WHAT DOES, by the facts, we DO understand: THREATEN OUR WORLD.

The elevation of knowledge not theory; is required

the conception of understanding, not want; is fundamental for truth

the construction of wisdom, not pride. Is the elevation of life, not want.

Whether we Live or die, BY your choice as a world/ aligns here:



Let each and every nation: take at least, one threat/ one NEED TO KNOW:

and find in public international trial

what we the world, must understand.

About our world, our lives, our future, and every threat we face.

Removing all assertions, except the truth.



This is, WHAT WE THE PEOPLE will do.

The organization of trial, the concepts and consequences of a life or death threat that exists against our own survival as a world. IS CONSTRUCTED, by undertaking the deliberate action of gaining signatures, to use in a courtroom or government or media purpose: thereby proving the need to know, the desire to act: is real.

If you have no other place to send them:       will serve as a collection point

So, we begin again; trying to avoid the curse that is humanity to this earth/ and the plague, that is the disease called, “university”. by simply understanding, WE CANNOT LET THESE PEOPLE BE WRONG/  we cannot let our world die, because of what we did, or did not do; as a result of believing, “what we want, or don’t want: to believe”. TRUTH must be identified, and the practice of belittling the evidence; must be cast out/ by establishing a courtroom trial; to remove all doubt; as best we can.


THAT FRAMEWORK INCLUDES: “it is the law that rules justice for this world”. Money rules the power. Limited capitalism (we decide the limits and boundaries of money and ownership, by our vote) rules the money. THE LAW WE CHOOSE, TO MAKE FOR OURSELVES: makes WE THE PEOPLE true. Limiting power by applying boundaries we CAN ENFORCE; gives us all as one humanity, control over our world. As you learn what that truly means: this world shall change!

I AM, JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR; IF, the need arises for a “collection point” to assemble for greater things; IF, your social media fails: then, I will help you through this website www.justtalking7.info as best I realistically can.

The consequence of that is a need to construct the foundations upon which our purpose can be identified, and our decisions as a society can be removed from want; to establish truth as will help us to survive. The decision to participate beyond the levels of arrogance and apathy; discarding belief for evidence and reality, and accepting the duty that is to life and planet; are all elements of your own humanity. If you fail your life and your world/ then the cost of your decision will be extinction: there is NO second chance anymore. It is YOUR choice that decides life or death of our world; because whatever, “8 billion people (more than one per acre of agricultural ground, on this planet)” DO; matters. And without the other life on earth, WE STARVE; so learn to respect them and what they need as well. Alas, reality says this is all but a worthless endeavor; because of your shame to life itself. Even so, one last try.

The foundation of a true choice, is dependent upon: knowledge/ understanding/ wisdom/ and thought (elevating reality into a future). Or more distinctly, the clear and definitive evidence of our reality MUST be acquired so as to assemble and identify what has value to our future, and what does not. Love and all that is value, is not a relationship with human society at this time; because you worship the university, and they have trained you to be “animals”/ which you accept from them; and yet condemn me for repeating what you have already told yourselves. To your shame; it is pride filled with arrogance; as consumed by want. Or more distinctly: it is demanding we are winners/ because we say so; and judge everything as less, than “us”.

The accumulation of knowledge is determined by the evidence: as the endless human fight is, “we want what we want/ and we don’t want what we don’t want”. The demonstration of knowledge is elementally corrupted, and without cohesion; because the fight is to get what you want/ and NOT ACCEPT truth, whenever it gets in the way of what you want, or don’t want. So the critical truth of knowledge aligns with the decision to remove hate from the process: and let reality prove what is true, instead of the curse, called human wants. That requires a courtroom, so that those who will believe whatever they want, regardless of truth; can be dismissed. But unfortunately, your courts are sewers of failure, and exist as collusion’s to continue in power; regardless of the facts or failures that will occur because of these choices. Your only hope is to present absolutely public trial; “with every light on, and every door opened, and absolutely no method of hiding anything from the truth. If you do that, you get a one percent chance of survival as a world/ if not, you are done.

