There are critical values in life, a foundation upon which we do determine our lives, by creating the identity that desire can then fully achieve. These are not “good decisions or bad decisions”/ but the choices that are then the identity we did choose. A good decision or a bad decision denotes an intent for a trophy “I won (I am)/ or I lost (I am not)”. Whereas an identity simply is the creation of you, as you chose to be. Conflict arises when two or more people who do not journey upon the same path/ have different needs and desires.

The question of behavior then arises, and the foundations upon which that behavior exists (some chosen/ some required); becomes the legacy of our lives.

As for me, “the spiritual woman and I, agree; that you should have an understanding”/ it is critical to any hope of survival for this world. Even if, your failures are so immense; those possibilities continue to die. “I/we”, did what we could do. Even if you have absolutely no comprehension of that truth.

We then begin with the foundation elements of our existence by choice. Because what we cannot change will force our behaviors accordingly; which limits the truth of your own options.

What we can control as the elemental building blocks of our behavior as both individual lives and society: reside in the following descriptions, of human and/or, animal. Human denotes a description of essence, that lives beyond time. Animal accepts the limitations and boundaries that end with time. These are mostly “animal”/ as your choices are mostly animal, at this time. Because human; are mostly a description, that lives within your time to participate at a different level of conscious choice, as is not governed by the rules of behavior/ but are expressed and experienced inside the respect called love. You choose, “what is what”.

{therefore people (simplified to human) are}!

  1. Identified by four distinct traits of behavior: want/ don’t want/ predator/ prey! Each is an opposite of the other, each lives or dies in a distinct direction. Each is a polar opposite to the base experience of what they represent: and that makes a cross by illustration.
  2. We then know that we can draw a cross or standard mark for direction; to illustrate the basic rules of behavior. Let’s call want NORTH for example/ don’t want SOUTH/ prey EAST/ and predator WEST. So its simple. We now have life divided into the four quadrants of direction and each direction is created by a very focused decision to “drive our lives” here! If life itself were that simple, and it is not for the vast majority; most of the time.
  3. We now can divide the living examples of human behavior into the four basic quadrants that they choose; recognizing that most will never leave the quadrant that they find themselves living within.
  4. The most basic understanding of the four distinct groups of human existence is then that each quadrant represents a triangle in and of itself/ a distinct group when we connect the dots so to speak. The central point of it all is: that I desire life, for me/ and do, what I must do, to sustain the life that I do live.
  5. Out of that we learn what we must do falls within the four directions of human life; with fluctuations beyond the hypotenuse of the triangle; which then account for power/ alter existence through love/ or define our intent with desire. These elemental changes construct a circle that goes from one point on the cross to the next combining it all into one experience of life.
  6. That circle constitutes the variables which we choose/ or life chooses for us/ or power afflicts us with, that then alter how we see ourselves or this world. And we may ride the circle to a new destination if we so choose, or are forced.
  7. Each circle rises and falls as it leaves the four points of destination in direction. Forcing an ever smaller focus, just to survive; which means most will fall away, instead of discovering a new existence instead of the old one.
  8. As to the human relationship with respect that allows, a greater understanding than time. It exists beyond that circle, and cannot be achieved unless you exit behavior, and become more intensely alive in the values or descent (into the prison of self); that is beyond basic behaviors in time. Therefore far less understood by the common person; and are categorized as “whatever you wish to call them who are not: same”.

Now the function of knowledge and information is to advise you to recognize: that choices will matter, but with the information available you have the opportunity to make choices based in knowledge, with forewarning: rather than not. It is not a value to make decisions for someone/ which means, that I cannot give you “just do this or that”. Because that destroys the foundation, that your identity is determined by your choices; and eternity is about the choices you did make. Each must make his or her own; but you can choose to understand why or why not, and make a more desirable decision according to your own version of life and living.

So the universities exist to present knowledge for that purpose, and provide information which you can then use. UNFORTUNATLY those who call themselves experts want to make all the decisions/ and if they have no real answer, they make up stories/ and if you don’t pay attention manipulation, temptations, etc are used/ and then power which is always the demand to make you cry or shout for joy; arise as they assume superiority (over one tiny element of life or lie) gives them the right to play god. Since we cannot depend upon “their truth”/ they do become blind guides; and the course they have set, which can be identified as our own extinction; is proof. That direction is then “all want: the basis of every lie”. Or it is power, the intent to prove: only I and what I want or say (control), matters. As is constantly propagated by media, and enforced by the courts and politicians; because they belong to the same cult as do the rest. A cult is: “we the leaders are god”. Whereas a cult follower is: we the people here, have given up; and take no more responsibility for our lives; by giving those leaders the right to do, or make us do, whatever they decide.

