The failure of the human race, is constant throughout time. Failure means: to ignore reality, and want what you want; because you want it/ or don’t want it; and nothing else matters to “you”. It is the finite description of an animal. Animals do not ascend into eternity; although the worst of hate will descend into their own level of chaos “forever”.

And the people all say: “WHO, the hell are you/ to tell us anything”? We don’t need your opinion, cause you can’t prove a thing; and we won’t listen!

A fair statement is it not? After all, I am no ones leader/ I am plainly not “perfect”/ and nothing can truly be proven regarding the dividing line; that drowns eternity in blackness and the removal of body. But I can prove miracles of life, because they are so far more complex than any man or woman can even conceive of: therefore, GOD does exist. And has not abandoned us, according to the biblical testimony of JESUS.

So the question is: if you desire to be alive as a human being; which literally means “as GOD, designed you to be”. With the potential for an eternity? Then, are there not definitive realities which prove “yes, or no”?

The critical examination of the facts, prove this: that are lives are a gift, plain and simple, a reality conceived by love/ but corrupted by the human animal; to what our existence has become. And all the animals say: I WANTED WHAT I WANTED/ AND I TOOK WHAT I WANTED, AND NOBODY STOPPED ME, from playing god over life. Which makes me, “the superior one”/ able to judge all the rest; because I am nearly perfect “next to you”. But alas, life without consequences/ has become your ticket to hell, and all the rest that chaos will bring. Armageddon literally means nature in chaos (the universities gift, to you). While the apocalypse literally means: war for water, because there is no more for anyone to find/ now or never (while you drink blood). And HELL of course is the world released to the complete insanity of men; as their war escalates into terrors that cannot be stopped; beyond their own imagination. Just to name a few.

But hey, you don’t care: because after all, I can only prove the universities are mutilating all of nature. You have proven the water will run out. You are proving war is inevitable, and with the masses of people all straining to take what they can get: it will be weapons of mass destruction: because that, is what men do!

So, while I can prove your destruction is coming, without the slightest doubt/ and you cannot prove it is not; because of all the choices you have made. The consequences you avoided with lies; now surfacing to destroy the very foundations of life on earth. The realities of eternity, the quest we must all take; that leads into the very blackest of nights: remains elusive at best.

So the question is: WHAT do we know?

The answer is not religious, as that symbolizes belief; and belief can be whatever anyone wants it to be. All you do for religion; is accept, whatever you want; and call it true.

The answer is truth, and the law which governs this universe.

The critical question begins with “universe”: or what is existence?

The first part of universe, is determined by “light or dark”; wherein light exists because of motion/ and darkness exists, because of what hinders the light. We then understand, that without light, and the recognition of distance: there is no comprehension of space. These three then occupy what we call functional existence.

Time exists because of the deterioration of motion; into the darkness that hinders all light. Time exists: because of the nuclear existence of spin, and the forces that bound an atom into one composite existence that holds the power of physical energy and mass. Nuclear spin is an association created by the force of an action/ surrounded by the force of a reaction: which contains that kinetic; “timed energy” in its own environment of spin. Any atom that loses significant spin; dies and dissipates into eternity. The critical construction is kinetic energy forms the spin/ while “dark energy” forms the shield”, that holds time in place. The electrons feed time, in small increments of critical energy release. They do so by the influence of spin as well: the inner proton spins in one direction/ the neutron shell does not spin, by canceling that effect with the opposite spin (granting stability). While the electrons spin in the opposite direction of the proton/ sustained by passing through the proton core. Magnetism exists: because the spin of the proton is in the opposite direction of the neutron; the electrons circling it in close proximity to the neutron; continue in the direction of the proton. Because the energies are dynamic, and separated by opposite forces; they continue in a state of isolated stability. This keeps an area of interference that binds the two together in a very slow deterioration of energy itself. If they were to spin in the same direction: the electrons would be drifting off, due to frictional components; and then released from orbit; as is done by slowing the electron with electricity generation. The more it slows, the greater the voltage. The first part of time, is the creation of physical forces, that move and contain existence itself as a part of that time..  For a more diligent, basic look at the process you can go to the book “building time”/ as written by me, James F. Osterbur 

These two illustrations of thought through conception; are in fact a fundamental denial of the processes in delusion and fantasy that have been presented by “the universities”. About energy, sun, fusion, and more. Constructing the critical truth: no matter what you believe, the universities have built machines that gamble entirely with our entire planet, and all its life. Building their decisions on nothing more than stupidity, and the lack of a brain as is so evident by their worship of evolution; as their religion of choice. Evolution is short for “dead brain/ failed soul”. All of it LYING, A COMPLETE FRAUD; about what they do, and do not know; for a fact: just to play with life, and pretend they can be gods.

