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There are a variety of small and large catastrophe’s to life; dependent upon who you are, and any given moment in time. One of the first to invade a life is with infants left behind in a car for instance. To alleviate that problem is a very simple thing to do at this time. By simply putting a small device on the infant car seat; it will alarm you automatically when you get a short distance away from the vehicle on your phone. I recommend a baby crying as the alarm; so as not to confuse it with anything else. This is one option for doing that among many others

it is also consistent with this purpose to identify and establish, that among the many problems associated with raising an infant; is the need to address and control body temperature of the infant in all conditions which can erupt quickly into too hot or too cold for the infant/ and the consequent illness which may occur. To simply monitor the infant temperature is not easy and cheap by using a small sensor to send that temperature to a phone. Sensors can be used inside of clothing or beds or seats or other. This is one of many options for now doing that very thing/ and it is not a medical device in any conceivable way; because it only measures environmental temperature, and nothing else.   The small instruments that can be introduced into clothing that relay both temperature and humidity; can also then tell you if the baby is wet, almost immediately.; even how wet.

later in life issues, such as are represented by the latest catastrophe with policing: are easily mediated by understanding the options are not lethal/ but simple. A rubber bullet, particularly one that deposits a dye or smell that identifies someone who has been shot with that rubber bullet: provides an impulse release, that does not kill. In situations where a threat is perceived but not real. It saves the police officer/ and it saves the citizen that did not deserve that fear being released on them. With four bullets in the gun that are rubber/ and the rest lethal: NONE have the right to say this is not enough. As a standard 15 round clip; has plenty of other chances/ and getting hit with an impact that is roughly the same as a two pound hammer swung hard: is more than enough to throw even the most hardened criminal into a mental crisis that will not focus their response. Good for police, and good for society/ let the police officer who says it is not enough: stand in front of that rubber bullet bare skin/ and prove having been hit at close range, they can respond with a focused shot. 4 shots can easily be released in 2 seconds. There is no cause, and there is no reason this should not be done.

Among the various life catastrophe’s that arise; are the mental breakdowns which can then release the cost of being abandoned by society; or feeling as if life is not worth the price that must be paid.

TO ALLEVIATE those issues, and retain a level and distinct quality of life for yourself. Is to understand: that all of life is about your relationship with yourself/ those who allow you to love them/ and the earth which surrounds us with miracles “literally given by the grace of GOD “. ONLY a fool believes in evolution/ as nothing about the building of life is an accident, or simple, or the result of chaos (destruction).

Given that truth what is important to retain a happy peaceful life on earth: is to accept that “want” controls your happiness! Want is the foundation of every lie/ and lies create chaos, not peace. STOP WANTING, and you can start living. Simple as that! Wanting is the plotting/ planning/ temptations/ manipulation/ control/ stealing/ cheating/ lying/ corruption/ hate/ and all the rest that does intend to take control over any situation; and bend it, to get what I want. It is epidemic in scale; around the world; as people look to what a tiny few have and demand I WANT that too. LET LIFE DECIDE what you can or cannot receive throughout your living; because reality is the tool, that truth uses to define your life on earth. If you are not content with your reality it is because you are unwilling or unable to pay the price of doing something different. Either way, unwilling means change. While unable means: we must each accept our own limitations; because the gift of life itself, did not come with any guarantees: other than death. Every body is the result of decisions that have been made by your elders; the cost of wrecking environments, or doing what should not be done.

HAPPINESS is the understanding, that not only is my life a gift; I AM, “a rich human being”. Because nothing on earth could have given me a body or a life: literally without the grace of GOD , providing that truth. Miracle means: we literally could not, and never will provide these things for ourselves. The complexity of design, the reality of EVERYTHING about a life or living organism is so far beyond our world of human existence: we cannot even comprehend the possibilities. And all that pretend they do; as just leaking sewage out their anus hole on you.

BE HAPPY you are alive: it is a greater gift than you can in fact even begin to comprehend. A reality even the very richest human beings on earth or throughout history could never achieve or even approach. YOU ARE RICH; even if living has made you poor.

To be at peace with life; stop wanting/ and then do what your heart desires for love. Even if that love does not come for you, GOD IS a reality of life on earth; as is seen in every miracle surrounding us all. We are not abandoned: so says the evidence of JESUS ; a testimony that brought life back into the realm of love, and guarantees eternity for all who desire it with love, by truth, the honor of doing what you can do for life. Do not be lazy. Be alive and search for what that means. It is no small thing!

