Of all things human, hate is the worst; it breeds everything chaos. Which means anything caused by human chaos, begins and lives because of hate.

Given that truth, the reality of chaos that we face as a world confronted by our own extinction: is the universities hate you all. They hate all power that is not their own. They hate all life that is not bowed down to them in slavery. They hate all diversity (destroy every subspecies), as that confronts them with more difficulty to control, and thereby play god. They hate being confronted, because like the wizard of oz: in reality, they own little. They hate religion, because it does not worship them. They hate in America the white male; because they had the power; and everything university is about getting the power for ourselves. They hate America itself; as everything university does is deliberately intended to destroy unity by adding in language and other variables [which allow university to take jobs, and create armies] against the power that is. They hate everything about everything: unless they get to pretend they are gods who know everything/ so you get to bow down to them, and be their slaves. Which only works by absolutely destroying the currency of America; with lies/ cheating/ stealing/ treason/ and terrorist acts of violence as are so many things called “university”. A more complete attack against all things life and planet; has never existed before. Because hating humanity is not enough for universities to play god/ they hate “everything”; and prove it by taking life itself: mutilating nature, destroying the foundation of resources, threatening the entire planet, cursing the oceans, poisoning the water, creating disease that did not exist prior to them, ruining the food supply (its coming), and throwing life into the abyss of all things chaos. And yet the cult followers, having obtained enough bribes to fully and completely enslave and destroy their own children; still continue to fall down and worship what can now easily be described by the religious word called SATAN.

All of that, and humanity continues to hide in blind belief from those who bring them, and lead them, and teach them lies for the singular purpose of pushing this entire planet; into chaos. Because the end result of playing their game is: NOW, WE HAVE TO PAY/ OR DIE. Don’t worry though, you just wanted what you wanted; regardless of the consequences. You didn’t really hate, you just wanted GREED SO EXTREME, that life didn’t matter at all; well except the selfishness of yours. You let the universities play god, because you wanted their bribe: simple as that/ and they hid the counterfeiting, by claiming “you got more”. And so the few did, more numbers than they can count; but you let them because you wanted to play the game, and believed “I can be a billionaire too”. TO HELL, with this world; all that matters is me.

The children of course, were assassinated: they have no future/ you stole it all, under the disguise called universities know everything; just believe and be happy. And all the people said: “I didn’t know/ so you can’t blame me; I am innocent”. But alas, unless you followed, they would not have any power, from anything other than what reality would allow. And the universities have built little that reality would in fact value for life. Instead fully half of what they offer is the means to manipulate, tempt, and control humanity, strictly for the purpose of playing god over humanity (we have all the power/ bow down). Or, let’s learn how to lie, cheat, and steal; and to gain that knowledge, they go into debts that most are unable to pay back; making them effectively religious slaves. Believe only in the university as god; nothing else exists, but university: believe it or be ex pulsed! Who then get angry, and do even worse to the rest, to prove how much they hate being a slave. And prove, the rest will be my slave/ so that I don’t hate my life as much. While the children say as they grow: IT CANNOT BE! The reality is very simple: if there are no resources left/ then there is no life to live. The reality is very simple: if there are endless numbers representing American currency, then you are the people who owe the work and all the resources, to pay back those promises. And that leaves you with nothing forever; because reality will prove by the numbers, you cannot do it. Not ever!

The rest of humanity says: NO, IT CANNOT BE/ the universities are god; as you have worshiped them; because of media corruption and lies. But the truth is, determined by the future; and the future is plainly dead, and without hope; unless real and dramatic change occurs immediately; and that means. Want is dead/ the protection of life and the value now attributed to truth alone shall decide, by the evidence! No more lies/ no more hiding reality/ no more gambling with the planet/ no more mutilating/ no more evading the cost of what has been done: the list is long, and it will not be polite or discarded, or we die as a world. Because that, is where the universities, and their delusions; have led our planet of life. Not a game, life or death by your own choice. Or more distinctly, death is a certainty for this world/ because that is the choice you made. Life, the return to order, discipline, balance, the ability to think instead of “religiously believe the university is god”/ and the search for true value for our future; is a long way away, and it will take a miracle to get us back to the possibility we will survive as a world. Because so much damage has been done.