Think not? Then look at your own hand, and understand: this started from “sperm and egg”/ building in a very orderly disciplined balanced reality of purpose, all automatically; and your copy of those plans of life, are thousands of repetitions later: and still orderly, disciplined, and balanced: because that is how well they were designed, and integrated into the desire, that your own body should not only work, but be “a home of value”. Only an absolute fool, would consider any of that “an accident/ or built by chaos (which literally means the destruction of everything complex; down to its most simple form).” idiot!

The second part of universal existence is darkness: the core element of what is, or is not “absolute black”. Black absorbs light/ white reflects light: neither is universal to existence. Instead, elemental mass as is the substance which hinders light; consists of three distinct disciplines. They are not for your view.

The third part of universal existence is light: the purity of order, as it confronts and then controls the darkness by moving it aside. That too, is not for your view.

Instead, we will confront the essence of death, by examining the darkness of space, without motion to achieve light. The critical test is: are you in prison/ or can you move? The answer is determined by you.

Prison means: you have enabled your existence to be confined by the development of hate; to exist as “only you matters”. That leaves nothing beyond the limits of your own decision. Thereby chained into the grave that you made for yourself.

Movement conceives of light beyond the limits of time, as if the universe itself were an open door; through which life may enter as the destiny called soul. {everything else is strictly, mercy (GOD gives, as your love defines); it is not guaranteed}.

Soul is required, because you as a human being have no energy that belongs to self; and must acquire it to achieve the opportunity of sharing participation beyond time. That is no small thing, as the essence of motion itself, relies upon a foundation of movement that is so extreme, even thought has the opportunity to evaporate.

So the real question, of life beyond time, becomes: can the existence of your thought, survive the essence of death; which is all light, “the desires formed by heart”/ can no longer be seen?

The critical answer is: love participates in life/ while hate destroys even itself; all the rest are barren, and without substance.

The critical question is: HOW, does love survive, when all desire can be lost/ WHAT, is thought, without a home to conceive of self? The answer: love establishes the truth, that life without love in you, has no value. That GOD, the CREATOR of all that is life worth living, is as truly found: your only hope, and that reforms desire itself. The answer: thought uses desire to create self, that is the human element after want is cast out. Thought is motion, without a physical force/ it exists as the transportation between, or as destinies shared; through the envelope (not free), and development, of our own participation. The foundation of our universe is: the only treasure worth searching for, “IS LOVE”. Therefore, we are, “a mining planet”; and it is love that GOD grants life here, to then find. Thought lifts your desire above the level of heart, soul participates with GOD to achieve “the value, of your life”. Destiny then grants whatever hope is true, for you.

Just so its absolutely clear, and without doubt: I am merely a man, who journeyed into the edge of my own extinction; and survived. At least until the spiritual world of female was encountered; making life both different, and balanced; but complicated. {“life, from within, a very different point of view”. Demanding and enforcing; I learn, why, women are unhappy with men}. The man I used to be, “has been lost”/ what will be left of male; is no longer a decision that I will make. The entire experience, a complete surprise, without any intent whatsoever. The spiritual woman inside: requires that I tell you that/ I don’t know why “its complicated”. The value of my testimony, is up to you. I repeat: over ten years, I searched “everywhere” for a solution that would enable men to save this planet/ but this is, the best they did do. Leaving only one alternative: “to ask women, what would you do”; that ended with “a spiritual decision; that went awry for me”. But it did accomplish the only true goal in my life: “it is a chance (women are different), to keep this earth alive”. Even so, I do testify: that without JESUS, as biblically testified too; I would not have survived: an anchor is essential. That is my statement to you; and it is sufficient to the purpose, nobody gets to assume “religion”. You cannot make me into whatever you want/ I am merely a man who chose to fight for life, and entered into spiritual existence; because YOU chose to ignore all the evidence. Consequences will not be turned away with fantasy, or delusion. Realities, such as mutilating life/ or trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ and so many more: WILL BE HORRIFYING. Even if your cult lies, and swears they can play god/ they can’t. That too, is my testimony to you!

