Unfortunately, “without a brain that works”; YOU can cannot achieve anything beyond the aspects of an animal; which then boils down to predator and prey. The difference is, like ravenous wolves; each tries to get everything it can before everything of value is gone. Oh wait: that makes you the same.

A brain that works, conceives of the future based upon the realities of our truth. Want, the enemy of all life/ changes that into the capture of lies, and the purposes of pride; which make life into a game; that again produces the terms of predator and prey. And cannot conceive of a future beyond what is this moment.

Even less than the animals, you cannot see the truth of this moment: they understand, when the food & water gets scarce; they must make changes to survive. Humanity believes: “we have counterfeit numbers/ so we cannot be touched”. Go ahead “eat your numbers”; because you cannot trade them for life/ and without life you don’t exist.

I dedicated my life to defining and creating the conversations that would turn back the death march; by establishing truth through the evidence. But you would not listen to any evidence, and truth is like poison to you; because it means your want cannot survive. So many years were spent to redefine your problems, and assemble solutions; which could then reduce or remove your complaint, about what change could become. That too, is little more than a reason to be scared/ to run away in fear: because you want, what you want. And what you want most, is to be rich. Which simply means in reality: “to make the others your slave”/ or, to play god with life and planet.

But, you want nothing that can keep you alive; because that ain’t fun, and it ain’t what you want: reality has an entirely different view of what wealth actually means/ and the vast majority want none of that. Because it does not make you the superior one. Like justice, being fundamentally equal: takes away the game, and pride must die. Alas, you hate that.

So, lets talk a little bit among whosoever finds my work of even a tiny bit of interest/ and although 90% if any exist, will be only here to steal (I claim for myself-even though it is free). Actually that is not quite the human way: but since you cannot give me a “dollar” to then claim you not only earned the right to say its yours; you proved to be so much smarter than me, you didn’t even have to steal it; because I was a fool.

Regardless, the value of my life is; that I did do, what I could do, for life on this world. Simple as that, it is neither more or less in terms of our humanity. You did not.

Nonetheless, I have decided to repeat one “probably last time”{the truth of our situation}

  1. you consume more oxygen than the earth releases/ and I don’t have to explain the consequences of that. It is a proven fact; look around you and know, even the experts cannot hide that truth; unless you are willing to believe in their cult.
  2. Global warming is due entirely to the release of fossil fuel heat from human activities; adding enough btu’s to raise the temperature of this earth is without doubt. Just do a little math, and be fair with the results of fire in all its forms. That does include air conditioning as well.
  3. Global warming is changing the climate, altering weather patterns, and reshaping both agriculture and all life on the planet; in a massive and immediate manner; which will be hard for anything to survive. As the rain which makes city life possible disappears; the apocalypse (fighting for water, NOW) will soon appear. Among many other consequences.
  4. The end of forests will produce additional wind storms, that end the attachment of our atmosphere with this planet. Causing HELL to erupt; along with all your other impacts which do the same.
  5. The endless poisoning by the trillion ton. The continuous dumping of salts on agricultural ground: as most of your herbicides and fertilizers are salts; will have consequences. Your sources of drinking water will be erased; as poison continues to leach down/ and all aquifers are under attack, as are lakes and streams. But hey “hasn’t happened yet”/ right! Alas when it does, you’re dead, or must move to where the water is; and again the apocalypse appears. Because this ain’t no game.
  6. The complete destruction of all other life than humanity, is a constant game of humans: THEY DON’T DESERVE NOTHING/ I WANT IT ALL. Let them starve, what good are they too me. But alas: we literally eat other life/ and all other life is based upon a food chain that lets them live too. Like out of control parasites; the human impact is extreme now.
  7. The complete destruction of all life in the oceans; is without even the slightest possibility of doubt. Alas you did feed a billion or more people. But you don’t care, after all “what we can’t see/ don’t make no difference to nobody”. Unless of course it is a disease. And with antibiotics creating “super-bugs”; as some call disease now: our whole experience of life is going to change.
  8. Not to worry, the universities are fighting to mutilate nature itself, just as fast as they can. “cause they are gods”. And they believe in evolution, “the witch doctors solution”; so they are deliberately trying to “bring chaos back”. Because they want to see “new and completely different life” being evolved. They will get their wish, as all that is nature dies/ and Armageddon rises to make you terrified, beyond imagination or even the slightest possibility of remaining sane.
  9. Its ok though; because the universities are going to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”/ and that will save you; cause they are gods. OH WAIT, the consequence for igniting the same fire as is on the sun: COULD BE, this earth becomes a sun. After all, when burning atoms, what better place to ignite a fire than earth? But hey don’t worry; cause your gods can obviously know exactly what is beneath “million mile long flames” as are on the sun. All it takes is a good imagination, and a lot of story telling to the cult worshipers, with media propagation of every lie (they can’t prove a thing)/ even if it is completely wrong; nobody cares.
  10. Well obviously the children don’t want to die because of the consequences their adults left as a completely desolate future, without even the chance of existence/ not a resource of any kind for them to use. Buried in garbage and trash, with poison to drink, and war to cannibalize so they can “enjoy life”. So why should they not be burned alive, or their world utterly destroyed in every possible way? Right/ hell, who cares; this will be better. By a humanity, that has no brain; because so long as want survives; absolutely nothing is sacred or alive. Its all just a game/ last one to take it all, is a loser.
  11. Its ok though, cause after all: adding a billion more people to this earth, over deaths: by the constant 3% historical average. Just means “more to love” right? Hell, what could possibly go wrong?
  12. Just for the sake of it; I will add the “university solution” to government. Which is “debts don’t matter”/ let’s hide inflation by suggesting everybody gets a raise; when we say the assets have risen in America by 9 trillion dollars a year, every year. Of course that means; only a tiny few get to receive all their numbers for free. But they hand them out fairly, and for the greatest benefit of all; right. You know; cause otherwise it does create a civil war. And who wants that? Well with every catastrophe, there are opportunities; right? After all, what are the slaves really worth? Without money, or property; they are nothing. Now ain’t that so?Well fortunately, no one on planet earth could ever conceive of using weapons of mass destruction/ cause well, “they are, your saviors”. Now ain’t that so?
  13. There really is, nothing but bad news; without true and immediate real change. Which means; LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST! And that change has a price, people absolutely don’t want to pay: cause they all, want to be RICH. or play god! Even the counterfeiters know; they have to give bribes to keep the people from war/ and they have to keep the factories running; to prove any real power except for war. And they have to destroy the future; because that is the price for playing god. The abyss, is now ready; make your choice. Life, or death? Simply make no change and: “fall in”.

