Taking every threat of extinction into a public, world courtroom: is the only way, to remove the theory, assumptions, belief’s, idiocy, greed, failure, power, and more from reality. NOT because the courtroom works for us, as it does not: they protect the powerful, and the powerful DON’T want change unless it benefits them. HOWEVER, the law is a reality that serves those who defend it: the law serves humanity and life, and it is the ONLY WAY TO SAVE THIS PLANET! Which means, even the slightest evidence of courage; where people are not allowed to hide, or run away from the evidence: is the only chance we have. A thread of truth, can turn into a reality of evidence supported by true undeniable decisions: to establish honest foundations we must have, for life and earth. Or more distinctly: the real courtroom means, LET THE VERDICT BE, WHAT THE VERDICT WILL BE; BY A VOTE AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE. SO THAT NONE OF “politics, religion, theory, assertions, assumptions, university or any other aspect of denial: can take away the decision WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WHOLE EARTH have made. OUR CHOICE/ OUR DECISION/ OUR WORLD/ OUR FUTURE/ no more politics, no more “university knows”, no more media influence, either life or death by our own choice as a world of humanity, that knows the cost of being WRONG. That begins, “with a seed” that will then grow, because we did care as a world. WHO among you, cannot plant a seed? The most powerful words ever written: give power to the people, to rule their own lives/ to choose their own fate or destiny, by individual choice. The most powerful moment in history: are the days LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR PLANET, cannot be avoided anymore. That is now, because past the point of no return: you have no say, no rights, no mercy, and no life or future to live! For forty years, humanity with one voice said: ABSOLUTELY NOT, we won’t care about anything “but me, as is greed and selfishness”. Today, even you can see the evidence of a world that is heading into extinction; because of overpopulation/ weapons of mass destruction/ extreme experimentation with life and planet/ ocean devastation/ water crisis/ catastrophic resource loss/ pollution and poisoning/ genetic mutilation/ counterfeiting, traitors, and terrorism; and many more. All due to you didn’t care, about anything “except you”. The children are dead; unless true change comes now! A reality neither you, nor they will escape; unless truth leads to life. Your truth has led you to death; change or die.

I face a moment soon, which could change me in ways and by means; I cannot predict or control. As those choices, or realities shaping life today, are far from what I have always known. That does give me pause to consider, what must I do, in terms of educating you: that has not yet been done? Elements of life construct “the staircase” of what will or will not consist as your time on earth. Those elements are the presentation of facts, which then cause you to move in one direction (love) or the other (hate). They are a staircase, because each step you take rising to the levels of love/ or descending into the chaos of hate: is determined first by want (it should be mine)/ then by pride (yes I can)/ and then by power (yes you will). The critical question being: WHY, do these participation’s with an image; cause you to form a decision? The answer is: “with an image”, you understand the purpose you chose to want, and created a desire which lives as a game; even though it is formed from fantasies, as is the decision: this will make me happy, in one form or another. So the fundamental of all decisions, is based in happiness; and realistically “lives nowhere else”.

We now have the four corners of human existence: (1) a choice formed by imagery/ (2) a game established to win that image of life/ (3) the power to fantasize, by your own choice: OR, (4) the elemental rise of truth, which does as love; in fact lead to happiness that will survive.

The fundamentals of Human existence are then formed “within a box”. Or more distinctly: each specific direction of living has a destiny, chosen by happiness; or a fate due to consequences of a truth which then removed the lies; because your image has died. The box however has two more sides: the top, where the eloquence of a spiritual life can rise too/ and the bottom, where the loss of sanity and hope drive the individual into chaos or despair. The box has an inside (an identity lives here), and an outside (everything environmental, inside that does not belong; or outside as the world of humanity will provide) as well.

We begin with imagery: the ability to form predictions about our lives as an individual, based upon what we want that life to be, or become. This changes as time proceeds, to reflect the decisions that have already been made or forced upon us as some point in time. As is concurrent with me. The difference between an image, and the possibilities of a prediction; share a similar truth. Something has arisen to make us believe or accept; life is about to change. Where truth provides a search based upon knowledge, even if it is inconclusive; a prediction can form/ right or wrong requires time to acknowledge. An image built upon what you want or believe, however rises or falls in your mind as the pride already formed inside, predicts a game you design, will deliver or fail. Here sits the composition of what will then become the probabilities of your own choice. Temptations rise or fail, based upon your acceptance of what is being claimed can then occur/ every lie forms here.

