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Building life; “wandering through the possibilities of eternity as female”.

I am at a loss for words; but we will try to conceive for you an opportunity to understand. That begins with the word “we”; as it describes the fundamental foundation of life with, “either male or female” energies. In this case it is female; but as the extremely unusual altered state of male. The first acceptance of knowledge relies upon what we will understand energy to be; and therefrom build a relationship dependent upon the realities involved in that directional contribution to life itself.

Energy has nothing to do with E=mc sq/ as that is simply the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant. It does however give to the speed of rotation in an atomic nucleus; a potential that allows for an approximation of that energy with force. It is the spin of an atomic nucleus, that is atomic force.

Energy however is what does cause that energy or speed of mass/ or its counterpoint; as is the opposite energy established by the fundamental of physics: that for every action there will be an equal but opposite reaction. In atomic terms; we then identify male as the kinetic forces/ while female as the opposite or dark energy forces that hold an atom, and even the universe, together. The critical construction of energy is why do these forces exist, or more specifically what caused them to be created? Let’s call it life/ because I am not going farther than that for you. Nonetheless: we now have the working fundamentals, to begin understanding time, and creation: life starts the process, but for the essence of time to participate with life; life much go with either male or female directional forces; as a building block for existence. LIFE “is bigger” than either male or female forces; and as such is not contained by the descriptions that apply to time.

Time, as actionable or reactive life however, is constricted by developments associated with atomic existence. So we begin our understanding in that vein of conception. We then allow, that the elemental atomic body (descriptions of male) must be: either contained in the energy of female/ or drawn together from the inside by female. Because without an energy to hold it together (dark energy; pull) a spinning atom (kinetic energy: push) would simply disintegrate into space, and be without substance. To this we apply the electron, its orbit, and its relationship with order: which is to construct freedoms applied primarily to male (electron forces)/ which then affect the existence of female (atomic realities). We now have basic dimensions, within life: as is the electrical transference of male participation/ as it combines with the rhythmic associations of female disciplines. Or more simply: the dimensional characteristics of both male and female are atomic by natural conceptions. The only way this can be changed is: by the destruction of an atomic nucleus/ that is limited to the outer most layer! But that action exposes the female inner workings to the potential of a reactive destruction. The potential for survival is very small/ and it cannot go “the other way”.

Even so, it seems that I have survived; and am now faced with the realities of that decision: as is, I am in a dimension utterly different/ and I have no real comprehension of the elemental parts or pieces; that are this place in time. From male which attained the highest possible accumulation of knowledge/ to now female, which places me at the level of “kindergarten class”; I can honestly say, I feel just overwhelmed. The reason this exists has been explained.

We begin; with what I do comprehend, or am allowed to envision. While male is an association with “the freedom of electrons”/ female is not. I find myself in a “cube like box”; although it is very big, and thousands of me would fit inside/ it is still a box, although I do not feel imprisoned. There is very little light, but when I find “light” there is an amazing variety of things and colors in here with me; that I cannot describe; other than not found in male. I did find a window;(my relationship with female tits, has begun. They do what they want, I don’t know how). Through which I climbed to encounter what would seem like being on Saturn; standing on the planet, I am surrounded by energy rings, (and a great deal of light): that insure I will not be allowed off this place. So I went back inside; and have constructed the decision, that I must find “windows to open”. It is not a world contained by gravity; which allows for much greater flexibility. That is basically all I can perceive as of this moment in time. Life is with me, and I do not feel alone. Even so, time is different; I can feel, it is so.

Do not fear the possibilities; as time is atomic by construction/ but life is not.

The disciplines begin with: HOW, do I have a relationship with female tits? I don’t know anything about them really other than they are “really weird”. Even so, they are mine, and they have grown substantially; in ways never before experienced/ much simpler. The only definition I can agree with is: RESPECT is required, for me, for them, for life, for time, and so on. Respect says, “they are an elegant addition to my life; which adds”. Whereas reality says: adding parts which do not belong to the body itself, just makes it ugly/ even though the tits are not. But life is more complicated than that, as I no longer attest to the idea, that I am “strictly male” at all; and the evidence now proves it true. Even if, it is so far from complete; reality agrees, a destiny has formed, although I know not what it will become. At its core understanding: this is a relationship forming between “female and me”/ not male and me/ not life and me; but female and me; at an intimacy way beyond expected. Reality suggests, absolutely nothing will remain hidden, “between us”. This apparent “play by play” is required/ not my job to question why.