Just to name a few.

But hey, you don’t care. Like ravenous wolves who have attacked a prey: WE GOT FULL BELLIES NOW/ so tomorrow don’t count for nothing. Not until it gets here. Oh wait, “you ate the very last one”!

here’s a tidbit: want to know why you cannot forgive people, and refuse to change that? Its because when you get lonely or afraid, you can hide in the anger/ and make hate your home that protects you. Because now, “you are an enemy (now fear, should fear me)”; and that is something, that lets me be less afraid. Whereas loneliness is “nothing”.       Want takes over this life, because it leads humanity away from the reality: we must inherit thought, by establishing truth; to achieve eternity. Want is pursuing the animal/ life is accepting the truth, and living within its reality. They are very different.

The most elemental truth of being human is: the essence of occupying space. A reality far more complex, than an animal can achieve.

As for me, in early 2005 the essence of female spiritual life, entered my existence; to become a balance, that allowed me to finish my intended purpose of living; which was to give you a choice. She saved me from failure, and whatever that would have become. To return to the purpose of understanding what the future would be and change, through basic knowledge and a level of wisdom your own opportunities to change for life. Without her, I would have failed that objective of my own desire. Respect for this world/ respect for all its life/ respect for the GOD who created us all/ respect for JESUS who has been my anchor for living/ respect for the dignity of my own choices and time; all led to the truth. I will not let this world of life die, without a fight. Unfortunately, you never cared enough; and ran away. So here we are; you with the certainty, “that I am not worth the sum of my parts: so to speak”. While I, with the certainty; reality cannot be wrong/ and all that is true can predict a horrid ending to this time called humanity on earth.

I tell you true: I had hoped for better/ or I would have lived a different life on earth. I do wish you well, after all; we do share an equal if not the same, “human experience”. We do go together into the abyss you dug; even those who do not deserve it, including your child. We will burn once ignition is achieved; same for all. And the horrors of mutilating nature beyond repair as is the intent of universities across this globe; speaks for itself, only the truth says, “it will be far worse, than the worst nightmare any human has ever had”. Because that, is the choice you made.

So, “goodbye”; according to the decisions for me, that my Creator has made. I will be, “the best I can be”; regardless what that is. Because that is my choice.

While I have changed, and continue to change. The elementary consequence of not participating with “spiritual woman”; would or could have been, the beginning of Revelation 1; and all its predictions up to Revelation 12. Because unknown to you; realities existed to have accomplished “the seed” which then turned into that as a fact. Those things were surrendered, and no longer exist in any form (they cannot be taken back, they are lost forever)/ even less; because of the spiritual woman. [for that matter, “strictly male” is forever lost as well; I have no real clue as to what follows that “its complicated”].  The spiritual woman: does in fact designate that Revelation 12, and all of its predictions have begun. Reality will decide what is your truth; but past the point of no return; you have fallen in/ and can never return to human life. My testimony to you, is true.

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