The question of winning or losing then appears, as our own decision to believe “I am superior (like a god, compared to you)/ or, I am jealous (I will lose), and cannot compete (I will abuse)/ or, I have lost (they ridicule me) and will seek revenge (life is unfair/ you are unfair) or capitulate as a loser (I was born absent, at the time of gifts)”. The elemental choice of a game is then to identify, measure, and judge; you and me.

The power to believe then comes to call: as life turns from truth, into the cavities and crevasse formations within the human brain. Fear lives here, where it is safe from removal; because the brain believes “I can die”. The critical question is then WHY, do you know that you are alive; because the elemental answer of death itself, explains why do you fear. The simple answer of life is, “I exist”. Which means as an individual, you cannot deny that I too am here, in this moment of choices: that include death exists as well. Alive here means: a body without rot, an answer, or an acceptance of my own. Power is the ability to change that, and deny your choice/ for my answer. Fear hides, which means it must create the opportunity to be hidden; therefore the brain is excavated in order to erect the places it needs to hide (cavities)/ or the crevasse it needs to run away within. To believe you can run away, requires a decision that identifies how that will be accomplished. But if what you fear ends up following you into your own crevasse (I believe); there is no place left to hide, and panic ensues; and prey is born. Which gives to the powerful, their belief in: “my right”, to be predator.

Each of these three shape life by using the failure to accept the critical foundations of our existence as life. Those foundations are: only truth survives/ only love can produce true happiness/ only life cares or shares, as is the evidence of its own existence in you. Everything else of life, forms around the existence of eternity.

Therefrom we know the values that build and support an identity that can be formed without want,and its imagery; pride, and its games; or power, and its fears. The question is WHY, do people choose what is obviously less than a life of value? The answer is: with want and its lies, the decision is to be more than you are/ with pride and its games, the decision is; I will be superior, or I will be one of the superior people, or I will find in hate a way to make you less superior than I/ with power, and its fear; I can play god with your life; and you can run away from death, as if buying more time mattered. We then prove the difference between love and hate, is the value we expect from our lives to be. More distinctly: some accept life as it is, and learn happiness comes with that choice. While others want more, and do everything they can to be more than they are; never finding a foundation to be alive, because life is not enough. The human truth of it is: that it seems not, to make a difference whether you have received “everything life provides”/ or very little of it. Those who want more, fall into their own grave; by digging ever deeper into the greed of selfishness.

If we dredge selfishness and greed, what we find is: you want everyone else, to look at you as if you were the most important life living to them, or anyone or anything else. As is “like a god”. It is little more than that, regardless of the circumstances or your current position in life. So the question is WHY? The answer is, everyone will then pay attention to you; and you will not be lonely again. That is of course untrue, as those who attain their request; find an endless sea of people who cannot “be filled” by what you do/ proving, even to you; that, you are not god. Which then causes tyranny to erupt, treachery to form, and terrorism to exist; because those who hold any form of power most often refuse to surrender it/ by fighting instead.

Loneliness now comes into view, as a primary motivator of all things human; to recognize the foundation of love or hate, will then arise because of what you now choose. Loneliness surrounds life, by evaporating your perception of time, to achieve the introduction into thought. Therefore loneliness is an accelerant, used to isolate the development of participation’s beyond the elemental existence of time. Few people desire that, and as a result “run from it in fear/ vowing never to return”. So they become “like animals” instead, which have no true essence of lonely. Love limits the relationship to be achieved in thought, by all things true; because like knowledge, everything you can know, is NOT of value. Hate uses fear to hide from the reality; not only are you not god, you will face GOD . Hate pretends it is god, to keep from going insane. Consequently the human response of hate is: to refuse “eternity exists, by any means possible/ and to assert, I am god instead”. It is a fools game. Even so, loneliness is a very real introduction into what eternity can be. As such, each should be very careful when encountering that truth; as life is shaped, and controlled, by thought. Fear is an enemy, as is nearly everything but truth. Which means the purity of your existence will determine if you survive; as does mercy (the value you have shaped, with GOD ). Thought, order, balance, discipline, courage, love, hope, and all things with true value build life from the existence called space through energy. Without thought, there is nothing; which means, eternity will rise or fall dependent upon where your thought shall learn to exist. It is not a game/ and none, will do it for you. YOU will choose.

From here, the path of life is determined by truth, just as the destiny of your living will be determined by, the truth of your love. The critical question develops from the boundary levels of time; as life itself teaches what we need to know, in order to survive into eternity. Loneliness shapes your response by altering the environment of your heart. It will either grow (opening doors) in response to loneliness/ or it will fade away and cease to exist, as you realize, time will be all you get; that has value to you. The critical truth of existence is then: can you achieve true love?