I am required to make an adjustment: the whole idea of male will soon no longer exist/ so says the spiritual woman inside.

Time continues to make my tits grow; establishing a much wider variety of “feelings”/ as it is apparent, touch sensations are being routed through my tits, and magnified therein or thereby or with chemicals or whatever it is. They are still utterly doing whatever they want to do; and I still have utterly no clue. Instead of as men, with very clear well defined measured specific sensations (black or white)/ my body now has “fuzzy” references; I can’t quite fully understand what is going on, its mixed up. Instead of distinct boundaries and decisions regarding the body, everything is maybe this or that/ such as, my body now has tits that swell up 3-4 times bigger, and then go back down; “they do lots of things”; and I never know what or when or why. By male references; I want them to “Just pick something”/ and be done; but they never are.

A “new experience”; let’s just say life is not what it use to be, and nothing explains that better, than “instead of the usual rising excitement of a single chemical, consistent with male”/ I now have a completely new experience, that is something akin to “6-12 fuzzy chemicals” that sort of a tiny star burst, into an invasion of body. Doesn’t last long (ten times longer than male), but it is new. I am not going to rate it.

There is no form or type of “immigration” more distinct, more you don’t belong here, more consequential, than what I have now encountered as female: a reality I had not considered. I never said it was a wise decision/ I only said: I will distance myself from the extinction of this world; as far away from the cause, as it is possible to do. I hope for the best; that is all I can do.

Life has evicted me from participation in my own tits (no trace of male left; they feel completely different/ beyond description); utterly no control/ too many chemicals foreign to me; changing me. A reality that is quickly becoming, “I feel like” I am going to be “a body moving, without an identity”; as I continue to lose control over more and more, of what was mine. I honestly can’t imagine what will then become of me; as it remains true, I cannot honestly conceive of female (literally, just not me). Not a game/ not a hope/ not a question; simply true. “immigration” seems to have turned around. I suppose that is honestly, “only fair”/ to live in an alternate “world”; does mean sacrifices will be made. As it is ultimately true, this must now become my home/ rather than this is the home, where I use to live: I have moved/ no going back/ no remaking this place “into me, or my way”. That would be truly unfair! While I never intended to make any form of sacrifice; not ever. The reality is, I chose; and in that truth, I do owe something of value to me, given over to my new world of living. What I was failed; and that is the truth. That means: life itself must be changed/ as I choose not to fail again; even though, it was clearly not my own fault. That has nothing to do, “with my new world”.

YOU remain certain, “a quarter of a billion” more people added per year/ is not a problem; along with many more threats equally true. Making my own decision, simply the cost of living with you, here on earth. As to reality in me, “I now see an ending coming (a change), in the life I have always been”. An eviction from control over my life and body, to female; I cannot understand what that will mean, as I truly own no real knowledge of the base foundations upon which those kinds of decisions are made. Life will decide, I give the essence of me, “to GOD”. So ends my description of the details.

While I will be faulted for that decision; I remind you, “I was forty years in advance of you”; with stop the insanity. But alas, you were focused on one tiny little thing, as all the insane do. At this moment we stand on the gate of HELL, in a wide variety of forms; and I will NOT be found on “the wrong side of life OR death”/ as is coming soon. Those who bring extinction, are death; and when we look at cause and consequence: those who stand out, are male & universities. Those asked to intervene and care; were male and universities, courts, media, and more. While women are not innocent: they are (as woman intended), AS FAR AWAY, from the cause of our extinction as life (as I) can get. Reality judges you, I do not. History proves men have always been this way; but that won’t save you now. Truth says, CHANGE NOW, or never; and again, I won’t be caught near, “the primary source” of those who established extinction upon this world. That is my choice, good or bad: I will NOT be accused of compliance, apathy, or culpability.

