As I listen to all the words people say, “how great the weather is”. 10-15 degrees higher than it should be for a sustainable world. Only the tiniest handful understand the consequences of human heat release; particularly when it is strictly a choice, you don’t need to make.

The reality is: 12 billion tons on just Greenland, in a single day/ when you calculate how much heat was then absorbed by that ice to melt: you can then understand. When the ice is gone, that heat will remain; and even grow; because humanity is growing at 3% the historical average; by another quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year.

While there is ice, the temperature can be moderated by melting that ice. When there is no ice, there will be no plants, no life, and that includes yours, and your children. In addition when there is no ice to establish convection: the link between hot and cold which then attracts the hot wind from the equator to spiral and cool around the poles. Without that attraction: hot air rises further, and accelerates faster, and with no plants and no trees (because you cut them all down)/ your world goes out of control, and the atmosphere becomes like on other planets; attempting to move at the same speed as the earth mass. With greater temperatures more water vapor rises from the oceans, “water”; which ends in massive storms/ with accelerated winds, those storms become hurricanes and tornadoes/ that excess water “must go somewhere” so it floods. The change from winter to summer; becomes a constant deluge, and crops fail; just to start the cycle of trouble, established because “You want what you want; both male and female”/ and refuse to pay the price, now that humanity has overridden our securities on this world.

The curse of men is: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NOTHING ELSE; and their women push as well. But unlike other times in history doubling the human population in fifty years has consequences unlike any other time on earth. It will double again is less than thirty; if you were to survive/ which you cannot. So the reality is: without immediate and true change: you have truly assassinated your own children, and even yourselves. Because reality lives by the laws which govern its own truths. That reality proves without doubt: there is no future without true change in human behaviors/ and it is absolutely irrelevant what you believe; the evidence is absolute, and sure. That means: the men who led us here to the brink of extinction; by ravaging, raping, and ruining any resource they could find: is over/ or the human race is dead.

It is like the constant of men: even if one leaves the best tree in the forest to replant and reseed and begin again. Another man will come along and cut it down; because he wants the money more than the future. Claiming “he has to do it this way, and that is all you need to know”. Because the very last thing men want is change/ unless it is to make themselves “rich” (which of course requires, that he make the others slave). There is no life, there is no money, there is no future: without a resource, or without a planet that keeps us alive. That is a foundation requirement everyone should understand, without further explanation. Simple and plain: the old ways of men, as a majority decision: that history proves they have used without exception for thousands of years. Have become the death of our world/ particularly since university arrogance fails us all, and even tries to destroy both life and planet on purpose/ but behind closed doors. To the shame of this entire human race.

And all of life says to me: WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO, I ain’t got no power/ etcetera. But the answer is: you can communicate the reality we need to investigate our situation as life on earth and determine what our future is going to be with or without change. So that we cannot be surprised with death. If even one percent in this USA does so, it is over 3 million people yelling we have rights: we need to know! The one percent hold “all your money”/ but you own all your votes. How is that not true?

And this is where, the people scream “not me/ DON’T tell me nothing”; and run away, never to show their face again.

To whatever few might find this: it is important to repeat, that you must find your brain/ there is no room for a herd here, and that requires you to think for yourselves.

More simply, a herd joins together in fear of a predator; each face, in the next ass, so as to keep the predators out. Focused only on “we must, all do the same/ act and react the same/ or we die”. HERE, where humanity has overridden nature to the point of its extinction: the herd has killed itself, by the lack of balance. Which means: today, if you don’t learn to think/ rather than follow the university beasts pretending they are gods; as a cult: There is literally no hope. Not leaders/ devils by design: “lets bring chaos” in worship of their god called evolution.

The failure of life on earth, the failure of respect for our planet, the failure of resources, the failure of time: are all intrinsically tied to the cult called “university knows”. Which means, as a cult follower: you will remove yourselves from their hypnotic trance, or die.

To repeat: mass hypnosis is as simple, as turning the people into a herd of animals (we must all move and focus as one)/ as the universities have already done. By removing humanity, they made you their fools. Humanity is, the understanding life is more than what we see, want, expect, or hear: life is a miracle. Which means, beyond our true conception/ a sacred gift, we can never repay. Animal, merely wants; and has no conceptual brain/ therefore it lacks true understanding “like you”.

