not a game


The value of living, a reality dependent upon the decisions that you will make/ because survival is not a game.

The constant curse of being human is: that we are surrounded by those who only desire to be “an animal”. None are more delusional to the question of whether human life is an animal/ or a Creation worthy of accepting the challenge that is eternal life: than a university. They want what they want; and what they want is to play god, by destroying what exists; so they can put their own name on it, thereby proclaiming themselves god with evidence. But their only gift to life or earth is chaos/ but since that is their god of evolution; the religion of universities around the world. That is certainly not a surprise. Those who follow them into the abyss are animals. Those who identify themselves by the essence of law, that then governs life and planet; rise above the university constant that is an action or a reaction and nothing more. Unfortunately, the universities have achieved a level of chaos in their endeavors to become “god over earth”/ that they now threaten extinction to us all; with horrors beyond imagination. And the cult falls down, to worship them; as sheep following goats to their own slaughter.

NONETHELESS, the value of living is a decision that lives inside the human soul (I am a miracle)/ and eternal life, is a gateway beyond time; that only a few can find. Because all the rest are busy, with being animals. It is their choice; and freedom demands that you shall not judge them; because freedom literally means freedom.

So we are left with the rising cost of the animals which surround us; and the inevitable and true reality of our own extinction because of their cult worship of the universities; who do literally believe they can be god. By simply rearranging what already exists; and proclaiming it their own. A simple case of theft; followed by counterfeiting (the human touch); but an animal is an animal, and they all believe “whatever I find, whatever I can kill or control; is mine”.

The critical element here is: without the laws which govern our world, and all its life/ there is no tomorrow. It is that simple, and all the universities on earth are doing their very best (to be rich and powerful); by attacking those laws, to destroy their protections; and thereby to proclaim themselves in control over life and planet. “we don’t need THE GOD of life or planet”/ because now we can change the law, and govern ourselves with life and the energies of planet to proclaim ourselves “free of GOD”. SOON, they will get their wish; and their god of chaos will come true, in every conceivable way; because that, is what they chose, and that is what you followed them to receive as your reward; throughout this earth. So we need not concern ourselves with the animals; because they are lost in the vile raw sewage of pride, arrogance, want, and power. They have no life left to lose; only time and body. No brain, to fight their way back into existence as more than an action or reaction.

We search strictly, for those who can rise above an animal; to become “a human, that is dedicated to being ALIVE”. The difference is massive; even if it looks similar to the rest.

We should conceive of “being ALIVE”; so that no mistake is made in the construction of what lives or dies as a part of our soul.

Therefore let us begin with the clear conclusion, that life is not about “pride, arrogance, want, and power”. Nor is it the reality of “whatever I find, whatever I can kill or control; is mine”. Nor is it the constant delusion of wealth; as the ultimate sign of superiority; which constitutes control. Because all these things are an interaction among the animals, and their pack or herd.

Being alive, searches within the miracles of our existence as a world of life, and all the disciplines/ order/ balance/ and thought needed to not only conceive of this place, but build it as a home which places freedoms within our own hand. To then define the relationships that can achieve, as a level of thought consistent with the value of where we are, how we got here, who brought us, what happens when we end, and why are we here? None of that is consistent with animal; and it is the difference between a human animal, and a human life.

The animal asks: WHERE IS THE FUN (make me happy), because I just want to have fun, and take all I can get now. Because the damn grave already proves the end is just as dirt; look at a dead body/ NO ONE, wants that. So there ain’t no purpose in finding more, “than fun”. I want what I want, and all I can get; of being “happy”! Happy being: whatever releases me, from the reality of loneliness, survival, or death. Whatever lets me believe, even for a little bit of time: that I have escaped the consequences of life; as is death, heartache, or its pain.

