The clear certainty of life is: that all universities discard the future as if it were nothing but trash to be abused and refused access, to even consideration of what is going to be/ and in fact already is. Actually even their trash gets more consideration than the future itself. The consequence being: nothing ever conceived by humanity, is more brain dead/ brain washed; than a university.

Given that clear truth: as all their efforts are to destroy life and planet, by using fantasies to steer themselves into disaster/ the foundation of survival, REQUIRES the dismantling of universities, so that real life can recover as best it can.

What can then be rebuilt at some point in time; is yet to be realized.

That brings us to the disasters of “human did this”/ and what can we do, to keep ourselves and our world alive? The endless danger is horrendous; the fundamental tragedy of humanity in charge of life and planet; the horrifying disgrace that is human stupidity, ignorance, and outright delusions as determined and disseminated throughout society by university and human media (their zealot priests of chaos): gives us less than one percent chance, of keeping this planet alive. Yet we have ONLY this one planet to live on; we have only this nature by its cognitive relationships of life; and if we don’t keep both definitions of existence, alive/ then, we are extinct. One lost part, and we die: like losing the key (just one tiny part) to an enormous machine/ makes the entire machine worthless, because now it won’t move.

The list is so long, and the reality of cult worship (we believe) so ingrained with absolute chaotic thinking; the sewage of university has won, the game. Because they made life a game, and declared the masses of humanity as losers; which you are.

But life is not a game, and that does make it at least still possible to save the essence of living; the value of a planet/ even if we can no longer save the majority of pieces that were so elementally, a reality with treasures. The plague of universities must be stopped, or there is no tomorrow; but alas, the cult of university worshipers, and the trade organizations they formed into armies by counterfeiting money/ thereby taking over governments; is a disease, a pandemic that rivals, and defeats: the worst epidemics, this earth has ever seen.

We begin with the very worst obvious conflicts to life itself: nothing tops the list more so than trying to ignite “the bond in atoms here, into a fire just like the sun”. Before you say, the universities are god and they know what they are doing: you are reminded, NONE are able to study the sun/ unless they understand the physics of what is actually happening. Your universities theorize, “that there are elements within the sun that defy reality, and can only be conceived by pure fantasy; called a graviton, for instance”. It does not exist in the periodic table, and it is not consistent with reality in any shape or form; as is true of all their delusions. Their list of conclusions reads like “delusions in sewage”; and are supported by nothing real; other than the flames on the sun are 10 million degrees and a million miles long. Which they have since discounted; to keep their experiments from being recognized as TOTALLY INSANE.

NOTHING EXISTS, beyond the point of ignition; because even though death will not be immediate for all life on earth/ it will be inevitable, that all this earth is going to be incinerated; just like on the sun. and the cult worshipers cannot question one single thing; from the “holy rollers of university” that were their own classmates. And held no title as “gods” back then. To your shame, question their assertions/ or die.

Then we have the geneticists: who are deliberately trying to destroy nature itself, by mutilating DNA (which is the foundation of nature as a body of life); and the cult worshipers do not care. Because the universities are god. NOT EVEN enough to compare evolution with reality; because the brain washing was so effective. The life of thought/ thereby the soul, inside that cult body of disgrace; became dead. The elemental foundation of evolution is: that endless chaotic combinations of chemicals just happened to create life by chance over billions of years/ by shaping itself into organisms with order/ balance/ disciplines/ thought/ value/ and life itself; without so much as a tool, or a brain to use for that purpose; until last. ANY LIVING BRAIN KNOWS, that cannot be true/ and is ultimately the greatest curse of failure a human being can create; because it removes life, to install and control, a cult worshiper instead. To your shame, you let them do it; with absolutely no attempt to search for truth. Giving the future itself into the septic tank of universities delusion. Cursing an entire living world, with your apathy; with your face bowed down into their sewage. Making life a game, along with planet of time.

You have succeeded in your failures (accepting university without question), unto the reality of their absolute chaos coming; as is the purpose of university in charge. Because they want to be gods; and to prove they can be gods; their purpose is to destroy what exists/ so they can claim what they intend to recreate: with what, the GOD OF LIFE DID MAKE. They cannot build, so like every human so jealousy they could only define revenge does do: they destroy, with violence and mayhem and deceit. To your shame.