Mass hypnosis begins with assembling a single decision among the people; so as to remove their intent to decide for themselves: they made their decision/ and now all that is left is to make them fear. So they move as a herd (mob), rather than individual people who do decide for themselves. NOT based upon the information that a tiny few present/ but by the evidence itself; as is concurrent with understanding and accepting the truth: that life is a miracle, and could never be an accident of countless unthinkable chances to get it right. That would be consistent with the need to decide for yourself/ rather than go along with “whatever the leaders might say”. But the herd lives or dies, because it does not question the leader/ and the herd demands of every life within it, that you must do, act, and be the same as us: or we are all in trouble, and will be eaten by the predators. So there is little acceptance, and a demand for judgment; against all those who are not the same. Which means: you must decide for yourself/ if you are an animal of the herd: or a real life person, with a brain of their own.

If you are human being alive in the moment of time living grants: then you know, that we cannot survive the loss of reality by university fantasies and delusions. What is truth, by the laws which govern our existence as a living world: decide our fate. Which means: either we gather the information needed to quantify and correct what truth requires us to be at this moment in time/ establishing without doubt to all the people, that they must accept the understanding of this evidence. Fairly and deliberately cataloged to be as honest and true as our humanity itself can make it. So that being truly wrong; as the evidence proves university religion, and its cult are: cannot make us extinct. The animals only want, and cannot hear. So the reality of this work is: to crush the cult, so that life can return to the living, and humanity can learn to breathe again. By saving this planet from extinction: as it is surely and truly going to be, without change.

While it is true, the odds of that happening are “millions to one”/ the reality of our extinction coming soon and forever: is a billion to one we will die. So take your pick; and remember “nothing grows so slow, as a tree you never planted”. So to speak.

Crushing the cult means: those who are playing god/ by any and all means; shall be stopped, with whatever means are necessary to fully and completely and forever stop their assault on life. That would mean stopping the herd which follows, and gives them the opportunity to destroy life on earth. It does not mean: that everything the universities do is wrong. It does mean: everything the universities and people do, that cannot fully recognize life is sacred, and this planet is no game; the future must survive; will be graded for its role in destruction or a blessing we need to survive and rebuild our lives. Not going back to the “stone ages”/ but not mutilating life and planet or the future anymore. Simple as that.

You have unfortunately built yourselves into a graveyard, and closed the door; by universities leadership. To get out of that grave: massive change must occur. And all of humanity says: I WANT, what I want/ and I AIN’T GOING TO GIVE NOTHING UP, that I want; including the demand “I get everything; before I die”. So the tomb exists, and the reality of the grave diggers are busy. And by the time you know, that this world has died; and will take you with it/ there are no options left; because you chose to die. Too late now, no second chances will exist; once few can doubt, or before.

AND ALL SAY; “CAN’T happen here/ the universities are our saviors; they will keep us alive”! Refusing the reality: these are the people who led us to the edge of extinction, and are working feverishly to close the coffin before you can escape. HOW are they going to save you? Answer truthfully, as your world depends upon that answer.

Here is a foundation element, just one in a sea of many: the corn plant has been genetically altered to produce more seed; and all shout hurrah. But the reality of that decision is limited too: their work removes every form of defense against disaster this subspecies of “grass plants” has. Therefore it can grow more seed. But if one single genetic alteration releases a disease upon that plant. Then because it is mutilated genetics: EVERY SINGLE VARIANT OF GRASS IS IN DANGER OF COLLAPSE. And you cannot just go back. Some of those variants are: rice/ wheat/ oats/ and all their cousins, even the grass in your lawn.

You cannot go back, because genetic alterations released into nature itself/ change that nature in fundamental ways; because all genetics is shared material in one form or another; and it won’t go away. Seedless of course means: nothing gets moved, unless men do it. NO insects left means no birds either, and much more. As to corn: their genetics rely upon one single genetic strain, as the base structure for their continued production of seed that will not grow; because men chose that for the corn plant. That base genetic strain when last checked, was producing roughly 15 bushel per acre; and could simply fail at any time. Leaving their entire seed industry without a functioning way to continue. Without fertilizers things will change anyway; it won’t be long/ and you cannot wait for “something else”. The graveyard is waiting.