Being alive “lifts love” to the essence of value, and thereby the substance of happiness; as it lives within and expands the identity of self, into all it can be beyond the boundaries of our bodies or our lives in time. Love enters our existence as a shared participation, it enters our appreciation of life as a caring opportunity, because the door between us is open. Love exists as the home we each prove has value to us; because keep it alive as if we were just one life working, to make this “place of our souls”, come true. Happiness is then: to enter the consequences of life as soul, and find the truth of being at home in a freedom beyond time, as heart expressed and experienced with you. Do you see the difference?

We then encounter death, and the pain of dying, the heartbreak of being in love, and losing that life because it has left our time. The animal says: WHY, did I have to love/ this is all so hard. The human says: Why, did I not love more, within the time we shared? Desire returns: because we split our lives into the things we either wanted, needed, or loved. And there was not room, for everything we could become. So the question is: are the choices you did make, the best you could do; or would have done, if given another chance? Hate is simply a sewer overflowing with waste; and has no value whatsoever/ therefore it does not belong to humanity, but is only an excretion, proving all value is gone.

That answer is the same for either human or its counterpart as is human animal. We did do, what we each valued most; by the freedom of what we chose.

The critical part of value, in being “simply human”: is to appreciate the reality of our time, and the existence of experience and expression that time creates for us through our body or mind. The primary elevation of life from being free (I know I exist, and can choose)/ to the expressions of happiness(life is good), or the experience of joy (I have found love). Identifies the fact, that only through friendship and the elevation of friendship as is found in male and female definitions; we cannot be truly alive without each other.

Therefore the question is: WHY, is humanity so unable to be happy or experience joy; at this time of human history? The answer is: that media, and communication of all kinds; have taught to be wary of all human beings; as we live in the sewage of “traitors/ thieves/ liars/ cheaters/ failures/ fantasies/ terrorists/ sexual deviants/ sexual diseases that can kill/ people mutilating life/ people literally playing god in the hope of creating chaos/ people trying to exterminate our lives, planet, nature, and all hope of a future. The primary cause is the universities; as they teach all forms of manipulation/ propagation/ control/ corruption/ tragedy/ disgrace/ disrespect/ devalue of life itself/ religious contamination as is evolution/ collusion to take over governments/ conspiracy to destroy currencies and deny peace/ failure and fantasies at all level/ and of course endless debt through the counterfeiting of asset creation, and its counterpart (debts don’t matter: UNLESS, you are poor). Which is the demand to be “our slave”. But because they are a cult, and their followers are believers; they cannot be touched, unless the believer finds themselves forced to admit “something might be wrong”/ and we might die, because nothing less will move them away from their religious belief’s. Trust me in this one thing; a true believer worshiping what they want to believe/ CANNOT be pried from their want, to believe what they want. Because truth nor evidence matters at all/ not even when faced with financial devastation or other. It has to be an acknowledgment: EVEN YOU, can die from following this reality of decisions. As the consequence does prove. A few might bend, most will deny “there are no ears”/ only a tiny few, will accept the demand to prove the evidence by its own truth; cannot be wrong. Even then, although they now know the reality of what they are doing: the majority of those will fight their way back into the belief of cult; because change is hard for most. It ruins all they have built their previous lives upon; and that means they failed themselves and life, before this moment in time/ and most won’t accept that, because it means they are not superior at all/ maybe even less. Until they do better. The reality is a fight inside your head; and that is where “the little voice inside” comes from. Until you remove it with only truth matters/ want, and pride; are evicted.

Enough of that!

We return to value, and the construction of friendship; as is the basis for all happiness. The reality is very simple: be equal/ be respectful/ accept the freedom of others to choose for themselves/ don’t judge, unless the law (by those realities) makes it truly necessary/ learn that conversation involves work (its not just about you or me)/ let someone else be important, but don’t let them be the only thing that is important, include you/ accept some faults, because you have them too/ trust what can be trusted fairly, and let time prove what, and who, will be trusted more/ let honesty decide who can come closer (liars hide their true price, and it ain’t life by happiness)/ don’t flatter, manipulate, tempt, control, use, abuse, or hate in any way. In other words: be a friend, and hope life will present you with a friend/ because you cannot force them. You can only be, what you honestly desire to be; or you are a liar, and that is the foundation, built upon want (shifting truth, by altering reality: with plotting, planning, manipulation, and control); that forms every lie. It is the intellectual (I can build a trap/ or see it coming) that controls most want.

