Let’s simply ask, “what is the value of a life”? Humanity says: “its all in how you measure it”! But reality does not agree.

Reality describes each and every living thing, as a miracle of absolute complexity so far beyond human conception; that we will never understand the truth of it on this earth. University disagrees; and says “we are gods, and we will make our own living things (by using the genetic realities of nature)/ with adding chaos, the god we worship as our own”. Therefore the two basic sides of human knowledge, are simply these: thought distinguishes reality through the essence of its own complexity, while truth refuses to deny the respect that reality defines. On the other side called “science”, the university fantasizes about how they are going to become god/ and geneticists claim they will do that, by causing nature itself to be destroyed: thereby learning through destruction of order, balance, and disciplines; “how their religion evolution” made the world. The difference being: a non-functioning “big brain”, without any sense, value, or reality. VERSUS, an honesty that accepts the foundation of nature and earth are the values given to us, a reality of thought established by the evidence; to create, what we otherwise cannot know.

Thereby we come to value: the universities say, everything was made as “one piece at a time”/ with each and every piece of a living organism being the result of an accidental alignment of “parts”; at over one trillion to one apiece. Making the total wishful thinking; a one to ten times more numbers than can be held on this page. Because they say that all of nature is strictly an accident; even though nature represents untold trillions of those accidents in alignment with each other, per each complex organism. They say as geneticists playing god with evolution as their guide: that chaos is the answer to how we make life on our own. “can’t be god” unless you can make life or control energies so extreme they are not allowed on this earth/ and must be released by men: even if it turns our earth into a sun; or will it not be known.

In the value of life: there is nothing more certain than the truth: you cannot make a human body or other life/ unless you do have all the pieces at one time, working in perfect harmony and unison with each other. As that is the price of life, ask any doctor; if a heart has value without blood/ or blood has any value without vessels/ or “a thousand more”; that is absolutely plain and obvious. More simply life CANNOT be built, one piece at a time; and that is a known fact, beyond dispute.

Granting the universities: an Absolute proof of complete fantasy, and a purpose of delusion so extreme; that it cannot be simply a mistake [one of many]. Therefore the question is: what did they gain, and why? The answer as the evidence will prove is: that they did in fact gain access to destroying this earth and all its nature; for the sheer desire to play god, without interruption from people whining “this ain’t right”. By controlling the educational facilities/ communications/ counterfeiting dollars/ courtrooms/ and politics: they stole your brain. To steal your world. To destroy life itself; as is the construction of “SATAN”/ a religious word, but it fits.

Discarding the universities: returns us to the quest that is life itself. To understand and accept the dignity of our lives, the respect for what our bodies can do, the intensity of gender realities, the honesty of what death does mean, the value of being kind, caring, sharing, love, truth, happiness, hope, courage, discipline, heart, order, balance, and all that value does mean. Because the essence of our lives is not held in measurements; but in life itself.

The quest to accept

the spirit inside of me, “says stop”.    There are simply “no free rides/ no cheap tickets” to what lives beyond time. The purpose being: if you don’t belong; because love, and your own reality of caring, sharing, respect, trust, courage, hope, and truth was not enough/ you will not arrive here. It is a pure choice, built upon your own desires; that will not be altered. This much I give you: While time is the distance energy has brought to you/ heart (an acceptance born by love), is the shared passage beyond time, that allows the value within to decide, if this is your home.

More specifically, time is a physical energy, while life belongs within the core elements of energy itself. Where the difference is not an action or reaction/ but the cause of motion as it exists. Rather than, as energy presents itself to humanity; the beginning distinction is: “within the boundary wall, that divides an action from a reaction”.

A note: “feel free” to ridicule the concept of “spiritual”/ as everyone knows, those who cannot or will not even identify the reality of evidence that proves life is not an accident/ nor is it building piece by piece, simply picking whatever you want off the shelf/ presto, or should I say ooga booga, as I am not familiar with “witch doctor”: you decide. As human university science; obviously knows, “everything”.

it seems only fair to repeat again, that the spiritual world is a dangerous place, where only truth decides what is fair. That truth however lives or dies in every decision that you make. The consequences can be extreme, and the realities can be “a door, of no return”. Every soul will experience it/ every honest heart, will find mercy/ but every liar, every proud purpose, everything; that does not belong to a world “filled by love”: will be removed.

Mine, is an unusual journey; having been allowed to find the door to “female spirituality”: due to the extreme need of this planet to find a solution as to how we the life on earth could survive the consequences of men and their universities. After a ten year search, where NOTHING male could be changed: they refuse reality; earth shall be extinct. Only then did I search for female, to ask one simple question: WHAT, would you do different? I rather thought, I could just stand at the door, and ask; without going in/ but I could not have been more wrong. Immersed in female, the cost to male has been high; she treats me exactly like the composite description of how men have treated women (I get to be “the wife”) for centuries if not longer. Insuring I should know how it feels. They do have cause for complaint, and more. If this earth survives, it was and is well worth the price. But if not, then it is simply a decision that I made, with consequences that had to be accepted: before opening that door. NOT your savior; just unwilling to let life on earth die/ demanding, there has to be a solution! The solution of women is: let women lead/ and as men have no solution but war which will establish extinction; they cannot lead. At least women are different, and I can tell you plain to both genders: WE ARE LITERALLY, far more different than any human being can realize or explain. Different, has or will have: different ways. Whatever that is, it cannot be as bad as extinction for an entire planet of life! Simple and plain; reality talking truth.

It apparently needs to be repeated: that for ten years, I never once even slightly considered the idea of women leading life on earth/ the thought did not exist. After ten years, the need for options other than man, led me to “ask a woman/ women; which failed”. So I searched for the spiritual reality of women instead: to encounter such a simple answer as, “let women try to lead”. Never occurred to me once/ had to be told; just too stupid I guess. Still not a desire, but without war; it is the only solution possible: and LIFE, for an entire planet, IS WORTH THAT PRICE. But not as men lead as has proven to be a failure to all life on earth, particularly through university control. By the reality of female, and the consequence of making the laws that then rule the planet, and each nation; for justice/ not greed or want. For all that life should be/ rather than all that men have wanted it to be. Truth decides, not humanity: is how we survive. If women are not willing to accept that reality, then life will die. Men believe all they need is war: but kill a billion people, and there are still at least 7 billion more to go/ it won’t work! Because even a billion is not nearly enough, and worse.

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