There are, any number of people, who believe they must do something other than face the truth, and change ourselves as a world. They want, whatever they believe to be the truth; so long as it does not dramatically affect them. Whether you die or not, would then be irrelevant; which opens the door to countless terrorists acts, and critical experimentation (such as trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun). I will not participate in the description of any other act of terrorism: than trying to ignite that fire. Because people “get ideas”/ and fantasies then erupt.

Therefore the critical truth of whether or not we the people of this earth can stop our own destruction from making this world extinct: depends upon your willingness to face your own truths. Your decision to change this world in ways that will allow it to survive. That does require a courtroom, with penalties for liars, failures, and fools; so that the evidence shall be believed, and the truth of our situation can be found, “as best we can”; for the sake of our world, and all life on it.

Nothing is more deliberate, and nothing is more certain to be found as the key ingredient: in this type of trial, than to choose the proper threat to begin that journey into our reality. That trial, which begins or ends the search for truth about our situation as a world: would be, the people who are in fact trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ so they can say, “we don’t have to change NOTHING”.

THE FOUNDATION of that trial will be simple: prove the cost of being wrong/ and prove the evidence you support as being true. Each side, gets its say. Each side, shall bring witnesses as they desire according with an honest need. The people of this earth, who are as an entire world threatened by this experimentation: shall then vote, to decide if they will pay the price of being WRONG. Or force these machines to die, and be removed from their existence. Each threat, according to public desire: that holds the potential to exterminate our world, or large portions of it: shall then line up, to be held to the same type of trial. And the world shall vote. Because nothing less, can save this earth.

The critical truth of humanity/ the critical truth of female: holds the key, or seals the tomb. I am, irrelevant to your decision/ a vote for “everyone” is not; as it is life or death to earth. The legal right to defend yourselves, is undeniable. The legal risk, of an experiment that is defined as: “bringing the same energy source here as is on the sun”/ a heat source that burns your skin in summer from over 94 million miles away through the cold of space/ with enough radiation to kill you without ozone. Is more than enough to prove: WE HAVE RIGHTS, WE DESERVE TO KNOW; in a courtroom of law.

The constant truth of humanity is: whosoever can, will hide and run away from the truth or whatever they believe is not in their best interest/ producing a long line of “experts”, or courtroom disgrace, to blindly protect their retreat. Just as they did with global warming; any excuse will do. There are machines running, and have been running; that are capable of igniting a nuclear fire today; the machine at in France is merely the largest, and makes no real claim other than they are going to ignite plasma to establish their “fusion”. Which is burning the bond in atoms, to release heat just like on the sun. As is obviously true: one second too late, and your option to stop anything is over. They have already finished their ignition chamber; and are working to finish their power plant; before trying it out. Because they know, the cost of being wrong; and are delaying; even though they will do what they promised to do. Even the tiniest bit wrong about anything; at any of these plants; and our world will be lost. Consequently while a moratorium through the courts must be created at each site around the world; you must also “remove the electricity” from these facilities to insure they cannot hide from you, and continue doing what they do. Removing the electricity means (at the power plant/ wires/ etc): SOCIETY SAYS STOP AND WAIT FOR OUR DECISION/ or face our consequences, which should be YOUR death. This is no game. It is literally hiding; when they tell you the military says we do what we want. Because there is no such thing as a military in real life terms: it is only a few men, who have joined together by allowing just a tiny few men to make their decisions. Same is true of politics and more: as we are all “just people”/ and as just people, NOBODY has the right to threaten our entire world, or even the solar system itself.

