The value of learning, can only be given to those who will learn/ that is not an intellectual saying, but a personal decision. The extremely critical: “you don’t need to tell me nothing/ cause I already know what I need to know”; is a constant disgrace. Because anything that is truly important, needs to be heard “as if for the very first time”.

In the creation of value, one of the realities that must be examined in detail is: as is true of me, you cannot see the inside: by judging the outside. The same is true for most; although it is not true for hate. While hate is a liar, and disguises itself in every way that it can as predators do. The passions for love exhibited in sharing and caring or respecting the truth about life, living with truth, world apart from animal, possession, or trophy; and all that eternity beyond the moments of time could be; are not given to liars; and in that truth they can be found out.

The foundation for confronting the realities of strife between male and female, now begin. The first critical truth is: that energies have identities that can be isolated into the various sections that push or pull existence into its various configurations. Male is a title given to push/ female is a title given to pull. The reality of life itself, is an identity conceived and created by balance, as it does exist within the disciplines and order of what energy itself can do.

I am confronted with the reality of extreme distrust between male and female existence in people. I am confronted with my own “issues with male to female realities”. It is within the spiritual composition of life, that what is true comes to light; and establishes the value or consequences of what is not true. Just like, it is chaos that brings light into this world as produced by the sun: but it is within nuclear disciplines and the order of laws; aligned with balance that keeps this solar system “as it is”. In my spiritual existence what is true of male to female values; has been shown to be, in extreme trouble; even for me. From all the tragedies of what men and women do to each other, as they choose to create as their own decisions in most of the interactions that transpire as human, male to female deliberate behaviors. What is strictly animal has little to do with being human. But since the disgrace of universities; has long been insisting all people must be animals/ and the propaganda teams of media and entertainment constantly try to destroy all forms of love and respect; to prove animals. We must establish what is animal, and what is human.

The human body is animal; which is why it simply decays and rots away/ the value is limited to realities in living as time. Sex is part of that reality, as it is necessary and valued as a method of reproduction. It is the chemistry that animals want /or it is a decision to manipulate and control another that they plot and plan to achieve.

A human being ALIVE; is far more than simply a body of living mass. It is a distinction of spiritual expression, as the creation of what is life comes to deposit both “heart and soul”; through the existence of love. Spiritual is then our connection with our Creator; as a living expression of HIS MIRACLE CALLED LIFE. The value of that is spiritual; and that is what confronts us when we die. What was true in you, is the only question that matters. But the unfortunate sewage of university cult worship is: humanity has adopted what is false, and made it into the compositions of what they want to believe is true. Truth is truth, and that means the lie extends beyond death: but will never make it into eternal life. Which is a terrible consequence, called the failure of animal as man and woman fight to achieve their quest to get all they can want/ win all they can get/ and prove to the rest they are more or most.

The most delirious disgrace of human existence is: all the lies. To survive that, you must be required to accept “the universities are not god/ their assumptions NOT EVEN, or barely human at all”/ in too many cases to describe. While the list is too long; the reality of evidence: is more simply proven by miracles and kindness, of your own body, than words. Even the little things, such as tears to clean and lubricate your eyes/ or eyelashes to keep the trouble out/ or fingernails to assist you in everyday living: ALL OF IT, points directly and only to a “CREATOR” ; because without the evidence of thought/ NONE OF IT exists. Proving that GOD is true; and life is built by thought, not chaos. The fact: chaos builds nothing: need not be examined; because you already know it is true. Which means; you fell into their septic tank of delusions, on purpose. People believe they are part of the herd, and as a herd they can’t all be wrong. But reality proves the herd makes no decisions on its own; a very tiny few leaders do that/ and if they are wrong, then the whole herd is wrong as well. Watch any animals in motion due to a predator; and beyond the first row; they simply mimic the others, “and watch the ass in front of them”. That is not thinking for yourselves, and it is not “we all made this decision”. Because truth says you simply believed the leaders when they made their decision. And the herd says: that is why we made them leaders, to make that decision. But with a university, who lives to destroy what has existed, so they can replace it with whatever they can find; “to declare themselves gods”. Theory is not fact/ and facts unproven should never be “simply believed”.