Here, the people divide into all forms and categories of love: from “I am love/ to now I refuse love/ to no one will love me”. LOVE is: the acceptance of life, with value; and the exchange of that value by caring and sharing with hope formed inside each one. I am love refers to those who have given that caring and sharing for life. I now refuse love refers to those who cried, and said “never again will I be so vulnerable as this”. It is a mistake! No one loves me, is a search, that can end in loneliness; because it releases you from the others to seek GOD within yourself. Even though most have no courage for this “opening door”; it is an invitation to be soul. But make NO mistake; it is a dangerous journey, and only truth survives. Even so, with mercy formed from the anchor of my own life: which is the evidence of JESUS as written in the bible/ I survived, to then form the truth necessary to walk as if on my own.

We seek the destiny of our hearts/ but exist as the life established by soul. The difference is, time places value where we choose, but mercy is strictly up to GOD . None exist beyond chaos, without GOD OUR CREATOR.

The life of male or female is a gift of nature. Mercy breathes in, the value given by GOD to us; as we share HIS UNIVERSE.

There will always be, “an endless supply” of people who do not accept, that GOD, AS CREATOR OF ALL LIFE AND TIME exists. They are irrelevant to you, and need not be judged or accepted beyond the limits of what kindness will do. It is not your life/ nor is it your eternity: leave them to be who and what they are, granting only the law that is justice, shall intervene.

As to the witness and testimony of people who share my own acceptance of MIRACLES, are the only evidence I need/ as I truly understand, nothing living, not even this planet itself is less than the proof of thought and abilities so far beyond what any human can be. That no possibility of less than GOD OUR CREATOR exists. The most clear example of that is: no human being exists for long, without all the parts and pieces at once. There is no building a human body of life, “one piece at a time”/ as the university religion evolution does claim. Not even the simplest forms of life can be made “One piece at a time”/ because they require more to survive. No lots of things, religion of all kinds, do claim; because they simply want to believe, what they want to believe. Only truth, by the evidence, can be known.

I need not explain or contemplate, “how GOD came to be”/ as it is clear and certain: far greater realities than human or any possibilities of an accident exist. Life is far too complex, and chaos is by its very definition: the reduction of anything complex, into its most simple forms. Even the sun testifies that life did not evolve over “billions of years”; because it consumes fuel, as is evidenced by radiation and heat/ and that means it shrinks over time. Proving the heat impact alone “billions of years ago: could not support any life”. Proving there is always an ending to the fuel supply, being consumed: which gives this solar system “time limits”.

As to time for this universe to exist: what we do know is, that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction/ which makes the “dark spot in our universe” the center of that explosion, as all the materials are missing from that area, and spread around it in a plane styled circle. Reducing by half the claim of knowledge from universities everywhere. We then examine their claim further by reviewing their own example of energy as the basis for all that universe can be or become. E=MCsq puts the speed of this universe expansion due to the “big bang” at: “the speed of light times the speed of light”; a reality of measurement by their own decision to believe; at less than one million years. As to rocks found: their data refers to an absolute perfect state of perfection at formation/ a reality that does not exist; and is thereby errant and false.

One of the claims of universities is: that Noah’s flood, could not have happened. But the evidence is absolute, and conclusive on a variety of conditions. Primary is: that fossil fuels, must be ripped up and gathered together, before they can be buried in just one specific location in a quantity big enough to become fossil fuels for you to use. Repeated again and again at even thousands of feet in depth. That means: not only did the earth have an enormous world covering flood; but there was enormous amounts of life on earth at that time, and it all died at once. But before it did, a vast amount of time (perhaps a thousand years) pasted by; or all that life could not have risen. Humanity would have been granted, at the end; in those cycles of life. But it is impossible to say; just how much time did, or did not, go by. There is “no elephant graveyard (all life and plants did NOT JUST WALK) to where it was then buried and covered up/ that is insane stupidity; as your universities contend.

As to adaption; it is obvious and true, and exists as designed to allow for expanding diversity; thereby allowing for the maximum number of inhabitants to occupy the greatest amount of, living space. Nothing about adaption suggests evolution: which claims chaos is their god of life, and its all an accident/ take a look, WHAT accident made things better all on its own. If an accident resulted in an improvement for men/ its because thought created that improvement by ability and work. There is absolutely no reality in one species adapted into all the rest; distinct species boundaries are essential, and MUST NOT be tampered with.

The issue: “created and gone away” leaving us all behind. Is removed through the biblical writing that is called “JESUS THE CHRIST”. It is sufficient in all ways to evidence love exists, more than simply human existed, and HIS respect or acceptance of GOD was proven true.

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