Your primary excuse for this is: WE DON’T WANT TO DIE/ therefore accepting anything as is university; in the hope we won’t die, at least not today. Discarding reality/ discarding your own children/ your own world/ your own future/ your own bodies/ your own brain/ even the potential of your own eternity; all gone, for a few extra moments of time. Because the grave is filled with fears, of all kinds.

And humanity says: SO WHAT, IF THAT IS TRUE/ WE WANT to survive. WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE DON’T WANT, nothing to do with death. Period; be damned with you.

So, let’s review: you don’t want to die/ but you don’t want to get old either; because the body fails, in a reality of preparations that prove you will die; and must then face your fears. In one way or another; “its up to you”. So you shout: SAVE US FROM OURSELVES/ FROM OUR BODIES/ DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME! As is who gives a damn about you. But you don’t own your life, and the universities have no true answer; so you sacrifice an entire world, “for a few moments more”/ that often turn out to be, university created as: “worse, than if nothing had been done”.

Life and body are separate; or they could not be separated in death: this is the basis of religion, theology, reality, and more.

So the universities say: the body is just a chemistry set/ and its all about “the battery”; that makes life possible. Once the battery shorts out or dies, the body therefore the life it created, dies.

The critical question is separated into a wide variety of parts: “life separate” allows for thought to be the composite designer of body, and therefore time itself becomes a possibility. Whereas “the chemistry set”; absolutely cannot do anything unless ALL the chemicals are in place, and everything needed has already been done. It is just like evolution: whereas “nothing comes to build life”: one piece at a time. When your own body proves: IT CANNOT be built one piece at a time (such as a heart without blood, does not work).

If thought is the builder/ then where does thought live, in order to build? Answer is in energy; because energy controls all elements of this universe, including mass. The only thing it does not functionally create is space, darkness, and cold. The critical answer is then tied too: CAN THOUGHT EXIST? We do know that it does. We do know, that when a body dies; the energy used to make it move, and thereby live; is gone.

The critical question is: how does value, the elemental freedom of choice; construct life, and time, and body?

The critical answer is: direction! Or more distinctly, force can be amplified into a tool: by which order, balance, discipline, and destiny or fate; is then created.

The critical conception is then: if direction decides eternity, and all that can or cannot exist within the purity of that elemental, structured path. How many choices exist? The answer is: as many as thought will allow/ but only a tiny few, can survive into eternity as the whole of what life can be. Love is the direction that survives, but it cannot without truth, desire, hope, and trust. Therefore life lives in that direction of choices made.

Unfortunately for you: university gods (are you not their “believers/ followers, who challenge nothing”) have extremely little, or no conception of life or reality or truth or anything beyond “lets make the whole world into our game; and all life into a pawn”. Since we believe there are no consequences for us. And as evolution, their own religion says: “they don’t even need a brain” to make life with chaos.

So, then the universities are discarded, because life IS: COMPOSED FROM DISCIPLINE/ ORDER/ BALANCE/ TRUTH/ THOUGHT/ COURAGE/ AND HOPE; just to begin. None of which is chaos; which literally means “the destruction of everything complex/ down to its most simple form”. And energy IS NOT “a toy”; as is their prediction with “let’s bring the same fire here, as is on the sun.

What we value as life, within the desire to survive, is love! That literally means: there is another life worth spending my time and my decisions, to participate directly with. Because love needs to be shared, to be valued. Because sharing is caring, the direction of “life”; is to complete the task and framework, of a living that is formed from respect. A life delivered between us each one, as the value of that respect; the courage of our trust; as we share the truth that is our journey between or within each other.

The structure of a path or journey, towards love: is dedicated to truth, love, trust, and respect. But it ascends purely through hope. As hope is the foundation, we create within ourselves as a more intimate relationship formed from each step we take into love itself. Granting thereby, that love will be trusted, because the truth we find in each other, is elementally without flaw. Few gain this level of desire! Desire then constructs, what will become “the spiritual body of our lives”.

