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Strictly of me, searches the inner workings of my own heart/ as I am now being subjected to the tragedy of what feels like, “one of the most owned, women in the world”. I have been controlled more than ever, stopped, and lost freedoms in countless ways; as reality instructs me, and I know by elements of human behavior; that there are women who do live this way. No doubt they experience sexual domination as well/ I do not. I do feel sorry for them, as it is particularly unkind to be subjected to a life with very little freedom; by someone more powerful than you. I am hoping, that having recognized this finally over several days; that it will now end for me. No guarantee.

The heart means: within each discovery of life, there are decisions to be made, identifying who you truly are, and what or why this value of your desire should or does exist. Those who have heart, “choose for love”. Those who have hate do not; they choose power, as is the constant in the description above. I believe it will end, now that time has let me see another element of too many countless female lives across history; because of that love. But only time will tell.

The critical question is then: WHAT could or should be done, for the people who are female, and who become entrapped by a reality that overwhelms them, and they did not intend to choose. As is the reality of LIAR, and THIEF, have invaded me. The question of law, is as the element of us, as a society bears witness to its own. So then what would any society do, to elevate the value of an individual life, that does literally deserve freedoms. My own answer would be: that we the people must provide sanctuary for those in such need/ the true opportunity to change the life and living of yourself, into something else. A reality that serves all of society, but especially those who have found themselves entrapped. The critical cost is: hate does not surrender its victim easily/ and constantly does try to add chains; such as a child (can’t leave now). Hate unlike anger (which shouts), commonly tries to hide itself among the many; only sticking its head out, when he or she believes the crowd can hide them, or be their excuse.

So we again look to the pursuit of hate, as an antidote to nearly all that causes societies to fail. WHERE does hate hide? It is not in gossip, as that is commonly reserved for members of society that are expected to be forced out, or shunned. Ridicule identifies hate, as does disrespect: these are the most common forms of hate to be seen. Therefore it is noted to all women especially: that if “your man” is exhibiting ridicule and disrespect particularly to you; hate exists “inside the darkness” they hide.

The most crucial form of hate that can be defined is to threaten an entire world/ all of nature/ every child/ every need required for survival/ discarding every purpose, for a fantasy or failure or trophy; as is the constant of university. The playground of the dead, the damned, the liar, thief, whore, cheat, and the foolish; where all leaders of the last fifty plus years have come from. As is true of every major group, it is only a percentage who fail; but the rest mount themselves as an army to protect the whole; as if they were one. So they all get recognized as FAILED LIFE AND PLANET; because you didn’t care enough to protect what was LIFE NEEDS/ we cannot let these be wrong.

In terms of human interactions, that come down to the desires of men and women to marry, and achieve securities in exchange for that responsibility. There are issues that interact with hate to produce a tragedy, rather than enlarge “the heart we now share”.

  1. We begin with women; who are constantly trying to gather information on men/ so they can then manipulate, control, threaten, tempt, and in all ways demand, even if they won’t admit it: I am now in control, “from the inside” now. These are emotional chains, and ought not to be; as they are ultimately and clearly UNFAIR. And it begins a journey between male and female that will not be sustained in friendship. When younger, I studied women just a bit; but women do notice, even if men are not allowed to notice them. The range of emotion was: “from I would bite your face off if I could/ to elementally concerned, and uncertain if it is wrong or right of them”. So, I quit studying women altogether, as do all men: because this is reality, and I would not wish to know control. I did momentarily try hypnosis: but immediately understood, the only true value in a relationship is freedom to choose “with me”/ never less.
  2. Men on the other side of that equation: being constantly enveloped by women who are trying to control them. Who constantly try to threaten with “I am pregnant/ had an abortion, when it proves untrue”. Become resistant to that demand; or abandon women, because the price is simply too high. None can be trusted, when the price of saying “goodbye”; is a forever tear (I will remember/ and never desire to cause this again). The only possibility for that is not to date women; because they chain on, and will not release. Even if the world itself, is calling with needs.
  3. Then there is hate, in its many forms: I will not care/ I will not share/ I will lie, cheat, steal, or more. Discarding the values of love means you will turn to sex; because feeling alive, needs the body to experience that. Even if it is at the most minimal level possible. Failing to “get a chemical rise”/ leads to abuse, as the method to prove: YOU didn’t do enough for me, I WANT more for me. And as always nothing but lust for you.
  4. Love sees sex as the escalating ride into happiness, where we are born into the experiences we choose to express, & participate with. It is not a game, because the heart lives only where true value exists.
  5. Discipline says: that to enable a greater understanding of who we choose to enter a relationship with/ time, without sex, is critical. Nothing less will do, because once you enter into sex even a little; the bedroom becomes a prison you cannot escape. And that colors everything about who we can be together.
  6. Order says: it is absolutely necessary to listen to “what people want or don’t want” because they will spend their lives; and yours; in an endless demand to get what they want, or leave what they don’t want. If that is not what you need in your life, this relationship is not for you. Pride is similar. The more pride, the greater the cost will be: because someone has to lose, to make another one “winner”. Power the thirst to control, manipulate, tempt, etc: will always turn into an enemy as lies continue to take your life away.
  7. Balance is the understanding: the foundation of every relationship, is can you find the time to care and share with me, the desire to be with me: WITHOUT sex? Listen, and if all you hear is “I, I, I, I, I,,,,,,,,,I” repeatedly. Then they have no time for you, because all they love is “me”.
  8. The difference between a commitment (I trust we can live together, if we try) and a love (I cherish you) is: “the truth” of, a desire in the heart, which lives even when they are gone. Don’t lie. Do commit to a sexual experience, to know the truth of what this is; before you say “I do”. As surprises can be bad.