Humanity risks EVERYTHING; in an “endless” series of extreme experimentation as designed by the university “gods”/ who claim they aren’t risking anything. Yet extreme experimentation with energy; literally trying to bring the same energy/ same fire here; as is on the sun. RISKS THIS ENTIRE PLANET; “see the sun burn”/ ITS REAL! EXTREME DISRESPECT; as is the evolutionary cults who mutilate genetics: WHICH ARE NATURE, every single day across this world; are trying to prove they can be gods/ by changing life. And they will; what is now essentially perfect; WILL BE HORRIFYING. And your damn worship of fools/ liars/ traitors/ thieves/ terrorists/ and more gives them access: to build your grave. HOW DAMN FOOLISH AND BLIND; ARE THEN YOU? Answer, the fucking question; because it is going to wallow around in your head. Make it simple: yes, we need to know the real truth/ or no, you believe in your cult gods, and cannot ask a single question/ because that “ruins religion”. Ain’t it so?

Hitler and all those who were like him throughout the generations; which does include the ancient Jews, who were always trying to war with their neighbors. No better than the rest. All pale in comparison with “the university gods” who do fight, to cover up this is truly about ending life on earth. And nothing less or more. While media covers it up/ and the cult worshipers refuse to ask a single question.

Yet, for forty years; you ridicule and belittle me; because none have defeated me. And YOU DON’T want, what you don’t want. So apathy, disrespect, failure to care, and fundamental choices to destroy the future and every child, and every life on earth continue: because the end result is, YOU choose to let this earth die/ rather than fight for life or planet.

I DO, understand: you only have one life to live/ and how nice it would be to have “everything”. BUT LIFE COMES FIRST, and this planet is the only home we get in time: SO IT COMES FIRST as well. You, choose to cannibalize your children/ and hate me, for proving it true. So you do, run away to hide. Simple as that.

As we watch, the values of men implode upon this world/ the constant reality (men at war) of traitors (I want yours) attacking traitors (there is no place for you here). Alas, unlike any other time in history: The truth is: this earth has come to the moments, when there is no place for billions to run too. And the cost of immigration is: an invasion, not a right! Soon there will be no food/ no water/ no resource/ and no time on earth without war; as reality proves: humanity has destroyed itself with overpopulation. Among the many other life ending threats, that will cause our extinction from this planet; that can be traced back to “university knows”. Doesn’t mean healthcare was bad/ but it does mean: without balance as is “predator and prey”, the whole world dies.

So as history proves: men are happy to prove “predator and prey”/ destroying the entire fabric of civilization and law and resources while they play their game.

Soon men will realize, “this has gotten out of hand”/ and in an effort to stop it here: they will choose weapons of mass destruction; because that, is what they do. A few attacked will escape; and bring their own weapons (many are possible, in more ways than you imagine; including biological) “to the enemy”/ by sneaking it into their cities. After all, you destroyed us: WHY should we not destroy YOU? It is, “only fair”. And the world itself quickly falls down, as men always prove: find a group that has been weakened/ and then pounce; to destroy them completely. Alas, the world has changed; and instead of victory; mass casualties will rise; ending with complete insanity: and that releases all the weapons of mass destruction that can be found. You are reminded: previous data suggests “as little as 25 nuclear weapons” can kill this world; because of the consequences that arise. While releasing biological weapons will be horrifying, to every life on earth; leaving only the tiniest possible few. While chemical releases will in fact be like: Bhopal India (one tiny cup of liquid into the wrong pipe, by accident; so they say).

But hey, you don’t need to do nothing: because after all, “just like extreme experimentation/ mutilation/ and more that the universities do”. After catastrophes arise: you can just “reach out your hand, and turn the switch off”. Now ain’t that right? WAKE UP OR DIE/ it is an inescapable fact!

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