Masking the USA; how to destroy a nation from the inside.

The obvious answer is: make them fear/ so they destroy it themselves.

How: put together an invisible enemy that could be lurking anywhere, and make them believe; no matter what the evidence will produce, that disease is going to get them if they don’t obey what the university cult demands.

How: establish the snakes and venom; produce “the expert”, that can collect enormous amounts of money (trillions, oh save us) and benefits (nobody will bother you anymore, mutilate anything biological you want; save ME). And align life or death with, now we have a cure; its called “snake oil”.

How: establish the media parasites; and continually entrap, condemn, demand obedience, religiously advertise, and in all ways, never let the public feel secure in the knowledge of what is really going on. Particularly by producing false information, and securing an endless line of suffering; even if it does not exist/ by testing that has no value. By claiming every death is related, even though it is not.

How: by removing the ability of the masses to defend themselves: “with life safety” as your weapon. Can’t argue that, now can you; and anyone who does is immediately struck and condemned; because the righteous cannot be bothered with evidence or reality. They are going to defend themselves, regardless of reality; as all cult worshipers and religious zealots do.

How: a religious zealot believes whatever they want to believe, because someone leads them to it/ as this makes life easier; don’t have to know nothing. While a leader does all the deciding, and can NEVER be questioned in a cult; as that is blasphemy, and punishable by any number of consequences.

How: by stripping away the rights and freedoms of the public, they lose their ability to accept life as it is/ they lose their ability to survive, because they cannot work/ they lose their unity as a nation and divide into groups/ they become righteous as well; demanding we are the only ones who matter/ they learn, we will fight, and join in civil war.

How: by making the policing efforts no longer about crime/ but about saving the world “as hero’s, baby” . No more damn work, we are the “Lords of the fight/ we are the best, a human can be”; we are saviors/ and all who deny us that, and fail to worship, are the enemy.

How: once the people start to starve, and begin to understand their world/ their nation has been stripped of its ability to sustain peace; because there are too many who can no longer support themselves. The door is opened “for hitler, and his nazi’s to come inside”. Hitler a term for allowing the least of human; to be leader/ because the sewage of this little group is claiming “you are the greatest ever born”; and they can bring everything back that was lost. As this strife, is all caused by an identifiable portion of the population. Pick any group, doesn’t matter so long as they don’t represent a major threat. As has been the method throughout history: by attacking that group, and taking all their stuff/ removing their competition; the world becomes a better place for the rest of us. Which leads to: LET’S GO GET EVEN MORE!

Those who are surviving reasonably well, will join; as they begin to understand: those damn few leaders who have caused all this; ARE going to destroy my living; my hopes; my children, and more as well. The world begins to fear, and decisions are made; with where and how to drop weapons of mass destruction; to keep these people from attacking us “first”.

How: we must have obedience, even if the only way to get pure acceptance of our mission to survive; is to cull the few who are getting in our way. And the “SS” arrives; because there is always hate hiding in the background; and they will come forward for power. The cancer turns malignant, and spreads.

How: never let sanity or reality or the right of a fair and deliberate trial; demand the facts/ rather than the hyped up disease, that is from the damned who believe they can now be “gods (nothing is more important, than me)”.

Survival: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; WITH A LITERAL AND HONEST INVESTIGATION OF REALITY, without the slightest decision to manipulate or control the facts. Simply let truth be truth, and then apply democracy; so that we all get our vote/ about what needs to be done; and how we the people will choose to do that for ourselves. NO, more experts/ NO, more media shoving their venom down our throat: only truth decides, and nothing less for both life and nation; and world. Because soon, like so many threats; you, the nation of america; will lose control over the cost of these consequences. And WAR will arrive! “Syria, will look like a friendly, ready to live in place; compared to you.” As reality will show; the ability to be truly destructive lives here.

NO, I DON’T need to do more/ YOU DO!

FAILURE: opens this door.

Chapter 13 of Revelation has begun. The beast with many weapons, from all walks of life will soon appear; as reality proves each one is severe enough to do massive harm. The ability to attack “an entire nation, or world” comes into view. Even if the tragedy of leaders who cannot think above the level of an animal, like a bull, who believes nothing can stop it; are confronted with reality. They find a way, to begin again; because the cult has zealots (we believe, truth nor reality matter), and they will not be denied their beliefs.