I cannot lead you, and I cannot save you or this world: only you can do that, because it is humanity itself; that proves destruction is your way. Nobody can change that, BUT YOU! IT IS,  I can only help. Your own decision then decides the fate of this earth/ because like it or not: you have to live the conclusion, and the consequences, of your choice. That demands: you shall not be led/ YOU shall choose; majority rules, unless GOD intervenes. Simple as that. Communicate it shall be so; or wait for the result of what your universities have done, the reality of your choice to follow those who have called themselves “your gods”. This work is to insure you did have your chance to save this world; and you thereby did, make your own decision as to the fate or destiny you shall soon receive. Find your brain, stop worshiping those who lead you to your death!

For clarity, my entrance into the spiritual world of female; went wrong, because they live in an entirely different dimension than male: utterly without reference to me. As such, the understanding I expected, could not be found; leaving me trapped in a female world/ unless, they let me go. The price of spirituality is: “you can enter any door you wish”/ BUT, you cannot leave, unless you do understand what is true in that arena of truth, by laws which govern it. Women are so far beyond (different) than the descriptions, or expectations of male; I still cannot understand. Although I am now being taught; which means “female is closing in: to then do, whatever this is for”. It is a demand, not a decision. “its complicated”. A reality with benefits “I did complete my work, because she balanced my heart”/ and consequences: as are true for all the decisions we make. But then since only a few have a brain (I can think for myself, and not just believe whatever the university says), my work has been limited. As at every turn, and every potential: something or someone has stood in the way. Because “your gods”, have made that so.

I will add one disclaimer: that my situation is NOT like any other on earth. The tragedy of failure, that is exhibited by those who are unhappy with their lives and their bodies; are not the same as me. “I loved male”/ and the spiritual entrance to the female dimension could only be found; at the very pinnacle of what male can become. On only one tiny nondescript hill, with only one tiny entrance: that was utterly sealed in my presence; to prove I was not going back. I am now an oddity: what should not exist, but does. How it all ends, I am without a clue. It won’t be me, that decides! I suppose, I could be an example of men will change; its not a choice. That is basically, the only thing I can understand/ although, I was standing at the edge of a strictly male decision; which is, since they won’t save this earth/ IS, war all that is left? Female took that away; and I am grateful; because war solves extremely little if anything; ever! Granting the truth: this is, “better than that”.  Biblically, I have become “the beast (representing men)” the woman rides in revelation 17; I do truly hope, that is just an illusion (something seen, without substance). My life is also to be found in Revelation 12; “the woman standing on the moon” represents female standing on something foreign, yet seen since the beginning of humanity; it is male. It is me. I have no idea why! I have never harmed a female, ever/ other than, I could not remain what they wanted me to be. The world of life, was more important!

Regardless of the consequences, it is being enforced: there will be NO backing away, from the decision that I made, to ask of; the essence called female: “what, would you do, to save this earth”? There will be NO backing away, from the decision that humanity makes regarding the consequences: for that same question: it is forever. It is, “for all”: Like it or not! The games are over; too much damage has been done. You must choose to live now by accepting reality will be governed by truth/ not want or lies. Or your world will die!

What you believe has no value/ only what is true, will decide.

As for me; the realities of my life have changed so dramatically at this point; that I am confronted “with a tragedy of my own”/ unless, the truth of what life has become; does in fact lead to a world saved from humanity itself. Anything less, would be tragic to me; as it is right now. The critical element is possession, and the reference is: that many men believe they possess their wives, or any woman they want. The reality is: you have elevated yourself to god/ and lowered them to slave. Without a cause, beyond disrespect for life itself. Life is not fair, unless it is free to choose; and that includes all aspects of marriage or gender relationships. If then you have become a judge over someone else/ your purpose is a prison, and your failure is a cause for your own, eternal damnation. ONLY GOD is allowed to judge/ only the law, is allowed to intervene; and keep humanity within its own boundary for peace through happiness.

As for you: the tragedy of media/ the curse of politics/ the fantasies and failure of university knows/ the lies of the judiciary/ and the constant disgrace of want, instead of truth; all align to prove you won’t survive much longer. Because the truth itself does not lead! You only want whatever you want, and believe whatever you believe will be enough.