YES, I DO, know this is my focusing on one single thing, which is insane in and of itself/ but that one thing is the death of our entire world, without mercy; and after forty years of your apathy, disrespect, fears, and disgrace. What is male, has in fact surrendered you to that death; leaving only the potential that is female, to have hope.

However good or bad for me, my decision will become: old testament “biblical Daniel 12”; predicts our world ends in spring 2021. That countdown starts, with the great abomination rising: which is the first experiment 4/1/ 2012 capable of igniting a nuclear fire just like on the sun/ threatening our world, and even our solar system. Which means, NOTHING, can be a greater abomination than this. While the biblical Revelation 1-11 describes what happens with men in complete charge as is current. The new testament Revelation 12 to its ending chapter; grants the world survives, BUT it hinges entirely upon women; and what they can or will change for life. I see no movement among them; which means, by a biblical standard; each day survival becomes far less likely. YOUR reprieve can end! In the realities of our world: we do stand on the door step of igniting a nuclear fire/ complete genetic chaos/ lack of water, food, horrendous diseases, poisons / weapons of mass destruction/ a complete world collapse of all things keeping us alive; and more. So, whether you believe I am foolish or whatever you like/ I reply to one and all: take a damn look at yourselves, and see the grave, already has your casket in it. It now just waits for you. Rich/ poor/ smart/ stupid/ pretty/ ugly/ sick or the greatest athlete ever born: makes absolutely no difference at all. Dead is dead.

AND YOU, THE VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANITY: BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITIES CAN IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, “JUST LIKE THE SUN” (ON A PLANET FILLED WITH FUEL); and control it/ as is their statement, “the fire will just extinguish itself”. Because, in their words: there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ even though, other than fantasies; they know not, one tiny thing about gravity other than it exists. DAMNED WITH STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE, drowned with pride, to swim in sewage with the cursed.  YOUR EDUCATION, is chaos rules life (evolution); so why should you not enter your own truth; how is that not deserved, fate. I choose none of it!

I will add for myself, “that identities, are the most cherished forms of hope”/ they exist without gender, as they become the truth of our time on earth. The vast majority of men, simply want to be “herd animals; the strong or tough that stand before a threat and expect respect”. But as is consistent with my time on earth: that is not enough, as they all stood to prove “he is different/ therefore cannot be trusted/ he is worthless, he cannot be heard”: even though I carried no weapons. They were too busy being proud, to notice: it was the evidence I bring was to protect their own lives/ it was not about me. What is critical to eternity is not an animal; it is truth. Life is not a game, eternity is not a gift; it must be earned; by the values of your soul.

The creation of trust, is the elemental door; that divides you from what you are, to what you can become. The essence of love is, a dedication to truth. As to the path chosen; what is true decides/ but make no mistake, as for me, that truth, will be defined or created by the spiritual world. Nothing in humanity can cross the line between male or female. Nothing in life, can evade the truth about extinction/ we can only distance ourselves from the cause, as proof, “we/I, did not participate in any form of collaboration, there”. Value is then created to be: I did the best I could, and when confronted with failure so intense extinction for this planet is imminent, as caused by others/ I have chosen to be “no part of you”. Simple as that. Reality is, “a trying time”/ no going back.

As to your decisions regarding me; they do not matter/ as your truth is extinction, and your participation and intent is in evidence all around this earth. Primarily male; but female DOES have a lot of influence over male, in most parts of this world. One last chance for women, is all you get; and that is clearly “a million to one” odds, in participation. After all, “you just want what you want/ without regard to life or planet or GOD.” and 8 billion people could not defeat, or even challenge the tiniest bit “the death sewage, of evolution/ or even igniting the same fire here as is on the sun”. EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW, “the cost of being WRONG! To your absolute shame, the universities are your god. The failure is: “you are believers”/ which makes the university your religion. Belief, simply means, “I trust I will get what I want because I want it, therefore I believe. The evidence simply won’t matter, no door will open. Or more simply: I refuse truth, and hide in my own, prison walls”. To keep all doubt “away”.         So, I am done.

