The most diseased words, in the human language are: “how insignificant we and this planet are, when looking at the entire universe”. How very little of that is true/ instead it is, “the seed of stupidity and failure itself”! LIFE is never insignificant/ it is the essence of the greatest event. A reality so far beyond mass, light, energy itself, or space; that they compare not at all. LIFE IS, the most significant reality of this entire universe; and the places we find that life are; the greatest truths, shared by law, that this universe can give.

The most significant human failure is: that you follow as a herd, no matter how insane or defiled; the purpose of your want truly is. Casting aside the future, so you can play god today; and claim superiority over the others. To your shame: you let the universities steal “miracles”/ and give you their excrement instead.

The greatest fantasy identified by complete human depravity is: that you don’t need GOD or planet or nature or chains of life or respect for resources or truth/ law/ respect/ love/ or any value that gives life its source of happiness by truth. Instead as is the constant of university, arrogance/ deceit/ stealing/ betrayal/ terrorism/ hatred/ lies/ cheating/ corruption/ disease (we can play god)/ counterfeiting/ collusion/ conspiracy/ idolatry/ educational corrosion/ political defecation/ legalized racketeering/ criminal conceptions/ and all out purposes to not only defile life itself, and destroy the planet itself to remove life; but kill the future as well. Are hidden by media and the power of a courtroom; to guide the public down into the sewer that will be called terror. For no greater purpose than to hide the truth, that your university gods are: fools! A plague to life on earth.

But none of that matters anymore, as reality proves the religious cult of believers that are conceived as “university knows”; has risen to its true cult purpose of destroying life on earth. And the zombies they have created to hide that purpose with people who cannot think for themselves; are herded by the propaganda of media so as to cull and kill those who might think for themselves. Creating the illusion of power/ by threatening with: “you, are just a damn stupid fool”. That is possible by corrupting language, distracting from truth, guiding with mass hypnotism, propagating lies with media, orchestrating by the control over politicians/ protecting with policing power that understands only “its us, or them”/ and gorging on the masses, by enslaving their souls with debts, and then giving bribes to make them believe “university is our savior”. Are not all leaders “university diplomas”? Are not all leaders obligated to believe whatever the universities say? Well, as all religious cults demand: they can believe whatever we tell them or not; so long as they don’t deny we are their gods. And they have no mind for themselves.

Nothing on this earth is more delirious than the fantasy of controlling a fire that burns your skin from over 90 million miles away. The arrogance to believe that, is so far beyond human; that accounts for how the religious version of “life without a brain” as is called satan comes to be. A fire that literally would make life impossible because of the radiation without the protection of this earth, and its disciplines, laws, and truths. A fire that released on earth would instantly make you blind. A fire with such extreme vacuum; that a human being one thousand miles away; will still get sucked into that flame “flying into it; like a bird”. A failure of life and living so extreme/ a mind so dull and destroyed: that humanity thinks it will survive. Because their gods of university will save them; and they haven’t suffered any true consequences for all the tragedy they have caused yet. So without a single word to the contrary by any leader whatsoever: the people fall down, and have no strength to get back up. Dead and diseased(mentally blind, deaf, and dumb) and stripped of life itself; because they were spewed upon with human shit; just to prove the universities can.

For forty years+; I asked for proof to be given/ a trial to collect and assert that extreme experimentation can destroy life on earth. THEREFORE WE DO HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to understand and vote upon: whether this, that the universities are doing; is worth the price of being wrong for our whole planet, and every life, and every future life that would be lost if they are WRONG. Not one organization/ not one courtroom/ not one policing agency or politician/ not one religion/ not one person accepted the challenge to come with me, and fight for life on earth. Because we cannot allow these experiments to become WRONG! It takes an extreme commitment to your cult; to gamble this entire world on what has been discovered to be “absolute fantasy/ nothing but lies” is all they have. As can be proven with evidence, and known realities of existence/ the consequence of understanding and wisdom.

The universities and their cult need not truth/ discard all laws governing life and energy/ destroy the value of identifying what is and is not true; about what they do/ hide the critical foundations upon which they gamble our world and all its life; because all they have is a fairy tale story. Very little truth or evidence at all/ and that if known has consequences to the cult. Believers suddenly fail to be zealots; and reality returns to life. Reality ends, “the free ride” of university is god, and cannot be questioned for life or value.

