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In the essence of life, the most fundamental gift of all, is an identity. With that exclusion of all else, we have established the border and limits that define our own elemental existence. In that creation, the values, purposes, and desires we form within our own version of thought construct the definitions we use to control life and its abilities, the direction of thought, disciplines of respect, the balance of love, and the order of value itself. To assemble a distinct concept of what that would entail; is not possible, as the devils you allow to run a muck around you; would instantly seek to give their “robots” some form of humanity. As always to insist “we are gods”/ but reality proves fools instead.

What we will discuss instead of the realities of hate; as hate is a construction within the levels of thought, that are released by the evidence of chaos. Chaos being the destruction of anything and everything other than the most basic realities; that are related to life itself. The devils of university, have given you chaos as your religion; infiltrating major religions to teach them the same: as you bow down to your gods at university; with evolution. They have given you adaption as their proof of life; but show nothing in relation to how life itself exists/ where boundaries come from/ what assigns limits/ and ten trillion more incidentals that are distinctly how life itself is constructed. But they are devils, and all devils want is to lie. The problem being they have infiltrated life; and seek to bring chaos to surround you with death; as is the mutilation of nature itself; and all the rest that is “universities unleashed”.

So the critical questions are: WHERE DOES THIS HATE originate from? WHY, are they trying to kill this world, and every life trying to survive what has already been done to destroy us all? WHEN will it end? WHAT IS THEIR REWARD? And HOW can the realities of life and living be destroyed, when there are so many of us, who could in fact stop them in their tracks?

Hate is “a cascading event”: wherein the loser of life has fallen into the abyss of wanting what he or she cannot have (whatever that is) and as a consequence; will use that reality as a means to destroy their own life by focusing only upon what they cannot attain. And if they do attain it; with rare exception, that will intend to get their revenge on what has tried to destroy them (even if you the victim, never even knew_).

We then have three distinct causes for hate: you cannot have what you truly want/ you have focused upon “one thing” and thereby lost your life/ upon realizing “the trophy”: is not enough, revenge will arise to make violence your answer as is the truth: now you want to be god(I can make you fear), instead of simply realizing a trophy (I win).

The question is: WHY is that trophy; not enough, when you spent your life in a quest to attain that very thing? The answer: it is not a value that returns your life, and time spent. Which does mean you spent your life for nothing of value, even to you. A wide ranging element of humanity involved in MANY THINGS, including the universities find this to be true. Those who intended to be “gods”; are particularly affected/ because now, what they did gain is the knowledge to destroy MUCH MORE, than those who were not taught how to take life apart. The reality of failure: “I cannot even build my own life back”/ is a constant thorn. The reality, that ultimately every decision is about how we interact and affect each others’ lives: identifies, life as the guilty party, “I was trying __________, for you”/ even if the only trophy was for me. Regardless of the lies; it is now possible to blame all life, for their own descent into chaos and disrespect.

All of the destruction ends, and your devils “win their game”; when the point of no return has pasted, and there is no possibility of going back in time to rearrange the future. Because their destruction has caused extinction instead. The time is soon, and there will be no way out. Granting the true message: stop them or die as a world. Alas, you have no ears; and have fell into your own abyss of want, lies, shit, and fools.

Even so: the question is what is their reward, for making this world itself die? The answer: being dead inside, blaming you as the cause/ constructs REVENGE. The ultimate form of playing god, is to take the whole world with you: as a means of “laughing at, and ridiculing THE GOD WHO CREATED THIS WORLD”. So, as a follower and a worshiper of hell, by universities; and all its workers, and all its lies that make death of our world possible: that then, is what you do too. I tell you true, “it won’t, be worth the price”! Not even for one second of your, true reward. But, you are liars; particularly to yourselves, and cannot be found as a living human being; leaving only death.