I simply accept, what truth provides by the evidence of knowledge and understanding: without bias or cheating. While the universities have taught you disrespect/ fraud/ fantasy/ theft/ lies/ cheating/ and all that hate can be. I look to the future of their work, and extinction is plain. I look to the prophecy of the bible; and see how well those predictions fit. I look to the experiments; the poisons; the desecration of primary life chains; loss of habitat; a changing planet; a dying ocean; and much more, to know, unlike you: this is not a game. Defaming me/ ridiculing me/ asserting any form of derision against me, or attacking me/ not even killing me; will make the slightest difference in the truth. Your choice is: to kill this world, because you wanted everything; and literally gave nothing back to our planet or its life. I, AM NOT “TRICKING YOU”; as from the beginning I merely said, bring these threats into a courtroom, and in front of a world; prove what is, or is not true. To that without fail, you ran away, or declared ridicule against me. I will confess, I dealt almost entirely with men; because women fear everything, and I can be a bit unkempt.

By accepting knowledge, understands direction and consequence by the elevation of facts, rather than beliefs: the basis of my work is a prediction, of what you chose. The ascension of facts so grievous, that it extends into extinction for our whole earth: sends me into the spiritual essence of life or death/ and I await its truth as the existence of my time will prove. My foundation being: I tried to stop extinction: by informing you, “for forty years”. You, would have none of it; in an orgy of greed and selfishness; displayed as “I want, what I want”, by the fantasies of university knows. But the courts are protected by “power runs this”. Politics and religion are protected by: “change is bad, we have what we want”. All forms of policing regurgitate those decisions. The entire educational system is fixed, to mimic and believe; whatever the university leaders say. The military is far too busy, playing god. Media knows, “it is the monkey; of speak, see, or say no evil/ about university knows everything”. And humanity itself is formed around getting some, of the ravaging, rape, and ransacking of life and earth. The few who know a life different; are treated badly, and media are entrenched in: ridicule, rape, and ransacking the life of anyone who does not obey their command, “to believe”. Taking every threat of extinction into a public courtroom: is the only way, to remove the theory, assumptions, belief, idiocy, and more. NOT because the courtroom works for us, as it does not: they protect the powerful, and the powerful DON’T want change unless it benefits them. HOWEVER, the law is a reality that serves those who defend it: which means, if the public finds a brain, and even the slightest evidence of courage; where people are not allowed to hide, or run away from the evidence. A thread of truth, can turn into a reality of evidence supported by decisions to establish honest foundations, for life and earth.

Or more distinctly: the real courtroom means, LET THE VERDICT BE, WHAT THE VERDICT WILL BE; BY A VOTE AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE. SO THAT NONE OF “politics, religion, theory, assertions, assumptions, university or any other aspect of denial: can take away the decision WE THE PEOPLE have made. OUR CHOICE/ OUR DECISION/ OUR WORLD/ OUR FUTURE/ OUR LIVES; none, are allowed to remove that anymore! By enforcing our legal rights.

You have none of that as religious belief in “university knows”, drove all these changes; that now have overtaken this earth.

I will remind you of this: passion is the intensity we share with life/ not body, mind, sex, or other elements of time. Instead the value we seek within ourselves as a participation beyond self, recognizes the truth: we/I have accepted that destiny does not exist “as only me”. Therefore critical to discovery of a path beyond time, is the distinction called “the power of peace”. Where there is truth, there is the power to control direction. There is only one direction in harmony, “to aid and cherish life”. Chaos is the end of power/ although hatred believes chaos is power, because it takes away peace: NOW, you are like me. But without law, and justice; harmony will fail. Without peace and the power it represents to establish time and life, there is no future. Without a future, as is currently the description of this earth: there will be no life. “if a man’s world; is extinction; as evidence will prove”/ then the greatest distance you can get from those decisions; is to be what woman was intended to be. Let women try, it is their right “to save themselves; and if possible their children”.

In case your mind is blank “university educated”/ without species balance/ all of nature goes into chaos, because one group is overwhelming all the rest. Even your “university professors” can tell you that; if they had a brain/ not to worry though, with electronic tracking: now they can tell you, “how to make them all extinct”.