The curse of evolution is one such theory without any basis at all. Which means YOU MUST LEARN; that life is not assembled one piece at a time/ by anything less than the actual construction of thought evidenced as extreme knowledge, complete understanding; and true wisdom: as is genetic, biological nature. Even a single cell organism; is not built one piece at a time: because it takes all the pieces at once to create and sustain life. A single cell organism needs an outer boundary line to separate it from the rest/ it needs the fluids that support its life/ it needs to intake and expel nutrients/ it needs a fundamental mass, with its own unique energy supply; needs to reproduce; and so on. Not one single solitary piece of it; can be considered chaos, accidental, or one piece is enough. If your brain does not agree: its because you are a cult worshiper.

Another simple example is: universities curse “Noah’s flood”, as could not have been. But the evidence proves it had to have existed; or there would be no fossil fuel supplies in this day. “life mass” gathered together in one big pile, and then buried together at once; some of it thousands of feet deep; and there is no other method than a true “supersized” flood.

You believe in billions of years? Well to start with, “the big bang” would have been a central explosion: because for every action there is a reaction. Which makes that event occurred “in the dark field of space”; or halfway to the outer edge. Cutting their “we know” into divide by two; and then start again. Because the energy of an atom exists as its spin/ and its spin is not less than electron speed; and that speed is the result of a force equal to pushing it that hard. Which means the speed of light, is not nearly enough; “to determine age”.

Start thinking/ NOT believing: or die! YOU MUST THINK for yourself. LEARN, AND APPLY.

EVEN SO: the foundation to be defined here is: what happened to me “in the link here, called steam”. I am trying to hurry; but not healed yet; still feel trampled. So if it seems disjointed, look over it, & search for value.

To achieve ANY possibility of learning, you must allow the possibilities of thought/ rather than the mimicry of beliefs. The difference is huge; the cost of being wrong is extinction. So you are hereby confronted: with your own need to learn/ rather than your own instinct to believe; as you have been taught: to be animals.

To conceive of life, at its most elemental stage: it is necessary “to open your mind”. Thought is the existence of space altering itself, into mass. Or more distinctly; it is the control over energy, that produces the construction of an intricate web, formed by discipline, created by order, and balanced by wisdom. Thought then shifts, to form the disciplines aligned with energy, that construct freedom, relationships that conceive of order, and realities of balance through law. The elevation of law into life, is a function of love. Love is everything being truly alive with value, can become.

YOU MUST LEARN: that the spiritual world is a relationship to death, as life shifts from time into eternity. Or more distinctly: the energies that construct life, are a gift.

Human existence is based upon the genetic chemistry that is a biological body, producing the chemistry which allows a body to form, and be as life. We eat what we eat, to produce the building blocks of a body. We choose what we choose, to form the shape of our freedom, and the desires of our heart. The essence of thought, which is an enclosed energy, we do control for ourselves; as the essence of our freedoms: forms an identity by the truth we cultivate when living. When the body dies, that energy of life escapes and returns back to where it came: truth however is formed in the basis and relationships with time, so it remains. If you don’t go with the energy of your life leaving the body; at the moment it retreats/ the identity you created, is left behind as a ghost. Ghost means; without the energy that grants freedom, but retaining an identity; that will know what truth of life is. It will dissipate into “the consequence of nothing; as you chose”; over time as a truth; without life. Even if you die, what was true about you remains; until your effect on life is done. Ghosts have no power, and no control over you or anything; beyond the first few moments of death. One tiny burst of residual energy is possible/ but then, all is done quickly. That can exist only if you very close by; and are actually spiritual yourself/ nothing physical remains after death. No one can be overwhelmed without their own consent; it is a extremely minimal risk.

More distinctly, time without life is an expression of power without force; thereby the decision: without an effect. More disciplined; residual truth, is a momentum that continues on for a short time, but cannot act or react; as the energy itself is gone. Which means “you are gone”; soon your effect on the living, will be lost as well.

What is important: the power of life is, “its contained (identity: truth of you), and controlled (thought, a relationship with participation) energy”. The body is only a participant in that energy as time. Or more simply, our actions and reactions exist on an atomic scale; which the body translates for us in or as time. When we ask what is energy? The correct answer is: whatever produces the force that then becomes an action or a reaction or the construction of mass. That “whatever” is in part, the difference between life or no life in this universe. So the critical question is: what causes energy itself to exist? The answer is: “in steps”. The first step is: that truth is in itself, a force when disciplined or not/ but it has no action or reaction unto itself. Making it “like a mass/ but without the physical reference of mass”. The second is: that laws have force to establish order, but only when enacted or enforced upon truth. Making this “like an energy”, but without direction, therefore static, separate, or without decision. The third is: without balance to construct a decision that will sustain itself in energy, there will be no motion or destiny. Therefore thought becomes the foundation of all energy and life. The rest you shall not know.

