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“life safety” is the weapon of “government employees”, used to destroy liberty, and confiscate freedoms/ the curse of power, so constant throughout history; as is those who believe they “know it all”/ regardless of a right; a valid reason; or a truth by which the value of their action could be justified. Pride is an enemy, and arrogance at its core is “devil”: because the end result of power is, “we must fight or die” as history has always proven true. There is no end to the people who believe “they can be HITLER; in their mind, god of hell (I will teach them: to disobey me/ we are the SUPERIOR ONES)”. No end to the people who believe their righteousness is the key to great things for them/ just as soon as the rules they make; get rid of those vermin standing in the way. Every takeover of a nation begins with: YES WE CAN. Every war begins with YES, they did; and we now suffer because of them. LIFE SAFETY IS NOT A SWORD, by which a government employee takes control; “in their words; because we must”. RATHER, life safety is a treasury of laws, by which we all cherish our freedoms, and protect our liberties; for the singular reason, we have our rights to lead the way. Within redress of grievances, a US first amendment law: to take our employees to court: and decide for ourselves if they did keep their oath to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION, and its true intent; as provided by the preamble/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. Failure means treason has occurred. The demand in this time of “covid 19” is TO TAKE OVER AMERICA: with marketing, and the constant demand of “life safety”; where NO FUNDAMENTAL of truth to provide or accept such authority exists. NO GREAT GRAVES are being dug/ no people lying dead in the streets: freedom comes first, and personal risk is the price of that freedom to decide. Liberty is the essence of a nation; and no liberty to go beyond the law to inflict all the power of a police state, by our governmental employees exists. LIBERTY means; only when the need is proven absolutely necessary; the evidence clearly true: shall the intent by anyone, to control society and make it into what it would not otherwise be: FIND A CAUSE. Without a cause justified by the evidence: we have been attacked, and our definitions of life, and living have been changed: by a war against our freedoms, and our nation itself. THE LEGAL RIGHT of redress evidences the truth of democracy: are we ruled/ or are we the people, “owners here”/ with a clear undeniable legal right, not only to inspect and identify what our employees have been doing. To judge for ourselves if they may retain their jobs? To investigate all pertinent actions or reactions as have been taken on our behalf by our employees: so that we do understand, the cause of our democracy, the reason for redress; cannot be undone, by the usurpation of our own authority to govern this nation or state: FOR OURSELVES! Within constitutional guidelines.

THE CURSE of university control is the propagation of their own delusions/ their own thirst for power, pride, and arrogance above all but their own greed, selfishness, and whoring after “anything that glitters as a trophy; yes we can”. Without the marketing of media; no pandemic could have been used to betray us all. Without the universities constant insertion, and insurgency against our lives, and our own control over our own destiny: there would be no constant propaganda of words and images used to direct the human herd into hell. Into the sewage, of what has no value to life, humanity, world, or nation. With marketing FAILURE AND FANTASY ARE ENLARGED, to infect an entire world; “as best they can”. With pride and power; America is sold/ our currency is destroyed/ our business, industry, and resource; ENDS IN THE GARBAGE; and every child faces extinction. Because the universities have no brain; beyond a three year old child, with a very bad affliction to tantrums (yes we can steal the whole thing), in order to get its way. Which is: nothing matters, “but us”. LIFE is “just a game”; unless we can play god.

PROPAGANDA “are the tools used”: to MAKE YOU BELIEVE, no knowledge, understanding, or wisdom is needed on your own part: for us to make this decision for you. BECAUSE WE ARE “THE SMART ONES” AND WE MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS for you. After all, you are too stupid: so believe what you are told to believe, and never let “your gods” be questioned; like any good cult worshiper would do. What better tools, than media, entertainment, news, tv, university, and a very corrupt court? Don’t need no damn brain: cause you got them to think for you. “just believe”. Because if you don’t think honestly for your own self/ then you have no rights, own no freedoms; and accept no responsibility; because you threw it all away.