Desire is: where love meets discipline, and order resolves the path we must take, to balance the value of life with what can be done, by our own decisions: for destiny. Destiny seeks the dimension of a heart, that lives and breathes the relationship of our souls united as one life, ultimately shared without fear; because purity has been attained. It is not functionally gender specific (because love knows not, male or female; rather it is truth at its core purpose; “to be alive”) at this foundation, it is dimensionally created.

The difference is: within the values of time, as a dimension. Force is distinct in its composition: where there is an action/ there must be a reaction. Consequently the distinction between male and female is real, and ultimately without compromise; because law governs it. Beyond the limits of time, that definition of law changes into the grace, of what love can do. While definitions of time construct our lives in this dimension/ it will be truth, by the elemental version of where your heart did live, and shout I am ALIVE; the most; that conceives of a value that is yours alone. In the elemental decisions, that are a part of my own life: the critical part is, “this whole creation must not die/ and the path taken, has been the path most dedicated to that work”. Make of it what you will. But remember this: that male and female are equal definitions of the same elemental treasury that is life itself/ they are not to be diminished by any human decision. Both have the freedom to love, “built inside”.

For the sake of clarity, the destiny of life: is to share with GOD OUR CREATOR, the true and real value of our love/ as “HE LIVES AND BREATHES” that love inside, to form our eternity from the hope that is HIS, “forever loved”. The heart is used to symbolize that relationship: the literal essence of being alive, as is shared through the desire to know and experience you more; in us all.

As to the reality of this time on earth: universities today, are like the human predators of the buffalo, in centuries past. They learned to kill the leader/ and then the rest simply stood there to be slaughtered at will. The leader was religion; and as flawed as it was/ it was better than “university knows”. Without that “coat of protection”/ life was reduced to animal instead of being alive, through love.

As is the constant of pointing to one group of people and saying “its all your fault”/ that is almost NEVER true. Rather the mass impact of the group, because of what it does; is used to define the consequences of their choice as a group: not as an individual within that group. As each has his or her own choice.

We do: now stand on the edge of life or death for our world of life; because you have run out of time to make more mistakes. Either the universities continue to be “your gods”; OR, your own brain begins to function, and you return to life itself, and find respect for life and world. While universities claim to provide everything you value for ease/ greed/ selfishness/ ridicule/ hate/ violence/ and assume all your battles against these things have a legal standing; nothing could be less true. The courts only protect the powerful; democracy becomes your baby bottle and can do nothing; schooling is a baby sitter which gives the children nothing, to insure they be slaves; media leads you to your own death/ death of a nation/ death of a world; resource loss insures complete catastrophe; endless genetic mutilation of DNA is the cause of pandemic and horrors to come; the poisoning of everything, and the dependency on only a tiny few things; the removal of all human options, into a tiny few hands; the destruction of freedom to the press, by giving ownership to a tiny few; endless counterfeiting of currency, by inflating assets which do not exist; the constant of entertainment, which is violence/ ridicule/ disrespect/ and “justified hate”; slavery by endless debt; lies, cheating, thievery, failure, fantasy, and gambling even with the solar system itself; etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. Are literally all part of the life we live as “american’s”. Because the universities own your soul: “you, are believers”/ proven by an absolute failure to question anything: because they gave you bribes, and promise you lies. To your shame.

So let’s review:

