As I live and breathe, recognizing both the function and fundamentals which are the basis of life, continue to be destroyed at a rate that insures extinction comes soon. The foundations upon which all life rests, continue to be torn out as well. Making this, the most destructive generation which has ever lived. And still you call yourselves “great”/ because the university gave a tiny few trinkets or trophies or toys; and lie about their purpose, which is to destroy nature and planet; by playing god. A religion of chaos/ a learning of fools (you literally know better, but refuse) as is the essence of evolution, and the realities called weapons of mass destruction; which media has taught you to declare as your saviors. Just to name a few failures; which add into, “thousands”. By the decision to disrespect and disgrace all life and earth: the true reward given to the people; by university knows. And still, you are their cult/ because a herd must do as its leaders command.

And all the people say: we are doing GREAT/ we have more than any other generation before us, and that proves WE ARE GREAT. And we give the universities credit for that greatness/ so they earned their status as gods.

But let’s review one last time.

  1. Your universities are trying to ignite a nuclear fire; just like on the sun, here on this earth. “it burns atoms”, and still you find no concern, because they led you to believe in the fantasy of fusion which they have already proven is a lie. Yet you don’t care.
  2. Your universities are trying; to destroy the disciplines/ order/ and balance of nature. BECAUSE they want to learn how to build life; and like a bridge forced to collapse; they believe if forced to collapse/ then nature will reveal how it is built. So they mutilate all across this planet; to literally kill nature itself. And yet you don’t care.
  3. Your universities have built: weapons of mass destruction, the release of just a few, are said to be enough to throw our world into chaos forever. And yet you don’t care enough to demand world laws instead.
  4. Your universities are trying to poison the planet itself; by trillions of tons of poison released on, in, around, and throughout this earth each year. Killing everything it can touch, or causing cancer and many horrors throughout the natural world of life. Sitting as an enormous monster that cannot be contained “on top of your drinking water supply”. Polluting this entire earth! And yet you don’t care.
  5. Your universities are trying to end all diversity of life on earth (even in humanity/ as is mix them all together), throughout the entire spectrum of existence: their work is, to limit to control. To manipulate, to enslave. To destroy so as to prove they and what they want, are all that matters. Ending the ability to survive even a tiny assault by disease. And yet you don’t care.
  6. Your universities are trying and succeeding (are they not leaders, who claim superiority) at destroying the oxygen concentration of this atmosphere to a level equivalent soon as would be standing on top of a mountain: by all the motors, and all the fires, and all the consumption of oxygen by human purposes that are beyond the level of release this planet can offer. You media hiding the evidence, so you can die of asphyxiation. And you don’t care.
  7. Your universities are trying and succeeding at destroying every resource that the future needs; ending that future, which means you also assassinate every child forever. And they know it. It is a finite planet; and literally everything is under attack in one form or another. And yet you don’t care, not even for your own child.
  8. You worship “healthcare”; a university derivative: even submitting to the most horrendous criminal ring of extortionists the world has ever seen. Hiding the truth called racketeering against humanity itself; by those who fraudulently claim a right. Yet worst of all is: without death, there is no life for the planet itself/ as has already been proven by extreme human population growth. Destroying everything in sight, just because they exist.
  9. Your universities are trying to steal everything they can/ and have done so by counterfeiting the currency of nations (we can just add more numbers); taking over governments (keep the law and reality out); playing games with financial institutions (nobody has to know, reality); giving themselves the right to control inflation (LIE, and continue to lie, no matter what) by demanding “debts don’t matter” not, to the leaders, who escape for free. And enslaving entire populations of people (counterfeit means, not real; a fool to take it) with their pyramid schemes. By university driven leadership, which only pretends to provide a real asset; while they build their toys and terrorist plots. Reality is: When the numbers prove it ain’t nothing but lies: what you believe, no longer exists. And you don’t care, because you don’t want to pay no damn debts period (nothing, do you hear me; NOTHING). Each shouting: LET THE CHILDREN PAY. Another nail in their coffin of your shame.