There only argument is: “not enough gravity here” to sustain the fire. So they argue: “a pure fantasy element must be held within the sun”. They bet your world; your life incinerated; on that fantasy. While I argue, that the force of atoms are held together by a countering force; so that it achieves a balanced state, and can stay in that state through time, by spin. Spin of the nucleus, thereby contains the energy; as is consistent with reality. When an atom is burned, that spin is stripped off/ and the energy sources that held it together in a balanced state are released: establishing solar gravity as a consequence of that process. WHICH MEANS; the gravity of the sun is the result of nuclear ignition; and it can be transferred here, with that ignition. Which means the fuel source of the sun, is a rock inside the flames; just like this earth! A reality that will include: drawing our own moon into this planet, to crash the two together. Once ignition, or more correctly soon after, is achieved. NO ABOMINATION in the history of man, is more delusional or horrific. NO ARROGANCE of the human curse that is male; since the beginning of time is worse; thereby SATAN exists, as the perpetrator of not only world extinction, but altering this solar system as well. So those who participate, whether you provide the cursed who do this thing by gambling so extreme you achieve “god of death status”: with food, water, gas, or whatever it is: get to receive their true reward, for destroying this world, as well.

Put your gun away; as the world of your reality proves: YOU CAN’T go back! It will not be the people with a gun who survive; as the water is lost/ the food is lost/ the option to survive is lost/ and even the planet is lost. Because we are so many people living on this planet: NATURE ITSELF shall be lost. With any major war you create. With any major civil war you create; because those who survive will NOT be welcomed anywhere else; and war will consume the planet. No farming/ no energy production/ nothing but fire and hate and HELL.


And the religious will say: “our GOD” will not let that happen! WE KNOW! While they continue to scream, “we are men/ we do whatever we want”. And what you have wanted is, as is so plainly proven by your own decisions: “is the universities are your god”. The temples/ churches/ etc; merely your playground; as life or death for this entire planet swirls around your head; and you now have to choose who really is, “YOUR GOD “. Because the universities, have given you nearly every threat of extinction that you face. NO, more playing: LIFE OR DEATH.

Oh wait, I know: you are far too concerned with a simple disease right now; because media controls your every thought/ and universities control theirs. To be concerned with an entire world/ even the cost of humanity on this entire solar system. After all you are frightened: to hold a one in every sixty thousand people, chance; “to die”/ from that disease.            after all:  “everybody knows, the universities are god”.  Not just the people you went to school with, and probably didn’t even like.

IN CONTRAST to that, this earth and every living thing on it; has a one hundred percent chance, to go extinct; in very horrible ways; because that is what you chose to do. THE REALITY OF EVIDENCE IS CLEAR, and it is conclusive enough to predict; this world will end soon.   Because YOU, just didn’t care enough!  Not even for an entire world of life; because you believe “the university is your god”.  NEVER me.

A university is: nothing more than a tiny few people who choose and control the rest. By hiding inside the herd, or gang or army; whom they lead, by hiding in plain sight. Because nobody else is allowed to think for themselves. Same as all groups: whether it is military/ government/ courts/ schools/ or whatever. A tiny few lead, and all the rest simply believe. Because that, “is what herds do”!

As a herd you don’t have to justify your decisions; “you just want what you want/ who can blame you for that”. After all, rapists and murderers and tyrants and terrorists and much more; just do the same thing as you. In fact every marauder who ever lived by ransacking and pillaging and war: demanded the very same thing. “So you have a right; its what men do”. Alas, with universities leading: what you want, becomes death of your world. But nobody gets to question why: you are a herd, thinking nor evidence is allowed. Believers rule, and the herd defends against all who fail to comply!

As for me; the foundation has been laid, and the work is being done; to insure I will never “be me” again. I have no idea, what that truly means. Simply the price, of what I chose to do; in an effort to keep this world alive. The cost: let female try; they can’t do worse. NOT your savior/ NOT your judge/ NOT your friend or enemy or fool. Simply a man dying inside, because as a group: WE ARE, “the primary responsible party” for that destruction of this entire creation of life, and living, and hope. Wishing never stopped anything.