Understand the ways of male and female; are determined by four distinct truths. (1) there will be sex/ or there won’t be sex. (2) I am ok with that/ or I am not ok with that. (3) we will share our lives through our work for each other, by caring/ or we will not, because “I” refuse. (4) someone must accept the responsibility for making the final decision for the direction of our lives/ because if we disagree, only separation, or war; can come next.

Those are the basic elements of male and female/ or female versus male.

Which then examines the four basic decisions that follow.

  1. Discipline is required in sexual relationships, because if that has not been attained; what is left becomes animal. Animal means: There is no balance, and without balance, there is no order to the exchange of “my life shared, in return for your life and body respected; by our need to care”.
  2. The decision to have sexual relations between male and female: relies upon the chemistry that is involved. As the human body comes equipped with chemical needs and wants; the purpose of which is “keeping the species alive”/ they are hard to ignore. Which does mean, “mistakes are going to be made”. Realities beyond simple friendship will arise.
  3. In the day to day living of every life, are the consequences of every type of work. The majority response to this time of history at least in America is: “I am tired, if not by body/ then by mind, with all the people who had to be dealt with”. Even if you need more; I need rest. That is mediated by: “you work too”/ thereby proving to care about our lives, and our opportunities as they appear. The failure to respect that, on either side: results in “a wandering eye”. Never forget, to make your partner first/ but never forget, if that causes a struggle to survive; you need to choose survival is first.
  4. In the realities of what gets to decide the direction we are going to take with our lives, shared as one: there are many pitfalls, which cause harm and even break marriages apart. Because you didn’t care enough about me. Or if you did, and reality said no: then you will be suffering the consequences established by want. Rather than truth. Of interest are the many variables applied in that situation. Not the least of which is: as all “women know”: when you won’t do what I want/ then I will make you “by shoving” until the boulder starts to roll downhill. THEN as “women know” I will rush to the other side; and start demanding “are you sure you know what you are doing/ after all, you are the one in charge”? Even though they ignited the fuse, which caused the consequences to occur. The vast majority of women say: THEY KNOW, everything about men/ except how to get them to commit, if sex doesn’t do it. So I need not write anything down: “they know”, everything else. What they don’t know is: that because women study men, converse about and analyze men, manipulate and control men: but refuse to allow any man to study them. The cage fight erupts as is “alright then, If I can’t know anything about you but sex/ then that is all I want from you, as is sex”. Women will demand that ain’t enough. And men will demand, “I got nothing else but me; because you won’t let me in”. And women will counter with: “I let you into me/ what more can you get”! And men will answer with, “that is just sex, and you get as much out of it as do I”! So we are done. “its an animal thing”.
  5. I will add this much; women will then argue, “you just took whatever you wanted by using, or abusing my body”. While men will argue, “this is what I want, and all nature requires me to do”; therefore it must be right. Both of which destroy the foundation of intimacy, which is: “to share in, the choices, which make my life happy or sad”; because you care. Since neither side trusts each other, the common decision for women is, “to chain themselves with sex to a male they want/ so as to guarantee a security for later”. So they don’t complain, until after marriage if then. While the common decision for men is, “ I did all I needed to do, which means the woman has to be happy with that”. And they go tell their friends what men talk about which is: did you or did you not get sex? No intimacy there, even if women try to make it personal; it won’t work. Men didn’t get there: they achieved what animals achieve, and move on/ or come back for more of the same.
  6. There is a behavioral cross with quadrants for sex; basically just like the one for time.
  7. Soul contains the only “true heart” to be found.