  10. Your universities are trying and succeeding in controlling your every thought; through all forms of propaganda by all participants who refuse to acknowledge the critical elements of life or death; for our entire world. While the constant is: “screaming as they race into the darkness/ shouting don’t tell me nothing, I ain’t to blame; and I won’t do nothing/ you can’t make me: because I am a coward”. The reality is: like a house burning with fire/ those who hide in the closet and pretend this does not exist; rarely survive.
  11. Your universities are trying to destroy the foundations of food for life/ the chains of existence that literally keep us alive; and have nearly succeeded in every detail. The list is long; suffice it to say, like the corn plant which has millions of acres planted throughout this USA; only a very tiny little few of those plants are not sterile. The diversity is nearly ended, and even though you can plant the seed, it will grow only the plant and no seed. Your entire university knows relationship with nature is done in exactly that way. What they claim, or leave out is generally a lie: such as is we search to find all the secrets of animals and more to save them. When in fact: it is just to find the very last ones; so they can be made extinct.
  12. Your universities are trying, “to destroy democracy, in many different ways”: because they know better. Just like every other group, who raised an army with bribes; and called themselves “the nobles (we alone matter)” throughout history. Its called pride, and every proud person knows: they alone deserve the power. Alas the only thing you can really do with power is: make the others cry, or die!
  13. You have no brain, the universities stole it with their religion, and your worship of fools in charge. I really cannot help you with that; unless you change the curse, and come back to life.Just so its clear: the world ahead is a very different place, if humanity is to survive/ the odds of that are very tiny, but it is possible. To achieve survival means: that all the methods of men which have worked for you throughout history/ no longer do, and must be changed, or we would not be facing extinction. And the people say: “we are doing great”/ as all the people taking bribes are paid to say. But of course it is just not true, unless extinction is your goal. An honest and real investigation will remove any doubt. But of course “you don’t care”. The construction of a different world of human expression and experience: must include a true and honest respect for life, world, and GOD ! Or it won’t be allowed, the day of fools is dead. The conception of that world can be identified through the following statements:
    1. we cannot war, the destruction is too severe: world law (we all decide/ we all vote/ we rule leaders with law) must rule life on earth.
    2. We cannot permit excessive power for anyone. Which means that limited capitalism must be used to redefine economies; so as to give everyone a chance for what can be earned.
    3. We cannot let want rule life, it must be evicted: to allow what is true to decide what will give us a future, and protect the values we hold dear.
    4. We must identify what can and cannot present a working society for us all/ that does not depend upon throwing every resource into the trash. Granting life for the future, not death.
    5. We must get along, and nothing balances human lives better; than a working honest relationship between male and female. Therefore real education, and fundamentals that participate in creating “HAPPINESS” MUST arise.
    6. We cannot survive any of the methods most common to “the universities are great”/ they are all, tragic and terrible, with only a few exceptions.
    7. There must be boundaries that can be enforced upon a distinct group. Because like over population is the refusal to accept reality is what it is: the consequence of not limiting the birth rate to the death rate/ is extinction.
    8. The reality most necessary: is removing extreme universities experimentation. Followed very closely by much more.
    9. The reality of human decision most necessary: is the demand for trial, so that every threat can be proven/ and every excuse can be removed. Leaving the true decision: either change or die.
