To examine human life, requires us to understand: primary motivations

The discipline required to properly assess motivation, requires the acceptance of a choice: to be animal/ or to be human. The decision is yours.

An animal lives within the mental conceptions of want/ pride/ power/ and sex.

A human being alive, lives within the developing values of love, courage, discipline, order, balance, thought, happiness, respect, hope, truth, trust, and law.

The difference is: an animal lives within time as its only source of life/ while a human being alive lives within time as the source of life itself begins to form as a journey to achieve the destiny for which we were born.

The difference is: an animal seeks to fulfill its want, and its sex; by whatever means are possible, or potentially possible/ using pride to measure itself against the others/ while using power to achieve the judgment necessary to believe whatever it wants to believe is true. These three steps descend from our beginning as shared life, into the realities of what each individual chooses, as their own version of what “a human animal” should be. Hate exists in each step, the consumption of life itself (from the inside) begins with each decision to accept that portion of hate.

The difference is: being alive requires you, to accept life beyond the state of survival, as an opportunity to share your existence, by caring what love can be, or become. That essence of living, shapes the possibilities of destiny, and drives the desire that becomes your own values of life, heart, hope, and soul.

The difference is: that thought rises above the limited boundaries of time, to achieve the ascension needed, which will separate us from body into eternity. As the passage we claim, when choosing truth as our guide.

Critical to the elevation of a human being is how we relate to each other in all ways of time and body: sex included.

The human animal sees sex as its only true relationship with body, as pleasure not pain; because of the release of chemicals during that process. Thereby sex becomes as an addiction to be fed. Lust becomes the use of your body, to achieve those chemicals in me. While hate adds in: I am NOT happy with this result/ demanding MORE, than a body will give. Violence may then erupt; as life/ faces death in the animal, and then its victim.

The human being alive, lives for the moments that cherish love as the value most true to life itself. Therefore love is sex, when two people of the opposite sex, become the treasury in each other; of our time on earth. You cannot do that without trust, and it is particularly unwise, to simply “believe”; as truth knows, a heart “uncleaned” can become filthy. That exists because want remains/ pride has not been broken/ or power seeks its own purpose first.

Every human being supporting life inside, will be required to make decisions that identify what your own truth is going to become. The answers are: NO, I WILL NOT/ yes, but now I repent, and will truly do better/ OR, complete failure means descent into hate. Even so: seeing the truth, will give pause and some will fight their way back into life. Others will descend even more.

Cleaning therefore means: I have been subjected to the realities of animal; at times when it would have been easy to accept the tragedy of such a life. And I have cleaned these from me; refusing that animal; so that I too, may inherit the values which will become my eternity, as a living soul with heart. The EASY way, the animal way: is not for me! Your defense is: do not want, choose love/ do not measure or make life a game, choose respect/ do not “believe or assume”, let truth decide.

We then search for motivation: or, why do some choose animal, as is time/ while others choose life itself? The critical test, is death! Because death measures this life, in time as “here and now”; while the search for life itself, cannot be completed until we die. They are “separated realities” which do not live together. Because they conceive of opposite things. Time will end life as hate, because it is taken away without your consent. LIFE beyond the grave ends as love (the true search for GOD ); because it is the value which begins only when you die. Everything in between these two distinctions fails the test of life; and will dissipate into “nothing left here”. That is “the middle ground”.

The motivation for “the middle” is: I want both love and hate/ I want both time and eternity/ I want sex and lust/ I want pride and a living beyond pride as family/ I want power, to use and abuse if I think I should be allowed to do that; with anything or anyone I desire. Or more simply; I WANT IT ALL, AND MORE/ everything, give me what I want.

The unfortunate part of that will be: all want, pride, and power; are evicted from life as love in eternity. They do not exist in that temple of love, over time. Therefrom only mercy can save you, and it will not be as “children of GOD “ but less. Nonetheless it is your choice.

This then is the law of eternity: without purity of purpose and desire in love, you are banished from the places where GOD can be found.

Hate will find itself, in the terrors you chose for others; defined only by the numbers you chose to hate. OR, HADES exists because, a life you murdered that would have belonged as love: TO GOD . deserves more: Beyond terror, is reserved for these.