The cult of university; proves to be in charge of what people are allowed to think/ as reality is crushed, and the university expert rules. Those who confront them, lose. But reality will catch up, and the universities will lose their power.

What then arises is the threat of extinction itself, as all can realize the cost of being wrong is: these people, can in fact destroy our world. Making win or lose an irrelevant game which no one survives. So now, you can either bow down to the cult re-imagined as a military army, with the power to control this world, and you. By threats of danger established; that are so severe, nobody doubts it can be true. Thereby removing governments, and controlling the world with fear….which is the power to deny food, life, water, or anything they desire; with absolute authority. While facial recognition and computer controls; will now enforce that on you. As you have no money/ and you have no rights/ and you have no access or options for what you need to survive. Which makes it clear: as in chapter 14; now, at least for an initial minority, it is proven without doubt: that, you have nothing to lose. As individual groups are targeted for death; to reduce the population/ and pretend to save this world. Which makes the righteous (save us) all the more certain they must be gods, to save themselves/ and go along as the mob the righteous have always been.

There are of course, “those who believe their own guns, will save them”. But reality will prove otherwise; as even the removal of law, will not prove you can take anything/ that is no longer there to take. Alas, you can’t outrun, outgun, outfight, or outlast a dying world; as is clearly in view. 

Realities of threat, created by universities are so dangerous as to establish extinction: do not care about your bullets. Get out of line, and millions can be killed in a very few days; by a long list of means. Fail to stop the true killers of this world; the literal satan, that is arrogant enough to even threaten the solar system itself: and you die, with a gun as your only friend. As cannibals.

The law can help us, and it is the only way; but without the truth of GOD intervening on our behalf/ to stop what is called “satan”; from releasing its vengeance onto the world. And we will be lost. Because truth says: they do have all the weapons they need to annihilate [weapons of mass destruction, are just the beginning] life on earth/ and the few do, “know how to use them”.

Not a game, playtime is over; reality begins its quest to determine life or death upon this earth.

You cannot simply hide in a hole to survive, it won’t save you. You cannot run away from a world so endangered even the solar system itself has been threatened by the universities attempt to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. A nuclear fire, that burns the bond in atoms for fuel. The endless mutilation of life, as is genetic DNA (the building instructions for a body of living energy) / crucifying every life they touch; by inserting “horror”. Poisoning of everything/ oceans dying/ endless pollution/ and all the rest that is, the result of universities and their cult; worshiping the easy way, rather than as life needs your decisions to be. The universities dug you a hole to bury yourselves in; and you not only helped them do it; you declared them to be your gods. Even though sanity knows, they are liars, failures to life and planet, and intent upon bringing all but themselves to “bow down in poverty”; so they can be your absolute authority, as gods. It is pathetic, and this is your last possibility for change.

IF YOU WILL NOT ACCEPT: that life and planet must be respected within the limits and boundaries of what survival requires/ then you will be lost, and extinction will occur, because that is literally what you chose. BEGIN THE JOURNEY, back to life and happiness, through truth. Or end your hope, because the grave will open for this world. CHOOSE.

“think not”? Well let’s review: with this tiny disease, that is no worse than the flu, or driving a vehicle (same level of deaths). A long list of lies in america; when comparing what is true with other nations. The people who stand as guards to deny access unless you do exactly what you are told, as is put on a mask; because we fear/ because we are the saviors, and you are the enemy. [when moved to the grocery store, and you are denied “for a thousand reasons why”] what is the difference? And you say government; but alas it is government who makes you fear/ and fear is power. Therefore as they gain power, you lose everything: because history will prove it is true. Or the people who have opened their business against THE RULER; and been put into prison; yet this nation remains silent, because they fear everything. Because the universities have made that possible with their endless threats against life on earth. But alas, the universities cannot be questioned: because the cult of worshipers knows, the leaders cannot be wrong. Doesn’t matter what they do or say, as is true of all religiously zealous believers. Well the media will protect you right? Take another look, and see who is breeding and seeding fear; so that power can be taken by the few. So that democracy can end, and the disasters of the “university is now god” will take control. While the police and others are led to believe: “they are hero’s”/ so never question, because you want to be hero’s do you not. Question it, and the title is lost forever/ so don’t do what you don’t want to do. Or we take away your superiority, and MAKE YOU, “LIKE them”. As is the foundation for every takeover of life and society throughout history. Can’t happen here? It is already done. The only question left is: this “one last breathe” before the final nail is driven into your coffin as a world. WAKE UP, OR DIE. Fight for your world, BY DEMANDING THE EVIDENCE OF PROOF: or surrender it to HELL.