The question of HOW did they get away with destroying a world? Is as simple as: you worship hate too/ having fallen into the abyss of endless want, that can never be satisfied. Therefore to achieve “contented”; the attack on this earth and all its life is intensified, and extends to every corner as as to destroy everything; in one final attack on the world itself. To prove how dissatisfied you are, with not having everything you wanted. Assassinating your own children; just to prove it is true: that you WANTED MORE, than this world could, or would give. And the few who attain all they can want, are locked into the prison of guarding their possessions as life itself. Which it will never be, so sadness is coming; and terrors will be unleashed: for all the damage you did do, in keeping everything for yourself.

As to university: they are filled with every variety of people; some “good, some bad”/ most I don’t care about nothing, but me, and what I WANT. Want is a description of lies, and lies lead to destruction of what you value most.

So the question becomes: what do you value most?

The answer becomes: there are only two true directions to life itself. One points to love, as the value most identified by what makes all life and living happy! While the other points to hate, as the reality of loss within the concepts of your own want, selfishness, greed, failures, lies, theft and all the rest that takes happiness away in both life and living. “gained it all”? Means the true cost is coming; as your debt to be paid. Regardless everything else is simple survival, and that is a direction that cannot be sustained.

While the vast majority want both “love and hate” to fill their lives; so they can play god, and they can be happy with their lives/ that will always fail. Because you cannot move forward with life, if you are always turning back to hate, or any version of it that translates as destruction. Death is the final construction of proof: that no further decision will be made regarding your human identity; all physical movement has stopped forever. You are “frozen in time”/ and cannot be released unless it is through your own spiritual awakening.

So the question is: WHAT IS a spiritual awakening/ and HOW do we attain such a thing, when the body has clearly been abandoned by life?

The answer exists as: SOUL, your relationship that you chose to form, when and through your own humanity as an acceptance of the truth, that life begins in MIRACLES. Soul enlarges as a spiritual world, when you journey into that essence of all life; as found in the distinctions of thought. The boundary line, between life and death.

Critical is: the anchor that sustains your hope, beyond fear; in a world conceived as, “beyond the existence of time”. I chose JESUS / that is my true testimony to you.

Distinct is: you cannot attain that acceptance of hope, the necessary values of life; without a true identity, that is literally your own (I chose this, and will accept its cost).

The discipline is: can you survive the risk, of a journey beyond time and its restraints to what can go wrong? If you fail, the cost is very high. Failure is: falling into chaos and then fear. The discipline is: to “live and breathe” only through truth, by laws known as the foundation of life itself.

As for me: my first attempt to examine the elemental patterns of thought, that are consistent with my own need to understand life. Failed the first time because a flaw was found in me, by the spiritual contract which is: only what is true, shall be left inside this soul. That flaw was: having broken my two front teeth in grade school playing basketball/ I did not know, whether this constituted a violation of the sacred trust that is: “living in this body of life, that was clearly the gift of a miracle”. That single element caused chaos to erupt, for a short time: however I was not overrun with fear/ I simply failed to understand. Even so when recovered, all the damage done, had to be repaired and rebuilt; before another attempt could be made. Which literally means: every answer to my identity had to be conceived and accepted {this is MY truth}, before any other attempt could be made. I made no other like mistakes, and found the spiritual world rewarding; until the need for an answer, led me to “a female world”. That was neither a mistake or a reward: but the cost of what I desired to know, as is “HOW might female save this earth”? Turns out, you cannot understand the answer, unless you are female inside; a price I did not expect.

As to life itself: that exists beyond the spiritual world/ beyond time and its body of life; as the foundations which exemplify the essence of thought can survive, by becoming the essence of energy. There is also mercy when allowed. And punishment for hate and destruction; when earned.

The critical question is: HOW do we become intertwined in the essence of energy, as an identity formed through and within thought itself? The answer is: we share the destiny that is life with GOD OUR CREATOR/ as a value we chose to exhibit with our own truth as a living respect, by choosing to sanctify the miracle of life in us with our love.

You do, have a distinct need to understand and grasp the meaning of trust/ as nothing less, can grant the entrance into life beyond the grave.