Of course, Americans are just like the Nazi party of Hitler Germany; believing they cannot be fooled by no damn propaganda. They are after all, “the superior ones; the nobility of this world”; just like those who then believed, they would take over the world, and rule it/ own it, for themselves. Along with “a thousand more nations” throughout history; all who did do, the very same thing/ more simply: WE WANT MORE, AND WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU.[Americans are actually a tiny bit different; they don’t care about the earth or a child; they just want it all, to build their tribute to life:  “enormous garbage mountains”]. Altogether now; its called absolute arrogance and disrespect for life; nonetheless history was less effective: Because they did without, the most effective tools ever conceived for propaganda purposes; as are a university run education system; designed to destroy any working element of society, media machines that tells you what you think, currency that needs no reality therefore “just numbers; and we can make all the numbers we want”, a political machine that has no basis in fact because there is no real money to use (its all debt), and a medical community which worships the plan “we can be gods, and gather all the money for ourselves”. HELL, what could be better than that. Take a look around: you are believers/ don’t need no damn truth or evidence of fact: the university is god! Which means “You don’t need no damn brain either; just believe/ as every religious cult does”. Oh wait/ wait: you aren’t allowed to think; DON’T YOU DARE start being human. Just sit tight and be quiet, “the tv” will tell you what you believe soon; just like it always does. Well, no real fear of that now is there; after all, a bribe is better than freedom, “we can all sit on your ass, shit on the earth with air conditioning, and ride in the car for every few feet we want to go”; cause there ain’t no sense in working at all.

Fortunately, in America; the propaganda is so effective; little or no brain is left to even deduce “just how much marketing, and the BILLIONS SPENT TO INFLUENCE YOU” is working. Because the universities exist: to manipulate, control, and direct you into whatever they want you to believe. If you had a brain: you could see and measure that; beginning with all the delusions and fantasies that were the result of covid 19; or HELL NO, we don’t need no damn evidence; we believe; and threw away the nation and our freedom for maybe one death per 6000 people; who were either already very sick/ or very old. To your shame. The USSR, nor CHINA; nor any other nation in this world: has NEVER had propaganda half as effective as is used in this USA. Hurrah, “you win again”. Cause you know: “you’re so smart”/ you gave your life, to a university professor; what could go wrong. Well, its a damn good thing they can’t be wrong; cause the herd doesn’t have its own brain.

The current claim is: that less than 5 million people across this earth have died from covid 19; in a world of 8 billion roughly; that is one in every 1600 people/ and if its anything like America: 80 percent of those who either very old or very sick; so you’re real life chances are about one in every 8000 healthy people; will die. Now if that risk is too high for you: go ahead, dig your grave and “close the coffin”/ because that, is exactly what you do. PEOPLE DIE, PARTICULARLY WHEN OLD OR SICK; grow up.

In Illinois USA; a state of 12 million people/ sometime soon; there will be 5,000 people = one in 2,400 people who live here. Those who die of covid 19: 80% very sick or very old; which means the real “healthy people” number is one in ten thousand or more up to this date. With such small numbers: nothing that has been done creates “savior”. Rather, the fundamental is: as with all other disease, such as flu; “whenever people do work in close contact” the odds of getting sick are higher. Whenever people work with someone who contacts the disease, their chances of getting it, are much higher. And as always: if you are already sick or very old/ your chances of dying from any disease, food illness, etc: goes up. But we don’t: shut down the entire nation or state, “for the flu”.

Now don’t you worry, because the universities around this world; are doing their very best to insure that ALL OF NATURE FALLS INTO CHAOS, by mutilating everything they can. So, It is certainly true: that they will defeat all biological immunity; and open the doors for extinction soon; if not already done. So, be happy; after all, “you got a mask”. Oh wait: with a common virus said to be about the size of “a million contaminants” fit on the point of a needle: HELL, nothing can go wrong; just keep on wiping/ after all, somebody has to die. Gee, I wonder if you can stir anything up, “with cleaners”? Oh wait/ wait: “i was thinking” silly me; that is NOT allowed.

The liars and the traitors and the fails and the fools; have made you believe there is nothing you can do: about people who are destroying your state, your lives, your future, your world, your health, your money, your EVERYTHING. And as the cult worshipers you are: YOU BELIEVE/ because they hold control over the courts, the universities and all education/ all politics, and especially: THE MEDIA; who led you like dogs. If reality speaks, and you do demand: nobody gets to have or gets to do, what can greatly impact this earth, its life, its climate, its children, or humanity itself: the cult worshipers, and people who believe themselves are as gods; will just have a tantrum. And every leader will prove, “there is NO LAW for the universities”/ they do whatever they want; “cause they are gods; you know”. After all, you have no brain; so your former classmates can become the only god they are capable of “religion calls it satan”. But hey you don’t have to worry, just be happy; cause “they are going to save you/ from themselves: after all who better to police “satan (absolute arrogance and disrespect for life)” than satan? But of course, “you, don’t care”;  because the game {of being human} only counts trophies.

