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While no significant reason exists, to allow hope for this earth or its life; because humanity does not care enough. Without hope there is no purpose in life, and without purpose desire will fail. Consequently, “we must believe (I want this to be true)”.

Nonetheless, to understand want, we must identify its own critical truths.

Every predator and prey, wants to eat; therefore that want represents a need they cannot overlook without dying. It is then fair and deliberate and equal for each/ providing balance to the creation of abundance (so as to protect life): by allowing “first chance” to only the truly genetically, and mentally correct; the opportunity to survive. Want is then their crucial confrontation with life, and the constructive decision “I want to survive”.

So, as mental capacity grows; the question arises: WHY, do you want to survive. The answer is: I find in this existence, the opportunity to be happy, the joy to know I am alive, and the presence of true participation to be enough; particularly when confronted by the realities of death. So the answer is: partly joy, and partly fear.

To assemble the definitions of existence: we construct the alternative which is death/ no usable body, no freedom to move, no response or participation, no element of moment verified by joy/ or even fear. Of opportunity: we build the decision to step beyond, or in union with, “the prison of our body”, and interact within the realities life itself will provide. Of happiness: recognizes the elemental rise from decision to discovery, that is consistent with truth participates in me. Thereby making every truth the single ingredient that lives or dies in the presence of my time. Of joy: there is only the essence of purity to define it, as the creation of a truth by the value in its core description; that I must be alive, to participate, to recognize, and to accept as my own. Knowing that I am alive, confronts me with two distinct directions presented by the purity of truth: that the source of all happiness is displayed in the context of love, hope, and value. In the opposite direction: That the source of all fears, is displayed by the realities of violence as associated with hate.

Discipline demands: WHERE, does hate reside? The answer is in want; because want identifies, “what I do not have/ thereby wanting more of that, than I can sustain”. Measurements then arrive, and judgment follows. Bringing the primary decisions of jealousy (I cannot compete), temptation (give me what I want), violence (I won’t let you have more), revenge (fear me), and hate (you are worthless to me/ which then allows me, to do whatever I want too, “with you”). The brain is evicted as a truth, and the essence of predator (I will hunt) or prey (I will hide, or run away) takes control.

Order accepts: the question of love also arises as the primary direction of life and living; but only when the purity of truth allows the desire of destiny to build hope. There must be a purpose for love and living. The consequence of that is the discovery of freedom, as it searches in the living, for what can become the soul of my heart. Each of these represents a value, and it is that value which gives purpose to life. It is that desire, which produces the promises of hope.

We then ask: WHAT is caring, and WHEN is it not enough for a human being to accept that value in life? The answer presents in three parts: to belong, or be accepted/ to participate, as an equal with justice/ and to build with the balance that only wisdom can provide. When all these values are present, caring is achieved. When they are not, caring will fail in a certain percentage of those called, human participation. Love provides each value in a state of freedom accepted that knows, “I shall not measure or judge”/ only the law can do that. Hate produces judgment, and measures continually, to remove freedom and instill fears for the purpose of control; as the constant demand “I want, to be superior” removes all purpose other than, to be “god”. And whatever that means to you. The source decision is then: where does your heart reside: with love, or hate?

Heart identifies the valley between your brain and your soul. It is the place where your decision alone, constructs the path or roads by which your own life will be lifted into the elevations of love/ or descend into the disasters and chaos of hate. The critical question is simple: where do you wish to belong? Because we do all face, an intricate series of questions, that will then determine what is true in you. As eternity itself, prepares the reality of what will come next, for you. My constant answer to any direction that was distinctly, not “for love”; was not for an entire universe; period. However disciplines and desire are not so easily drawn; because there is a wide gap between love and hate “filled with the gray matter”, that is not so clear as either love or hate. These represent the intricate truths of where you live on the inside of your own elemental mind.

The critical choices are then controlled, by elemental thought as it excavates or elevates a solution to the demand; called a decision. Some stand frozen, and cannot move; becoming mentally unstable in a variety of ways. Most make their decision the easy way, and just let want decide. The value of a life however is not found in want; it exists only in truth as the foundation for all love that is possible to perceive. When we cherish the decision that is a “destiny described by love”; that lives inside as hope. When we want, whatever It is we want; you become an animal, simply walking through time without the destiny of “a human being alive”; and will then be confronted by death; as the means to dissipate and remove your own existence from time and eternity. It was your choice, and many choose it: because love cost them more than they intended to spend.

The question is then: WHY, must love cost so much (for some)? Especially when the elemental descriptions of “OUR CREATOR” are identified by love; as seen through the biblical story called JESUS!