    10. Just to name a few. Life is more intricate and involved than a herd animal can accept (want cannot achieve life). The value of love far more treasured, than any herd animal can conceive of (pride fails/ life is not a game). Unfortunately, as the universities have taught you: the lack of a brain (we stand on the edge of extinction by your choices) that functions properly, is the sign you cannot go beyond the limits of time (you chose evolution instead). To your shame, as each was invited to try/ the opportunity to be “human alive” was real. You want everything/ but will leave this earth with nothing; because that is the summation of what you chose. Life exists in thought, and extends only because of energy controlled by the laws of truth: that requires discipline/ order/ balance/ and more. But you only want, and lack all respect for this world. If you only had a brain, we might be able to try.Here is an interesting tidbit of news: women are only about 5-10 percent known to men/ everything else that men believe about women is wrong. Simple as that; and all women intend to keep it that way; because it is their primary defense mechanism. Although the curse of media seeks to remove that reality and instill: women are just like men, with only slight differences, as the universities pretend. They will never get it done; because all lies fail. Some just take longer, or even wait till death unfolds the reality, as your truth. What women believe about men is more close to seventy percent true; as they study and discuss male constantly throughout their lives/ and men are just trying to make women like them, so they give up whatever is asked. But that does not mean, women are correct about men in major truths; it only means they do have a better clue, and means to investigate; than do men about women. The critical failure of women is: the majority do believe “all is fair in love and war”/ until it bites them in the ass, and they learn what real tears are. The critical failure of men throughout too much of their lives is: they never learn the penis is not their toy if a man/ but remain boys who only want to play with their toy using women as a tool. You do need a great deal of “reality learning”, to make things better. Plain as that. Ultimately the foundation of human behavior for the masses is: that they will not make a true decision on their own/ they must be led. Because they are afraid of the consequence for being wrong: so they find another to blame instead, and “like a fan” insist they had something to do “with a win”. That is a situation within which I do not do well; as there is no herd behavior, of any kind, in me. Herds categorize everything; so as to identify and establish who or what is, “a predator”/ they cannot leave it alone, and from that gossip appears, until a tiny detail (often completely irrelevant or lacking real data) occurs that gives the herd its belief “now we know”. There are only three real elements to gossip, the animal collecting shouts: “accept/ abandon/ or fear”; and the rest go “thank you for being on our side” which is the reward. There is no room for “being human”; Because a herd must categorize for safety, and like all groups: you are “either one of us/ or abandoned, as a potential enemy; even spy”. I spent my life believing the information, by proven evidence; is all that is important. But I forgot, that all you consider is “how I look, or whether you want what I provide”; so gossip proved “judged without value”. Because all you need is what you want/ or don’t want; and there is nothing you want less, than a world which is dying because of you/ a reality of debts that cannot be paid/ resources that will end/ a world threatened by those you claim to be “gods”; as is the cult worship of “university knows”. Because media never portrays the failure of university or its fantasies: only “they are gods”. Got to protect the money, power, and pride/ just like the courts, and the rest! Unfortunately for you; the human herd has multiplied so dramatically, this earth will not survive you or your ways. Unfortunately for you; the evidence is real, and the cost of being wrong is extinction: because you have closed the door on nature, and seek its death. Unfortunately for you; without a brain of your own, to understand change is all you have left/ and even though you believe “we don’t want that”: you will accept the truth of what is required to survive. Or you will die as a world, forever: because that, is what you chose, through university leadership. “its follow the yellow brick road” into fantasy land: the end of all life, by terrors unleashed. OR grow up, and become the human alive; that you were intended to be. The difference is; as a herd animal your fate is sealed/ as a living human being, a true miracle of existence, established by the grace of GOD and given the right to make decisions on your own. WHAT IS TRUE, must lead life, or it will fail. Truth rarely is found in a university; because they love only “to play god”; and destroy the evidence of our reality is not a game. But a foundation built in thought that they shall never even approach with wisdom. So they rebelled, to claim “it can’t be so”. They will, “be more sorry for that failure”; than a single one or even all combined, can comprehend. Even so, that is the decision that they made. All of humanity makes its own decision, and collects the reward that is deserved/ or there will be mercy. The only question is “how few”? Because death is not a game either, it does have consequences; as you must give back the life which sustained you. And face, “the GOD “ who gave you life.As to any and all methods needed to “find a mate”. The rules are:
    11. listen for liars, they want your heart, and will consume it. Manipulators listen, and create the tiny little elements of gossip; by which to lead you into conclusions that do not exist; for control.
    12. Listen for want; after a relationship is formed, this is what governs the living. The demand for trophies, toys, or trinkets; will confiscate and control your life. Pride is an elemental prediction of want otherwise unseen: pride makes life a game, and every game must have a winner and a loser.
