It is, time to face our truth. Time to destroy the lies of university, the insanity of complete failure, the parasites who eat out our lives with their greed, and the curse of fools who literally and intentionally try to exterminate us all. Or, in other words: the animal of man must be stopped. The humanity of our lives MUST be found.

An animal describes, the living existence of a freedom unleashed to be whatever need requires it to be/ whatever want, believes it can achieve. Animals do have similar physical desires to human; but they cannot achieve the construction of thought, nor its conceptions of future, as is the reality of being human. As is evolution to the human animal: “we just took whatever we wanted, from what we found/ and owe nothing, because we killed for it”. The reality of being human: owes its creation, to the conceptions that are alive with thought; and the understanding, nothing exists simply by chance/ nothing is born from chaos/ nothing intricate can be formed without knowledge, understanding, wisdom, balance, discipline, order, courage, respect, tools, methods, values, or an acceptance known as decision. Proving the animal lives beneath us, on the scale of life!

The university animals, who are determined to kill us all; and live to deceive as many as possible; are a vile sewer of parasitic destruction. Instead of being gods of anything more than destruction; as they pretend. The reality of sewage rebels against life with the destruction that is consistent with endless lies: such as global warming exists only because of “greenhouse gases”/ which allow those who want too, to escape their own truth: that it is the heat we release, which causes our planet to die. The intent to hide that reality, is another example of a decision to exterminate all life on earth. To hide the consequences of that reality: which are the earth will soon be too hot for life itself to survive/ and there will be no stopping the endless rise of heat; without the destruction of at least 6 billion people, and all the other dead life that requires. The rise of disease, will consume the rest, or nearly so. And that is just one tiny consequence of all we face. Because the university animal has hidden every reality, from their cult/ and the cult lives only to worship the university animal; to their shame. No brain, or a brain so filled with delusions that it believes evolution for example; is the collapse of humanity, and the destruction of life; because without truth, there is no future. The lies of university are very many, and without substance or truth; which prove death.

So let’s just talk about a future that truth can define/ because more talk about all the “sins of the male animal (yes we can), and its companion the devil (even though we know we should not) of university” are worthless. It is this world described as; “a dead man walking”. That has no value to life.

The question is: WHAT must change to sustain life?

The answer: truth and only truth, as constructed by the definitions of our reality, and its conception for an honest and real future as a planet formed for our existence; sustained by our respect, must lead. The university has no respect for life, no respect for planet, no respect for the intensity, nor the reality of design, no brain, and no future, so it pursues the path of playing satan; as the means to hide its hate. HATE, is the enemy of life/ the scourge of a disease that consumes a brain; and gives human want instead.

Therefore to resurrect life from this grave of university wants; who have no respect for life nor accept the value of this planet: HATE MUST BE ERADICATED from all forms of leadership. Hate can be identified/ it is not anger, which has a cause. Hate is the intent to cause damage, just because you can; their cause is, “just because I can be angry with you, or some other form of life or reality. I want to play god”. Every form of extreme experimentation is: an expression of hate/ and every form of mutilating nature which is DNA, is a true intent to play SATAN with life/ and every form of resource destruction is the decision to assassinate each and every child, including the unborn/ every intent, purpose, and desire to hide a reality that must be addressed to sustain the living; exists only to present a trap, and cage the heart & soul . It is no game, these are deliberate decisions: with the purpose to destroy. And as we all know, the leaders of this day, the murderers of law, life, democracy, and justice: ALL, come from the university diploma. So life says: we must open the doors (every single one)/ turn on the lights to every single hiding place/ and survive by understanding what is, and what is not true and supported by a reality that cannot be altered from its own truth.

The decision to obey truth, rather than live for want: IS A MASSIVE upheaval, to the constant that is the cult worship: that is born out of, “university plays god”. TRUTH has no theory (our guess)/ truth has no assertion (yes we can, when the consequence for being wrong is extinction, or even less)/ truth lives in the reality of facts, NOT the endless stories of university, nor the critical want of a human animal, that cannot see beyond his or her eyelashes. Because they just want what they want/ and they don’t want anything other than what they want. A born, or breed liar; within a decision that is equal to the realities of any other university animal: same purpose/ same truth. We want “to play god/ and take whatever we want from life or planet”; hiding the truth of consequences so none can make us pay, or stand in our way.

The decision for life, will be a costly one. Because the tragedy of human behavior is: “lets all worship the cult of university/ so we don’t have to pay NOTHING”; and we can take or do anything we want, or pretend to be, LIARS without a clue. Because if we have no clue as to the consequences for being wrong/ THEN, nobody can blame us, when the cost of complete disrespect is discovered, and life itself cannot escape its death: which we the university cult have designed, by unleashing chaos. The ultimate proof of “satan” exists in you!

The decision for life, requires: a pure and true acceptance of reality, and our participation in it. As knowledge and understanding constructs the future, to conceive of protecting every living thing as far as we can honor and respect, the entire existence of all life on earth. Choosing for wisdom, instead of the filth and sewer of a university delusion and its curse upon our lives: as is so deliberately identified by our situation in this day; as we face our own extinction. As well as all the damage the vast majority of people, did to this earth by being “just a damned by choice, human animal”. Cursing the world itself, by want/ lies/ betrayal/ theft/ pride/ and the disease of power.