We will not discuss the foundations of thought. However; As life on earth lives and dies, there is an exchange of energies associated with that life, assigned by its truth; a reality of order in Creation, and what happens to, “the law of mass”; and a discipline, in the balance of death; by its own decisions.

Within that construction: we know three things exist. First, that truth has an exchange of energies to become real; a beginning and an ending. Second, that life lives by law/ and that law will judge, as all laws do. Third, life has motion because of your decisions; and the balance you created within those decisions, the direction you chose by those decisions, and the purpose or desire of your actions; will be balanced by the reaction within your death.

The spiritual world starts here; as a passage, in between humanity, and its CREATOR. Where truth is established by the evidence of you. Where your evidence judges you according to the values of life. Where your own decisions have decreed what shall now occur. The existential conception of “where does that spiritual world exist”/ has no bearing to our reality: it is simply beyond the boundaries of time/ and before the realities of eternity. It is completely unnecessary to identify what can or does occur in that realm; because it will happen, whether you are prepared or not.

The purpose within that learning; is to then be able to discuss at least in a minimal basis of conception; the elemental prophecy (the future is predicted) that surfaces in the elements of what “happened to me” as described in that link called steam.

The critical messages to you are governed by the energies released; elements found; and that must be understood, before we proceed.

Life is based in three distinct categories; for all things human. To discuss these, you must consider the following has value. Time is a dimension shaped from the consequences of what atomic structure can do, under the elemental processes by which laws govern that as truth. When a decision is made to expand energy into a directional path/ once released it cannot simply be recalled: it’s action or reaction is, what it will be. That is the fundamental of “atomic gender”: once the energy is released into a directional path; it cannot simply be recalled to form a different direction. Pushing out is male/ pulling back is female. As a consequence they live in different dimensional space. Time puts them into close proximity with each other; and has slowed energy down to a measurable state; which does allow for humanity to recall some actions (some not), before they impact the future: that is the fundamental of being human. We now have “two separate, but identifiable paths” as male or female. The third construction is life itself, as is consistent with the decisions that produce a direction within self; an isolated being. We now extend that into: each gender is a separate living mass capable of surviving on its own, because nature has programmed it to do so; but it has no identity other than nature provides. Which is how and why people are allowed to live as animals instead of being human. The human part of Life itself has no identity, until you establish that truth as “I”. once you have done that sufficient to establish a direction of choices (not gender)/ then you become a participant in the gender of your time. Gender is not a choice; nature establishes reality.

Within the spiritual world all that matters is truth, and direction due to the values you chose. The energy of your personal “I< life”; defines and creates the fate you will endure, or the reality of destiny you will learn to cherish. IF, for the very few, who enter within the spiritual world, and remain as a participant in time: then reality changes; because instead of simply being human within the chemistry of that time/ the spiritual world is an atomic construction, where energies of gender take on entirely different meanings; thereby leaving chemistry behind. “until you return into time”. The energies of life as is “I”; do not change dramatically; because your identity cannot sustain it.

We now have elements of the basic premise: what happens, and where do the energies involved, “in this description of steam (you understand the concept/ not the reality)” arise from? The critical movement is: in the extremely rare event described as having moved from living in the male dimension/ now into the female dimension. Several things are awry. Different dimensions do not “have a gateway hole or path”/ they are distinct and separate. Energies going in the opposite direction of each other cannot survive in the same space; they will collide eventually. The human element of “I” cannot construct “a change in space”; thereby participating as both male and female asks the question is: how can this be explained? It requires you to elevate your thought. “I still feel pummeled, but am getting better” so ignore the bits and pieces that are, or may be errant. Still struggling; maybe correct it someday.

LIFE IS, released as energy from its CREATOR; along a predetermined path. When it is slowed into time, the foundations for human existence begin. “that is all you get”.

From this point a direction is chosen, a life is given; for either male or female to occur as nature. The human element begins after male or female life, is formed; or you will understand it better; as the moment a fetus has revealed a human being is coming. That is ultimately irrelevant to this discussion; as life itself goes back into the moment of Creation: where reality has already decided if you are to be male or female nature.

WHAT IS important: male or female are different unique creations in opposite variations of atomic construction; or different dimensional space. That direction is given at conception of a fetus/ or more importantly at the barrier which creates both life and death. Behind that barrier is the gateway into one life or the other. You need not know how.