But the human race is beaten into a pulp of confusion; by the endless lies, and traitorous conduct of its own communication devices. The mass hypnosis that extends out of the education system all the way from kindergarten to its old age. To keep such things as “life comes from chaos” as is evolution; a reality that can be tested. From being challenged. Instead mass hypnosis instills: only the big brain can think/ and we have “the big brain”; so you shall only believe what you are told. As all religions do, and especially university evolution. The zealot is a tragedy; because hypnosis makes him or her believe that truth and evidence; does not matter. They know, all they need to know: simple as that. Which means the purpose of a cult has been fulfilled: to own your life, for their purpose. Which by all realities of extreme experimentation are: to destroy life on earth. After having enslaved with debt and controlled the masses, with the cost of setting this back aright for life; so they do kill life on earth; themselves. By accepting “the university god”. As they do scream “save us/ bribe us/ even kill us; just don’t make us pay, for what you have done”. And the universities say; BOW DOWN, and accept your fate, or we make you a prey.

As for me; I gave to life and planet, “my lifetime”/ as 66 years old. But all you returned was fear or ridicule. Even though I am certainly not perfect/ neither are you. Even though I am not hidden by the cult covering of lies and cheating/ stealing and fraud that all universities are. None of that mattered. Because this is not about me. Instead GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH, AND EVEN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ITSELF; AS IS the cost of being wrong; particularly with igniting a nuclear fire. With releasing biological weapons of mass destruction. Or a thousand other LIFE ENDING threats, that your universities are in fact responsible for. Cannot be contended with or questioned: because a cult cannot question its god/ not even its leaders, who also cannot question their “university gods”. Because cult worship is a religious zealots way of saying: I will never make my own decision again. “I am innocent”/ my god is guilty, not me. As the fantasy has then spread into a disease, and the brain has melted into a sewer, and all life is tossed into the shredder. To your shame.

ASK YOURSELF THE TRUTH: ARE YOU BETTER OFF WITH WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? DID GOING TO THE MOON DO ANYTHING FOR LIFE, BUT DISMISS IT; FOR FAR LESS? DID THE CHOICES THAT WERE MADE IN THESE LAST FIFTY YEARS: DO ANYTHING, BUT MAKE US VULNERABLE TO EXTINCTION? If you answer that truthfully you will know, that making universities free to do whatever they wanted to do/ was an absolutely horrific tragedy, that will in fact soon make us extinct. Because there is no simply going back to nature; when they are done; because they played god. Which school classmate of yours: would you have let play with all life on earth? The university is just a cloak that hides: what is behind that door/ are just the classmates you used to poke fun at, because they didn’t know how to work with the life they had, and fit in. Now, they just want to prove, “they were gods” over you. Now we can do what you cannot. To the shame of you both: life is not a game.

Arrogance cannot overtake your life, unless you choose hate as your god/ your answer, to how can I survive those who did not respect me? The critical test is: are you willing to sell your soul? If yes, the next destination: is to play god, and threaten life on earth. Whether that is personal, or even today as a threat against this entire world of life; the reality is the same. YOU CHOSE, to kill your own life/ just to take revenge on others, for what you didn’t get to do or have. Ending life with substance and value; usually forever. And for all the rest, fearing the predators does not make you safe/ it simply puts you in prison.


WHEN WAS NATURE EVER PROVEN TO BE WRONG, OR LESS THAN WHAT MEN COULD DO? The correct answer is: nature 99.9 percent always correct. While humanity is 98 percent always wrong/ and proves itself so, with destruction, disease, and tragedies even nature itself cannot erase. Whatever men did do right, can be traced distinctly back to nature itself. Without death, to balance our impact on the planet: we would none of us, be alive. And you KNOW, it is true!

WE ARE ALIVE BECAUSE NATURE MADE OUR BODIES TO SURVIVE AND BE WHAT THEY ARE. HUMANITY IN ITS QUEST TO BE god, is MUTILATING ALL OF NATURE/ ON PURPOSE. WHILE ANOTHER GROUP is trying to be god over energy, and prove it can play with our sun: presenting you with the biblical prophecy” this earth will die in fire, caused by men”. WHILE ANOTHER GROUP, is so DAMN GREEDY; that they are willing to poison this earth, and deny its future to every living thing on this planet.




ANSWER IT: WHO DO YOU DESIRE AND DEMAND: SHALL RULE THIS PLANET? Because that answer is all you have left. CHANGE YOUR WAYS, or be extinct!

The reality most in evidence here is: THE UNIVERSITIES are you’re WHORE. The physical reality upon which you prostitute yourselves, spending your lives, and your planet, and your child: to be fucked by monkeys playing fool. Just so you can say “Me too/ I am a fan; so I get to claim participation too”. And so you shall, as eternity comes to consume you with them; as their “devils in waiting”. Stand back up; find your brain back: and stop the insanity/ because there ain’t NOBODY in a university, that can prove their claim to being god.