The decision for life, demands: that you live for life itself, respecting this earth/ and end the insanity of wanting to “win the game/ or take revenge, because you lost, a damn game”; to your shame.

The decision for life, is an acceptance for justice and fair play to govern our lives, as society lifts itself with democracy as is by our vote: we will choose the future for ourselves. No more rulers/ no more war/ no more insanity: we choose, and sustain ourselves by protecting the law that shall then become, the justice of our lives. The society we build with fair play to govern the courts, by ruling over those who are employed (we can and will evict you) to be our voice in support of what we have chosen for ourselves.

The decision for life, confronts us all: with the reality of what we can and will share! Because this earth CANNOT continue as you are doing: the failure of university delusions/ the entrapment of life in a game of death, by forcing anger and hate upon this world of humanity/ the cost of throwing it all away, just to keep the damn factories running: ALL OF IT, and more is going to be extinct/ or you will be lost forever.

The decision for life is: that together with a common desire for friendship, and a true decision to care. A very real and different world than exists today will arise. Because you chose to accept what was true, and let that guide you in the values that will give your heart happiness. Happiness is critical to survival/ just as freedom is critical to joy/ just as “love between the sexes” shapes the value of our lives, to balance the soul, by revealing your heart. A reality that can only be achieved with an education that bears almost NO similarity to the cursed expulsions of a university blinded by disease, and chained to playing god of death.

THESE ARE YOUR DECISIONS TO MAKE; and they are your foundations for life/ or failures for death to decide. Because YOU WILL live the result; either way, by the choices you made. WE BOTH KNOW, you can do it/ if you remove want, lies, pride, power, theft, betrayal, and all the failure that is a human animal; instead of “humanity being alive”!

You have been told, your own decision makes the difference: each and every one. Because you can participate in these changes, and if you don’t: it is no ones fault but your own. Making you guilty for what you did or did not do. This world shall die without you; as is clearly observed by the evidence of our day. While you are free to believe that or not. The cost of being wrong submits: IT IS YOUR OWN ABSOLUTE DUTY, TO ENFORCE AND CREATE A TRIAL; to determine without doubt. The level of threat that is our truth in this date. To prove once and to all, without question or purpose beyond truth allowed to any: that we must protect our world, and our future. Or, if you believe the evidence will not support that/ then some other lie will arise. Either way: RESPECT FOR LIFE AND PLANET, DOES IN FACT, DEMAND A TRIAL! So that all the liars, traitors, cheater, thieves, whores, failures, fools, cult worshipers, haters and more will lose their ability to say: you can’t make me care. While it is true you cannot make them care/ it is also true, you can make them obey the law that then demands of us all: that we shall protect our world.

You have been told, that the ways of men are dead: war will answer nothing/ and it is their only true answer. Simply examine the reality of what war has accomplished lately: loss of everything needed/ immigration/ unrest/ tragedy and disgrace. There are no small armies anymore; instead war can be fought by billions/ making it literally impossible to win. Because hate will consume you; one way or the other; as is the cursed who are trying to destroy life here, with fire or guns or whatever they can find.

You have been told, that the ways of university are dead: they said “yes we can”; change this world/ take whatever we want/ pay nothing, and counterfeit everything/ control disease/ and never pay the consequences, because we can play god. Having done so for decades now, the consequences are: every child is assassinated, because there is no future/ every living thing faces extinction, because they took and never returned a thing to life or planet/ our world is being mutilated, our world is threatened with nuclear fire, our world stands at the edge of diseased far worse, than anything life has ever seen, our world is filled with weapons of mass destruction and all the people who want to use them, our world faces loss of drinking water, food, oxygen, and much more; because the universities did in fact “play god”. How is this not so?

Religions have also tried and failed, each and every time; even though their zealots were absolutely sure, “they can do it”. Evolution being the latest, and by far the worst; without a single reality to stand on, other than adaption, “which is clearly the sign of perfect design”. There is no life, without a brain/ just like a robot may have all its parts; but without instruction, it can do absolutely nothing. While I have deliberately tried to be bland in most “messaging”; that reality is do to the fact, “I need your brain”/ not your want, or pride, or power, or games, or purposes in greed, selfishness, hate, or all the rest. YOU NEED A BRAIN TO SAVE THIS WORLD, find it back!

That leaves us with one single solution, as reality demands: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT THAN THIS! That solution is women, by building with law, through the democracy of voting; and its enforcement of the laws we make. NOT because they are better/ they are simply different; and the one certainty of our lives at this moment in time is: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT LEADERSHP AND LAWS! Simple as that. Men had thousands of years to rule and failed peace and truth. Universities have had decades of complete control, and proven to be the worst possible leaders of all time; being so degraded from life and planet/ that they can literally be called “satan, in its physical form of destroying a world”. There are no other choices: which does mean let women try/ but NOT as men do, as has been proven wrong. By creating a new set of laws, and removing the rest. By creating world law, so as to remove weapons of mass destruction and reduce armies to the minimum possible. By proving in court: that no judge shall rule over us/ but the law itself, shall rule over them and us; or they will pay the price of betrayal. By proving that life is what is important, and pride must fail, as must want; which is the very foundation of every lie. The element of power, is only for absolute necessity and no more.

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