Therefrom we return to the question of “Joy (I have found love)”; and ask, how does a living human (not animal); by being alive inside, translate the experience of love into a destiny, that we as two friends of the opposite sex, can share?

The answer is: without trust, there is no binding or commitment, that can last in humanity. Without respect on both sides: there is no true relationship that will survive the test of time. Without truth and its honesty, “knifes get thrown”/ and most wounds, won’t heal. Without grace, the value of our friendship that gives purpose to both desire and life itself; we falter, and become weak. Without forgiveness we fail, because no matter what you believe, “we are not perfect/ not a single one”, including you.

So, the question that will arise is: WHY, are you not “surrounded by love”/ if you know so much? Thereby proving what you say!

The answer to that is: I have committed my life to preserving life and world/ there is no time, or commitment left for “happiness or joy”. As you are consuming every possibility for life itself to survive. Consequently, my life is affected in every conceivable way: by your decisions (actions)/ and the need to react (my decisions). Based upon the your cost: of being WRONG. All other things must simply wait, and it appears, at this time: to be a reality that shall never return to anything that resembles the life I would or could have had. It is the price of living in this time of history. But we all have to be born sometime/ or we do not exist at all. So, I am grateful for what I do have, and have learned, and whatever love has been extended. Simple as that.

The next question that will arise is: WHAT could you possibly suggest “a spiritual woman” in your life for? It is stupid and aligns with: YOU DON’T want us to care/ and are forcing us away!

The answer to that is: “it was not a simple choice”!

More intimately; the realities of life in this time cannot be controlled or contained or changed by the actions of men. This is the best they did do; after thousands of years/ and there will be nothing left but war soon. After ten years of literal searching for an answer “in male”; faced with “war” as the only solution left/ that was guaranteed to fail. I chose instead to ask women for advise. They refused, so I chose to encounter the spiritual essence of female; to find a result. THAT, became everything else about my life that resulted. Spiritual essence means: the critical elements that will determine the foundation of every law that then governs reality.

The fact you cannot follow me there, is not of my concern.

I suppose an answer to the third question, would only be fair: it is, what happens next?

The critical part is: whatever you choose to do, with fighting for this world or its life or both! Simple as that, and I know not anything about how many people are involved with this site or its stated purpose which is that fight. “its not my job”/ therefore I don’t care. What will be, will be; I did my part! If you fail to start, it is entirely predictable that the old testament prophecy of Daniel 12 will take over/ and chaos will reign until extinct. If you do start, the realities predicted by Revelation 12-22 are likely to be established by the facts which will come. Not because I am religious/ but because the foundation that exists within the bible is: GOD owns this world, and the final decision of its extinction, or salvation; shall be HIS alone. But make no mistake, this world can die, if humanity is considered unworthy of the cost. That is entirely up to you.

As to me, and the spiritual woman who gives you “trouble with yourselves”/ because you cannot decide if this is real, or “he must be mentally unstable” and that will make me “the laughing stock” with him if I suggest anything he writes could be true. The answer to that is: I am not your savior, and what does or does not happen to me, what is or is not my sanity in life: is completely separate from the evidence that is your world faces extinction. And it will die if you don’t save it; with changing humanity. So, am I worth your world extinction/ OR, is the evidence on its face as a fact of our lives: enough to tolerate those who will laugh and ridicule me? Simple as that, and no you cannot turn back and say “its all his fault” that you did nothing. I strongly suspect, that you must be introduced to the spiritual woman: to underscore the truth, it will be female in charge that saves this world; or it will not be saved. Because men, are guaranteed: to turn to war, which cannot be survived.

As to me on a personal scale, which does not include you; but is linked and established as to the predictions of Revelation 12 and 17 and maybe more.

The critical question of my own concern is: WHAT DOES happen to me now?

