The horror of fools in charge, men who demanded “we can play god”. Just as the universities said: we have escaped our boundaries, and now make our own decisions.

So, today with all life on earth collapsing around us as extinction rates begins to multiply past the point of no return/ because of human decisions. The values and the realities of university begin to prove by the evidence: their ability to play god is limited to, SATAN (yes we can destroy this world).

By the evidence: their demand, NO consequences for us/ proves to be another lie. The endless wants, prove to be: death for all.

  1. The consequences are extreme (we don’t have to do nothing, for life); they begin with a human population increase of over double in the last 50 years or so; their lies cover up the exact number. Doubling the impact of “man” on life. NO acceptance of the fact, life will end due to this lack of decision/ or the absolute need for balance, & discipline.
  2. All forms of weapons of mass destruction have increased in violence (we can make them fear)/ along with tripling the amount of men who have access to use them. Science states as little as twenty nuclear bombs detonated; could kill this earth with its consequences. One release of biological weapons, and humanity could end. All order extinguished.
  3. The killing of base food groups (we can make poison), leads to endless diversity lost. No insects/ no birds, fish, amphibians, and much more. No ocean ice; and the base food source that grows from that fresh water source on the ocean; ends, along with all it fed. Endless trash in the seas, destroys life/ and all the rest. No drinking water, after trillions of tons of poison on, under, around, and in; are intentionally dumped “everywhere” on earth.
  4. No diversity in food groups (we don’t need to leave life NOTHING)/ destroying the intentional boundaries throughout subspecies so as to leave the entire plant species itself open to destruction by disease and more. Moving all livestock, fish, etc: into closed confinement/ the prison yard of disease is coming, and there is no way out; for you as well. With antibiotics that disease multiplied in intensity / and changed by chemistry.
  5. The entire food industrial production of agriculture now (we are gods) dependent upon fertilizers; it was believed twice already, that the supply of potash had been used up/ soon it will be; and chemical agriculture ends accordingly. Because the plants have been altered to need that potash/ rather than use it. The entire ocean swept clean of “feeder fish”/ as trawlers empty the sea, and refuse to leave enough fish to reproduce, or feed the larger fish and creatures who need them. None of it survives.
  6. WE HAVE machines to prove we are gods of this earth now (nothing can stand in our way). So with endless pollution/ the destruction of atmospheric oxygen content/ endless heat released/ endless devastation of all resources/ endless habitat destruction/ endless garbage/ and absolutely no respect for life or planet. The human demand “we can just shake our ass, and laugh at reality”; will prove to be horrific.
  7. Extreme experimentation (let’s prove we are gods); mutilates life, ending the sanctity of nature/ ending the order and balance of energy/ ending the very disciplines of truth and reality that gave us all life, and time. Because the universities god of evolution has decreed “chaos is god/ and we will worship the university god: by bringing chaos to all life, and processes on earth”. Just like every religious zealot throughout time has done. Unlike them, even the witch doctors of the past had more sense than a university today; chaos builds nothing, but death and destruction of order, leaving nothing complex; which proves it cannot build life. But this is the day of the university; and they have proven their only purpose is selfishness. Their only means is greed, and they get all their money by counterfeiting and stealing from the masses to enslave, use, threaten, and abuse human life.

Proving this generation: earns the title, “greatest fools, who have ever lived”. Congratulations, you earned your title; the university is your god.

The nobility (universities) decide that you must worship them, therefore they create fear. Because fear is a mover of people, and they forget to think for themselves. Media is the fear monger: peddling “believe, only believe”/ and act as the whip masters of old; to subjugate the slaves into submission. The believers are then required to accept whatever they are told: because to do anything less or more; forces the cult of university worshipers to take action against you. So, we ask: WHY? And the answer is: so they can play god with life. The release of a disease, does not warrant the destruction of your own society. That is being done: intentionally, as insurgents do! The only real difference is: these people want to own your heart, and soul; in worship of themselves. Welcome to the participation of “satan (destroyer of worlds)”; in your lives.


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