As this life, draws to its close; and whatever it is to be, that “becomes me” instead arrives. I will point to the Christian religion, as a parting definition applied to the male I leave. What little is left of your honest belief’s, is dedicated to “seeing JESUS arrive on the clouds” so to speak/ or whatever it is religion expects. Biblically however, the descriptions are these: that HE, on the inside; as the son of man (whom he gives a message to deliver) will arrive in the end days, to tell you of things never before understood; as proof of more than “just man”. JESUS, was never believed to be “a true son of man/ but a son of GOD , with a birth mother of women“. That would mean, HE will not be less now/ but more. The second base description is: in Revelation, as the rider on the black horse, with a balance scale (which means warrior judge). That too, is not what you expect/ but assembles only in the last day of life on earth. Those who claim the rapture as their escape: will be saddened to learn: being picked off the ground to go flying through the air “into their heaven”. Will instead be pulled into the (million mile high; just like the sun) nuclear fire, that humanity is trying to ignite; right now. Or more distinctly: you have no place left to hide. Not because, I certainly and truly AM NOT “JESUS”! Rather anyone willing and honest enough, can be given a message to deliver/ even you; because we don’t have to be perfect, to be “the mailman (a job)”. How is that not true. But because the reality of the message is quite clear, either this humanity will change in dramatic ways in order to keep earth alive/ or we all go extinct: as the true and real evidence of this day will prove. To anyone, with a brain, not consumed by “the university is god”/ HOW IS THAT NOT, a message to save this earth from hate and the putrid sewage of extreme arrogance, as its companion. AS WAS THE REALITY OF “OUR FIRST INTERVENTION BY   GOD,  through JESUS.” Your decision as life standing apart from the rest; is to recognize this earth can be lost, YOUR arrogance will not save it. As those who are expected: TO lead to save it;  you literally have a job to do. NO MORE EXCUSES. Either get off your ass, OR be accounted same; with all the rest.

The same becomes true for women across this earth: you gave birth to the first “savior from hate” that proved we were not abandoned; but do have an opportunity for eternity. That did make woman exceedingly more important than man. This earth is ready to die because of hate, and all its consequences; once again. YOU WILL NOT deliver another “child from GOD”. But you do represent the critical link, between what can deliver us from that hate/ and the men who must learn and listen. Your job is then to make them learn: only truth survives/ even into eternity. Your job is then to make them listen: only love through justice and law, will keep us all alive. There are no exceptions: either by the law, that serves us all, and this earth with all its creatures. Or extinction. Make your decision: the choice is, LIFE OR DEATH, for earth. Work with courage/ or die as cowards, in absolute fear: CHOOSE.

TO ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD; this reality is very similar to what existed in JESUS TIME on earth. Extreme arrogance led to extreme behaviors and thinking/ making the world being led by humanity (nobody fails the herd), an angry hate filled place, “just beneath the surface, as controlled, and threatened by a few proves harsh”. Crucifixion was intended to be: FEAR US FOREVER/ thereby expecting complete compliance with every command. The JEWISH (chosen) people of their day, failed by nearly one hundred percent, to choose life and love; because they feared the cost. Leaving the reality of saving this world from hate; by the evidence given to us as a world: came from others, being thereby at least equal to those “chosen people”. University arrogance and extreme behaviors or thinking; is very similar. Instead of crucifixion: they threaten with weapons of mass destruction, and more; to establish FEAR. The difference in this day is: they threaten this entire world with total extinction; rather than just the lives they can physically touch.

YOUR decision: is, The evidence will prove who deserves mercy, penalty, or reward; and it won’t be “by groups/ colors/ bodies/ or other”. Each soul identifies itself!