    13. Listen and look for hate; because it will appear to the degree that then attacks; jealousy is a hate, use, abuse, ridicule, disrespect, etc. Violence hides within the illusion of ownership; judgment unaccompanied by law; exists only a tiny distance from measuring your grave.
    14. understand that discipline is important: because if your desire is “to save money for instance”/ and their desire is to spend money, for instance. Your relationship will suffer because of it. Desires are important/ the failure to desire will bring on slough or various mental depressions; that will then be necessary to deal with. Every person has a right to choose for themselves, their life; as best they can/ it is not for you to judge without “fair law”. Neither is it their right to insist you must accept their ways.
    15. Purpose elaborates as romance; the values we attest too as our own desire to participate as one joined for life. Desire is the essence and acceptance of a choice that includes I will pay the price for this decision. That includes commitments and responsibility.
    16. Sex is either the demand to get a chemical pleasure by using or abusing your body or theirs. OR, it is an artful participation which lingers in the values of our hearts shared; our bodies living to care. The critical essence of sex is, If I value you, just as you value me; and we join together to prove that care is true.
    17. LOVE is not an ownership, rather it is a freedom expressed and experienced that cannot be controlled; because it will die, if chained to a wall. Every part, and every purpose of love, is a value that identifies we are “one life lived together/ not just two”. That by its very essence is a development in thought; the foundation of life itself. Therefore true love is the environment, which opens a door, to share soul. Few are worthy! Let only GOD decide. Love is the embodiment of a miracle. What we cannot do for ourselves, has in fact, been done for those who ask. To live within that miracle, is to respect the values that are true.
    18. I will add this for you: that it is trust which binds us together as one. Trust is built upon truth, and it exists because we have proven to one another that we do care, and we will share with each other, the foundations which preserve our lives and our freedoms. Commitment and responsibilities arise from these.
    19. As to sex: as is true of basically everything else; what the universities have done is spew the retched waste of ignorance upon our lives in all directions, methods and ways. Including “sex education”. Which is no more than giving a tiny bit of relevant information; which each child then says “now I know”; so I can then experiment, manipulate, tempt, and control. How is that a benefit? Same is true of all other things; it is largely impossible to relay information to humanity; because they hear the one and only thing that interests them; that they are waiting to hear. So they interpret “one tiny drop” into a rain storm; and then make decisions based upon that. And then blame the person they failed to listen too; because they only wanted that one tiny little thing (so they could control, without learning anything); and never heard anything else. As is the cost of gossip throughout the world of human failure.
    20. Always remember this: “women lie, as do men; for whatever they truly want, or don’t want; they lie, even if they might actually love you; they still lie to get what they want. Because they want it, and accept “all is fair to do to YOU; in love or war”. But absolutely refusing to accept: all is fair for me to do to you; same as you do to me. NOTHING IS FAIR ABOUT WAR, other than if you try to kill me, I have a right to try to kill you instead. Nothing is fair about lies, nor is it intended to be: these are lies intended to create an ownership over you (you must); and that is not love. ONLY TRUTH IS FAIR IN LOVE, nothing else is allowed, for a relationship that lives with value.The constant human reality is: “i want what I want/ give me what I want”. The constant human truth is: NO, I refuse to learn, or let truth decide; give me what I want. The constant catastrophe is: “I found one grain of sand, to claim as knowledge/ THEREFORE, I can command “the beach”; and will shout, scream, throw a pure tantrum, and be a fool; just to prove I can play god too. As is the vast majority with anything relating to knowledge, and then understanding, must come first. And they will commonly choose: since I got a sex disease from someone else/ ITS FAIR, that I give it to you; because I didn’t want it either. I just wanted sex.
    21. I have ceased to work for you/ ceased to demand you must learn or else you die/ ceased to care for your children, because you don’t/ and ceased to fight for this world, because you won’t. Having demanded “everything legally possible”; to find you absolutely apathetic to your entire world of life, the future of your children, and literally everything else of value. Because you are lost in a cult world of worshiping university; you are granted the right to die, thereby establishing your reward of extinction. I remain writing only for me, as a witness: that I was here, and willing to fight with you for life. By establishing truth rather than lies.

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