Society must judge for itself, what is fair and necessary; when defending the weak and innocent from an attack/ or the possibilities of a “prison”.

In this America, a primary cause of black incarceration is chasing white women/ that can be true of other groups as well; admit it or not; it is true. As is the constant plague of “university”; encouraging this behavior does nothing but build a divide. That fact crosses the line in economics as well: because giving more money and more access to combine the individual groups, will only aid trouble. The cost is far more complex than it appears: this is more than a simple relationship between two people/ when your behavior changes all of us genetically. Then, your decision impacts us all, in each of those groups. It is no small thing, and ought not to be done; unless real love exists. The reality of it on both sides, discounts the truth of what our own heritage as a body of life means: because like other animal species, we are known by our difference in the subsets of species development & behaviors.

While the curse of university is constant (we will change everything; cause we are gods), and the media revolt against life itself (listen only to ME) is endless: the reality is, “bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh loses a bit in translation” if we do not look very much alike. We are not simply all human; like every other species, we do have distinct qualifiers which separate us into individual groups. That is life, not the delusion of university. Whether you like it or believe in something else; reality proves nature does know best. I did not say: that as male, women of all colors and definitions are not desirable or attractive, as many are. I write: for the sake of every group, staying within the boundaries of individual species identification; limits conflict, and that is best for life on earth. Unless, you truly do love each other; in which case adjustments must be made.

LIFE IS NOT A GAME. Which means you are not allowed to play, where you do not belong! The universities “play god everywhere, and with everything they can touch”; because their brains are so small, it cannot be found. Fantasy rules them, and delusions are constantly escaping their mouths. Reality is not an optimism or a pessimism: it is truth as preserved by the evidence. The constant chaos of universities; is not a truth of value, but a scourge of hate being spewed onto this earth.

And humanity in its “concrete shoes” shouts: this is the best we can do/ and we will do it, because we want what we want; and these people are trying to give us what we want; and we don’t care about no damn consequences. Let the children fear, or life and earth itself die: WE WANT, what we want! Plain and simple as that; we don’t care/ and we won’t share. So the trail of evidence leads to hell, because that is what you chose.

what is male in me, has given you up for lost: because for over forty years, not a single truth or evidence mattered to you/ no consequence of HELL AND MAYHEM OR CATASTROPHE could move you/ being wrong as to all leadership didn’t matter, so long as the bribe was useful/ not money, not life, not planet, not a future for your own child mattered to you: because only the tiniest few would believe, “they wouldn’t die of old age” before all the tragedies they chose came true. Cursing life, earth, and child by what you did do.

What is female in me, knows that the importance of life itself, in this entire universe of so much that is not life or living; makes you important even though, the value of your hearts are so limited. As a consequence; every possibility is searched before she too will surrender you to external extinction; as is the consequence of your own choices. The difference between us is: you have trained me to confront you, since you have no heart or ears or eyes to see, beyond your nose. While she requires that I love you anyway, and do the best I can for life with hope; regardless of your contribution or not.