What is important is, until the decision is made: life will be either male or female or defined by distance. Distance means: time can stand still, if it comes between the energies which release it as life.

We then begin: with the spiritual elements of life, and assign a level of truth, value, and respect; that begets a “wandering spirit”. Only in spirit can Creation itself be found. But as spirit, we can travel within thought to the beginning of where life itself can take us: the gate between “atomic and time and life”. That Distance of life; stops just beyond this barrier preceding gender.

I have dealt with how the interrelationship of male and female occurred in me; it will not be given again.

How it is that both genders survived in time within me, has not. The critical elements cannot be reproduced; so they are irrelevant to you. What can be understood is: they cannot be changed/ but they can be chained together, “rather like springs that are pulled apart when tested to the limit”. When catastrophic failure occurs; one point of attachment or the other will fail/ leaving the other intact. I was the balance point in this arrangement in time; but it failed when male was reduced to a level he was unwilling to tolerate. He received punishment for that, because war is not allowed.

The cost of that punishment is: female rules now over male, but they joined together, and are no longer separate. I am separate, but cannot sustain life without the spiritual existence of what is now “female”; thereby joined. “She” owns it all, including “male”; except my decision as an identity; a balance point no longer exists. A consequence to me; and I can only hope his male threat of placing “enormous tits on this body”/ will not occur. Since I still, know very little about what female truly is; How it all ends, I do not know. Therefore I NEED time to consider and construct; a new identity/ even with an old body, that is not conducive to that experience or expression. There are however consequences beyond male now: such as “a penis (I own according to her, not a single atom of it), with feelings”. Believe it or not. Regardless, once a decision has been made and the direction established: it cannot be changed/ unless GOD is involved.

Just because: humanity overlooks the truth, that we are never truly alone. Instead LIFE exists as male or female/ and we exist as the construction of our own identity. If you learn this truly, you do have a constant companion, until death. When you must enter into that life, as it goes back into Creation; instead of time, as is your own.

We now begin with the prophecy linked, to that “steam”.

The threat of enormous tits; is elementally a reference to extreme human population rise. Already a factor; but from this point on: a massive threat to all life on earth. The sudden and immediate “atomic bombs” going off; is a reference to humanity trying to ignite a nuclear fire (just like the sun) with machines already produced and capable of doing that very thing. Their theories are pure fantasy, if not deliberate intent to destroy this world.

The panic I felt would be you: if you knew the truth! If you accepted: universities/ governments/ religions/ etc; are all just people with jobs, creating threats, by making decisions they are not entitled to make. PANIC because one second too late; and a ten million degree fire, that burns atoms for fuel will ignite. NO GOING BACK/ NO MERCY/ END OF LIFE AND PLANET; a changed solar system DUE TO YOUR APATHY AND ETERNAL DISGRACE. Just one little part of being WRONG.

The cost to “male life; was diminished power and control”; after the consequences of declaring war/ he accepted it, with far less than would have been had respect occurred.

The cost to “female life: was enlarged power and control, which she refused”. Now requiring me to sustain it in time; under her complete control. How much true energy she lost, or damage done in the consequences of “nearly war”; I do not know.

The cost to me, as a human life from time: is due to human arrogance, apathy, greed, selfishness, AND ALL THE REST that has no true value to life. The cost of endless threats so grievous that extinction is “standing on the edge of the point called no return” as is today. Is true change, even if I have no clue how it will all turn out. Even so; I have always accepted male and female lives are equal in every sense of the word/ just DIFFERENT. I would have to say, I NEVER desired to be female; not once/ male and I loved each other as soulmates do. Even so, the same could be true of female and I; at least over time.

The cost to you is: panic and stop the insanity/ learn the truth about your threats/ and accept the cost of life is change in you and what you do as a world. Because nothing less will save you/ and believe it or not; your time is short to decide. Like it, or not makes no difference to reality.

I will help you decide what can be changed, if you work and are respectful to this purpose. If not, I will hope for the best in me; and accept whatever I can do to achieve “a destiny” I cannot yet conceive of. “its complicated”.

The consequences have begun.