As humanity on earth, as life on earth; we truly do have much to fear; because of the choices, and the reality of work that has been made or done. BUT we also have nothing to fear: because of the choices and realities of work that have been made or done. AS THEY LEAD TO EXTINCTION, which means we have nothing to lose/ and everything to gain, by demanding and making the laws which then govern our lives and our planet. No leader lives without their army; we are the armies of the world. No law is kept, unless we enforce it. No reality of education or experimentation exists: unless you accept the cost. By prying out the truth, with evidence rather than assumptions/ within the reality of being WRONG, rather than theories or fantasies to believe in: we become as a world, able to defend ourselves. There is no choice but to confront our reality, and demand the truth shall decide for life/ not want. Anything less is war or extinction. Because the “middle ground” has been lost.

Look around you: “are they not trying to make an entire world afraid”? Because people who are afraid, hide and run away; leaving the power-mad to do what they want to do. “Are they not trying to make you believe they are your saviors”? Because believers never question, or search for truth; they simply believe what they were told. “Are they not preparing artificial intelligence, to operate WAR ROBOTS”/ ending a reliance on humanity? Letting only a tiny few be in charge. “Are they not reshaping this entire world, so that only a tiny few control all the jobs and all the resources and all the decisions and all everything: setting themselves up as gods, for YOU to beg”? What will you do, when facial recognition decides: YOU CANNOT BUY anything you need to survive/ or when the computer decides, you are a threat, that should be killed. The oceans will soon be dead. Extreme overpopulation will demand war, and weapons of mass destruction will be used. Every chain nature depends upon for our survival is dying; and only true change will save ANYTHING; making extinction certain. Warming the planet removes habitat, as grown ends and desertification, throughout the equator takes control. Endless fire removes oxygen, and you will know that is true. Even the earth itself, without any forest to slow the atmosphere and keep it aligned with the turning planet: becomes a death trap, because like other planets, an atmosphere that loses its connection turns at a different rate than the planet does; such as Jupiter and Venus, with 700 mph winds. THIS AIN’T NO GAME!

As to our current reality fifty thousand deaths per every 327 million people is one in every 6500 people/ not a pandemic; and those dying still fall into categories of “health issues involved”. Total in those without previous health issues, including old age on their own; and the odds of dying by contracting this disease looks more like one in sixty thousand. In contrast complete economic devastation is a reality with more consequences coming including: murder/ suicide/ and a long list of things which will be more serious than a few extra deaths. Particularly in a world of 8 billion people rising at a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed every year. Nobody dies/ nobody lives. Diseases lose intensity, by interacting with their host organisms: through that interplay, immunity systems lower the active opportunities for the majority. It is impossible to hide from diseases; because in some cases, “a million can fit on the head of a needle”. Reality decides; optimism or pessimism are both fantasies without a purpose.

The complete failure to address anything of importance; such as is the base topics of this work/ is a university plague fights to keep it from public view. Because they, and the men who support them; are the cause of most life ending threats/ not your savior.

You need to establish truth decides: one of the most simple discussions is; like it or not, you have dismantled primary life supporting realities in the oceans of this world; and that life faces collapse in many ways. Your decisions must then include: the people who die, must be used to feed that ocean life/ because there is nothing else that can be used. And if you lose ocean life, you won’t bring it back/ and you will starve billions of people/ and you will break out in world ending war, that will not give any life a chance to survive.

Any disease that defeats the immunity system in more than .001 percent (one per thousand more, added per year) of the people can be considered a pandemic/ although it is not: because life or death of this entire world, is greater than individual human life or desires. The proper response in that situation is: by clear and distinct vote, we choose for ourselves. Section by section, we divide into our own defined realities (this town is open/ this town is closed: both suffer their own individual consequences)/ so those individual decisions do not escape our own truth as a society or world. More simply: we decide for ourselves/ not you for us. But no tears, no excuses, and a minimum of interchange.

For those who scream; “that is too damn many deaths”: I REMIND YOU, that at 3% population growth 3 new mouths to feed over deaths, per hundred, per year/ as is most likely true; for every additional death; you have added 30 more people to feed in that same year.