TRUST IS: the ascension of life itself, beyond the limits and realities of time. Trust is, the participation in thought, that lives in the destiny of hope; instead of dies in the rubble of want. Trust becomes our destiny as a participant in truth; because nothing less than trust can accept the foundations of law and truth that then keep us alive. We must trust our decision to accept “the miracle life is”. Or we cannot enter into the essence of thought, and thereby eternity itself.

Liars cannot be trusted, nor can they accept trust even in themselves; because it is not part of their identity or value.

That ultimately means: the decision of who and what to trust, are entirely your own/ it is required that you decide for yourself.

The foundation is simple: I TRUST GOD FIRST, as is born out in every miracle I see/ on a planet where everything is literally a miracle that extends beyond the imagination. I TRUST JESUS as the guarantor; we are not forgotten, but can be invited into a world beyond our own. He is the door, that lives. I TRUST TRUTH, because it forms the laws of life, and participates in the living that brings us joy. I trust love, but understand life not only comes first; but love identifies the value we shape our own identities with. As a human being, that can change or be rearranged in ways that fail.

It is functional and fundamental, that you should also recognize the realities of fear; as are consistent with the words: “the lack of trust, will become fear.” Fear is the descent that begins with chaos. You cannot recover from fear, unless you trust and identify what is true.

Critical is your need to understand, truth alone, stands up for life! Thereby we know, that when we live for truth, we do stand against the chaos, that can otherwise take life away. Truth eliminates fear, because it can defeat chaos with thought and courage and life. Fear eliminates life, because it can defeat the elemental foundations of thought, courage and life by asserting defeat, and loss of what has value. Thereby we know, that the struggle to hold and hope in value is the difference between living, and dying to life itself. LOVE is the elemental choice that becomes the greatest value of our life, and lives; as it stands alone against the loneliness that can inhabit this universe. LOVE limits fear, giving truth its barriers and boundaries and limiting all forms of conflict; by understanding love is not “a concrete wall”/ but a source of reflection that surrounds us with the memories called tolerance, so that we give and receive with honest hope for those, or that which attacks. Truth identifies in this human world; that we all die/ therefore to fear is without significant substance. But in no way does that eliminate the realities of what violence can do; either by choice or accident. The constant reality of proof, that is what heartbreak or loss, can be: reminds each one, that life is not a game, and neither will eternity be.

We will all die, it is a guarantee. But life is not regulated by death; beyond earth. Rather life is determined by our grasp on trust, as is determined by truth. As a small child is dependent upon the adult; so are you going to be dependent upon GOD himself/ to define an opportunity for you to live. A destiny for you to achieve: EARNED has more value. A value that you will share. Until the day when you have arrived at the time to be, “truly free”.

While I do talk to you about life and death and eternity; I am “Just a plain, simple man”; with an alteration that includes female. But certainly no more. The only real difference between me and you, as is human; literally becomes: a very extensive education, in all things life. While I have been given the opportunity to learn/ I am certainly not the source of what has been taught to me. Just so you know.

The universities teach all things want. Do you see the difference?

It is also true, that while the education grants a value that I have achieved/ it does not grant the ability to be “perfect” or any such illusion. As it is with all education, opportunities were enlarged, and the possibility of more was captured, through the acceptance of risk. The realities of failure, that did not, “go to far”. It was, a long hard journey; never encountered for rewards more than to understand and accept, the values of living and life as are born through true respect for GOD !

I chose carefully, the risks I was willing to “spend my eternity for”. I recommend you do the same. There is no “game of life” beyond time. Only truth survives/ only trust can build/ only love can bring joy as is the substance of why we choose to live! Love is love, making all who earn it: the same.

You should also recognize, the question some will ask is: WHY, would I want to live “forever”? If that is you, then ask yourself, WHY; would you want to die forever? If you have no answer: then I suggest you search for what is true in you. Because after you die is too late/ no “second chances in time”. As the grave so dramatically proves. If you say “life is not worth the price”/ then ask yourself, what different decisions could you make, or have made to improve that reality? If you need love, but there is none/ then accept as was true for me: that GOD has not abandoned his own children, those who desire love, and keep it alive in their own heart. The passion of their own lives. Simply understand, that in every miracle: GOD’S PRESENCE is here. Plainly understand: that the truth of our humanity is, that so much human corruption exists; it would be hard for the GOD who made us/ not to condemn us all, if HE came too close. Therefore we must “go to HIM”. Your soul is the path, your heart is the journey: keep it clean, and you will find your destiny.

