After watching the “titanic” movie; it occurs to me, that life on earth is very much inline today, with that movie. We have set sail, “full steam ahead”; with all the passengers certain, nothing can really go wrong. Yet the ending will not prove them true. The only difference is, no lifeboat exists/ and there is no rescue coming: your only choice is to recognize the threats, and establish a realistic, honorable, justified, decision that respects what truth and evidence will provide.

As with the people on the boat “in real life”; nobody is going to do that, because the constant propaganda of media, university, politics, and all that men did make to control this earth: does not allow for change without war. Even then, their change only lasts until the next generation gets old enough, to leave behind the heartache, and go to war for themselves. So, little changes; and there are always men searching in hate to make that go away. Women simply do whatever they can do; but few have had an impact, beyond what they call “their own man”. Even there, some have no influence at all; so, the majority are largely excused from the chaos of men.

Even so, what will be, will simply be; because a herd cannot think for itself/ it can only want. Want never changes anything except the game to be played; and that is done with lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, violence, jealousy, and more.

So, I (as the writer here) look only for the few: who can honestly call themselves “human (I am more than want/ or animal)”: because life itself has meaning over greed, selfishness, lust, hate, and all that is lost in men and women because of want, pride, or power.

We begin with foundations in men; as this is the first transition point between animal and human. The foundations of men are arranged “like the face; hands of a clock”; each moment recognized has a direction, a starting point, and a distinct description. Life is like that for men as well. While an animal searches all around the central point; never finding that direction of distinction called life. A human man, will identify the place in Creation where he stands, search out a direction within the capacities of his mind and his hope, and make a distinct “theological” decision that leads along a path beyond the limits of what any animal can do. Theological represents a boundary line; beyond which no one is allowed to go/ unless they discard “the humanity of time”; and search only within truth. That then begins the “spiritual place”; which I will name for you “Thesise; which means wandering spirit”.

To encounter the potential of a wandering spirit within you, it is absolutely essential: that you be invited into that experience. Anything less makes you out to be an enemy; and you will be treated accordingly. To be invited: not only must you abandon the human decisions, and definitions of time, you must “clean yourself” to the point of truth survives, when nothing less can. The failure to be true to the essence of you: will make you “less than acceptable”/ and you will be thrown back, or destroyed; either mentally or bodily as the case may be.

Thesise is by conception: freed to be, the value of you! So the entire elevation of trust as is necessary to survive; will be determined by the path you chose to take. Value is a path, because the path of your life lives within the true desires or purpose, of your heart and soul. Critical is then: what do you truly value most? Because each path is a singular direction, you may have only one true desire or purpose in support of your life. Only when you have achieved your true desire (the purity of love), and passed through the spiritual world (where only truth survives, by its foundation); THEN, to encounter the spiritual boundary with eternity, love brings you “to the edge”. The “whisper of home; a city” appears across the great divide. But you cannot cross, unless you are beckoned to come. “IF, it is not yet your time, to cross”: only then does purpose arise to construct a “wandering life” within the spiritual world, and its transition state, which is to encounter time as the body of you. Humanity has not yet been left behind/ nor is the spiritual world without influence. Which fundamentally becomes described as “its complicated”; to me.

Love is the only desire acceptable to eternity; the lack of it, the failure of it in you, the foundation of caring and sharing which is elemental to heart; and the purity of love which is soul. Are all elementally defined by your hope for life/ the value you express or experience as the decision you chose.

Purpose is: a desire that is acceptable to the spiritual world: the mediation point, where truth decides who you really are. Until cleaned of the “trash (pride/ power/ want/ etc)”; you shall not proceed. Or even be thrown out of life (the spiritual transition of time into eternity). Purpose for me, was an absolute need to participate in keeping this entire Creation of life called earth: from being destroyed. I failed that as male. Therefore I searched for a solution in female: the end result of which, does not include the man I was.