  1. today, they “the universities”; have stolen a large percentage of jobs; for the deliberate purpose of removing the power of options to the masses/ so that you will become homeless beggars. That gives them power, and makes them winners, because now they can do anything they want. While their hatred (I cried in grade or high school) of particularly the white man; is now coming to fruition, by destroying society itself. Not to worry, they know life itself on this planet will soon be over; and they want a prize to prove “they were gods”. How did they do it: by demanding “life safety”, a phrase they believe gives them absolute power to make any decision they want/ and refuse all reality regardless of the truth. “its perfect: they can’t fight life safety”; because fear rules their life, as is true for all cult worshipers. To your shame.
  2. You are the worst generation to have lived on this earth; because your greed made you absolutely uncaring, as to everything else life or world could offer. Accounting of yourselves for nothing but trophies, trinkets, or toys”; by disrespecting EVERYTHING. And the universities counterfeited money, by taking over governments, and removing reality; so they could bribe you with the destruction of all resources throughout this earth. To assassinate your children, as you chose for that to be. No resource/ no life. To your shame.
  3. With extreme overpopulation, humanity has sealed its fate/ and established extinction upon every living thing on earth; because humans take far more than they give back/ if in fact you gave anything at all, back to life or planet. Few do: war/ cannibalism/ failure/ catastrophe/ HORRORS & TERRORS await us all. Because you are the sons and daughters of the cult called “satan; where university arrogance leads”.
  4. It is pure arrogance, that suggests: “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ and control it, with our fantasies”. Igniting a nuclear fire is, burning the bond in atoms, and releasing those opposing forces: one being the dark energy of balance (gravity)/ which sustains an atom from disintegrating due to the kinetic energy of its spin: where all the force is stored. They will succeed in igniting that fire, on a world made out of fuel: making another sun out of earth. Because that is your reality, and you don’t care. “cult worshipers”/ which I literally find hard to tolerate.
  5. With extreme apathy and the lack of a brain: you choose to destroy all ocean life, with every method you can possibly create. Very soon; all that life will be destroyed, and it will never come back. Enforcing true starvation upon human existence throughout the planet. But then what is pollution and complete disrespect for: if not to destroy?
  6. Don’t worry, you have hate; billions of weapons, fire, bombs, mutilation, weapons of mass destruction; and a clear desire to make believe “as is professional circus wrestling”. That the people you want to hate, will just lie there waiting for you to hurt or kill them. Alas in the real world, none of that playtime will come true. And with your guns you insure all of agriculture fails; ending food. Insuring the water supplies are dead; as you chose to do, with absolute apathy; because you are cult worshipers, and your gods are suppose to save you/ just like your media is suppose to guide you: even though just a tiny few “rich people” control it all. As is YOU CAN BE FIRED/ AND NEVER work in this type of job again; because nothing here is free or for democracy.
  7. And all the world SHOUTS: we are gods: WE HAVE MORE/ the universities are saviors/ nothing can go wrong, “cause this is America” and we are believers/ we have money; but alas, its just numbers, with no reality attached. What you have is garbage, because that is what you chose. The universities built every weapon of mass destruction, every poison, every purpose that has stolen the lives you did have; because reality provided it. To what is now the last gasp of life and living this planet can offer; as global warming does take over/ the base food supplies of the ocean itself are ending/ the oxygen content of our atmosphere drops, to “you are not breathing, as if at ten thousand feet, on the ocean itself”. All medicine is based upon antibiotics; and soon, they will be defeated to provide “super diseases” instead. While your livestock confinement ends because of disease; as already seen in China/ and your seed supplies are destroyed by genetic manipulation and sterilization (to keep the money for ourselves). Don’t worry, releasing endless disease into the ocean from fish confinement, and all the rest surly won’t have consequences. After all NOTHING the universities are responsible for have consequences: let the slaves pay, “they can’t touch the nobility of us”. And yet the slaves think a gun will make a difference, in a world now becoming inundated with robotic warriors of all kinds, who can release biological weapons/ have facial recognition to pick you out of a crowd and destroy you to create fear/ are producing endless radiation on life, because that is “how they sense location, communicate, and more. But don’t worry, so what if your body has a limit: plenty more.
  8. You are a sea of failure, following the cult of sewage into hell. Because you want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing, but what you want: so as long as the universities can bribe you into believing “don’t worry/ be happy”. They continue their destruction of life on earth: “with your blessing”. HELL, what could go wrong with that, EVEN into eternity, for you.
  9. I no longer fight with cult worshipers: you have no brain, it was taken away, exchanged: for your greed.  you are believers: which means simply, “truth, reality, consequences, absolutely  nothing can penetrate the walls you build around your prison to guard your life; from things that make you afraid.” such as evidence you cannot refute.
  10. There has always been disease, which is a “good thing (unless of course, its you or me or anyone I love)”/ because overpopulation of anything is bad; IT IS threatening all life on earth. Alas, the world IS more important than you or me or any individual: without question, that is true! What counts, is how many people are dead or severely altered, because of that disease. Since none in this nation die of old age: the claim of death is exaggerated. The reality being without death; the children have no space or resource to live their lives, “just like you”. A pandemic is NOT a pandemic unless at least one per hundred (one percent) is severely impacted or dead. Anything less is an adjustment to the world, so the rest can keep on living. While the fear monger shouts, “that is insane”/ reality proves: our human population growth as a world is roughly 3% per year; which totals roughly one quarter of one billion babies added: who need food, water, resources, space, time, and more PER YEAR. Either people die/ or this population growth cannot be allowed: because it does clearly spell EXTINCTION! WHETHER YOU SHOUT, or scream, or pretend it does not matter; reality will prove you wrong. EVERY HUMAN EATS OTHER LIVING ORGANISMS OR WE DIE. THOSE ORGANISMS REQUIRE FOOD, WATER, RESOURCES, HABITAT, CHAINS OF LIFE AND MORE OR THEY DIE; and we then go extinct, because they could not survive our population; your demand to live a fantasy that cannot survive. So this earth itself, then dies; because you lived with leaders, and you worshiped with fools; who have no brain. Because the university cult was their god/ and the sewage of evolution was their religion.