I leave that, with this note.

Throughout my spiritual experience, apart from the initial moments: everything chosen and found; was orderly, distinct, disciplined, balanced, and fundamentally understood by me. Until opening the door to female. Wherein everything was “upside down”/ and bordering on chaos, and yet it was not. Or more simply everything about female has been “that way”; making it impossible to understand by any method known to male. Which is “what women do”; because they need a method for defense. A design reality/ not an installed, decision to manipulate or control. Male and female are the opposites of love and hate (which cannot live together as one). Male and female can live together as one love shared, because we care; even if we struggle with that fact. The critical question is: how does love live in an unbalanced world? The answer is: we care enough to change, what can be changed. Both male and female same. Or more distinctly: when we choose to care for each other, we do change for each other/ but we never invade or try to control each other. Because that removes the choice “to be with me”/ to create a prison that says “you cannot leave me”. The difference is freedom, and the reality of that freedom is where the passions of love will arise in the blessing of I desire you, or/ it will die, when you stole my identity, my heart to force my life to be what you wanted it to be. Destinies shared must belong together as one journey taken by two; or more. Realities of existence, definitions of truth by the consequences we then share: form a boundary that lives or dies based upon what we choose for each other and our world. Sometimes love, simply has to wait; not because it is lost; but because truth cannot wait for love to arrive, without a price.

The value of male and female together as one, is exceptionally clear: we do need each other to survive. Balance is essential, and if pushed beyond the means for one to make the decision that must be made/ it then becomes the duty of another to make that decision for both; with grace, rather than unnecessary force. To learn about each other in real world terms, has become an immense undertaking; because different, really is very different, in almost every way. Love is the essence of all true art, and artistic expression: which does not include significant amounts of the junk and trash that is called art today. Rather love as truth in art: your expression, our experience shared by the value of our own intimate hearts, is a moment we conceive as one. Which does make you and me, “the creators of our time as one”. Those who use that time to be creative and artistic with each other, learn how to become the essence of romance, and the blessing of hope in each other as life alive {the creation of truth}.

Fear holds you from it/ the tragedy of want, spills disgrace and disrespect with lies/ pride makes life a game, therefore losers and winners without a right of substance. Pain and suffering because I loved and failed/ or I trusted and lost/ or I believed but it was a lie/ or I wanted, but could never attain; are all elements of time without a purpose. A desire that has failed to accept: we cannot change the world/ but we must not change ourselves, unless it is with truth. That truth cannot be judged by anyone but you; and if you judge yourself, you have failed to recognize: love is the treasure we search for. That love must never be bought or sold, never traded for “trophies, trinkets, or toys”. Rather true love is the essence of what cannot be touched, without GOD accepting it shall be so. If your heart is true, souls reach out: and it shall be so. Learn to live in truth, and abide in the values that shape our individual destinies as one desire that can and will be shared.

It is further noted: that all physical indications of what the differences between male and female that exist, are; have been primarily established by “female tits” on me. They are honestly, “the strangest things” I have ever experienced. I tell you true, there is nothing male about them anymore, “they have chemicals, that are overwhelming”. The reality is simply this: “they do whatever they want” and I have to survive it, because there is no choice. The primary elements are: “a thousand feelings”/ an endless demand, to push out/ a change in all perceptions, that are now redefined by the impact of these breasts. Not an attack, but it is a reality that demands attention and respect; whether I like it or not; they are “part of me”. They have literally re-balanced how I look at life. And that is just one change, in the reality that shapes the lives of male and female. Or more simply; this is added to insure you don’t accept, “he’s imagining it”. Reality has simply shifted, to become “a fifty one percent change: you must see a female point of view”. Not sure why.