these are the basic elements of life as human behaviors; and they need not be reinforced with more understanding, because you choose so poorly; life is not likely to survive. SO, Make a different choice. And prove it is so. How is that not plain?

as for me, the functional element most in control over my own life is: having opened the door “just to ask a question”/ I now live in a spiritual definition of “surrounded by female, in an inescapable reality; that does not appreciate the contamination of male”. Its complicated; but it is most easily understood, as a marriage between male and female that binds us together. But she has more power to enforce; because this is her world/ not mine. Like all marriage, when we cannot agree; someone makes the decision/ and the other just has to live with it: because that is what we do to survive. Unlike all other marriage; her demand is that I learn to understand the realities of what being female on earth truly is; as is realistically possible. Which then affects who I am, and why, or how I became “changed”.

None of that is a part of your life or experience or expression; “its just me”/ and you have no need to judge. While I do have a need to find some spark of life within you; by whatever method used: to demand, FIND your brain. Even if it is a method, so irrelevant; as to discuss the possibilities of me. You cannot find a true answer; but we all know, that won’t stop gossip. And it is gossip before all other means of communication were devised; that infiltrated human life and changed the variables with what was told. Causing decisions to be made; either good or bad. So, I am using your own methods, to infiltrate your own lives.

Here is a tiny tidbit of human behavior: over the decades, a lot of people have tried to compete with me; to prove themselves superior. “its a game”. But I don’t play, because I don’t compete; life is not a game. Which the majority find very frustrating; because even if they win/ they did not win, because it was not a game. Simply one of the sideline realities of our human existence. Life is not a game; because only truth should decide, based upon the realities of our existence; as best the evidence will prove the cost of consequences. But that, is NOT what people want. Because a game is more fun, than simple peace and harmony; wherein we all win, and no one is noted as superior. A lot of people find that boring, because they want to win; and not be equal. Or more simply “life to them, is not enough”. The cost of it being: that to understand why we are here, requires both risk and work. Or, it simply means; that love will govern your life/ or, hate. Its a choice people don’t want to make. “so they created a middle ground” where if you are superior, THEN you earned everything you want or expect. It will fail.

As to social behaviors, there are only three factors involved. They all begin with this:

when people make bad decisions for life or planet or nature, there are consequences they did not expect, and are not able then to control. The reality of it attacks, and they face their own mortality, by the truth: you did cause this to happen. So now, they must make better choices; or they, and their family and their hopes for life, will die! The vast majority will not change what they are, or have been doing/ because that is what they want to do. Therefore the choice is to focus more on what they are doing, and if it looks to be deadly or disastrous: they go attack someone else, who did make better decisions/ to take their stuff, by murder or fear. That then is the first and most primal of all the social animal behaviors; and out of it policing, and armies, and wars do arise.

The second is: that this world belongs to all of us/ therefore you cannot deny to me ANYTHING; because I have rights. But alas, you have to move, because the cumulative reality of the humanity “that we live with” has failed to create a situation wherein we all will survive. The resources won’t allow it, therefore we are forced to move/ to wherever more resources exist; or fight with “our own kind”. That is, of itself; an interesting conception; because it means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. But in terms of humanity as a social existence; it means only one simple thing: those who live within a distinct boundary such as a nation, or other versions of same. Become responsible for their own portion of the world/ their own decisions/ and their own disciplines such as population control. Your portion of the world was enough, until the consequences of your own decisions now makes that impossible. So you move bringing with you all the wrong decisions that your society made; and try to implement them wherever you go/ inviting your whole nation to come too, if they can. Which then begins to enforce “that you have the right to demand anything” from those who you now live among. But since force has consequences for both sides; competition is used to adjust the scale of who gets what/ and politics arise to keep the tensions from growing to high by providing some relief to those who need it most. That allows all to survive, and populations, particularly among the immigrants begin to swell; which then cripples all forms of “we can live here together”. Because resources not talk, and not politics, and not kindness either; will determine who gets to survive. So reality divides, and then those who are not yet considered the same realize: their best way to invade is to become married to those who are already here. As that establishes a child from both sides: so now you cannot war against us, without killing yourselves as well.