I cannot truly answer that; as I have been separated from my past, and immersed in a spiritual world that is not my own. I know: you have no understanding whatsoever/ so why tell it? But the spiritual woman and I, live by the truth: we will choose to do, what will fight for this world; even if I don’t agree. That cannot be changed, because this whole world cannot be lost without a fight! Leaving me without any true prediction, because it is so thoroughly not male; I have no conception of where this will go. But there are facts, which I cannot avoid; suggesting what the future is going to be. The reality of it however is just a guess, because I have literally no control left. Considering who I use to be; that is a conception all on its own, that demands “he has changed”.

Not so much as a person, but as the reality of male.

I suppose it is necessary to construct that reality so as to remove all the fantasies that will be added to my life if it is not. Gossip is what you do, and nothing is more tantalizing than a story that has no boundaries. So, I am going to give you some boundaries, as best I know them/ and leave the rest to you; because I don’t have a say, in any other way. The first boundary is: this was never my choice, because all I really desired was an answer to the question what would women do, to save this world? It absolutely never occurred to me, “to let women lead”; just didn’t have that answer period. Looked ten years. It didn’t turn out to be a simple question, I was pushed inside, and am trapped here in the spiritual world of woman. “its complicated”.

The second boundary is: for the last almost 14 years now; the physical female tits as was “installed on my chest; at the beginning of this” have been at war with me; with chemicals I can barely survive at times. Although that lessened at times, and for the last few months has increased even more. As they grow bigger, they get more power over who I am/ and I don’t have the slightest ability to make them stop. I have not won, one single battle over the last almost 14 years; not even one hair can I keep to me/ although it is a war of “micrometers”; you truly would not understand, every battle is determined.

The third boundary is: we have fought together for almost 14 years, to create the message that I desired to create; for your benefit so as not to simply die: but have a chance for you to survive. I literally could not have completed that work without her help, and participation here. Simple as that, a reality of value to me, and a respect for what has been done. Never going to be your savior for a second. It was my job, even if you don’t understand why. I don’t know why me either; it just is.

The fourth boundary is: I did the work my way and failed, by numerous ways and means/ so now, whether you find it useful, or whether it gets distributed, or finds an audience or any aspect of what will or will not become the message we created: as a matter of usage. Is absolutely beyond my control; and entirely her domain. I simply do, what I am told to do; not by “voices inside” or any other manipulation. But by the proof of “what can I do to help”/ and how that is then used; by whatever is to be done with it, by influencing people however that might occur. “certainly not me”.

The fifth boundary is: I AM NOT trying to manipulate, contrive, control, tempt, or any other method of intellectual trapping or not; in an effort to gain your attention or your work or your money or anything that is yours. I do so swear. This is about life surviving on this planet; and it is by no means secured or safe. Neither am I concerned about your ridicule or other propensity to do harm: the world is worth the price.

The sixth boundary is: I accept the conclusion, that male and female are “absolutely equal” in terms of life/ therefore the question of changing dimensions is less about the possibilities, and much more about the truth: “I loved male, and never considered a life as anything other than male; and still don’t. Although that becomes less stable or certain every day.

The seventh boundary is: that for the last several weeks or months, I have been under far worse attack. Ending in a reality that is not unlike “being broken to ride” like a horse. I DON’T know why? Friendship certainly seemed to fail a bit; all you, nothing for me, that I desired. But I did it my way, and when truth, evidence, and law failed to move you; INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR LIVES, CHILDREN, WORLD, EVERYTHING! Failed completely; it then became, life or death for this world really is “up to her”/ so who knows why, doesn’t matter. That round of battles, has changed our relationship: I am literally now “51% female owned/ and 49% male comes along”. Not my choice. Nonetheless the major battles have all stopped, and life is again more stable; just different. With that change, “the curtain was raised for a bit” between my life as male, and her life as female. To reveal a reality so extremely WEIRD; I could not describe it if I tried. Different is an immense understatement. But I am wandering, if soon I will be thrown into “a whole different kind of reality”. Not my choice. Since the work is done, the respect for male has deteriorated badly. But we both know, “I am a contamination of her world”/ and that has consequences. Nonetheless, I find absolutely no possibility of returning to the life I used to know; trapped without any possibility of escape; and I know that is true.