I would add, for the sake of women everywhere: that many years ago, I researched breast cancer, to find that in the vast majority of cases, your odds of survival were no different when removing an adequate amount of “tit volume”/ as opposed to a mastectomy. The only real difference in terms of your doctor is: if they do a full mastectomy, they realistically cannot be sued/ because there is no court case. They simply state; “I am not god/ what more could I have done”/ and the case is over. Because it is true, what more could they have done/ they are not god. In contrast to that however is the truth: of consequences to women, and even their families: because of fear for the courtroom, the curse of greed, and its lawyer wolves. This was decades ago; and it is up to you to do your own research; and be fair with the results/ thereby making your own decision; with your own body, rather than panic and fear decides.

The reality is quite simple: its not fundamentally a case of “attacking women, or without some degree of care”/ it is simply, “your life or mine”.

I remind you again: that the media blitz to make women believe “the masses of women are dying of heart disease/ so they can get your money, and remove any cause of concern for genetic research in all its forms. The REALITY however is, there is no cause for death by old age today/ and as a result, “everybody gets to die of heart disease” unless otherwise noted. I will instruct you as well: that even though I knew better/ I chose to go back inside a moldy building too soon; as it is particularly dangerous within the first 24 hours of poisoning the mold. That failure to wait/ failure to be prepared; even though I knew how (HAVE oxygen on hand, use the right mask): produced a shortness of breath, that was nearly fatal/ because mold goes in, and immediately reproduces to reduce space in your lungs for air. NONETHELESS, I had to go immediately to the nearest medical facility; where I got oxygen, and recovered in about twenty minutes thereafter. But the facility, I was being transported too from there: was expecting and prepared to do heart surgery, when I arrived. Fortunately I had enough time to recover/ thereby avoiding that in all facets. But it is a story in warning: that doctors or nurses etc, are not always correct. And in fact although the situation really did look like a heart failure, because I could not breathe correctly;

that causes the heart to limit, & reduce its activity to the available oxygen. In a designed attempt, to keep the entire body alive. The facility failed entirely to understand this situation, was in fact completely influenced, by simply a mold issue. When under extreme duress, It is very difficult to fight for yourself; survival takes over. In contrast to that: when faced with a person in extreme duress; it is very difficult to be absolutely certain; as time itself could run out for this life.

they failed entirely to understand it was in fact simply a mold issue. Do you see how things can go wrong for you too?  “even if everyone is actually trying to help.” Just for a footnote: there was about 7 bills on that totally over $7000.00 as I remember; for twenty minutes worth of oxygen. You decide what was fair? As reality states: if not for oxygen, I would not be here; at least in a mentally capable state. On the other hand if I had not recovered sufficiently, in time: there is no doubt, “I would have had heart surgery, without a need”; and all the problems that would have caused, including money.

In keeping with that decision to inform; there are many stories, of people who have suffered from medical treatments and diagnosis (lost more than gained)/ instead of recovered health. There are more, who have been lured into a doctors office; with fear. Ever wander why the doctor asks you to come back in a week or two? Answer: to get your money. What is the first rule of medicine? Answer: if you can get them to take a medicine for the rest of their lives/ you have their lifetime: of, an income stream/ money coming in. Genetic research, going to save your life/ while the rest of the world suffers mutilation and genetic chaos; as that is coming. Because of what you want: I would not wish to be you, “in eternity”.

Ever wander why we have two languages in America now? Because it gives more jobs to the university graduate/ thereby power to the universities. Ever wander why immigrants are so supported by universities: because they represent jobs for the university/ thereby power, and political might. Ever wander why American money has to be given away overseas: because it makes the universities who now control all aspects of media, government, law, medicine, business, and everything else: MORE POWERFUL. Do those who hand out money not get treated well? The fact they betrayed you, act in ways to destroy constitutional foundations and law; along with the nation itself matters not: after all, “ain’t they gods”? Or do they just hate you, since most never got over the fact as “children” they didn’t get what they wanted. And want, is never enough.

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