To UNDERSTAND the consequences of knowledge, is to accept only truth can decide our path back, to a sustainable earth, and thereby life itself/ rather than extinction as is absolutely certain; due to what has already been done. So the question of understanding is: WHAT IS TRUE/ WHAT IS TRUTH/ AND CAN YOU RESPECT THE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES OF LIFE? True is the elevation of evidence, to a state of: only delusions and lies can deny this is a fact, because we have proven it is without doubt, a state of existence in this our reality. Truth is the ascension of facts into the very definitions of thought, which align as a description of what our future will be, or become by the consequences of what we now know. RESPECT IS; the acceptance of what is true, and the understanding of what is truth; so that LIFE itself has the wisdom to cultivate, and clean: our own identity into the limits and boundaries of what then will keep us alive. Because now we know, we are not gods; and must obey the laws that govern life, living, thought, value, and love.

TO BE WISE, is not an intellectual game; some are wise who have little mental capacity/ others are absolutely stupid, as is the evidence of “evolution” even though their mental capacity is beyond some of the others. WISDOM is then the description of how we interrelate with our limits and boundaries to form the life we then live; by choosing the consequences of our future. Through the direction of our own realities of life and living; by the choices we make. Those who choose love, but mingle in hate: are NOT wise/ for example. Those who judge others stand on the edge of their own chaos; NOT wise. Etcetera.

TO THINK; requires and demands, that you must leave the herd behind/ because animals do not think beyond the moments of their wants. Thought ascends from this life into the future, and even into eternity as soul; a reality no animal can conceive of.

BEYOND THIS MOMENT: recognizes we must begin with change in ourselves or we die as a world. Therefore we must identify the framework, that allows us all to accept that need for change is real; and cannot be discarded by anyone more than a liar, or a fool. We will hope, there are enough of, “the human in you” left; to at least accomplish that as a fact. More distinctly: CAN YOU accept a proven fact, as truth, or not? WHAT IS TRUE, MUST GUIDE/ what is want, MUST be removed.

Trial for life then begins as: THREE DISTINCT STEPS

  1. SOCIETY ITSELF, must believe that “something is wrong here”, and we cannot avoid our need to know, and understand what is wrong, what will continue to go wrong, and why did we fail? Without this commitment of the majority to accept their duty to defend their own society, child, or world. To understand what is true, without the corruption of “being told what to think”. To let the evidence decide, rather than any preconceived, or implanted beliefs. OR: You have nothing and will soon be extinct; because that is, what the evidence will prove. EVERY FACT IS THEN ASSIGNED: TO BE DISCOVERED, by letting all sides participate in the reality of what this means to us all/ the cost of being wrong.
  2. ONCE YOU BEGIN TRIAL: THE VALUE OF THE EVIDENCE comes into question/ the methods of gathering that information are identified/ and the conclusions of what is true, and what is not true, and what constitutes the cost of being wrong. ARE TO BE solidified by letting the public access all aspects of the evidence presented along with methods of gathering identified. So their own conclusions of what is true, what is “not true enough; as is theory”, and what is the cost of being wrong; can achieve its final goal: “of being the best, that we as humans on earth can do”. The internet; will be a primary vessel for this work, and the courts are used to establish: IF YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY LYING/ THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENTS APPLIED. By the cost of your lies.
  3. THE DECISION BY VOTE: is the elevation of society, to “we the people shall” rule ourselves. By making this vote, of the people; NOT by the people voted for, to vote for me. Or more distinctly: listen and search for your own answers, because it is a world of life threatened by what “portions of what humanity does”. And any resolution of this development: AS THE FACTS OF OUR LIFE AND PLANET HAVE FOUND TROUBLE. Are going to affect YOU/ WITH LAWS, to be created. You, are involved; and as is respect for every human being on earth: YOUR VOTE even in nations across this world; to determine OUR DIRECTION AS HUMANITY; for the future. IS NOW OR NEVER. Simple as that/ no second chances/ no turning back: LIFE OR DEATH of us all. So says the truth of evidence, that does need “its trial”; because murder sits at our door.

There is nothing else to be done, learned, etcetera: if you will not do this!

through the use of internet; WE CAN


LET EACH AND EVERY PUBLIC CITIZEN who will IDENTIFY him or herself: the three main things, you desire to understand better, with regard to the survival and protection of life and planet; because there is cause for concern. Therefore the need to investigate and by trial: remove all assumptions, to establish truth.