That is the third method of encroachment; and it works well, because there are always those less pretty on both sides; who find a mate that is prettier from the side who wants in badly enough, to accept the cost of being with someone they don’t usually really want. But that is marriage, and it is far easier to breach the gap and displace those who came first; by simply “fucking females/ or taking their child away into our lives as is letting males fuck your own females”. Fuck being: to discard all forms of desire for life and person/ to use their body as you want, for purposes beyond what has been agreed too. This creates discord, as now life itself has been tainted with: we are no longer the same. Even though every child is same and equal as human; the reality of living in this world is: if you kill off your resources that you need to survive/ NOW YOU need to take our resources for yourselves, and that means our future will be lost, if you take too much. Making those who move here, because they killed off their own environment; a cost that can become too high.

At this time, Americans are complaining of these very things; but there is probably no one in the world more destructive to the environment of life and living on this earth; than are the Americans. And if not, “shame on you”. So their actual complaint is moot. And at this time for humanity on earth: we all face the truth, by any and all real estimates of fact. That another quarter of one billion people (or very near by historical averages) arrive as human mouths of feed; per year. And there is no possibility this earth or its life or its water or its nature or even the planet itself can survive your numbers. So not only is hell coming for certain/ so are weapons of mass destruction and more. As the water runs out. The mutilators of nature win their chaos to all of life. The biological disasters of all kinds suddenly erupt. The poisons take over. The earth overheats. The ocean life dies throughout. And there is nothing left to survive with. Because that, is what you chose. Simple and plain: these are the decisions that you made. Particularly when accounting for the decisions, and leadership; of university knows.

I should mention: one of the many curses that altered society in this America; was the male vasectomy. A focus of constant university driven propaganda through media roughly forty years ago, and remaining constant for years later. It appears that only the white men participated, as a gesture of love an devotion to their wives. Which then became the crash of relationships, as reality bore into their lives; and how much this single “university knows” decision would change their future. Because the pleasure of sex comes from the chemicals, and without testicles, there are no chemicals for male. And both men and women LIED; because they absolutely refused to admit, we failed ourselves with believing “the university knows”. Which then became, for women: “I WANT sex anyway”. And the aggravation of whosoever is available and willing for sex, without hesitation: became let’s throw them in prison. Or more simply as is true of all functioning religions (yes, we believe): those who believe they are superior, will make decisions that then have consequences for all of society, far beyond what was expected. Belief is commonly a tragic thing, and serves its only purpose which is: to get what you want, when truth will not allow it to be so. FAITH on the other hand is the acceptance of respect, as that builds a relationship through the accumulation of knowledge, thereby imparting truth let’s us be wise. And miracles show us, life is more than any religion can be.

No, I did not have a vasectomy.

As to changing society itself “on purpose” for life. It will not be politics that do it/ as all politics and politician’s are simply about “those who want more/ and those who want the others to have less”. That cannot survive, because truth does not matter; and they nearly all steal, cheat, fail, and fantasize.

Which leaves us with law. As politician’s write the laws, their purpose is to get more for us/ or make those have less. Which is not a law, but merely the rules laid down by the righteous as they prove to be whatever power can do.

The courts do not abide by the law or democracy, unless forced. Because it is power that installs them, keeps them in their position, and provides all forms of benefits or disgrace if they don’t do what the powerful want done.

Policing is about doing what the powerful want done, and then its about keeping the others from interfering in the lives of the powerful; by keeping them at bay. Its a job, and there are few real benefits; because society no longer trusts that the majority of policing is to their own benefit. As is the result of university knows education: which demands you learn “its us/ OR them”. Kill first, ask questions later/ tempered down too, “don’t get caught, and leave the powerful alone”. There are a few better than that; and my relationship with policing has been reasonable, most of the time. So the critical truth of it is: we are equals, and we all need to remember that, when confronted with situations that can turn threatening. Keep it calm; for everyone’s sake!

The military is, as it has always been: “do what you are told/ or face worse consequences than you are trying to avoid”. Because they have no bill of rights, for a soldier.

We then look to changing these things as a fundamental that then governs our nation or world: asking the simple question, “what is the most powerful tool, for change”? It is clearly not war, because wars always return.

The answer is: IF WE ALL know the law, and WE ALL enforce the law, by true and real oversight of the courts/ THEN we RULE OURSELVES; because we made the law, we must keep! That does require a vote. That does require short and concise written laws that everyone (the vast majority) will agree too. That does require control over the powerful as is limited capitalism. That does require control over the currency, by tying it to the population count/ and then taking away the right of governmental employees to make a debt; thereby making us pay for their own decisions. These simple things change a nation or a world; so long as there are resources which let life go on. Because nothing can sustain the peace or harmony, when life begins to starve, and all hope for survival vanishes forever.