And all of humanity says: NO, IT CANNOT BE; we want what we want/ and we won’t believe nothing we don’t want to believe; until it becomes so obvious we are going to die, that we are forced to change “for a little while”. So that we can then get back to what we want/ and force out, what we don’t want no more; as has been proven throughout history. But alas, this is not “country to country” anymore; its not even bringing chaos to vast amounts of nature and planet anymore. This is about life or death for our world, and once you perceive that you are in fact dying as a world/ it is too late to go back; as life and death have proven time and time again. Your universities will fail everything; because hate is not enough, and their demand for world chaos is nearly complete. They hated you, and they lied; and you didn’t care, because you got your bribe; by cursing your own children. Simple as that. Shame on you/ you chose, to throw away this world for greed. You chose to murder your own children for selfishness. You chose to destroy all other life on earth, because you wanted, “to play god, over your own little world too”; just like the universities you let play god with life and world. Mutilating nature, destroying resources, and even trying to ignite atoms on fire (while believing any fantasy they say, to hide the truth: they are the destroyers of a world; and you, are their followers and supporters and failures, to life).

And all the people say: “YOU AIN’T NOTHING/ WE DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU”. And I agree; but the evidence of our reality, and the consequences of being wrong, the truth of your destruction, and the fact that you have destroyed the future, destroyed the currency, with your greed, and made weapons of mass destruction your savior: are all an entirely different matter. Those are not me, and I am not you: but we both must endure what comes next, unless you change today. Which leaves hope at a minimum; because that, is who you are, shouting “WE DON’T CARE”/ and we won’t share. Because selfishness is all that matters to the human race. With very few exceptions to the rule. Prove me wrong. Do something for life, that is not strictly or intentionally selfish/ fight for your world. Speak up for life, and stop being afraid of those who hate you; as is found in, the religious worship that is: “university is god”/ and the cult who follows and believes. THEY ARE TRYING AND GOING, TO KILL YOU. Demand an investigation to prove what is true. To prove the cost of being WRONG, by university delusion.

No, I don’t hate the universities (they are just people, like you and me); I despise the insanity of where we are, as life on earth. DYING because reality did not lead.

The difference is: words are the weapon of an intellectual/ while weapons demonstrate the words, of the rest. “hello and goodbye” represent the apathy of those who have already failed, and think nothing of our world. Foolish and blind will not save you. Open your eyes, and understand that vision is a reality that cannot be attributed to “mere chance/ certainly not chaos”: as is the claim of universities. THINK FOR YOURSELF, and understand, the difference between belief and reality is the evidence. The evidence proves our world will be extinct; very soon. Biblical prediction through Daniel 12 says: the date is spring of 2021. the difference between prophecy and fact is: what humans choose to do, can be predicted/ because these are the consequences, of the choices and the realities of the cost; that men always make. Not so much religion then, as is the accumulation of “wrong”.

There is a need to identify hate, “again”; as the reality of decision, that leads away from life and planet/ into the realm of absolute arrogance. Arrogance being: I am god, and I judge you, or whatever is being judged, as worthless to me. After all, to be god you must be “worth more than all the rest combined”; is that not so? The consequence is: no matter where you (the judged) start on the measure of arrogance/ you are going to head toward their (judge) decision; “worthless to me”. Once that decision is made, then whatever the judge does to you; is believed to be without consequence to him or her/ because you (him, her, this, or that) are worthless. So your death/ your pain/ your reality of life or living can be murdered or discarded without so much as a “reflection in the mirror”.