I woke up this morning feeling happy, looking forward to a “kind and friendly day”. When in an instant, that changed into; “the penis attacked me; I did not even know it was there/ when suddenly, it enlarged and took complete control (changing me), over my body; and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it”. A long list of feelings accompanied that; and I learned what all those boxes at the foundation of female were about. As I gathered those feelings up, and put them in a box; because there was nothing else I could literally do. There is much more, but writing about it makes me unhappy; and I don’t want too. What is “feeling tragic” is: I now live in a state of “this could happen at any time/ and I cannot stop it”. I cannot make it go away, there is literally nothing I can do; but try to live without believing it will happen again. I am, a little sad; and, there were a lot of empty boxes. It was: absolutely unfair.

I feel the tiniest bit, I could become frightened somewhat; by the reality; I have no defenses against this attack. I want; life to feel safe again. I want to believe this is my own personal property, and nobody gets to attack it. I can feel, “if more boxes are filled”; that emotions will rise, becoming displayed. Even my tits are growing faster; and I don’t know why. I do understand, the realities of woman; are becoming known. Hate already knows what fear can do. Therefore I must accept: the value of it is to men “who have heart”. At least the possibility of eternity. NEVER attack woman; she is NOT “a game, a trophy, a tool, a toy; or anything less than, a value in love that gives man a life to be treasured”. There is no love in greed, selfishness, lust, trophies, toys, tools, or possessions. There is only the love shared in a life respected because we care about each other, as even more than friends. Your soul, NEVER loses your truth; which means what you did do, and what you did choose/ cannot be forgotten. CHOOSE FOR LIFE, and protect love whenever you honestly can.

The balance is gone, the force called male now does whatever female force desires; and I am simply overwhelmed, with whatever this life, is now going to become. A reality that exists: because you as the humanity of this world/ chose not to care, about life, or earth or evidence or truth. Adhering only to “we believe the universities are gods”. The cost: Change is then forced (more than I expected, or intended, or desired; a complete surprise) on me too. I have no predictions on how it all turns out; it is beyond my realm of understanding.

I am, a little distressed; it seems to be that I must begin again; “within some aspect of reality” as it is, at roughly fifteen years old: from the opposite point of view. The value of this discipline, the construction of order with regard to forces that will be encountered; is plain and simple and equal. But not intended, expected, or desired as time. As eternity the potential is unlimited. I don’t intend to offer any further insight. You are you/ and my life is my own.

There is NOTHING about male invited in that statement; this is strictly between “female and me (spiritual or otherwise/ I don’t know)”. Any male who would force otherwise; faces eternal damnation. NO, I have no clue what the future will bring, or how long “the aging process of understanding” will take.

It is so completely, “not me, nor the life I have lived”; I cannot imagine where this goes. My only expectation is “different; nothing else, just different”.

Just so its clear: I regard this as preparations for an eternity; nothing more or less. And it is certainly NOT an attempt for sex from women or girls in any conceivable way. It is an education in energy construction, and how the disciplines of order will interact.

To avoid confusion: there are limits and boundaries in reality; because these identify the critical traits, that can be predicted by laws. Without laws there is only chaos, and chaos builds nothing but lies. Therefore NO possibility of critical change can occur without true and absolute synchronization, in timed step, without the slightest contest, or struggle for power. Those who assume they can just choose to be “a different gender”/ are badly mistaken; it cannot be done. Unless the limits which separate gender can be turned inside out. The law of life shapes us, each one/ with boundaries that cannot be broken: unless time itself can be defeated, to return to the beginning where life is divided into gender. The very critical test, is with law. Breaking a law, in the spiritual world, has distinct and often horrific consequences. Shaping the gap between law and truth, leaves an opening: but it is by no means free.

Because it is unexpected, the journey to contribute, continues for a time. “past the gate”; laws must be obeyed. The elemental purpose is then to define and create the fundamentals of female existence, thereby understanding the interactions between the two forces which comprise our universe. Participation begins: with the question of gender roles, and the conception of “why do these parts exist/ or what do they represent; and how is that important to eternity”? The initial response is: that female becomes a home in the creation of energy as “the body of life”/ while male elements, becomes the presence of “heat”, as is the conduction from time to life. Critical to that understanding is the desire for male presence in female/ because it cannot be forced. The question then revolves around freedom, and the presence of that freedom in life itself. In turn, the question of male revolves around the quest for a home; the value of someplace safe and friendly, where life cannot be threatened by time or other consequences of energy. The elevation of both life forces is then recognized to be, an invaluable or unlimited asset to the other; so long as they are true to the desire of life itself. Without love, there is no distinct value to living or life. Therefore it is love that decides if male and female can coexist. We begin here, by parting ways with “animal”; and learning of truth, by experiencing or expressing love.

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