctly: when the horrors coming of what you chose, even if unintended, are insurmountable: reality states, it is better to step aside, than join in. You had your chance to change/ now I face mine.

We then step away from humanity, and elementally prepare.

The critical foundations are these:

  1. you must not fear, as panic will cause you to die. Accept truth will decide; as is “our truth”/ as life describes it to be. Fear is a friend to no one.
  2. Courage is the essence or acceptance of death: not by want, but by the critical truth life is a gift, not an ownership. Therefore we share the experience, as valued, the essence of respect/ or chaos takes it from us, by drowning your heart or soul in delusions.
  3. Nothing in the spiritual world “can be saved by you”/ walk beyond those who fell: hear them not.
  4. NEVER open a spiritual door, to journey inside unless you are willing to pay the price of entrapment. Because unless you fully understand the truth of where and what you entered into: you will not escape it. Do not be curious/ be certain.
  5. To journey means: to enter within thought itself, by going beyond time to accept the disciplines of law. Every destiny is determined by law. Every fate is the result of consequences you chose. The difference is: truth decides if a law will survive/ your truth will decide if you survive.
  6. To encounter elements: is to understand, these shape “the world”. Because they control the energy to be released, and determine by order; how that will be done. We then ask: is life elemental to energy/ to shape/ to control/ to the freedoms released/ or the determination of order, as is consistent with thought?
    1. More critical is: where does the question of life itself arise? And how much should you know? Let us move to function instead: or more distinctly, why or why not is this a question of the heart/ rather than body or soul? The physical heart is your connection with life, as it is an ever present occurrence that allows you to understand: life is tentative, and cannot be considered “alive without the cost of an impending death”. The elemental heart, which lives as your connection with truth; cannot be considered alive without understanding that truth itself, can be killed/ by your own choices. Together they represent the reality of this situation, as is the current predicament of life on earth: I understand impending death, as is the cost of knowledge/ I understand your truths have died, in large part due to “university knows”. A reality that primarily exists: because men want “more destructive weapons: an entirely male purpose”. But also the consequence of competition that requires, we all find a job of some kind. Either way: the evidence is real, the facts of impending doom cannot be denied without lies. The cost of participation is eternal; and cannot be removed. And my truth is: I want no part in that participation to destroy this entire creation of life and earth/ even threatening the solar system itself. I utterly refuse that participation in all its conceptions. Which leads me to men; the single most destructive element on earth/ and the truth I am male; and never wished to be female in my life. Not once/ not curious/ not desiring their body; or anything belonging to female: even though they are equal, I have loved being a male (we belonged together; life/ man/ and me). Until the moment all hope this earth could be saved was lost; within that male. Life without hope is death; it is a fact. Female, a spiritual relationship; that you don’t understand; retains hope, as it is the job of all females to do. So, my purpose has only one desire: to rebuild hope. My purpose has only one intent: to remove myself, from the destruction of an entire world, by men (most responsible); as far as it is possible to do. Which ultimately ends in human life as the opposite sex. Life is about life; living is about body. All life is equal/ all bodies are not, nor is the living required of them. I have made a decision based upon purpose; without the diligence of wisdom, or the reflection of order to balance that purpose with time. The end result of it: will have consequences, but without the knowledge of female; it is absolutely impossible to understand what that will become. So, I discard it/ and make the decision: I won’t, as much as it is possible to be: participate in the extinction of earth. So, here I am; facing change; without really a clue as to how this is going to turn out. Lots of things suggest “bad idea”; as the list of “that does not belong here”/ this is never going to work; continues to grow. Even so, I have made the decision; and will accept the consequences regardless of what they are. Of an interest to this, “my story”: I returned to the spiritual door of female/ where this all began 14 or so years ago. To ask: what would women do, to save this earth? The answer is: balance men, and keep them from war. This time however, instead of being shoved in. the spiritual door was open, and the spiritual woman who joined me for all those years: now asked me, “what will you do here, to save this earth, life, and female”? I answered simply: I will let you decide! She let me in, to a different world; and I have no idea how that will end. Unfortunately, there were also women there, who had begun to think like men; and prepare for war. That part was disheartening, and will fail entirely: same as if it were men. Regardless, the elemental descent into chaos stands ready at the door of human existence; and it will not be kept from destruction for much longer. We then all pay the price; of lies and liars/ traitors, thieves, and terrorists claiming, “no consequences” for us. As to details regarding this work; I feel no need to relay them at this time. This is simply to say: I have begun to live my decision, as consequences “show up”. As to you, simply for reading this: I will remind you again, that the single most important element of life is. When you die, your energy (as is your life foundation); leaves the body and returns to GOD who gave it to you. If you do not go with that energy when it returns; you will be lost forever/ to simply dissolve into time past. If you look back at your life wanting it; instead of looking to your future ( TO GOD ), and accepting it: you will become lost. That is the meaning of “if you love your life you will lose it”. Love GOD instead! It is then noteworthy to remind all: that when the elderly “lose everything” prior to death/ or death is hard, for those younger, that fact has prepared them to “search for life, and abandon their hope for body”. As is needed to achieve eternity. Life is not a game; and you cannot avoid its truth!