THIS IS A DEMOCRACY: AND THAT MEANS, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE OUR OWN VOTE IN DETERMINING IF THIS NATION IS GOING DOWN THE RIGHT “CONSTITUTIONAL PATH”. We do have redress of grievances; as a LEGAL RIGHT to investigate, and bring to trial; not only our employees/ but any law or any decision they make on our behalf. BECAUSE WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE; by our own vote/ on the law, or the reality, or the issue, or the employee to be found by the evidence: to keep their oath/ or fail it. WE, DO have laws to enforce our democracy on our employees.  LET THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE;  BE DAMNED/ TAKE IT BACK! We do NOT have to accept their decisions. WE DO HAVE THE AUTHORITY, to change our democracy: and employ “limited capitalism”, as a means to open the doors, “to we the people”/ that your universities have closed in our face. WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to govern our employees/ and determine by law, protecting rights and freedom; as is first amendment ownership: for ourselves.

“life safety”by government standards, is in fact a joke, a lie, treasonous, and hiding terrorists and traitors by all standards of reality. We have no life safety, and in fact all the evidence points to extinction. And not one single detail of that is released to the public; because those in power, want what they want/ and they don’t want to change nothing; because that means they lose power, pride, and the right to play god with life.

But if we review reality, and assign only the major threats to this evidence of complete failure by humanity and its “great ones, at the universities”; it looks like this.