The lesson of love, is perhaps most easily seen through “my two year marriage/ no child”. Love is grand, and builds easily from hope; but life is not so simple as love is all you need. My life was directed at the very real descriptions of threats so grave that our entire world could die/ what started that was the nuclear bomb, and in particular the Cuban missile crisis. So, my real desire was to participate in love “for a time”/ to the benefit of each: but then continue on to the fight “for life and world” that would as it turned out, “simply overtake and control my life on earth”. My ex-wife did not desire me to leave, and the consequence of that became an endless series of attempts to manipulate, tempt, and control. But I felt a responsibility to the love we did initiate, and felt it a duty to stay until she was ready to go. That served to partially destroy us both, as lies mounted, and realities of living changed in each one. Getting married ended the variables that could not be controlled, or aided in the lies/ but when faced with the reality, I was confronted by the presence of GOD , and knew this was not to be taken lightly. Even so, years of abuse as are lies; produced the demand, I must take care of myself and return to “being me as I chose that to be”/ which required the first year. She tried in that year, believing the lies didn’t matter “cause all’s fair in love and war”. But that is simply not true, and I could not, until I recovered some of me. I tried the second year/ she did not: we both ended it. Simple as that. Even so, we were both heavily invested in that relationship; giving more than love would have allowed. Because love only lives in truth; and anything less than truth, “is a dagger to the heart”. So we killed each other a bit; she by demanding I could not leave/ I by allowing her demands, true or not to change my life, and therefrom all the things which I had to deal with afterward; and I assume her too. The unfortunate truth of it: had she been patient with me, it may well have been that I would have returned, to see if “love was enough”. I cannot choose for less than life and world; and that does or did, have a price to be paid. I can fault no one, for desiring to keep love close: that is caring and sharing for life. BUT, never again; only truth comes close. It is a constant of all younger women, to hold on/ it is a tragedy to all relationships, when either person chooses to control. That is not love, it intends ownership, which removes freedom, killing love.

The most primary of all human relationships is: “stop wanting to believe what you want to believe/ and let truth by the evidence lead; even when love says, but I want too believe”. The most primary truth of life is life itself, as the miracles we experience and express as a world: proving beyond doubt, wherever a brain still exists: that GOD is REAL. As with so many things:

It is only the unfortunate lies and tragic choices of others, who refuse to care, who simply “want what they want”; that drives love apart/ threatening an entire world of life.

The lesson of the story is simply this: give your love to GOD first/ Because you must remain alive inside, as it is your duty to do. When giving the rest of your love to another, remember only truth keeps you alive, or makes you happy, or provides the care and sharing that is the basis of all value in life or living. Anything other than what truth provides, is a lie; and every lie will be paid for in one form or another. As is “the cost of love”. Or more simply: you can love whoever you desire to love, whether good or bad for you or them/ it is your own decision, without exception. However if you fail to keep faith alive in your partnership with another human being/ you fail each other. Because faith is the acceptance: only truth can produce happiness, or keep us safe from the world or whatever it will bring. If you let truth guide your heart, you will recover from a reality that seems, or is unfair. If you bury yourself from love (never again), or let hate guide you the rest of the way (none, will be trusted) into eternity: the consequence will be grim. Because the reality is simply this: your soul (relationship to GOD, by life) is determined by your heart.

If you will not surrender arrogance and pride; then you will die, forever! That is now your choice. The constant excuse: “I personally, MUST do this, and that, and so much more: and everything, and all the excuses you can find, to DEMAND YOU DON’T, have to do anything; because this is all on me. Is an outright lie, formulated to remove yourselves from what is important/ to then do nothing. Because “I wasn’t good enough”; to make you do it. Evolution is like that as well: men shouting, “there are NO CONSEQUENCES for us”/ because chaos will make it all better. Same as WAR; only there are consequences in war/ as is NO LAW, to murder, rape, pillage, and more. While men and women both shout, “all is fair in love (women) and war (men)”. Because they want, no consequences for doing WRONG. Lies are never true/ but reality is. Your reality witnesses against you; and insures eternity will bring consequences.

Go behind the door, to where the majority of geneticists hide: and you will find them deliberately trying to make GENETIC STRUCTURE, THE ESSENCE OF NATURE ITSELF/ collapse and die. Because they want to find, “the part that brings life into genetic structure” and therefrom play god, filling this earth with their own “creation”. Because there have been no major consequences yet; so they believe they can control life, “with violence”/ just like every other terrorists that ever lived. They will get their desire soon, and Armageddon (nature in chaos) will be released. NEVER to be contained again, as all the realities of biology disintegrate into “sewage & slime”. As your reward for letting them tear nature into pieces. WHY, did you do it? Answer: the universities really are, “your god”. Eternity will remember that, as the grave becomes YOUR HELL.

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