      Regardless, a herd is a herd; and cannot be turned away from its want for long. A herd interlocked to barricade itself from “something different”; cannot think for itself, as that would ruin the defenses. A herd animal will not think for itself once freed from threat; because it is busy “getting everything it wants”/ pushing aside everything it does not want. And when happy, “its MINE, ALL MINE”; it takes a catastrophe, before the brain works at all. And never for long. Which means it is worthless for me, to continue trying to awaken your brain.

      “Thinking” as is the ascent from animal to human being alive! Is the acceptance of work; as thinking is not for free, it requires your own deliberate focus and attention. A complete reliance upon truth, or fantasies will erupt. An acceptance of responsibility, for your own choices; as the environment you chose to create, becomes either a home, or a war zone. And so on. Few think; as begins with the journey back into your own life to assemble the destiny which you chose; by “cleaning out”; those failures which do not belong here. INSTEAD the vast majority; measure and define the life they have lived for the purpose of temptation, manipulation, control, hate, planning and plotting corruption, and a wide variety of failures. That refuse the constriction: only truth can decide. AS IS everything else constructs fate: the reality of consequences you chose, by your want, or don’t want decisions of life or living.

      We then ask WHY? The constant answer is: you are “afraid of your own shadow”; being lazy, greedy, selfish, and without respect for anything but yourself. Wanting slaves, wanting superiority, wanting revenge, wanting hate! Rather than love, which requires your giving, your participation with value, your acceptance of trust by the evidence of truth guides us to more, within the intensity called love. A reality the vast majority discard; for trophies to be thrown away.

      I have entered into an alternate journey of time; it is consistent with the same realities of life/ but not the same realities of living. As the decision to discard male, as is my witness against the group (not the individual), called men; takes control. I am saddened to learn: the only possibility for that alternate journey is female/ and many among them have been drowning in the sewage of “university led media”. Believing in fantasies, and aligning themselves with the same failures as men; accepting war as their answer too. It only means, the men will quickly assemble all females into “the enemy”/ and instead of being left alone as non-combatants: you will be targeted for murder and mayhem; just like men. Letting the bodies rise, as blood floats them all away.

      Nonetheless, I have made my own decision; and the realities that will be involved cannot be dismissed. They are: whatever they will be. It was not, a decision beyond the singular construction: I will not accept ANY association, with those primarily involved in the violence that will become our own extinction. As is consistent with “Its a man’s world/ and the universities are controlled primarily by men”.

      One of the endless things, I did not consider; but for whatever reason am required to tell: is, I no longer own “any male parts”/ they belong entirely to “spiritual woman”. Still here, but different (not to be experienced in the same way; & NO participation as male); and there is even more. I remind women: I am 66 years old/ not pretty/ no teeth/ half bald/ got tits; etc. So not exactly desirable/ and I still have all the rights of any woman; same as you. I am NEVER about any form of homosexual/ transgender/ or other like choice: this is strictly between “women and me”. I am about, the truth; I UTTERLY REFUSE any association with extinction [a reality proven by the evidence, / without exception]. This is a blanket statement to men: I refuse to be involved, period! But the only method of doing that is “with women”/ as male is male, that does have consequences women do not. This is not really complicated, but it is unfortunate in so many ways.

      Which brings us to the simplicity of our time on earth: no change/ no life; only horrors ahead. I cannot escape that fact in “women”/ nor can they. This decision is simply: you cannot accuse me of participation in the group most responsible for extinction. Even though I did belong to the group/ even though the individual was not involved: the consistent phrase is, “i/we hate them all”. While that has NO eternal conceptions, and each is their own truth. Just being among you reminds me: I will NOT accept that condemnation either. I bare NO responsibility in your failures/ and I accept NONE of your intent to blame me, or any man; for whatever I or they, might have done instead. We are through. YOUR HORRORS, are your own.

      The same is true for us all: past the point of no return/ your decision for change, no longer matters. It cannot be undone!

      As to this site, and all previous sites or work: I literally don’t care whether billions review it/ or none. Without an appropriate change; or a change too late to make a difference: the work is worthless. We are done here, your future is; “you face certain extinction, without true, critical change”. In terms of male; and that was his work/ other than the balance and hope “spiritual female” provided throughout the last years. He failed, he is abandoned: but, I cannot predict the future for me; as male or female/ both, are beyond my control. As is whatever time will bring to me/ or even my eternity. I just don’t know; simple as that. I did my job/ you did not do yours: NOT EVEN, when confronted with people trying desperately to ignite a nuclear fire, “just like on the sun”. You know, “the consequence of being WRONG”/ and the evidence of wrong is overwhelming”. Still the university cult is so strong: “you can’t say a word, not even for an entire world of life”. Perhaps, “spiritual female” can do better. Even if, I am different than you can understand; it is only the evidence that you get to judge, and the evidence is quite clear: extinction will come. Reality has proven again and again: you shall not follow, or believe in me. I am only a messenger; but I as a man, will never believe in you again. The message is delivered. The message is delivered: change, or by the truth of your own evidence; extinction will be soon. Life is not a game/ truth does not lie!


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