Disrobe the monkey, and cut off its weapon. TAKE BACK THIS WORLD!

THAT, is not done by war; BUT BY LAW!

WE DO, HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, and even THE DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY; by the terms of redress of grievances; a first amendment law of the US constitution. TO DEMAND AND OBTAIN BY OUR OWN CHOICES: A TRIAL, TO INSURE THAT THOSE WE HIRED TO ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL CONTRACT AS A NATION UNITED; are doing their job for us all. Because if not; we not only have the right to evict them, and to alter the course of our future within the terms of that constitutional contract. BUT AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION PROTECTING OURSELVES; we own the courtroom, and we control who can and who cannot be our judge.

NOTHING IS MORE TREASONOUS, OR A GREATER BETRAYAL, OR A MORE TRUE SUPPORT OF TERRORISM AGAINST OUR LIVES: than those who are gambling they can play god with everything. Particularly where WRONG MEANS; the literal end of all life, all peace, all happiness, and all securities for a future; upon this earth.

THIS IS THEN TRIAL: LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD/ YES, OR NO? What is your own decision, and nobody should give a damn about media. FIND YOUR OWN BRAIN, AND MAKE IT WORK.

Find your voice, and make your presence known; because nobody stands in front of a “million or more people”; and fails to know: “they better move”.

Understand this: there will be “screamers, from every side”/ because change means change. Simply know: that without trial to determine at a bare minimum: WHAT HAPPENS TO LIFE ON EARTH/ if you are proven WRONG. A FAIR AND LEGITIMATE TRIAL, that then extends as need proves the truth: we cannot let these people destroy our lives! The legal demand is simple: WE DO HAVE A RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR LIVES, OUR WORLD, OUR NATURE, OUR RESOURCES, OUR CHILDREN, OUR NATION, OUR FUTURE; even our money. From those who believe the law does not apply to them. OR, THEY WOULD welcome a trial to display, “the value they are adding to life and planet”. But do understand this: these are the people who teach liars to hypnotize, manipulate, tempt, propagate, control, corrupt, and destroy the sanctity of life and living; by replacing it with their own version of: we will, be playing god over you. YOUR JOB, is to prove you can think for yourself, and understand the cost of being WRONG, is your life, planet, and child.

My job is done: YOU are the cause of why we stand on the edge of extinction/ which makes you, the reality of what must change.

I am NOT the enemy of universities/ I am however the enemy of SATAN; as is defined by the destruction of our world, our lives, our nature, our future, our resources, and more. CHOOSE, where you fit in that description. And understand: to separate the filth from the value to life, is not going to be “whatever you like”. Get my drift?

To the world itself: I WILL NOT lead you/ nor will I prosecute/ nor will I judge; because the change must be your own. To achieve that, you must participate and make your own decisions. I WILL participate in making TRUE DEMOCRACY REAL; as is to establish a fair and legitimate understanding, in preparation for a vote by all citizens involved. That will then become your law. I WILL participate in making the understanding of what universities say: MUCH MORE CLEAR, as to the consequences of their actions, and the cost of being WRONG. What you choose, is up to you!

Failure or success, is up to you! Letting this world die, is up to you. THE FIGHT TO SAVE IT, CAN BE OURS; IF you work for life comes first! Beyond that, I will abandon you; if you are not fair.

If, I am allowed to end, “what female inside” would have me do. Then I would say to you, that it is the balance of male and female together, which brings the question: will you save life on earth, or not? Without it, strictly male could easily have turned to war/ even knowing, it would never aid life or world; just nothing else left. With female inside (a complete unexpected surprise); the reality is, that by joining the differences in our ways, the value of this work increased to the point of being useful to you. The same will be true for you; as men cannot save this earth/ this is the best they did do. Women cannot save this earth either; as reality would prove, it is impossible. Yet together, we can identify what will bring us all happiness and peace; in a world changed for life comes first instead of the games men play/ or the money they use to identify who gets to lead. Justice has no power in it; a reality men will not allow; because those in power protect that power; thereby corrupting justice and life to attain even more. Limited capitalism removes power, to gain life controls this: a value that is consistent with the needs and realities of what women can do; with their own vote. The critical development is: that we choose to accept the price, and honestly agree to sustain the decisions that we all make as will then become our laws. That law enforced for life by democracy comes first; then becomes a “new world”. Democracy is more than a vote: it is the distinction of a contract that guarantees the rights of all, are subject to the rights of one/ and the rights of one, are subject to the rights of all. Making the value of democracy: the discovery of who we truly are, by the laws that we will make.

All life is equal (it is a gift), all humanity legally the same (you ain’t god either): but those who do the work, and make the commitment for value; get credit for their contribution above the rest, as is the summation of capitalism. Limiting that grants, that we shall all share as realistically is best for society and world.