That reality of judgment has been made against this earth, and all its life: because not only did “the leaders” choose to lie about the consequences or their lack of knowledge for any decision to made. They choose to manipulate and propagate fantasies and failure so as to mislead and crucify life on earth. What is the purpose of playing god, unless you get to “play god”? Answer, we want what we want; which is to play god, and believe there are no consequences for us, because we believe, the universities are “god”! Or more distinctly: when confronted by a decision that is known to have consequences that will impact or gamble with life or the planet itself/ ONLY HATE, proceeds without turning back!

Anger is an entirely different reality: as it has a distinct cause, such as you are destroying my world; on purpose. Anger can be rectified by simply “stopping the cause”.

There are moments in every life, when we make a decision that affects our entire living for the rest of time. My moment occurred young; with the Cuban missile crisis (yes they can destroy my world): that was either preceded or followed by the tv media political advertisement; of a very young girl picking a daisy as in “love me/ love me not”; with a nuclear mushroom cloud in the background [it appeared only once, because the public didn’t want to know]. HATE threatens our world! And that led to where I am today. Your moment is, whatever or whenever, you understand: that selfishness nor greed is enough to sustain a life. Your moment begins: when you accept, that whatever you want or don’t want; is absolutely irrelevant/ because that does not rely upon truth or reality.

So, I will be completely clear: no matter who you are, or what you do or don’t do/ NONE will escape the extinction of our world. None will escape the mutilation of life/ or poisons by the trillion ton/ or a dead ocean/ or humanity fighting to survive without hope/ or the ignition of atoms on fire to burn this whole planet like a sun. Etcetera and more. NO YOU CAN’T just hide in your work/ no, you can’t hide from reality by never stepping outside your door/ no, you can’t stay safe by never saying a word/ or just wanting to be left alone: BECAUSE YOUR WHOLE WORLD IS THREATENED, AND YOUR WHOLE WORLD IS DYING, and you, have no where else to go.

Either you will stand up for life and planet: which does mean, YOU WILL SIGN YOUR NAME TO THAT DECISION; making it clear to all, that yes, I have chosen to be involved and responsible for my decision. OR the consequences speak for themselves! Simple and plain; as that.

I fought against all of this for forty years plus; and was told constantly that “you didn’t care/ you wanted the money: PERIOD/ GO AWAY! So, today: this is your war, and you are responsible in all possible ways for life or death of our world. My job was to insure: YOU KNEW, removing all excuses. I did do that. YOU, are guilty; or you will fight for change.

The hard core reality is simple: I talked to your grandparents, your parents, your children, your grandchildren, and every single one “with only a tiny few exceptions” all said/ I want what I want, and I don’t want nothing else; and I won’t pay one penny to save this entire planet: and DON’T tell me nothing, because I am going to claim “I didn’t know”. So, you can’t blame me. Even though, it is your pride, selfishness, and greed that made the loss of this earth possible. It is, the dead brain, and blind leaders of a university diploma; that created the end of life on earth: because you let them play god, for a bribe. To your eternal shame.

The conclusion of that fact is: that you cannot stop “a spiritual decree”/ no matter what you do. Religious prophecy is not “spiritual decree”/ and you shall not use it as your excuse to do nothing. Religious prophecy is the reality provided by people, who have attained an invitation to participate in the spiritual world, for a brief period of time; and thereby share in the understanding (even if it is vague and unclear) of consequences; as are coming because of the things men choose. That is not a “decree of GOD”/ but an understanding of the direction and the decisions that men create for themselves.

A spiritual decree is: a change that will be allowed to exist for the purposes of life and the desire to aid the living, in their own efforts to survive; or death, if none participate in truth and acceptance of the cost: of GOD’S own CREATION. By the definitions provided by religious works; everything humanity has been doing points to death. The demand for CHANGE, spiritually means: “no more of this”, or extinction will be allowed. No more trash, no more disrespect, no further mutilation of life.      LIFE, AND PLANET:  COMES FIRST!

Just so its clear: the only way forward, is to change the behavior of humanity on earth/ the requirement is: to accept reality and let truth decide our future. To do that as we are: means there must be groups, so that one group who does what is required can be rewarded/ while another group who fails life can be punished. To do that, “there must be: identifiable groups”; who are willing to work together as one.