Of course there really won’t be another “hitler”; BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE, already have nuclear weapons/ biological weapons/ know where every chemical of mass destruction sits/ has endless information on every citizen or person here/ and controls the media, factories, resources, government, courts, and much more: with absolute authority; as is “the university is god”. NONE shall question “god”. Now ain’t that right? After all: “you, got no words”. Cause they made new ones, and new rules, and new authority: to keep you out/ by taking control of democracy itself.

Oh wait, silly me: you only want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing but what you want; and the world doesn’t exist beyond the distance of your eyelashes, because you just won’t let them in. SO LET SOME OTHER DAMN FOOL, save this world/ cause you got better things to do. Now, isn’t that right? After all, you just want what you want; and that is not a crime. Just like the people of Nazi Germany/ or Japan/ or Russia/ or all the endless grabs for power and “satanic control”, as have constantly occurred throughout history. Why its just a shame, none of their people wanted more than they wanted. HELL, they just wanted what they wanted; now why did GOD let those other liars, haters, failures, and the violent traitors of this world take control? The human answer is: that is what YOU CHOSE, when you threw away your world, with the freedoms to choose hate. These are then merely the fate of what you chose/ and GOD cannot then be your excuse. You chose this. The plague of your failures, will soon come to light. As reality proves the truth; we do stand on the edge of world extinction. Even if you won’t believe that, because you believe only what you want to believe: the truth itself, will provide the necessary evidence. Making your ability to even do the best you can to change this world back to life; a highly unlikely possibility.

EVEN SO, it is fair to say: GOD will not allow this entire CREATION of HIS to be lost; if humanity finds back, “its heart and soul”. A choice only you can make; one person at a time/ until every vote is cast.

And all the righteous will say: “the law/ the law/ the law” that is all we need; let our laws take care of themselves; never listen to this fool. We have the law.

But alas, it is the laws those righteous put into place, that give the power to a few who have now taken over democracy for their own gain. As is evident in the trillions of dollars “government” now intends to hand over to “university; yelling SAVE US”. From a pandemic not proven to be true. Not guaranteed accurate according to their claims.

The law of the righteous: is ME, ME, ME/ ITS ALL MINE; the easier the better/ let them die. We are the superior ones, “the nobility” who deserve EVERYTHING we can take. I AM the only important one/ nothing truly matters EXCEPT for ME; “AND what I want”.

The law of life is: NO, individual comes first. Rather this whole world/ this planet/ its future/ and all life through every chain providing our existence, and theirs: MUST come first! As, reality will prove what needs to be done; the best we can. Do you see the difference? Do you understand: WANT must not decide the fate of this earth, because it is, “the foundation of every lie” ever made. Only truth will keep us alive; to understand what that truth is, a fair and legitimate courtroom under public direction must be created. So as to be absolutely certain: we can accept this is our truth, by the evidence we proved correct to ourselves. Judgment “by first amendment redress of grievances” is then ours to make; as we the people begin: to govern our nation and our lives; and assist our world.

And the world itself says: I HATE ALL THESE THINGS/ GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE, GIVE ME BACK MY FUTURE THAT I WANT, GIVE ME BACK PEACE AND GREED AND SELFISHNESS AND LUST AND EVERYTHING; that I have taken for granted, because the universities have covered up and hidden reality and truth. THAT IS THEIR PROBLEM/ NOT MINE; I just wanted what I wanted. I just took what was offered to me, or what I sacrificed MY LIFE to get. Get out of my sight/ get out of my life/ get out of my world; and let me have what I want. Period/ NO EXCUSES. AS IS, the constant among the greatest vast majority who have ever lived. And the SCREAM GOES UP, as the pampered child throws its temper tantrum: I WANT WHAT I WANT! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. But unfortunately for you; you took and you took and you took; and you never put anything of value back. And now the vault is empty, and you are faced with truth. Even if you continue to pretend you are rich: reality is coming.