  1. Nothing is more certain of failure than trying to bring the same energy source here as is on the sun; their theories are pure fiction and fantasy, without the slightest merit or truth. Except for the fact: that they predict when ignited a nuclear fire as is on the sun; shall cause an expansion of that energy, by 4 million times its present or chemical size. An atomic bomb or bigger. End of our world, because all the evidence of the sun points directly at: “it burns the bond holding an atom together” as its fuel source. Making atoms the fuel for the fire/ and the dark energy which keeps an atom from spinning apart; the cause of gravity, when separated from the kinetic part.
  2. Nothing is more certain of failure than: deliberately destroying the foundation of nature/ the building of every body of life as is genetic DNA; with mutilation of that genetic material/ poisoning it/ subjecting it to radiation and so on. Did you know the actual intent of genetic labs: is to destroy the disciplines and order of life: so they can find the solution to creating life/ by picking through the pieces. It is HORRENDOUS and will be without mercy; as this is, what you chose to let them do to life itself.
  3. Nothing is more certain of failure than; the human population explosion. Rated at 3% throughout the twentieth century: which is 3 more infants than deaths per year. With a population now at roughly 8 billion people: THAT MEANS; a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year is now arriving and demanding to be fed: by our devouring, of other life forms. And yet everything we depend upon is disappearing.
  4. Nothing is more certain of failure than; than weapons of mass destruction, as it takes little more than “just one” to ignite them all.
  5. Nothing is more certain of failure than; certain human starvation as the ocean life throughout this world, is suddenly destroyed; you are destroying every base food chain throughout the oceans/ and that means everything which depends upon that food: INCLUDING YOU, will be lost. did you know one of the main base food groups, gets its start under the ice flows? Coral reefs are just another source of food/ and don’t worry trawlers take every last one, to insure those predator fish die/ and the little fish nations so to speak cannot be replenished; extinct now. Changing the seas, and warming it/  chemicals that disrupt the possibility of navigation:  soon “can’t find their way back; to breed”. Oh well, you don’t need no damn ocean: it only feeds a billion people.
  6. Nothing is more certain of failure than; continuously poisoning this earth by the trillion ton per year; loss of water supplies, etc.  after all: fracking can’t be bad/ putting garbage dumps on top of water supplies, can’t be bad/ endless radiation from all things internet, all things new cars, along with endless lasers shined into your eyes from those cars and robots, can’t be bad/ the list is long.
  7. Nothing is more certain of failure than; than global warming; as it is simple and sure to explain: without that ice, we have no means of cooling the planet in summer. Just like your glass of water/ cannot be cooled outside, when there is no ice to put in it. A temperature rise in summer approaching 159 degrees F in places; will soon arrive/ along with all the extreme weather events that will create.
  8. Nothing is more certain of failure than; than what you do with the food supplies; destroying everything you touch, without the slightest regard for life itself. You do deserve the cannibalism coming. You are a tragic disgrace, to all life on earth; removing base food groups/ sterilizing all plants/ confining all animals/ intentionally destroying diversity/ discarding everything “but a few pennies more”. To your shame; the increase in bushels, particularly for corn: is accomplished by removing all forms of “plant defenses”. Thereby making the entire species extremely susceptible to disease/ which puts the entire crop at risk of extinction; because the diversity has been removed. Added in; since corn is a grass plant; a disease mutated to attack corn, can also potentially attack rice/ wheat/ and EVERY other grass species at the same time; “because its biology”. And then there are the insects: a primary base food group, for birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and more; & should you forget, insects pollinate/ even if they do need food for themselves. The chains of life are being destroyed/ the oceans are being primed for disease because of “fish farming”. The fertilizer potash; is going to disappear/ and nearly all herbicide is based upon SALT. Dumped by the trillion ton: because the manufacturing process isn’t free either. Ethanol is emptying aquifers, for NO net gain; just a pacifier to farmers: but don’t worry, because farmers are doing their best with excessive drain tile; to insure the aquifers cannot be replenished/ along with irrigation to cause them to collapse. Etcetera, and more.
  9. Nothing is more certain of failure than: than the yellowstone volcano erupting soon; and your complete lack of a brain to recognize we must remove the gas pressure underneath it, to minimize or remove that blast. To keep billions alive.
  10. Nothing is more certain of failure than; the fact of extinction from habitat removal; and the truth, without forests to tie this atmosphere to the surface of earth/ it WILL detach; and be like all the other planets; “with 600-700 mph winds”; coming soon.
  11. Nothing is more certain of failure than WAR coming soon; as your universities have ransacked, pillaged, and raped every nation they could. With America leading the way. As no reality exists in the currency anymore: the consequence is; they paid you nothing/ the future is dead. And there will be consequences.
  12. Nothing is more certain of failure than the entire destruction of the future by removing all resources into your garbage mountains. Without resources, there is no life on earth; simple as that/ how many of you can live in a desert, “with nothing”?
  13. But hey, not to worry, “the universities are your god”/ HELL, what could go wrong? Well the complete disintegration of genetic biology into Armageddon (nature in chaos) is one. The complete disintegration into world or civil wars; as is the result of water loss or currency plundering is the Apocalypse (war so intense blood runs like a river). The instantaneous release of weapons of mass destruction; now with universities expertise, “biological weapons are spread throughout this earth”; and can appear at any time; along with super diseases the result of tampering with nature. The horror and growing terrors of OUR WORLD ON FIRE, just like the sun/ as would be the predicted “world ending with fire” in the bible. And more. So, “be happy” after all; since you have given up on life; what difference does it make? Just kiss your child goodbye; because after all, “you assassinated them”/ and they will hate you for it. ALL OF THESE LITERAL THREATS, THAT WILL END IN OUR EXTINCTION/ THE END OF LIFE ON EARTH, BY HORRIFIC MEANS! And not one tiny little detail about anything other than global warming, wherein the masses prefer to believe whatever they want. Rather than to consider the consequences of being wrong/ which MEANS, we must not allow that to happen. LIFE AND EARTH, MUST BE PROTECTED; the future of every child depends upon it. Yet the universities, and all their leaders; each one with a diploma; “for memorizing and mimic-ING” what the “grand gods (the extra special few) of universities” told them to believe. CHOOSE, to let this world die; and all its life, including yours. Because more than anything, they believe they can be gods; and even play with/ control, the same ten million degree/ one million long flames FIRE that powers the heat from our sun. Right here on earth; with nothing more than fantasy, and delusion to lead the way. And the cult worshipers say: “we believe too”/ because we want too. Yet there is NO denying; life or death of this world, even changing the solar system itself: is the cost of being WRONG. To your eternal shame, these machines exist, and will ignite this earth just like the sun.Oh wait; pardon me: your children will understand, “you just wanted to have fun, and win the games by collecting trophies over the last forty plus years”/ and all who didn’t demand I WON’T CARE! And proved it. DID “run away to hide/ shouting and screaming, as they ran; we can’t do anything anyway”; or offering I have a gun. Against an entire world threatened by absolute insanity, apathy, and arrogance. While the courts and media and politicians and police; simply protected their cult, all shouting; “university is god/ YOU can’t question “god”. NOT for any cause, evidence, truth, or reason: WE WON’T allow it, “cause they are gods”. Religion of course was slightly different: “that is not going with the flow/ we would have to stand up to government and university (we worship them too)/ while shouting NEVER”. So they all got their wish: “they lived good”/ right up to the moment, when it all goes bad, and cannot be recovered; because that is literally “WHAT YOU CHOSE”. NOT much longer now. While religion offered instead: we can’t do nothing, GOD won’t let nothing bad happen; even though biblically it is predicted. Because: That is what men do, and have always done/ which makes it “predictable”.What religion did do: was scoff, laugh, ridicule, hide, run away, hate, accuse and deny any and all forms of evidence/ when pushed they demanded “we will wait and see”. When the evidence was, and remains: one single ignition of the machines that are trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: and our world is dead. Having pointed that out for over forty years: they would still “wait and see”/ because after all, they can judge me: and they can’t judge a university or even question a single act within universities; because that is their god. NOT the GOD of their religion. They love their greed, selfishness, bribes, and all that humanity wants; regardless of the consequences; just like all the rest/ no difference at all. The universities destroying nature through genetic mutilation: we don’t care/ might save me. End of resources/ we don’t care, I want what I want. Children assassinated, end of every possibility to survive: “we hate you/ get lost”. Oceans dead/ no oxygen/ overheated/ no food/ no water/ no life: we don’t care. We “paid our dues”.Oh wait: there are no consequences for universities; just us. As in with all the small business destroyed now due to covid 19 disgrace: the universities expand their role in hiring and firing and “Lets do robots”. Yes sir; “IT’S (the university diploma) GREAT”. Now don’t you worry, “cause I have been told a “hundred times”; the universities can’t be wrong/ and we the people believe them, “without question”; cause media would tell us, if they were wrong. they are saviors too.
  14. after all, this is “america”;  and we are special. Don’t worry, they just want your jobs/ and absolute control over society: because if you can’t do that, you don’t really “win the game”.  YOU have to get out of the way, “so their toy robots can come”/ playtime is no fun, unless you actually get to do something. They are, of course going to yell hurrah, “how great we are” for stopping a pandemic; that was never more than a media blitz to control and manipulate your mind. But be praised; after all, now they get a free ride, to do any genetic testing they want, and a few trillion dollars (cause they are your saviors; even when you don’t need saving; except from them)/ and have demonstrated a need: to replace you with robots. Won’t that make things great? Never mind, you can’t really be a god: unless people are begging you to save them from starvation and all the other things “university did do”. Fortunately, you don’t need a brain for that either; as all good cult worshipers know. Be happy: “there is always nuclear weapons, even more”. The curse of human society is, as it has always been under male leadership: only one man gets to choose, rarely even a tiny little group/ unless its military. That is the result of worshiping “life is a herd” mentality/ or we cannot all be wrong, if we just stick together; the predator cannot get us. The unfortunate truth of that is: you can’t be human, as a herd. Human means: to stand apart, and be recognized as someone who thinks; rather than acts/ reacts/ or wants (the herd). Because human is, the elemental search for life itself, as we ascend into the passages that allow an eternity to be invited “even to you”. That is, “an individual journey”/ and it cannot be as religion hopes it to be too: “as a herd”.