It does occur to me, that maybe you need some “tiny little detail to work on” just to get this started. I suggest that could be: identifying the fact, that every car, truck, train, ship or whatever it is, that is left running: even though it is not being used to accomplish anything. SHOULD BE STOPPED! Because it is consuming oxygen, spewing heat and poisons into the air, causing greenhouse gases, devaluing assets, and more: to accomplish NOTHING. While that may seem tiny, and compared to the rest it is: ANYTHING 8 BILLION PEOPLE DO; is massive. Around the world, how many trains sit and idle for hours or days on end/ while doing nothing. How many people want air-conditioning; so they sit and idle their vehicle, to smoke a cigarette/ or drive where they could easily walk; or whatever. How much of all that is wrong; would this stop? And it is, just a little tiny detail, in our world that faces extinction. You could start, by simply communicating the truth: our world needs YOU, to do better. If you cannot give up; “simply throwing it all away” for nothing/ then you are surely lost forever.

By far, the most difficult thing all life on earth faces, is to remove the cult of university worshipers/ as they have embedded themselves into everything/ and control all means of communication, law, politics, and so forth. The method most likely to succeed is: to continually remind the public, that these are the people who chose to deny; hide; bury; refuse; betray; lie; cheat; steal; and establish: every catastrophe of life and living that we face. Just like global warming, every attempt to make the people aware, is turned away by the university “expert”/ because they provide the excuse. And every cult follower accepts it, without question. Dump trillions of tons of poison: no problem. Extreme human over population; no problem. Stole every penny from the USA for their fantasies: “cause we are gods”/ and you should worship us. Because you are nothing, without universities: make no mistake, they believe it, as do their followers! Yet alas, the cost of university is: our world faces extinction/ every child has been sacrificed/ every resource soon lost/ nature mutilated beyond repair/ disease explosion soon/ no food soon/ no water soon/ weapons of mass destruction/ and so much more it lacks sense to list it all. But hey, after all: people become a cult, because they want no brain for themselves; we will blame the leaders. But as the most eloquent of all descriptions that proves it will not be so: are the attempts to ignite “atoms on fire”/ on a planet where everything is then fuel; “just like the sun”. Hidden from view by numerous outrageous lies; and still the cult does not care. To their own eternal shame.

It is also, ultimately true: that women must rise to establish a “new way of living in society”/ as this is the best that men did do, and they have had thousands of years to do it; ending on this edge of extinction for all life on earth. None can deny it is not so. Men will not be allowed to continue, even though they complain/ women are better equipped to control that vote. LIFE MUST BE DIFFERENT, and there is no other way, than to replace the leaders who have brought us here to this moment in time. Both university, and men. That leaves women, as our only substitute! But they cannot lead as men led/ nor can they claim to be gods as university does. To rewrite the laws, establishes control; so long as those laws are enforced. By majority rule, a vote decides; and if all of society says WE WILL change this for ourselves/ those who lead shall capitulate. Because the price will be too high, not to comply. That law, then rules the nation; and if world law, then the world; ending the tyranny of military might, and the money, rules life. Limited capitalism insures that will be so; another vote. NOT by the constant of men which is to vote for someone to vote for me/ but by the reality: each citizen has one vote, and when we reach a majority that vote stands until the date set aside to try again: until you reach a seventy percent acceptance, each law stands until the next scheduled vote. Once past seventy percent acceptance, a law remains as it is, unless society votes to bring it back for change. To achieve anything: YOU MUST establish justice, freedoms, fair play, equality, and substantial value. Each of which is lacking today; and that makes change possible: because we must have “better than this”/ or we all die! The price continues as the truth that will define: reality demands you will change, because our earth cannot survive as you are/ our nature will not survive as you have been doing. Which means; like it or not, “there WILL be change or extinction”. Make your decision, but bear in mind: there are no second chances/ and time has run out, because the point of no return stares us in the face, and will not be rejected. Either change, or go extinct. Simple as that.

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