  11. So, lets ask reality to voice an opinion: if, the nation called America is better off being led entirely by “the university diploma” or not? Well, we can start with taxation: where its broken down into pieces/ so few know or understand exactly how much they take/ or for what. Roughly lets say: Income tax is 25% state tax 10% property tax (you pay a percentage of income for it, even if you rent) 10% sales tax (here its, on nearly everything) 10%; gas and all miscellaneous tax 10% social security 15% (which they have spent, making it false; no reality here): so that equals 80% of your working income is taken by governments purpose. For which here anyway, it goes and is almost entirely spent: for the claim of education, to the universities, “just to sweeten the pot, from all they steal in tuition”/ to teachers in lower grades so they can retire in twenty years with full pension and benefits. Since that is not enough to pay for all the universities want: as in IL, they just make more massive debts than can never be paid; all for “a university education”; to insure our slavery is sufficient to their fantasy. There is no exit: because they demand, “the state must pay/ we owe them”. FOR MAKING A CONTRACT TO THEMSELVES; And of course any little political favor AS NEEDED or desired for a bribe. Gee, I wonder if that is fair? Particularly, when across this nation; the only debt that can NEVER be excused or lessened or has any connection to society at all: is a university debt. Or more distinctly, the organized crime of university institutions; is SO CORRUPTED and INSERTED into our government; that democracy no longer exists. The universities became “our king or queen”; because they do now own it all; and we are their pawns; as they throw our currency, our business and industry, our way of life, opportunities to decide for ourselves; and every portion of freedom or liberty they can attack. Into the garbage, along with all our money; so they can play king with other nations; by giving them even the nation itself. Because no matter what; as time has proven clearly: this nation CANNOT satisfy “a universities GREED, abhorrent thirst for power/ or absolute demand for arrogance beyond the limits of pride”. Alas the control the courts: and YOU OWN NOTHING, as with covit 19 fear mongering: they will soon take it all. IF NOT just your life and savings/ then your opportunity to choose, as is the end of freedom. Take a clear look: YOU CAN be refused entry into a store, for not wearing a mask: because they do demand YOU MUST FEAR YOUR LIFE, AND THEIRS. Panic and shame; to all, as is the university plan. Because fear makes the people weak! But of course NONE OF THAT MATTERS; BECAUSE YOU ARE CULT WORSHIPERS, claiming the universities cannot be questioned or investigated; “because they are, so smart; like gods”. Your “saviors”: as is “a brainwashed cult worshiper”; a failure to life, nation, child, and world!
    What exactly do we get in return for supporting their claim of “nobility; we are superior/ we deserve more”. School children are stated to be well behind other nations/ 60% have absolutely no clue how to do anything/ only 15% have a clue about money, so they are guided into traps; that tempt them to become even more, as slaves. school children are used to sway elections/ and one election is never enough: UNLESS they get what they want/ until they wear you down, with the plague of insurgency, that is open rebellion against us all. While “the college student”; repeats, in their first two years of schooling: WHAT THE FIRST 12 YEARS of schooling failed to teach; so they can control their competition; and build a bigger pit of sewage, called debt for the “nobility” to consume; and use to enslave the majority. The more money they get, the worse they have done!  Stealing a life savings from their parents; as an act of defiance so diseased; that it makes many both parent and child; slaves forever. And yet NONE CARE, BECAUSE YOU ARE BELIEVERS; and because YOU WANT to get rich, or your child to be rich; so you endure what can never be. Because reality will prove; “none are rich/ without making many poor, or slave”. Which makes you your own worst, economic enemy: because reality is cast aside, just like betting on state run: “numbers racket”, criminal intent: games. Or perhaps you like the stock market: where all greed flourishes, “with purely fantasy numbers to gain”/ no reality allowed.Well I chose to demand a tax trial: where the head of the federal IRS participated: and was threatened with 38% interest, a 5 -10,000 fine; and they stole my truck worth $8500; by not allowing the deduction promised to everyone in that year. Then they threw me out of court, when they saw where the trial I was demanding would go. The state tried too: and threatened to steal my other truck valued at 10,000; by attempting to claim I didn’t pay 500 dollars so they were going to take the ten thousand dollar truck, and sell it for that 500 dollars: just to prove they could. I reminded them felony theft, would be a bad idea; and I never heard (nothing) from either tax state or federal again. I wonder if that should be changed? What do you think: is this the democracy you paid for? Or do you just like being their slave? This might help you decide: one of the last accurate statements US federal government put out; before they disguised the accounting. This one is in billions :“one, equals one billion dollars”. Don’t worry though: your money is going to MARS, and every possibility the universities can think of.  See, funny thing is: I don’t like the rat maze they force every citizen to go through with their tax forms/ and they don’t like me pointing out the fact. The only reason a 1040 long tax form is as it is: is to confuse you; so you cannot argue with them without losing. So, there are circles and traps and mazes and more; to keep you quiet and afraid. Alas there is that fear again; but its all good, “cause they got a university diploma” and are entitled to do anything they want. Now isn’t that so?