Hate lives for chaos, because there is no law; which is why men choose war/ they believe chaos is what they want, so they can take anything they wish, without consequences: just like the universities do now. It is a war against life and planet; fought in the secrecy of words and actions, which are deliberately hiding truth. As always in war: after the initial actions are taken, and mayhem along with the horrors of war sink in; and all the food and water supplies are broken, with no peace in sight. Only then does the truth of chaos sink in: that we chose mutilation and death, and we get rape, starvation, and thirst without end. Until the day, when both sides agree we have had enough of this; and now demand peace. But alas, the children grow; “and boys will be boys; every generation same”: to their shame.

Your money is nothing but a number or a claim as is “you promised me/ or I you”. Which means: all the promises are broken, when none of the numbers “live in reality”/ liars, traitors, thieves, terrorists, failures, fools, the cursed, the living dead, the vile, and the hateful; have broken every promise. By taking over governmental currency, and counterfeiting their fantasies, by claiming assets which do not exist/ and debts don’t matter (unless you owe us). A universities insurgency against life, nation, and world. But hey, they got every toy and trophy they wanted; along with every trinket, pension plan, and purpose of the most deliberate “adam and eve, SNAKE” ever created.

EVEN SO: numbers are only numbers, and resources are the only version of wealth any nation has. Therefore it is only the promises which must be adjusted/ and the people reminded: if you don’t accept reality, and truth by law and justice/ YOU GET HELL instead. Be fair, and return to reality or die.

The game of men is simple: “yes I can/ versus no you can’t”; women add in, “I can do what you can’t do: and hate adds in, with revenge I will find a way. It ain’t a game, if justice enters in. So the value of hate, to men is, this game never ends.

The game of women is: “yes I can, if I get a man to do it for me.” By whatever means is necessary, they will be my key(s).

The game is over: because extinction looms large; even if you don’t see it/ your soul knows.

The delusion of a university is: “like a monkey glued to your back, which rapes or ravages or screams while attacking the head or neck, from the back; where you cannot fight back easily”. Get it off, help your neighbor; and put the damn creature back into its tiny cage; or die.

Religion adds in: “anything you want, that is what we will provide”/ if not here, then somewhere else. Because they cannot prove us wrong; we believe anything we desire life or eternity to be.

Reality is not a delusion, it is an endless truth that allows for existence only when the laws that must be served are accepted, respected, and aligned with value.

Humanity will offer: YOU are delusional; nobody gets into the spiritual world/ nobody faces, an elemental truth where creation itself divides into male or female/ nobody gets to be a “real messenger” from GOD, to life on earth. Therefore this claimed message of change or die, must be a fraud!

So, lets review: a delusion assumes that truth does not matter/ while the evidence of my reality will prove, truth is what I bring in terms of a message; life nor planet can survive what you are choosing to do. That by the evidence, is real.

So, let’s review: the passage from instantaneous life, to an elemental body that lives within this Creation of a world called life and earth in time. Is built upon discipline/ identified by the creation of order/ balanced with endless reflections that measure if we are growing correctly/ and subdivided into all the categories of species development, that then give substance to life itself. None of that is created by less than thought; nor does any of it survive without the laws that govern all truth, and the energy which rises to present freedom. YOUR DESCRIPTION of life, planet, and everything of value is: “its all an accident; of chaos (reducing everything into its most simple form), becoming our god”. The disease of ignorance that is clearly your choice; is not worth my time; not even to challenge you beyond the grain of sand that is your brain. It ain’t worth the effort, because you choose to be insane.

So, let’s review: the evidence proves we stand on the edge of extinction as a world lost forever. The reality of Creation proves: “someone far greater, than any human being could ever be”: BUILT US, by levels of wisdom we cannot even imagine. The fact that “ GOD “; might choose to help HIS OWN CREATION survive/ need not be defended. The fact that you are free to choose for yourselves, what your future will become; is the most elemental part of being human. To take that away, reduces you to less; and it will not be done. Because this planet is an incubator for those who can become eternal/ NOT for those who want to simply be an animal. While life on earth is important; only eternity truly matters. JESUS is a witness to that, and HE IS “my teacher” in ways you do not understand. Because like it or not: the spiritual world is accessible/ but a very dangerous place, that allows no one to play. Few survive it/ none “without a savior”. None, who are unwilling to learn.