I suppose, the truth of it is: that women have found themselves being “treated like animals” throughout history by men. The consequence of it being: “I get to experience that too”. NOBODY deserves that treatment, but proving it to a world of men; “is going to need GOD “ for help. At any rate, I am just one man, in a very odd experience of life and living. Never intended to be more or less. Simple as that.

The intellectual will find ways to excavate ridicule and disgrace out of these statements to distract you and all from understanding the simple truth: NONE OF THIS WORK, is about me/ it is entirely about your own ability to survive the things which universities have done.

That means: either you separate me from this work/ or they make you dig your own grave. Because all cult worship of universities must end, or our world will die.

They will demand as always: BELIEVE BUT DON’T QUESTION US/ WE ARE gods, we are experts, we are your saviors, etc.

I will demand: the only purpose of my work has been: INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, AND UNDERSTAND THE COST OF BEING WRONG; for mutilating all of nature, trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun, destroying resources the future must have, and all the rest that is absolutely certain to make you or your children extinct. And YOU know that is true.

Make a decision: ridicule me/ or question them: to determine for your own future, what is true! Because there are no second chances to what they are doing; once it goes over the edge, the point of no return for us all.

I have tried to reassemble my life, and been told “it no longer exists”. The “I” has been changed to “we”; and the spiritual woman and me have been so intertwined that the change needed for life on earth. Has become the same change for me, as life on earth: to survive, it does require “female in charge”. A reality I never would have guessed; as I was absolutely certain throughout the decades, that it was only you that needed to change. It is a complete surprise. It is however true a little less than fourteen years ago, the only solution I had left as male; was war with you. To be returned to strictly male; would mean nothing has changed, not even in me. So apparently it is needed. I try not to think of it as a sacrifice; because it is not. To save this world letting women try to lead is not that big of a deal: let them try, NOT as men do. But as women do; just like they study men: they need to study the cost of being wrong, and the realities of change that will enforce truth decides, for justice and life and planet. Not them/ as do men. The difference is life or death for our world, even if you don’t believe that: 8 billion people have a tremendous effect on this planet; and together that effect can be almost instantaneous for good or bad. But it does have to be done, as the message presented to you by me: for life comes first; is realistically the only way, at least to begin the journey into change. Making life or death a human choice for our world; because we are the problem/ and if the solutions do not arise very quickly, we will all die. It is a guarantee.

As for me, I am so surprised at my own situation, “the journey’s end”. I spent my life searching for a solution to help you save this world and all its life. Which turned out to be “let women lead; they do have a right to try”. That I am no longer in charge of my own life: to be honest, that is completely incomprehensible to me. And I need to adjust. Simple as that; except no clue exactly what that means: day to day apparently.

As for you: if there are any who read my work/ it is up to you to communicate with the world, before it ends. I am NOT allowed, simple as that. That is not open to discussion, even at the cost of losing this world; I am not allowed. It is up to you. Just for the sake of it: in the videos I produced for you on youtube [jamesfosterbur or (gone too) SHOULD help you find them/ with links on which you did not support so its gone] (there are two area’s on youtube containing video). While I made them purposely bland; so as not to lead you; simply inform you. There is a “fire fence” of two different styles that would make it possible to stop much of the fire being started constantly by arson. Simple inventions included, will help you find who is starting those fires. Basically whenever the conditions for starting a fire, and making it spread, are bad (be on your toes, so to speak): the arsonist will be out “to see you die”. That too, I cannot help you with further: I am not allowed to intervene. You must help yourselves.

Reality states: that I have gained more than I lost. My one true desire was to help this earth survive, and I have done that: thanks to the spiritual woman who joined me in that fight. It was worth more than me.