While you examine the fundamentals of living; I remind you as well, that EACH: one trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every worker of one hundred million lives. That is the debt created, and since it is all inflation/ thereby counterfeited money: you should ask yourselves, what are your leaders going to sell to foreigners again/ behind your back. OR, are you going to pay; because each expects “a dollar, equals a dollar” do you not?

Oh wait, I know; as the universities teach and do: “we can all live the fantasy”/ nobody pays, there are no consequences: UNLESS, “YOU owe us, the university; YOUR god”:  because that, absolutely positively has to be paid/ and since they own the government puppets and army of insurgents/ they enforce it. OR, REALITY comes to demand truth, and bankruptcy ends the delusion.

Oh HELL, I forgot: the only thing that matters is what the universities tell you is true/ there are no consequences or realities; its all their game to play. Even though the loss of one additional human life per thousand; that would have survived 80 years. IS equal too: at one pound of living food per day, a loss to life other than human of roughly 29,000 pounds/ not including what is throw away or dies in other ways. So adding 30 more human lives per year per every one thousand people. IS extra OR OTHER life lost: that represents a need for an extra real life 876,000 pounds of living organisms/ to feed them per thousand people. In a world of 8 billion currently: equals= an extra 700 billion pounds of food/ plus water (once past baby), just for the thirty more per one thousand people already here, needing to be fed; additional babies over deaths, born this year/ for their expected lifetime; and every year needs more, living organisms sacrificed to keeping humanity alive. DO YOU see a problem?  ON A PLANET losing ground for every life to survive; losing water supplies/ losing ocean life/ losing resources for a future/ losing even the slightest possibility of survival. CANNIBALISM AND WAR, are coming! Because you listen to fantasies, and refuse reality; as is the foundation of university life: NO consequences for us/ NO reality either; “just fairy land and fruitcakes”.

The only thing, in this world: that stands between extinction and life, is LAW AND REALITY/ because you cannot survive further destruction by war. YOU cannot survive any more sewage of universities spewing disgrace and destruction upon our world. MEN do not know how to live by law, when confronted with hate: they choose WAR/ and they will choose it again, when reality proves to confront their power; ending life on earth. That leaves only one true conclusion: we must give female a chance to find a different way. They deserve “the last say”; unless they find a way to live within the realities, and risks of our world; as chosen by university knows “everything”. It is not a hard conclusion to find; because thousands of years of history; proves without delusion, exactly what men do. You have your message.

The failure to RESPECT GOD AND JESUS ; the constant arrogance of university/ will prove fatal; to all life on earth.    

GROW UP/ WAKE UP;             NOT A GAME.

I HAVE DONE ALL I CAN DO FOR YOU, because you have refused to listen to reality, truth, evidence, respect, discipline, order, balance, thought, or any value of life whatsoever; as is the essence of love. You choose hate, as is the essence of university knows/ university is god. The man of me, because of that discards you.

What is female in me now; requires that I retain hope for you. Requires that I allow for one last: if women come here to me, where I live in numbers that matter for an entire world/ then I will help them understand the choices that must be made. As an organization, for saving this world; NOT just a few, who at this time, will make no real difference to life or planet. Time is short/ that opportunity of help ends on 7/7/ 2020. Reality says, they huddle in fear, and cannot rise; not even for a world: because the universities own their soul. But only hope matters now, and whatever will be will be. You cannot have many without adequate planning; I will allow for that up to the seventh day of July in this year 2020. After that, you are on your own. Unless the “spiritual woman inside”; utterly refuses to let me go. Believe whatever you wish, as it makes no difference whatsoever to reality itself. Truth will prove truth.