In contrast to that, your response is: “we want what we want”.

In contrast, your demand is: if you are not here to lead, or save us from ourselves, and anything we fear/ THEN YOU are worthless.

My demand however is this: that you learn to choose properly for yourselves/ so that truth can lead you into eternity; and your own lives will be saved. Because NOBODY, gets to be “whatever they want to be; beyond the limits of time”. Truth decides everything; and freedoms demand, you must meet the elements of life on your own terms and survive; because you cannot be “animals/ or slaves”. Mercy allows for possibilities beneath “children of GOD “; but none would choose it, if they knew better. So the question is; WHY, do you not “know better”? The answer is: “life is good/ death is bad: so we just want everything we can get RIGHT NOW”. Simple as that/ instead of building, we want what we want NOW. Therefore the issue is: even though that is your choice, as it has always been except for a tiny few. The reality of this day remains: you have chosen your own extinction, and threaten this entire world of life, because you refuse to learn what is true. Your game is dead/ your hope is in DIFFERENT THAN THIS; and that does put the future in the hands of female: simply because they ARE, “different”. Because men cannot be different than they are/ as history proves will be true. Alas, different does not mean “saved”/ it only means different, therefore a chance to survive, by the truth “not this, anymore”.

A proper education is: “for half a day we work/ for half a day we learn, because an honest education for life and living, has value”. No more children in charge: learn why, and do what life needs you to do and be.

A proper education includes: “to be life, you must control the energy supply, that lets you exist”/ to be eternal you must become as the energy supply will allow you to be/ to become alive, the elemental environment that is thought, constructs a home; but only love will make that home come “to life”. The journey of this world is: by acknowledging the disciplines and order necessary to balance a life and a living; we achieve the values set out before us; as either love or hate/ life or death. To recognize law, as the ability to live with peace; constructs wisdom, and leads to the path of freedoms through understanding truth. The essence of life is not survival, but a value which brings the desire to live. There is only one sustainable value to live: that is love. Love does not live in the house of “nobody wants this”/ rather it is a purity of purpose and desire elegantly carved as the blessing of who I can become, and what I will contribute as the gift I am willing to make in this blessing formed from a chance: to be life.

Even a little chaos, when confronted by extreme energy; is death. You must learn to deal with it effectively and honestly, or you will fail in the environments beyond time.

NO, I do not need to convince you “of eternity”/ after all, you are so simple; so brainwashed with delusions: you believe or accept, “life came from chaos/ nature can be mutilated without consequences/ we can control the sun/ don’t need no damn resources, numbers are our god/ and more”; to your shame. NO, I do not need to do MORE; that is your job.

What is female in me, insists; that you will be given something “to work with”.

I then begin with this: that energy exists/ mass exists/ space exists/ movement exists, but only with sufficient heat/ cold exists/ thought exists, but only through the existence of laws/ darkness exists/ light exists, but only through the disciplines provided by laws/ structure exists, but only through the orderly construction of value/ balance is the beginning of time. Begin here!

I have “news for me too”; male as seen above, could not resist the freedom/ and as such stepped outside the life and home we (spiritual woman and I) share as “male and female”. Because it cannot be said, as stated in the female world; as a matter of purity, it is not her way. She refuses to let me back in; leaving the soul of male and only a little more left, in the world called female. Without soul, the life above as is evidence of male; will soon dissipate and end his existence. What is “to be female”; I have no clue. What is to become of “male that remains inside”; is not up to me. My tits are growing again; but it is the life I chose/ because of you. It remains true: I would rather change my reality, redefine my identity: than accept participation at any level; in the death of this world. To be here, in time; is to be involved/ whether you, or I: like it or not.

She suggests to me, perhaps now we can join “heart to heart”; rather than male or female. I do hope it will be so/ as “us”; we are, I am “more, with value identified by love”. Here then, even eternity could begin. Time will tell.

She has begun to remodel me, “from head to toe”/ I can just feel it will be true; no clue how.

The heart says: while time continues to shape me, into the fundamental truths which will become my eternity/ balancing spiritual elements will be my new home.

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