    1. That fact (we won’t fear university) even includes: the pure fantasy, and absolute traitorous act; of trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth, “Just like the sun”. Where not a single real, but utterly delusional theory of “university”; is built upon truth. The stench of lies can be smelled at great distance. The cost of being WRONG, is extinction by FIRE, changing this entire solar system. Yet the cursed cannot lift their head out of the university sewage: “all bowed down/ ass in the air/ puking and believing whatever they are told”. Because they threw away their own brain. Proving to be a regurgitated vomit of fools. How utterly perfect, was the biblical prediction: if they were either cold or hot, something could be done/ “but they are lukewarm”, having nothing inside but apathy and sloth; therefore they will be spewed like vomit from the mouth.
      1. Life tells me, I will pay for that “escape to be male”; even though it is true(“as, man in charge would demand. WAR is death for this world.”) Spiritual female says: that will not help this work(the earth itself, nor life will survive: female must try, “with balance and compassion and forgiveness as needed & earned”); and my new place to live is inside “tits”; as my only contribution from this point on: “will be to nurse infants”. All else is controlled completely. Granted as well, is the warning: even though you can kill this human body of life; DO, bear in mind, THE GOD OF THIS CREATION; can kill you back “a trillion times” or more. Should HE so choose.   As to the man; I have had months to remove that anger (a lifetime lost, to your apathy, and arrogance)/ and reality proved, I just couldn’t do it. Nor have I been able, “to let female be completely in charge”. A reality shifting now without me. DO better, if you can.
  12. The elemental test of whether we live or finish dying by universities design: will be determined by the change you choose to make. The list of what must be changed is very long; a reality that is governed by truth, rather than want: is so different, that it truly cannot be discussed without a literal crowd to participate. As the one ingredient that cannot be dismissed is: WHAT WILL YOU DO, because anything less than human involvement at its most basic level; will fail completely. In that regard, we do turn to women as different than men, who brought us here; and who are guaranteed to fail; as their solution is war. The test is simple: can you live so the world itself can survive? That is fundamentally as this world was created: with thought, EVERYTHING IS BALANCED/ DISCIPLINED/ ORDERLY/ RESPECTED/ VALUED/ REQUIRED TO ACCEPT COURAGE/ SHARED HABITAT/ AND CONSTRUCTED BY THOUGHT, through its creation of life as nature reveals on this planet which proves caring does exist. No chaos in it, which means evolution is a sewer, belching pride; the university anus spewing diarrhea. That is elementally without even a question; but then we look to the animals universities created out of human beings; and recognize: the herd shares only one brain, and it has only one leader, and your leader has been “university is god”. Which brought us all, into the decision: TO LIFE BY TRUTH, OR IT WILL BE HELL, AND HORROR! GO AHEAD and choose; because you cannot go back. One choice and done; as is life or death.I seem to have found patience, that opportunity offers another glance at death; and the compositions of what can be important to know, or not; as the case may be for you. Substantially, the most serious thing any human being can know is: that when dying, the elemental truth of life inside, LEAVES/ abandons, the body (to let it be just “clay”); while that life itself goes back, as energy; from whence it came. The critical part is: IF YOU do not immediately choose to leave with that energy that is the elemental basis of your own life. It will abandon you, and the identity of your choices as is the foundation of self. This spiritual essence of life, as a partition created by truth; is then “a ghost” which can never leave this earth; dissipating into nothing as time ends for you. IF YOU DO, choose to enter within that energy which is leaving your body; and go with it back into Creation itself: then you do enter the spiritual world, which is the elemental battleground used to determine what is, or is not true of you. If you are true to life and love: then you will proceed beyond the spiritual realm, as the identity you chose to become. IF you fail truth, and are found lacking the fundamental basis of a life governed by truth, through love and peace; then you become lost, and cannot leave the spiritual world; until the moment you choose to “evaporate, forever”.  These are “the middle ground, the herd called we can’t all be wrong: we want, what we want”. Alas, they failed to choose love enough, to become life/ but also refused to choose hate enough, to become death; preferring pride, control, manipulation, power, and the rest.