As to the change in our relationship from respect and working together for the same goal: to now she is in charge of “me”. I am reminded, that women do commonly find themselves in the very same place as am I. The stronger one controls; without exception, even if love is lacking in that decision. That is a complete surprise to me; as my life never encompassed any of that: it is not a welcome change. However we are joined perhaps forever, (I don’t know)/ and whatever comes of this work, is literally now completely in her hands. So, where she goes, I will be going; like it or not. She has made that exceedingly clear, without exception or an accepted complaint. No, is useless. Different just keeps becoming more different.

As for you: no, it is not some kind of evil that has taken hold of my life. For fourteen years, the spiritual woman and me have “gotten to know each other a bit”; and she nor I are less than what life itself needs us to be. As men have told women “this is a man’s world/ and I must have the last say”. Basically I face the very same reality: as this is spiritually, “a woman’s world”, and when it comes down to realities; I have no real clue in this place. Life is “a bit strange”. Like it or not; I have basically “changed places”. No, it is not fun; but it certainly is “a different view”.

To be completely clear: war to men is reducing the competition, so that the rest can survive. In a world that adds “one quarter of a billion people” to the food demand each year/ that day is over. Particularly when considering the destruction is now irreversible due to planet and resource devastation. So the only solution left is: to stop population growth, and that is entirely a reality that only women can decide/ NO MAN is allowed. Which does mean: women are now in control over the future, IF the curse of universities are removed, and men are contained from igniting their wars.

Not a game, this earth can hold very few more people; or everything will collapse beyond repair. You cannot simply give all men a vasectomy; which has proven itself to be a tragedy in more ways than one. Because men cannot make a single baby, not even billions of them. Which clearly proves: women are the solution, if men can stop their own destruction/ and demand of university issues: a true and complete reality of consequences for being WRONG.

AS ALWAYS; you can say anything you like about me/ BUT YOU CANNOT escape any of the tragedies or facts of threat, that will make us extinct. UNLESS you first admit to the reality, and the cost of being WRONG; for this world. Not a game; and the realities here, have absolutely nothing to do with me. Other than, I have pushed them into your face. As best I could.

As to the reality of our situation:  you can’t kill enough men to make a difference for long, unless you destroy the planet too/ if you begin to slaughter women, I guarantee a world drowning in complete chaos/ if you fail to stop the universities or weapons of mass destruction; HORROR will erupt, beyond your imagination/ if women demand too much more than justice, along with peace and harmony for all; they will fail. Which does mean: get it right, or die.

DO RECOGNIZE: that in dealing with such places as is Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (a military installation). The term “turn off their utilities”; is a method of correcting: what could otherwise be, a refusal to let our democracy rule! Turn off their utilities: MEANS, you begin with the power plant, by informing the people that their lives, and their planet are being gambled with. IF THEY WON’T protect themselves, IT IS UP TO THE REST OF THE NATION, to enforce: “they will wait, UNTIL WE DECIDE”!

The universities still your god? Cause they know everything, and can’t possibly be wrong; unless they say they were wrong? Well, I tiny tidbit to help you realize, “maybe not” can easily be identified with incandescent lighting. The university gods claim “its all bad”/ but the reality is: during the heating season, all the heat they produce inside where heating is being done. Simply heats the house, which makes them nearly one hundred percent efficient; because you are going to heat the house with something. Cost of pollution, resource loss, manufacture realities and so on DO matter when judging. Not as simple as “just one thing”/ which is the university “claim to fame”. There is not a lot of artificial lighting done in summer, but incandescent does matter then. Even you, can understand the concept.

It comes to my attention, that internet crimes are getting excessive: BECAUSE you have the “funnel to get on the internet” focused in the wrong direction. There has to be a gate at the insertion point (the individual computer must be identified, validated, and stored): before the gate is opened. Only then: with tracking installed as it already is; does point “A” equal a secured destination, to point “B”. it is very simple: you want on the internet, from any device, you will first establish that device as your own/ and then understand that it will be tracked. Same is true if you change localities. First you go through a reversed funnel: establishing identification and location/ and only then do you proceed beyond the line.

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