We then ask: WHAT is, the motivation for love? The answer is truth, as in “I have found happiness here”.

WHAT is, the motivation for hate? The answer is lies: I will get what I want, because I am more.

WHAT is, the motivation for time: I get what I want now.

WHAT is, the motivation for eternity: every miracle proves life can become “beyond happy”.

WHAT is, the motivation for refusing to accept miracles, prove life? The answer is: “no consequences for me/ I do whatever I want/ I am god to me”.

WHAT is, the motivation for responsibility? The answer is, I found in you, a person I desire to accept trust in me.

WHAT is, the motivation for courage? The answer is, I know that death will come, at whatever moment it will come; therefrom eternity begins. The essence of that eternity is; proof time itself does not matter, and I will accept death as a part of my time. Which is the essence of courage, and the beginning of religion.

WHAT is, the motivation for religion? The answer is an insurance policy, because if I believe in courage, I also believe in eternity has a place for me; and I want that place to be/ or to include the values I bring along. Religion does not create courage/ but courage does create it; even if that belief is wrong.

WHAT is, the motivation for happiness? The answer is, my life becomes valuable to me.

WHAT is, the motivation for sadness? The answer is, I have lost something valued; and cannot retrieve it, no matter how hard I try.

WHAT is, the motivation for suicide? The answer is: I have lost hope, and believe the solution is “without time”.

WHAT is, the motivation for addictions? The answer is: when hiding, or running away from reality, you must have an excuse.

WHAT is, the motivation for crime? The answer is: you, or somebody: owes me more.

WHAT is, the motivation for sex? The answer is, life made me know this exists. But it helps to know, that for male “life is a body/ that I use to identify what my life is”. Whereas for female: the body is my life/ that I must have to identify me. The difference is in the search, for existence itself. As male searches through a body, and female searches as a body.

WHAT is, the motivation for marriage? The answer is, divided into several realities of desire. Most common is, “I don’t want to be lonely anymore; please fill this void”. Second is: I want you to do for me, the things I don’t wish to do for myself/ or I just plain need help.

What is the motivation for NOT “protecting your world”? The answer, you want to remain a part of the herd; someone who cannot be picked out as different or a trouble maker who demands change.

What is the motivation for “protecting your world”? You and the future, the planet and all its life MIGHT get to survive.

What is the primary cause for standing aside, and trying to hide or run away from the realities presented here? The university is your god, and that means; even when gambling with all life/ the entire planet/ and the solar system itself; where the evidence is certain and sure and WRONG MEANS, everything dies! You still cannot even question “your gods”; because the cult or religious indoctrination, as with all religions/ does NOT allow questioning the leaders. Period/ you are slave.

Your leaders will instead blame me: claiming HE KNOWS NOTHING/ HE IS WORTHLESS. But I don’t deny that opinion; because I don’t care what is said. The evidence of life or death for our world: does in fact, simply speak for itself. I need not defend that evidence, nor distract from it; by claiming to be of importance. Unlike your universities who have presented absolute proven fantasies and fraud; by claiming the only thing important is them, and their diploma.

That is the difference between “them and me”.

The university motivation is literally: “we are the nobility”/ we are the superior ones who have all the knowledge, and we have all the understanding; and even if we are wrong: we are still better than you all. We are your saviors/ your gods/ your teachers/ your “enemy or friend” as is: everything/ which of course means, “you are nothing”. As has been the foundation of nobility, from the very beginning.

My motivation is: having worked with both hands and mind, in the creation of whatever needed to be built for life or living. It is truly obvious, that every living thing is a miracle. That this planet is so designed, and so intricately balanced; only a fool would describe it as an accidental place. Therefore my life, and my time, and my existence wherever that will be: lives to say, “I ACCEPT GOD IS MY CREATOR”/ and the guarantees of JESUS, are for me “true and complete”. Making the path of my life to do what I can do: for the sake of their work, “for me”. I am grateful, because love is clearly in evidence, as all miracles of life do testify.

What is the motivation for covid 19? media has made a billion dollars or more/ political figures, are so damn important; even they can hardly believe it; “cause they are your saviors”; and who is more important than that. Universities have declared it, “the greatest moment in the history of the world”; because now, they can play god. And all the world pays, because the few believe they are now gods.

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