    IF, you are found by the examination of truth: to be hate. Then your decisions alone have determined the fate of your detachment from soul. As you chose, so shall your world become: “a place without GOD “/ A reality of chaos, because without GOD there is no order, discipline, or balance to life or living. The critical fundamental is: BUILD IT yourselves, but since you are not “god”; it will never be more than “hell”.

    IF, YOU are found to be the enemy of GOD ; by your choice to “cause HIS CHILD to die, from eternity”. By violence or whatever you chose to do. Then you have declared WAR; and will be met with “HADES”; where torture, and its war on you; never ends.

    The critical factor is: dependent upon your own soul, it could be more merciful to you; if you simply become “a ghost”. They have NO power, and they cannot attack you (trying to get inside of your life, a threat only if you are spiritual); beyond the very few moments of, or after death. The critical reality is: in the last moments of life on earth/ it is absolutely essential, that every life that can, MUST TURN TO GOD . As the place where the energy of life will be returning too. As such: some people have a very difficult time with death. Because they must surrender this world, to achieve a spiritual recognition beyond time. To do that, many are forced to accept: “this time, this body, for you; is now over”. If they refuse, they will be lost to eternity.

    The one certainty of American life is; after forty years, even more than an insane amount of cult worship for universities (save us); is fear of everything associated with power, life, or death: they are gripped, or cursed by the constant; “we can’t do it”. Until the day, when that breaks; and “they can” destroy something. As is the reality with all cowards, that find themselves in a position of predator/ or backed into a corner: they then, want you to FEAR ME more. The constant reason they can’t do it is: the universities, and their education system consists of teaching “YOU CAN’T/ unless you worship us; and only those who mimic well; get to be praised as; yes you can/ by believing what we tell you to think”. Of tragic nations; this will soon prove itself as failure/ by the fantasy of believing the universities are god. The cost of living in lies, stealing from the future, and letting your university gods destroy our world, our nation, our future; and assassinate every child. The question is: can they contain hate? Or will they surrender to WAR.

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