The most grievous reality of university deceit/ “the cult of we don’t care about any life (but me)”: extends in countless different directions, all of which identifies the fact: that the future of this earth is dead/ and the children are thereby assassinated; because there is no hope, without true change.

We will then examine that as truth, rather than lies.

  1. The most extreme gamble is: that the “scientists” can ignite a nuclear fire just like on the sun/ and that fire, will just extinguish itself; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain it. Their key elements of why, can all be proven wrong; starting with fusion (the sun makes helium with every btu)/ an outright lie, proving not easy to control.
  2. The most extreme gamble next is: that “scientists” can mutilate nature which is DNA; and not cause a complete destruction of life throughout this world. Because their god of evolution was believed to create all of life and planet strictly by accident or chaos: chaos being by definition: the violence of stripping anything complex, into its most simple form.
  3. The most extreme gamble next is: that weapons of mass destruction will not be used/ therefore “saviors”. But even one insane individual, can ignite a nuclear war/ release biological warfare on us all/ or cause extreme loss of life, by simply releasing chemicals as was seen at Bhopal India/ or they can cause mayhem electronically, disrupting countless lives. All because a tiny few: want to make you fear.
  4. The most extreme gamble next is: that every resource, can either be destroyed by any and all means possible; or simply thrown away into the garbage/ where it will never return due to cost. No resource/ no life; simple as that.
  5. The most extreme gamble next is: that the planet itself can be discarded in all and every form possible, by men who do not want to pay the price of keeping life on this planet. Global warming is just one of many: without ice, the planet heat cannot be moderated/ and life will die throughout our world. Leaving very few to survive if any. NO you can’t just turn on the air conditioner; it is the primary cause of global warming today: because reality will prove, you have no food to eat. Without plants, and especially trees: the atmosphere will disconnect from the surface/ and the wind will accelerate tremendously.
  6. The most extreme gamble next is: humanity does not need to control itself, in any conceivable way: room for billions more people/ nobody has to die. But that fact is causing the extinction of everything else, and it will accelerate: because we eat other life/ and without that other life to eat, and the habitats they need to survive, pollution free anything; etcetera/ you too are done living here on earth.
  7. The most extreme disease on earth is: that the universities are god, and they can lead “cause they are so smart”. Alas reality shows: the universities have in fact discarded life on earth as lost/ discarding the children without the slightest fight for their lives. Because that would be difficult, and they only want to play. Which is why, their choices are a constant: life on earth or the earth does not matter/ because just human overpopulation will kill us all soon. That is in fact true; but it does not mean we should just give up, and destroy the world as do they. Cults exist: because the people who believe, have thrown away their need to understand anything “blame the leaders/ not me”. But without followers, there are no leaders; making you equally responsible.
  8. The next most extreme disease on earth is: debts don’t matter to government/ only the slaves have to pay; WE the leaders of university knows, can have anything we want. And their endless extreme toys, to fill their delusions and fantasies with the fate of life on earth; so they can play god. Does prove it is so. The fact is: in America, faced with the conclusion of “EITHER LIE/ OR PAY THE PRICE OF NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY”; the extreme majority all said LIE! Because they all said “I will pay later, but never did”; and that is true of everything, not just money. But let’s face the truth for a moment: to understand, when you just keep adding trillions of numbers to the currency, and to the debts. What that really means is someone in the future is going to have to pay the debts you created: making their lives lost, because you stole their future. Just like the universities have been doing (stealing the future), across this planet to every child on earth.
  9. The list is long, the cancer of university knows; the cult worship of tyrants, failures, fools, liars, cheats, thieves, whores, traitors, terrorists, and more; cannot be undone, without severe change. And everyone says, with extremely few exceptions: I DON’T WANT TO PAY! Alas, nobody does/ not even me: unless you put life and planet first. Unless that happens across this world quickly; if not already too late: we will go extinct. Because the cost of all their lies, the reality of all their fantasies, and the cult worship of all these people; have already caused extreme harm to our future. We will need to fight, to survive. OR, like the universities did some decades ago, when they realized where life was going: THEY JUST SAID NO, “lets take all we can get instead/ let, the children be DAMNED. And all the rest of the people said: DON’T tell us nothing/ just save us from paying our debts, and we won’t care about nothing else. Simple as that.I tried for forty plus years to change that, and failed. In the beginning it was all “facts and figures” and every method of value that proved the future would be lost/ and every single one said to me: DON’T DO NOTHING, because I am making “good money” for the first time in my life/ and don’t you do NOTHING, to change that! End of the story. Proving they must think differently (and I changed to throwing out “bread crumbs”) while waiting. Then came waiting for a new day was over, when reality would prove; this won’t work anymore: “9/11”. but it just added fear, and greed/ selfishness/ lies/ and cult worship did not diminish; it just hid more. So here we are today, waiting for extinction; because truth alone survives/ and all your lies are going to die. Simple as that.It is noted, and the reality can be proven true: that the real cause of all this turmoil, which in turn has financially, morally, and ethically destroyed many foundations which made America what it use to be. Was in fact caused by weapons of mass destruction, and the consequent cold war. That is where the money went. It was equally destructive, “to go to the moon”/ which was deliberately a deceit played upon the public to hide the fact: that the real purpose was to build intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles. The Vietnam war was just a training ground for world war 3! These caused extreme financial debts: which no one wanted to pay for, Americans angry; so they did what they could, and bought foreign goods. Along with that came evolution, “the universities demanding to play god, because chaos was the creator; so they couldn’t be wrong”. The most severe fraud this world has ever seen.

    As to the humanity and its greed; ask yourselves if their children and grand children are not the same? Even if they are slightly more aware, they still WANT, “all they can get”; most, for nothing; as are debts that will never be paid!


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