Men and Women are equal, and entitled to the same respect worldwide, without differences between nations. Simple as that, no exceptions. Every part of the law will reflect that truth. Every part of society shall honor that code. OR, you shall isolate the nation that refuses, and prove CHANGE or be what you have chosen to be. Which means: every male that is of that heritage, SHALL BE FORCED BACK into that nation. While every female that is of that heritage, shall be welcomed, and protected: across the world; to a new and different life: thereby abandoning their men. To the war that shall surely come. If that does not appear feasible: then you shall gather the women together in a city most usable: protecting them from their men as a world. UNTIL the men have chosen better, and proven that shall be sustained without question.

There will be change, or there will be extinction: make your decision now! Simple as that. Not because I say so: but because men and their universities have dug you an abyss, and their control over the edge will fail; causing all to fall in. IT will be too late to change, once that starts, it will completely take over your world.

Before I leave, I remind you: TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT THE LIFE, AND BODY, AND CHILD, AND THE PLANET THAT GIVES YOU A LIFE, TO LIVE/ that you and your university gods; have so dramatically DISRESPECTED, AND LEFT FOR DEAD! Bodies that build themselves, chains of life that make everything else possible, a planet that is “built for us”: and the pure curse, that is human arrogance and absolute insanity. That is you, and your purpose of hate. Nothing in the universe, is more horrific than the price of destroying GOD’S CREATION. And you, are about to learn that truth! Forevermore. What you believe is absolutely worthless: WHAT IS TRUE, shall decide!

The price is: YOU WILL remove the monkeys from their workshops, throughout the world; and cage them outside their work zone: they shall be allowed to do NOTHING/ no complaint shall be heard. So they cannot make any decision or do anything that jeopardizes life or planet. UNTIL OR UNLESS, society itself says they may return after every door is opened, throughout this world of university, business, industry, medicine, military, government or whatever, and wherever such filth is hidden, exposed, or denied but true. Hereby demanding: all lights are turned on. So we know exactly what the risk of our own extinction is going to be: if they are allowed to return. That shall be true for all, and every form of extreme experimentation or the like/ and it shall extend into all military installations: which does include weapons of mass destruction/ especially the biological agents of HELL. If you don’t like the price, you can die! You are informed: “life or death” is a messy business, because everybody has something to lose! So be ready to pay. Or agree, you dug your own grave; because the people we are searching for/ are forcing you in. Those descended into the depths of an ape, far beneath the level of a human; to play god with HELL; will rule no more. OR YOU GO EXTINCT; because that is what you chose.

It will also include the “genetics of all farming practices”: to establish what the future will become. Because going back, is not an option past the point of no return. EITHER WE FIX OUR WORLD/ or you choose, to just let it die. SIMPLE AND PLAIN AS THAT! THAT IS, the price of survival: make your decision; before your world is dead.

This is, THE DOOR; to a new and different world. A reality based in the fact, that due to YOUR human decisions: your current world is dying from disgrace and disrespect for life and planet. A fact, that very few do not truly understand.

Do you see any other opportunity?

Life or death of this planet, is then in your hands: as the people who know, that unless something else is done/ we do literally stand on the grave of an extinct world.

STAND UP/ MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD/ ORGANIZE YOURSELVES; TO DEMAND TRIAL ,TO PROVE WHAT IS A TRUE THREAT, AND WHAT ARE THE REAL CONSEQUENCES OF EXTREME “university knows”:  & DECIDE YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE, as have I. And may GOD truly be on our side, as we head into the truth: we are all in this together, “LIKE IT OR NOT”/ and that means we all must participate, either for life, OR death! BECAUSE nobody escapes the consequences of a failed world! Because without change, there is no future for a single one alive today. Not even the insects will remain: as that is the consequence of the universities; are playing god. The reality humans are NEVER going to be “God”. Not by any means or reality; other than satan. If you don’t stop!

For those who say, “getting a million people to care in America” can’t be done! I remind you that with immigrants and others: this nation has roughly 400 million people standing on it. Which means: one million is one out of every 400 human faces!         LIVE OR DIE, its up to you.

` just for the sake of it: after they put a few million driver-less cars on the road/ have you ever wandered “what a billion laser strikes on your eyes a day” could do? Or radiation added to near microwave levels coming soon. Well not to worry a few more trillion tons of poisons released onto this earth can’t really harm you either; “right”? So what, if they create a nuclear fire/ “its just burning the bond in atoms; and we burn the bond in molecules all the time. What a bunch of fools; there are no consequences, “the university is god”. Now ain’t that right?

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