People play games to avoid the realities of life, and demand what they want instead. TRUTH does not do that, providing instead the basis and foundations that are capable of finding answers, to a search that includes why life exists. That answer is love; because love is the single greatest true treasure in this universe. It makes life worth living, and all who are willing to accept that living is a quest for “value”; as their answer in being alive; will find peace. Value is the decision, that as with all gain, there is a responsibility to return that gain to the one who shares, because they cared. So the question becomes: are you, a person who cares; because if you are not; it will be impossible for find true peace. In addition if you do care; are you a person who can share the love you have? Because hidden too much will make that impossible; and life becomes a prison. Living has a risk, and that risk can never be completely erased from the potential to affect your life in ways you won’t desire. Understanding limits the risks, but that takes a dedicated desire to learn; as life teaches/ not people. People testify to their own truth or lie; its one or the other. But make no mistake: liars lie the most, to themselves. They do so, to hide from their own lives or living or situation; thereby creating a fantasy they do desire more. Alas, only truth survives. And they cannot care, until that stops. Without respect there is no relationship; so search for respect first, and then for love as time goes by. Pride makes life a game; and with every game, “there must be a winner or a loser”. Love has no games/ only truth to conceive of and create the reality of trust between us both.

BE, YOUR OWN HEART; which does mean, as you would ask of any true lover/ please get up and face the day with me, share my life, and care for our future as one. Respect each other, and know “I love you too”. The relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies, our lives in time; is not less than that. Turn not to “I want more”/ but turn instead too: the value life can become. The honesty that is, a life so utterly defined by true miracles: which does prove the existence of GOD . That an eternity is possible, and in that love, a life beyond all expectation or even fantasy can arise. It is not religion that can save you/ but truth. Religion is belief, and belief is “I want this”. Truth is a law that cannot be broken by life. The truth is: that death does not defeat life/ it defeats the body called time. LIFE is, the essence of energy, as conceived by thought. Therefore what we accept as the foundations of our thought, turn to give us back the essence of why we were born. That is again: to find “in space”, those who can live a life governed by love. The greatest treasure in this universe; because it makes life worth living. Do not leave this earth as a murderer: as is the reality of suicide/ unless the body is already gone. Accept the price of preparation for an eternity, and “sign your name” to the list of those who honestly desire and respect the opportunity of love itself. It does take courage, but that will come, if you are true to this destiny.

As to the end of life on planet earth; the foundation is that we cannot survive the lies or the fantasies or the extreme experimentation of university; so says the evidence, and it is sufficient to pronounce the end of time is near. Not by religious whatever; but by the simple truth of what humans have chosen to do/ as presented by the predictable consequences of their action. As is true for me, is true for all: I have not been defeated by anyone/ you have defeated yourselves: because you would not care, about anything but want and greed. That said: if you have fought for life, and did the best you could/ then you have little fault for the consequences of what others have done. No one can do better than that. No one can save humanity from itself/ it is humanity that is the cause; and it is humanity that must change immediately; or there shall be no hope at all. Even so, if you did do the best you could; or even at least tried honestly to support life on earth: we all die sometime. Do not fear that/ simply accept, none of us, including me are “your saviors”. We can only be “a friend of life/ or its enemy”. Apathy is a death sentence, because you just didn’t care/ so why should life itself, care about you.

This is the one concession that I will give to you: regardless of the cult worship that has taken over this world by pretending the university is your god. The reality of life and death is, a valid cause to believe “I want to live, with the most life happiness, that I possibly can: which commonly ends as want, pride, and then power”. Those are your choices: That reality does not happen for the vast majority; unless enslaved by the choices, and the tragedies; you have made for yourselves. Which causes a descent into destruction: is you incur the tragedies and the consequences that have no answer in your mind: because the price is too high. Anyone who says you don’t have to pay, then becomes your god.

Failure is the word describing death by hate. Fantasy is the word describing “there are no consequences for us”. Fool is the word describing those who believe in a life built on lies. Thereby truth asks you plainly: can you survive, without change? The correct answer apart from all your excuses is: absolutely not! There is no possibility; which means either you grow up and accept the responsibility of keeping this earth alive/ or you die and go extinct as a world. Even to the point of letting it burn you alive by those attempting to bring the same fire here childhood is over!

It should be included here, that to understand the heart, we begin by accepting that our soul resides in the middle between time and eternity. Spirit links us to the path between soul and eternity. While heart links us to the path, between soul and time itself as an animal. To attain humanity, rather than simply animal: each must define and create heart within themselves. Heart means, to accept the miracle of life, as time portrays it; as a gift, that we could never create or achieve for ourselves. Because anything less than that fails life, and that means you cannot attain the creation of life within you. To achieve eternity; it is essential that you do understand and respect the gift that has been given to you. Because if you are merely animal; which means, thought has no value to you/ then neither will eternity; because life, lives within thought itself.

