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the reality is: that an economic depression, and all that will mean is nearly certain, and without the possibility of doubt/ because “university knows”, took away your safety nets. Since they were constructed with lies (especially hidden inflation. And the avalanche of debts), rebound is unlikely.

So the critical question is: what can I (we) do, to sustain or protect ourselves from the tragedy of fools; as is so constant throughout human history?

History teaches three things: you need resources which you own, that can support your life outside of general society, “to be safe”/ debts, that cannot be paid; will be encircled by vultures waiting and hoping for you to die financially/ governing will fail, because it is little more than redistributing the resources as is confined by money; to more people or the army; so as to protect and balance what can be done. Since the american government employee version of university is god; has driven this entire nation into a sewer of fools/ there is essentially nothing left of trust. By which a newer version of what they can do will fail. Because the numbers are worthless or will soon be.

The fundamental MOST involved here is: with threats of extinction surrounding us all as a world about to die, from what “university is god” chose. The reality then becomes; is it worth even trying to survive, because the end of life on earth is so near?

To be consumed with fear; and let it drive your life: will prove to be THE ENEMY you chose. Because you cannot run away or hide from true threats of extinction: they are dealt with correctly, or they consume us all. To date, under university knows delusions: soon we will all be immersed in horrors, without end; because that is what they chose/ and what you chose to believe and follow as the easy way out, “to get everything you could want; right now”. Believers want, its what they do/ and they close the door to anything beyond what they want: because that is not what they want. As a consequence fear arises, because want is not enough to sustain or protect life on earth.

NONETHELESS; this airing of “the dirty laundry”; isn’t going to make anyone happy; so the polite thing is to just keep assembling what will at least present the option to survive. Regardless of the truth, that is consistent with hope.

Critical to sustaining life in a depression is:

  1. stop wanting (it has no value), because that will lead you into depression; and that will make it hard or impossible to survive even if you otherwise can.
  2. Respect your world, because you don’t know what will be valued or not in the future; as is true of people/ things/ resources/ even money (which may or may not be usable; at any point along the way).
  3. Never choose violence, because without the law, and its enforcement: all of society dissolves into chaos/ and hatred will leave you homeless and without even the option of food or water or energy to get.
  4. Choose what you know, can assist you with this future; because even if you don’t want what that means/ it will become what you needed to do to survive. Which means if you let want decide/ you could easily die. Want is the basis of every lie; only truth survives and sustains life.
  5. There is NO sanity in “save them all”/ the very nature of this world is: they all cannot survive, or everything will die. Which reduces options, to the strong must survive, so that life itself can go on. Reality must govern, not the delusions of “university is god; we can tell stories forever”. Fantasy is for fools.
  6. EVERY LIFE ON EARTH, lives within a few distinct laws from which all other aspects of society will then arise. The biblical ten commandments is a good lesson in that type of relationship with law. The US constitution, and its amendments/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence; are a good lesson in that type of relationship with governing ourselves. What is extreme righteousness makes rules; and it is those rules that identify society, and determine if it will dissolve into absolute civil war or not. Law is about all of us/ rules are specific to individual controls. Very few rules should be constructed/ very few laws should exist: so we all know what the truth of this society is; and can then defend ourselves from attack.
  7. No element of religion will defend you from reality/ reality is the evidence of what has already been done: which makes the fate you chose, your truth. Truth is how this universe survives, and it will not be sacrificed; because you wanted your lies, more than your life or world. FREEDOM which you guarantee; will NOT be surrendered: means you chose this/ and you deserve your reward. How is that not true? Saving you from yourselves would be taking that freedom away; as is the reality of choice; which you will not accept..
  8. No element of the military will save you from yourselves; even though they may try. It has become far too easy for a tiny few to disable or destroy the vast majority; the reality is just horrifying. If you come with violence/ they will respond with violence. End result: NOBODY lives here anymore. Dead and done; assuming that reality; could even be stopped. I suggest to you: PRAY.
  9. The constant course of humanity to rebuild society after every immense failure is war. War will quickly become “uncontrollable”/ and every resource on the planet will be lost; guaranteeing death to the vast majority of human life if not all. Extinction will loom hard and long; if any could survive. Nature and environment and oceans and everything consumed by “university says, destroy it all; even nature and planet”; must be rebuilt. Along with the universities dissolved of power; to then participate in no other form but the release of corrected information.
  10. The critical test of a planet OVERRUN by humans to the point of destroying themselves; is to determine if they will/ or they will not: accept the responsibility of “letting truth decide/ NOT your want”. If you fail truth/ you fail life, and almost immediately the end will come. It Is no game.
  11. The critical test of every individual life is: can you be true to what survival needs, without accepting the sacrifice or violence that so many will choose? To live as is the constant of every situation: preparation must be made. “its like going off into the desert”: if you don’t take what you need with you/ someone to save you is not likely to happen. So accept reality, hope always for the best of what truth can do/ let the honesty of life or death be your acceptance: this gift of my life is more about eternity than it is about time. I will not look back, when reality is pushing me/ but forward to GOD .
  12. The critical test of returning to society at peace: will be determined by law. IF SOCIETY ITSELF works to define and choose those laws/ then it will see itself as a viable system of government within which we all can work together to resolve our situation and rebuild for life and a future by truth leads us now. NOT the damned or the dead, of university cult religion. It is a choice. Just so there are NO DELUSIONS; there is no saving this nation or this world, without dramatic and true change. Anything less, will fail. Not a game/ not a university fantasy or failure/ not a choice: this is a decision, that requires the acceptance of limits and boundaries as are necessary to keep this world and its life; from going extinct. Simple as that. No excuses allowed: yes, no going back, truth decides; by our vote/ OR no, we want what we want, even if it kills this world. CHOOSE!

    The university delusion is evicted: as is, “we can wait/ until NOBODY can deny this is the end of our world”. You WILL, choose to protect what is in danger/ trying your best to avoid: “its too damn late now”!

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