More distinctly, my existence is basically experiencing “an immigrant invasion”: little by little over time, what was my life and home, has been replaced, with the changes I would not have made. The home I lived in altered by the fact, “this was never intended by me; to be, me”. The reality of my choices, my living; are now being made by “the people” who are not “me”. While I cannot say its all bad; I can say this is change I never expected to experience or express. While it is true, I have no say; because the reality is a consequence of the decisions that have already been made. The foundation of that change is simple and clear: what I used to be has been replaced, and what I will be, has yet to be decided. Because I no longer control the fundamental truth, that “this is my life”. Instead, my life is now controlled by the fundamental truth: without change you die. What the end result shall become, is not known. It is however noted, that should my life die; what seeks to live with or in or as me; dies too. Therefore we truly are in this together, and must adjust accordingly or our fate is sealed as one. That said, it is my truth: that the spiritual woman inside, has more power to decide than do I. While that is not true of humanity at large, you are joined in the same fate or destiny as will be chosen by you. It is true of me, that my life will be determined by the spiritual truth of my soul. Today that is mixed with both female and male; how it ends, and to what degree, I do not know.

It does need to be said: that it is I, who immigrated into the female world/ although I never intended to enter that door, I was pushed in. Regardless I needed an answer, that only female could give, because this is, “the best men did do”. The reality is: we have then immigrated into each other’s world/ but I, being a foreigner here; have far less control or options or rights. “its complicated”! Our world has changed do to countless changes already made by universities and their intent to play god. Our future is dead, unless we take control over our own lives, and change back: to a value and a way that will sustain our lives and our planet. Once past the point of no return; we do become the living dead/ because we have then lost our ability to change anything, that will make a difference. Simple as that. The vast majority have absolutely no clue, and don’t want one: regarding all the threats about to make their lives a catastrophe/ destroy their future and child. Because they believe they have no choice. But we do have a choice; particularly with democracy: we can make our own laws as a society/ NOT as a dependent upon someone else. We can control our future with limited capitalism: which removes a great deal of power; standing beyond our reach at this moment. With a vote, no one gets to be extremely rich anymore/ no one gets to control the resources of our lives, unless we say so. But that leaves the truth: if you will not accept the limits and boundaries that are necessary to sustain life and the future/ your world, will all fall into chaos. In other words, think before you act/ let truth decide instead of want/ destroy the games, because reality for life, must lead; and “a thousand more”. NO, you can’t have everything you want, “just like the richest of people today”/ but they can have much less; and we can achieve happiness if we choose life and planet come first.

I will repeat: that the old testament prophecy of Daniel 12. is a countdown to the end of our world/ which begins that countdown, when the “great abomination rises”. That great abomination is trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here on this earth. Threatening the entire planet, and all life; as it will become another sun/ changing this solar system itself. There is no greater abomination than this one. Therefore the prophecy begins with the first machine that can ignite that nuclear fire; its first day of operation was april 1, 2012. which makes the last days of life on earth, ending in the spring of 2021. While we have been modified of that with the new testament prophecy of Revelation, which is divided into two parts: the first eleven “if men lead”/ twelve through 22 if women lead. I tell you true: to disregard either prophecy, is the purpose of a fool. Prophecy means: by all accounts of men, THIS IS, what they are going to do/ because that, is what they have always done. That, can in fact be changed by let women lead. But it cannot be done as men have done. It can only be done, by changing the law, and the realities that control how society works, lives, and creates a future for us all. Go ahead, sit on a couch and wait/ but dead is dead, and that means you too!

Take a real honest look; at recorded history, and the things men chose, throughout time! In real terms: WHAT HAS CHANGED? The answer is: only the weapons, and the damage/ because the cause and the realities have all remained the same. The answer of men is war. The answer of men is: why work, when we can just take what we want, from these others. NO, that is not the majority; but it is enough of men, to keep fundamental human history “without change”. The reasons you go to war, are exactly the same as the reasons they went to war. The cause which justifies war, remains exactly the same as it has been throughout all of history. This earth cannot take the realities of men; because too many people exist/ and too much damage has been done/ and too much horror has been built. Simple as that.

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