Spirit is the essence of truth, as identified by the laws which keep it pure/ there is no pride allowed. Pride is considered to be “war”. Heart is the beginning of love, and the value you choose to place that love within your life, as the treasure of what you can or will become. Power is considered to be “war”/ and it is not allowed a place to survive. Want is an animal, and these shall not attain life eternal.

Love is “a seed” that grows into it’s own creation/ nurtured that seed produces more love in others. Abandoned to the weeds of life; and it can fail to produce anything of value, even failing life itself. Love nurtures all life; which is why hate tries to own it, steal it, and so on. While love itself identifies the very critical path of what is pure.

Purity conceives of eternity, because it eliminates all that brings chaos to life/ and without chaos, life is at its core essence a destiny beyond the grasp of power. Nothing can touch it; because it is “the heart of energy” itself. Thought translates that heart, into the creation of all truth. But while truth can include time/ time cannot include purity. Because there is no eternity in time; atoms do eventually fail to retain their stability.

Unfortunately for this earth, your gods of university; have been desperate to introduce chaos in all forms, and throughout all life on earth/ even to the point of desperately trying to ignite atoms on fire as well. An event which will turn earth into a sun; because you cannot control anything about a nuclear fire; as is on the sun. proven by reality, and without doubt of any kind. It is the curse of fools alone; which provides the fantasy of fusion/ and even past their own proof of failure, that fusion does not exist through their own experiments. They continue, in the quest to turn this earth into a sun/ destroying even the stability of this solar system; because the university exists primarily for the intellectual “to play god”. As they shout: “no consequences for us”/ the most insane and outrageous deceit of all. As they lie to themselves; because after all, “they just want, what they want”.

I regard it as most likely: that each planet which failed and became a sun/ had a messenger just like me, saying “this is absolutely insane, and untrue, the consequence will be your extinction”! And like here, humanity shouts: “YOU can’t tell us what to do”; we believe in our gods! And all the rest of humanity says: DON’T tell me nothing/ I am innocent, you can’t make me change: I UTTERLY refuse; not one penny/ not one word/ not one single purpose other than greed or want or hate. As does prove, your hate exists. True love cannot let an entire world of life die, without a fight to preserve it: which means, your love, as humanity on earth; is at the brink of extinction as well. If you are not fighting for all life (as nature made it) comes first, just like the planet itself must come first: you are same as the rest. 40+ years of fighting with you, “for life/ instead of your greed”;  cannot be wrong.

Here is, “an interesting conception”, something for your discussion.

That planets which have already had life similar to humanity living on them long before us: faced with the same realities of intellect and want/ choose along the same lines of theory as do men. When the search of our universe reveals a binary system which incorporates two suns revolving around each other. The most logical conclusion for how that came to exist is: they like us, faced their future, by trying to avoid change they didn’t want to make. So like humanity today: they tried to harness the same energy source as is on every sun/ and ignited their planet on fire instead. So a binary solar system is in fact: the planet of the dead. While mercy, the consequence of human existence which is not pure enough to survive beyond time, but has heart: becomes transplanted upon another surface of life, that then becomes their new home. To try one more time/ even if they don’t realize it: because life moves as thought confined in energy. Pure energy moves at far greater speeds than light.

Time for a choice, will soon be over.  and on that day, many will remember: all I asked for was an investigation and trial to determine the true level of risk, and the cost of being WRONG.  The right of humanity to protect itself! and you refused.  it is unnecessary to run or cry (no going back), a nuclear fire burns atoms/ and that is exactly what happens on the sun. Your gods at university have given you one grain of sand that is true; and the entire rest of their claims are nothing but lies. As can be proven by reality. They have literally already proven fusion is a lie, with experiments done in 2012 at Lawrence Livermore lab; San Francisco. even their claim is now a known lie; but to remove it, is to remove their power/ their job/ their pride/ and their future. Because they know a nuclear fire cannot be controlled.

But hey, I am just a plain human being; and don’t your gods have a right to gamble with our entire planet, every life, and every future life; with a game they cannot possibly win? after all, “its a brave new world”/ and they cannot be blamed for consequences; or it kills the cult.  After all, the sun merely burns your skin in summer; from 90+ million miles away. And all they have to do to create it: is destroy every law of this planet which keeps us alive. “Who the hell cares”/ right!


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