While I continue to write as if I had full control over my life; that is simply not true; as is proven to me again and again. It is a spiritual matter, you will not understand. Nonetheless, I am literally “corralled, controlled, bridled, and flagged”; with boundaries and realities that govern me now, more than I govern myself. Nothing to do with you, or coming here; it just is/ and I am required to write that, even though it cannot help in these last days of hope for you. Not my choice; don’t know why, I am treated like some kind of horse or some beast to be ridden/ I cannot get away. Entering within the spiritual world, has a price; if you fail to understand the elemental path you chose to take, it controls you. If you do understand the elemental path you chose to take, then you control it. I took many paths, and understood; before being completely desperate for an answer to keep this earth alive: asking then “female, what would you do”. I honestly believed I could and would understand; but it is an entirely different world/ and I do not. It is NOT, open for discussion/ this simply exists; as does the demand to write it down. Like everything else “about women”; I don’t know why.

Fundamentally, I begin to recognize; being treated like a contained and directed animal; is literally what a large number of women feel like, and are subjected too; around this world. My learning is then constructed around the truth: this is just as unfair to them, as it is to me. The elemental lesson to men is then: want, pride, and power, are the steps by which you are descending into animal. Rise back into happiness, the essence of being alive as a human: by accepting truth, love, trust, respect, courage, discipline, order, and the values that are sustained by eternity as life itself. It is elementally true, as is evidenced by the tits on my own body: “they are so weird, so full of chemicals and feelings; I can hardly stand them”. That your opportunities as male to touch them honestly and with love; is an expression or experience “from a world apart”. As they are, as is true for all of female: nothing like male, more so than you can imagine.

Whether I lose hope for you as of July or not; I will retain hope for me. As I have now done everything I could possibly do, to stop the destruction/ and remove myself from the realities which caused it.

As for you: the extreme SATAN on earth, is a university arrogance/ a political disaster/ and a horrifying public; who all choose to believe. There is nothing to be done/ until we face an undeniable disaster, and are then forced to surrender what they sacrificed their lives, and spent their youth; to build. You want/ you want/ you want, or you don’t want: is all there is, in a human animal. They are worthless to life, and will find their eternity a tragedy; they cannot repair, because it is far too late. The extreme university SATAN; continues to claim global warming is just about “green house gases”/ when in fact it is simply due to all the heat you release. Which means: their attempt to ignite fusion, has no value/ because their hope is to release even more heat. Their attempt to play god with biology is nothing less than warfare on life. Their destruction of resources: is an assassination of every child, and every living thing. And every part of everything that is less than it needs to be by human decision; is spewed as “you can’t prove nothing yet/ NOT until clear absolute destruction coming; means, we can’t do what we want; so then we will change our ways, and not before. The critical truth is very, very, simple: IF YOU CAN’T SURVIVE BEING WRONG/ IF THE COST OF FAILURE IS EXTINCTION/ IF YOU RISK BURNING THE ENTIRE PLANET WITH A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, THAT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL! THEN YOU CAN’T DO, WHAT YOU ARE DOING; BECAUSE YOU ARE INSANE, AND THE CRIMINALLY INSANE SHOULD NEVER LEAD LIFE. BECAUSE THEIR ROAD IS DEATH. YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT, AND THE LAW ENFORCED CAN STOP YOU/ OR THE WORLD ITSELF, HAS GONE INSANE.

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS, NOBODY CAN DENY!  WE ARE THE LAW, AND WE CAN ENFORCE THAT LAW BY OUR VOTE, AND OUR ACTIONS: WHEN WE STAND UP TOGETHER!       Because we are the military, the policing, the everything that makes society run. We CAN threaten “them” just as much as they can threaten us, or MORE.

The difference between this world saved or lost: is the people who just don’t care! MAKE YOUR DECISION: WHO, ARE YOU?

We can lead them: if you prove greed and selfishness shall not rule this day. Because those who choose for life and planet, are more powerful, than those who choose for greed and selfishness. WE ARE MORE, AND WE KNOW IT. They need weapons, we need the rights assigned by law: by our vote, as a world; the right to save ourselves, WILL WIN.