LET THE WHOLE CITIZENS OF A NATION: construct their level of concern with any specific threat. That nation which proves to be “the one who needs to know MOST”; will then be responsible for that trial. The level of concern is decided by vote: each “need to know” identified: shall be given a numerical value. Each individual voter prior to trial: shall rank their concern: which will then be added up: to achieve an individual ranking among nations: about where this trial should take place.

LET EACH “NEED TO KNOW”; POTENTIAL THREAT AGAINST OUR WORLD: be assessed by the fundamentals surrounding these facts that you design by your involvement in that trial. Among the listing of realities by the evidence will be the topics:

  1. WHAT IS: as a human being, your perception of the cost of letting these people be WRONG?
  2. WHAT IS: your understanding of the facts that need to be proven; true/ false/ or is theory?
  3. WHAT IS: the level of theory that can be accepted, and how will you qualify that in terms of life and planet?
  4. WHAT IS: the reality of truth in evidence, that causes us today, to know that we need to take these measures for our planet and our world and your children?
  5. WHAT: constitutes the demand: “TO KNOW, rather than to believe”?
  6. WHAT IS: OUR LEGAL RIGHTS, TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; as a nation or world intending to protect itself from violations we cannot potentially survive. WHERE IS THE LINE DRAWN?

The unfortunate element here is; “we must proceed as if you had a brain/ and were not brainwashed: into simply cult worshipers of university is god”; reducing humanity to the conclusion: they are simply, “animal”.

The reality is simple: soon this world shall be extinct, and not one single solitary act/or endless prayer/ or human action or reaction; of ANY SIZE can turn that back; past the point of no return. If you were not animals worshiping the cult of university; none of that would be true/ but alas it is.

NONETHELESS, if even a shred of mental capacity still exists; we will let hope decide; with a tiny bit of prayer; that something will ignite life, back into you. SO THAT YOU DO PROTECT THIS WORLD. As a value beyond your simple want. Little of life exists, because you are such a failure; and choose want as all animals do, by worshiping the universities. What we must do; because that is how we survive. To be human, requires you to rise above want; and understand the developments called value, as in particular align with truth, love, and respect. Only the tiniest bit remains; to your shame. Even so, you are a Creation of life, given the precious truth of life in you; and the opportunity to be more than just “life on earth”. For that cause, it is hope for at least: the tiny few that drives the desire to assist life itself on this planet.


With the elemental truth of change; and since your pride (life is a game) utterly refuses to accept responsibility, and the herd judges so that it can hide in the assertion: “we cannot all be wrong”. The value of writing for you reeks with contempt for the failures you represent; when in fact, you are worth so much more than any animal could be. Alas; you “love the university; so that you, can claim to be gods”; we did do something. We laughed at nature (death in every chain of life)/ we defeated death to live longer (a world facing extinction by overpopulation of humanity)/ we triumphed over the limits and boundaries of other generations (trying to ignite the same fire as on this sun, here on earth; poisons everywhere; water supplies/ habitat destruction/ resource losses; everything in trouble); and we counterfeited currency to prove we can have anything we want (they stole our work/ cheating our lives: WAR); even if our weapons of mass destruction can take it all away in minutes, (“SAVIORS”; because you believe in the university as your gods). WE now, can threaten our whole world (and have) with extinction (by mutilating nature, and more); HELL, that proves, “WE, are gods”. And don’t need nothing, from our Creator (CHAOS is our god); as is the evidence of endless disrespect from human existence on this earth (WE WILL destroy nature, to rebuild with chaos as evolution is now our religion). Which does include religion (we don’t want to be left behind; we are AFRAID, and without a brain). Which does include both male and female (as animals). And all the human race says: “I will sit on my ass, shut my mouth, and let this world die: because I BELIEVE in university (they are so smart/ we cannot defeat them)”. Even though they are the essence (yes we can) of nearly every threat which will make us all extinct (they will make us look like fools; through media moments, that are designed to make the university look great).

REGARDLESS, the intent here is to find a way, beyond your delusions, failures, fantasies, hidden tragedies, extreme arrogance, hate, violence, crucifixion of life, AND ALL THE REST THAT IS, horrifying and foolish; just because you could, and then did do. “LIFE, be DAMNED/ we want to be gods”.


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