In contrast to that is reality: that propaganda won’t fix/ denying reality exists as do politics won’t help/ the disaster of people playing god, with complete disrespect for life and planet/ the courtroom demand to destroy democracy, and the plague of apathy for all things real; are just a taste of what will come, as reality surrounds you all, and the way out is nevermore. I asked throughout the decades: for a simple trial that encompasses the reality of threat that can and will make us all extinct/ because you won’t be able to go back in time. This is the final decision, or there will be true change/ and few will accept that without a very disciplined and orderly trial, that balances all interests so that what is real; can in fact stand apart and prove itself to the world of humans. Nothing less will keep this earth alive; and your leaders absolutely don’t want any such trial: because it will expose them, for all they did wrong. It will lead to freedom by reality, purpose, and desire; or it will fail life/ and you will war, to the end of time. Even more will establish disaster and catastrophe; because we are so many people/ truth demands change. So much horrifying disrespect, that nothing less than change this; will keep us alive. As always; you can believe anything you want/ as always, what you believe is what you want; and want is the foundation of all lies. When did a lie help you survive? I tell you true: lies shall not keep this earth alive, and that is all you have; with little else. You cannot survive the truth of what a university education has cost. Simple as that!

As for women, it is ultimately true; that life as you know it must change/ or you will fail. To rule a world requires that only truth and justice must come first. To achieve that your own wants must be erased; because anything less, will be the very same as men; with only a few differences that will not matter to life or planet. Justice for all, including the realities of living across this globe; which includes all life; is no small thing. Truth, as it relays the relationships we must achieve with our world, our living, and our future; does not include “manipulation/ temptation/ corruption/ or any of the other things women choose to use in their own relationships with men or each other”. In other words: the game is dead/ and that means pride has failed you. Or more simply, because men have failed to achieve or accept the values that humanity was created to participate in: women are provided with one last chance to make that decision, and achieve that goal/ so this world does not die. You can only do so with law: there is no other way. If you fail, this entire world will drop into chaos and war: because that, is where the universities led life to be; with what will soon become an endless failure. As is the only god they could achieve was “satan”. OUR CREATOR WILL help you sustain his world. But if you don’t try, and achieve respect: all life will be lost. The lies are over/ the game is dead/ the future is lost: unless truth is found. That fact, enables the possibilities of change: either good or bad/ because the leadership has proven to be WRONG. In so many ways, it is inconceivable; bringing forth the statement “they must not have a brain”.

They, and their followers are, as the universities taught them to be, “simply animals/ pretending to be human”. Nothing less, could be so blind/so bound up in want, they have no soul/ so devoid of reality and value, that an entire earth can be lost. But then reality proves the religion of a university is chaos/ and chaos has nothing to do with life; as it merely destroys everything complex.

Everything diverse is being eliminated, including the options of humanity. Because a dead man’s world is so small; nothing else is allowed: thereby he can play god, with what he knows, by destroying what he cannot control! To take more he builds armies/ to control more, he creates fear. Human WANT, has no brain/ it knows little more than revenge or playing god, in one form or another! That is the human curse; an animal only knows want as need or desire.

Even the tiniest form of a brain knows, “I cannot be GOD”/ and would never try. The universities do not know that, and have taught the rest to believe: to their own shame.

Take an honest look; and the evidence will prove without doubt: EVERYTHING COMPLEX, is under attack, and dying; because the universities have played god. ONLY HORROR AND CATASTROPHE are left for them to attain, in their descent to HELL. One last chance: stand up for your world, or lose it!

This world is about to prove, with extinction: that humans could NOT play god/ and that all they did do by claiming to be gods, was WRONG. You are the last of the dead/ the people who had no brain. A reality proven true, by the lack of a single one being found; who will even communicate the truth of university experimentation that is so horrendous: OUR PLANET CAN BE IGNITED INTO A SUN. Instead of fighting for our world, you hide and pretend that is enough. To your shame; you believe in the universities more than life itself. Thereby earning your reward.

I did my job, and you rejected me without restraint; the rest, is yours!

Take a look at your impending world war; and all the destruction men cause. Soon your entire world shall be involved; because the only real answer of men is war/ and overpopulation has MANY problems that cannot be resolved with want; in a world that has already been ravaged and raped throughout. Force world LAW/ end the current conflict by demanding isolation, and removing all protections from Turkey “at this moment”; such as no longer a part of NATO. End the American military base, and bring them back: or let it stop now. Leaders have no right to use excessive force/ when they will find themselves in world court, being charged with world laws; that can in fact cause themselves to be EXECUTED. If they know the law is coming: the leaders, will stop.

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