Eternity supports hate in its opposite direction of love: which Is chaos and its destruction of everything complex; down to its most simple form. If you have chosen war with GOD as well/ then you will, or you could: repeat the cycles of destruction and all its terrors, “even for an eternity”.

The majority of course; shall enter death as an animal: and that animal for most will be dissipated into nothing as death enters its last stage; as is the ghosting (you will now know; what is true) of what has been lost. There is another group, “the insurance recipients” primarily of religion: which enter the first stage of spiritual existence/ the recognition of time has been lost. But have failed truth, and will proceed no more; trapped in a destiny they chose, without value. MERCY will save some; by giving to what was love, an opportunity to repeat a spiritual version of time. A few may even rise above it, eventually.

As to the foundations of women: I have only proceeded just a tiny bit beyond the first stage of life as female. Oddly enough, conceptually: “Instead of a clock”/ it is a disorganized arrangement of boxes. There are still endless things, I do not recognize or understand or even know if this is female or something else. Whatever real knowledge is to be translated for you, “will have to wait”. If it ever becomes possible, for me to do? I have no clue: life has been (now beginning its fifteenth year) an endless series of battles with my “female tits”. It seems that everything male MUST be turned upside down/ inside out/ or whatever it is (one atom at a time), one way or another; because male does not belong in this spiritual part of life. And yet we need each other, for life on earth to survive; by presenting you, with one last time to change. It is not “savior”/ it is simply “the message, change or die; delivered” to you.

Functionally, to be truthful; it would seem there is a truce between male and female of sorts. He remains alive in the spiritual world of female; but is restricted to “within tits”/ because nothing about tits, can be weaponized or threatening. They are simply what they are. While there is NO conception, that female tits are anything but female. “I know: he is in there/ male knows he is in there/ and female knows he is in there”: and we are all just living with it as best we can. Need and survival are elemental partners; whether they like it or not. It is no game; reality is truth.

. “This is, a very difficult journey”.

The GOD OF ALL LIFE; has decreed it shall be so/ because we were unable to complete the task of being fully joined together as one. Therefore we shall be two united and inseparable, until such time as truth binds us as one.

Unfortunately, within a very short distance; that decision ignited some harsh feelings between the two extreme energies of male or female identity; and they began to explode in me. Male offering: he would make tits ENORMOUS, as an offense to female. And female fighting back with the intent of war. Panicking me between these opposing energies; to race inside the exploding reality of what can only be described as two nuclear bombs starting to go off; and mediate. [you CANNOT imagine the intensity]! I am, “a tiny part of each of them”; and if they kill me they kill themselves a bit as well. So, I mediated the cause of strife. He held possession of female tits, which are, as a reality of female; entirely “her own possession”. And I “spiritually” cut off his penis and balls; giving it to her, as her own possession of what can only be called a reality of male possession. That stopped the war; and it took hours to calm down. Oddly enough, it was my tits starting to grow a little PEACEFULLY; that finally made calming down possible. It was like they formed a truce between them. NO I cannot dictate anything; I can only mediate if it comes to life or death; everything else they must negotiate between themselves. “its complicated”. While you might not find that a righteous decision to make; it was justified; and I am allowed “justified to mediate”. As a reality, I feel like; “nearly beaten to death with clubs”. THANK GOD for peace. At least realistic peace. I am not kidding.

There are consequences!

The sheer lack of respect between male and female identities, has produced their own tiny “microscopic, big bang” so to speak/ although it stopped short of that; the description is sufficient for this purpose. I am the tiny speck, of a balance point between that expression of force, and the consequence of that experience. The truce seems to be holding; but “no one” is happy; and we are all now at a greater distance, to the life and values of GOD , than before. A tragedy in its own right.

Female is NOT happy with possession of male parts; as it contaminates her/ male is NOT happy with being restricted, and now “without important parts”/ I am NOT happy, with being threatened by truths in male and female; which DO NOT BELONG/ even though they have become a truth do to human influences in the spiritual elements of transition from death into life. And we all MUST find the solutions; which clean this all up. It is absolutely important; beyond measurement.

I am still recovering.

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