Alas, playtime is over; and the children will either grow up or die. Even though that is not what you want. Truth alone will decide, as every lie becomes; a mountain, just like your garbage; trying to, “reach the sky”. Alas, time is short; and your only true choice is: bring back respect, and choose what is true, or life on earth goes extinct. Whether you want it, or not.

NO, you can’t just “touch it a little bit” and make it work for a little longer so you don’t have to deal with this reality. It won’t wait anymore! You dug your grave; fill it back up; or die and fall in, without even the slightest hope anything, continues to live, on earth. Not a game, and nothing you want counts; not even an ocean filled with your tears. Choose life/ or finish your games, your universities fantasies, with extinction. It is YOUR CHOICE. Fight for life and planet WITH TRUTH and LAW WITH VALUE; or die. Everything is corrupted, everyone in universities will be colluding, the want of power and pride is overwhelming: but if you don’t try, not even eternity will remember your name.

SAVE YOUR FOOD SUPPLIES, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY; because past the point of no return, where you stand right now. You can’t rebuild them. It will be impossible to regain a balance in your own favor/ and starvation will set in for real. Create a coop, form an organization, buy into a farm; whatever you can do, to sustain rather than allow a farm and whatever food supply it provides from going bankrupt; because of what your universities have done. “think it ain’t important”? Well, your internet suggests the population rise is only .5 percent (half of one percent: one new child to feed per 200 people per year): wake up, and look around. The twentieth century was at just over 3 % growth per year, for most of the century; 4% just after the war. In a world of 8 billion people (give or take a few); that becomes 240,000,000 new babies to be fed over deaths: PER YEAR/ THIS YEAR, LAST YEAR, NEXT YEAR; ETCETERA!   PLAYTIME, is over.

As to the enforcement of wearing a mask, and controlling the assembly of all citizens regardless of religion, business, schooling, or whatever it is they are legally entitled to do, and choose for themselves. THAT PORTION OF DEMOCRACY CANNOT BE UNDONE; unless the “government employees” declare marshal law over this nation. That cannot be done as a state act. Consequently UNLESS you and they are willing to let the military take over, and they accept; which they will. There is NO LAW FORBIDDING ANYTHING, with regard to this covid 19 disgrace. There is NO LEGAL RIGHT to declare a pandemic without proof of actual overwhelming death proven by this specific disease. THERE IS NO LEGAL RIGHT, to shout “FIRE” IN A CROWD by using media to control life in America. There is NO legal right of discrimination against those who refuse to wear a mask: NOT EVEN ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, as is a business claim. Because the law you depend upon is not a law/ and the right of non-discrimination is a law. The reality is very simple: when you deliberately consume the competition; and stand as a necessary business that gives very little opportunity to go elsewhere: drawing people from countless miles. You are no longer a private enterprise, with fifty employees or more; having established a primary retail presence/ regardless of your legal standing: we have rights, as you now control definitions, of our existence. The law in IL is: you can conceal carry a weapon: how is that not a greater threat than one in about 3500 claimed to have died of this covid 19 disease? The law in IL does absolutely NOTHING, with regard to the transmission of sexual disease, including AIDS; and claims it can’t; but that is at pandemic levels. Like the Vietnam war: where the reporting of death was an absolute lie for years; nothing about liars in charge of government should recommend believing anything they say.

The critical question is then: what is true, with regard to deaths? That is then answered by investigating statistically; and comparing over the years. Looking at the states who did not close down anything; looking at nations that did not close down anything. Looking at coffin sales to verify death. Examining reality to prove: extenuating circumstances, such as they had the flu. Looking at other examples of threat; such as food poisoning, vehicle deaths and so on. To establish what is true, as best we can. Remembering, just because someone died does not make covid 19; what caused it. Establishing from the people who are reportedly sickened by it (testing brings in money and power and pride); JUST WHAT does it mean to the average person, to get this disease?