    The critical difference is: that safety of a herd, is removed from time and influence; thereby all trust is provided to, and in: GOD OUR CREATOR. As miracles of that evidence, that love, do abound.

    The dignity of being human is not found in “being a human animal”/ no herd allowed. Rather the reality of truly understanding what it means “TO BE ALIVE”; confronts us with the value of what those words should mean. There is no possibility life is not a miracle [it could never have been built, one piece at a time; we need all the pieces at once to survive; “heart/ blood/ lungs/ etc”]. Once you understand, that we have been given far more than “just the bare minimum”. Once you recognize: not abandoned here either; as is the guarantor called JESUS/ by the evidence of HIS life. The reality of truth begins to sink in: that eternity does exist, for those who can achieve its goal. To be a participant, “pure enough in love and truth”, not to contaminant that world of life with GOD.

    Men demand glory is: “for you; to die for their cause/ so they don’t have too”. I do not agree; as each should be responsible for self. Instead, glory is: to achieve the value of love, by the treasury of your own choices that made it so. Denying the easy way, to accept: what we are taught by JESUS . People try, and then they do love; and then something goes wrong: and they blame love/ so then they blame JESUS as the reason or the trust or the truth, that gave them the incentive to “try or trust love”. Reality however is: that we are all each one, “free to choose” for ourselves/ and no matter what goes wrong, it was not love that let you down. Love raises life above an animal, to accept the destiny called eternity. Love GOD FIRST , and the cost of that love will not fail you, the joy in your heart. Even if your own decisions, your own truth; or just reality itself, has caused you pain.

    Time is a vault, which holds the evidence of your most treasured truth: the consequences, or path; of each and every decision that you make. A consequence means; love, hate, or survival. But a path indicates that you chose a destiny based upon love/ or a tragedy based upon hate. The value of that decision, becomes your life.

    Love is the treasury, of everything hope can be in the essence of your life, and the shared reality of “whosoever may care”. While some find no one, and others lose someone; it is always true, that GOD awaits your choice, and your trust in HIM . Destiny seeks the grace and mercy to understand: it is not for me, that I live or desire life/ but the eternity of a love that is all I could ever wish to be. The value of living, is to accept that love is “alive”.


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