In contrast to that is: “the university elite” now have you exactly where they want you, very soon. NO small business left/ means no options: you will beg and plead for a job/ beg and plead for a bread crumb/ worship them for a few scraps. And every major corporation will own everything/ and then begins the conglomeration of all of them into just a tiny few; like media already is. Because in “university words”; them damn people CANNOT be allowed to think for themselves; we are gods here.

They won’t back down from “its a pandemic”; because that reveals the truth of their manipulation and absolute control over american society, governing bodies, everything; to its detriment.

Or, more simply: the universities elite hate you all; as has been proven by the endless poisoning/ hidden selling/ mutilation of nature/ gambling with the entire earth/ brainwashing you and your children/ counterfeiting the currency, beyond bankruptcy/ threatening this whole world, as terrorists do. And today, they have managed you into fear; which then gives them access, to be kings and queens over your life, your nation, and your future: by finishing off the business and economic realities of America. An insurgency from the inside; overthrown with puppets on their string/ and media constantly scouring the world to shout: “THE UNIVERSITIES ARE god”.

The only thing they haven’t planned for is: if you implement “limited capitalism”/ you take their power away. Because we the people are the military, policing, etc; and we can simply tell them NO MORE. Without control over currency, they have only “weapons of mass destruction”. But make no mistake; the insanity of fantasy, rules among them all: therefore dangerous, and with a very limited, small “brain”.

With control over currency: they have given it all to themselves/ or any nation they please, to ruin us (endless debt/ fantasy asset claims, NO reality at all): discarding infrastructure, the future, nation, child, EVERYTHING. And the one unifying factor in all forms of destruction and threat of extinction: is a university diploma. By which they control every job, and intend to control your every move. The world has changed: an arrogance so extreme, it threatens all life/ earth and moon/ even the solar system itself; by trying to ignite atoms on fire (same as sun) here. An arrogance so extreme: it literally tries to destroy nature itself by mutilating DNA genetics. An arrogance so extreme, it seeks to destroy every resource/ poison every water supply/ control EVERYTHING; AND MORE. Because in the end: that is what “satan” would do. A religious word: but it still means, “destroyer of a world”.

I suppose it would not be fair, to fail including this: it takes more than limited capitalism and control over society, by a united refusal to accept domination by a few. You must control bankruptcy/ protect the food supply, by enforcing that with government, while you still can (go make them do it)/ and instead of the few control a stimulus package, giving to whoever they want. You must instead issue “federal credit cards”. Each card holds only enough for bare essentials. Each card is issued only to those workers, on the bottom 50% of the pay scale; all others must prove a need/ the rich get nothing while we the people determine what they will have left when we are done sorting through their anarchy, against our government of this USA. Reality starts here/ AFTER you achieve a moratorium against ALL EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION’S; BOTH HERE AND in other nations around this world. As one world, largely united in this purpose; we can enforce it. Life or death for this world/ life or death for this nation; because your reality is bleak.

Reclaim your constitution as intended/ and remake, reshape your laws (applies to us all) into the one hundred of so; that are functional and fundamentally needed: discard all the rest. As short and plain as possible; so that nearly all can defend themselves in a courtroom of law; because we do then know our rights; by their reality. Establish world law or die. Rebuild this earth or lose it. RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET AND GOD ; or go extinct. Do the best you can, or fail. REMEMBER THIS: UNLESS YOU TRULY CHOOSE A DIFFERENT WAY/ whenever the slightest possibility arises, men will try immediately to put back; exactly what and why they brought this earth to the edge of extinction. Because that is what men do; as history proves it so. Which literally means: the only way you get different, and sustain it; is to let women try. Even though they prefer, as a group; “to just blame, and depend upon men”. DO WHAT LIFE NEEDS, RESPECT THIS PLANET AND THE FUTURE OF LIFE; BY REMOVING THE CURSE OF “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”. As does the majority of them, fight for extinction, (LET FANTASY RULE) by then proclaiming “we don’t have to change nothing/ until it is too late to save life or earth”.

No more rules (applies to you), THAN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.


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