Exactly how does it compare with the flu, which we all do have to live with? Or, at what point does fighting to remove weapons of mass destruction from our world; take the same level of precedence as has been given to this “not proven to be a pandemic yet” disease. A reality of threat, that can make us all EXTINCT; and yet gets NO attention. Because MONEY and POWER and PRIDE demand it must be so; as fools do. Rather than world law to replace it. Leaders and media have made themselves into a pandemic of insurgency into our lives; to destroy the foundations of many lives; while claiming to save the sick and the old; “because nobody should die”. Well if nobody dies; and who better than this group: then nobody lives, because we as is humanity; have overrun our world.

Just where did it come from; as in “was it to be found in the “experimental community, who do create biological anomalies all the time”; which can kill us. Which cross species boundary lines all the time. Which endanger every life on the planet, everyday; and more. After all: did this disease NOT represent more than one trillion dollars in new spending: TO THESE VERY PEOPLE. “save us/ save us/ save us; oh mighty god you”; as fools do. IS THAT NOT, a reason to release the weapon? Does not every believer, “want to prove to his or her god” just how precious they personally are; as is leaders who will do anything, to impress the cult they worship; as is “university knows religion”.

Just what is a university cult? Answer, “the holy man” declares anything as the most high expert; and all the rest of the subjects accept that as “the gospel truth”. Because if you don’t, you can’t be part of the cult; and that has consequences. Very similar to the catholic pope; but they have learned to be just a bit better than that.

The constant is: that in order to establish facts, that people are then required to believe as best they can. AN OPEN PUBLIC, AS BEST WE CAN TRIAL; must be used to verify and explain what has been collected as evidence. But make NO MISTAKE; your media is heavily invested in this escapade of failure. The lying, cheating, stealing, fantasy: that universities are the savior of us all, and cannot be questioned: because they are gods. So, keep it in mind, and find the facts without the hype or pied piper of those who have been, outright worshiping this cult, and manipulating you for their own benefit, or their own beliefs; for decades.

think not”: when was the last time they found fault, with anything the universities did, or questioned anything the universities were doing? Or informed you, by questioning openly: anything the leaders chose, that was actually important? They, the zealots and priests of “university religion”; inform you of nothing, but “fear this” OR, “don’t worry, be happy; the university is our god”. Oh wait, I know: its the university, there are no bad people, or manipulative people, or greedy people, or selfish people, or just plain wrong people there! After all, “they are gods”; at least in their own minds.

There is no legal or democratic support FOR ANYTHING, the employees of government are currently doing: WITHOUT, either putting it up for a vote, by presenting evidence both for and against as is consistent with the practice of law. OR ASSUMING MARSHAL LAW, and letting the military rule over life in this USA, by their standard of operations. CHOOSE; and retain the names of those who enforce, and hide: a crime against this united states of America.

WHEN YOU aid and abet, the insurgency against this USA; by purporting to be “a savior/ shouting FEAR THIS; destroy yourselves, with FEAR”. [NO, every life will not be saved/ so that a world itself can survive; even if its you]. The word traitor, or terrorist comes into view; announcing the fact, that only the evidence can decide what is true. Because until the evidence, of danger to the nation itself; has been proven by the facts: traitor is a foundation upon which crime is resolved. [fear is the removal of courage; and that is the enemy of every nation] The fact: that a few more than usual old and sick people are dying from a disease of any kind; IS NOT a cause to make this nation fear/ by insisting “the enemy is hidden in everything; FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR; DEATH IS COMING”. When it is not an actual threat to the nation itself; as the evidence will prove. [the constant of employees, who believe they can be king or queen; and democracy is for fools]. The insurgency of university: to claim EVEN MORE MONEY, AND REMOVE ALL CONSTRAINTS OVER THEIR ACTIVITIES OF TERRORISM (gambling life and planet): is traitorous, as will be proven true as well. [the reality of snakes hiding in tall grass; so you cannot see the threat; unless you step on them]. The march of media; into the heart and mind of the entire population WITHOUT THE CAUSE OF TRUTH; as would be this is significantly more, than “the flu/ or people dying in vehicle accidents/ or other”. As has not been proven: with any real evidence. [exists as the role of parasites, who dig into your back/ and take whatever they please for themselves] Are all causes to insist: THAT NOTHING CAN STAND BETWEEN: THIS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment constitutionally guaranteed LEGAL RIGHT of the people. To take their employees to court; and demand the evidence so as to: WE THE PEOPLE WILL judge; what they have done/ or are doing to the nation itself. That is the law of our democracy, and it is justified without question; by all the citizens whose lives have been changed, corrupted, or injured beyond simple and plain; repair to the lives you altered. Fear be damned: let truth arise, and reality be plainly chosen by our own vote. Our own truth as an independent, nation of life on earth. That is the law of justice, by human decision; but it must remain within constitutional intent; as is the basis of all law in this USA.