BUT NOW, COMES THE HARD PART: because to establish that kind of change, is to understand, we must return to groups which will then make their own decisions/ as nations used to do before the population bomb of humanity exploded.

There is only one true way to make each individual group responsible for itself/ and if there is no responsibility for what you and your group did. Then you will not survive, because the change required for this many people is functionally massive, and it will not be easy. “so the universities all gave up/ and betrayed life by running away into greed, power, want, and pride”.

Controlling population without “same” groups; will not be done/ because you cannot identify those who are not complying with our world need. Each group will blame the other; and because of sexual in-discrimination nobody can really say who is failing life on earth. So nothing can be done; we all go free/ or we all war as one. Dividing the earth, and keeping each in its place; is no insignificant detail. Unless of course, “a few billion people” want to line up to die/ thereby reducing the impact on our world? No volunteers? Alright then, we do all have a right to be here/ until “nature (without excessive measures)” takes us away. The very same is true with resources: each wants/ each blames the other/ that results in war, because any attempt to enforce a need choice on a different group becomes cause for complaint. Whether it is true or not, could not matter less.

And everybody says: “well that ain’t never going to happen”/ because ain’t nobody going to comply. And when one group tries to force the other group, there will be war. Just like ain’t nobody going to quit using the air conditioner, just because the planet is suffering; cause they don’t care/ not until death is at their own very door.

Which means literally and without the smallest doubt: that a true and absolute legal trial MUST TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE ENTIRE WORLD. To justify and correct any and all delusions about what is, or is not true; regarding our situations as human life on earth. And what the cost of disregarding that evidence is going to be. IF THE WORLD OF HUMANITY IS MOVED TO MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE/ then you can recreate the laws to enforce what is needed to comply with saving this earth, and all its life including your own. IF THE WORLD OF HUMANITY SAYS; WE DON’T CARE; the evidence cannot be proven to us, because we won’t listen no matter what. THEN you have made your decision as a world/ and you truly do deserve what you get as the consequences of your own human world of existence. By turning away from life, and into the universities are god. It is not a hard concept. Investigate for truth, and make an honest and true decision that then governs the reality of what comes next.

My testimony to the evidence I have collected is: your choice is either LIFE AND PLANET FIRST/ OR EXTINCTION. But, have it your own way; because you must accept the consequences of your choice; and it won’t be easy either way. Childhood, is over, and the games will end either way.

We now identify the constant of human decision, which is not a behavior; it is a purpose conceived by want or desire. By far, the most dependable decision that humanity does make when confronted by anything they don’t want: is then to make the most visible object in that reality “an enemy”! Because when you have an enemy, you need not identify the truth, or change anything at all: you only need to defeat “that one enemy”. Thereby distracting all who can be betrayed, and driven “from their home (I live here because of who we are)” with the fundamental threat; that is we, the army of hate; are going to hurt someone, or kill. With an enemy, you don’t need to be lonely/ you don’t need to be afraid (fear me)/ and you don’t need to change; thereby I can make this go away, by forcing out what I hate. Even if it is someone who “loves’ you”. That of course always depends upon who or what controls your heart!

Therefrom the elemental demand of change is: to not identify a leader, and accept that the destiny we choose to create with our decision; shall in fact be done as a result of our own independent thought. “as best you can”.

It is clear and sure and certain: that NO functional trial, that involves the entire world of humanity can be achieved/ UNLESS, there is clear and certain threat of what happens when this goes WRONG! THE FANTASIES and FACTS; can be revealed with only a very minor knowledge of physics.

THAT MEANS IN FACT: that you must choose the most egregious reality of potential extinction, that basically all people can in fact understand/ and few can doubt, as a reality THIS COULD BE BAD. That foundation for a trial, is without doubt: the very real certainty of those who are trying to ignite the same energy source here, as is on the sun. A literal nuclear fire (as can be proven), that burns your skin in summer from 90+ million miles away. Or more distinctly, universities and their control over governments; have agreed to gamble with this entire earth, and even its solar system. Because igniting another sun as earth burns into extinction/ would in fact create chaos for this entire piece of the universe itself. You cannot be, or choose: “a bigger abomination” that that is.

To establish that: it is only necessary to prove the size and scope of the experiments already going on/ the evidence is real. But since I am not your leader/ IT WILL ONLY BE DONE, IF YOU DO SO YOURSELVES! FIND, your own voice, and make it heard; as best you can.


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