While you are fighting within yourself, and your little voice inside (not you, or you wouldn’t need to listen); about whether life or death for our planet is true. The reality of inappropriate weather IS GLOBAL WARMING; from too much fossil fuel heat release. As the earth turns on its axis for summer; the increased motion (caused by heat in the atmosphere) of the upper atmosphere is drawing cold down from the north. Hot and cold convection; exists, to create weather. How they interact, is determined by flow patterns; which are the direct result of heating or cooling. YOU CAN ARGUE, as your universities experts have done for decades: BUT YOU CANNOT BE WRONG, AND RETAIN LIFE ON EARTH. Because the heat coming; will overwhelm all of nature; and humanity in crisis can only WAR, with itself. Because everything else, will be dead.

As to “inner voices” these are, all the voices collected over time, from society, or media, or entertainment/ books, etcetera; that influenced you in any way, shape or form. Happiness, fear, anger, hate, whatever it was; reside in your brain; and come about when you are unable to determine a direction for yourself. Dreams are very similar; and consist of the images collected over time; from all forms of interaction with society or environment/ with fears or happiness or dread; or whatever it was that made you take notice and collect it; inside your brain. Whenever fighting for something to “fill the void”/ or fighting with something to avoid the reality; dreams use the images collected to provide an opportunity to shape, what you believe will come, or not come as a part of the fantasy you are controlling with your brain. Since this happens almost automatically; it can be hard or harsh, to turn it off. Because the inside of you; is the most difficult to defend; unless you refuse to want. A reality that is particularly dangerous and deadly, if it seeps into the spiritual world. There is; a spiritual context to both an inner voice and dreams; as they represent wants that exist. Every want, is the foundation for a lie/ and every lie, is the formation of an attempt to alter and destroy truth. Which aligns itself, with how do you cheat/ steal/ tempt/ control/ manipulate/ and all the other aspects of hate; as your life choices now stand on the edge of a direction that does have eternal consequences. That means, your life; and your relationship with life, are testing what these choices mean to you. Love does not tempt, measure, or judge/ hate does. Giving hate the opportunity, to interfere with your choice.

by removing want; you remove both an inner voice and dreams you are not specifically designing for yourself.

The fundamental truth of our situation in America at least is: that the nobility (those with a university degree, that are certain they know everything, and can’t be wrong/ or if they are the rest of us can’t be right) are as constant as rain throughout history. They just never go away; even though this democracy was all about insuring “the nobility” had no place here, among the rest of us: because a vote was suppose to cure that. But a vote for someone to vote for me; is not true democracy. Over two hundred years ago, “it was the best humanity could do”. But today it is not. Pride, power, control, manipulation, thievery, cheating, lying, corruption, collusion counterfeiting, and all the things “the nobility” have done throughout history: does include intentionally causing the people, to have their lives disrupted, their economy shattered, and their future discarded. Because the few who believe they are superior/ clearly are not. We need truth, NOT experts. We need to make our own decision, and establish our own definitions of where the line shall be drawn; to establish safety, when and where we need it to be: at our own description of life in this USA. That is true democracy, but it exists only when we the people are in charge. First amendment redress of grievances; is our LEGAL RIGHT; to make that choice for ourselves; and investigate our employees, according to their own sworn: constitutional oath of office.


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